Dark nights are abandoned in the Era of Awakenings ~ August 16, 2017

Ah, my friends…the “time” is fast approaching for the opportunity to truly change our consciousness! I AM speaking of the total Solar Eclipse which will sweep across the nation during daylight hours on Monday, August 21.

This will begin near my home in Oregon where the “totality” will be 95%. That’s pretty darn good for me, so I plan on taking the day off from work and meditate during both this eclipse AND the mas global consciousness called from by Cobra and Corey Goode at 11:11 my time (PDT).

Our spiritual friends at Eireport have released a new message today, and this is a message I find to be very important as it indicates great change through positive actions on the behalf of humanity! Usually, Eireport messages are vague, but this message seems to be pointing toward the soon-to-be Total Solar Eclipse, as a period of real change in our Earth!

So…please join me in reading this message, think about how YOU will search for a new mental way of BEing during the Eclipse where ever you are, and…


Dark nights are abandoned in the Era of Awakenings.

hu-beings release the desire for comfort.

Lifters are inserted into the bosom of humanity.

Inner Freedom is claimed by the Ascendants.


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Unity Consciousness, the Eclipse, and Resetting Our Consciousness ~ August 16, 2017

Lauren Galey Converses with Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Lauren Galey: I’m Lauren Galey here with Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians. We invite you to sit back, as we enter the Quantum Realm, that inner space that is the greater part of you. This Quantum Realm is your connection to infinite possibilities, infinite potential and infinite mastery.

In this Quantum Conversation we are discussing Light Language and how it literally is quantum in the sense that it contains an incredible amount of information that is a part of your greater mind, and/or the source of your ability to communicate with the collective.

There are many names for Light Language, and this is what we can tap into outside of your third dimensional “Time and Space.”

The Arcturians are here within this NOW to channel information about Light Language through Suzanne Lie. Sue has been channeling the Arcturians for decades, and she is here with us NOW with a message for the August eclipse, and more.

Suzanne Lie: Greetings to you all.

Lauren G: I love the information from the Arcturians. And, we’re going to have them channel through you. For those who are new to you, I just want to share that you can pop in and out with the Arcturians a lot, as you’re very connected and you receive information. It’s quite fascinating when we go through the archives and we hear the messages that the Arcturian’s bring.

What I’d like to say is that lately they are talking about the brain, our brainwaves, our perception, and how this great “Shift of the Ages” is about humanity’s shift in consciousness, which allows a great shift in perception. Sue, will you begin by channeling a message from the Arcturians.

SL: Great! I will add that, basically, I will receive whatever message the Arcturians want us to know within the NOW, as I’m just the channel. So let me take a moment to get centered and in alignment with the Arcturians…

Arcturians:    Greetings, we are the Arcturians, and we are happy to meet with all of you within this NOW. We can feel your collective energy field and hope that you can feel our energy field as well.

Sue L: I am so grateful to have you here again in this space to open up this communication. I can certainly feel this connection, as well as the energy bodies of the Arcturians. Dear Arcturians, I would like to have the first question center around the eclipse in August.

I know this eclipse will be a very powerful time here in the United States, as the eclipse will cross from the Northern Pacific Coast, all the way across America into the Southern Eastern Coast. We would all like to hear about what effects the eclipse might have on our consciousness.

Arcturians: Blessings to all who will receive this message. We send our Unconditional Love to each and all of you. We will now answer Suzille’s questions. The effect that any eclipse has on your consciousness depends upon your receptivity that you have to the energy field of the eclipse. However, because the energy field of the eclipse is so strong, you don’t have to be in physical alignment with the eclipse in order to enter into the eclipse’s energy field.

First, one of the things that we, the Arcturians, would like to say about this eclipse is that it starts off entering Oregon, which is one of the last places in the United States to be inhabited and populated. Then it ends up in the Carolinas, which was one of the first places to be colonized.

Therefore, this eclipse will serve much like a reset. When you reset your computer, you turn off your computer and turn it quickly back on again. What happens is that the light turns off for a moment, and then, the light turns back on again.

Often, when the computer needs re-setting, it is because it has been given too much information, too quickly. Then, some of the information (which is stored as light in your computer) the information becomes a bit scrambled, and it is difficult for it to function in the manner in which a computer is made to function. Then, the computer has difficulty. However, if you turn it off and turn it right back on again, you will reset it.

One of the things that has been happening with humanity is that they have been getting so much information from so many different beings and different places, that they are having difficulty putting it all together in the “brain/computer.”

Then they need to relax and do something else for a while so that they can relax and reset their thinking. They have to “turn off” what they were doing for a while, and allow their brain to incorporate the new information (stored as light synapses in their brain).

What we are saying is that, if you can look at this eclipse as an opportunity for you to reset your consciousness, you can take advantage of the higher light of the eclipse to remind you that taking the opportunity to “reset your consciousness on a regular basis” is something that needs to be incorporated into your daily life.

If you “take the time” to reset your consciousness by taking the “time” to meditate, walk in the woods, stare into the sky, draw a picture, or have a nice time with a good friend, your consciousness will reset out of the stress of daily life and into the NOW of the ONE.

Whenever you allow your consciousness to rise in this manner, you “store that higher consciousness” for when you are driving home from a stressful day at work in traffic, you are late, you find out that your child got in trouble at school, you run out of gas on the freeway, or whatever else happens, you can DOWNLOAD your higher states of consciousness that you stored within your earth vessel!

This eclipse is an invitation for humans, specifically those in the United States, as that is where the eclipse is the strongest, to align the great Light of the eclipse with the inner light of their own consciousness.

Lauren G: Thank you Arcturians, so the eclipse is an opportunity to reset our consciousness. It’s almost as if all of this information that all of humanity has been receiving comes to a point where our inner knowing needs to step forth in a stronger way.

Can you, the Arcturians, speak to what’s happening right now with the polarity in our nation? We know this eclipse is a beautiful opportunity to truly raise up above all that which is childish, as well as any states of consciousness that we’ve evolved out of, and step into really trusting our inner knowing even more. That’s really one of the great tests that are going on. Can you, the Arcturians please speak to this?

Arcturians:    Yes, the United States, specifically, has been going through a huge transition. So many different things are happening that many people don’t understand. As we stated before, one of the important points with the United States is that it is a very big country.

Because the country is so big, what goes on in the West Coast can be at a very different frequency range then what goes on in the East Coast. Also, what is occurring between the two coastlines can also be of a very different frequency.

Therefore, the United States has fallen into a degree of separation consciousness where many of the people are feeling separate from each other. Then, because they feel separate from each other, they feel separate from their country, because their country is that which holds people together.

If you were to look at the United States as a family, and all the people in the United States are like the children in the family, then sometimes the children would get along, but sometimes the children may go in different ways. Therefore, what has happened in the United States is that the people have gone into many different directions within their beliefs, thoughts, spiritualty, etc.

However, the strongest unity is unity of diversity. Hence, many of the people face their challenges in different ways. Also, because the United States is a relatively new country, and is made up of people from all over the world, there has always been a great deal of diversity where many of the people from different areas band together, rather than just integrating into the diverse cultural system.

This eclipse is will assist with unifying the United States as the eclipse’s beam of light enters in one of most recently populated areas and exits through the area of the first American colonies. Light, which will “go out” as the eclipse crosses the country, will reset many of reasons for the separation consciousness by activating a Unity Consciousness across the entire country.

This call for Unity Consciousness for all the different people across the United States will be activating, as people from all over the country join their consciousness when they all perceive, and/or attend to the SAME thing within the SAME NOW. So many different people, attending to the SAME perception within the same NOW, is a great boost towards “UNITY of DIVERSITY,” as all the different people all tune in to the same event of the eclipse.

The eclipse is something that all of diverse groups of the United States will share the same thing that is occurring in their collective society. Some people, like those in Oregon might see it, those in the Carolinas might see it. Most of these people will not be able to see the eclipse at all.

But they can all tune into it with their Unity Consciousness. Just think, if a majority of the people in the United States all tuned in to one thing, now that would be very strong Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness is the most important component that is necessary to work towards, create, and to fulfill Planetary Ascension.

Therefore, the Unity Consciousness created during the eclipse, can be perceived as a rehearsal for Planetary Ascension. Even though this event is crossing the United States, all of the members of Planet Gaia can join together to experience the UNITY of the MANY focus on ONE thing.

Lauren G: That is so beautiful! This call for Unity Consciousness is absolutely beautiful. We are gathering to focus on a Collective Level as well as a Personal Level during this eclipse. I love that we do not have to be in the pathway. Of course, being in a place where you can see the eclipse has the potential to be a very crowded experience. So, planning ahead is essential. Otherwise, you might get caught in extreme traffic if you think you can just drive to get to a location.

It is great that we can all consider that it’s okay not to be in that path of the eclipse. For those who cannot get to the path of the eclipse, they can use the time of the eclipse to go into meditation to experience the Unity Consciousness of many people meditating on the same thing at the same time. Yes, that would indeed expand our Unity Consciousness.

I’d like to go back and talk about two things. On a collective level, it’s beautiful to focus on the Reset and Unity Consciousness, and what that looks like in our world, as we hold the vision of unity for all. Can we actually walk it, and live it, from the perspective of the eclipse reset point?

Then on a personal level, I’d like you all to share with others how each of you can further awaken your abilities, specifically your ability of Light Language. There’s two parts here, as we have the collective and the personal.


Allow yourself to recognize when you need to reset your computer/mind. This overload is often because they have had too many programs open and too many things going on at once. Then, your computer/brain becomes overwhelmed. It is fine to go into a “shut down“ of all of the different browsers you have open and “turn off the computer/brain “and the leave it off for a while.

NOW, take a moment to look inside your self to find how many things are going on inside of your mind within the NOW. Can you forget the grocery list, picking up the kids from school, having a meeting or something you forgot to pick up, really have to do, or what is going on around you.

Take a LONG moment to take long, slow, deep, breaths…Take a long, slow in-breath and hold your breath as long as you can and focus all your attention on the fact that you are holding your breath. Now, in a controlled manner, in the same controlled manner in which you’d like to control your life, breathe out slowly and calmly.

Take some slow in-breaths and out-breaths as you focus on Breathing In the Calm. Pull the calm through your body and breathe out calm. Breathe in the calm, and pull the calm through your body and hold the Calm in your body, then slowly exhale this calm into your reality.

So, what exactly is “calm?” Calm is a moment of stillness. This Calm is just before Sunrise, and just before Sunset. Calm is just before you wake up, just before you go to sleep, and just before you have what you always wanted to experience, that is, if you could take a moment to be calm enough to accept it.

Within this Now, just take a long slow deep breath and breathe in, in, in and hold, hold, hold.

Now, slowly breathe out, out, out, out—and relax. As you allow your self to relax, allow your brain to relax. Allow your thoughts to take a break. Recognize all of the hundreds of thoughts that are going on at the same time. These “thoughts” are all yawning and putting their head down on the desk, or leaning back in your chair.

You find yourself sitting in a comfortable chair, pulling over to the side of the road and taking a long, slow, deep breath, feeling the Breath, Releasing the Breath, Being the Breath and totally relaxing your body and closing your eyes.

Within this NOW, Allow yourself to “reset” into a higher frequency of consciousness.

Just as the eclipse can reset your outer world, you can reset your inner world!


Blessings, We are the Arcturians

We ask the you use this NOW
As well as during the Eclipse 
to meditate on 

World Peace and Planetary Ascension

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Navigating The Eclipse Corridor & Timeline Shift ~ August 16, 2017

By Jenny Schiltz, 08/16/2017

We are smack dab in the eclipse corridor and timeline shift. So much is shifting within and “out there”. The energies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. They are changing us in all ways. In one moment the energies are high and they open our heart chakras so wide that we feel bursting with love and oneness. Then we feel like we have “fallen” as all that is no longer compatible with a wide open heart chakra is brought to the surface to be resolved. It can make us feel like we are the ping pong ball in the universe’s table tennis match. My cranial sacral healer says “Be sure to command that all integration be done with ease and grace, comfort and joy.” That boundary has done much to help me feel steadier in the energies.

Recently, I asked my team to show me what the new timeline looks like and what they showed me was a frame work, a beautiful golden blueprint. Many of us have participated in building and grounding that framework into the collective reality. They explained that this is the framework that will hold each person’s creation, their own personal hologram. This framework is not rigid, in fact, it can expand as it is only held by our own personal limitations and beliefs. The heart chakra is our own personal projector that allows what is within us (wants, beliefs, limitations, and fears) to be created out there. If the heart chakra is not opening as wide as it can, it limits our projection ability.

It is for this very reason that we need to be aware of how our thoughts, actions, and beliefs affect our heart chakra. Become familiar with the feeling of an open chakra versus one closed and look at what programming is running when it is less open. We also have to look at all of our belief structures, not only the ones we think we have left behind but the ones we have created on this journey to self as well. Whenever a belief becomes rigid it defines our personal reality. Take a moment and see the belief constructs you may hold not as something intangible but as a solid structure, like a box. Is your personal box big enough? Will it expand as you grow or is it something that you have clung to for safety and security?

Understand that we have never been here before. There is no one on earth that has experienced these energies as they are streaming in now. That means that we all flying in unknown territory. Yes, we can get information from our teams but these do have to come through our filters and the belief constructs we have created. This is how we have such differing reports on what is coming, some feel that all must crumble for things to change, some see all changing in a blink of an eye. What I see is neither a collapse of all we know nor all changing to utopia in a minute. What I see is a consistent forward momentum that will accelerate quicker and quicker as more contribute their energy to that stream. It is a conscious effort on the part of each of us to figure out where our limitations and fears are and work on letting them go. It is our fears and worries that bind us to a lower reality one of struggle and strife.

I asked my team about the descriptions I had read of what life will be like in 5D after the timeline shift and their accuracy. What they said was that it is like a pregnant mom envisioning what her adult child will be like. Is that vision accurate? Yes, it may be but what it didn’t include is the nights of no sleep, the temper tantrums, teenage rebellion and all the difficulties that come with growing up. What they explained is that after the timeline shift is complete that we will still be feeling our way, figuring out who we are and what we can create. What will change and is changing is how quickly our thoughts and actions are creating our reality for the good and the bad.

So while it may feel like we are flying blind, if we have tapped into our own internal GPS (our soul) we will make it through. Discernment is more important than ever. This means that the only authority on your life, your journey, and your physical form is you. This doesn’t mean that we can’t go to others for guidance, support, and healing but it does mean that you should not give up your autonomy to another. It is for this reason that we are being shown clearly areas where we have become disempowered or caught in a victim loop. We are the masters now. The training wheels are off as we are given full carte blanch to create our own reality.

When we hear that we are the masters now, our mind wants to take over and think of all the ways we should be doing. It can become a mental loop of why we are not good enough or ready to be the master. Yet the way that we create the reality we want is through the open and clear heart chakra. The mind confuses things. The mind does not understand that being in service simply means tapping into our potential and highest joy. It means first BEING the light and then DOING only when it is in line with our light. For many of us, this is not easy to wrap our mind around, we have had years of programming that told us our worth is what we DO, not in who we are. I was talking to a client about this and what was brought to mind was an experience that shaped me.

After I graduated high school I had the amazing opportunity to go to Sicily for the summer and live with my girlfriend’s Aunt and Uncle. This experience changed me in ways that I am sure they didn’t even realize. My home life was tumultuous on a good day and absolutely insane on a bad one. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was abusive to us mentally, emotionally and physically. I could never tell when the house would erupt in violence and chaos. Yet, what I found is that if I had a friend stay over they would behave. My mother wouldn’t pick a fight when my dad slinked in from the bars at 3 am and she would put on a face of the cool, happy mom. Somewhere in my child mind, I thought that most families were insane and that love was drama. I thought that when I spent time with a friend’s family, they were on their best behavior too.

What I realized living with this other family in Sicily was that not all families were play acting when guests were over. No one could play act for the duration that I lived with them without showing some dysfunction if they were trying to hide it. What I did see was that the Aunt and Uncle clearly not only loved each other but respected one another. The house had a wonderful feel to it and even when one became annoyed with the other, it was solved with discussion, not violence. It changed everything, including the definition I had of love and what I would tolerate in my future relationships. I credit this revelation with helping me to choose a mate that would love, support and grow with me. It helped me to not recreate the abuse cycle that extended through the generations of my family.

The family I stayed with knew nothing of me or my dysfunctional home. They didn’t lecture me on a healthy family or relationships, they were just themselves. It was them BEING their authentic selves full of love that showed me a different way.

This is what is being asked of all of us now. BE the example. In whatever way that looks like for you.

It is for this reason that they have said for a few years now “Hold your light strong within you. Be the light.” This is not the easiest task and it requires full authenticity. We are surely being put through our paces with the world events and the amount of fear that is in the collective. We are also seeing the spiritual mask slip from many. This is a good thing because all the masks must go and we have to be unapologetically real while realizing that it is this genuineness that becomes a beacon of change for others.

Remember in all moments you are contributing to a field of consciousness, a morphic field with your thoughts and focus. This focus helps this field grow and become more powerful. Think of all this propaganda and blustering about WW3 every time someone speculates or contributes to this war mongering the field of it becoming real grows and gets stronger. It’s not putting your head in the sand to not focus on this crap. It’s actually draining power from that field of potential. We are much better served focusing on the reality we do want to create for ourselves and others.

We have the largest group awakening in this moment and as we know this is not an easy process and the fear is palpable within the collective. We are being called upon to be the beacons for these souls, to help illuminate the path. We do this not by telling them how to live, eat, breathe or be but by living an authentic heart centered life. When one is ready they will ask us our truth and at that time their ears will be open enough to listen.

I hope that this message finds you all well, digging deep into all that you are and seeing yourself as the amazing soul that you are.

Take care of you ❤

** I will be holding a group call on Friday, August 18th at 6 pm MST to discuss the eclipse portal of August 21st and to lead you through a cleansing and an upgrade to assist you with the assimilation of the energies. The call will be recorded and emailed to participants. The upgrade will be unique for each person depending on where they are in their process. The great thing is that it can be used as many times as you need it on your path as it will change with your needs. To participate please go to jschiltz.appointy.com and select group calls “Getting Ready for the August 21st Eclipse” at the bottom of the listing. **

Credit for this incredible image is: http://adamscottmiller.com/visionasm/celestial-shore/

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Energy Update ~ Any Resistance Surely Creates a Push-Pull Energy Within You ~ August 15, 2017

By Kara Schallock, 08/15/2017

While eclipses are powerful for change, I honor the Simplicity of it. I do not buy into the hype and I see there is a lot of that, and I don’t follow the crowd…yet, I do honor everyone’s choices. In this Ascension Note, I won’t be spending time glorifying the upcoming solar eclipse, but rather speak to the underlying energy of it. This eclipse and any labels we use detract from the message. Any time we use labels, whether describing ourselves or defining something, we only touch the surface, rather than going deeper.

As you know, we have been powering through our unique ways of keeping the old 3D matrix alive by holding onto old beliefs, patterns and other ways we believed were true. We’ve been moving through illusions by questioning everything. This is not so much intellectual questioning, but a feeling into something we’ve been told and realizing that it may be a lie to cover up the truth of something. As our Intuition has strengthened, we see and feel through any given illusion so that we may free ourselves from the old matrix. This includes history and current events, whether within us or around us.

We have also been releasing through our physical bodies. Not fun, yet necessary. In my meditation, I asked if the “on-fire” nerves on the lower left side of my body were indeed a Transformation to being crystalline. The answer was “yes.” It has also been a release of old toxins as my body adjusts. I know each being is experiencing some sort of physical adjustment; created by you, for you. It is best not to try to lump yourself into some sort of generalization, but honor your own process, for we each are unique in how we express our Divinity and all that goes with it. Perhaps it can also show us old beliefs like “I am ill; I’d better see the doctor;” or “I want to see if what I’m experiencing is what others are experiencing” (the need to belong); I know there are many beliefs that this adjustment can bring up. Take a deeper look beneath the physical manifestation.

Take a breath and ask these questions: 

Do I see Divine Justice in all situations?

Do I take Responsibility for all in my life (not for others; for your own life situations)?

Do I still separate by blaming others, whether that is in my own small circle or on the global stage?

Do I realize that I create my circumstances through my own consciousness?

Do I truly know that I am not a victim?

What outer event(s) mirror what I still hold onto within?

What is the truth in every situation I experience?

How am I seeing or not seeing the bigger picture?

Do I trust Divine Order/Divine Justice or am I still practicing and holding duality within through judgment?

Answering these questions may help you fully disengage from the 3D matrix. Of course, this is not all it takes. We must fully let go of anything that holds us back in the old. We must be absolutely willing and committed to being in the New and trust our journey of “no-destination.” We must be willing to allow our lives to be completely different. Realize also that when you let go, those in your life who want to keep you in your old role may resist your path; and it may not be pleasant. You aren’t here to please others. However, you create your life, be open to the ups and downs of change. It is a beautiful way to be if you are committed to your Path of Ascension.

Can you flow with the changes or are you feeling as though you’re kicking and screaming, as if you’re  being dragged somewhere you don’t want to go? Remind yourself that you have chosen this. Any resistance surely creates a push-pull energy within you, so either commit all the way or not at all.

Many of us have walked or do walk a Labyrinth…whether inner or outer or both. The Labyrinth was first created by King Solomon as a Commitment to Source. Walking it, one is reminded that they/we embody both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and that we are not separate from Source or anything else. In the center of the Labyrinth, there is a full Awakening, realizing that our physical body is a sacred temple. Walking the Labyrinth is bringing Heaven to Earth; creating the New Earth. Only Love exists here, within us. The Labyrinth symbolizes our life and we are asked to venture to the center (Heart) for complete communion with and as Source. We must see that we are Divine and nothing less. Divinity=Love.

The energy of this entire month is to help push us over whatever we perceive to be a limitation. We may use the energy of this month to move beyond the old and empower the New. Where do you hold yourself back; where do you limit yourself? Know that you may transcend any small, limited way of experiencing life into living large. Each time you meditate, you strengthen your resolve to shift into a higher gear. You need not wait; do it now.

Our own New Body Grid is in place now. It is created and activated every time we focus and integrate a Soul Essence such as Love, Joy, Peace, Responsibility (for self), Abundance and many more. Focusing on one or more Soul Essences within our Body Grid creates life that is built from these essences. It is the same with the New Earth Grid, which is anchored onto Earth. Each time we integrate a Soul Essence, we empower the New Earth Grid, so that there is a continuous strengthening of us and of the New through our choices.

An important practice to help you integrate more Love into you as you is to drop the dualistic thinking of “I’ll like you if you are just like me.” If you judge another as “bad,” where in you do you hold “bad?” All beings are Love. Do not withhold your Love from them just because you might see them with eyes of disdain. Perhaps these beings are ones who need to be loved more; not admonished or judged. See Love in everyone. As the old transforms, it may seem as though it is becoming stronger. This is an illusion. You help strengthen the old by practicing any sort of duality, which is still within you if you are in any judgment or fear whatsoever.

While we see and feel the many changes within and around us, we still have a long way to go till we are nothing but Love. You may hasten this by committing and aligning yourself with the New; with Love. Open your Heart, for it is here that Soul/Highest Self-connects with you. Merge with Soul so that there is nothing but Love within you. Surrender any resistance or stubbornness or insistence that you’re “right” (as opposed to “wrong?”) to Love.

If you have plans, let them go. Replace them with Heart-intentions (not head-intentions). Plans take you out of the Now. Realize that plans are illusions; they are of the old. Only being in the Now Moment helps you move forward, moment by moment. Keep your focus on how you want to feel. This alone creates the future. Let go of the details and simply follow your guidance in each moment. Source has no plans, for plans create a box of limitations. Source is nothing but Love and will never interfere with your Free Will. Source guides and does not direct or control.

Continue to allow any emotions to bubble up so that you may transform them to Love. In other words, don’t stuff them back down into their hiding place. They may hide and erupt at perfect times, as each emotion leads you to a deeper belief. These emotions also hide who you truly are by putting a layer of forgetfulness around you like a blanket. One big emotion for most is fear; fear of not having or being enough, fear of not doing enough, fear of the unknown, fear of being out of control, fear of being alone…and the list goes on. Release all your fears in the Sacred Rose and then fill up with Source Love…to replace what you release. This transforms fear and other emotions to Love.

Remind yourself that all is vibration. What you are within is what you attract from outside yourself. As above, so below; as within, so without. Remind yourself also that it is not about doing as much as it is about Being. You do through Being. Everything you experience increases your Awareness and when you are fully awake and aware, you make choices that are aligned with who you are.



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This Transition is About Going From Micro to Macro ~ August 15, 2017


By Brenda Hoffman, 08/14/2017

Dear Ones,

Maybe you believe you have removed yourself from 3D creations. We beg to differ for your thoughts are, for the most part, a repeat of what you have been taught is correct instead of creating your new world order.

Even though you might feel as if you are creating something new, we venture to guess that if you removed the word new from the object or objects of your attention, your creation would be similar to creations in your 3D world.

That is not to say you cannot dream of a new home or relationship, but instead for you to review what you wish to achieve with those new pieces. If your dream is for you to shine in the world in whatever fashion takes your fancy, you are not creating something new, you are merely replicating your 3D world with a few more bells and whistles.

Such a thought is likely either frightening or maddening. What right do we have to inform you that you are not progressing – for indeed, that is what we are telling you?

You cannot return over and over to 3D dreams and expect a 5D result. That is not to say you are incorrect for dreaming of a new home or relationship, but instead to encourage you to think beyond 3D dreams. What do you wish to achieve with a new home or relationship? Personal freedom, love, joy? Think outside the box.

It is not wrong to dream 3D dreams, but the result of those 3D dreams needs to be in a 5D or beyond framework.

A new home is perfectly fine but to what end? Your current end-products are more about 3D than 5D or beyond goals.

Perhaps you beg to differ with thoughts that a new person or object would shift your life dramatically. It would not. For you are dreaming of pieces outside yourself.

Someone or something cannot make you more whole or joyful – only you can. Yet, you continue to focus on something outside yourself to make you happy.

We fully realize that because you have done so for eons, it is a habit that has been deeply ingrained – a habit that ended the moment you were of 5D or beyond.

It is time for you to create your dreams – but not necessarily in the way you have approached those dreams. Most often, your dreams are related to others and how they will be affected or how others will affect you.

Let us dissect the dream of a new home. In 3D, you would entertain thoughts of personal comfort, as well as how you could impress your family and friends. You would accept your new home’s beauty until it became boring preparing you for a change such as new furniture or another new home. In 5D, you would move into a home that felt so right you would not care what others thought. It would be a home filled with love from you and from whoever entered. And once that love was satiated you might find the need to move – or not.

The difference is melding with your new object so that the two of you become one in the greatest sense of the word – so that your home is you. Or that all your relationships are initiated as two separate entities that eventually create a third loving, more complete entity.

Again, this is a new sensation that you have not yet tested so it is you cannot quite understand the fullness of which we speak.

Your 5D or beyond dreams are not about being better than, different from, or more loving than someone else. Your 5D dreams are about creating anything that blends with you to the extent that you are one. Your dream creations complete you in ways you cannot do yourself – they are an extension of you. You and your dream creations are as one. And even though each of you could live without the other, in a 5D world your joint creation enhances both.

The Internet has changed your life in many ways. Even though you could live without it, the Internet enhances your life – and so it is with the automobile and the airplane. All items created by 3D humans that changed your earth life.

You are starting on a similar path – but individually. What can you create that enhances your personal life?

Perhaps that last thought sounds selfish. Such is not the case for as you enhance your life, you enhance the life of all. That is the difference between 3D and 5D creation – at least for now. You are not changing the world with creations of a global magnitude, but instead, creations that enhance you and only you.

For this transition is from micro to macro instead of macro to micro as was true in 3D. You are not creating for anyone but you. That creation or creations will only change the world because you change as a result.

Does that mean you should not invent something that has global applications such as a protein rich plant or a new form of transportation? No, merely that such a creation would be for your joy having little to do with how it could change the world or create financial freedom.

For those of you still not quite understanding the nuances of this shift. Do and be what gives you joy and you will change the world. Do and be what others admire or expect and you will remain a 3D creator. So be it. Amen.

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Energy Update ~ Good Bye Linear Time, The Return to Unity Consciousness ~ August 15, 2017

By Vera Ingeborg, 08/15/2017

We are in the middle of the bifurcation of timelines and realities shift. Old timelines collapse and there is no way back. While many of the early adapters are still feeling huge bi-polar shifts between the two realities and between love and fear, first movers are now entering more and more an energetic state of being that is called zero-point. The place where we are only observing, allowing and are moving along with the energetic flow without being entangled with any of the drama, stories and illusions of the old paradigm. We enter these points shortly before big energetic shifts – individually and collectively.

We have reached the critical mass now. The amount of people that went through their awakening process and have anchored themselves on higher frequency levels. The critical mass to cause a ripple effect to cause the grand awakening of the human collective. The evolution back from Polarity Consciousness into Unity Consciousness.

“We have reached the critical mass now. The amount of people that went through their awakening process and have anchored themselves on higher frequency levels.”

Transitioning is not easy. Transitioning means to let go of a lot of things and people we had developed an attachment to. And yet, attachment is not a natural state of being. It is an ego construct. Just as linear time is. We had developed these constructs to experience a life out of balance as far as possible. An experiment to see how far we could move away from our collective center. From Oneness. From Unity Consciousness. Our origin. The Source of all that is. The organism humanity went into collective amnesia and developed the concept of linear time, to give fear an artificial space to exist. To then create fear, it was necessary to cut off the conscious energetic connection to Spirit/Source (which caused the amnesia) and withdraw the feminine energy, creating the necessary misbalance. The masculine energy alone, without the balancing counterpart, experienced separation, lack and darkness. The energetic frequencies of fear were created. That was the fertile ground for the ego mind to evolve and grow and with it the illusion of duality. Further ego constructs evolved based on these concepts: Loneliness, danger, the need to survive, the need to be better than others etc. All of these were necessary to create the illusion humanity has been experiencing for eons (although also that is an illusion, as linear time does not exist). Humanity created its own auto-immune disease, fighting itself to move further and further out of balance, while living in this illusion. Now that we have reached the point of being furthest away from that inner balance of the collective before complete destruction of the organism humanity, it was time to end that experiment.

The Construct of Linear Time and the Ego

Now that we have more and more re-established our conscious connection to Source/All that is and have re-invited the mature feminine energy in, we entered that zero zone, where we experience the breakdown of the construct of linear time. And that means: Those that experience it are transforming the last bits of ego. And with it: The return of the mature masculine, the energy of doing, manifesting without any need of control.

The ego cannot exist in the NOW. The place where there is no linear time. The ego always needs the artificial space of linear time to project its illusions. Now that this space drops away, fear has no fertile ground. We remember enough now to not buy into these artificial programs any longer. We are not even able to relate to all the human drama, all the stories, as we can see right through the illusion. It feels like white noise, a frequency of a radio station, we are no longer able to receive.

“We notice that we are completely in the zero point field/NOW moment, when uncertainty does not upset us any longer.” 

We notice that we are completely in the zero point field/NOW moment, when uncertainty does not upset us any longer. As indeed it is our natural state of being. We are not able to create expectations, impatience, control, mistrust, conditions…, as they need a concrete reference point in the future. All we can be is unconditional, trusting and open to whatever comes, knowing it is perfectly in the flow. Human artificial structures such as schedules, appointments, daily routines become impossible to stick to, as they are not synchronizing with the Universal Flow. When linear time drops away, we automatically get access to the bigger picture. We align with unity consciousness and remember more and more of our essence and truth. All of a sudden we know things, we did not know before. We see and understand this all connecting energetic field, and how we incarnate into experiences in the physical. We are re-establishing the holy trinity. And with it, the full embodiment of Spirit, Soul and Body. Everything happens at once in the NOW as all possibilities are available, always. Linear time was helping to create the illusion that there were sequences and with it memories – that helped to keep fear projections alive. But what about past live memories, might the ego mind ask? All we do is choosing one or parallel experiences in a physical existence. Depending on where we tune in with our consciousness, we get flashes of information that feel like a past life memory although it is just a parallel reality we chose to access.

Those that are in the middle of this transition, will more and more have that experience, that even what happened yesterday feels like a past life memory. The truth is, we create every moment anew, nothing is solid. When we become multidimensional again, anything becomes possible.

“The truth is, we create every moment anew, nothing is solid. When we become multidimensional again, anything becomes possible.” 


Multidimensional experience is a super confusing, but also fun thing to experience. As we create moment to moment anew, we can also shift our realities quite easily. From the energetic frequency levels of the fifth dimension and onwards, we have all these different parallel timelines and realities available to access. And we choose our access point(s) into the field of all possibilities from moment to moment. And can alter as we wish once we are fully aligned. So what happens quite often while we are not yet fully stable and anchored in one frequency, is that we have to deal with multidimensional versions of other people, too. For example a 3D and a 5D self of a person. These seem to be completely bi-polar, do not remember what they had said before, or say even the complete opposite.

“That is the Mandela Effect. We are switching between different realities – collectively and individually and we remember things differently than they are in our current timeline we chose to access.”

The Mandela Effect is exactly this. We are switching between different realities – collectively and individually and we remember things differently than they are in our current timeline we chose to access. Our limited, fear driven ego mind was not able to understand any of this. Only now we are entering the process of transcending it completely into a free spirit mind. A mind that is connected to all that is, is able to connect all dots, comes up with brilliant ideas to set intentions: The basis for all creation. Now that the mature masculine comes back and balances within us with the mature feminine, we have set the foundation for co-creation with others. We are back in the field of unconditional love within.


In order to create, we need to be able to embody our connection to Source (the open heart-center) and Unity consciousness (the mature mind) in our physical vessel (the evolved body). We need the physical existence to be able to create. It is our physical body that lets us follow the energetic impulses we receive from the universal flow. The intention of the mind causes a feeling from the heart, which sets the energetic vibration that we emit into the field. We synchronize with frequency matches in the field (people, situations,..), we resonate and that creates our outside reality. The more we learn to read and “speak” energy (by feeling it), the more we are able to follow the natural impulses we are receiving constantly with our physical body: Our intuition. The deep knowing, this is what I have to do next, because it feels right. No matter what the rational mind might have to say about that to protect us. Once we have embodied the balance of the mature feminine and the mature masculine within, we are ready for the next phase: Co-Creation.

Next Stage: Co-Creation

Just as cells in an organism pair up to work together to create something, we are now more and more pairing up with like-minded and like-hearted people that have also found their balance within. This will be happening in all areas of life. Friendships, “Relationships” (much more a relatedness now, based on freedom), work, and activities of all sorts. First, we mainly feel drawn to co-create in pairs – members of our tribe that we have met while finding our true self in our process of awakening to practice balancing energy between two people/physical entities. They might remain in our experience as partner or will move on, and both will feel absolutely fine.

“Just as cells in an organism pair up to work together to create something, we are now more and more pairing up with like-minded and like-hearted people that have also found their balance within.”

That – on a sidenote – was one very important part of our journey. To find our people all over the planet, anchor the grid and activate it to build all these little centers for the ripples we are now creating for the big shift. Co-creating in pairs will help us to learn how to balance energy between two physical entities (people) before we will take the next step to create something even bigger, pairing up with other pairs that have gone through that process. Returning to community, oneness, completely new models of living based on love and abundance. This is the way how New Earth will take form quickly. We are all creating this together. We are passed the point of having to walk it alone. NOW: How perfectly organized and how exciting is this?!?

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

If you feel ready to work on raising your frequency, to align all of your bodies, to connect with like-minded and hearted people within a unique environment, come to one of our “Own It! Retreats”!

You want a true change in your life and reality? Although spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, there are many simple ways to navigate it as smooth and effective as possible. The key: Learning the language of Energy. Check out  the wake up program that I have created, to make this journey an exciting life changer for you! 


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stop taking all the covers! It’s time for peace with all sentient beings on earth. ~ August 14, 2017


Humans are not the only sentient beings walking on this beautiful planet.  Today’s post is directed to all of the others.

You may want some background, so here’s a bit of earth’s history. This is what I’ve learned and been told throughout the course of my own awakening. It’s the part that relates to this moment now.

When the Reptilian race of beings arrived on planet earth, the Human race was already here. We were not in the evolved form we are today, but as walking upright ape-like beings. We were perceived at that point as little more than monkeys swinging from trees. This belief is still held by the ones who control the slavery system running planet earth right now.

They have been melding with the Human race for quite some time now, in preparation for the changes we are now in the midst of. (Consider this as a sort of hybrid program.)

Their relationship with the Human race however, has always been one of domination and ownership, pure and simple.  They see the Human population, as well as the planet Earth, as their property. To these elders of the Reptilian race, the Human race exists for them to use, the same way free-range beef cattle are to us; sort of like a free-range resource.

I realize this sounds abhorrent and insulting. We all have to get past the point of feeling offended if we are actually going to successfully engage in a solution to the current stalemate. We all crave safety and freedom of movement, prosperity and health, as well as the ability to create and experience passion without restriction.

The emotion of “offended” exists on both ends of the spectrum. The Reptilian race is appalled that their “free range cattle” are demanding an equal say and abundance in their life. The evolved Human race is horrified to discover that they are enslaved by a species that evolved from Iguanas. Yet both appear to be true.

We all desire an equitable answer. Humans and Reptilians and Inner Earth Beings will have to first accept the fact that we are equally sentient beings who reside on the same planet. Ownership of another species or of a planet is no longer acceptable. That story is over forever. The Reptilian race has been trying to wipe out the Human population for many thousands of years, via constant warfare. Yet today we are 8 billion in number and increasing. It’s clear that plan didn’t work. Why don’t you just stop?

The day has come for Humanity to demand its place as an equal partner on the Earth. Until that happens, it will not be good for any race.

This amounts to little more than a decision or intention. There needs to be a coming to the middle for peace, by all of us.

There are no equitable rules that apply to humanity that have ever been followed.  This “non-interference” law (the one so often cited in these conversations) is ignored whenever an extra-terrestrial race decides to shut off or turn on and off a nuclear weapon as a show of power.

We’ve clearly stated our desire for freedom from enslavement years ago. You seem to interfere only when it suits your unknown agenda to do so. This sends an unclear message.

Our ability to cope with change and adapt to the new is vastly ignored here.  We can handle it. These continued discussions and promises for disclosure and all that that includes, amount to little more than a carrot on a stick.

If this current enslavement, of which we are aware, goes on for much longer, there will be un-needed bloodshed before it’s concluded. It does not have to be this way. This can end now.

How about this. How about you TURN OFF EVERYONE’S WEAPONS until this is settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

How about the Reptilians release their control of the financial system currently shackling the planet, in full transparency? How about the Reptilians stop preventing Humanity’s access to the accounts held in their name since birth?

Without the strangle hold of control, an age of prosperity and healing could begin right here and now, for all of us; Human race, Reptilian race and any others here with us. We are headed there anyway – all races are aware of this inevitable ending. With a little bit of help, our journey could be seamlessly, peacefully accomplished. We are each equally valuable and sentient.

We’ve all made mistakes. I’m disappointed in those non-human races who are observing; still not helping us while watching us tortured, imprisoned and even ingested. Where in your reasoning does this fit?  This is not the highest and best for all concerned. For surely, you’ve felt our sentience, our pain, our beauty, our tenacity and our compassion. We are lesser than none.

This is a request for help. With weapons disabled, we all come equally to the table. Multiple inhabitants of the planet all want a peaceful and successful future.  This bureaucracy that you are using for guidance is making you ineffective.

It is time to accept Humanity as equal.  We realize our value.  We expect to see our worth visibly depicted in our life; financially, personally and physically. This looks like unfettered access to the accounts that exist in our names, as well as a place at the negotiating table for governance, for healing technology, for free energy and an end to human trafficking on this and all planets. These would be good starting points. It is time for complete transparency.

I long to embrace my fellow earthlings in love.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

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