November 30, 2020: On the Cusp of Christmas or Chaos? [videos] ~ November 30, 2020

It’s Day 27 of #ElectionGate and we are on December’s doorstep. The real news is getting wilder by the week and we never know what we’ll hear next.

The reality of this battle for Planet Earth is coming into sharper focus and it feels like things could go a little sideways before December 25th. We know that when the deep state panics, gets backed into a corner and can’t see a way out, they typically schedule a violent “event” as a distraction—and to teach not to continue our mission… like a school, church, or theatre shooting, a bombing, a stabbing in a Christmas market, etc. where large numbers of people gather.

This is one more reason to keep people at home or in small groups. Just sayin’. It can work in our favour and the White Hats want to keep civilians safe. We can see why large protests could work against us. They cannot be controlled and it would be easy to create a mass casualty event.

The deep state is trying to stop Christmas from coming and the entire world is at their throat with protests and opposition on multiple fronts—many of them in the courts. Is it redundant to ask if the storm is upon us yet?

We have multiple confirmations that 5 US Military souls (US Army Special Operations) were killed in the raid on the server farm in Germany last week, as well as that one rogue CIA head was wounded and arrested. The event isn’t rumour at this point because we have so many independent voices stating the same thing. It’s disturbing, but this is war, folks. Members of the US military give their lives in this revolution and it is most regrettable but everything is on the line.

We can’t stress enough the serious nature of what is unfolding. Lives are at risk every day to ensure that America does not fall. If she does… it’s curtains for the rest of the world. That is a fact because those who have been running the planet have plans to take control of America and vanquish and eliminate Humanity in one way or another. President Trump and the might of the White Hats are all that stand between us and the NWO/predatory psychopaths/deep state/global “elite”.

All eyes are on the US of A because the awakened members of Humanity realize the gravity of the situation. The People of America know they must support their President and that is precisely what they have done in staggering numbers and unprecedented public displays.

CIA Director Gina Haspel

Simon Parkes is very cautious about what he reveals and didn’t give a name, but the CIA head injured and taken on one of many “rendition flights” was Gina Haspel, according to Mike Adams who provided more information about activities behind the scenes with respect to the military, arrests, etc.

I personally cringe at the thought of torture going on and don’t think of we civilized, honourable people as doing that but it sounds like in this life or death situation that it is the reality. The difference is, it’s not for pleasure, but for survival. Only the demonic psychopaths know the abandon of torturing Humans because they take delight in it—and/or to generate adrenochrome.

I like to think we take the higher road, and as Mike and some of his guests have stated, we’ll have to come to terms with the ethics of this at some point; after we have ensured the survival of the Human race.

We know that here in America and Canada the strategic assassination of an evil man is not taken lightly. Mention of the death penalty brought the energy down at an early Trump rally and it was apparent many of us couldn’t cheer for it. It’s one thing to watch such things in a movie, but this is real life and most of us have been insulated from it here in the West.

Soleimani and his men, and no doubt others, have been eliminated because it was critical to the success of the mission to “save Mankind”. This will be processed and revisited one day. Most people have no experience they are aware of with “demons” but they do seem to exist and some Humans have first hand experience. We have been asked to “trust the plan” because so much is beyond our personal experience. There’s only so much we can be told and they don’t want the civilians to panic.

Simon also gets into the possibility that President Trump just might wind up with a third term. We have heard rumours that Trump has said he’s considering running again for 2024. Here is Simon’s brilliant update from yesterday which is overall a positive one. 18  min.

29th November Election Update 2020

Do you think a gun battle happened earlier this month in Germany involving a Delta Force unit raiding a CIA controlled server farm allegedly used for subverting the US general election?

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 29, 2020

There are very interesting and unique details in this 8 min. update from Bill Still. This is some “movie”, folks. Bigger than life.

Corrections to the Raid on the CIA Servers Report, 3375

Why is everyone talking about “Kraken” and what it is? It’s important.

🔥MOAB: The #Kraken is @GenFlynn. He commanded the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade for the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca AZ. Insignia = KRAKEN
The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is located at Fort Huachuca AZ (MI witness for @SidneyPowell1) Coincidence? #KrakenIncoming

— BlueSkyReport (@BlueSky_Report) November 27, 2020

BCP has fascinating info regarding the criminality behind the Dominion voting machines you may not have heard.

It’s shocking what has transpired. Imagine showing up in person to vote after standing in long lines for an hour or two and being told that your vote was already cast when it came in via the mail—and it wasn’t you that mailed it! And if that’s not bad enough, they told them they could not cancel the mailed ballot and cast their live vote in person. They literally stole citizens votes right out from under them. Unbelievable.

If you just crawled out from under a rock, you need to know that millions of votes cast for President Trump were flipped over to Joe Biden and every imaginable method of election or voter fraud was exhausted to steal this election—and it was expected—just not to this outrageous degree. It sounds like the Patriots/US military DID expect it, however, and they used measures to document and reveal it and prosecute so this can never happen again.

It should be abundantly clear now that the Democrat Party isn’t a political party, it’s a crime syndicate. They lie, cheat, steal, collude with foreign nations, rig elections, and murder people who get in their way. The media covers up their crimes and manipulates the minds of the American People and when this is all over, neither the Democrat Party or the legacy media will exist. China is implicated, of course, and BCP, one of our best analysts gets into that at the 19 min. mark. Fantastic coverage here and 35 minutes well spent.


This may not be the sort of war we expected, but there are battles everywhere.

Judge Reapproves Emergency Order Blocking Georgia From Wiping or Resetting Voting Machines

The Patriots/Anons are serious about guarding key assets in the election fraud. They are organized and on guard in Georgia.

Follow the #DominionWatch hashtag for updates, live streams, and communication between people on the ground at the Dominion storage facilities in Georgia.
We need to maintain constant livestreams and people on the ground watching for about 10 days at three locations.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 30, 2020

Here in Arizona this morning, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and others met with members of the AZ Legislature to hear evidence of the vote/election fraud and tampering. It gets into the testimony of an expert, a Colonel Aldrin (not sure of spelling) on a team of analysts who explains in more detail why and how the Dominion Voting System was highly vulnerable to both authorized access and potential tampering, as well as remote hacking by unauthorized parties.

There’s a screen presentation to illustrate the points the Colonel is making. Fascinating details come up which had better darn well result in the correction to show that Trump won in Arizona by a landslide. It sounds like a forensic tool that would validate or invalidate claims in email evidence has not been employed in Arizona at this point.

The Colonel also confirmed that pre-election instructions were to use a ball point pen to complete the ballots but on election day they instructed voters to use a Sharpie which meant bleed-through would generate a ballot error and open the door to manual tampering of those votes.

They also discuss the probability that illegal aliens also voted although it was uncertain how many reside in Arizona; probably up to 8,000 in Maricopa County alone that would have been permitted to vote with just an address, etc. If you do the math, that would mean thousands of legal residents’ votes would be cancelled out.

Chris Krebs lied when he said the Maricopa voting machines/terminals were not connected to the Internet, that there was no opportunity for tampering and that it was secure. Trump fired him. Thank you President Trump. Of course the media is saying Krebs did a good job and should not have been fired.

To be clear, the machines were just ONE way the deep state breached election security and stole massive numbers of votes for Biden. They used every method they could dream up and we can see the system is broken and must be revamped. The attendees seemed very receptive to the investigation and applauded Giuliani’s assessment and seemed eager to understand the issues and move to correct the system.

A forensic audit would reveal more information but would not repair the damage or correct the steal. Personally, I would prefer a complete re-do, as they call it.

If warning flags aren’t flying in your mind when you know US election information is being transmitted to Canada, Germany, Spain, or elsewhere then you aren’t understanding the problem and that is one of the prime purposes of this entire exercise. “Chain of custody” was broken, and therefore the election was compromised. The testimony of Anna Orth, an election official, was appalling but credible. A Democrat was “imported” from California to “turn this county blue” according to his statement to her and she saw and heard many disturbing things in the 15.5 hours she worked the election.

Live on RSBN. They expect to be going well into the night in this hearing.

LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

These are dangerous times, folks. You may recall the days when we covered the radio shows from former Marine Field McConnell and we were introduced to legal expert Kirk Pendergrass of E-Clause. His partner was Christopher Hallett and I received the following via email this morning. Hallett and Pendergrass educated people via online instruction concerning Constitutional Law in America, and were involved in other things according to this article. There has been a lot of information, disinformation and drama surrounding E-clause and this reporter, Timothy Charles Holmseth so I can’t speak to the validity but it is worth noting.

Murdered Congressional Contractor was performing Emoluments Violations audits exposing JOE BIDEN child trafficking – Hallett shooting an ASSASSINATION

Yesterday we talked about the Canadian Covid Plan for travelers. I asked my hubby if he is going to take his chances in the crap shoot at the airport in Calgary when he goes for Christmas and he replied, “Probably, because I don’t really want to spend my time there in quarantine.” I pointed out that many of the tests give false positives, and then you’re out $150, still have to go into quarantine AND have to keep in touch with the government and tell them your every move and probably get tested again. You lose. No matter what.

It’s better to just go, do the absurd 2 week quarantine, let them check in on you, and then go on your merry way when it’s over. Since the government has gone out of its way to promote a fake pandemic and lie about the number of deaths, the chances of getting a false positive are probably great.

Despite the fact that we live here in Arizona and have never been sick, don’t know anyone who’s sick, or anyone who knows anyone who’s sick, it doesn’t mean you’d test negative when you get to Calgary because the tests are HIGHLY SUSPECT. They don’t test for a contagion, they detect something else. Therefore they are meaningless in my opinion. It’s a psyop.

The allure of avoiding quarantine may entice a lot of people to attempt to  buy their freedom. It feels to me like a banana republic tactic to buy favours or protection from the mafia. They take your money and your home or business are burglarized anyway. Maybe I’m too cynical but the Canadian Government is way out of control.

My other half experienced the grim reality of the gulag in August when his mother passed away so he knows they really do contact you to make sure you’re sheltering where you said you would but the Chelsea/Tottenham match was a bigger draw than my cautionary words so I’ll have to revisit at a more receptive time.

No offense to my hubby, but he’s too smart and too left brain for his own good. He tries to reason it out and there’s no reasoning with this charade the cabal has pulled on the entire world. He can’t conceive of the scope of it and will have to be shown because he has no faith in my expert research over the years, my powers of deduction, or finely-honed intuition.

That’s my opinion—and I declined to travel to Canada this Christmas because I refuse to be a party to their deception. I won’t play their game. I won’t fly, I won’t wear a mask, and I sure as hell won’t pay $150 in a gamble akin to Russian Roulette. The chances of a false positive and losing your freedom are very high.

I am extremely happy here in the Valley of the Sun. It’s heavenly compared to most places in North America and we’re not locked down. I can shop in my regular shops and dine at our favourite haunts without mask or provocation.

I heard they’re trying to pump up the panic here in Arizona, saying the hospitals are at capacity but the reality is that in the winter with all the elderly/ailing snowbirds here, they’re at capacity EVERY winter. This is how the media manipulates the public; they tell you half the story. It’s lying by omission.

Here’s Dave’s update for the X22 Report for Sunday.

Durham On Deck, Done In 30, Darkness Gives Way To Light, Think Article II – Ep. 2340

Did you hear that Joe Biden supposedly twisted his ankle in a fall? Is this another case of “the boot” coverup used by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and others?

The AIM team brought us this, as well. Capitulate is not the same as concede. It’s a “surrender”. Some other interesting notes here, as well.

I do not pretend to be able to unravel The Plan. But I trust it because incredible, positive things have been unfolding since Trump was elected. Disinformation is necessary, and only a handful of people know what The Plan is. It may frustrate or anger people that they don’t agree with how things are being handled but I believe it will go how it needs to go to ensure success.

Gotta run, folks. ~ BP

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A heads up! Riding the Light Wave……. ~ November 30, 2020

Stay mindful that we haven’t yet reached the very end of the rickety bridge between worlds that is 2020.Tempting as it is to engage in comforting magic thinking about the approaching Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction at the December 21st Solstice, we are now being tumbled in an eclipse wormhole through time that extends right to the Plutonic Capricorn New Moon on January 13 2021.

Between now and then, two cosmic wild card eclipses activate the Gemini/Sagittarius Axis of Truth. This intense photonic light creates a geophysical shock window that extends from 28 November -3rd December then from the 7th – 21st December (!). Expect emotional and literal high tides, storm surges and sudden shifts in your energy field. Use all the grounding tools you have to stay centred.

Eclipses are dramatic cosmic wild cards in your life. They shake you out of your feelings of complacency so that you can move from one stairstep to another. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get you to pay attention to areas in your life that need to change. They work very rapidly – often in a blink of an eye switching off an old life, defragging you and rebooting you. They uproot you, surprise you and nudge you to a new level of your personal evolution or unfolding.

Far seeing Neptune is turning direct in Pisces, so we’re surfing an oceanic wave of extra sensory perception and/or confusion just as Truth and Reality collide in a hall of mirrors in the seismic window of Monday’s lunar eclipse at 8 Gemini. The 2nd eclipse in two weeks’ time on December 14th is a potent Total Solar Eclipse on the karmic South Node of Fate at 23 Sagittarius between the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre delivering downloads direct from Source in a Wave of Revelation.

As you make this Rite of Passage between the 2020-2021 bookends of Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus, nothing is going to be more important than radical honesty and transparency, walking your talk instead of talking your talk and matching your outsides to your insides. Follow your curiosity, break up your routines and find new stories to tell and new people to mix with. This is a reminder to be non-judgmental, to keep a wide-open mind and see the big picture.

That means challenging your own thinking and looking at where and how you are in denial about what needs to be left behind and what needs to be accepted so you can move on, freeing yourself up to seed a very different future.

Be at cause, not at effect. Instead of: “What is going to happen to me?” ask: “What am I going to create, to transform and to risk?”

As the eclipses change circumstances around you, your inner circuitry and architecture are ripe for expansion into the much bigger perspective of the incoming Aquarian Paradigm.

Get the full November 29-December 6 2020 Week Ahead Forecast + Your Eclipse Sign Forecasts

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“The Sisterhood of the Rose” ~ November 30, 2020

“Remembrance of the ancient ways

Priestesses and Priests anchoring Love and Light

The initiates of the the Sisterhood of the Rose gather in sacred circles who work for the betterment of mankind. The Priestesses usually formed twelve groups and each group composed of twelve women creating 144.

Now, many sisters and brothers, in larger numbers, are called gather to anchor as much Love and Light to the Planet as possible.

Priestesses and Priests of the Sisterhood of the Rose

Together priestesses and priests anchor Light from their hearts and use their sacred breath and all the combined elements and essences to bring forth Harmonious Light and Love through all realms and planes, activating the key remembrance of our true selves through the planetary grid. Women and men of all races and places gather in these sacred circles across the planet. All the women, along with a masculine counterpart, creating a powerful network of Light, anchoring Pure divine Source Light. The men gather around the women to show support and act as guardians so the priestesses do their sacred work. Sisterhood work involves gathering together in song, fire ceremonies, water ceremonies, support for inner soul journey, Light anchoring meditations and sacred designs of art from the remembrance of Love and Light Within.

Key pieces of art has remained on the planet to remind all of this sacred activation, like the three spirals at Newgrange:

Triskelion – a Celtic symbol consisting of three legs or lines radiating from a center

All women and men on the planet are called to step forth and anchor Love and Light through their own I AM being, recognizing themselves as anchors of the Light. We are all part of the Whole, the sacred breath of the One Source of Life and connected like threads of the Universe. Each one embodying the sacred codes and wisdom, bringing together the larger body of Light that harmonizes all.

Within the one heart of Universal Truth and Love and the sacred life giving presence, that is within all, the Great Motherly and Fatherly Essence brings forth, through the sacred womb and hearts, the Universal embodiment of life itself which activates codes, Wisdom, Inner knowing of Self Empowered Light and Love to the Sacred Sisterhood and Brotherhood.”

Maria Nesa
The Sisterhood of the Rose

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*** THE EVENT 2020 – POWERFUL SOLAR FLARE IMPACTS EARTH! *** ~ November 30, 2020

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is POWERFUL-SOLAR-FLARE-IMPACTS-EARTH.jpg







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Rest, Prepare, Upgrade ~ November 30, 2020

Rest, Prepare, Upgrade

The Arcturians

We ask you to take shelter and rest for the next few days.

To realise how far you’ve come and achieved since November 1st until this Now moment.

We describe your month like a great journey of unpredictable energy, new waves of light formations reaching your construct.

As you vibrationally integrate the light encodements to your light – physical form, and assist the grid construct.

We ask you to embrace the next two days, to see the great journey behind you, as you’ve reached a nice warm cabin, resting after a long journey.

As, the journey ahead is before you, as you prepare for the arrival of December 1st.

We ask Karen to prepare her home, prepare for the upcoming Dec 21. For she like many will share and unite her light portal with the collective light family.

We ask you to spread the news to the unawakened souls, and unite all souls to the galactic event.

To make calls to loved ones you rarely speak to. Inform them of the date and time to send vibrational love to Mother Gaia.

How you spread the message, is simply to plant the vibrational seed, the planetary alignment 🙏

For as we collectively and effortlessly unite in the Higher Light Constructs.

Awaken and guide others, Light Worker ❤🙏❤

Know we see the great awakening, as many lights are on, as the light construct of Gaia is illuminating.

We thank you Light Family. As you reach the last phase of 2020.

Sendings waves of Cosmic Love.

The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

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Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse ~ New Lunar Codes Flowing in ~ M Class 4.4 Solar Flare – November 30, 2020

One of the largest Solar flares of Solar Cycle 25 is being observed… M 4.4. Class Flare. The Sun erupted with a powerful M4.4-class flare that peaked at 13:11 UTC on November 29, 2020. Any associated coronal mass ejection (CME) with this event will not be Earth directed. The eruption caused a R1 (minor) Radio Blackout LOCATION OF HF FADEOUT: South Africa (RSA)/Central Africa/South America/South Atlantic/  Earth-orbiting satellites detected the biggest solar flare in more than 3 years. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this extreme-ultraviolet movie of the M4.4 category blast: X-rays and UV radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, producing a shortwave radio blackout over the South Atlantic. The flare also hurled a significant coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: The Moon is about to pass through the outskirts of Earth’s shadow, producing a penumbrallunar eclipse visible from North America and Hawaii. The best time to look is Monday morning, Nov. 30th, around 9:43 UT (1:43 am PST) when maximum immersion creates a subtle but clear gradient of light and shadow across the lunar disk

Lewotolo volcano (Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia): spectacular eruption

The activity of the volcano continues at high levels. As we mentioned in the last update, the renewed activity began on 27 November characterized by continuing ash emissions.
A powerful vulcanic explosion occurred at 09:45 local time this morning that produced a dense dark ash plume, which rose approx. 13,123 ft (4,000 m) above the summit. (1313 Divine Goddess Portal – 4th portal so my Sacred Condor)
Soon after the eruption, moderately strong ash rain of lapilli set in, covering all surfaces as local people informed on social media.
The warning bulletin states that ballistic impacts of volcanic bombs and pyroclastic flows and lahars could affect an area of about 2 km distance from the main crater.

Very bright fireball explodes over central Japan

Huge Fireball explodes over Japan

A very bright fireball streaked through the night sky over central Japan at around 16:35 UTC on November 28, 2020 (01:35 JST, November 29).

The object was seen and recorded from many parts of western and central Japan and was accompanied by a rumbling noise.

“It is rare for [shooting start] to be so bright,” Takeshi Inoue, director of the Akashi Municipal Planetarium in Hyogo Prefecture, told Kyodo.

“We believe the last burst of light was as bright as the full moon,” he said.

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Blossom Goodchild – 29th November posting ~ November 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…in “Quantum” circles, the TRUTH spoken of below is indeed Quantum (which envelops the concept of Divinity). Please know the new balance of Quantum-ness which yields Quantum Strength, allowing in all ways…

Quantum Joy!


Hello to you, once again. It would be very handy if you could set yourselves up with an email address, then people could write to you directly … leaving out ‘me’ … the middle woman. Yet, not possible. So, I’ll continue on trying my best to be the happy medium!

Greetings to all. You have an agenda today, do you not Blossom?

Well, I was thinking of ‘reporting in’ regarding people’s feelings and frustrations. Yet, I would imagine you already know them, do you?

Yes. We do. Yet, such things cannot speed up the process. The process is playing out exactly as it should. A few hitches and glitches here and there. Yet, we reiterate … ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.

The service to mankind from all around is growing ever stronger.  The Light forces from ‘elsewhere’ are also gathering in numbers to make sure that this Divine Plan is carried out.

Yet, if it is Divine, surely there is no question of that?

We concur and yet, this does not mean that those whose ‘feelings’ lie elsewhere in this Game are continuing to disrupt as best they can.

You see, down here, we cannot see the forest for the trees. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on. There is so much confusion. So many stories and one no longer knows what to believe or think. You ask us to hold the Light and not get pulled under. We are doing our best. Yet, many, so many, are so tired and ready to give up. On and on it seems to go, with nothing concrete to grab on to.

Yet … all we can do is continue to tell you that THE LIGHT HAS WON.

And many would say … ‘Where is the evidence?’. This is the thing … TRUSTING continually, finding that inner KNOWING, can work some days … and others … not.

Blossom, we ask Each One to continue on along this journey.

Yes, it requires TRUST.

Yes, it requires FAITH.

Yes, it requires STRENGTH.

Yet, Each One of you have all these things.

If you were to say ‘I have had enough of this’ and chose to no longer read our words or have anything to do with ‘this perspective on things’ … …  could you? Have a think about this, Dearest Ones.

For within you lies the TRUTH.

That feeling within you … that keeps you keeping on, no matter how low your spirits fall …


It is not something that will go away because you feel you have had enough. We are not saying that you ‘must’ or ‘have to’ continue to investigate THE LIGHT OF TRUTH … via ways of channeling. Not at all. For within Each One there is THE FEELING … THE KNOWING.

All we are here to do is impart some wisdom, so that it may assist you along your journey should you so choose to accept that which we offer.

Dearest souls, this time that you are in is about the LIGHT overcoming the dark.

This Light within you … this Light that IS YOU … will not /cannot go out.

For YOU ARE THE LIGHT. Every bit of you. It is not just a part of you that you can switch on and off like a Light bulb. It is WHO YOU ARE and although Each One tires, although your concerns can be of great magnitude at times … always, always, always, when you remember The Mantra, when you recall the word ‘LOVE’ …  when you think for a minute about times where Love has been so present in your Heart … then you know, do you not? You know that this LOVE … this Energy that is You … is ALL THERE IS.


This is why the coding in The Mantra helps you to connect with Source. It takes you … out of /away from … all the ‘goings on’.

You are here for a purpose … Each One. Stay True to that mission by connecting with Source … within every breath.

Some may think others play a bigger role than theirs. This is not so. You are all in this together.

Each One that was selected is part of the GRAND TEAM.

Each member of that team has the back of another. Every thought of Light-Love uplifts the wearied ones. A tag team perhaps … Allowing some to rest whilst others take over for a while.


We ask that you untangle yourselves from the confusions that media offer and let go of things that make no sense and always, always … return to the KNOWING that LOVE … ONLY LOVE  makes sense … when all else fails.

Yes, I get that. We get that. Yet, one needs to know what is going on. We can’t all just sit around waiting for a HUGE announcement!

We say … that one would lift ones Energy greatly if they were to ‘back off’ and remain in ways that serve the soul. As in, delving deeply into Gardening or Art or matters that THRILL THE SOUL and bring back the centering … the grounding … the passion … The Love.

Perhaps a balance of the two?

Perhaps. Yet, we would suggest more of the creative indulgence … More of the Joy … More of the Laughter.

This year has been the weirdest anyone has ever known, I think. I personally find it challenging to be ‘Truly’ joyous amidst all this chaos. Even when feeling of a brighter disposition some days, I do not come into my fullness of joy, because my Being knows that the entire planet has gone doo-la-la and I am sitting right in the middle of it wondering how it will all turn out.

And this naturally, Blossom, is … where /when … your strength and Truth has to return to the KNOWING that Each One of you came to Planet Earth to serve it … lift it … see it through to its new home. Do you feel this? Do you know this within?

Yes. Deep within it somehow makes sense. Yet, in all Truth, sometimes when questioning everything, it has crossed my mind that I could have it all wrong … and I am just ‘into this’ because it feels better than not being!

And your conclusion when you feel this way?

I’d rather sail on this tide and have it wrong, than not experience the Love and unity amongst folk in the world that are on the same ship! We can’t all be idiots!

 Therefore, return to the experience of that LOVE.

THAT LOVE you are talking about … IS THE KNOWING.

I KNOW! There are those though, who feel this way … and yet feel that whatever has been channelled, not just through you, yet, all channels … has never ever come about. Not just lately, yet, ever. Not really. So now, the questioning from within needs solid answers. Their feelings are … how do we know the Light has won … when there is as yet, no evidence? How do we know this is not just another ‘holding on to’ that never comes about?

This is up to you!

You either KNOW IT … or you don’t.

You either choose to KNOW ITS TRUTH … as A FEELING … or you don’t.


There indeed, are those who have volunteered, were chosen for important roles as a member of THE TEAM and yet when ‘faced’ with the reality within … the dream/the Game … they fell off the wagon, as you say. It was too hard when actually in it.


Let us state also, when this occurs … when one finds their position too much to take on board … there is no judgement at all, ever. Their role will be taken on by another and the soul will choose to return home early, or remain, yet, undertaking a lesser demanding role. It happens probably more than you think.

Oh ok. Many times I wonder why I just didn’t stick with acting … when ‘this side of me’ feels overwhelmed. Yet, no matter how many deterrents are suggested … at this stage, I just think … ‘Whatever! In for a penny in for a pound’ and carry on. Even if I were to stop these conversations with you, which I am not about to, my heart’s feelings, about bringing this Planet into a better Higher place would still be marching on! I think we all know what you are saying here.

We desire greatly to assist you in reaching within the soulself for inner strength and guidance.

All that you need … all requirements are there within you.

Try Dearest Ones, especially in these times, to keep returning to The Mantra. For we know … you know … its effect.

It centres you. It keeps you going. It resounds out to the ‘Everything’. It does so much more than you know on so many more levels than you know. Yet, all you need to know is to continue to say it and the discoveries of self, that in doing so shall reveal, in time, shall make you so happy that you kept on keeping on.



Shine so brightly, Dearest Ones. Recharge when necessary. Always remember to do that! It makes such a difference to your thoughts and clarity.

We Love you.

Thank you. What bizarre times. Who would have thought we would find ourselves up ‘Schitts creek’ without a paddle! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM ( … looking for my paddle!)

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Your Sunday Digest for November 29, 2020: Waking Up to Reality vs Illusion [videos] ~ November 29, 2020

It’s Day 26 of #ElectionGate and if you are here reading this—CONGRATULATIONS!

It’s wonderful to see people arrive here on the ship who are obviously looking for answers. They ask logical questions. “If ______ is true, then why ______?” I know—it doesn’t make sense if you only have half the equation and you don’t understand that a magnificent plot is underway to pull the rug out from under the criminals who’ve been running the world for eons, masquerading as public servants, our bankers, teachers, politicians, preachers, medical experts, and dignitaries.

We can be a little grumpy when we first wake up but congratulations again to those who question and seek. Something told you that the world has gone awry and you don’t like what you’re seeing. You don’t trust what you’re hearing.

We understand that this Plan is so intricate, so convoluted, so multi-layered and so sophisticated that if you try to understand all of it and figure out who’s who in the zoo that your head will probably explode.

Logical people can understand this, however: if we, the civilians can figure it out, then so can the enemy—and that’s no way to win a war.

That is why we have been advised to research, arrive at our own truths, share information, explain it to others who are at a point they are willing to listen, do what good citizens do and vote for the good guys—and prepare for civil unrest and interruptions in supply chain management.

If you see a crime being committed, report it. Protect your children.

If you’re American or have arms at your disposal, many recommend you have some ammo and train so you know how to defend yourself, your family, and your property—which includes your stores of food and water.

The rest of us will continue to load our magazines with data and will fire endless semi-automatic rounds of information with surgical precision that wake people up and prepare them for what’s coming. Do we know what’s coming? Nope. Not for certain, but we are in good hands.

We know FREEDOM is coming, but we don’t know exactly what the  rest of the war will look like. Will we have widespread civil unrest or just isolated pockets—probably in democrat-run cities? That remains to be seen—but be prepared for anything.

The US military is underpinning this revolution with the beefed up manpower and equipment President Trump knew would be required to protect the People. This is the job of a government, after all. America will be freed first, and then they will work with the positive elements in other nations to exterminate the infection of New World Order elements there. It’s a global cleanup effort.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election by telling the truth to the American People and it changed everything. He won fair and square AFTER the White Hats switched out the rigged voting machines in key areas. The People spoke and Trump and his administration listened. They knew at that point that the People ‘got it’ and they were ready to take their country back.

This is what Trump said—and he broke the mold when he said it. No one had ever spoken these truths to the People before in such volume or intensity. Words have energy and the Truth is palpable.

The White Hats knew the legacy media would go full on to discredit Trump and his people. They knew the rogue elements of the FBI, CIA, police departments and other institutions would block and attack at every opportunity.

What they can’t prevent is Trump’s rapport with the People—not only in America but around the world. When have you ever seen the citizens of the UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Haiti, and other nations fly flags for an American president?

You won’t see it on the 6:00 news, but that is what has been happening all over the world. Now that the protests over the fake covid scamdemic lockdowns are in full swing they are flying Trump MAGA flags and chanting his name.

We have heard FIFA soccer stadiums reverberate with the voices of awakened people chanting, “Lock her up!” (referring to Hillary Clinton). It’s extraordinary, and it’s what we call, The Great Awakening.

All over the world the People now understand they have been enslaved and that Trump and his administration have given them permission to rebel and take their rights and freedoms back. This is the time for all of Humanity to fight the tyranny and remove the tyrants—but it’s going to take time.

Decades of infiltration by these demonic creatures in every institution and office cannot be undone in four years. MUCH has been done in Trump’s four years in the oval office but we’re not finished yet. The tendrils of evil are interwoven with all our systems. It’s not always easy to see who the traitors are but we know we’ve been betrayed by silver-tongued devils and we are much wiser now.

What we see unfolding every day around the world is opposition and learning. Massive surveillance is underway to keep a close eye on what the criminals are doing. It’s all being recorded and there are mountains of evidence; far more than is necessary to take them down.

We have an army of Patriots working behind the scenes. Who owns Dominion Voting Systems? Who is involved? CANADA! I feel utterly betrayed.

We now know Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) is owned by Staple Street Capital.
Who owns Staple Street Capital?@LLinWood @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump (Page 11)

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 29, 2020

Law suits have been prepared, and thousands of indictments, and many arrests have taken place—even executions of some irredeemably evil creatures who are beyond redemption and were responsible for taking the lives of millions of innocents. Military tribunals have been ongoing for specific criminals and we hear that what’s coming will make the Nuremberg Trials look like an episode of Law & Order.

Yes, the tyrants still have some of their armies. Perhaps the United Nations are still under their control; perhaps not. We do know they have mind-controlled “killing machines” such as those we’ve seen running wild at what the media are calling the Black Lives Matter “peaceful protests” which are anything but. It’s just a name to fool the unwary. It’s not about blacks or helping any Humans at all. It’s about wreaking havoc on our civilization and destroying it so there’s nothing to salvage.

They will not be successful.

What we do here at Starship Earth, (because we are on a journey through the stars on this planet of ours—if that’s what it is) is bring the truth about the plans of these evil dictators who seek to destroy the Human society and install fascist/ communist/socialist governments everywhere so they have total control over all of us.

This is NOT what WILL happen; it is what they schemed to do, long ago. Their plan was intercepted when President John F. Kennedy sought to oppose them and stop it and was assassinated, as well as Robert. It was clear at that point that these creatures are ruthless and would stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. Anyone who got in their way was simply eliminated.

Elections weren’t for democratic voting. Presidents and other candidates were “installed” using underhanded tactics. Foreign influence was key, and that is why President Trump has pointed out that China has had a massive role in the problems America has experienced. There was a plan for China to take over the world. No, Russia is not the enemy. That was a diversionary tactic to protect the Communist Chinese.

What we see unfolding now is the culmination of decades of military planning, with some help from Higher Beings. More on that another time.

In addition to elucidating the sick plans of the dark cabal, we also bring regular news—DAILY now—of the efforts of the White Hats, calling themselves the Earth Alliance, to defang the evil regime. That entailed that the “global elite” were almost allowed to bring their long range plan to fruition. Almost.

By doing so, the Alliance encouraged the psychopathic tyrants to get over confident. They failed to hide what they were doing. They grew careless and made mistakes, believing none of us were paying attention or would see the crimes they committed.

There is technology available far beyond anything these controllers allowed us to know about and unfortunately for them, it was used against them. It’s possible the Earth Alliance may also have technology beyond anything the dark ones have at their disposal. Every means to stop the genocide and predation of our civilization is employed and we will be victorious—but it will take time–and effort—and vigilance on our part.

Situation Update – Nov. 28th – ART OF WAR: How Trump won the election BEFORE Nov. 3rd… now it’s just playing out for all to see

The censorship is severe now so if the above link doesn’t work for you, use this one as an alternative.

None of the above is easy to swallow for most of the public because the demonic entities ruling the world took pains to conceal themselves and their evil deeds. What we are now seeing in America—particularly with the election that just took place—is what we’re calling The Great Awakening.

Many of us knew about the crimes and predatory behaviour for years and that information was published in books by whistleblowers and later on the Internet but people didn’t look for it. Those who did thought it was too far-fetched and, “they would never do that”. Our warnings mostly fell on deaf ears and blind eyes.

The People were brainwashed by the cabal’s media over the years and they were trained to believe anything on the television, in magazines and text books. They distorted our history and indoctrinated the medical field so they wouldn’t understand how the Human body was designed. They created pill-pushers in the physician community so they could poison us with their toxic cocktails in pill form.

In truth, it was all a lie but the damage was done. Most people simply could not entertain that as a race we had been hoodwinked and controlled like children. Collectively we were very näive and are now paying a steep price.

But it’s all good—we have a rocky road to walk for a bit but thanks to brave and cunning people we were plucked from the flames licking at our heals and are no longer dangling over the fire. We have awoken, we have unified, we are executing The Plan, and the extreme drama of the current situation involving both the fake ‘plandemic’ and the overt efforts to steal the Presidential Election are on full view so that no one can say they didn’t see it, and didn’t know about it.

The world must be SHOWN exactly what the deep state New World Order controllers have done, and how. Telling them has not been effective.

We are seeing what prophecies in ancient texts predicted. It’s getting “biblical”. We have the “plague”. We’ve seen locusts decimate millions of miles of crops in Africa, South America, and probably other places. People who are religious are praying like never before. We have fires and floods. Famine and war. Many unexplainable things have presented and there’s never a dull day.

So… our purpose is to show anyone who is open to the truth, exactly what these psychopaths planned for us, and to also show you that the US military and other positive elements tell us they have everything under control. We are doing this together.

The military do not want us rising up in a violent revolution. They communicate measured intelligence drops to specific, trusted voices in the independent news community so we know what’s going on, without risking national security or giving away the Plan. We bring you those “content creators” in video, audio, and in writing so you can see for yourself what is happening, and that we don’t need to be frightened or resort to violence.

The Q Team has been instrumental in waking people up and informing the already awakened for over three years now. You can read all their old “bread crumbs” here that lead to intelligent thought, deeper research, and ultimate confidence in “The Plan” and the Patriots executing it with precision.

We the People do, however, need to be prepared for anything. We don’t know what the future holds, but we will be fine if we stick together and support each other. Not everyone is open-minded and they don’t understand what is happening. We’re fighting for them, too.

Some are truly afraid of this “virus” that is less deadly than the annual flu. That is by design. When people are afraid, such as after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11 in 2001, they will relinquish freedoms and rights if they think they will be safer. That is the opposite of what happened, but most people don’t see that.

The deception worked then, and the deep state cabal is using the same tactic, the same tattered page out of their playbook in this engineered pandemic. People think a mask will protect them. It won’t. They think social distancing will protect them. It won’t. They think closing businesses will protect them. It won’t. All those measures are making the manufactured crisis worse.

What we have revealed in this little talk we just had in no way represents the whole problem. It merely scratches the surface. We have addressed most of the dastardly plans of the cabal on this blog over the past 9+ years while we have been streaking through the heavens on this miraculous journey en route to liberation. You can use the search feature on the sidebar to look for more information or read the related posts suggested at the end of each post.

It is a frustrating time for those of us who see the reality. We can’t understand why some folks refuse to listen, call us conspiracy theorists, and just roll over and go back to sleep when we tell them their IS a conspiracy to bring about our demise. How can you not want to know?

Why won’t people believe us? Can’t they see? Even exceptionally bright, educated people took the New World Order’s bait—hook, line, and sinker. Why? Why are people walking willingly into the cabal’s traps? Are they insane?

I came across this brilliant piece below from Martin Geddes that no one else has verbalized to my knowledge and throughout my soul was screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. This is it. This is WHY we stand fearless and alone in a field in a lightning storm while others run for the trees—to their detriment—while we are strong and safe.

If you only have time to read one article today, make it this one. It’s not long but it is powerful and the Light of Truth will blaze in your heart.

Here’s a taste from this delectable morsel of wisdom:

I looked at ALL the data in this case, and changed my beliefs. You DID NOT, and stayed the same. This is why you have FAILED this test of sanity. Such failure needs to be confronted — because your false beliefs are dangerous to us all, since they perpetuate evil. The “short cut” the media (and academia) offered you was to a labyrinth of lies by assets of a criminal ruling class. You swallowed their lies willingly.

Read the rest at the link below. Sheep no more!

The Digital Coup and the Great Exposure

Pennsylvania Senator: ‘Mounting Evidence’ Shows Election Was Compromised

This is a favourite tactic of the globalists to keep their crimes from being discovered and proven. Blow it up. Burn it. Then cart it away before any forensics can be done. That’s exactly what they did at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

While Venezuelans were busy uncovering election fraud from their country’s electronic voting machines, a warehouse storing the machines was burned down.

No machines? No digital forensics.

Dont let this happen to US!

Impound those machines @SidneyPowell1

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 28, 2020

Many, many people know the truth about the (lack of) virility of the “China Virus” but it is desperately covered up so the “sheeple” won’t find out.

They told us that everyone who died of anything died of the Coronavirus. A bald-faced lie. Almost no one has died of the coronavirus—a cold virus.

Johns Hopkins Takes Down Article Showing US Deaths in 2020 No Different than Prior Years – It Doesn’t Fit their ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ Narrative

We’ve talked about the fact that what we’re seeing is a “movie”, with actors playing roles. The real bad actors in some cases have already been dealt with by the White Hats. Clones or doubles… take your pick. We’re not seeing the real deal in many cases.

One of our best sources of vetted intelligence and masterful dot-connecting comes from a fellow named Scott Mowry. We’re on the same page. We both have said for a long time that miracles are happening every day. His conference calls will enlighten, inform, inspire, and give you the incentive you need to fight these global control freaks.

You will be able to make sense of the non-sense you see and hear in the news and will no longer fall for the lies. Nothing is what it seems, but armed with these tools to decode what is happening, we can see that our world is on the verge of a massive change for the better, and that Humanity is getting up off its knees and claiming its rightful place in the kingdom of Creation.

As the old text Desiderata said…

You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

You and I are both meant to be here. We have a job to do; a role to play in all this, but know that there are only two sides in this war. The Light and the dark. We all have to choose. “I was just doing my job” is no longer a fitting excuse for doing the devil’s work. It’s a choice.

Listen in to Scott’s Miracles Intel Conference Call at 6 pm Pacific tonight/9 EST, or dial in and listen to the archived call for one week after the conclusion of the call.

Our conference call line is:
Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598
Access code: 767664#

International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number: 712-770-5402
Access code: 767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162
If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322.

The latest chatter in the independent news circles surmises that the election rigging was so blatant that some wonder if the demonrats didn’t purposely do it this way so Trump would have to go the legal route to get re-elected. Once in office again the globalists would launch a campaign to declare him a military tyrant which would give them an excuse to create massive public tumult, violence, looting, burning, shooting, and destruction of American cities. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA tactics on steroids. I suppose that is a possibility. We’ll see how this plays out. Just be ready for anything.

Others are tossing the idea into the blogosphere that Trump might simply give up. What?! That ain’t happening, folks. Do you really think that after four plus years of hell that he or his family or the Earth Alliance are going to wipe out everything they’ve done and just give up? Really? Give your head a shake if you do. If Trump was going to give up, he would have done it when they accused him of Russian collusion when it was the democrats who were colluding with the Ukraine and China and Britain, and…. Who haven’t they colluded with?

Would the President give up now that he’s held rallies with twenty thousand plus people in attendance and another twenty thousand or more in overflow watching on the Jumbotrons? Now that 80 million Americans voted for him in a landslide victory the lying treasonous media turds handed to Biden?

Now that thousands of Americans have held flag-waving boat rallies on lakes and rivers comprising up to 2,000 craft? Now that his supporters have held motorcades of vehicles flying Trump and MAGA flags on our highways up to 96 miles long—really? Who in their right mind would suggest Trump would just give up? I ask you!

There’s another rally in Doral, Florida today.

We were told that Trump would get his second term. I certainly hope they didn’t mean in 2024 as some are suggesting.

We’re all going to see this through, folks. NO ONE is giving up. We have come too far for too long and cannot turn back or stop. Not even a pause. If we do, Humanity is doomed. We’re over. The demonic forces in this world will resume their relentless barrage of attacks on our freedoms. They will not only lock us down because of a fake health crisis they will lock us up in FEMA detainment camps.

They will cut from the herd those of us who are dangerous dissenters and they will eliminate us. Thousands of guillotines were prepared for just that purpose.

They will strip children from their parents, saying it’s safer for everyone that way; that the virus is so lethal and so wildly contagious that they have to crack down even more. You’ve no idea what these whack jobs will do. Their minions are well-paid, bribed and blackmailed and will do their bidding. They will sell you out just as they’ve done for hundreds of years. We either fight back or we die. Buh-bye Humanity. That is the sad reality.

We may have to deal with forced vaccinations in some countries. I can tell you that if what we’ve been told about these jabs are true, that it will alter our DNA irreversibly and we will no longer be the Human Beings we were. They involve self-replicating nano-bots that will permanently alter us. They have not been tested adequately, some test subjects died, and with one particular vaccine, every test subject experienced major negative side-effects.


If you are unable to read this graphic, click here to see a better quality version.

It’s not about the virus, folks. The virus was a panacea for the New World Order to be able to roll out everything they’ve wanted to implement.

If asked for advice I would have to say, do not, under any circumstances, get a vaccine for anything. What President Trump has to offer might be something different. We have been assured that the US Military has been managing and administering this therapeutic and if they make it available that it is safe and effective.

Personally, I believe my immune system, being a healthy one, will protect me from anything major. I already know that honest doctors have treated symptoms of the Kung Flu quickly and effectively with many different remedies and I’m not concerned about even contracting it, never mind getting any symptoms.

I prefer the power of positive thinking to vaccines but I will NEVER get a vaccine for anything because no research exists that I’m aware of to suggest they prevent any disease. I do know that sometimes people do get the disease the vaccine is meant to prevent, however. Some people die. Kids get autism from too many vaccines. Babies die in their cribs and they call it, “crib death”. They know exactly what caused it. They’ve been killing us and poisoning us for decades.

There will be no forced vaccinations in America as far as we know while Trump is in office. With Biden… count on forced everything. Masks, lockdowns, businesses closed, mandatory vaccines. That was their plan all along.

Fauci Says He’d “Absolutely” Join a Biden COVID Task Force

So, bottom line, support President Trump, the US military, the honest politicians, White Hats and lawyers exposing the crimes, and let’s get this done!

We have very interesting commentary here from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and valuable perspective from a military guy, Jeff Prather.

News from the asylum (gulag)…

I heard that a family friend arrived at the Calgary airport from out of the country and there is now an option for returning Canadian travellers. A COVID PLAN. If you get tested for Covid there at the airport and get a NEGATIVE in 24 – 48 hours, you can forgo the two week quarantine protocol. The catch—it costs $150 for the test! Can you say, “cash cow”?

Here’s the deal: You go into quarantine until you hear from them with your test results. If you’re negative, you don’t need to do more quarantine but you need to go to Shopper’s Drug Mart a week later and get another test. No idea if there’s a charge for that second one.

You also have to check in with them regularly IN CASE you have symptoms, and if you develop any, then the contact tracing begins and you have to tell them everywhere you’ve been and who you’ve been in contact with and go into quarantine anyway.

How do we know the tests are accurate? We don’t. Many generate false positives. Those who created the PCR test told us it was never designed to detect a virus or contagion. Positives are detecting something else; something most of us seem to have in our bodies. Some have said the tests were contaminated by the cabal so we would nearly all test positive, thereby mandating the need for “pandemic” status and lockdowns.

In this Canadian plan, if you test positive at the airport, you have to stay in quarantine for the full two weeks. $150 and you have to quarantine anyway? Can you say, “cash cow”?

Do you see, folks how this bullshit virus scamdemic is opening the door for us to invite them in to steal our god-given freedoms and civil liberties? There will be no privacy—AND THEY CHARGE YOU $150, TO BOOT! Unbelievable. Lock them up!

We need to end this engineered pandemic as soon as possible folks. Its destroying our lives and it’s killing people.

The Brits are fed up and protesting a lot. We can see that another reason for the scamdemic is that it gives the globalists an excuse to prevent us from gathering and holding organized protests. They arrest people for failing to social distance and for gathering in groups larger than specified by “law”. (It’s not a law, but gullible people believe it is.)

“This Is No Free Country” — Anti-Lockdown Protests Rage In London, Dozens Arrested

Here’s the Sunday edition of LT’s “And We Know” update.

11.29.20: TRUTH is SPREADING! Biggest Election FRAUD in HISTORY!

Dave’s X22 Report from Friday is at this link. Dave really knows how to make sense of the non-sense and it’s always a very encouraging update.

The Hunters Become The Hunted, Tide Is Turning, Final Stage – Ep. 2339

I’m running out of hours, not material. You might want to check out this website as there are some fascinating headlines there.

Someone is staring at me because they want their supper so I must go. Until tomorrow—or an emergency announcement—I bid you adieu.

Do check out the comments below our posts from our dedicated crew for more important, unique, must-know information you might not find everywhere else.  ~ BP

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What is Happening Why am I Feeling this Way || James Gilliland (ECETI) | Operation Disclosure ~ November 29, 2020

This is the one question so many are asking now and the answer has many levels. Most are feeling the uncertainty and fear of the elections, how the outcome will affect them. Others are feeling the processing of others as well as their own process triggered and amplified by AI, satellite, and unseen negative influences creating a lot of psychic turbulence, a suppression of consciousness. Then we have a massive coronal hole directed at the Earth along with the upcoming full moon which many are saying will bring up all unfinished business. The December 21st planetary alignment coming into position is another factor. It is not just one thing more like an all the above answer. Those who are sensitive, more spiritually advanced are really getting hammered. Some call it frequency targeting and that targeting is coming from psychotronics, friends family lovers coworkers in process, as well as unseen negative influences residing in the lower astral level. It is a veritable _hit storm some might call a bohemian _uckfest. It is the storm and it is multidimensional.

It is part of the awakening and healing process. When energy is added to a system the system reacts. Higher frequencies create chaos until everything finds equilibrium. We are in the chaos phase. This will increase until the full moon on the 30ththen begin to taper off a few days after yet from there on out it will be a roller coaster ride. The hardest lesson through all of this is to depersonalize it, practice loving detachment, go within and feel deeply what is coming up from within, why you are reacting, being triggered. It is time to ask with brutal honesty have these feelings, these situations happened before and find a way to release it. Do not blame or project, this will not work with these new energies which are forcing personal responsibility.

Prayer, meditation, process-oriented therapies can help release the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. Some therapies are limited to childhood trauma yet this process also includes surfacing of past life traumas.

The main stream and social media are fully aware of how to energize and manipulate people harboring unhealed wounds and traumas. They divide and conquer by dividing race, religion even gender. There are also unseen negative influences, evil genius that have the gift of reading your books and using the information for their own malevolent agendas. They can jump in friends, families and lovers at opportune moments causing them to say and do things they otherwise would not. There is a premise that is as true today as it has been in ancient time. “The closer you get to Nirvana, the more the demons rear their ugly heads.” The more enlightened you become the more you become and amplifier and mirror to others of what they love, fear, or hate about themselves. In other words your circle of friends grows smaller. In some cases self-love demands distance. You have the right not to participate in the projections and drama of others as well as set any necessary boundaries.

What we are seeing now is the double speakers, posers, those who are not authentic being exposed, their masks are coming off and their true agendas revealed. It is happening in the political, religious, business communities, the UFO and spiritual communities as well. The controlled narratives are failing, the planned opposition to truth that owe their allegiance to the controllers are also having a hard time maintaining their leadership positions and false messiah complexes. They cannot create, they only borrow, plagiarise the work of others and parrot what others have written or their handlers tell them. They have to stay within the controlled narrative. There are some that have succumbed to spiritual ego unfortunately to the level of narcissism. They have deadly charisma feeding off the energies of others who naively give it to them. The leaking masses.

This message is not for them. They have placed themselves in an elevated position above everyone else which is not enlightenment it is separation. They are the posers who hate anyone who is authentic and in service to others. This message is for those who have maintained a level of humbleness, knowing everyone and everything is their teacher and they are not separate from anyone or anything. The compassionate people in service to Creator and the Creator within all Creation. Now is the time to step into your own sovereign power, make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection and find your own unique purpose. Stop giving your power away to others or expect them to do everything for you.

Be well;

James Gilliland

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Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ November 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: Many sources are showing us the Electronic Blasts of energy which indeed are impacting most of humanity who are reacting with various body/emotional changes to incoming higher frequencies of Light.

Those who choose to BE aware of their own Quantum-ness exist in a field of observation as electrical energy plays out. We observe our own Magnificent Hearts radiate Quantum LOVE, which causes us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Floods of powerful Cosmic Tonal Rays continue to activate through bursts, blasts and “baths” of Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Light in order to ILLUMINATE all.

These Cosmic Ray Codes and SOULar flare/CME activity intentionally change/alter/re-code Cellular (Light)Body DNA as a part of each’s pre-determined/pre-agreed “Journey back into the Light”.

This is a returning and remembering process that occurs from deep deep deep within. It’s a process of RETURNING TO and THROUGH the Purest Form of Love that there is.

Living as Light means that we have chosen how we are going to live. It means that we choose to treat each other and ourselves with the utmost kindness, care and deep sacred respect, while no longer accepting the old ways as reality anymore.

Living as Light means we live from deeply humbled place of compassion, generosity and by owning our own stuff… being responsible for our own energy and how we show up….

Living as Light means we’ve REMEMBERED OURSELVES fully and the beautiful Divinity that we are. We REMEMBER ALL of us as this… and we consciously become the MIRROR to reflect this Sacred Light back to each/all… with our every act and every breath….

Each one of us agreed to be an integral part of this massive Planetary/Global Consciousness Shift…

Living through our own Light is our CHOICE as a SOUL (Light BEing) and a part of our Service Role Fulfillment, just like any other choice we each make…

♫ Photonic Light is Pure, forego the continual whole body-field purification process…
♫ Photonic Light is Love, the Purest form of Love …
♫ Photonic Light is all powerful, rewriting everything…
♫ Photonic Light is who/what we all ARE.


Ask yourself these questions:

♦ Where am I projecting, deflecting and/or rejecting this beautiful aspect/part of myself, the Pure Light that I AM?
♦ Where am I rejecting/not recognizing/seeing/acknowledging the Light of “others”, which means that I am unable to connect with the Purest Aspect of them too?

Part of all of us anchoring and activating the Codes for our NEW Earth REALities/Experiences, is BEING THE LIVING CODES in every aspect of our lives. ♥

Your Courage and Sacred Remembrance are accessed through your Inner Connection, Inner Vision and Inner Light. ☼
Immense gratitude for your service and for living your Light fully too…


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