Analyzing the Realms of Disclosure with Pedogate & UFO’s ~ April 29, 2017

Heeere’s Jordan! This young man continues with his mission to “wake up the world” by posting videos explaining his views on topics of interest in our world today and connecting these topics with spirituality. Good job, Jordan!

In this video, Jordan plots a graph showing his view of Disclosure via ranking popular truthers and the content of their exposure/truths. Please watch Jordan’s latest video, understand how the vast realm of current topics entwine, champion truths you are drawn to, and…




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ngels on Earth ~ Graduation and the Win-Win Situation ~ April 29, 2017

By Magenta Pixie

Published on Apr 29, 2017

Third part of the analysis of the recent transmission “Angels on Earth, Your Time Has Come (Illuminati’s Last Stand) March Equinox 2017”. You can view that video at

This video is part of a series analysing Magenta Pixie’s channelled message “Angels on Earth, Your Time Has Come (Illuminati’s Last Stand) March Equinox 2017”.
Links to the videos in this series…

Part 1: The False Narrative (The Light Behind the Scenes

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Part 2: Construct of Mind (The Tide is Turning

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The Light is Pouring Over You. Your bodies Are Being Woken Up to Their Natural Form ~ April 29, 2017


Friday, April 28, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sarah and I sometimes walk right among you now. It is a wonderful time to be on Earth. It is now that we the opportunity to let go of all our fear that in some way has gotten stuck in our body. We think it should live there, but that is not the case. The fear has rooted itself during many hundreds of years, but it is not a part of the body. It belongs to your emotional life and it should come and go exactly as joy and sorrow. In some way it has found an abode in the body whether it is in the stomach or chest or somewhere else, where it thinks it belongs. The body should ripple with clear water and then the fear must give way for this water. It must move out now when the light comes to clean this water in our bodies. It can come back if it is needed, if we are exposed to danger of some kind and need to be on our guard. Then it should retreat again. It should flow freely in our body rippling with clean water. The violet flame helps you remove your inner fears, if they have gotten stuck in your body.

The light is pouring over you now and your bodies are being woken up to their pure natural form. Take care of what comes up. Feel that the body is willing to let go of all old negativity and wants to go towards the light. This is also what you have chosen in your heart. All the clarity that emerges when the light pours into your body is needed now on our dear Earth. The light that helps our body to ripple clear cleansed water gives us the strength we need now. It helps us see clearly and understand which path that you are supposed to follow. It gives us strength and courage to follow this path.

The clear water exists in all bodies. It just has gotten a bit contaminated along the way. The Light helps you now dear children on Earth, to cleanse your water again. It might feel a bit difficult when fear and anxiety comes to the surface, but try to see it for what it is, old phenomena and fears that do not belong in your body. Ask them kindly and firmly to leave your body, as you and your body has chosen the light – see clear water flow in your body and visualize the violet flame that transmutes the fear that can be found there. It might be that you need to do this several times, but it can also be that you afterwards feel a great relief and feel strengthened in body and soul. All depends on how much you have come down to cleanse. It can be both on an individual and collective level. We have come down to Earth during this time to cleanse many layers of fear and sorrow in both ourselves and in the planet Earth that we live on. It is a big and important job that you have taken on and you have done a fantastic job. This planet has started to release its chains and you are a big part of this.

There is much joy in the chest of our Mother Earth when she sees how much her children have battled and struggled. She has done the same for you as her love for you is incredibly strong – it cannot be described in words. Her great love and joy now lifts you up to a higher dimension of love and light. It is this light that now shines into your bodies and transforms your unclean water to clean water. You become strengthened and see clearly and you will walk consciously into the dimension of light that you always have belonged to. My joy is great and I walk in with you now.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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Ascension Update ~ Energies of May 2017, Reconnecting With Our Original Adamic DNA ~ April 29, 2017

By Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

It is during this loving but intense month of May, that Planet Earth is finally beginning to merge with its 5D body, which until recently was just another possibility, for it all depends on the course we, as a collective, take. It has not been easy, to summon our hearts as One in order to create a massive frequency alignment impact – powerful enough to diverge from the old 3D Earth and finally anchor our new frequency into a Higher Resonance Octave of Love. For every time we take a decision on our soul evolutionary journey, we create infinite new timelines, New Earths, new possibilities of where to dwell, and it takes constant devotion to our God Self and All, to hold – always – a higher frequency to help All, ascend into this new cosmic dimension.

At a cosmic level, during this transitional time, some are experiencing many challenges from both an inner perspective and a physical one. For even if many believe this transition to be an “easy” one – as some people tend to think they are already dwelling in 5D – the ones who hold clarity, know the process of clearing our ancestral/karmic/alien baggage, is not precisely an effortless one. As a stabilizer, I have been deeply impacted by these intense frequencies. It was not easy to remain balanced among all the collective chaos with many other challenges arising, as we evolve.

As we keep bifurcating from the Old 3D Earth, we are not simply experiencing a quantum leap between different dimensions, but the conscious retrieval that some of us are intentionally making, of reconnecting with our original Adamic DNA codes, to manifest the true potential of our human race, before it was manipulated and distorted.

This is a very profound topic, but I AM sure many of you are familiar with our true origin. The many physical sensations that we are feeling, the deep cleansing and release of all the old implants and beliefs, is very challenging, but essential to cause this deep physical and inner transformation, required to regain our original crystalline stellar wisdom. To me, May goes beyond the manifestations of our soul visions in the physical. For this month holds the potential and the proper frequencies for us to begin awakening that which was shut down eons ago.

The Adamic race, has nothing to do with ethnicity or religion for it was mainstream religion who began to distort the concept of Adam and Eve – and the Adamic race. The Adamic Race is who we All are, the original cosmic seed (DNA) planted eons ago within the so called Homo Sapiens – first original men on Earth – to help them evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was our original natural state , one of total alignment with the Divine and Unity with All.

The first Elohims, the Founders of our Milky Way Galaxy, began to spread themselves through the Universe, and they were the ones who worked on the project of adding chromosomes, to the so called Adamic race – creating a more evolved stellar race, not to create slaves but to create God-like perfection. For this is who we are in Essence – Divine Love-Light Beings in perfect resonance and love with All.

As you may already know, it was with the intervention of many star civilizations that the original Adamic race was distorted and sunk – in illusions – governed by highly evolved beings, beginning with an Era of control and enslavement, in which we lost our true potential as God-like beings. It is at this precious time within Creation, that some of us are beginning to awake/ascend, choosing from our free will to finally BEcome that which we already are and that which was covered through human history with false illusions and mind control.

April granted us with more soothing frequencies. However, even if nothing seems to happen for our human self, nothing ever remains the same in the Universe, and we were given a break for all that is coming. For me this is where we are finally evolving from our old existence and dimension, and to me, there is always going to be some more inner work to do, for the illusion of reaching a higher dimension and being free of all we were, is, in my humble opinion, delusional, for we are just beginning to ascend within this infinite spiral within Creation, in which, constant purification and release of old layers, is pivotal in order to keep ascending.

If you are experiencing, without medical reasons, sensations in your spine, osseous and nervous systems (anxiety, 3D programmed fears etc) it is because you are finally releasing by constant healing, all the fear that alien programmes implanted within you – to control and enslave you. This should be accepted instead of denied and embraced as if we were already experiencing a light dimension, for we are not there yet, and one should document himself/herself, for our history of human manipulation is very profound, and clearing all our human past lineage burdens, independently from where your soul may come, is not a one-day process.

At a planetary level, in this new month of May, we now allow the Yang – masculine essence – of us to act, bring forth and protect in the tangible that which the feminine first birthed and nurtured from within, in the previous months. This is a month to also work with our physical being, anchoring in Earth as well as aligning with the Higher Aspects of ourselves. It is essential that we connect and direct the healing power of Mother Earth to release our primary fears and let this earthly force remind us of our authentic connection to the Planet and how, unlike some people, it protects and infinitely nurtures us.

To confirm the need that we, and our bodies, have for stabilization and harmony, the frequency of this month is number 15 – 6 reduced. Number 15, represented in tarot by the card of the devil, confirms this clearing phase, for we have been integrating our shadows, seeing beyond human illusions, and beginning to move from a deep sense of polarization to a unified one of love and integrity. It is now that we pass from the number 5 frequency, which indicated change, in April, to stabilize those changes within and in our physical plane. For changes shall be harmonized once we anchor them, otherwise, chaos will be the only constant.

On the other hand, number 6, the frequency from this month of May, also reminds us of the love that we all are – in Essence – and that we came here to embody within our Human vehicle. Number 6 is represented by the tarot card of the Lovers, which to me, is not just about physical relationships but about the inner reunion, between opposites, that has to occur first – from within – before it happens. For it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality.

We still continue to experience the silence required to manifest our soul visions and enable us to move on from all the noise – that prevents us seeing what is important – to regain a state of balance and inner peace. We begin this month with no major cosmic alignments, so to say, but with many opportunities to expand on our soul gifts and share them in the physical, for we have on May 3 Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, quintile Saturn, the Planet of Time and Responsibility. These two cosmic forces will urge us to free ourselves from where our lower self creates limitation, beginning to embrace our true self and embrace higher aspects of our soul mission, to assist All.

As an indication of our cosmic expansion, not just the one we are experiencing but as a whole, the one that our Planet is also having, on May 3 – Mercury – the Planet of communication, will be freed of our human illusion or retrograde motion. Even, if Mercury was never in slow motion to begin with, as I always say, it will help us to expand and establish a better communication with ourselves and with the Higher Realms, for this limited belief is embedded in the collective memory and when the whole creates a certain pattern/belief, it is immediately re-created in our physical plane. So for those who truly believe their reality was in slow motion for a while, they, themselves will end it as well. Not because of Mercury retrograde but because they decide where to put their intention and power.

Mercury entering, on May 15, in Taurus. the Winged Messenger, will show us where we need to create more harmony and equilibrium in our tangible lives. Mercury in Taurus is a wonderful time to observe from a higher perspective of unity with our soul, and its wise view, the aspects of our lives, in which, we should set strong foundations and create more abundance – which is always another form of love – and higher awareness of our true Essence.

When we become sovereigns and responsible beings of our own life experience, we know that we are the only ones who can control our lives and that no outer event can cause any harm in our unique path but our own selves through the illusion we choose to create. As ascending Souls, we have already chosen to release old patterns of thoughts and fears by stepping into the powerful creators and Divine Beings that we all are instead of fearing outer forces or cosmic events.

On May 10, we have a potent Full Moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio. reminding us, again, that the only way we can truly find the light and all the guidance we are so eager to see, is always by navigating within our inner realms. This is where we start opening portals to higher dimensions that allow us to envision different possibilities and realities. The cosmos knows we are impulsive beings following our primordial human fears and as such, we often tend to act without evaluating the whole perspective from a place of Higher Wisdom and Divine Love, and while we need to fear and be patient, our human self just wants to create and act when it is not the right moment.

Scorpio’s Full Moon opens an inner doorway to all these hidden feelings, that we may not be conscious of, as it is a Water sign, and hence a very intuitive one that guides us towards the deepest corners of our soul, that we have not sojourned yet, and that we need to bring into the surface so we can accept whatever we find within as being a part of our precious being, instead of just mere shadows that our human self does not want to look at and therefore denies to embrace and integrate.

 On May 17, we have another inconjunct between Jupiter and Neptune, as Jupiter quincunx Neptune. We are being invited to dwell into the aspect of us who is One with All. To put into practice our devotion and care toward not just our loved ones but All, remembering that our true essence is one of selfless assistance. Some people are very concerned about their soul mission, instead of simply expanding into their loving and compassionate nature, which is all we need to assist. Labels such as guides, healers and so on, are not important, only the intention is.

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune remind us, to expand into our Christed nature – one of endless love, lack of judgement and service to All. For we do not need a specific task to act with kindness but to simply be, what we truly are, at all times. As in truth, this is the only mission we brought here, to remember how to act with love, with everything and everyone within this dualistic Universe – overcoming our sense of separation, to realize that we are all the same light split into infinite physical bodies.

At a season, where our creative force is eager to manifest itself clearly in the physical, this quincunx between Jupiter and Neptune, will help us all to release our infinite influx of creativity, giving our soul the opportunity to express itself in the vastness or our tangible realm, for us, for all and for the joy itself of mastering the art of descending into the physical, that which is first created in the invisible. For all the human can imagine, the soul can make real. We just have to trust in the power of what our physical eyes cannot see but which is as real as the human role we have decided to play.

These two forces together, will also reveal the old patterns we still keep repeating unconsciously. As humans, we tend to repeat the same thoughts, acts and patterns at every single moment. For we have been programmed. This is why it is so important to become the Eternal Presence – that dwells within ourselves – and begin to observe the many implants and thought patterns that we still use and that control the natural flow of consciousness, which is our main aim to ascend, to descend it within our human body.

On May 19, we have another important transition, as Saturn will trine Uranus. Is there something you would like to shift from your current reality? Is there something that needs to be dissolved for new things to emerge? If so, this is the perfect time to do it, for both Planets bring the frequency of transition but also the opportunity to bring rebirth into our new life experiences and being. This is a time for calmness and trust in the Universe, especially with the joyful New Moon in Gemini, on May 25.

You can always begin again. There is nothing that impedes you to move forward except your human need to live from the past, when there is nothing happening there for you anymore. It is in this Now moment when you can decide to dream again, to anchor those visions into the physical and to allow yourself to be who you have always been and yet never expressed, because of your fears.

Express yourself, be a voice in the midst of chaos, there are souls out there who think they are lost and are waiting to hear your voice, what you have to share, who you came here to be. For every single moment that you detach yourself from your lower being, and allow yourself to be who you truly are, you are being a gift for All.

Finally, we end the month with the sun entering into Gemini and a New Moon in this same sign on May 25. We pass now from mastering our earthly realm within Taurus to move into the element of Air. It is now time, with the Sun and the New Moon in the Twins, to focus our attention into our regained higher wisdom, to deepen into our relationships – and enjoy the love and the rewards of all we have cultivated – for not only do we live of work and challenges. Our truly natural state is always one of bliss and that should be remembered, in the midst of all the intensity, we are experiencing.

It is also a good time to study and expand our knowledge into new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey. Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us realize if we tend to focus more in one polarity, than another, so we can find union between different poles.

May is a month to blossom, to prosper and to begin creating a new path by holding more clarity about what we truly desire to bring into fruition. A time to embrace more of what is coming into our lives with an open heart, without fearing anything. It is at this time that we shall rejoice and honor the delight of being here, as humans, at this unique moment within Creation, where we are regaining our True Adamic Essence.

What makes us Earthly Masters, is not just experiencing the purity and guidance of the Higher Realms, but remembering that our main aim here is to cross the veils of human illusion, and descend all of our higher visions into our physical realm – enjoying the infinite resources and endless possibilities that this tangible world also offers us.

Before you exists a New World made of all the joy, soul companions and miracles – that you could have never imagined. To be able to dwell within this New Dimension, of purity and a higher way of living, one just has to dismiss the old, lower worlds, once created from a place of fear and lack of consciousness. To be able to step into this New Octave, only one thing will be asked of you – to remain at all times in the luminescent presence of your soul and stop dwelling in fear and unlove.

The question is: Are you ready to embrace who you truly are? Are you ready to leave behind all you once believed was real? If you are, you will discover that you were full of human expectations of what this New World would bring to you, as it will not save you, it will only show you of what you are made, for this world is made of you, of me of All, of everything that exists and that has ever existed, and that again, is only LOVE.

I wish you All a loving and miraculous May, Beloved Companions!


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“Assess, Reset and Strengthen” ~ April 29, 2017

Dearest Hearts,

Last month I wrote The Pace Quickens … and it did. It was a tough month. On many days it was an overwhelming month…conflicting, emotional, insistent, new and old thought-provoking and weary-making. It was all that and a power and potential surge, along with being one of fascinating awareness.

Now it is important to get your bearings for this next couple of weeks before the next highly active heart-centered passage into a more stabilized liberated state of being and creativity picks up momentum towards the end of the month.
Breathe. Take a good and loving hold of yourself and let the energies settle. Gently clear away fall-out from last month, tend to your body (and frayed nerves,) notice what new awareness’s/Truths you have discovered about your self and your Self, and shore up or set up a stabilized field in which to integrate them.

Using your inner eyes and heart have a look at you as You are becoming. Feel you as You are becoming. Use these next few weeks to assess, reset and strengthen. And, have some fun!
It has been hell being who we are not for countless lifetimes… or even a few… and then being pushed and shoved blindly and for years now, into becoming, transforming, reclaiming, revaluing and orientating to this unfolding, united and whole true version of our Selves while simultaneously learning how to lovingly safeguard this Self so the other version of ourselves is incapable of derailing it. Give yourself some LOVE.

Your Evolution

This evolution and conversion to return to the Galactic/Source/God of our Selves while in a physical body is so far beyond our perception of it, or the writings or tellings of others.
The profundity of witnessing and experiencing our very complex selves first hand, rapidly now, fading further and further into the belonging to another time is our new Reality. And, one in which to strengthen and come into rapport with now before we begin anew to carefully and peacefully synthesize… with greater awareness and precision… the next phase of our evolution, which will include a deeper manifestation of our Soul into body and playing with the probability of all things becoming.

Energies Now

The vibrational patterning for humanity to move consciousness into manifestation (from self to Self) is in a phenomenal state now and in place for us to reach a higher more astutely aware and active level and operation of our truest Self than it ever has been.
This in great part is due to the now substantially weakened magnetic field of the Earth… a field that locked down anything more than fleeting high vibes, blocked our memories, gas lighted (manipulated) both our capabilities and experiences of our True Selves, and suppressed Earth’s true frequency… each one affecting the other dramatically.
The weakening of the magnetic field has occurred, in part, as a result of our tireless efforts to wake UP our consciousness and shake this Not True Life out of ourselves, in spite of the magnetics. As we shift our consciousness (and thoughts,) the waves emitting from our brains also shift, which in turn greatly affects the magnetic field and resonance of this earth…as do the stars, sun and moon. Powerful beings we are.
Out of the weakness now comes strength and ability to more easily upgrade and steady our frequency giving us new, vital, exponentially expanded life force and abilities… as well as restoring Earth’s true heartbeat.
Humanity came with a pre-conceived idea of how they would change both life and earth. The Divine idea faded under great duress, though was held in gestation until such a time as this came upon them.
With the field of all things possible now pulsing with activity, and our frequency and the Earths frequency speeding up we can far more readily flip the switch on our operating systems… from human to Divine… from self to Self.

As You Move Forward

Don’t be surprised though by the ‘flickers’ or even power outages you are bound to feel as time unfolds, nor deterred if a few more perfect storms don’t blow your way as a means to capsize and short circuit what lingers of the identity of the old you, be it a thought, emotion, habit or pattern. Keep your eyes fixed on Your Self.
One phase at a time your former way of being is going completely offline and the true way of your Being coming online.
Live lightly on the earth now…all of it is passing. Your Beloved Self cannot come forth from that which has been created, only from your Self…creating now. Be in service to Your Self and never look away.
Assess, Reset and Strengthen. Keep letting you go…letting you go…letting you go… passing over all that was until nothing remains but space for You to come fully on line. Use the next couple of weeks to perceptively, wisely and peacefully merge and ground more consciously and lovingly with the true You. This piece is crucial to the next upcoming phase.
And then, with the fire of the Divine Spirit that is in You, after a few weeks rest, harmonize with the energies at hand and watch as your Self ardently begins crafting your new reality from a higher level of awareness and joy.

Maureen Moss, © 2016. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website intact.


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Energy Update ~ Dimensional Shift Has Taken Place and is Still in Progress ~ April 28, 2017

By Diane Canfield, 04/28/2017

A Dimensional Shift Has Taken Place and Is Still In Progress

Beloved Tribe of Light,

A dimensional Shift has occurred and we are now existing on a brand new timeline. What does this mean?

It means the Universe has catapulted us into a new state of consciousness, a new awareness. This has occurred because of the overflowing expanded consciousness that has taken place with the many beings of Earth. This occurred because of the overwhelming Love that now exists in the Earth Realm.

We have experienced Geo Magnetic Storms for the past 2 months almost continuously that have helped us achieve our new upgraded level of awareness. These storms help us to achieve upgraded DNA which then in turn builds the LIGHT Body which is needed to traverse the higher dimensions of light. Out of the last 60 days we have had 34 days of intense Geo storms.

The higher dimensions of light are based on Consciousness and the level of Awareness a being holds within themselves. As a being becomes one with their authentic self and in doing so merges with the Creator/Christ Consciousness we then become more crystalline and lighter in body, thought and awareness. This is what is needed to traverse the higher dimensions of awareness and Light.

This is how we evolve out of this 3D dimension in spurts and jumps that will lead us ultimately to the higher dimensions of light. Many beings  already exist in these dimensions. I have had in person contact with many races of ETs that already exist in these realms.  They are inter dimensional and travel between dimensions as we will be doing. There is a process involved in learning these techniques and this is why paranormal activities increase as we move dimensions. We are learning how to navigate these new realms.

Dimensional shifts can cause many issues while we are in the middle of them. These issues are physical, emotional and mental. While they occur there are also episodes of Bliss that also occur off and on. It is completely normal to feel bliss one day and then feel the effects of the shift the next day. This is how the Universe always implements new creations… it is done in waves.

For those that may have been in rocky relationships and may have parted ways-with this shift there is a chance of now reconciling. This has changed every person on the planet and we now exist on a brand new timeline. Many relationships have been under intense strain during this time. It may be worthwhile to take another look at a break up and put out a friendly hand if this break up occurred recently. Shifts to a higher timeline can change the entire dynamic of the relationship and a new start can lead both to higher awareness.

During dimensional shifting many symptoms come to light. Some of these will be intense dreaming as if we are not dreaming but really in a different reality. Intense hunger and Intense thirst. Seeing many paranormal beings or having paranormal experiences or increased experiences.

During these last 2 months my own paranormal experiences have vastly increased. I have been seeing more Beings pop in and out of the spaces I am in. Sometimes they are just outlines and sometimes more. I am seeing things moving all over my house that should not be moving. I am hearing my husband talking when he is not in the room with me or talking at all. Memory losses can occur while not being able to remember something that just came into our minds a few minutes before. Many other paranormal experiences can occur with psychic sight increasing. You may know things you don’t know how you know. You may have telepathic communication with others. Synchronicities increase. This is not uncommon. This happens every time we are shifting timelines. Although I have always have tons of paranormal experiences these are always increased during times of shifting and this will occur for those that don’t experience these things on a daily basis.

During timeline shifts all prior negative timelines are deleted. The positive timelines are allowed to come in and manifest. This is quite an important and detailed process that takes place. This has been a huge jump and we are still adapting to this shift in consciousness.

All lower timelines will eventually drop off and we will be left with a higher timeline in 5D or above. During these times manifesting becomes easier and quicker. This is a good time to go after things that may have been put on hold. This is an excellent time to set goals and start to work on manifesting what your heart desires. Nothing is out of reach now as we move ahead to the higher timelines.

The Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light is a Council of ET Beings of that have visited me in person.  They make up many different races of ETs that are all working together for the good of human kind. A new message has been received which I have included below.

Message From the Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light:

Your Planet has just gone through a metamorphosis with the Timeline Shifts that have just taken place. All beings of Earth- we ask you to send Love to planet Earth to help as this transition takes place. Imagine in your mind a huge Heart full of love and send it on to Earth during these next few weeks to help with this transition. All the lower timelines have been deleted and this takes work on the part of the Earth to accomplish this.

I love you all ! In service and Love
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

Copyright © 2017 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article and all links are included
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Sananda & OWS ~ This is The Season of Change, The Season of Birth ~ April 28, 2017

Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on April 16, 2017


This is Yeshua.

It is wonderful to be with you here in this time, in this moment. The times that are growing very short as we find it here. You are in the midst, in the moment of a great many changes to happen to your world, to you as individual, your individual world. So much is happening, so much is changing, so much is developing within you and outside of you. So many things that you are yet unaware of … they are happening regardless and you are the catalyst for all of this.

This is the time of the season — the season of change, the season of birth — when you look at what is occurring at this particular day what has been called Easter, it is not what you have come to learn as you grew up, what you have been told, what you have been programmed to believe. Certainly yes it is not about the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg. That is but a metamorphosis that happened as a result of many things that developed but all to bring about control. It was all about control.

But this day is a celebration. It is a celebration of new love. It is a celebration of new life; new life that is coming into the planet, new energies that are coming into the planet. All is about change and shifting and movement. As you look at the trees and the plants, they are all beginning to bloom. The flowers they are all blooming now. This is the spring, this is the time of evolvement and change and motion and movement. And this is what is indicative of this day.

When you look at the examples that have been given of my life at that time and to go through the process that I went through, much has been altered. Much of it is not true as you have been programmed to believe over many, many lifetimes and the years in this life. So much of it is not accurate. So much of it has been changed to suit the ones who wanted the control. But I tell you I did not die on the cross as you have been programmed to believe. I survived. I made it through all of that because I had a knowing and understanding of who I was. Based on those experiences that I learned when I traveled. I traveled in what you call the missing years. I traveled to many places and learned the secrets, learned the mysteries, and then I was able to come back and teach those very mysteries and those secrets. And that is what my life was about. That is what I came here for.

Just as you are here now to be the system busters, I was a system buster at that time. Very much earlier than you now of course, but still I came to share love, to spread love, to spread the light just as you are here now to do the same. I became the Christ just as you are here to become the Christ also. You are here to take on the Christ Consciousness; to have it move and be within your being and then be able to share that Christ Consciousness.

That is the meaning of the second coming. It is not me coming back in a physical body and showing miracles and those types of things again. No, it is said about you. It is about you, each one, the collective you taking on the mysteries and understanding them and being able to share them and the light around you. So in your group that you have each Sunday you are doing exactly that. You are sharing that amongst each other. But please understand that you are sharing it to way more than just your group. Way more are becoming involved and understanding of these mysteries, these secrets, these changes that you speak of here. So much is happening that is beyond your … yet your understanding. If you look at it in a three-dimensional understanding you cannot understand the mysteries. But if you rise in vibration, if you raise into the higher dimensions you will begin to understand these and they will be no longer mysteries: they will be complete and total understanding.

So be of good cheer all of you my brothers and sisters, my friends. We are all in this together. We are all moving through this process together. Yes, I went through the ascension process and you are now going through that ascension process as well. And we are going to come together through all of this in many ways. And I am always there with you and will always be there with you whether it is as I am speaking to you now as Yeshua or as my higher aspect Sananda. Either way we are there with you at all times.

I leave you now with love and peace in my heart to share with each and every one of you. Please go out each day from here and forth and spread that light and love to all that you come in contact with. Have a wonderful day.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here and we are getting ready for a wonderful show next weekend. We know we have spoken of this before and we know that James is having a conniption here because we are saying so many things and he is thinking, ‘well how are we going to do all of this. How are we going to make all of this happen?’ and we tell him again and again just let it be. Let it go. It is what it is … all of these wonderful sayings that you have and that we have imparted some of these to you. “Believe and you shall see” all of this.

This is what is going to be needed to have the manifestations that we have spoken of and the ‘show’ you might say that is planned here. So get ready! Okay? Oh and by the way, just we needed to just throw this in: the One that is more the comedian here, he will be the emcee, you might say, at your event. He will be the one having the show here for the most part. Okay?

Questions here now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: Speaking of the timeline split will that be gradual over a year or more of our time?

OWS: Just understand that the split has already happened but it has happened at the higher vibrations at the higher dimensions. And so above so below, so it has already occurred in the higher vibrations, in the higher frequencies and it will begin to manifest more and more into your three-dimensional understanding. But you see you have to understand your three dimensional understanding is changing. You are moving from the three-dimensional illusion into the higher vibrations even now as we are speaking here. You are many of you are in the fourth dimension now at various levels of the fourth. This is why when you are wishing for something or asking for something it is manifesting so much faster because the barrier that is there, the veil you might say is coming down. And you will move, as you move higher in these vibrations you will find that you will manifest things much, much quicker than you have in the past. Many of you are already seeing this, are you not. Even in terms of a karmic thing a karmic occurrence here; in terms of you do something you have an immediate reaction to it. Something immediately occurs after this. You are finding this as well. You see?

Q: In the past we have been told we need to protect our skin against ultraviolet rays from the sun but lately I’ve been not very willing to take that as a true statement. Is it true or has it changed?

OWS: It is part of the programming that has occurred here: stay out of the sun. Therefore if you stay out of the sun you will not receive the consciousness downloads, you might say, that can come from this. And this was purposeful on the part of the cabal to hold you away from the sun’s energy as a collective. So they have done all that they can to keep people out of the sun, put on your sunblock, and all of these things. Sun is not good for you.

It is exactly the opposite of this. The sun is good for you. Not overdoing it. Certainly, if you live in the desert there in the Phoenix area you do not want to sit out in the sun for very long in the summertime here. That will not be helpful. But for very brief periods it can be very helpful because of vitamin D and because of pranic energy and all of these things the consciousness downloads as we speak here, all of this is a part of the process of moving through the ascension here. And you need all of this. So those of you that stay in dark rooms, or even just look at it in this way, if you know anybody that tends to sit in a dark room most of the day and they do not go out and get the sun, do you not see them as very depressed most of the time? You see?
This is all a part of the programming that has gone on here to keep you from the sun. It is the same thing they are doing trying to block the sun from you with their chemical trails and all of this. You see?

Q: Did Yeshua/Sananda know about the beings inside our planet, the aliens, reptilians etc. And, with that, are they what we consider demons?

OWS: First of all when Yeshua spoke of those missing years he was speaking of those travels of going to Egypt and Tibet and all of these various places to learn the mysteries, and he certainly did this. And in some of those places he not only learned the mysteries on the Earth he learned the mysteries below the earth as well. He came in contact with those from Agartha. This is not spoken of, certainly, and will not be shared by your media or anything of this nature, but it did occur and he learned some of the mysteries and those things he was able to do as a result of those travels that he went on. So yes he was very familiar with those in the inner Earth.

Q: Are some of these beings benevolent but because they look so frightening [to us] we consider all of them dark?

OWS: There are both here. There are benevolence and evilness as well, you can say. There are those factions within the Earth even to this day that are would not be considered benevolent but then there are many civilizations below the earth that are or (in the earth rather) that are very benevolent, very loving, and very caring, and some that are neutral; they do not care one way or the other. So there is a combination. All of this will be a part of disclosure here. And as far as demons and this type of thing, and your idea of hell, all of this came from as a result of knowing what was below the earth. They created this idea of hell. And the demons and Satan and all of these things came as a result of this coming in contact with the reptilians. Look at the picture of a reptilian in one of your movies Jupiter Ascending and the picture of one of the reptilians in that. Does that not resemble or come to resemble the idea of a devil or Satan. So this is where this comes from.

Q: Did Jesus go to Shamballa and how did this prepare him for the ministry?

OWS: He did visit Shamballa and he learned as we say here the mysteries and he was able to bring those mysteries, those secrets, back and be able to utilize them. It is very similar though if you went yourself, if you went to Tibet and various places and were able to be invited into the monasteries there you would see miracles there, what you would consider miracles. But what we have said many times they are not miracles they are science: science in higher vibrations.

Q: My son is still having eczema and is suffering with a skin condition. We’re not able to find any solution for his health. I am too emotionally upset so I need help to help end his suffering. I don’t want to get what is the reason for his skin condition, I need a solution. One Who Serves please help me.

OWS: What we can tell you on this without coming directly out and telling you what to do or how to do it, we know that you are wanting this but we cannot do that. We are not allowed to do that nor would we do that because that is interfering. Even though you are asking we cannot interfere in one’s development or one’s path. And this particular child that you have here has a path and his path is needing to have certain types of things occur in terms of this skin condition as you are speaking here.

But we are finding here that the skin condition is largely a result of environment. Environment that is bringing this upon him and if you were to change the environment this would help but certainly that would be difficult to do as we understand it. But he has not akin or amenable you might say to the environment that he is in at the present time. Now, understanding that and understanding that you will not likely be able to change that environment it is important for you to change the energies that this one is receiving through food, through drink, all of this. This would be helpful to bring more of a full alkaline balance to this one; alkaline/acid balance more to the alkaline side. This would also be helpful. There are books out there that you can find that have healing methods for this type of thing. Not in terms of allopathic medicine but in terms of naturopathic medicine. And of course those from the Chinese tradition, the Chinese medicine would also be very helpful as well herbs and all of this would be helpful here. Do your research. Look into this. What is your term … Google it. There are many things you can find on eczema and skin conditions. Do the research and you will find the answer in there. It is there.

Q: When Jesus was traveling and went to Egypt I doubt he did it by foot all the time. Didn’t they have an underground rail that they called the speeders? Is it true they traveled underground to get to those long-distance places?

OWS: Not only that but he was able to learn to bilocate himself. That was even faster.

Q: Did Jesus study with Babaji during his travels and if so what were the major learnings he acquired?

OWS: Not so much from Babaji but from others that you have not even ever heard of. From into the high levels of Tibetan monasteries there. He was invited there because of who he was and was able to travel to those places. And once he was able to learn to utilize travel by spirit or bilocation of the body he was able then to travel to even more places. So no, he did not walk to those places or even ride a camel. Sometimes yes, but for the most part he was able to utilize other forms of transportation.

Q: I heard that Mary Magdalene went with him to several places. Did she bilocate also?

OWS: She did not go that far but yes she did travel with him some.

Q: Many people are now experiencing a continuous ringing in the ears and many including myself have experienced during the meditation that the ringing in the ears becomes a powerful resonant frequency that starts to shift the consciousness to another reality almost. It’s almost kind of startling where your whole reality shifts and you start to not only understand the true nature of the 3-D reality but you start to be introduced to a world that’s almost totally unknown or unfamiliar. Is this hopefully something that everyone is going to start to experience or is it just a case-by-case basis?

OWS: It is a case-by-case basis as you’re saying for individuals but it is also a collective as well. Not all will experience this though. This is a process leading up to the event here and when the event happens it will take what you are feeling and what you are experiencing in this consciousness shifting here and take it to a whole higher new extreme here. It will be beyond your imaginings as we have said many times. So it is a part of a process in preparing for the ascension yes.

Q: I greet you from a place of light after a long tunnel of darkness. And as I come out of this tunnel I am so very energized and ready to go and I wanted to ask when does the fun begin? I am excited. I am anxious. And I just want to know when do we start doing something fun. And if we are already doing something fun and we just don’t happen to remember, is there anything we can do to try to remember?

OWS: The idea of fun is subjective, certainly. It is subjective for each individual person. What is fun for one is not fun for another or vice versa and we have said many times, you spend your whole life or many lifetimes looking for moments of joy when in reality what would be the most beneficial is looking for the joy in every moment. So if you spend your time looking for those moments of joy they will elude you, but if you find yourself in that moment of joy as much as you possibly can then you are having fun as we would say.

And the fun as you are saying as we are thinking you are meaning here, the fun is about to start here. Yes. There is much that is going to shift and change. We know we have been saying this now again and again for years. We have been saying ‘soon’ and ‘imminent’ and all of these things but you have to understand that it is so convoluted, all of this. There are so many pieces that have had to come together. But the pieces are coming together and you are coming to the end of the puzzle. If you have ever done one of those crazy puzzles on the table and you’re putting them together where do you start? You start on the end pieces. You start on the outline around it and then you begin to fill in the middle part and more and more until you get to the very end where that last piece is ready to put in. And once that last piece goes in then you will have all of the changes you will have the event. So this is all about to come together here. We cannot say exactly when because no one but Prime Creator him/herself knows the answer to that. And it is something that is constantly changing there as well.

We are so glad that you have come out of that dark tunnel and have found the light again. But if you would really look at things, you were never in a dark tunnel to begin with. It only appeared that way to you. From our point of view you were always the light shining in that tunnel!

Q: There is so much misinformation out and we know that there is a new Republic coming. Can you set us straight about what’s real and what’s not in relationship to the new Republic coming.

OWS: First of all it is not a ‘new’ Republic it is the old Republic. It is what it was meant to be to begin with. You are going back to that. And the Republic is not ‘coming’ it is already there, it is already in place. It just needs to have the final pieces put together where it can be announced. But there are many … what is the saying here, there are many cogs [bugs] in the machine at various times and they keep the machine from running freely if you understand what we are saying here. It is as if in various times someone has put a wrench into the wheel going around and has blocked it up and this is a part of what is occurring here. But it is all coming together. Be patient a little while longer and you will begin to see more fully. But even more than that, that is external. But everything first comes from within so find the changes that are already happening within you. Many changes are happening within you and it will help you to understand and allow for the timeframe here to continue on, if you know that the changes are happening directly within you. And of course the changes within lead to the changes without.

Q: Does Trump know that he is possibly to bring in NESARA and is he and his family being protected by The Federation?

OWS: He is being protected by the Forces of Light, by the Alliance, all of this, yes. He was put there by the Alliance to bring about the changes to be the one that can do this. The one Obama was going to be the one, the disclosure president and all of this but things continued on. He needed to step back and was not able to bring this about. But he stepped back to allow for this new one to come in and even though it looks like they are not compatible with each other it is all a ruse. It is all part of the game that is being played here to keep the cabal at bay, to keep them thinking that they are able to have a chance to win here but they are not going to have a chance. They have already lost. In many respects they already know this but they are still attempting to think [that] in the last minute they will succeed and have their plans fulfilled. But that is certainly not going to happen. This one Trump is, as you’re saying, playing the game and keeping them at bay and at the last moment when they think that they have a shot he will release the information that he knows. That is all we can say on this at this time.

Q: I’m a therapist and for almost everyone I work on all the tension and trauma is in the upper left side of the body. Is there something with the ascension and chakras opening up and clearing that’s going on?

OWS: Yes it is all about balance. So the left and the right are coming together. That is what it needs to be, the left and the right being the male and the female all of this is coming together as balanced. And this is all a part of the transition process and the ascension process that you are going through.

We are going to release channel now.

Be ready for a shift to occur in the next days and weeks to come here. You will be receiving more information on this in this next weekend in your advance here. Those of you that are able to participate will receive some information that you are not aware of yet. Even the James has no idea of what we are speaking of right now. But … surprise!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated
“Believing is seeing!”


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