Headlines and Updates for June 27, 2020: False Flags R Us; Global Terrorism [videos] ~ June 27, 2020

There is a geyser of great information erupting daily and it’s difficult to find the time to take it all in. Thanks to the crew for all the shares and insights.

Nothing happening?

Jimmy Kimmel show Cancelled.
EllenDegeneres show Cancelled.
All Oprah Events for the rest of 2020 Cancelled.
Tom Hank’s investor jumps to his death.
…. interesting past couple days eh? #GreatAwakening

— deepstateexposed (@deepstateexpos1) June 26, 2020

As expected… as we warned… expect more of it.

Suspect Shot Dead, Six Injured Including Police Officer Injured at Glasgow Asylum Seeker Hostel Stabbing

QAnon told us last night to stand at the ready.4534

Stand at the Ready

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 26 Jun 2020 – 5:35:53 PM https://twitter.com/maQi5er/status/1276672694038048768
Stand at the ready.

Interesting Prophesy from 1942…
From the book: “The Devil’s Letters to His Nephew”by C. S. Lewis(1942)

“And how did you manage to bring so many souls to hell at that time? -Because of fear. -Ah, yes. Excellent strategy; old and always current. But what were they afraid of? pic.twitter.com/8BZkXaBWiV

— And We Know (8:28) 🇺🇸 (@andweknow) June 27, 2020

Did the White Hats get word that the cabal is going to step up the attacks? Is that why the reports of CV positives here in the sun belt (Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) are astronomical all of a sudden? Do they need us to sequester again while they drain the swamp and remove threats without unsuspecting people roaming around?

Are there more DUMBs to clear, perhaps?

War sucks. We hope everyone remains safe.

A silver lining to the fog of war…

There’s been a sharp decline in infant death rates during the pandemic matching a decline in “well baby visits” when vaccines are given. Coincidence? Read this white paper loaded with charts for the full story.https://t.co/SiIU4ZutBh

— Children’s Health Defense (@ChildrensHD) June 18, 2020

It was great to see all the patriots taking their oath on Twitter videos. The Q Army has been activated. The ranks are growing and so is unity.

The People are thoroughly pissed off and they’ve had enough. Here’s another monumental blast for the psychopaths.

GOING VIRAL: Journalist Absolutely DESTROYS California Officials on Coronavirus and Face Masks (VIDEO)

Journalist Lays Absolute Waste to CA Officials for Excessive Lockdowns

My kids school has sent out a notice saying what the next year will be like.
Kids are required to wear a mask ALL day. Each desk will have plexiglass shields.
They are not allowed to leave the classroom ALL day.
My kids will be staying home schooled.

— SixQ (@SixQ2Q2Q) June 27, 2020

As I said, everyone has to pick a side at this point and more and more traitors will be outing themselves because to do battle, they have to.

A major bone of contention has been NESARA/GESARA. Some have said “it’ll never happen”, it’s a myth, there’s no way in a million years there’s enough money to award everyone in every country with large sums of money, etc., etc. Most people have no idea just how much wealth has been amassed from us over time. The El-ites don’t work; they are parasites living off the labour and energy of Humans.

It appears, however, that President Trump and the White Hats are showing us otherwise. Some of our insiders have been given intelligence to that effect, as well. As these billionaires are rounded up for crimes against Humanity and various criminal offenses and their assets seized, the People’s coffers are filling.

Many Americans have already received “stimulus” funds from the gazillions of dollars the cabal stole from the denizens of Earth for hundreds of years. It’s their money and it’s too delicious seeing it come back to them in the form of emergency assistance and there’s nothing the greedy bastards can do about it. Drain the Fed!

Santa Surfing did a video this week showing that Trump confirmed their decodes about the gold, the economic stimulus, NESARA/GESARA, etc.

Apparently Jordan Sather is one of the ones spreading disinfo about NESARA/GESARA and attacking Santa. Too Tall RN took exception and subtly remarked as follows. Click anywhere in the box below to launch the Tweet in Twitter and see the comments.

Careful who you follow …. https://t.co/bkKmHSanBP

🛸💎TooTallRN💎🛸⭐⭐⭐ (@VeteransAlways_) June 23, 2020

I have said for a long time that Sather is not what he appears but some don’t want to hear that. While it’s true that certain “DINAR groups” were saying the RV was going to happen every day since 2012 and it didn’t, that’s only half the story.

Sather (a college dropout, he claims) has been basking in the limelight since he hooked up with Robert David Steele, Corey Goode—both of whom have certainly shown their true colours—and most recently sharing his brilliance on Twitter but he’s going to be outed. Perhaps he just was.

The cabal is being stripped of its ill-gotten wealth and it will be returned to the People of Earth. There are many indications that GESARA is real and will be enacted when the cabal can’t get their hooks into the money and steal it again. I assume that will be after the Quantum Financial System is the only system in play and the cabal’s central banking system is dismantled once and for all. The QFS is unhackable; 150% secure.

This is a very positive and uplifting video with confirmation from POTUS they’re on the right track with their decodes.

Trump Tower GOLD Standard! God and Trump wins! We got POTUS’d!

LT uploaded this early today so we have another terrific update from And We Know.

6.27.20: As DARKNESS FALLS so does OUR ENEMIES. Lawsuits, Judges and POTUS..oh MY!

This next video will be most appreciated by fans of Yellow Rose for Texas who has, over the years, brought us incredible information and insight into the construct we occupy. Rose hasn’t made as many videos recently as she once did but before QAnon ever said it, she told us we were watching a movie; that everything was being recorded; and that we are about to be set free from this prison planet—if you can call it a planet.

Rose is Old Soul and Tweeted this yesterday.

Imagine the world is an engineered construct. With the 3d realm functioning as a nursery for souls.
Those claim(lie) Watchers are corrupt.
Which basically led 3d realm to be hijacked

When direction become untenable for soul growth, timeline splits. https://t.co/t3yYGYrLin

— OldSoul (@OldSoulLegend) June 26, 2020

If you want to understand what has happened over the years to bring us to today, spend some time watching Rose’s videos. It’s a lot to grasp because it is so different from what we were taught. Begin with “The Lie NASA Told”.

They lied about everything. Time, our planet, history, kings and queens and rulers were not who or what we were told… it’s all a lie and she explains the company store system. She tells us “the El” (Elohim) invaded, and I refer to them as the “El-ites”—the elite who believe they are a royal bloodline and have been running the world.

Rose provides a great deal of information and it’s enough to give you a headache but it’s so valuable to understanding the big lie. I don’t pretend to grasp everything she has told us or shown us. It took me years to formulate the most rudimentary understanding of where we are and what we are experiencing but her information resonates with many people, and when QAnon is telling us some of the same things Rose has, well, it gives her even more credibility.

When QAnon says, “The world is about to change.” it’s because we are living in a false reality. We don’t see it the way it really is due to the holographic nature of the construct. The real “us” is elsewhere, under [re]construction. Perfection will be the result. Heaven. In Divine timing. We’re just waiting on the sun for that super nova flash. The Event Flash.

It might help to revisit the Avatar movie scenario, where there were two realities. There was the decrepit, deformed and damaged Marine, Jake, in the Human meat suit, dealing with paralysis, the greedy ones mining the planet, not caring that they were destroying the Na’vi civilization and their beautiful planet Pandora.

Simultaneously, there was also the reality Jake assumed when his soul animated the avatar body they created for him; perfect, strong, and fully functional and very large body where he could live in a stunningly beautiful reality, understand the Tree of Life and commune with nature.

See YRFT channel here, and yes, she has been censored in the past which is another indication she is sharing information they don’t want out there. It does sound “out there”, and it is, unless you understand the reality, and you might after watching enough of her videos. I could listen to her talk all day.

This short video is a discussion of some of her information. Adam1414 channel mirrored some of Rose’s videos to prevent them disappearing due to censorship.  You will need to pause for reading, so while it’s only 5 minutes in length, it will take much longer to read. The “Execution” Phase could have more than one meaning, couldn’t it?

He suggests watching this video from Rose as the basis for the discussion. The video below comprises text conversations from social media about some of this material.

I suggest viewing with an open mind, taking what resonates and leaving the rest. You may get confirmation of more as dots connect later.

One thing that really resonated here is the part about Trump catching the swamp. Remember when he said, “I caught the swamp. I caught ’em all!”? Past tense. That is what he actually accomplished on the “outside” as Rose calls it—the reality. “Inside” is here in the matrix where we are watching the movie. It’s a done deal in that reality.

That is why Q says, “Enjoy the show”, and why I say, this is “super-natural”. It’s not what we think on any level and why there are so many meanings to Q’s words. Nothing is what it seems. Our Chevy meat suits are getting an upgrade to “Lamborghini” status very soon, as Adam1414 puts it below.

I understand now why I’ve had the feeling we’re stalling… waiting for something to happen…

And now Q is saying, “stand at the ready” and I am reminded of Rose’s words, that when the time comes, our souls will “stand” and be yanked from these bodies into our perfected bodies. We’ll “break on through to the other side”. Rose also said there would be fireworks.

The Execution Phase update Q & A feat Adam 1414

The horrors perpetrated on the Chinese people by their communist government are probably not fully known. It is pure evil.

Austria, Belgium Stand up to Beijing’s Forced Organ Harvesting Practices

MilSpecOpsMonkey shared a post about the increasing fires. The map is very revealing. Agenda 21/2030?

Biblical: More Fires Breaking Out Across America

I believe I said this recently. The Q army… It’s a big club, and we’re all in it and now there’s a meme. Outstanding!

I find this an interesting Tweet from Vincent Kennedy. I believe it’s symbolic.

Says it all. pic.twitter.com/kRZS12jbML

— Vincent Kennedy (@VincentCrypt46) June 27, 2020

And just prior to July 4th… and Independence Day at Mount Rushmore… the next episode from American Prophet with more footage of JFK Jr. and the mystery man in the back of Marine 1. Is it not clear who the good guys are? Only 6 minutes…

A Traitors Justice Season 2 | Episode 2

That completes today’s post, my friends. Make popcorn, enjoy the show and have a Saturday night special kind of evening.

What really matters where we are is staying positive and keeping a high vibration of love and gratitude and gathering souls. Soon, we’re going home.   ~ BP

The Execution Phase update 10 25 19 ~ October 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is the latest video from Yellow Rose for Texas who has access to real-time data from the stereo cams pointed at our Sun. Spaceweather says:

“GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING: A large hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing solar wind in our direction. Estimated time of arrival: Oct. 24-25. Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are likely when the gaseous material arrives. Wind speeds are expected to reach 700 km/s, sparking bright auroras around the Arctic Circle with a slight chance of auroras over northern-tier US states as well.”

Rose correlates this to explosions in/on our Sun which have seriously compromised solar activity which she shows near the end of her video. Hmm…Is this why the sky for the Eastern NC area was completely overladen with chem-trails to day? Are we not supposed to see our Sun clearly? Does current solar activity have anything to do with the “surprise” we have in store from the Air Force Academy on Oct. 30? Just sayin…

Many question are out there right now, my friends. This video shows me that regardless of your belief system, all thoughts and ideas point to a new and wonderful change for mankind! My advice? Go within and learn your heart, be calm knowing you are Loved regardless, and , most importantly, BE…



https://paypal.me/YRFT Thanks for your support. Images from Stereo cams. News about the Execution phase ongoing, outside Earth. The Sun isn’t recovering from recent explosions. Youtube has turned off subscriber notifications, on the settings side of things. I’ll talk about it in the next Vimeo video, watch for it. The panel now says its on the youubers page subscriptions, and they can choose it from there if they choose. So, no email notifications are on, according to Youtube now. Translations were mentioned. Youtube isn’t allowing me to select translations or CC. Anyone that wishes a transcription for translations can mention it in comments, and I’ll work out a way to pass it to you.

The Mindblowing Reality Humanity Has Forgotten | Yellow Rose for Texas [videos] ~ October 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Be sure to watch the latest update from YRFT as it is extremely fascinating. Which leads to another question…who’s got he “truth” about what’s going on?

For me, it seems many sources are alluding to the same thing…human trafficking, pedovorism (new word?), control by an “elite” above us which is now ending thanks to Trump.

Who’s belief system do I go by? Well, I really adhere to vibrational theory which is Universal Law (like attracts like) which seems to play into all the various “theories” I seen, including Rose’s below. The bottom line to all belief systems? Love yourself which allows you to love Life!

My recommendation is to view everything, believe what is relevant to you, know your own heart, and be…



The Collapsing Babylon Company Store update 10 3 19

Watch “Birth of New Races” on Vimeo at this link.

Rose finally has some new videos for us and they are worth waiting for. Wow. She reveals a few things that over the years I had not heard before and it dropped several more pieces of the puzzle into my ‘big picture’ for so much more clarity. Thank you, Rose.

The major quandary I had was the disparity in size between Humanity and other entities we have been shown on the NASA cams. Now I understand.

When Q says, “Expand your thinking”, you’ll know it shouldn’t be hard, as WE are expanding… morphing… into higher, more intelligent Humans. A new race of larger Beings.

The question remains, “When will we ‘stand up’ and be ‘pulled’”?  According to Rose, it will be after Trump prepares this old planet of ours for those who are staying and wars cease. We must have peace, and they must have a fighting chance to evolve at their own speed.

The movie excerpt from The Giver with Jeff Bridges is excellent but the whole movie gives a better idea of the limited reality we are experiencing and how much more there is that we’re not told. We are so misinformed about who we are, why we’re here, the purpose of life,spirituality, and our future destination.

Another message Rose brings is that we mustn’t fear the changes we see in our skies.

What have we seen? Well, plenty, but below are a few videos documenting things that are not status quo.

There’s nothing to fear, and fear might glue us inside this old carcass we need to leave to move on up the evolutionary scale to the higher realms.

Rose’s second video that she recommends on Vimeo (banned on ThemTube) has a little overlap with the video above, but it’s mostly different material.

I believe the reason she includes the Pastor’s dream in both videos is because it so closely resembles her understanding of what lies ahead for us. It’s very exciting, yes? I can’t wait for them to try to make up to us for what we have been through. I’ll be asking, “what took so long?” She says, “One” is worth waiting for.

You will see from the movie excerpt Rose includes in the Vimeo that some people did some things; there are indictments pending, and they might want to escape to another planet so they don’t have to deal with prosecution on Earth for their crimes.

We have been assured that the evil cabal does not get to pass “GO”, and there’s no “get out of jail free” cards for them. They will not be permitted to hop on one of their fancy ships they financed through stolen funds from the People for their black projects, and hide on another planet. They are trapped here, just as we are, and they will face the music. And they know it.

Does it seem likely that a “fireball” or “meteorite” caused this? Quite a ride.

We understand that some of the “fireballs” we have seen are cabal ships the positive alliance shot down because the psychopaths were warned if they attempted to leave they would be destroyed. They have free will, too, and it’s their choice. Is that why the uptick in “fireballs” recently? Perhaps.

I am going to have to watch the YouTube video a few times because Rose crams in a tonne of information. She has audio, scrolling text, and images all going at the same time to fit it all in and I can only focus on one of them at a time if I don’t want to miss anything. Pausing is mandatory.

Her videos are perfect timing because they support and expand on my post from yesterday.

Thanks to the crew for the heads up. I was out all afternoon and it was a treat to come home and have YRFT vids waiting to be explored.

If you’re relatively new and haven’t yet seen Rose’s videos The Lie NASA Told and The Lie the Vatican Told on YouTube, I would do that ASAP for an understanding of what has transpired on this planet as a result of the off-world interference, manipulation, and predation over the millennia.

There’s one more must-watch video from Rose I will share in a separate post.  ~ BP

Mysterious Purple Lights In The Sky Over Wisconsin

Massive “Wheel in the Sky” | Mysterious HUGE “Ship” above Yosemite – Men stop car to record enigma!

How Much of this is Projected? MIND BLOWER from Dave B.

Celebrations Overhead as the Allies Vanquish Set | Yellow Rose for Texas Update [video] ~ October 31, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article from Starship Earth does point out the true need to personally read and discover all insights into our current situation on Planet Earth. So…let’s consider infor from many sources that enable some to see a clearer picture of what is truly happening on our world!

Rose (Yellow Rose of Texas) is so correct, the political machinations of the world serve as massive distractions that prevent many from seeking to know the truth about our reality. So…I encourage all to read this post, watch the video’s, think about what is going on , and…



Rose brings us a very positive update today on a number of topics. I would need help to understand everything she’s showing us in these shots from LASCO and SECCHI (I believe) but I can see it’s good. Fireworks! Cleansing waves. Set goes to The Pit, etc., and Earth/Terra/Midgard prepares to exit from the construct, and us with her. Where We Go One We Go All.

She begins with a phrase that reminded me of Q. “Shall we play a game?” Rather than “Where’s Waldo”, however, it’s “Where’s Venus”?

We’ve recently learned about “planet ships” and planets put in place as weapons (from Dante Santori), so perhaps that helps define what happened up there and what may have happened to “Venus”. I’ll have to watch again when I get a minute.

I was relieved that Rose reminded me what VAH is = Virtual Artificial Hologram. It’s crazy stuff when you’re a dumbed-down Human. I do recognize that I’ve been having a lot of “flashbacks” or memories from the distant past coming up for contemplation and release recently; perhaps part of the cleansing in preparation for our exit.

The intel from Rose makes sense when one considers the news we shared yesterday that NASA has turned the Hubble telescope back on, which Cobra told us went off-line to protect uneducated eyes from seeing all the activity up there these past few weeks.

Another ‘Tuber reported that until October 26, some of the NASA cameras were also shut down, but Rose was on it when they came back up.

Secureteam brought us this video below, as well, showing clearly “un-satellite-like” activity around the moon. (That would be the real moon, not the projection or whatever it is we see.)

We also saw that epic footage over the Baja Peninsula in Mexico of four stationary discs. There’s plenty of activity around our planet and everything that can be done to protect us at this critical and potentially incendiary time is being done. Everything unfolding now is historic, and we’re paying attention, so ahoy! to our star families and eyes to the skies!  ~ BP

Our Secret Reality Revealed and Our Escape to Ultimate Freedom [videos] ~ Oxtober 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: Mmm…so many different ideas and views of how humanity evolves! But you know what? Every version ends the same way…with the evolution of mankind now stationed on Planet Earth.

Details differ, but every idea requires faith of one sort or another. Given that fact…faith (or belief in those sights unseen) itself may just the state of mind each human much reach for their evolution to proceed. Just sayin…

One version of human evolution is presented in the article by Starship Earth ‘s presentation of the thoughts of Yellow Rose for Texas. Most of her ideas make sense for me and I will ask you to draw your own conclusions. Please read the words, watch the video’s, and…



For those aware of the inter-galactic component to our reality, or at least willing to consider it, first we have news and solar camera shots from Yellow Rose for Texa Es.

Following are the intel/observations Rose has with respect to the activities of the El-ites attempting to regain control and save their shameless nether regions. It also involves our escape from this prison planet, where we are under quarantine to keep the infestation here from contaminating the planets that have already been cleared.

If you have not seen any videos Rose did several years ago explaining where we are, the escape route, the covens, the branches of Man, etc., not all of this will make sense but you’ll get the gist of the rest; the big picture, and can explore further if you wish.

Consider it news… consider it rumour… your choice. Thanks, L, and thanks, Rose.

Clearly life is a little different from what we’ve been led to believe. The star nations have our backs, however, and we’re going home.

The evil ones just never give up but we will toss them into Hell’s landfill where they belong.

First, the good news—and I found here an interesting take on the Trump/QAnon approach and part in our liberation. It definitely worked, and as I have suggested in the past, everyone including Donald Trump came through the necessary channels to arm them with the required knowledge, experience, tools and connections to play their roles to the hilt today. What I have seen thus far has been nothing short of brilliant and it IS historic.

There is no point in painting anyone black because of the route they took to get here. In other words, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Everything is unfolding in favour of the Light, and all’s well that ends well.

News Rumors and Cams 10 12 18

Next, some possibly not-so-good news. If this material is completely new to you, it will blow your mind. It’s the best evidence yet of our fake reality that I’ve seen.

I have long believed that what we see in our skies is not real, and the evidence supports that. There are many videos showing photos from across the world that the average person captured showing the fakery and the unnatural aspects of what is above our heads while we are encouraged to focus downward on our tablets, smart phones and televisions.

While the images below may seem too far-fetched for some to believe, just for arguments’s sake consider the suggestion that we were “moved”—and most of us didn’t detect it; that most of us didn’t catch on that we were no longer on Earth/Terra/Midgard.

How many have noticed that stars never used to look like that, that the sun now has a black dot in the center and in some shots appears hexagonal, that it flickers and falters, that images of the moon have rippled on video like a reflection in a pond, that the sun and moon often rise and set incorrectly, that we frequently see “two suns” or light sources, that we see square and rectangular clouds regularly now, and even clouds BEHIND the sun, and other nonsense?

Curious and determined folks have sent backyard rockets straight up for miles with cameras on them and they stop cold at a certain point, every time, like they ran into a barrier. Despite the subject matter, it’s really not rocket science—just straight physics we can observe with our own eyes and you can see it on YouTube.

Even to the least discerning mind, when presented with material like this, things are not even close to “natural”—or what we once considered normal and natural when we went to school. Perhaps you will wish to explore just what sort of a place we are at present, and why we might want to “escape”.

No one person has ALL the answers, but there are many insiders/whistleblowers stepping forward now during our apocalypse; the great revealing. Some of it might resonate, enabling you to connect a few more dots.

Some of those doing this sort of research in the alternative news community are working together, pooling their evidence and making their best educated guesses as to what the truth is.

Their hypotheses may not all be correct, but at the very least it’s a bridge to a more accurate reality. We have to start somewhere, and there’s some brilliant work here. Kudos to BoogieMan and his community. I’m glad he blew his money on specialized photographic toys. We all make our sacrifices, lol.

If nothing else, what we should surmise from this information is that here, on this “plane(t)”, we are not exactly “out there in space” with the images we see of the sun and other planets. All that stuff the masons at NASA and Neil deGrasse Tyson tell us about our galaxy, the Universe, and our planet… I give it a miss. It’s not even good entertainment value.

The exciting part is that we are getting to the bottom of the greatest deception and thanks to President Trump and his team and a host of others working in the background, we are soon to be free of the parasites that have been feeding on Humanity and sought to destroy us. We shall see their demise.  ~ BP