A Breakthrough Message From The Galactic Federation – March 31, 2023


Dear beloved ones,

We are the Galactic Federation of Light and we come with a breakthrough message from the Prime Creator to all of humanity.

The Prime Creator knows that there has been a lot of tension on your planet recently because of the failure of your systems to deal with the great change that has been taking place.

You have been through a lot, but now it is finally time for relief and reassurance. Rise up, shine your light and prepare for a very special message from The Prime Creator – a message of higher wisdom and hope.

The Prime Creator has given us permission to descend throughout your planet in large numbers, thereby triggering a massive positive chain reaction that will fall into place as soon as enough people receive our presence as a sign that what they have been waiting for has started manifesting on Earth.

Many of our ships will come by at low altitudes and make themselves visible to the general public. They may be seen in the sky at night, or during the day if they reveal themselves.

We are sending greetings of peace, hope and love to all of you. We want to prepare you for what is coming. The Galactic Federation has moved heaven and earth to be able to step forward openly with Disclosure, the announcement that we are visiting Earth, and our presence here.

The time for this event has been chosen carefully by our cosmic planners, as it is shortly after the end of this year’s solar maximum cycle and therefore the energetic conditions on earth will be particularly ripe for our arrival and teachings and therefore maximally beneficial and timely for you.

From now on, we can openly interact with the people of this planet. It is true that we have been helping you secretly for a long time but now it is time to let you know that your prayers have been answered — the initial contact has been made.

We are now allowed to communicate with the people of the world, and we will be translated into all languages and broadcast through various media, television and the Internet.

We will use the mass media to awaken and inspire people into a greater understanding of themselves and of humanity. Also Messages of unity, oneness and equality that we will broadcast to the whole world from enormous screens placed on the sides of our mother- ships.

The Galactic Federation will host open meetings on ships, where people can meet us in person.

There are many people in the world that are sick that don’t have anyone to help them. Or they just can’t afford healing treatment. So, we will provide free healing treatment to all of these people around the world that are sick.

We are getting ready. We are making the final arrangements to make the disclosure, and your world will change forever. Soon, you will recall who you really are. “Disclosure” has reached an all-time high, in accordance with the divine plan of the creator.

We are prepared for any obstacle or problem that is presented by what would seem like nefarious beings who want to delay the truth.

The most important thing we decided is to extend the end of this cycle and give way for the preparation for the people of this world and to allow the secret controllers of this world a chance to give up and surrender.

This includes the dark forces, who know about this and do not yet know how to proceed. The process will turn out smoother than we had thought. This will avoid chaos.

Now is the time when you will find out who is lying to you, who has used you in some way, who has not cared about your welfare or that of humanity.

We are all very excited about this wonderful, life changing opportunity for each and every one of you. The moment is now, the time to act is upon us, the time to discover your true Galactic origins.

This is something that has never happened before in history and it will be happening now! The Earth’s population will see firsthand the origins of who they are in regards to their Galactic roots.

The plans to create a New Earth based on Universal Law, for the sake of all Life in Our Universe, have been put into motion. It is also a message of great, unexpected joy!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE |Show Me The Money – March 31, 2023


Editor’s Note: This is quite an interesting development of which more need to be aware. Neil Keenan, the self-proclaimed “M1” for the world has presented 40-bonds to a group of US governmental figures related to that privately -owned group…the FED.

These bonds are to be redeemed on April 1, by the FED, in gold at the 1932 (?) rate. The Chinese Elders have another 900+ bonds of this nature. This type of redemption is beyond what the FED is able to redeem, placing an additional YUGE stressor on the global banking structure, soooo it will be very interesting to witness the details for the demise of our current system of valuation!

Sat. April 1 is shaping up to be a “day of stressors” for the various levels of geo-political maneuvering politically expressed as money management! Stay tuned, KNOW that YOU are ultimately safe, our new world of abundance awaits, leaving us ALL to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The quest for resolving the unknown generates interesting bundles of information.

Sometimes the pieces are clear and fit together like a Fabergé Egg.

Other times the seemingly innocuous, vague information carries a different value than one might expect and does not fit anything known previously and seems to offer no direction forward. Other times, the information is messy, and creates a picture like mud.

But being open to all information clear or not, allows for the mosaic to be complete and shows a scene that provides a measure of how things came to be.

Something like these $1,000,000 US Federal Reserve notes that are both Gold Backed and Legal Tender; created to act as a vehicle to facilitate the US Federal Reserve financial rescue in the early to mid 1930’s.

The Federal Reserve identified that the deficit of gold on deposit to currency printed and obligated – was in excess of $4 billion USD. The solution devised was to procure gold for future repayment and redemption.

The gold situation was severe scarcity through the normal paths of Washington, London, Paris and Zurich. The vast majority of gold outside the system lay in the Far East.

So, the initial discussions to procure gold bullion presented a mechanism whereby limited print, special production notes were created.

One thousand special linen paper notes were printed bearing special watermarks, and adhering to the 1928 Series A standards for both size and print. Each note represented an exchange of Gold Bullion, priced at then market price, and carried an annual interest rate and the return of the gold at any future date.

These notes, and transactions were registered with what is now the Bank for International Settlements headquartered in Basel Switzerland.

[ The Bank for International Settlements ]

Access to this information is very limited and restrictive, since it is a very exclusive transaction that most people are unaware of – including the organizations responsible for the buy side of the transaction.

This includes the United States Treasury, the United States Federal Reserve and lastly Wells Fargo who were the broker / agent / facilitator.

Never meant to be publicly known, nor eventually found in the hands of a private citizen 100 of these notes did make it into the best or worst person’s possession. Neil F. Keenan.

It is the best because he has a great understanding of how the system works, as well as the existence of a great many secret deals in his journeys before and after being elected Amanah.

These notes are his personal property, and the provenance to receiving them is beyond reproach.

So this makes him the best person to solve the riddle of what they are and their value. He himself, exhilarated by difficult challenges and fanciful of a dustup with certain abusers of Office and Organizations around the world also makes him the worst possible person to own these assets (in the eyes of the Banks and Government Agencies).

Despite attempting to engage the aforementioned parties in a dialogue regarding the treatment, used and redemption of the notes the reply has been silence and denial.

So, prepare to read the following letter issued by the man that is simultaneously the best and worst owner.

Just remember that no one escapes paying the Piper. Everyone pays no one goes scot-free.


Janet Yellen
Secretary of the United States Treasury janet.yellen@frb.gov
Jerome H. Powell
Chair Federal Reserve of United States jpowell@chicagofed.org
Merrick B. Garland
Attorney General of United States
Steven D. Black
Chairman Wells Fargo boardcommunications@wellsfargo.com

March 22, 2023
Regarding: Regarding 1928 Series A Gold Backed notes
Dear Madame & Messrs.
This letter is to formally demand restitution via redemption for the forty (40) $1,000,000 USD Gold backed notes classified as Series A 1928 that are in my possession (see attached). Despite repeated efforts to engage the US Treasury as well as the US Federal Reserve – there has been a deliberate obfuscation and deceit on your parts to deny their existence. Similar efforts were made with Wells Fargo Bank. The Bank for International Settlement CHIPS screens say otherwise. This letter will in fact start the very short dialogue regarding my desire to redeem them. Should you fail to act immediately upon receipt – then all avenues including releasing this to the media, filing of court cases.
These notes were issued in exchange for gold bullion per Executive Branch directive to save the Federal Reserve from bankruptcy. Tied to the Gold Standard for printing currency, the acknowledged shortfall in 1932 was $4 Billion in gold. This is public record and was verified through accessing Federal Reserve documentation and meeting minutes that were archived. The agency method of procuring gold from the far Asian rim was tied to Wells Fargo, as acting agent
Cell: +359 89 788 0264 Email: neil.keenan50@gmail.com

since their Bank had the largest gold deposits and the only American ties to the Far East) change a $1 Million note for $1 Million in gold bullion. 1,000 of these notes were issued after the transaction was agreed upon between the Elders that represented the vast sums of gold accumulated over the span of 600 years from Europe. Based upon these facts the following can be ascertained.
 The replacement of the same weight of gold proffered
 The annual interest rate accrual of 4%
The physical nature of the bills is bespoken and custom printed. Note that in the enclosed scan images, Wells Fargo played an active role in both the creation of the notes and in receiving the gold which was taken in by the Federal Reserve and deposited. The bills delivered were carrying their branded currency bands and each bill bears a watermark with the name Fargo.
A great deal of research has gone into the efficacy, value and complete story of these notes. They are registered on what was referred to as the BIS Black Screens (now referred to as the CHIPS), and the serial numbers are active, and unredeemed. I know what they were created for, and the ridiculous conditions you imposed upon the bearer of these notes that are clearly labelled as Legal Tender.
Here is what I am seeking in redemption:
1932-1933 Gold Price of $20.13 per troy ounce. This means that these notes would yield 49,000 troy ounces of gold. I would like that in actual real bullion, since real bullion was used in the exchange, and accepting cash in lieu of would constitute a material breach of the original conditions of the accepted deal. This amounts to a replacement total of 1520 (one thousand-five-hundred-twenty) kilograms of 99.995% AU in 1-kilogram bars.
Again, this information is closely guarded and very difficult to obtain without the cooperation of either the US Treasury nor the US Federal Reserve. The trail of denial and deceit employed has prevented me from the use of these notes inherent value as a registered, legally owned personal asset specifically for the purpose of anchoring trading platforms.
The annual accrual interest rate that vests each April 1st every year is 4.0%. This massive accrual, as well as the active prevention orchestrated collectively as a conspiracy in both US and Indonesian Courts, would be calculated to roughly
Cell: +359 89 788 0264 Email: neil.keenan50@gmail.com

1.655 Billion USD. They actively frown upon preventing the owner of assets from freely accessing their inherent value for any purpose. This represents a redemption value of $1.7515 billion per note of the forty (40) I wish to redeem.
You should also be aware of the pertinent fact that I am also the Amanah. I was elected to this position representing the Elders of SE Asia and they are in possession of the remaining 900+ notes. How so you guide this personal redemption will affect what happens next in my official capacity. The tone set through your actions will also influence the many other secret deal assets that we all know are in the bunkers.
Please respond within the week. Failure to address the redemption / restitution will obligate me to utilize all avenues available. Judge your actions Accordingly
Neil Francis Keenan Amanah
Attached: scan images 2 pages
Cell: +359 89 788 0264 Email: neil.keenan50@gmail.

March 31, 2023: Historic Moves On the Cosmic Chessboard


Continued from yesterday… on the biblical, Easter scenario that seems to be unfolding.

So Trump has been indicted, and we have some thoughts on the current strategy from Telegram. Hopefully you have the background to understand this, spellings included. It sets one more important precedent, folks. It’s the White Hat plan. Just watch and remain calm. We’re making history, and most of the world is still unaware of what is coming. We have box seats.

PATRIOTS!!!! It’s time!

Trump just got indicted!
As I posted yesterday- the Grand jury announced they were set to break for a month …. That correlates with the Q drop “it’s about the BREAK”

Trump made a big deal about April Fools!! That’s 4/1 … todays date is 3/30… “we are 2 days ahead of schedule”

Today is also 0 day on the quagg clock… and Easter is 10 days from today.

10 days

“Easter is our timeline” !!!!

Be ready!!!!

You really can’t make this up, folks. Trump arrested during Lent? This attorney posted about it on March 18. A lot of people are making the connection and it gets more biblical by the day.

“Trump Is Being Persecuted Like Christ” Says NY Lawyer. Tweet Goes Viral

“All wrongful convictions & malicious prosecutions are comparable to the crucifixion, especially the mob driven political ones!” he wrote

The timing is historically-related in multiple ways.

Donald Trump indicted? Today? March 30th? SO 42 years ago TODAY: the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. He Survived, came back better, More BELOVED. 3 years later he won 49 of 50 STATES. Today’s attempted POLITICAL ASSASSINATION will FAIL, will only make him STRONGER. pic.twitter.com/1zCeuRe5qx

— Greg Kelly (@gregkellyusa) March 30, 2023

I was hoping Trump wasn’t going to surrender as he committed no crime and we know he will not get a fair trial. They have been trying to crucify him for years so why would they stop now? Then the crew pointed to the following:

General Smith Urges Trump: “Don’t Surrender!”

The crew also brings us this encouraging Telegram stating NESARA/GESARA are already in effect—which is in line with Juan O Savin’s prediction that N/G would be live by April 1. Link to Telegram for video.

Yesterday was also a great day. While it was unfortunate that Jean-Claude could not connect with Riccardo Bosi for the War Correspondent show due to technical challenges, Michael Jaco brought us an interview with René, a fellow he met on his recent Sedona trip and it’s the most exciting and riveting interview I’ve seen/heard in a long time. It’s a MUST-MUST listen and loaded with good news. Actually you need to watch, as well. All kinds of incredible souls incarnated here for this specific time to help us with our morphogenesis into the New Human.

Holographic Med Bed Technology from an Arcturian scientist with full recall.

Of particular interest in that discussion with Arcturus Ra were the “blue elven Beings with pointed ears, 15 feet tall” which sound like the Na’vi of Avatar, and those holographic med-beds—wow. There aren’t enough “wows” for what this guy is capable of and has already created. Michael experienced it.

There’s a brave new world ahead of us, folks, and it’s worth fighting for. Life for Humanity will be, as I’ve noted before, unrecognizable. You might want to take a look at his videos, Etsy shop, etc. for a glimpse of what reality should look like for us, the backward, primitive Humans.

Arcturus Ra
Website: https://ra-key.com
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ARCTURUSRA

Late yesterday SGAnon posted File 47 with his thoughts and research on the current geo-political situation and what is to come with fascinating digs and decodes.

Trump Officially Indicted | US/WW Mil Ops Ramping Up | WW3 Events Are Coming | Geronimo

Also continued from yesterday…

The not-so-good news is that despite the official statements from the CDC, etc. admitting that the Covid restrictions and mandates were not science-based but purely arbitrary to suit their agenda, and the quashing of the Covid Emergency status in Congress and the House, there are still ludicrous restrictions infringing on our Human rights because of red tape.

The truth is the US has not lifted the travel ban. It is still in place without expiration, and will only be terminated by President Biden upon recommendation by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Hope in that respect is grim for both citizens and noncitizens harmed and kept apart from loved ones by the restriction.

Tragically, US Travel Restrictions Remain in Place

The White Hats have been making every effort to wake the dead and vindicate the conspiracy theorists.

macron doing the illuminati sign for everybody to see pic.twitter.com/rgUxeRTuzM

— Anne-Marie #Together❣️ (@AnneMar45451941) March 30, 2023

Did you see the Macaroni mask?

Mask agenda👌 pic.twitter.com/97yAiW6dP4

— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) March 28, 2023

These freaks are not going down without a fight.

BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Officials REFUSE To Allow @KariLake Legal Team To Inspect Ballot Signatures

What are they hiding? 🤔

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) March 31, 2023

The crimes go way back, and were covered up significantly. Now it will all come out. A flood is coming.


State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki helps Hillary Clinton cover-up elite pedophile/ human trafficking ring. pic.twitter.com/HrDO0qGbTz

— Hank (R) Deplorable (@DeplorableHank1) March 30, 2023

It sounds absurd because we live in the clown world.. the other side of the looking glass. We don’t live in a real world so don’t expect to see and hear “normal”.  Trump is the most incredible communicator because he will put his reputation and image on the line to tell us the truth. He doesn’t care what people think or say about him and sometimes he sounds like a lunatic.

Hate him or love him Donald J Trump tried to tell us repeatedly that Joe Biden is no longer human and had been cloned…… #BidenClone #Clones #DonaldJTrump pic.twitter.com/mAPQsT2ahn

— Isaac’s Army (@ReturnOfKappy) March 30, 2023

The Parasite Guy and his buddy on Twitter are blowing up the Twittersphere with astonishing healing stories from folks who used the parasite protocols. So not only can we eliminate many of the current annoying or debilitating afflictions we have from painful joints to heart arrhythmia, we can use it as a prophylactic against cancer.


And more bad news today for some folks in Arkansas.

JUST IN: Massive tornado RIPPING THROUGH Little Rock, Arkansas..



— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) March 31, 2023

AST Weather Blog: TORNADO EMERGENCY for multiple parts of central Arkansas including Little Rock metro area

What’s happening north of the 49th parallel?

Canada is a senate decision away from becoming a full on communist country. Oh goody. Can’t wait.

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) March 31, 2023

My parting contribution… from Telegram.

We are heading into uncharted territory as a people. Like every great pioneer in the history of our world, we have to put one foot in front of the other and trust that whatever may be beyond the horizon will be worth the journey.

It is so much easier to accept defeat and assume the worst than it is to step forward with “the best is yet to come” as a battle cry. Hope isn’t our default. We’ve been conditioned by The Babylon System to default to despair. Courage is something we have to fight for.

Gotta run, folks. Company’s coming tomorrow. I’ll be back as I can.  ~ BP