The Team ~ Becoming a Dimensional Alchemist ~ October 18, 2019

Channeled By: Peggy Black


We are here to remind you of your magnificence. When embodied in this third dimension of unconscious limitation it might be a bit difficult for you to own that magnificence. These reminders we offer you can trigger your remembrance of who you truly are.

This dimension is very demanding of your attention. You are also responsible for maintaining and caring for your physical body which can be demanding. There are many distractions in this hologame. These distractions keep your consciousness locked into this 3D illusion of space and time.

The goal of being embodied into this reality is to transform and elevate your consciousness while present in this limited reality, to wake up to the game and laugh at the sky.

The drama, the chaos, the negative and misqualified energies are a bit like sticky energy. This sticky energy keeps you engaged, activated and most of the time, unconsciously focused on this limited reality.

The only way energy in this hologame can be transformed is through the consciousness of an awakened being who is residing in this dimension. That is where and when your role comes in.

We often remind you that what you express, feel, or believe is created in matter in this 3D existence. When you are coming from limited beliefs, and patterns as well as negative emotions, that is what is reflected back to you. You are a divine magnificent creator who is here to shake off any limitation and remember how to use your creative power in the most transformative and productive manner possible.

You often speak that in the higher dimensions things will be different, more loving, kinder and more peaceful. You speak of the higher dimensions as a place. We are here to tell you that dimensions are not a place or location.

Dimensions are levels of consciousness. Each dimension vibrates at a different rate or frequency. Imagine that each dimension vibrates higher than the dimension below.

As an individual begins to transform their limited beliefs and live in a more loving, accepting and grateful manner, their consciousness rises. When this occurs they begin to experience a higher dimension; they have a clearer, wider perception of their reality and a greater level of knowing.

They will experience more openness and expansion, greater joy and light heartedness. These emotional states can assist them in again raising their consciousness to an even higher dimension. New skills and awarenesses are made available for the expression of greater personal power and for recognizing the more favorable time and energy in which to create an incredible reality, the reality of your deepest desire for a loving and life sustaining world.

Think of an example of a master, avatar, sage or wise being; become aware of how they lived their life in this 3D reality. They radiated a sense of peace, compassion, understanding and well being. Their teachings were about compassion, forgiveness and love. All of these emotions invite a shift in consciousness, therefore a shift in dimensions.

Many individuals shift into higher states of consciousness and receive a glimpse of another dimension. These momentary glimpses are often considered a paranormal experience. The ideal is to maintain these higher states of consciousness, therefore sustaining the higher dimension to where it becomes the normal.

It is important for those living in 3D to uplift the heavy, dense, negative emotional energy that is weighing you down. Anger, judgment, resentment, bitterness, any limitation in thought or emotion is energy to be transformed. Take action and use all the tools you have available to clear these dense patterns and emotions. If these emotions are stored in your energy field or body you will continue to be triggered by others who are expressing those energies.

Remember that emotions are contagious. If you have stored feelings of fear within and you pass someone on the street or at a social gathering who is feeling fearful, your stored fear will be activated. This is true of any emotion. However if you have consciously cleared old patterns of insecurity, lack, anger or fear, you will not be triggered.

Your job is to clear all negative misqualified emotions that have been repressed and suppressed since perhaps childhood. You are invited to clear these limited emotions with love and without judgment.

Expressing these emotions with sound is a very powerful process. Remember to set the space for this work. Find a place where you will not be disturbed, where you will be comfortable making vocal sounds.

State that “I am fully embodied, anchored to this planet. I am my Divine Self in physical form, always connected to Divine Source.” Now invite Divine Beings of Love and Light, named or unnamed to witness and support you as you transform this emotion (name the emotion). Watch the mind want to tell the story to justify the emotion. Disregard this story. Focus on the release. Now take a breath and make a sound that expresses that emotion of fear, anger, sadness, embarrassment, worry, stress or any limited emotion or belief. Sound until it feels complete. Now name the emotion you would like to put in place of the one you have just cleared – joy, forgiveness, peace of mind, trust, love. Invite or call in that emotion using sound.

We call this tool, this process, energetic and emotional alchemy. It is a tool of a powerful alchemist. You are here in embodiment in this 3D reality to transform the dense energies of misqualified emotions you have experienced. Each time you clear some negative emotion in this manner, not only do you clear it for yourself, you clear some aspect of the collective consciousness. Transforming and transmuting what is dense and negative assists the collective to wake up and become aware. You are that powerful dimensional alchemist.

Remember, when you are radiating emotions of love, joy, compassion, gratitude and appreciation you activate those vibrations in others. This is why humans enjoy seeing couples in love and bliss; they are triggered to feel those emotions and feelings themselves.

Remember it is all one energy, one collective field. So when you heal or transform any aspect, it affects the whole. This is the big work that is being done at this time by you and others who are aware.

So we celebrate you and honor you with our deepest gratitude for the conscious work you are doing. We are available to assist and support you upon your request. the ‘team’


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Feeling The Love ~ October 18, 2019

By: Jamye Price


Blessed Being, you are presented with an opportunity of supporting the freedom within the self, or the surrender of the self to the freedom of others. It is a point of choice in your moments that calls you to work your inner realm or offer your focus to another.

As with all in your duality experience, it is both. One gets “chosen” and becomes obvious to the senses, the other silently, invisible surrenders to the flow. The passive and active forces of creation in action, inner action.

Love is the binding force of Life. It is the passive, invisible magnetic connection. It does not dominate, it resonates. That which is resonant is compelled. Where then is choice if the compelling creates?

Choice is the stillpoint of creation, the moment of awareness (or lack thereof) which life receives and responds. It is your inner awareness of the opportunity and action of decision.

To Feel the Love when the active force strongly shows its opposite is the opportunity. How one tunes into that opposite [opportuniting?] in the midst of an active force is the work of stillness.

Love is the quieter force in those moments, yet it is there.

As you become a highly sensitive instrument into the opportunity of Love, you amplify the availability of the passive force of Love on Earth. Like a bountiful harvest, there is greater opportunity for the consumption and fulfillment, though temporary it currently is in the physical realm.

When you are feeling Love’s opposite, tune the self into any flow of Love through the energy of surrender. Not to give up the power of the self, to surrender the unhealthy control of fear and open to the power of the infinite Self.

In essence, you meet the energy of the opposite of Love with your passive force of Love. This is the internal choice, the internal stillpoint of connection of opposites within resonance.

As we sit to Blast Feeling the Love, we are finding our power of mercy to sustain a powerful Love within. We are freeing our heart from the constriction of fear into the opening of divine grace, discovering our infinite wellspring of potential. We are leading humanity to more Love by the simplicity of honoring our sacred space within, offering the opportunity for Love to propagate within. Blast on!


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Consciousness Awakening – The Mystery Of Our Existence ~ October 18, 2019

Consciousness Awakening. By Teri Wade.

The biggest mystery of our existence is our own existence.

Who are we, where do we come from, where do we go when we die, what is our true nature?

When you pay attention everything is revealed to us, always has been.


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When we look at things around us we see them as solid matter but really it’s waves of energy and this energy represents many different outcomes of reality.

The physical world as we see it is not reality, reality is infinite and true reality has no beginning and no end, it does not exist in space and time, space and time exists with in it…

And this is consciousness.

Our existence and the existence of everything we see is dependent on your perception.

Your consciousness is your experiences, thoughts, emotions etc. it governs your Universe.

This will be your identity.

We see everything separate from us and that is just an illusion.

We are all one consciousness simultaneously observing and being observed.

We are not a drop of water in the ocean, we are the entire ocean in that drop.

Consciousness Awakening - Consciousness Manipulation

Consciousness Manipulation

Consciousness Awakening

Your Consciousness is your AWARENESS of what’s being revealed to you every single day.

When you raise your vibration, you raise your consciousness/awareness meaning you start seeing things for what they really are… this is what’s happening to the human race right now.

The veil is being lifted, we are breaking through the heavy programming we have been under our entire existence.

Our 3D consciousness is starting to bleed through to the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realities.

The awakening of our consciousness, the activation of our DNA is what’s causing the human being to become our multidimensional self, the hybrid human we eventually will become.

Now you can see what organized religion, societal programming, the poisoning of our air, food, water and vaccinations etc. are really being used for, it’s all to keep our consciousness at a very low vibration, keeping our awareness at a dull resonance so we are soooo easily controlled.

Everything Is Connected, Everything!

Everything Is Connected, Everything!

The Importance Of Death – Soul Contract

The Importance Of Death – Soul Contract

Complete Transformation – The Beginning Of A Rebirth

Complete Transformation – The Beginning Of A Rebirth

Matrix and Simulation – The New Matrix

Matrix and Simulation – The New Matrix

Dark Night of the Soul – True and False Self

Dark Night of the Soul – True and False Self

Stargates and Portals – Genetic Realignment

Stargates and Portals – Genetic Realignment

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Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

Edgar Cayce

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News Burst 18 October 2019 ~ October 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: Aw… I have missed putting out the News Burst on a daily basis, and now that I AM back to my normal computer (my new iPad would NOT got there), we can all enjoy the latest global news.

Please read below, investigate that which interests you more deeply, see our world changing quickly, and BE…



News Burst 18 October 2019

  • tests: Access Forbidden – Remote DDoS Mitigation by VanwaTech CDN.
  • Ron Paul: Washington doesn’t understand that our intervention only makes matters worse.
  • UK Prime Minister says a ‘Great New’ Brexit Deal is done.
  • US may invite Putin to next year’s G7 Summit – Acting White House Chief of Staff.
  • German arms sales to Turkey hit 14 year high before being slashed over Ankara’s Syria Op.
  • Demonstrations are hotting up in Catalonia, fires in the streets of Barcelona, and more action on the way.
  • EU, London reach Brexit deal. President of the Commission urged the EU leaders to endorse this agreement.
  • Turkey to halt military operation against Kurds in North Syria, ceasefire will last for 120 hours.
  • Media and politicians didn’t care about chaos the US caused in Syria for years, but now that Trump can be blamed, they’re outraged.
  • US jets bomb own base in Syria as troops retreat.
  • Facebook’s Zuckerberg in China as a defender of free speech.
  • Southwest delays return of its Boeing 737 MAX jets to February.
  • US Military unlikely to withdraw from Syria’s key oil fields.
  • Chinese Government insisted NBA Commissioner fire Houston Rockets GM over a tweet supporting the protesters in Hong Kong.
  • Slime Mould (Physarum polycephalum), a single-celled organism forming over tree chunk has no brain but is able to learn (…) and if you merge two, one transmits knowledge to the other.

Strongest EQ in Europe M3.9 Greece
Strongest EQ in US M4.7 155km WNW of Port Orford, Oregon
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.5 Papua New Guinea News Burst 18 October 2019

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Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ October 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes! Transmissions for the daily Schumann Resonance energies have resumed from the site in Tomsk, Russia. From the graph above, we can see significant readings through most of the day on Thursday, October 17 followed by lighter activity today on October 18.

I felt the Schumann Resonance energies yesterday, or perhaps the cosmic energies to which the Earth responded by “ringing like a bell”. Just sayin…

So…gauge your own reaction to in-coming energies, know these energies are here to literally change our lives, and BE…




Schumann Resonance Today. We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us!

The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) +7 Source

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • 10/18 17:00 UTC – The only significant activity of today has been reported previously, we are now in a situation of calm.
  • 10/18 10:00 UTC – A light activity continued after the previous series of peaks, the average has been around Power 20 from 18 to 22 UTC. Is seems the functionality on the TSU is still not fully recovered.
  • 10/17 17:00 UTC – In the part of the graph available for today we note 3 peaks one of Power 53, reported previously, the second of Power 57 at 10:15 UTC and the last minor at 25 at 12:40 UTC.
  • 10/17 08:30 UTC – From 6 UTC the data are available again and, like every self-respecting 17 in this last period, even today we have our peak with a power of 53 at 7:20 UTC. We hope that the problem has been solved and we can return to a normal flow of data.
  • 10/16 17:00 UTC – Still frozen at yesterday’s image, other sources report peaks for today at 20.
  • 10/15 17:00 UTC – Pitch black.
  • 10/15 10:00 UTC – This is the little we have for the last few days, lack of data. Other stations with different measurement report calm.
  • 10/14 17:00 UTC – For the little we can see the situation remained calm.
  • 10/14 09:30 UTC – The TSU site is back live but the interruption data is not available as seen from the large blank space in the chart. Looking for information on the web it seems that during this “void” period the situation remained almost calm. Currently we see very light movements at about 10 Hz.
  • 10/13 22:00 UTC – TSU website still down.
  • 10/12 17:00 UTC – TSU website is down, we will post an update as soon as it will return live.
  • 10/11 17:00 UTC – After several days of calm, from yesterday at 7:30 UTC, we are seeing a medium activity which, despite being uninterrupted, generated peaks of average amplitude. From 12 UTC today, a period of more significant movements began which reached the maximum peak at 59 Hz shortly after 15 UTC.
  • 10/10 17:00 UTC – Today the activity has returned more significantly since 1 UTC. The first significant variation started at 7:30 UTC and within few hours reached the maximum of 42 Hz at 9:45 UTC. The movements are continuing.
  • 10/9 17:00 UTC – The light activity continues, the peak of today has reached 13 Hz shortly after 9 UTC. A black vertical line is visible in the chart, it’s due to missing data.
  • 10/8 17:00 UTC – Almost calm, maximum 13 Hz at 10 UTC.
  • 10/7 17:00 UTC – Even today very light activity, the maximum of 17 Hz was reached shortly after 4 UTC. This slight activity however lasted from midnight to 15 UTC.
  • 10/6 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • 10/5 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • 10/4 17:00 UTC – Practically calm, peak at 13 Hz at 11 UTC.
  • 10/3 17:00 UTC – The pattern of slight daily increase, seems to be underway again, the activity saw a first isolated peak at 1 UTC which reached 17 CC and later, during a more relevant phase, 22 CC at 6:30 UTC.
  • 10/2 17:00 UTC – Slight activity limited to a period of about 10 hours, from 1 to 11 UTC, the maximum peak at 9 to 14 CC.
  • 10/1 17:00 UTC – Very light activity during the central part of the day, the only significant peak reached 26 Hz at 4 UTC.

Frequency means how many wave cycle happen in a second, 1 Hz. means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz. means 40 cycles per second, Amplitude is the size of the vibration, how big is the wave, the chart shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm Schumann resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paper-clipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.   The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

Dependencies Amplitudes Schumann Resonance 31-12-2018

Dependencies of Amplitudes Schumann Resonance October 18 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance October 18 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Frequency Schumann Resonance October 18 2019

Schumann Resonance Differential Peaks


Schumann Resonance PDF Archives

Read and Download

Images Archive

All the SR daily images in one single pageSee the Images

Web Hosting
Explanation of The Chart

The Schumann Resonance Spectrogram Chart

The Schumann Resonance Chart displays data from the magnetic field detector to monitor the resonances occurring in the plasma waves constantly circling the earth in the ionosphere. These three days spectrograms show the activity occurring at the various resonant frequencies from 1 to 40 Hz. Within the spectrogram, the power, or intensity level of each frequency is displayed as a color, with white being the most intense. The Schumann Resonances appear as the horizontal lines at 0.0, 4.0, 8.0, 12.0, 16.0, 20.0, 24.0, 28.0, 32.0, 36.0 & 40.0 Hz. This chart is based on Tomsk, Russia, time UTC +7 (UTC = Universal Time Coordinated).

What is a Spectrogram?

The Spectrogram Calendar is a visual representation of the range of frequencies in the magnetic field at a given location. Similar to how an equalizer displays the frequency content of music played on your stereo, the spectrogram calendar displays the frequency content of a magnetic field. Instead of showing a brief snapshot, it shows changes over a period of time, in this case 3 days.

The local magnetic field is a dynamic field that changes constantly because of variations in the ionosphere and sun and many other influences not yet fully understood. The range of variation displayed in the spectrogram chart is from 0 to 40 cycles per second. The vertical axis is frequency and the horizontal axis is time. The amplitude of a particular frequency at a specific time is represented by the intensity of color (green, yellow, white) of each point in the image.

Ampiezza e Periodo

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Herathbeat of Planet EarthRead


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All Together

And all together, all the voices, all the goals, all the wishes, all the pains, all the joy, all the good and the evil, all together was the world.
All together was the river of the becoming, it was the music of life.

Hermann Hesse

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Possible Intelligence re: Dallas Rally /JFK Jr. ~ October 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well now…”they ” will not allow any pic with this post, particularly since the pic shows Hillary gesturing to JFK, Jr along with a pic of his downed plane. Since ho photo is allowed by “them”, we know the post itself must be incredibly important.

So…please read carefully below, understand that this is war, folks, and war-time rules apply. Therefor, it would be very wise to take estimated dates, times, and places with a grain of salt.

That being said, please know the Light is winning the war against the Deep State/Cabal, Divine Timing is always perfect, and BE…



For those who can take intelligence for what it is, which is sometimes unsubstantiated rumour until a later date, there was information put out about the reasons JFK Jr. did not attend the Trump KAG rally in Dallas on October 17th.

We all feel frustrated by predictions that don’t come to fruition but the reason we put out information like this is because to confirm it, we need multiple sources reporting the same thing.

For example, this particular website we are quoting first reported on the execution of Barack Obama. It was then confirmed by Scott Mowry, and Field McConnell. We don’t know why Field recanted, but it could be because he and his wife have been threatened. Denise was told to leave the States for her own safety. They want to stop Field, but the deep state know getting a family member or a pet is equally as effective.

Put yourself in the shoes of those who bring us information. We need to stay out of judgement.

This is war, and it’s an information war to a great degree. Always take information without proof as possibly truth, and possibly disinformation and sometimes misunderstood information. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Eventually we hope to validate what we get but having it out there enables patriots to watch for other sources so that we can verify the information. Some may come across information that didn’t mean much until they got another piece of the puzzle. We are accustomed to watching closely and connecting dots. Sometimes we’re correct, sometimes not.

We have learned that Truth is usually stranger than fiction, and the lives many patriots lead is like something out of a spy novel. We hope everyone remains safe, as I said before the rally.

Many risks are taken every day and I secretly wondered if Junior would actually be there in Dallas, or if they might use a hologram, as I suspect his life is in danger.

As I’ve stated, the re-introduction of JFK Jr. as Trump’s running mate would mean the exposure of Mike Pence in some way, and it would all mean a watershed moment for the cabal. Their demise would be cemented at that moment. That could be why Joe Biden said Trump had to be removed before October 17th.

If the deep state finally accepted that they were never going to be able to assassinate Trump, would the next best option be to eliminate JFK Jr? They’ve already killed two Kennedys. What’s one more to a bunch of psychopaths?

Here is the information. I have no way to verify it, but if you have good intuition, you may decide for yourself if it resonates. Thanks, J.

Soldier on, folks. This is life in the asylum for the time being.  ~ BP

ShadowSuper Intel Report

October 18, 2019

Operation Disclosure | By ShadowSuper














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Headlines and Updates for October 18, 2019: The War Effort Wages On and the Flag Yet Waves [videos] ~ October 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah…back to normal posting on my computer! Thanks to all who suffered with me as I put my recently puchased iPad to work blogging while away from home. It does an ok job, but will only post video links, not the full video itself.

Back to normal posting now, my friends. Stay aware, know your value. and BE…



Well, no JFK Jr. at the Dallas rally, but it was monstrous and record-breaking. At the very least, a lot more people are now aware that JFK Jr. has been in hiding and we will just have to wait until the White Hats determine the right moment for his debut.

Since Joe Biden let slip about getting rid of Trump before the 17th perhaps we can assume if it was a psyop on the deep state, that it worked. We are assured again and again that President Trump is safe and we don’t need to worry.

Perhaps the White Hats need QAnon channels to be open before they bring Junior on the scene. We just don’t know, but it’s definitely something to look forward to. It sounded like Q would be back today or tomorrow, last I heard.

Texas fans were ebullient and before Trump said a word the crowd was maxing out the decibels. My Internet went down precisely at 6:30 Pacific and after seeing this message, Video unavailable – The uploader has not made this video available in your country, it took me 20 minutes to get the stream back after rebooting my router and iPad so I missed some but RSBN did a great job of covering the event.

My Internet went down again briefly as I crafted this post so things are very unstable at the moment.

I missed this news from Dallas until this morning.

Dallas Rally FF Prevented – Perpetrator Caught – Thanks to YOU!

The guy above is what we would call a “sleeper cell”. If you listened to Cheryl Hersha Beck speak about her graphic experiences as a child within the Illuminati/NWO/deep state Human trafficking rings in the video we recommended yesterday, you heard her say they use the babies and children for satanic rituals, abuse/torture, sex, the baby factory, adrenochrome, food, and other purposes.

At the age of 18, those who survived and weren’t sacrificed are memory-wiped and set free with deep mind programming intact. They are sleeper cells that can be activated at any time for purposes determined by the handlers. Often terrorism. The above sort of act is typically what they use them for, as well as the bombing attempt at St. Paul’s Cathedral documented below.

Again, they are not considered valuable assets; they are merely tools, and therefore expendable. Usually the police have to kill a suspect who uses a gun on the public to protect others, but if they survive the event and wind up in jail, no one cares.


How many times have we seen the perps in violent events like this sitting in court with blank stares? They have no idea what they did. They are like programmed machines with no memory of it. They are weaponized Humans. This is going to end when the global Human trafficking/child sex trafficking networks are shut down and the vermin who prey on Humans are expunged from the planet.

That is why the Democrats, and rogue elements of the FBI/CIA and other factions of the “US Government” are hell-bent on destroying or removing President Trump. His actions are waking up the People, and mean the total annihilation of the globalists’ way of life. They are no longer our rulers, and we are no longer their slaves—or their food. It’s either them or us. And we’re winning.

This news I also missed. You can always count on AJ to put on a Texas-sized show.

That awkward moment Alex Jones drives by in a truck with a megaphone yelling that the deep state will try to assassinate the President.
He ended this by shouting “Infowars Dot-com, Infowars Dot-com”.
Weird marketing campaign.
@realDonaldTrump is safe.

Enjoy The Show!

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) October 18, 2019

Whoooo hoo!!! Found some Q’s floating around here at the Dallas Trump Rally!! Seen more than I could capture but here’s a few! #QAnons #WWG1WGA #PelosiMeltdown #QArmy #Q

— Kerbsideee (@SingletonKelby) October 17, 2019

The Illuminati mind control programs turn innocent people into lone gunmen, slashers, and suicide bombers. Thankfully, this FF event was prevented. The New World Order psychopaths told us if they were going down, they would take as many of us with them as they could. Welcome to our nightmare. When people won’t even consider that the Illuminati are real, how can we warn them about programs like this? The public is mind controlled, too. They have been told that the Illuminati and New World Order are conspiracies, that the 9/11 inside job is a conspiracy theory, but the masses are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. They are beginning to see that President Trump has spoken the truth about everything, and he and his administration are freeing the world from satanists who prey on Humanity.

Islamic Terror Plot to BOMB St. Paul’s Cathedral Foiled, Muslim Charged With Terrorism Offences

Some may wish to say a few words in support of our counterparts south of the border.

Pray for the innocent people south of our border. The fighting transpiring there right now is barbaric.
Words do no justice to the danger decades of failure by their government has caused for the Mexican people.
Their country has all but fallen.

Be glad of our Wall, and pray.

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) October 18, 2019

Mexican president says El Chapo’s son released to avoid ‘war’ with drug cartel 

It’s becoming readily apparent that Maryland is one of the most corrupt states—possibly worse than California—one county far beyond the rest. Prince George’s County. Kip Simpson summarizes the previous prosecutions as well as the new.

Folks can now see why President Trump says we have to drain the swamp. The betrayals are off the charts and the “entitled” class are now entitled to fair representation in court—in front of our judges.

I see this video is gone already. It expanded on this one. Hopefully Kip will reupload.

Read the story here…

Ex-Maryland lawmaker Tawanna Gaines pleads guilty to misusing campaign funds

Democrat PLEADS GUILTY, FACES 20 YEARS, Something Strange Happening in Maryland?

The IG Report On FISA Abuse Will Unleash Barr’s Investigation Of Spygate, the planned and coordinated operation to remove a newly and legally elected President. @POTUS.

IT WAS A COUP D’ETAT! TREASON! @patriot14575#IGReport

— [intheMatrixxx] (@intheMatrixxx) October 16, 2019

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch continues to educate the public about the crimes of the shadow government/deep state.

Crime? Illegal Monitoring of Journalists & Trump Allies “Another Extension of #SpyGate” | Tom Fitton

California is in the news again with two incendiary stories. Thanks to Mike Morales for the heads up in this video.

Cellphone tower catches fire


Contra Costa County Fire: Fire investigators serve search warrant at NuStar energy facility

Fire officials offer update on NuStar explosion fire

This is weird, and I have my own story. On Sunday morning a bird rammed our back patio window. We occasionally get that. Hubby found the wee thing outside the back door and it scuttled away when he went out. Five minutes later another bird hit the same window. That has never happened before. Five months apart is normal. Five minutes is extraordinary and I wondered what was going on that might throw off their navigation.

What Is Going On? Hundreds of Birds Die After Slamming Into NASCAR Hall of Fame Building

I like to end the post with humour. It appears Hillary Clinton may have killed a few too many brain cells with all that adrenochrome.

Hillary Clinton Suggests Tulsi Gabbard Is A ‘Russian Asset’

This is funnier. It’s all about the hair.

Have a great day/night.  ~ BP

Trump campaign sells ‘Get over it’ T-shirts

Time to stop the political theater and false accusations.

Time to get back to work for the people of this country.

Time to Get Over It!

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) October 18, 2019

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