My thoughts… ~ September 25, 2016


I meditated this morning and had an “Aha” moment, you know…when the light bulbs above you head go off as you suddenly understand something. I had been watching a video on Facebook on the”Mother Earth Love Vibe” channel, and this morning… all of this mess we are in all makes sense!

So…please watch  the video below, and watch in amazement as a 13-year old boy tells us the ultimate truth that so many others have touched on, but haven’t quite “gotten it” as this kid does!

We all know everything is Energy, and everything that is energized vibrates as a result. These vibrations create the things we know as sound, light, color, heartbeat, EKG brainwaves…and so very much more. So…what if God/Source/All That Is/Creator is in fact…ENERGY? This makes sense for me as we are told that god has no gender and is omnipresent. That means if God/Source/All That IS/Creator is energy, then everything…even the absence of energy is, well..God/Source/All That Is/Creator!

For me, this also explains how we are all ONE. If everything is energy…well, you get it…everything then becomes ONE in Energy (or lack thereof). Where does Love fit into the scheme of things using this concept? Well, when using the concept that God/Creator/Source/All That Is energy and exists, then EVERYTHING must be accepted…everything…and acceptance is another word for Love.

This is a Mind-blowing concept, but let’s see how this plays out in current spiritual thought. Law of Attraction? Energy is attracted to like (equal) energy. We are all ONE? Discussed above. Love is the only force in the Universe? Well, if there is only energy around that must be accepted, then there must only be Love (acceptance) around.

Why are we living in this crazy, mixed up world with so much personal distress? This is the “root cause” of all questions for me. If we are all “divine” extensions of energy on Earth as individual expressions of God/Source/All That Is/Creator, then we, as individual energy expressions, are going through are undergoing a realization of what we indeed ARE energy bound by the Laws of Universal Energy (which do not necessarily abide by the known laws of  known physics).

Many have felt that we are here to learn and experience what we do NOT want to BE (as energy). Ultimately… this means ALL IS GOOD (because it has to be). This covers the morality issue as well as “immoral” actions have to be played out so “dark energy”can be eliminated by higher levels of energy. What does energy become when energized enough? Light!

So…there you have it, my current state of spiritual thinking that is free of religious dogma, is based on years of reading the thoughts of spiritual thinkers, and frees me from a sense of “drama” by involving much “personalization”.

ETs…where do they fit into this picture of energy? I don’t know, but following this theme of energy, ETs must hold more advanced energetic levels giving them higher vibratory rates not commonly accessible by our 3D bodies of lower vibratory rates.

Perhaps the goal of all energy (in whatever form is currently holds), is to advance, to rise, to become a higher state of energy. Those with a far better understanding of physics may have some ideas about this point. From a spiritual point of view…this fits in perfectly with the idea that as the vibrational level is raised on Earth…everything in the Universe(s) is affected. Another way to say this is if the bottom rung of the ladder is raised..everything else is raised as well!

These are my thoughts, so please enjoy watching the video below, and see if this pushes you into another realm of thought from elevated energy, and…


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Brilliant Hidden Messages – Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” ~ September 25, 2016


Da Vinci’s 15th century painting “The Last Supper” is beyond brilliant and one of the world’s most famous paintings.

Mastering Art and Art History while studying abroad I actually got to see and study many famous artworks and architecture. Although this was 20 years ago I was never taught or able at the time to uncover what I have self-taught myself in the last 5 years.

Spiraling down this never-ending rabbit hole I had studied in depth many philosophers and their works. One of my favorites- Manly P. Hall’s lectures and books.

Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Kabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus. He has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult.

Carl Jung, when writing Psychology and Alchemy, borrowed material from Hall’s private collection.

In 1973, Hall was recognized as a 33* Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite), despite never being initiated into the physical craft.

This lead me to uncovering the fact that in our ancient world many of our greatest minds were initiates of these mystery schools such as Percales, Plutarch, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zoroaster, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Herodotus, Hippocrates, Euclid, Democritus- all trained in the great mystery schools of Egypt and Greece. They all established wisdom that nourished their civilizations.

In more recent history, we find many initiates from the ancient mystery schools included Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, Copernicus, William Shakespeare, John Dee, Francis Bacon and George Washington (just to name a few)- all were initiates of mystery traditions.

The Great White Brotherhood wore white symbolizing their illumination. Thus in many traditions, the Sun, the most visible manifestation of illumination in our world, became the symbol of the Creator itself. The Christ spirit within every human heart. The fact that each living being contains within itself a center of life, which may grow to be a “SUN”, a metaphor for the light within.

According to Manly P Hall “The glorious, radiant orb of day…. This Supreme Spirit of humanitarianism and philanthropy is known to Christendom as Christ, the Redeemer of worlds”. Thus the Sun became linked to many expressions of God power externalized as the great solar lords Ra, Horus, Mithras and Jesus- all symbols for the Inner Christ (Greek word for Gold) all virgin births, all born on December 25th and all died at 33 years of age.

This all brings me to Manly P Hall unveiling of the brilliant hidden messages in Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

As we all know that all the constellations were depicted in the ancient Maya, Zep Tepi, Kali Yuga calendars better known today as the zodiac .

What is interesting is that “The Last Supper” when examined from a closer more knowledgeable outlook – as explained by Hall, we can start to see that Da Vinci, who had access to the secret Vatican libraries and a 33* mason which is a word that originated from the root of “Masorah” the collection of information and comment on the text of the traditional Hebrew Bible by the “Masoretes”. – (aka Masons literally “conveyors of tradition”) hide some very important information in his works hidden in plain sight.

The first sign of the zodiac is not Capricorn but Aries the sign of the ram. Which is why you see the ram symbolism all throughout ancient cultures. The last sign is the Pisces, which is the age that Jesus ushered in and was just completed, introducing us into the Age of Aquarius approximately in 2013. As a matter of fact, every age has a spiritual icon or deity that represents the beginning of a new age.

Da Vinci's

Our constellations are a celestial clock. For example each one of these constellations has an approximate 2150-year time slot of being behind the sun. The completion of this celestial clock is approximately 25,800 years. We have completed the age of Pisces and the entire cycle, simultaneously which is why, we are all being uplifted consciously (electro magnetically).

Each planet has a negative and positive magnetic charge and certain planets align according to the cyclical celestial calendar that has been recorded, that affect the earths electro magnetics and we are electric and part of Gaia “As above so below”. In addition the oldest computer in the world has recently been replicated. It is the 2000BC Computer Analogue of Greece, which measures the celestial calendar –past, present and future alignments.

So now lets take a closer look at the hidden messages in Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

“The Last Supper” is also known as “Nisan” which is the spring equinox generally falling on 3/21 yearly. There are 12 disciples including the Son of God “Jesus” makes it 13, a powerful and taboo number. If you research the number 13, it is associated with the woman and is known as “Colombia”, the poetic name of America. Colombia pictures Icon is similar to the statue of Liberty, originating from Isis and Sumerian Inanna. Then their is Columbine and Columbia Space Shuttle, Friday the 13th… Is it all coincidental or is it selective, pre-calculated programming by the Cabal, a group of elites that are privy to all this hidden information in the clock of ages, technology, siduals and much more.

Paying close attention to the hand gestures of each of the disciples as explained by Hall, you would see that each one shows representation of a celestial zodiac sign. Starting with Aries at the head of the table and ending with Pisces. The only female in the Zodiac is the Virgo (Virgin) and is portrayed by Mary Magdalene the only female in the Last Supper.


Mary (meaning high priestess) Magdalene (means tower of knowledge) and Jesus (Zeus) Christ (gold) also make a trinity, which is the human connection to GOD. Traditionally the trinity is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. What happen to the woman? How can she not exist in this equation? It is Man, Woman, Holy Spirit or GOD that is clearly depicted in all Alchemical drawings and in the mystical jewish “Cabala” as Chokmah (understanding/female) and Binah (wisdom/male) unite to get to Kether (crown/holy spirit). This theology/physics can be applied both inner and outer . Balancing of right (female) and left (male) brain hemispheres to get to higher consciousness individually and as separate matching counterparts of male and female that are equally evolved, attract  and unite. In physics everything has a negative- and a positive+. The color blue is associated with the female and red is associated with the male. Looking at Da Vinci’s painting of Jesus who wears a red garment with a blue cloak and Mary Magdalene wears a blue garment  with a red cloak, they are representing the balancing of both left and right hemispheres. Clearly his knowledge is so carefully encoded in many of his works.

In addition you can see how Da Vinci also grouped the disciples by the 4 seasons. Jesus in the middle of the 12 zodiac signs represents the SUN.

All throughout history we have 12 portrayed in all ancient cultures. Shiva and Shakti, is androgynous man and woman, there are 3 stages to this Hindu God/Goddess and the last stage is portrayed with 11 body parts including the male/female body 12 with sun/halo. It is the same zodiac clock.

The number 12 became a number revered by mathematicians and early astronomers. So the skies were divided into 12 portions, as were the months of year, reflecting the annual movement of heavenly bodies. Superstitions and religious beliefs were piled on top of respect for the number 12 and were adopted by multiple early civilizations. The sky, divided into 12, has each portion ruled by a god, a divine being, a teacher, a prophet or a son of the sun.

Odin, or Norse mythology, sat on a chair that overlooked all of creation, and had 12 sons. The Babylonians had the longest lasting influence upon our calendars, times, mathematics and religions, all of which emphasize the number 12. The ancient Zoroastrians had twelve commanders on the side of light (light being a symbol for the sun), and in Judaism and the Hebrew Scripture there are many references to the 12 tribes of Israel. TheGreeks had 12 Gods on mount Olympus. Mithras’s, and then Christians believed that their savior had 12 disciples. Shi’a Muslims list 12 ruling Imams following Muhammad. In Buddhism there are 12 life stages.

Such holy persons are depicted with a bright solar light around their heads, which occurs when any object approaches the sun and stands in front of it. Although many ancient religions such as the Gnostics (Greek for Knowledge) understood things like the twelve disciples of Mithras to be symbolic of the stages of the waning and waxing sun throughout the year, later religions took it literally and believed in an actual 12 disciples – and some still do.

We have been taught the savior is coming. Well he is here, he has always been here and he resides in each and every one of us. The problem is that most do not want to do the alchemical work within which starts at the heart (our electrical battery) as portrayed by Jesus who represents our god given rights- Christ (Greek for Gold/Sun within).

Knowledge is Power and Applied Knowledge is Freedom.

© 2016 Magdaline (Maggie’s Holistic) visit:




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James Gilliland Update (9-24-16): “We Are In The Last Days of The Tyrants” ~ September 25, 2016


I missed this a couple of days ago, but here are the thoughts of James Gilliland on the state of affairs in the world of today. How do you feel about this current process leading up to a shift in human priorities?

Please take a look at this article, understand how you feel in this time of transition, and…


Here we go again more false flags in a last ditch effort to maintain the corrupt status quo. The powers that were are imploding. The Boston bombing, a complete botched false flag now has part two. Sandy Hook was also a complete failure unless you are a neutered zombie robot consumer believing the lame stream press; which unfortunately is the case for a lot of people. There is a saying, “You get the government you deserve.” If you are going to behave like ignorant sheep you create job security for the tyrants. There is an oath within most military and government enforcement agencies to protect and serve the people. Most take an oath to protect the constitution as well against enemies foreign and domestic. We need to walk our talk when it comes to foreign countries as well. I was given a refrigerator magnet showing a GI kicking a door in saying lets talk about freedom. We cannot operate in foreign countries in complete contradiction to the ideals America was founded on. Not to mention honoring international law.

The status quo has lost all sight of honor, integrity, the God given rights of all humanity succumbing to unbridled greed, power over others and in many cases genocide. We are talking about being governed by pathological liars, thieves, and murderers. We are talking about down right satanic, demonic and maniacal forces when you get down to the root of the matter. This is not conspiracy it is fact and the condition of humanity and the Earth bears testimony to this. With all the wars, man made diseases, tainted inoculations, cancerous chemicals in the food and water, extremely toxic chemtrails one has to ask how these inhumane things came to pass. Non humans do inhumane things.

There is a multidimensional war going on, an unseen cleansing and healing of both the seen and unseen malevolent forces; which have enslaved humanity for eons. Do you think you will hear about this in mainstream news? They are part of the Archon network. The same forces we talked about earlier own the airwaves. The good news is these non-human puppet masters are being taken out from the top down. It is very sad to see a puppet lose their master. They become extremely dysfunctional, physically degenerate at a rapid rate because the human body is not designed to house degenerate energies. Eventually without the puppet master to prop it up the body fails. You will see this manifest in your present leadership, those aligned with who have sold their souls the archons for power, wealth and notoriety. As the frequencies rise in Earths ascension those who cannot align with the new energies will fall. They are not frequency specific to the process and cannot adapt to the new energies. There is also the concept of Armageddon; which in its proper definition is the great uncovering. There shall be no rock left unturned. There will be no rock left unturned. You are going to see just how dirty your leadership in every institution has become. Again this has everything to do with the awakening and healing process. You are going to see narcism and arrogance to the extreme.

Your leadership has been given an ultimatum. Shift the resources, the mass uneven dispersal of wealth to the people and stop the destruction and pollution or there will be no intervention in the planetary reset. I would imagine the reset is a polar shift or some incoming object upon which they will step aside and allow the cleansing to happen. Rather than heeding the warning they took their wealth and the monies garnered from the people using it to build massive underground facilities leaving the rest of humanity to die. This was to be expected from self-serving psychopaths. There will be no warning from the lame stream media about these up coming events. Unfortunately for them their massive DUMBs, have not fared well. The multilevel underground facilities have some very dark secrets on the lower levels. It would be like seal a meal for those who thought they were going to safety. Many have been destroyed, some have been taken over by the white hats.

The vast majority of malevolent forces have been removed in a multidimensional operation. Now the clean up is on the ground in the physical. Humanity has to do its part in this operation. It is called standing in your own divinity, operating within Universal Law and severing all connections and cords to the Beast. The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is supporting this process. The higher dimensional beings do not attack the darker forces, they send healing energies and all that which cannot rise to the occasion basically implodes. Love is the ultimate power in the Universe. It is the cosmic glue that holds all things together, maintains all things and wellspring from which all things originated. The consequences of tyranny are the degeneration all people and empires built on the lack of love. The separation game is coming to an end. Unity consciousness is the end result. We are in the last days of the tyrants. Choose well in the days to come.

Be well, James Gilliland


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Partisans are completed as unifieds arise ~ September 25, 2016


This is another message to us from Eireport, the spiritual group keeping a pulse on the energies of humanity.  This particular message sends chills up and down my spine as I realize this message refers to an uprising and upwelling of positive human emotion which is needed ti break the chains of the Cabal/Illuminati that have been holding us in slavery here on Planet Earth.

So…please read this message, see how this message feels to you, and…


Partisans are completed as unifieds arise.

Star seeds come to the fore.

Elements of Higher Light illuminate the hu-being.

Marchers arise.

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Energy Update ~ Whole Body Upgrades: Cycling Through Bones, Brain, Heart, Skin and More… ~ September 25, 2016


By Lisa Brown, 09/24/2016

Good morning beautiful Love family!

Lotssssss going on energetically with all things physical….. In our sleep, in our waking…. everything moving/charging huge. Soooo much energy…. huge stimulations, huge re-calibrations, huge charging, huge upgrades…. so honor your bodies and USE That energy productively, INjoy everything, hydrate for all of the high electromagnetic energy running through it…..

I’m mega-dosing many things right now to support my body, all natural of course, but the discomfort level is high while these powerful upgrades continue. I was shown for the next few months and it’s kicked it up a gazillion notches since the Equinox phase began at the beginning of September and with the 9/9/9 too.

Whole body upgrades….. moving from one part to another, cycling through bones, teeth, organs, blood, brain, heart, spine, eyes, skin, flesh, every particle of us…. It doesn’t stop, it completes a process, then moves to another (many of them simultaneously), then when those complete, it cycles back through and does more.. and it just keeps going…

Talk about upgrades! So, love your body, respect your body, anchor and hold all that light, get out in nature, sleep/rest plenty and listen to your body, let it tell you what it needs….

Every part of our existence, every moment of our life, every thing we experience…. all being tuned to higher frequencies now.

This 9/9/9 Gateway, this Equinox… it blew the lid off basically…. I’ll update more as we go (daily where I can around my intense work schedule, as yes, we do work in-service, we don’t sit around waiting for anything here… that was human lack…). As all Master BEING, then DOing phase begins… each will find that NEW Earth is full-service, full contribution, yet from a very different place… you are fulfilling roles/purposes/missions… and transforming HUmanity is a full-time job. It’s awesome, we love it… but we don’t just sit around and sleep all of the time like we did before. WE had to do that to get to this part of our purposes…. I see so many “just waiting for theirs to come”. That’s not how this works loves…. Honor the sleeping phase, however long it lasts, for all you are to BE/DO, comes through as you activate/anchor your Lucid Dream/Heavenly Energies within your Crystalline LightBody Structure…..

Okay, I/We have an awesome Series to begin! Today we are TALKING SEX! How all gets activated/stimulated and shifts according to Higher Consciousness Existence NOW. ∞

Loveeeeeeeee to you! Happy everything! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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Ascension Hang Over ~ The Blues, The Rage and The Flu ~ September 25, 2016


Posted by angelstoyou, 09/24/2016

By Vera Ingeborg

Waaaaah, September has been a ride so far. A burn out mixed with emotional explosions. Depending on the individual’s journey and ascension wave they are part of, people have been experiencing intense purging for self and the collective and intense physical symptoms. As already described in the last article, the September energies were really wearing us out into surrender. Anger, frustration a feeling of not belonging and being homesick were predominant for those still going through emotional breakouts. Others experienced a complete emotional healing, ‘only’ having to deal with new physical ascension symptoms. After the eclipses and two 999 portals, including a Mercury retrograde that ended yesterday, it felt like a huge ascension hangover: Intense fatigue, flu symptoms and vertigo were accompanying many. September 22 was a peak date up to a point where people just thought they would die because the pain was almost unbearable. The good news: There is a shift coming up, soon.

I myself was unable to get one clear thought together the last couple of days, nothing came through from the higher realms and I just felt dizzy, sick and very tired. I even had to cancel some coaching sessions because I was not able to function at all. All I wanted to do was lying and sleeping. My physical body needed rest for reintegration. I am very grateful and blessed that I am able to follow my own energetic flow as I do not have any obligations towards anyone and no contracts that would force me into acting against my natural behaviour. So I just did rest and sleep. I was staying with a friend and we were joking, saying we should make a video with both of us lying in the bed snoring with the title: This is part of the team that came here to help the planet ascend. We could have probably found thousands of people participating in that video  So – What is it that is going on here?

We are in another phase of recalibration. With the eclipses, the retrograde and the equinox, we were constantly taking in higher light frequencies and DNA activation was further enhanced. Additionally, our body was further shifting and continuing its reconstruction into the new crystalline light body. For those that still carried low energies of fear within, these energies triggered not only physical symptoms but also huge emotional releases and break outs.

Rage, Frustration and Doubts

“I am soooo angry! I could kick everything and everyone around me!!! All of this sucks, I don’t know who I am or what I am doing here, and I am so sick of it all! I wanna go home, I want to exit. It is enough. WTF… ” That was and is going on for those that are still purging emotional stuff. The anger often ended in a blues. While it can be very frustrating, it is so important to embrace the experience and act out the emotions in a constructive way, with gratitude. Whether it is hitting or screaming into a pillow, running, kickboxing with a punching ball, etc… it is very important to find a good way how to transmute the energies. Every release with gratitude is peeling off another layer of the emotional onion you have created during your journey. The more you peel off, the healthier your emotional body will become. That is the only way up in frequency. In parallel, there still is a lot of clearing for the collective going on. As the new big awakening wave started rolling, they are feeling that rage, anger, frustration with the old system and are experiencing huge doubts about their own task and how they have been living their life so far. They are going into a huge identity crisis. Energetically sensitive people going were feeling this in addition to their own emotional stuff. Along with that, some hightened geomagnetic activity around the 20th of September as well as Earth quakes in Japan added into this experience. Don’t be surprised if your experience is preparing you now to help the new awakening wave through this.

The big Fatigue, the Flu and the Grease

The whole September was keeping us tired and wearing us out. It had to so that we would finally surrender because we were simply not strong enough to further fight the universal flow of energies. September taught us the hard way to finally be brave enough to follow our intuition and let Spirit and Source live and guide us. We learned that the ego can only do harm by trying to interfere with that flow. The past week a lot of throat chakra cleansing was going on. In combination with the higher light frequencies coming in, our voice bands pick up those frequencies first and start vibrating with the frequencies they are not used to yet. That resulted in symptoms of a sore throat. Many experienced major headaches and back pain from neck over shoulders down the whole spine. The light frequencies are taken in through our main meridian first, which starts on our head and then runs down the whole spine. These high light codes were responsible for the vertigo as well, as the whole brain gets rewired. All of this causing a feeling of a huge hang over. Further there was a clearing of the solar plexus and the sacral chakra for many, which caused additional flu symptoms especially in the intestines area. And many are fighting with their hair. It becomes greasy a lot faster and grows incredibly fast. Hair always helps with the intake of higher light frequencies. The additional grease makes it healthier and at the same time helps the body to excrede toxins. Many people are experiencing heat waves and increased sweating for this reason. With all of these things going on with our physical body, and although we might feel like dogsh*t, it is so important to recognize that this is serving us to stay alive. We should develop a gratitude and pride in our physical body that it is able to go through this shift and rebuild itself while we are alive. If our body would not do so, we would not be able to survive in the fifth dimension. Our body needs to get rid of the old frequency and become lighter. It becomes less dense and more flexible. So listen to your body and what it wants to do with the energy and what it craves. It will always give you the answers if you are taking the time to listen and feel into it.

Going with the Flow

All of this is teaching us once again how important it is to go with the flow. We are learning to listen to our system again and what it needs. There is a time for action and a time for stillness. We need those times of stillness to reintegrate. It is like a snow globe that got shaken up. It needs some time for the snow particles to settle and sort again before we have the clear sight to see the bigger picture. Just knowing and trusting that we will see clearly again and that we will get an energetic push to do and implement things will help to take this time easier. The more we learn to go with our internal flow, the more we recognize how unhealthy the old 3D system is – forcing people into rigid schedules that do not match these flows.

So what is next?

For those that have shifted onto the accelerated timeline it means good bye to 3D for good. Those that are ready are now logging out completely of 3D. Those are the one’s that have lost complete interest in the news, in the politics, in trying to fix things in 3D or trying to convince people in 3D. They are completely trusting in the power of Source and its self-regulatory mechanism. They know that the big shift coming up is inevitable and will eliminate what is no longer tolerated as the experiment of duality and free-will on this planet comes to an end. They know that the portion of light has now become so powerful, that it simply absorbs the darkness. They know that just by being the light and doing what they love from their true and pure heart will support the shift. They have learned that everything that is an effort or is exhausting is not meant to be in their energetic field and they will not give it any attention.

The energies will continue to push us and our physical bodies will further change and require their resting periods. Nevertheless, we will feel a new quality of confidence and trust and we will experience some strong energetic pulls forward to implement the things we were contemplating on and figuring out during Mercury retrograde. More people will experience a complete emotional healing and anchoring in 5D. That means living a fearless life and going through a reality shift, meaning that duality dissolves and all experiences are welcomed with gratitude, seeing their purpose. People that are ready will now remove their heart wall completely and truly learn to receive. That is when synchronicities will increase significantly and manifestation becomes easier and faster every day. People with a pure, open heart and free of fear can only create a reality of love and abundance. They will find their joy in the simplicity of life, becoming childlike again – enjoying every moment, being in the now, doing what they love and trusting the universal flow.

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg



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Information to Help Us Through The Upcoming Time Period by Jenny Schiltz ~ September 25, 2016


By Jenny Schiltz, 09/23/2016

Yesterday I sat with the Equinox energies and felt this overwhelming need to journey. The purpose of my journey was to obtain information on what was needed to get us through the upcoming time period. I found some great drumming music, gave myself a full hour and let myself go.

I found myself walking to my familiar spot and I saw the woman I am familiar with that told me to simply call her grandmother, sitting around a huge fire. I sat on a rock around the fire and just then a warrior appeared and began dancing. He was dressed in full gear including leg wrappings. His performance was incredible and hypnotizing. He comes up to me and smears black on my face and tells me that I need to be a warrior. I protested and said “I don’t want to fight! I don’t like to fight!” he smiled and said that a true warrior does not need to resort to violence.

He told me that a true warrior is also a leader. That they listen to all sides and often choose not to respond, but simply observe. Warriors also trust their team. He looked at me and said “Do you trust your team?” The team he was referring to are my guides, the ones here in form on earth and the ones in the etheric. He was asking can I trust that I will always be provided for, cared for?  Can I trust my team regardless of what appears to be chaos all around me? He told me that this trust is vital to maintain my energy and vibration.

He also told me that warriors also have to have thick skin. That there will be those that want a reaction for the reaction sake and those that will judge when no reaction is given. That to be a warrior means being strong in your own conviction, your own strength and path.  Can I be my own warrior? Can I consistently do what it takes to honor who I am and my path?

He then had me stand and placed a hand on my solar plexus and said you have to be the eagle. Just then an eagle flew from my 3rd chakra, high into the air. I saw the eagle soaring, landing on a tree which held a nest so high above. He told me that eagles spend most of their time high above, only swooping down when it is necessary. They raise their young high in the sky because it is safer, in this realm they are protected. I then saw an eagle flying down to pick up food and it was hit by a car. He then explained that when an eagle go towards the ground, it is at its most vulnerable. That the safety is staying above. That I needed to be the eagle.

I then saw another guide walking up and he asked me if I was ready to be shown more. I said yes and followed him out of my familiar area into a clearing in a meadow. Before me was a ship. I looked at him and he asked if I was ready. I said yes and entered the ship and seated at a table was a beautiful blue being. She looked at me with so much love. She said “To move through the upcoming energies, all that people need to do is love.” She explained that while this sounds simple it is not always. I saw a news feed and saw article after article of riots, looting, shootings, and humans harming one another. That we need to look upon each person and simply say “I love you” no buts. Not “I love you, but I don’t like what you did”, just simply “I love you”.   No, not always easy to stay objective, non-judgmental, but it can be done. We can be the eagle and stay above.

She went on to explain that there are souls that have chosen to help with the mass awakening. That often as the catalyst they will participate in events that shock the human, impacting them in such a way that it alters perception, makes people question. She explained that it is both the perpetrator and the victim who are in service and both deserve to be told “I love you”. With emotions so high in my country with police brutality, racism and inequality it is easy to see why I would need to have thick skin. To say I love you to the officer that shot and I love you to the person gunned down is not going to be popular. To some this will look like I don’t care. Yet, I can see how these situations are making it so that emotions and fears that led to this state of affairs cannot longer be denied and for that they both deserve an ‘I love you’.  That each person needs to do their best to see the bigger picture and send love and gratitude. She also explained that a person’s heart cannot be changed by showing them where they are lacking. Instead, showing love without judgement, invites the person through a door way to self.

She asked that I share this message as it was not just for me.

I hope this message finds you well and flying high in the trees. Sending all of us lots of love! Thank you to all who share this work! It is so greatly appreciated.


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