Headlines and Updates for June 22, 2019: New Frequencies Not Agreeable to All [videos] ~ June 22, 2019

We’re watching… and seeing a lot of eye-popping things. It’s quite a show on multiple fronts and there is plenty of worthy stuff in this post today.

The new energies flowing in are good in many ways, challenging in ways for a few, and possibly the death knell for others.

Before we get to that, here’s a blast from the past in one sense. Back in the day… when nothing was happening… we used to watch the crop circles in the summer. They were quite beautiful; some simple, some complex, and some even striking.

Here’s one from this month in France. There are folks who “decode” crop circles and you can see more here.

Notre Dame of France, Near Moisselles, France. Reported 1st June.

Check out Angela Merkel in this next video. Chilled to the bone or…???  Thanks, J.

Simon Parkes said…

Merkel the German Chancellor has uncontrollable shaking fit. Just as Hitler did in the last year of the war.

“Last year of the war” has a nice ring to it. Are we going to wrap this up in 2019?

The events unfolding around the world (even if it’s flat) are astonishing. We sympathize with those suffering from the Earth changes. Hang in there.

This video compilation from Nared King is, I think, even more mesmerizing than the last—nearly all from June alone. And look—there’s a clear shot of a saucer.  Thanks, L.

This happened on our Earth !! p / 3 last events from all over the world

Steve at WSO brings us another collection of his subs’ shots of the skies.

Our Skies in 2019 – Footage from the World

As new information comes out, we get down to the meat and potatoes of the situation in DC—dished out in small portions so the uninformed public doesn’t choke on it. Like feeding a baby; one tiny spoonful at a time. And if they spit it out—shove it back in until they swallow.

BREAKING: General Flynn Uncovered Massive Clinton Scandal Linked to Terrorist Funding – Was Immediately Targeted by Obama Deep State

Linda and Leonard bring us the updates on the military tribunals at GTMO.

Gitmo Military Tribunals – Transcripts Coverage by C-VINE – June 17&19

Understandably, the deep state cabal/globalists don’t want the truth getting out to the public and the platforms where we share it are seeing more and more censorship.

We’re now watching to see if social media is going to go down for 10 days beginning either tomorrow, June 23, or 24th, as we believe was predicted through scraps of information provided by QAnon and other clues. Some patriots are quite the sleuths and it does sound possible we may experience “10 days of darkness” for a particular purpose. It would be a strategy of the White Hats, not from the dark ones.

Whatever will we do if we can’t share videos, articles, memes, Tweets, rumours, news clips, decodes, and the latest developments across the planet? Perhaps we’ll have a taste of what life used to be like years ago before we joined the army of digital soldiers and began spending our days and nights on the front lines, in the trenches, and in our bunkers. Perhaps we can go out into the sunlight and get a new perspective on our changing world.

As long as our blogs and websites are still up then we will soldier on, and we can always call out the lying turds at their legacy media websites.

For a taste of the “interference” that can crop up when sharing information, listen to the first few minutes of this video with Sean at SGT Report and Pastor Casper. Unprecedented, he said.


Before I forget, Thomas Williams is having an additional show tonight at 8:30 pm EDT/5:30 Pacific and he says it’ll be a “fun show”. I don’t think he meant “fun”, exactly, but it will be a good one. Listen live on Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website

If you didn’t listen to the Thursday call, you would benefit from listening at least to the last portion about the reality here, the division/separation at the time of the “rapture”, if it occurs, and the implications.

Whether social media goes down or not, Scott Mowry will probably hold his weekly Sunday intel roundup conference call for the Miracles and Inspiration group. If the call in number etc. is the same as previous weeks, it will be as follows at 6:00 pm Pacific time/9 EDT:Our conference call line is:Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598Access Code: 767664#Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again (not a code, as stated)

We, the Patriots/Anons know not to get uptight about what is unfolding, but it’s interesting to hear the perspectives and commentary of those paying attention AND we want to keep putting out the REAL news for those who are recently woke and wanting to innerstand.

While some are running around with their heads cut off screaming that the Neocons are going to start WWIII in Iran, we know everything happens for a reason and nothing is left to chance.

The White Hats will adhere to The Plan and President Trump cares not what anyone thinks of his strategy, behaviour, statements, or Tweets. It’s all carefully choreographed, and The Plan is working beautifully! The more drama there is, the better the result.

How do we know?  Thanks, L. Priceless.

Video: Pelosi and Schumer caught on camera dancing after thinking Trump would attack Iran

It’s all for show, possums. But you knew that.


Another change in plan from POTUS

Trump delays operation to deport migrant families

Patriots Are Now Dismantling & Defunding The [DS], Messages Transmitted – Episode 1899b

In 2016, Mary Matalin said Trump had a 100% chance of winning the election. I wonder what she would say now, because in 2018 she certainly felt he had performed miracles. See the video at the link.

Mary Matalin: “Nothing Short Of A Miracle” What Trump Has Got Done In The Face Of Constant Thwarting

I’m going to leave it there for now. Suggest you watch or listen to what appeals to you ASAP in case there are restrictions on some of it tomorrow.

Thank you to the crew for all the great links, videos, and updates on various things. It’s busy out there and it takes a team to stay apprised.  ~ BP

Answering Questions about Earth’s Exit | Yellow Rose for Texas [video] ~ April 18, 2019

Earth’s exit from what?… you might wonder. It’s complicated.

If you give any credence to the information presented in the film “The Matrix”, then you may have an inkling that our world is not as we’ve always been told.

The pat answer is that we exist in a construct. It’s a “prison planet”, and our souls have been trapped here in avatar bodies.

You didn’t think this miserable life of struggle and pain was real, did you? What loving Creator would design a world like that?

Rose goes into more detail of the why’s and how’s of our plight in this video, which I have been eagerly waiting for as I heard she was working on a new one.

Many people have done their best to educate us to the fact that we are living in a false reality. Rose says it’s literally like a “movie”. Everything is recorded—and can and has been rewound, or reset, multiple times. We, as Humans, are heavily manipulated.

Despite having free will, we have very little choice in anything.

I can’t say I understand everything Rose tells us, but over the years the concepts have become clearer and intrinsically I know that we were intended to have and be far better than we currently experience.

Best of all, there is a happy ending to this grotesque, dark reality. It’s coming. We just don’t know when.

Since our reason for being in this holodeck of a life experience is spiritual progression, we are doing our best to raise the frequency of those members of Humanity who wish to move on to greener pastures.

Knowledge is rapidly purging the dark now. The Light is returning, and the harmonics of our planet are improving, raising us all up.

The dark ones do their best to keep us embroiled in war, hate, and destruction but their efforts are more and more transparent and failing miserably. They see the world they created for their own gain crumbling at a record pace.

The unique data Rose brings us deeply resonates with many people, and I recommend a listen to what she has to say.

It’s difficult to explain to Humans some of these concepts because they are new to us but Rose does a good job and amid all the tumult it is a pleasant interlude to get out of the quagmire of politics and war and envision our exit to Eden.  ~ CB

Answering Questions about Earths Exit

Headlines and Updates for January 25, 2019 [videos] ~ January 25, 2019

3 weeks for Congress to get this done… or else…  Always part of the Plan, I’m sure. How are you enjoying the show so far?


Here’s more theatre…

Roger Stone ousted from bed on camera after Mueller leaked to CNN…

Roger Stone says he’s not guilty and won’t testify against Trump



What we witness unfolding in politics isn’t so surprising when we consider the landscape. It’s just plain disgusting and the perps can’t afford for the truth to get out into the general public.

This article from Political Vel Craft gets into some aspects some will find difficult to believe, but it’s all documented. Implicated are the highest echelons of society, Hollywood,  Washington, the military, and Royalty. They all protect each other, which has made it difficult to bring them to justice, but it’s happening.

Bill Clinton On Paedophile Island ~ Lets Not Forget Dershowitz, Epstein, Spacey, & Ehud Barak


The X22 Reports reflect the desperation of the deep state’s shotgun strategy to retain any power at all. They’re throwing it all at the wall to see if anything will stick.

[CB] Just Telegraphed They Are Trapped – Episode 1775a

Tactical Move, [DS] Trapped Themselves, The Power Of Military Planning – Episode 1775b


We are witnessing the attempted destruction of America.


For a little added perspective… a shareable from In Pursuit of Truth. At some point it gets so outrageous you can’t do anything but make fun of it and try to laugh.

A Quick Burn – That’s Racist! – IPOT Presents – 1.22.19

The Other Side of the “Shut Down”: Covert Operations Ongoing to Eviscerate the Deep State [videos] ~ January 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: now we can ALL see the genius behind Trump’s gov’t “shutdown” plan… as a brilliant move to rid the US government of all that treasonous, traitorous “deadwood” that could not be fired. Eliminate their paychecks and eliminate the problem! Please read this article, know that right is onour side, and be…



Pssssst!!!! Can you keep a secret?

One of my sources sent the following collection of short videos and articles this morning and I haven’t yet had a chance to view them all but they are suggesting the “shutdown” of the agencies and SES (senior executive service) in Washington has a distinct purpose; an ulterior motive. Looks like the 5D chess game is approaching “mate”.

As Dave pointed out in his X22 report last night, THIS shutdown, unlike Obama’s, was not about penalizing the public. Obama’s administration made his brief shutdown as much of an inconvenience as possible, while President Trump’s shutdown was minimally invasive, only involved key portions of dead wood, and most of America is not directly affected or penalized.

I’m not in a position to vet this information, but I suspected Trump was up to something. Did you? We knew it wasn’t about the wall funding. It’s been funded many times over. I maintained that the shutdown was a GOOD thing. We have been screaming for the removal of the treasonous and financially-draining SES for a long time.

They like their vacation so much, so let ’em have it. Permanently.

While we’re at it, I’ll share an excerpt stating the typical deep state trickery Pelosi was up to as revealed by Thomas Williams last Thursday, and excerpted by Lucid Dreamer to this short video format. They just keep adding more nails to their collective coffin.

The wall shutdown is the public and dramatic cover story so as not to upset the natives. (dozing public)  They needed to get the traitors out of their offices and this was a brilliant scheme to do so without causing undo concern to the snowflakes.

It’s really about rounding up the criminals, “reduction in force” (RIF) and restructuring, apparently. I had hoped!

I love it when a plan comes together. Enjoy the show!

P.S. It’s not a secret. Share!  ~ BP

This first one isn’t coming up on YouTube for some reason. Maybe you can find it.

Video:Permanently Rid of S.E.S. Ne’er-do-wells —– S = Senior ~ E = Executive ~ S = Services = Elite Unelected Criminals

It’s Not a Shut-Down



Deep-State Heart Revealed:



SES File Dump Ongoing:



Crickets vs. SES Members:



The Big Picture:



Inspector General Report: What’s Not Included



25 SES Members Relieved of Duty



Reduction in Force – Article


Trump’s shutdown trap?  – Article



Do We Live in a Matrix? [video] ~ July 24, 2018

Editor’s Note: The whole concept of living in a Matrix here on Earth is utterly believable for my mind. The question I have is how does spiritual thought play into this agenda of belief? We know that all religious cults, while based on what many call “the truth” of one prophet or another, have been further modified to “control the masses” by the cabal, i.e. the Christian fanatic and the Islamic jihad!

Are”uncorrupted” spiritual beliefs based on a “true” non-Matrix reality where spiritual beliefs are guideposts for humanity to escape the matrix? Interesting thought. So…please read this article, think about where you are and what you believe, and…



Well, do we? We certainly don’t live where they tell us we do. Round Earth, flat Earth, it matters not, because we don’t live “out there” like the rest of Creation. Hence, “Through the Looking Glass”.

My understanding is, we live in a fabricated construct. Many of us have accepted that things just don’t add up; that reality is not what we’ve been told, and that there are a lot of weird, unnatural things in our environment. Ultimately, we just couldn’t explain why or how.

The following video explores some of these quandaries and contains some very powerful images as illustrations. They’re used multiple times throughout the video, so if you wanted a closer look, keep going and they’ll come up again.

If you have watched videos from Yellow Rose for Texas and listened to Thomas Williams last Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on July 19, you heard we are trapped in a construct. We are literally incarcerated in a false reality and have been for eons.

Both Yellow Rose and Thomas have been attacked in various severe ways so I think that’s a pretty good indicator the prison guards don’t want them delivering those messages. Adam1414 channel has mirrored Rose’s videos to ensure they get out there.

Below is the illustration Thomas provided. It’s meant to show us in a simplistic way that thanks to a predatory, advanced race of creatures, we were mind-wiped and funneled into a false world.

In a recent discussion with Dane Arr on the Return to Your Truth blog and hosted by the Unknown Lightwarrior on Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk, we learned there are vortices which, when you enter them, you become very small. I am wondering if that’s what happened when we were dumped into the funnel into this reality.

As Thomas explained, we are living our pathetic lives in the central vertical corridor, and over time we work our way upwards. Just as we are about to gain our freedom, the whole mechanism is turned upside down like an hour glass and we are left to work our way up the corridor again. Quite the game, isn’t it?

If the physics is true to form in this closed system, like all closed systems it must break down. Entropy is destined to take over and destroy it.

As the sands of time, (which is also a construct) tick away, we live lifetime after lifetime stuck in a world we don’t even know is unreal. Dying and discarding this body so we can reincarnate in another and repeat the process. It’s cruel.

As explained by Rose in some of her videos, and confirmed by Thomas, we will be escaping through the East Gate, or the one on the left. The evil ones will be going to the right, and transferred to The Pit. You don’t want to know what that’s like.

Regardless of terminology or the way events actually unfold in the near future, we Humans will be leaving this matrix.

You may or may not believe you live in a simulated world. Since it’s the only one you can recall, it’s understandable if you doubt or deny. In many ways it’s hell, and we were not created to suffer or live in a hell.

Soon we are to make our prison break, however, and will learn what reality is. Our “new Earth” will resemble this fake one in some respects, but will be almost unrecognizable. So much has been kept from us. Reality is basically the reverse of the world we understand.

Why haven’t we been told? For one thing, the jailers don’t want us to know there is a beautiful world out there where we would be free and enjoy the true expression of who we really are. We can’t yearn for what we have never known. That’s why they have tried to keep the truth from us about the extraterrestrials engaging Humanity. They want us to feel isolated, alone, and helpless.

Disclosure of the ETs is the least of their worries, however.

If we all understood there is life out there besides our tightly-controlled environment, we would revolt—which is what is beginning to happen now, globally.

They have been telling us we’re free, and some believe it. Others don’t believe they are free at all, and that we’re simply being manipulated. Where are those freedoms? They are evaporating at warp speed.

Those who have been paying attention see that, and they’re going off the reservation. We refuse to be manipulated and exploited by inhuman predators who use us as food, and to secure everything else they desire.

They have no empathy; no compassion. They consider us their chattel; nothing more than domesticated animals to be used as they please. The controllers are now terrified of being found out and sent where they belong; back to the Galactic Central Sun for RECYCLING.

Secondly, we are being managed. For a dumbed-down, controlled “planet” of people to be suddenly told they are captive in a bizarre world like Alice in Wonderland and unable to get out would probably lead to mass hysteria. They have to release the information gradually. Drip. Drip. Drip.

That’s why we have been given movies, television shows and books about various aspects of “futuristic” worlds and various truths we think are fiction. The controllers are giving us hints, because for their program to work, they have to tell us what they plan to do. It’s irrelevant that we don’t understand their hints, and if we don’t object, they are free to go ahead and do what they like.

The flip side is, the hints will sometimes resonate and trigger our memories. What did you think, “The Matrix” was about? Why was it so popular? Was it pure fiction?

Why was “Avatar” one of the most popular movies ever? In many respects, these stories are about “us”. We are the Na’vi, victimized by marauding, greedy, off-world creatures, our planet decimated for a mineral they called, “unobtanium”. We seem primitive in comparison to the Americans—the “company”, but in other ways, we are far advanced with respect to our affiliation with the soul and consciousness of the planet, Pandora, and everything on it, living in harmony. We are a peaceful, loving people in denial who didn’t fight back until we were threatened with extinction. This is probably why the movie resonated so strongly. It’s our story.

In the article below you can learn more about what happened to Humanity so long ago, when we had previous lives we can’t remember and were tossed into the Matrix to be ignorant, recycled slaves.

Our true history is far more colorful than the establishment has let us know, and they continue to destroy any remnants of our past. When we emerge from this prison system, we will experience a grand expansion and return to our original, Source-given glory.

Thanks for the heads up, L.