Mid-August Newsletter & (Mini) Updates: Increasing Plasma/Photonic Light ~ August 17, 2019

By Lisa BrownClarion Call for Embodiers
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Light Family,We’ve passed through an immense Gateway (and entered a whole new one). Some may still may be feeling the affects of the massiveness of these increasing influxes of Plasma Energy and high Photonic Upgrades that are accelerating and non-stop every way/every day…..Many (entire collectives) are now starting to experience the MAGNITUDE and IMMENSITY of anchoring Light and clearing/releasing density from their own physical bodies/realities too, working through distortions and starting to realize this is a “full time” job/experience, which requires a massive shift in priorities and what’s important quite substantially changes as well. Holding on is no longer desirable, as it becomes what anchors/weights each/binds/holds each to the old…..(and “the new” is soooooooooooo much more awesome and exciting!)The most important thing is to go DEEPer inward and experience all from this depth and honor the importance of all of these processes…. (and LET GO of all judgment or expectation of “how” you thought everything was)…Days and days of increasing high frequency photonics/harmonics, off the charts (is normal), so being able to integrate/stabilize and shift WITH ALL is beyond important….. Full presence is required to do this.Photonic Light/Quantum Consciousness
More expansion, new realizations, new awareness…. means shifting is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier and vibrational alignment “can be” too (if we will embrace and honor from inside) and do as we see is highest aligned….The passageway leading up to the Lions’ Gate was preparation for the completion cycle of “after” (portals don’t close like we would think, yet they can only be consciously activated through continual heart consciousness expansion)…Once Cosmic/Universal Codes are “released” to become available, they are available to all. Yet “how” these are activated are vibrational and each EXPANDS their own Consciousness to be able to activate them and then “learn”/understand/see “how” to “apply” them to their own lives….This is a whole new way of living and functioning….August 12th: I awoke to seeing how the Whole Earth Shifted into a whole new vibrational level and each began their next phase of their “illusion”. I saw where many will not realize this, because it can be soooo subtle and take “time” for many to start to really see/understand … so it’s important to pay attention to the subtleties and keep tuning in through your own highest state and be open to nuances and subtle differences to show you that things are “different”….We do this from deep within, through Pure Presence and our own Deep Sacred Connection with all… We observe through the inner EYE of our heart (Pineal) and listen with our hearts, experience through our pure hearts…. honoring silence where higher frequencies can be heard and assimilated with greater ease……. Be patient and just observe, with your whole being…….. allow yourself to FEEL the softness available, the beauty, the simplicity and the ease when your whole being expands fully….. (which means your head will no longer be “in the way”…August 15th: Awoke to a Clarion Call going out across “the ethers” (through each’s/collective consciousness). These can vary depending on the phase each is currently in and the roles each fulfills here. We’ve had these regularly through the “years”, every time it’s time for each to step up more/step further into their next roles here…. This one was “WE NEED EMBODIERS” and then observing how so many are still playing out ego-separation in their lives in many ways. Embodiment is LIVING THIS, without the distortions, purity and by BEing your highest aspect(s) fully and not playing in the games of the “old”. Clarion Calls are “Soul”. “New Missions” are how Galactics receive…. They are the same, just different frequency waves of receiving “new purposes/roles” to fulfill….You see what you see/feel/received. I only speak this as when I mentioned it to another, she heard the “Clarion Call” too, yet didn’t fully realize…It’s funny, because there is SO MUCH and “nothing” all at the same time. To recap it all would take forever…. so I just share on a few points that are a blanket collective, rather than breaking down all the individual ones on a multi-dimensional level here.
Expanded sharings will be posted when completed for all.*****
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Intuitive Astrology: Venus and Mars Align 2019 ~ August 17, 2019

By Tanaaz

Venus and Mars will align in the sky on August 24, 2019, at 4 degrees of Virgo, shining down creativity and activating soulmate and twin flame contracts.

While they come together on August 24, we are going to feel this energy for about a week on either side of this date.

Venus represents sacred feminine energy. This energy goes beyond gender and lives within all of us and all of nature. It is represented by wavy lines, running water, and the process of flowing. It is that intuitive whisper, that tear trickling down the cheek, that open heart, and the wanderer’s journey. It is a cool breeze, the sound of rain, the Moon, and the dark night sky.

Mars represents sacred masculine energy. This energy also goes beyond gender and lives with all of us and all of nature. It is represented by straight lines, still water, and the process of scheduling and organizing. It is our rational mind, the ability to speak our truth, and the stability and security we need to survive this 3D world. It is the warm Sun, the bright blue sky, and the feeling of accomplishment as we close our eyes at the end of the day.

Feminine and Masculine energy work hand in hand. They are the yin and the yang of life and we need both to feel balanced.

Mars and Venus are always with us, but when they come together, we experience a rebirth of their energies and a new awakening of both the feminine and masculine energies within us.

With this awakening, it is going to help us shift our attitudes towards our sexuality, our relationships, our creativity, and the feminine and masculine principles within.

Venus and Mars meet every two years or so, but the last time they aligned in Virgo was back in November 2015. You can look back to this time to see how your attitudes around these areas have grown and transformed.

Venus and Mars coming together is also going to active soulmate and twin flame contracts. You can read more about my take on twin flames and soulmates here and here, but this is how we may see this activation manifesting-

  • We may encounter a soulmate or twin flame.
  • We may enter into a new romantic relationship.
  • We may experience spiritual awakenings that are inspired or triggered by a romantic partner.
  • We may end relationships that are no longer serving us or that we have outgrown.
  • Someone significant may exit our lives as a signal that it’s time for us to start a new chapter.
  • We may gain insights or confirmation on the soulmates or twin flames in our lives.
  • Soulmate or twin flame wounds may emerge for healing.
  • More soulmates and twin flames will awaken and arrive on Earth.
  • The definition of soulmates and twin flames may also evolve and new insights on these special souls may come forward.

Venus and Mars aligning in the sign of Virgo is also going to activate our creative spark and give us a boost of motivation when it comes to kickstarting or completing any projects.

Venus and Mars aligning at 4 degrees of Virgo is also significant in its own way.

The Sabian Symbol for 4 degrees of Virgo is – “A man dreaming of fairies.” Representing a time to dream, a time of fairytales and fantasy, and a time for us to connect with nature spirits.

Venus and Mars aligning is the ultimate creative force, but together they are also playful, much like the nature spirits that surround us.

Nature spirits oversee the laws of the natural world but they are also known for their fun, lighthearted, and somewhat mischevious energy. They like to hide under leaves and behind trees, and are usually attracted to the laughter of children.

It can be easy to dismiss the notion of Nature spirits, but you can think of them as representing the spirit of nature or the elements.

The next time you are deep in nature and have some quiet time alone, ask the nature spirits to show themselves to you. See for yourself whether or not they exist. Who knows what you may encounter!

Venus and Mars aligning is a time to create, to play, and to merge with the spirit of nature. It is a time to remember that through all the chaos of life, and the heartache it contains, Mother Earth is a beautiful, expansive place with the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy contained within.

All through nature, we can observe the masculine and feminine principles, the yin and the yang. It is only in our human selves that we have forgotten the importance of this balance.

If you are looking to balance yourself with either feminine or masculine energies here are a few tips:

Bringing in more Venus/feminine energy:

  • Take a yin yoga class
  • Take slow, deep breaths
  • Practice listening to your intuition
  • Spend time near water
  • Charge crystals under the Moon
  • Connect with the phases of the Moon
  • Do some heart-opening exercises
  • Spend time meditating in nature
  • Read, write poetry, or write fantasy stories
  • Eat raw foods and limit animal products
  • Reflect and spend time alone
  • Disregard lists such as these and just do what you feel

Bringing in more Mars/masculine energy:

  • Do strength training, aerobics or another vigorous form of exercise
  • Journal or write letters to get what’s on your mind out on paper
  • Set plans and make goals
  • Do some grounding exercises
  • Charge crystals under the Sun
  • Spend time hiking or being active in nature
  • Assert yourself or put yourself out there
  • Meditate under the Sun (with SPF on of course)
  • Do puzzles or other word games
  • Eat warm, spicy foods
  • Spend time with friends
  • Adopt a “can do” attitude
  • Consult lists such as these

Venus and Mars coming together is a rare treat, and a time of unity. It is like the sperm fertilizing the egg, the two cosmic lovers coming in for that fated first kiss, it is the symbol for the yin and yang of the Universe.

Use this energy to find your balance, your creativity, and your motivation. Use it to remind yourself that you too are a spirit of Nature and connected to the elements around you.

Venus and Mars will next meet in July 2021.


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Daily Energetic Navigation – Fully Loaded ~ August 17, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Emotions are now at peak levels within the collective and we continue sorting through as all of the ugly comes up to be seen, choices are to be made and you will See easily those ready now to choose to walk in light, to choose Self and to explore the new fields, and for some those old emotions are going to take them Deep C Diving to discover the depths of their ocean floor…….again.

Some folk find the repeat loops important to check and check again if everything has been experienced of that octave, it’s a little like the obsession of constantly checking windows due to OCD, the feeling of fear that arises in case the checking hasn’t been done correctly, that you may have missed something and yet somewhere deep within your heart you will know that all was completed correctly, that no matter how many time you Dive into your Consciousness that ocean floor has been studied and there is nothing left to see…..other than the same old same old.

Something to think about here, especially during this transit of the Moon conjuncting Neptune in which those clearing aspects of the 3rd or 4th frequencies are bound to be getting caught up in a huge swirl of emotional, ego thoughts and fear, regrets and a need to go back to the old ways just to pacify the ego needs, if you are considering to choose unconscious timelines then please take a safety line with you…..

Be aware of your subconscious drivers, look at the agenda, what is the driving force, are you looking for comfort, are you scared of the new, are you sick of the emotional turmoil within and are finding the easiest way to make it stop, are you holding attachments? Whatever’s surfacing IS here for you to identify within and clear the associated false beliefs and unconscious programming, much of this energy is bringing up the emotional lines of the nurturer and whilst you are most likely fixated on the out there world, your reality, the work that is required begins within and until that work is completed there are no opportunities for renewal because the frequency held is still at that same level, the focus is still the same as it is rooted in lack. Until it is all provided for within we can only ever offer the sketchy version of Self. Also when there are others involved its essential to scan over their subconscious drivers, and when Neptune is in play this is easily Seen, as I said on my recent video a sorry is only ever a changed behaviour and renewal can only open when all is in harmony, when all subconscious drivers are heading in the same direction with the same purpose.

Moon conjunct Neptune really climaxes the recent transits our moon has been making, please see reports below, specifically this past week to get an idea of how super charged our Lunar Goddess currently is, and today she is sitting with Neptune.

If Venus is earthly love then Neptune is Divine, unconditional love, and represents our connection to our Universe through its watery streams, Neptune also rules the oceans which again is a reflection of how we are all one, how nothing is separate and it is a role of Neptune to erode those boulders that stand in the way of Oneness, never underestimate the power of water.

Water holds a ridiculous amount of data, our Universe is filled with water droplets and vapour, our world, our bodies, all frequencies are held in our fluid and whatever our vibration will be circulating through our watery networks and systems within and travel through each cell and this dictates our field, even our words hold vapour, a whisper has the same power as The Butterfly Effect, in fact words are the most powerful spells so please be aware of the water you are programming and sending into the collective, more so during these emotional waves because these coded bubbles of communication and dialogue within the physical will be manifesting rapidly in these energies.

The moon represents emotions, the relationship between Mother and child, its all about FEEL and until you hold the ability to observe the moon shows us to be quite reactive emotionally. The moon as we know controls the tides and so we can see easily how these two celestial bodies work together and loudly!

So the lower octaves of this transit most often take you to the back of our cosmic ship and you look at the path behind us, regret, guilt and such feelings arise and empathy can easily take you back into the unconscious realms, please remember that whilst you are standing gazing out the back of your ship there is no one steering it into the new, and with the amount of data this transit creates it becomes more difficult to decipher what are your feelings, what are theirs, what is the collective and the overwhelm of FEEL can begin, empaths, those learning to understand the data will no doubt feel the confusion, but the heart will guide those into SOULitude to zero point it all out, to figure it all out.

Cosmic surfers and those learning to see multidimensionality will find so much to surf during this transit, the opportunities are ABUNDANT, creativity heightens, wisdom pours in and its through this transit that we begin to dream and set the seeds for manifestation, we are feeling the importance of holding and emanating the high frequencies we have anchored to assist all in our spectrum to focus on the build of this new template that is the foundation of our new Sacred Field. Those “aha” moments are going to be entering, that internal KNOWING gets loud and if you are at the phase of releasing something of old you will see with ease the why’s and wherefores, the patterns will become incredibly clear.

As Neptune holds the spectrum of the Victim and the Saviour we realise the collective will no doubt feel like a huge pot of gloopy soup, sensitivity will be high however the conscious surfer move this sensitivity out of the emotional pool and use this energy wisely by taking the time to be with Self, to meditate, to journal, to be out in nature, to ensure every action is that of conscious being and as Compassion is so easily achieved we move easily, in flow with the harmonies of Earth and allow all to move for the greater good of All.

Oh and hydrate, feeling dehydrated will be symbolic

All this water, all this data flowing in means one thing……SURFS UP DUDE!

And there is nothing I find more joyous than surfing these super waves, so I have a little quest today for us all, instead of filling the thread with words lets fill the thread with super awesome photos of your special moments, things of beauty and abundance!

Today will be simple….are you choosing to look out the back of your ship or are you going to take that commanders seat and travel forward with us into the unknown.

Conscious or Unconscious….the choice is yours


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Sananda ~ Love is Always Calling ~ August 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: The concept of this article is too true…consistently holding the higher vibration of Love changes everything in your own personal world for the better! This may be better known to some as the Universal Law Of Attraction at work!

Let go of those issue causing pain in your life, let go of the very pain these issues cause. How to do this? Seek and find other things to dwell upon, even if these are happy memories and imagination (imagination is great tool so little used!). Use your mind and thoughts habits to stay in a good place and watch your life start evolving in the best of ways, and BE…



Channeled By: John Smallman


Although this does not appear to be the case, humanity is on the fast track to awakening. It has always been the collective intent that humanity awaken from the dream or nightmare that it appears to be actually living and experiencing so very realistically. The realism is because the vast majority of you fully identify with your bodies which are very vulnerable to pain and suffering through disease, accident, and conflict. When you chose to experience separation from Source you also chose to use your bodies as as your main means of experiencing life in form, effectively shutting out the absolute vastness of Reality, and thus reducing your ability to enjoy the fullness of life. Instead avoidance of pain and suffering became one of your driving motivations, along with the motivation to seek pleasure as a distraction from the seemingly never ending succession of painful realities with which life in form is constantly presenting you.

In this present age, the twenty first century, as a result of the recent advances in science, medicine, philosophy, and psychology it has come to humanity’s awareness that by changing your beliefs and how you choose to perceive others and the world around you, you can successfully manage your life experiences so that they are positively uplifting, inspiring, and enjoyable . . . or fear-filled, anxious, and painful. You do each have the intellectual and the spiritual tools you need to build lives that fulfill you, but very often you allow moods of a negative nature to influence you unduly and unhelpfully. As I have told you before, you are all powerful divine beings who have chosen to place yourselves in situations that are limiting and restrictive. From that place you then choose how to proceed, either positively trusting your intuition and engaging in life with honesty, integrity, and loving respect for one another, or as victims in an environment over which you believe that you have no control at all.

Life is an aspect of Love, and if you will allow it to do so it will flow as you intended that it should before you incarnated. Your incarnation was not blind chance! You chose to incarnate as a human at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution so that you could participate most meaningfully in the collective awakening process. Even if you are unaware of this you are, nevertheless, following a path that you most carefully designed in cooperation with other members of your soul family, and in which you were also most divinely guided. The vast majority of humans do not have a clear picture of their reasons for incarnating or of how their life paths will unfold. However, in every moment, your support team in the non physical realms is watching over you most lovingly, and is instantly available to answer your calls if you choose to seek guidance from them. They will not put you on hold if and when you do call, but very frequently you allow yourselves to be distracted by your thought processes, moods, and emotions even as you are calling on them for assistance, and so frequently you do not hear their wise and loving responses.

This is why every message received from those in the spiritual realms continually stresses the need for you to take time out daily to go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and while there to relax, let go of any judgments, bitterness, resentments, blames, or thoughts that someone, anyone, owes you restitution for their mistreatment or misunderstanding of you. When you engage with thoughts and beliefs of that nature you block out the Love residing within you, which is always there waiting to embrace you, guide you, and comfort you.

Love is always, and eternally, unconditionally accepting, and your true nature is identical to It. However, when you engage with unloving thoughts, judgments, and beliefs, you yourselves shut yourselves off from Love. Love is always calling to you to remind you of your true nature, but, as humans, you tend to focus on judgment and on being right – it often seems to you that as a human you absolutely need to defend yourself or be on the defensive as the world and its other human inhabitants are likely to attack you at any moment – and just doing that, even if you do not express it to anyone else, is to be in a state of conflict. Conflict and Love cannot occupy the same space. Nevertheless, if you will allow It, Love can and will most gently and efficaciously dissolve any and all conflicts.

Some of you have tried being loving even when it seems that you were under threat, and oftentimes that intent, set very firmly in your heart, has defused the situation instantly. Expect Love, offer Love, and be amazed at the most wonderful experiences that follow from that expectation, when it is firmly backed up by your heartfelt intent to be loving whatever arises. As you know, if not consciously, then you certainly do know at the depths of your being that you are eternally connected to Source, and that separation from that state is totally beyond the bounds of possibility. Nevertheless, most humans have great difficulty in accepting that divine truth, because it is almost impossible for them not to buy into or get brain-washed by their cultural upbringing which encourages them to believe that they are not good enough, and attempts – mostly successfully – to persuade them to try to be other than who they are. This causes intense inner pain and turmoil which is then either denied, or very deeply buried in the hidden recesses of their minds, in order for them not to be driven to despair by a strong but invalid sense of having no value as a person, as they try to imitate or become a copy of someone whom others admire.

Please believe me when I remind you that you were created from Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, which is the infinite field of divine energy in which all that exists is eternally present, and that only you can fulfill the infinite potential that arose as a direct result of you being created to be exactly who you are. You are absolutely perfect for the role for which Source created you, and by fulfilling it, as you will, your joy will be boundless and endless, when you allow yourself to realize and recognize yourself as One with Source. No one can replace you in God’s divine plan, and neither can you replace anyone else. Reality, God, Source, Love is ALL that exists, and every created being fits precisely and perfectly into the position for which it was created, and which was created for it. No one is misplaced, lost, or abandoned because that is utterly impossible, you are each precisely where God intends you to be in every moment of your eternal existence, and you are infinitely loved and cherished because that is the purpose for which you were created.

As humans, living the dream life of form, that is not what you experience, however, the unreal but seemingly intensely real sense of separation from Source that living a life in form provides is too painful to accept and undergo, so you distract yourselves by believing that who you are in form as a human is all that you are or can be. Doing that eases and conceals from you the unbearably intense suffering that separation, were it even possible, would impose upon you.

That is why I and others keep on reminding you of your True, Divine, and forever unchanging Nature. Collectively humanity has chosen to awaken from the insanity of the dream, and you are presently undergoing the awakening process which is bringing into your conscious awareness various aspects of life in form that are not in alignment with your true nature, and which need to be recognized as unreal and released. It is painful but necessary, and it will pass.

Remember this message, and regularly remind yourselves that you are indeed One, One with each other, and One with Source, that your true nature is LOVE, and that you are awakening into eternal Joy. Therefore, as I have suggested to you previously . . . CELEBRATE. Your awakening is progressing unstoppably, and is absolutely inevitable, because you are bringing it to fruition through the infinite power of your loving intent.

Your loving brother, Sananda.


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Inevitable Changes From Dark To Light ~ August 17, 2019

By: Teri Wade


The expansion of consciousness is never ending because the Universe keeps experiencing and expresses itself into matter and form, to gather information before turning into non-matter this is what this game is all about. Return to light, non-matter, going full circle. EVOLUTION!

We never stop growing and expanding and it gets easier the higher our vibration, because we are losing our fear frequency. Meaning, the highs get higher and the lows become less frequent and lose their power over us. Our current system has to go into chaos in order to rebuild to a higher frequency of existence, tear down the old to build the new. It’s a Universal Law and the basis of every evolutionary process. A rigid structure cannot sustain itself forever.

Just like the Awakening process many are going thru now meaning the cellular restructuring of our physical bodies and the reprogramming of our cellular memory thru DNA activation, thru these higher frequencies. It’s purpose is to get you ready for the higher dimensions, the 5th dimensional frequencies. We are becoming our higher multi-dimensional self.

So many are fighting these higher frequencies which are forcing many to question their belief system, but it will happen to everyone whether you fight it or not. It’s inevitable…it’s just up to you how painful you make it on yourself. It’s like you’re an organism full of cancerous cells that are being healed. Don’t fight it! Once humanity heals itself, the system will follow…no doubt about it.

That’s what all this global chaos is all about. Remember, change only happens from within. Light workers are strategically placed all over the world to create a ripple effect, changing the frequency of humanity and the planet as a whole. We are entering the final cleansing stage of the New Dawn (New Earth) so is it any wonder why the Pleiadians call us “The Bringers of the Dawn?” 

We are getting rid of our 3D programming and no one said it was going to be easy. We are going in and out consciousness from 3D to 5D sometimes in seconds. This is all part of our recalibration process. Revelations of the old system of control by the global elite will be a “massive trigger” for humanity in our Awakening process. These revelations will be very dark and ugly but necessary. We are in the beginning stages of what it means to be non-human. Buckle up!


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Energy Update for the Divine Feminine and Masculine~Preparation For All That is To Come ~ August 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is indeed a true post for me in my world. Clarification is coming in this time of realization within emotional stillness. Tides are turning with the old being washed out in the sea of the past, and the new tide of self-love and self-discovery moving into lives in it’s place.

in our NOW, it’s time to realize our truths, gain excitement for the “future”, and BE…



By Remembering Mu 

This is an incredible time of completion for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine (and all those who have been on a Sacred Union or Ascension path). Both are sensing this and feeling that new timelines are preparing to unfold for them. Many may even be aware of the next steps in the journey and feel the excitement over this next phase. Still though, we are very much in the void and a place of stillness before this next phase. Fears may be coming up for many over whether they feel ready to step out in a new way, so more than anything this is a time to be extra gentle and nurturing with ourselves.

The action steps will flow naturally so there is no need to worry about what to do next or when to act. It’s all about Pure Being. We are releasing some of the final remnants of fears/core wounds, so it’s important to rest in whatever is flowing and keep the faith in these new beginnings that we can feel coming in. On the other side of this purification and moving through the veil between timelines, the knowingness and the action will come. We are asked to have faith that this void time is not the same as all the others. It may feel like a crisis point for some, and if this is you then trust that this is what is needed for your complete Rebirth. We have all the wisdom we need to get through this in-between time, we have been well prepared for this. We cannot mess it up, there is no need to place any additional stress on ourselves ~ all that is needed is just to rest in the knowing that we are being guided through this.

Many Divine Feminines are moving through a deep release but there is such a beauty in this release, a time of integrating some of the deepest cast away aspects of self. There is a knowingness with this release that there is great abundance (of all kinds) on the other side. We have gained so much wisdom through this journey and know how to hold the space for ourselves to come into wholeness. We can sense this change on the horizon and may be feeling the gamut of emotions ~ from excitement and anticipation, to fear and apprehension over how and what will be coming together and what these next steps will look like, and whether we feel ready for the next phase or not. We can feel the newness arriving even through whatever it is that we are releasing. We are learning to be truly present with ourselves in a radically new way, not just moments of presence to then checking out and numbing/distracting ourselves, but being present through all of it. The level of self-love we are embodying and extending to ourselves is profound, we are learning to be the parent to the smaller self as it merges completely in with our Eternal Self. From here, the next levels will flow and present themselves naturally.

For many Divine Masculines this is a time of complete surrender. For those who had been in a state of resistance to the knowingness they felt within, the walls are dissolving and the surrender is here. Great realizations and epiphanies are flowing in, realizations over what they truly desire and how at odds their lives have been up to now. There is a growing hunger for authenticity and soul sustenance that is growing within the Divine Masculine collective, and they are surrendering to what it is that they truly feel. The Divine Masculine is being initiated into their true Divine Masculine Power, preparing to step up and rearrange their lives in the ways they know they must to create that life that will fulfill their soul. There is a sense that they cannot keep putting it off and distracting their consciousness any longer, this is the moment of true surrender for so many.

For both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, this is not so much a time for action as it is a preparation for all that is to come. So rest, be so gentle yourselves, and stay present through whatever is flowing for you!

I love you all so much and am sending you eternal love, we’ve got this!


~ Meeyah 


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Bill Clinton Looks Great in That Blue Dress and Other Tawdry Tales ~ August 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Really, really? What the heck? How can anyone possible ignore the tenor/tone of this article…and this is NOT just something put up on the Internet with no support! I don’t really care about Bill and his lifestyle…but I DO care when what he feels is good for him, or any other leader, is not honestly or ethically displayed. Hidden deceptions…hmm, what does that imply about character/trust for a public “leader”?

Our 3D world is falling down around us, my friends, which is really good news as the unknowing and/or uncaring public will not be able to ignore much longer. Do you now know why the lives of the 99% (you ,me) are so miserable with the 1% leaders acting like this?

It’s all changing, so be aware, wonder why, and for this positive change then BE…



Yes, a blue dress… like Monica’s dress. And the red shoes—he’s quite the fashion plate, isn’t he? We won’t get into red shoes just now. That’s another disturbing rabbit hole.

Take a good look. That was your President, America. And he has some habits he doesn’t want getting out.

Unfortunately, since he’s a buddy to Jeffrey Epstein… it’s all going to be revealed. Guaranteed.

Epstein is the key to the depraved reality simmering beneath the surface of society across the globe.

What these people have done is considered crimes against Humanity, and President Trump signed an executive order early on in office to take these sickos down and stop them preying on our children—and worse.

It’s happening, and the truth will be nuclear in its devastation.

Painting of Bill Clinton in Lewinsky Dress Hanging in Epstein Home Was ‘Complete Surprise’ to Artist

August 16, 2019

Sometimes life throws you a gift, and sometimes that gift is in the form of former President Bill Clinton wearing a familiar blue dress. This week the odd painting of the former President was circulating the internet rumored to have been hanging in one of Epstein’s home.

The mystery has been solved, the oil painting which shows Clinton, legs crossed and wearing the famous Monica Lewinsky blue dress was indeed Epstein’s. Even better, the picture depicts Clinton in a suggestive pose in a chair in the Oval Office, pointing his finger at the observer. The painting, dubbed “Parsing Bill” was painted and sold by a New York-based artist named Petrina Ryan-Kleid, believed to be a 40×40 oil painting on canvas.

Foxnews.com was able to secure a statement on the matter from the artist:

In 2012, as a grad student at the New York Academy of Art, I painted pictures of Presidents Bill Clinton and [George W.] Bush as part of my Master’s thesis…when the school put on a fundraiser at the Tribeca Ball that year, they sold my painting to one of the attendees. I had no idea who the buyer was at the time. As with most of my paintings, I had completely lost track of this piece when it was sold seven years ago. So it was a complete surprise to me to learn yesterday that it wound up in Epstein’s home.

Read the rest of the article…

The “elite” have some explaining to do if images like that one, and this one, continue to surface. It’s enough to make you woof your cookies.

Sir Richard Branson

Branson is another friend of Epstein’s, and also owns two Virgin Islands, Virgin Galactic Airlines, and more. These are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. They have more power and influence than the average person knows.

Look who’s running the world. And look who Trump fired.

Former FBI Director James Comey has obsession with Howdy Doody and has sex w/12yo boys dressed as it on Jeff Epstein’s orgy island. pic.twitter.com/vScriw4NRm

— Naomi (@free_speech_627) May 20, 2017

The alphabet agencies have been infiltrated with these perverts and sexual predators. Those who go along and keep their secrets are richly rewarded with advancement, fancy titles, awards, medals, power, influence and gross sums of money. Blackmail and bribery are what fuel the infection in America and across the planet.

There was also “Barrack Obama” and his transvestite wife, Michael (as he calls him) and borrowed children. Both men are CIA assets installed along with Hillary Clinton to run America into the ground. They nearly succeeded in using Hollywood, DC to fool the People into their untimely demise.

Thank goodness the Patriots brought us Donald Trump and ensured a reasonably honest election for a change to prevent HRC/The Witch from entering the White House.

Michael Obama package

Is this HRC in her Howdy Doody outfit with invisible strings? They’re all puppets and put on quite a show for a long time but no one is buying tickets to their extravaganzas any longer. The People now demand, “Lock her up!”

The mainstream media have lost all credibility now. Virtually no one believes Epstein committed suicide. They can tell all the lies they like to cover up what has been perpetrated on Humanity but too many people know the truth and they can never do enough damage control to stem the flow or change it.

The Internet is hemorrhaging truth about the hideous state of our planet and the end of the ruling clowns is near and on schedule. Be prepared.  ~ CB

Small Skulls & Bones Found Around Epstein Island [Oh Boy]

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