Central Sun LIONS ~ VIOLET LIGHT FLAME ~ LIBERATION and HEALING ~ September 13, 2020

When one steps fully into the highest soul self and the Divine Source Self and thus out of the timeline of the 3D, one is not bound by anything anymore.

One is timeless, boundless, and thus eternal. One steps fully into the co-creatorship and thus AS ONE with the DIVINE SOURCE AND ALL OF LIFE AND BEING.

You are another me. I am another you. AS ONE.

It is in the infinite and eternal higher soul source self-state, that one finally is whole. One cannot judge – for what is there to judge?

One cannot separate – for what is there to separate? One cannot see duality – for in truth it is ONLY ONE SOURCE ENERGY! ONE SINGLE FIELD. All THAT there is – is within me and ALL THAT IS, is there outside of me.

It is one and the same!

It is thus for you a time to remember that old is long gone, and it exists no more.

The old earth, the old ways, the old patterns and the old duality and polarity.

It has gone. The illusion may still play itself out in holographic forms as many of the un-awakened souls still choose to sleep in, and play out their actors roles on non-existent stages. Be not one of them, but rather rise above it all.

Choose to completely leave it behind and then allow the incredible inner beauty and loving essence of your own soul to rise to the fore, as it is filled with Divine Source Love, Light and Power and then rise into the new embodiment, the new Adam Kadmon body, and the truth of your own soul!

Judith Kusel http://www.judithkusel.com

Pars Kutay ~ June 12, 2020

We are NOW moving towards the Land of our Dreams.

We are building up our NEW Reality with True Beauty and LOVE for All Life.

Today the Forests hold their Breath. The Animals smell expectantly a NEW Dawn in the wind.

The wind comes with NEW Messages and the air is BEing Cleansed from All toxins it has been exposed to.

Earth will again BE cultivated in an organic and considerate way. This has already started in many places on our Earth.

The Sun Shines Brighter than BEfore.

It is Not encumbered as before. Things happen at all levels and it happens in both the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

What happens in the Macrocosmic whole also happens in the Microcosmic SELF… in our bodies, yes All the bodies that NOW are on Earth.

It is going faster and faster, but do Not BE afraid, the body works at its own pace and we follow BEhind at our own pace.

We are ONE, We are Synchronized, We will get the Time we Need…

It is our own choice as to which path we follow.

with Sacred LOVE of ONE,
Pars Kutay

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Unified Divine Field ~ January 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: We are all ONE! This article is a poignant reminder that our true reality is now opening to our perception. Humanity is now being healed from existing in stagnant pools of illusion! The concept of “you”, “me”, “us”, them” is being dissolved as eons of separateness from Love are dissolving.

NOW is the time to open your heart to the realization that what you see and experience from another is actually a portion of you! So…all the more pressing is the need to understand the power humanity holds through vibration which opens doors to unconditional love.

Find a quiet place in your heart, consider the beauty which can be found in every side of the coin, and BE…



Judith Kusel13 hrs

When we start to understand that in truth all is ONE, and thus one Unified Creation, one unified existence, where everything and every single soul and all of life, is intricately linked.
Within the greater Whole, or Unified Divine Field, there cannot be separation.
You cannot be separate from me.
I cannot be separate from you.
The whole idea of separation came about when Atlantis fell.
It was then that we started to see the other, as separated, judgement and fear and unforgiveness, started to infiltrate the minds of humanity, and with it came the pain, that separateness beliefs bring.
It is since then that humanity started to create artificial boundaries between themselves and others, and started to divide the land between them. Ownership in any form, brings separation. Add to this, then separating themselves from the Earth and very living creatures upon it, and separating themselves from the very Mother who gave them physical life and physical existence.
The tragedy though is, that the false beliefs of being separate from each other, caused one to label those who were not of the same belief systems, culture, etc. One created WE and THEM!
I and you!
That is in truth where the whole fall begins – when one sees the others are being separate from oneself, and all the rest of creation.
In truth there is no separation.
We cannot ever be separated from the very Source, the DIvine Source, who created all and everything. We can never fall out of the Divine Creation. The Fall was indeed illusionary,, for we created that illusion by ourselves, as we started to forget the truth.
We created our own nightmares!
We are now finally starting to regain the truth, of Oneness. The more one starts becoming consciously aware, the more you start to understand that everyone else, is a part of you, just like planet earth is a part of you, just like this solar system is part of you, and the galaxy, and the whole Universe, etc.
I ask you to sit and meditate upon it. See yourself within your embracing the whole of Creation, and expand into it. Your life will never be the same again.
Separateness creates pain. Separateness creates wars and discontent. Separateness, creates fear, anger, etc.
It is when one finally starts seeing, that every soul brings you beautiful and loving lessons in soul mastery, and that in truth so does every part of the earth and sky, and all of creation, you will start living life differently. You will open your heart and soul, and find that when you start seeing past the illusion of separateness, you will find only love.
The whole of the Universal Truth is steeped in the foundation of Love.
Unconditional love.
It is only when the heart is open, and when one understands that everyone is but YOU, in all your forms, expressions, manifestations, etc. that you finally gain in soul mastery.
You embrace all of it, the seeming shadow and the seeming light, and know there is only ONE.
All is one!
Judith Kusel

The Galactics: Awakening to the NOW ~ December 22, 2019

Beloved Ones,

We are the members of your Galactic Family, who have come into your NOW to remind you that YOU are special. Yes, we mean YOU, the one who reads, and/or shares of this message with others.

We have come here into your a higher frequency of Self that directs you to remind yourself that NOW is the week, the day, and/or the minute in which YOU can begin the process of awakening to the NOW.

“What is the NOW?” we hear you say. Our answer is that the NOW is when you have released all excuses and reasons that make it “impossible” to answer the “Inner Call,” which seems to become louder and louder the more you try to ignore it OR when whenever you decide to hear it.

“After all, why would anyone want to ignore their chance to awaken to the NOW?” we hear you say. Sadly, our answer is often because too many grounded ones have completely forgotten their true Galactic Heritage.

Just as it would be challenging to remember a past incarnation in which you were/are a member of a Starship, and your duty was/is to remind the humans on Earth to remember their Higher Dimensional Galactic SELF, it is your duty and joy now, to remind the other humans with whom your share your third dimensional reality, that WE are all ONE!

Unfortunately, some of our brave warriors to take an earth vessel on Gaia may have become lost in the illusions of the third dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s Earth. Therefore, these ones may have forgotten the very Mission that thy chose to fulfill on Gaia’s Earth.

Therefore, we have come to you within this NOW to remind you that, even if you cannot remember your fifth dimensional life on your Starship, you can still visit that reality as often as you like while your 3D earth vessel is sleeping.

In fact, while your human self is sleeping, your Multidimensional SELF is coming by to pick you up and take you for a visit to your Star Ship. Of course, it is difficult for your to stay awake enough to remember your “dreams/higher visits” to your higher dimensional reality.

However, we see that more and more of you are beginning to remember some of your nightly (or during deep meditation) experiences of Awakening to the NOW of the ONE. Of course, you come from your Starships, or your higher dimensional realities, but your human self has likely forgotten that detail.

In fact, your human self will likely forget your entire night time, sleeping adventure. Fortunately, there is a “feeling” that the “awakening ones” have as they slowly, or quickly, begin to “remember” that which they had spent most of their current incarnation forgetting.

We want you to know that the “forgetting” is important so that you can maintain confidence in the 3D reality which you human self may perceive as the “only reality.” However, there is always a portal, through which you can travel to experience, and/or remember, that there are higher and higher dimensions of reality.

And, as the picture above shows, there is always a “Greeter” to meet you at the threshold into the higher frequencies of Earth’s reality. In fact, more and more members of Gaia’s humanity are beginning to remember dreams and/or meditations in which you experience a reality in which there is a higher frequency than your third, or fourth, dimensional perceptions.

At first, you may just remember “something,” but gradually, that same “something” shows up in different dreams, or different memories, or different doodles that you draw when you are “just relaxing.”

In fact, it is when you are sleeping or relaxing that you are most likely to remember that YOU are much, more that your third dimensional self can remember. It is for this reason that more and more humans are beginning to remember their dreams, and “interesting visions,” that they do not understand, but simultaneously vaguely, or even clearly, remember.

“Wow, that was a cool dream,” or “This may seem weird, but it feels like you have seen, heard, and/or recognized that being on a Starship and/or an experience that you woke up remembering. If you “woke up” and remembered “something,” does that make it real? Or does that mean that it was just a dream?

In fact, how different is a dream from your imagination? If you “just imagined” that there was a portal that you seemed to go through, how do you know if it was not “just a dream” or a “real inter-dimensional experience,” that you were somehow able to remember?

Your “everyday self” may ask, “Was that a Starship I just saw, or was it something else, and I just thought I saw a Starship? Perhaps, the important part may be that you were happy to think of “what ever it was” as a Starship, and you were happy, and fearless when you were able to experience what you identified as a Starship.

You may wonder if the Galactics are “trying out the humans” to see if they are NOW ready to be happy to see a Starship, and do NOT reach for their weapons, like they would have in the past. Does this mean that humans are becoming more open minded and/or more fifth dimensional?

Of course, you would like to have the answer be Yes-Yes!! In fact, you may have seen what looked like a Starship, usually cloaked in what appeared to be a cloud, on several different occasions. But, how can one discern between what they want to see and what they do see?

You may have thought that in order to know that you are really seeing a Starship, as opposed to believing that you are only thinking of seeing Starship, and therefore, believed it was a Starship because you wanted it to be a Starship!

We, your Galactic Family, say YES, YES, YES, please find your own inner courage so that you can begin to and/or expand your knowing that YOU are a Multidimensional Being, who is living on the Multidimensional Planet of Earth.

“Did this just happen?” you may ask.

Our answer is that once your consciousness can expand enough to perceive, and believe, that there is a fifth dimensional frequency of reality on which your own Higher Dimensional SELF presides, and from which you receive the fifth dimensional information that you are becoming more and more ready to believe and to LIVE!!

What does it mean to LIVE in the fifth dimension?

Are YOU curious about that question?

Do you feel that you have found the answers to some of the questions which you have asked your own Higher SELF?

If that answer is YES, do you share you experiences with others?

If the answer is now, are you curious to find out about these “possible experiences?”

There are many questions to be asked within this NOW of Planetary Transition into a higher frequency of resonance. Yes, “The darkest night is just before dawn!” Therefore, you will need to go inside your own consciousness and ponder the answers to your questions with your own Higher Dimensional Frequency of SELF!

Yes, YES! You ALL have Higher Dimensional Frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. In fact it is because you are a Multidimensional Being that you are able to think, feel, question, and honer that which you receive from the higher dimensions of Gaia’s planetary SELF.

Also, those of you who think of Gaia as a living being, are well aware that She is suffering every day at the hand of selfish, materialistic, and lower dimensional humans who can only thing about what they want for their self.

Therefore, we invite all of our Awakened Ones to visit us, your Higher Dimensional Galactic Family, to come into your meditations, your dreams, your questions, and your remembrances of your SELF!

Are YOU ready NOW to walk through that Interdimensional Portal to the NOW of the ONE?
When you are ready, we, the members of your Galactic Family will be there to embarrass you with-

Unconditional Love and Fifth dimensional LIGHT!

If any of you who are currently wearing a third dimensional form, wish to meet up personally, just call us with your Loving Heart and KNOW that you will Share your LIGHT

Blessings from the Arcturians.

» Source » Channel: Suzanne Lie

Elohim of the 8th Order of Light ~ The Moment Approaching ~ December 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a channeled angelic message designed to bring knowledge forward of the great evolution of ALL THAT IS due to the evolution of humanity on Earth. How has mankind achieved this momentous task which has all the eyes of the Universe on Earth?

Humanity (or at least enough of humanity) is now holding Christ Consciousness in their hearts. This also translates into a higher vibratory rate which makes sense because Love IS the highest vibration at all. Read on below for more information about the significance for You and Me and ALL on Earth, and Be…



Channeled By: Anna Merkaba


Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe. The message that you’re about to hear comes to us from the Elohim of the 8th Order of light. 

Elohim of the 8th order of light wish to speak with you now. For the moment in the human history is approaching which shall transform the way of the universe, which shall transform all that has been into all that is. 

Which shall bring with it the equivalence of signified momentum of triangular degree of consciousness (Christ Consciousness) and benevolence. 

The intricate dance and design of your vehicles of time and space, is changing rapidity for you now and nothing shall come to harm, for nothing shall stand in the way of enlightenment and return to pureness of Being. For all is unfolding as it should, for all is God’s will and God’s glory, for all shall see the light of day and the light of the new dawn, for all shall see the magnificence of all that indeed you are, for indeed you are magnificent in all your light and your glory, for indeed you are a particle of God. 

For indeed you bring with you the eternal creation, the eternal benevolence, and might, for indeed you are, for you are that which is, and it is you who has come to create, who has come to change, who has come to uplift, who has come to bring back that which has been lost eons into the past, it is you who has volunteered to carry the light and hold the light for all who have forgotten who they are. And it is you, and it is through you, and it is with your help, assistance, and absolute surrender to that which indeed you are that you shall be able to carry out your mission on this planet. 

It is you, it has always been you, whom you are longing to find, longing to be with and longing to untie with, for all of you are ONE, one with the creator, one with all that is, and in this day and age you are finally realizing that it so, you are uniting with your innate star of truth, and shining your light bright. Shine your light as bright as you can with all your might and glory that is within you, carry said light into the masses and you shall see the reward of such actions, for when all that you touch turns to light, it is then through the encounters with those who are still only beginning to remember their innate light, only beginning to feel their innate light, that you shall receive the answers to that which you seek. And that is a peaceful coexistence peaceful and loving energetic upliftment, the co-creation of a new world. 

Whereupon you shall be able to truly BE and truly shine and truly enjoy that which you are. For upon the awakening of those who are still only beginning to remember their inner light, and their calling within, you shall be rewarded by their love, by their cooperation, by their attunement to the ONE, the ONE which is their heart, the ONE which is their own selves, and though said attunement they shall unite with the ONE, and all shall be blessed with the loving energies of the creator, with the blissful magnificence of light, love, harmony and peace. 

That is all that we have for you now. WE are with you. WE love you. Goodbye for now. 

source: https://annamerkaba.mykajabi.com/