Pedogate Exposure And UFO Disclosure Is The Same Thing! ~ Feb. 22, 2017


I  like this one a LOT because it explains WHY all the messes in this world have occurred! Now you know how all the pieces fit together! We ALL need to learn to think holistically and connect the dots of why and how our lives have been shaped they way they have.

Want to know how the world of pedophilia is tied to UFO Disclosure? Please watch this video, learn the facts, and…


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In the Interest of Time: A Message from the League of Light ~ Feb. 22, 2017


Luminous Dimensions

The time has come for a global revolution. While this is not news to many of you, we ask that you listen to what we have to say, as our perspective on what is happening is far enough removed from the maelstrom of emotion and logic breakdown that many are experiencing to give us some simplicity, some interpretive leeway, and thus perhaps some wisdom worth considering. We have mentioned that what is happening on Earth is akin to what many others in our field of service have experienced on other worlds, at other times. However, none has been so markedly attuned to the vibrational synchronicity that exists within the multiplicity of worlds that is in your now. You’ve heard it before: what happens on Earth now affects not only your world, but many. The ripple effect transcends time and material dimensions, and brings everything into the light of transformation. What that means for you, individually, is that you have the moment before you to move into a markedly more intelligent and creative reality than you have the wherewithal to yet imagine. What that means for your world remains to be seen. How your movement within your world affects other worlds is simultaneously ending and beginning a mode of being. You are in synchronous swathes of transformation with many relative realities, so it is well to be aware of your full potential from one moment to the next. The year before you is full of opportunities to release and expand, to seek and discover, and to meet challenges for settling into a new envelope of self-reflexive empowerment and wisdom.

Beyond immediate concerns of stability that have necessitated the popular renegotiation of what it is to be ruled, your world is in a state of flux. It is going to remain thus for a short while yet, until the facets of the harmonic whole can come into readjusted equilibrium with the whole of humanity. This is to say, you have a window in which to lessen the dissonance, to listen for subtle shifts, and to find the natural pure tone for yourself in relation to the heart of planetary sentient biospheric life. This is not about politics. It is about sweet blossoms being allowed to unleash fruit. It is about the reconciliation of human hearts with the legacy of past generations, with the generative past, with unheard histories coming into open knowledge unimpeded by polemics or grief. The first three months of your year 2017 give you a great moment in which to prepare yourselves for the unveiling of a new mirror.

As you have already undergone the seismic shifts within the geology of mankind, you are yet to undergo the rattling of armaments of mind that will follow in short order. Time is heaving the shards of broken epochs of history’s forgotten dreams into a mass of long-lost memory, and you are reaching the end of the line when it comes to making sense of the remnants of false narratives and procured reality bought with the logbooks of ancestral humanity’s sojourn. What have you now, in front of you, that is of the true fountain of noble humanity’s mind and matter? You have all listened to lies for so long that you have lost the plot, having threads to hang onto and even those, frayed as they are around the edges of your sane grasp of reality’s weave, are at times losing structure and meaning. Know that the lapses of sense-making are temporary, and part of the flux-stream that you are as one planet traversing in time. Clarity will arise from all of the narratives, in one way or another, but you should be aware that the split of dimensional reality into separate timestreams is one of the codes that is before you to decipher. Everything you consider is weighing one side or another of a balanced integrational diffusion from the shared now you are within into separate experiential planes. Whether or not this is apparent to you, it is nonetheless moving into place, piece by piece, and affirmation by affirmation. We suggest that you release the grip you have on the one you think is the most real and instead focus your attention on being in the right place at the right time for the best possible outcome for the whole of humanity, within and beyond the limits of your perception, and including your own soul’s path. It requires some discipline, but it also requires some intuitive flow.

Looking into the potential of the thing you hold in your hand as a reality-producing device is a fair representation of how you can most easily transform the reality you are encountering. If the true nature of everything were to be known, you would have no hesitation to move toward that which promises you the best outcome, for the most part. You can still find challenge and excitement by doing that, but there is really no need to go looking for trouble if you don’t have to. The choice is yours, but in the matter of knowing the true nature of the current reality, the truths you have been sold as history, the rules about the things you should or should not do according to a set of expedient fences and narrow pathways, all are lost once the truth is revealed. It is natural for you to come into oppositional thought in the face of dissonant reality markers, but this year, you are challenged to face what is before you with the thought that perhaps it is better to know what is true in terms of the most viable reality for humankind’s global benefit, rather than clinging to artificial structures that prevent the transformation of humanity into a greater and more fully authentic level of being.

The opportunities before you are many, and while we hesitate to say this one or that one is the better decision, we are happy to point out the milestones that have the greatest likelihood of moving the world into a greater and more noble state than you may currently be witnessing, but which you may sense is possible. Here are a few things to watch for, that you are ready to take on the challenge of transformation to the best advantage of all beings:

Before the end of the winter (northern hemisphere), only a few places in the world will be unaffected by sweeping changes that are brought to the surface of awareness through the dissolution of an old story and the uncovering of some very old secrets. Specifically, the way of understanding your own history will have to be reconsidered, and the reality of governance is going to have to come to terms with some terrible, big upsets. These happenings are only terrible for those who are completely invested in a system that has had as its underpinnings the determination of ignorance of the masses and the popularity of its own subculture of infernal liaisons.

Our advice: Go into deep discussions about your feelings of separation and betrayal with easy hearts, and understand that the lies have no further effect on human minds attuned to a greater story unfolding within the logosphere. Truth is stealthily emerging from within the language of doubt and distortion. Trust your ability to become transformed and know that you will not lose your authentic self in the process.

The month of March will be a time of total reorganization of understanding. Totality of regeneration, entirety of grace moving within systems, fullness of energetic inculcation into a new order of understanding reality are all part of what March is about. Initiating the string of openings is new information and new concepts of what it is to be human. From there, it is only a short jump to the understanding of humanity’s stellar nature, and the entry of the planetary organism into a network of multi-planetary systems of support and learning. Our own role is going to have greater impact on the thinking of Earth’s awakening populace, and we anticipate greater expansion of fear-based resistance and a simultaneous recognition of its illusory nature. The challenge will be to maintain the steady rise in intensity that has been asserting itself within your awareness over the past years, and equilibrate yourselves to greater intensification in the form of manifest shifts in perceived truth.

Our advice: Seek the benevolence of the higher nature of humanity by allowing that to emerge from within yourselves, and give that the expression which generates more authentic conversations among the public discourse. Seek your own higher engagement with those aspects of self which remember the pure nature of the soul, and give yourself room for integration. In allowing time-scattered pieces of yourself to re-integrate, you will together move into a new system of self-governance and sustenance.

In the middle of the year, you will be well on the way to gaining ground in having new modes of wealth creation and a different understanding of interdependence. Arising from a series of shocks to the established system of social order and organization, new systems will become more wisely and widely accepted as bona fide realities, and will in turn spur greater creativity among otherwise dependent compartments of activity. Beginning with the revaluation of the concept of work, this midpoint of the year marks something of a spark of awareness breaking a staid feature of accepted human activity.

Our advice: Remain within your current creation of reality, and stretch your ideation to sense shifts in your own personal creative stream. Everything that you experience comes from the origin of divine ideation, stepped down through successively denser levels of reality to become your personal environment of being. Realizing this, signal the divine mind to shuttle whatever new sensorial awareness is helpful in acquiring greater infusions of life in the expression of your sphere of action. Move with a sense of trust in this stream of consciousness toward what begins to break through for you.

August is a time of rest and getting familiar with a new fundamental feature of the universal rhythm. Give the nod to yourself to settle into a sense of joy, even in the midst of whatever turmoil is working itself out in various ways for those groups of beings who have some work to take care of. If you drive yourself too hard, you will be depleted in the kind of energy that would give you a boost at a time when the whole of humanity is given an opportunity to grow, later in the year. Adjust your sails, recalibrate your engines, trust the movements you find yourself making, and prepare a nest for your mind in which to let life live itself through you.

Our advice: Find balance without focusing on it. Give yourself time and space to feel and flow, and empty your self-awareness of anything that impedes free movement of the tendril of divinity within you that responds to love. At the same time, feel the roots of your being resiliently interacting with the conscious Earth, and the expanded awareness infuse you with the tessellations of more heavenly sounds.

Gathering through the later months of the year, into late November, a new feeling of sobriety washes through global humanity, free from the intoxication of lies and deception to which the greater part of the world had become inured. Less subterfuge is the result of having the truth be more easily understood, not only about the nature of the lies and those who have given them, but as well from the growing awareness that the nature of reality is far, far greater than the limited world you have known. What will give rise to this? Little more than having that greater reality standing on your doorstep waving hello.

Our advice: Get into the habit of forgiving and letting go of the accumulation of beliefs surrounding the things that have been part of your experience. Forgive the ones who have wronged you, not because you are letting them off the hook, but because you no longer need to feel the weight of hanging on the hook with them. Forgive the world for being inadequate to the task of giving everything to everyone, for that has not been the purpose of the sacred inner being of the planetary consciousness. The planet is sustainer, but in partnership with the creatures who habituate her dome of life. Forgive yourself as well for succumbing to weakness, for living out of synchrony with sacred wisdom, for having some degree of ignorance shield you from the fullness of life’s bigness. Once you work through the letting go, you can more readily experience the joy.

By the end of the year, expect to be in a very different place from where you are at its inception. This is the time of transformation, the time of recalibration, of redefinition of all that it means to be human. Your greatest challenge for 2017 is in releasing outmoded ideas of who you have considered yourselves to be, who has been seen as the “other”, what has defined the parameters of life, and where you have your home within the universal playground of soul. We decline to bring out specific instances, names, and events, as to do so is in direct counteraction to the directive of your own desire to discover and respond according to all that you have amalgamated yourselves to be within the present moment that you share. Sufficient guidance is given, however, to enable you to be more aware, more capable of responding in ways that match the highest resonance of being that you are within your right as human beings to claim: that of divine human, of clarified observer, of sentient participant in the unfolding of history at a time when the actions you take have far-reaching consequences, within your world and beyond it. It is our hope that, by the time 2017 comes to its own time of transformation into a new calendar page, that you have welcomed yourselves as new beings into a reality free from the constrictive ideations of the past, free from the oppressive hand of shadowy movements by malignant forces.

We stand ready to welcome you as neighbors and friends, family in the galactic humanity that encompasses many worlds and which beckons you to awaken to the open invitation to greet us as such. There is no time left to waste, dear friends. Moments of entropy will turn into overwhelming confusion, in the present atmosphere of highly charged energetic intelligence that you are in now, should you decide to stay stuck in an untenable vortex of denial. There is so much to open hearts, minds, and arms to in this moment of time. We leave you now to consider our words, and with a blessing from journeyers of the stars and of time, who have held your world in love and with eternal devotion born of recognition and remembrance. Welcome change, and embrace every moment of time that brings you closer to reunion with yourself, in divine knowing, and peace.


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“Field Trip” – Intel SITREP – 20:00 EST – Wednesday – February 22, 2017

Received via email at 8:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Today, General Dunford reviewed, authorized and gave final acknowledgement back to the Chinese Elders that his US portion of the RV was “field trip” ready, willing and able to deliver upon their gifting requirements.

This means the USN currency horse can now leave the barn, the TRN car has long been road tested and all OFF SITE LOCATION boats are set and sea worthy.

The Republic military is a go. Republic banks are a go. And politically, our restored Republic is finally a go.


Turns out this global reset was as diplomatic and political, as it was financial and military.

And the world now waits on the geopolitical “go” to return from China–out to all nations–from the mountains outside of Beijing.

Know the Elders get hourly reports back from all different sovereign national situations and active participants as to where they stand in this benevolent and new world order coming out of the East.

This includes Israel and Ukraine–who are the last two misbehaving sovereign children at the RV dinner table.

But the Elders anticipated a few hard core cabal rogue nations would not relent under any circumstance, so they factored in a mechanism for dealing with such malcontents.

Sadly, Ukrainian and Israeli national banks, interests and people will be left out of all RV benefits until the Minsk Agreement is signed by Poroshenko (Ukraine) and Netanyahu publicly resigns (Israel).

Quite a stiff penalty for not conforming to GESARA compliance wouldn’t you say?

Expect to see a new Palestinian state to arise and become a Middle Eastern power, while Israel takes a massive step backwards in terms of their international significance.

The “Israeli Zionism Headquarters” experiment came and went in exactly 1 century or the blink of an Elders eye.

Know that a 1,000 plus years of peace, prosperity and abundance await humanity now with but one simple “走” or “zǒu” which means a return “go” in simplified Chinese.

Be very discerning now of all media reports from here on out.

Most to all main stream media is biased towards the old cabal agenda and/or complete dis-information in some capacity.

Ironic that Trump speaks truth about the “Fake News” when in truth he’s a “Fake President.” Netanyahu fell hook, line and sinker for the Trump Trap… wink, wink, nudge, nudge….

Remarkable times we live in folks. Utterly freaking astounding actually!

God is with us.

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Etheric Liberation Meditation Videos ~ Feb. 22, 2017

Oh, my friends…please watch this inspiring video from Cobra and join in a planetary meditation this Sunday on the day of a solar eclipse! As more and more of us meditate together, we can make a difference in our world!

So…please watch, share with others who are like-minded, and…


Etheric Liberation meditation videos have been created in 23 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!

We need translations in additional languages, especially Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Swahili. Please send your translations to and videos will be created in your language and posted here.


English (audio guided meditation without background information):

















Chinese (traditional):


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Wild Energies! Changes in Partnerships and the End of Duality ~ Feb. 22, 2017

Anger up to rage, deep sadness and sexual energies and urges accompanied with intense physical symptoms such as the Ascension Flu, ringing ears, extreme fatigue are currently flaring up. Relationships and Partnerships are tested to the bone. Lots of breakups, fights, but also reconnections are taking place. Along with it comes a feeling of division within. An inability to take a decision or move into a certain direction. We feel frozen. As if angel and devil on our shoulders were having a heated discussion that leaves us confused in the middle with the feeling: “You know what guys, I am not going to do anything until you’ve come to an agreement”. Others are just experiencing pure bliss. What is going on?

If I had to put a guiding principle to the deeper meaning of the energetic gateway we are currently in, it would be authenticity. That is what we are pushed into now. We are going to explore why and how this is happening.

In order to understand what is going on we need to look into the energies that are currently prevailing and the influencing factors we are dealing with right now. This period already started on January 31 with a peak in the Schumann Resonance to 36 Hz. The Schumann resonance measures the average frequency on the planet and used to be at 7.84 Hz . Within the past two years, it has been up and down and peaked between 10 and 15 Hz. This frequency is what our brain waves align with in our normal waking state of consciousness. Through the increase in frequency, we are put under permanent stress. The amygdala (the part of our brain where the fight or flight response, but also motivation is produced) is triggered permanently and is pushing our fear patterns onto the surface. The natural reaction to this is that people freak out, feel bad and interpret these anxieties and fears as something negative. But… that is what keeps us in the spiral. In order to release the energy, we need to embrace this opportunity to get rid of these fears and patterns, by going into the pain, allowing the emotions to process the energy and being grateful for the release. It sounds paradox, but this is how the Universal energies work.


Energetic current Influencing Factors

Before we go into details with what is going on for relationships and partnerships right now, let’s look at the many influencing factors that are pushing the energies on the planet in highest frequencies. First of all, we are in an eclipse corridor. The lunar eclipse took place on February 10/11 with the full moon, the solar eclipse with the new moon will take place on February 26. Eclipse corridors are always gateways for great changes to occur. Our lives and routines and beliefs are shaken up deeply in those times. In addition to that, today is 2.22, a massive gateway to the great central sun has opened, which brings in new light codes for DNA changes and changes in the human template.

“THE major theme in this corridor are relationships. A lot of relationships are on the test bench now, many are falling apart, others are reconnecting or starting anew.” 

We are literally changing from our 3D physical existence into a completely new being in 5D. This eclipse corridor is accompanied by very challenging astrological constellations, depending on the personal astro charts, this can make the experience even deeper. THE major theme in this corridor are relationships. A lot of relationships are on the test bench now, many are falling apart, others are reconnecting or starting anew. The 3D relationship templates based on neediness and attachment are coming to an end and are replaced with new connections, based on freedom and authenticity. Plus: These high light codes and frequencies are causing a lot of physical ascension symptoms that I had shared in this post, before. 

In addition to that, we are dealing with the effects of a timeline split. At the moment, we have two 3D/4D timelines (i.e. realities) running in parallel to a 5D timeline which is splitting off from the old ones. While the 5D timeline is leading to New Earth, and a complete shift in reality into oneness, community and unconditional love, the other two timelines are headed into darkness and fear. This causes that we are experiencing duality in parallel. Happiness and sadness at the same time, being active and passive at the same time, being awake and tired at the same time. We feel unable to take any decisions and stuck. Focus on the 5D timeline and move your energy there. It can be helpful to take a moment to close your eyes, imagine a place that you love and that supports you with all the energy you need and where you feel happy and whole. Feel this energy and let it spread into your whole body and system. This will help you to see clearer, what the 5D timeline is pulling you to be and do.

All of these events are building up to the Spring Equinox on March 21. The energy on the 5D timeline will shift even higher after that and will anchor those, that have worked through all their fears and have transmuted the energies completely in 5D physically. A spring equinox is always a time for new beginnings after internal chaos. I have written about the necessity of chaos for major energy shifts upwards many times and this period is especially important. Chaos is necessary for a system to restructure and rebuild itself on a higher level. So it is important for us to welcome the chaos as necessary basis for an energetic shift upwards.

And finally, we still have to deal with the collective fear and chaos in the US with the political situation, that is triggering people to the core and bringing up a lot of old beliefs, insecurities, worries, anger and hatred that also needs to be transformed and cleansed. Again, it is so important to not get caught up in 3D drama, but feel compassion and gratitude for the necessary chaos to make a shift. If we react with fear, we are serving the darkness and the global elite that has ruled this planet for eons. Only when we choose love, we transmute the energy to a higher level. 

In times of hightened frequencies, our buttons get pushed a lot harder. That means the remainders of energetic frequencies we still carry within are amplified and are experienced a lot more intensely than usual. If we do not carry any low frequencies that resonate with the collective stuff anymore, the opposite happens. We are riding a bliss wave, because our high frequencies we have built up get amplified. That explains why some people seem to be immune and are just having a fantastic time right now. They are indeed: immune…

For those (and that is the much bigger proportion) who have not reached that state yet: Looking at all of this… are you still surprised that you are feeling so intensely and are feeling so exhausted?

Let’s look a bit deeper into this and what the intentions are behind the scenes.


Behind the Scenes – what is going on for Relationships

These gateways and energetic influxes of course have their purpose. Nothing happens coincidentally in this Universe. It is always working perfectly. In general, these times of intense energies are a blessing in disguise. In those gateways, more energy is available than usual. That means, that there is much more energetic power and potential to shift energies at a much larger scale than usually. The pain is deeper, but the amount of energy that is transmuted is a lot higher. Just remember to embrace it, not identify with it and enjoy the emotional release with gratitude, knowing that this is old energy leaving for good.eminine and masculine energies


The Dance of Masculine and Feminine

With the light codes we receive, and the energies raising, the biggest essence of this gateway is the emergence of new relationship templates. The feminine and masculine energies are entering another round of dancing to balance and learning to interact, learning their true purpose and characteristics, to connect with source energy, and how to divinely create with each other. They are learning how they interdepend with each other to create with love in the absence of fear. In order to come into such a place another major cleansing for the collective is necessary. All 3D fear based beliefs, paradigms and wounds need to be transmuted. And a lot of lightworkers knowingly or unknowingly are doing this together right now. So how does that look like?


One major part is the final cleansing for the collective feminine to raise into her pure-hearted, truthful power. The high energies are triggering the collective wounds of the feminine to the surface. The wounds of not being seen, of not being worthy, of being dependent and of being suppressed and ab/used. This can result in deep depression but also intense rage. By releasing these energies and transmuting them, we are opening up to our true self and immense strength.

“The feminine is learning to speak her truth from the heart and expressing her intentions and desires without any expectations, attachments or neediness.” 

We are learning to speak our truth from the heart and expressing our intentions and desires without any expectations, attachments or neediness. The Goddesses are emerging and are taking a leadership position for perfect creation of the new 5D reality. This is only possible without any fear. We are learning patience and being receptive, instead of trying to control and/or manipulate things. The feminine energy is the creative energy. It is setting the intention for a creation. Then it is her time to just be receptive and patient and let the masculine energy in its creator role manifest. The feminine is now coming back into her authenticity, dropping everything that is not serving any longer and was just a mask or figure she was cutting and is returning to her true essence: Unconditional, divine love.

For the feminine in sacred partnerships / soul connections / twin flame connections, it is very common, that these collective wounds and fears are projected onto the divine partner. So, whenever you notice your partner coming from the back of your head into the front and keeping you busy with all sorts of thoughts and emotions, you can be quite sure that something much bigger is going on cosmically or planetary, as it is the case with the gateway we are in right now.

“The masculine is now taking first baby steps in expressing from their heart and how they feel. This is VERY difficult and challenging for them, and it is so important that the feminine is holding space for them.”

The masculine on the other hand is now deeply triggered into finally embracing their vulnerability. They are challenged in their belief systems and wounds, just the same. They are now going through intense waves and thought spirals, learning to let go of control and to let go of the need to be the care-taker and fighter to sustain the family and to be the champion in an ego sense. They are now taking the first baby steps in expressing from their heart and how they feel. This is VERY difficult and challenging for them, and it is so important that the feminine is holding space for them, showing patience and gratitude for their first connection with their vulnerability. They are learning to reconnect to their heart and discovering their true self. The last thing they need is pressure. They need to feel completely safe in expressing their feelings. They need to learn that it is okay to feel and to share about it. They are also returning to their true authenticity and are rediscovering their divinity and unconditional love.


Intense Sexual Energies

Many are also currently experiencing intense movement in the lower chakras with sexual energies and urges. These energies are asked to be transformed from a fear-based, needy energy into a love-based 5D frequency. In order to do so, it is very helpful to redirect these energies into the heart chakra. This can be actively supported by masturbation to get the energy moving. Instead of releasing them via orgasm through the lower chakras, make sure to wait with the release until you feel the energy clearly in your heart.

“The current dance of the masculine and the feminine is preparing them quickly to shift ont the 5D timeline.”

The current dance of the masculine and the feminine is preparing them quickly to shift onto the 5D timeline. This does not necessarily happen in parallel. The feminine usually shifts first and then inspires many others to follow, including the masculine. This will be the end of duality. Once all fear frequencies are transmuted, and only love is left, duality cannot exist any longer. Darkness loses its meaning as there are no more opposites.


Keep your frequency high by embracing your experience with gratitude and you will realize how quickly you will feel better. The chaos after the releases on the cellular level needs a couple of days to integrate and recalibrate. But once it does, you will realize that you behave differently and feel differently from before. You can assist this process by grounding yourself with being in touch with natural water, being in touch with nature or, if that is not possible – 432 Hz music is also very helpful. If you want to learn more about raising your frequency quickly to improve your situation and find back into happiness, balance and joy, maybe these video tutorials I created for you are resonating with you.

So please know that what you experience is normal and part of a much bigger plan. You are contributing to the healing of humanity and to the creation of a completely new world. A birthing process has never been easy and fun, but once your child is born, you forget about the pain you went through and all you can feel is joy.


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The Current Eclipse Corridor ~ Feb. 22, 2017


By Andrew Martin

None of us will emerge unchanged by the energies of this eclipse corridor. Not just the two eclipses in February, but also the larger 6 month passage that culminates with two eclipses in August. It is not always required for us to understand what is happening at the level of logic/identity/mind. If the why is important, then we’ll be given that too. I am sharing this info with the intention of shedding some light on what’s shifting right now and over the next 6 months. Much of what is happening is occurring at levels that are far outside the realm of the mind’s understanding. Often we are feeling our way into it in spite of what may seem “logical” or “rational”. More than ever before our innate connection to our own guidance will take us through these uncharted waters. Success is guaranteed, it is written. How we choose to get there is what we are writing now. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

The Current Energetic Corridor
Major nervous system upgrades and re-writes as the Schumann Resonance is spiking to levels that are higher than have ever been recorded. The eclipses and full moon of February kick off a 6 month period propelling us to deeper levels of self understanding that is capped off by two more eclipses in August. The magnetic field of the Earth is shifting, astrological alignments that haven’t been seen in many years are occurring, CMEs, and the tidal wave of energy that the collective has been building as we begin to unite in ways we never have before are all adding up to be a huge game changer.

New Levels of Awareness
Our individual work has given us access to planes of being we haven’t inhabited as humans in a long time.  As always this is relative to where we are individually at any given moment. One person’s awakening is another person’s day to day normal awareness. Comparison and judgement of ourselves and others as more or less awake is unnecessary and only leads to suffering. We are waking up to our own unique divine blueprint which has nothing to do with another person’s. This is about our orientation with our truth. We are the only ones who know what our truth feels like and it is our sovereign duty to honor that.

It Must Be Loved
There is no wiggle room any longer to continue to indulge our fears, our insecurities or doubts. We certainly may still have the experience of those fear based emotions, but we can no longer allow them to hold us back. Whatever it is that has been keeping us stuck, whether consciously or unconsciously is coming to the surface now and it will not move until it is acknowledged, loved, and released. When you curse it you claim it, when you love it you set it free. The very thing that we may be afraid to face, accept, or do is the very thing that will untether us and allow us to climb higher. Sovereignty is our divine birthright and we can no longer cling to the small self out of fear of expansion or loss of the familiar. The time has come for us to claim what we came here to do.

Your Unique Recipe
The concept of “raising our vibration” often times keeps us locked in struggle as if there is a “wrong way” or a “right way”. Ultimately there is only the way that works for us. We have the tools and the knowledge and now we are tasked with figuring out our own way. It’s like a kitchen that is stocked with every possible ingredient. We may not need or want them all, so we just have to use what is appropriate for our own requirements in the moment.  While there are certainly things that can help us get clearer and maintain our energetic clarity – sound bowls, salt baths, crystal therapy, communing with nature, purifying our diets, etc. The truth is that the most profound way to elevate ourselves energetically is to go within and acknowledge the stuff that is asking for our love and attention. The increase of our vibration happens as a result of our willingness to do our own inner work. We can’t get around it. The sticky, shadowy, aspects of self/collective must be loved and shown as much compassion as the bright, shiny, beautiful aspects of self/collective. The only way up is in. Don’t forget to laugh, sing, dance, and move. Spend time with those you love, get a massage, cook a nice meal, take time to enjoy the pure, simple, things.

The Chakra System is Changing
The transformation of the chakra system is in full swing for many of us. The traditional 7 main chakras are no longer necessary as we expand our light body. They are now an outdated model. In our previous form of dense 3D human, the partitioning of our energy flow was necessary for the energy to move through our dense selves. Now that we are transforming more and more into our light body selves we see the chakras shifting too. The lower 3 (root, sacrum and solar plexus) are morphing into a singular energy center which we are calling the Center of Manifestation. The Heart and throat are merging into the Center of Expression and the 3rd eye and crown have merged into the Center of Communication/Reception. I feel that we will continue to see our energy centers shift as we eventually expand into a singular energy center which will be the shift into the light-body self.

The Path of Service
Those who are currently on the path of service may see themselves being called in a new direction. Our work is changing, our practices are changing and our clientele is changing too. We are seeing relationships dissolve and we may also be moving geographically. We are shedding our skins like the sacred serpent. Even if what we’ve been doing has been serving us quite well for a long time. If there’s another level of awareness we have access to now, we must step forward into it. We won’t necessarily have to give up everything, but we must be willing to give up everything. If we have been keeping our “spriritual work” on the sidelines or in the closet, we may suddenly find that everything comes to a screeching halt until we begin to integrate it into our central focus.

Relationships Are Shifting
Family, romantic, and business relationships all are undergoing transformation. We cannot hold ourselves back in the hopes that those we love may catch up or awaken. Many relationships were not meant to last beyond this point. We must honor the truth that everyone on the planet at this time has their own unique path to walk. They must be given the space for their own unique expression just as we were. We can no longer set ourselves on fire to keep another warm. Clinginess, desperation, co-dependency, dishonesty, denial, victimhood, etc. will all be brought up front and center. We are no longer able to diminish ourselves or live trying to please another or receive approval from others. We may also find ourselves connecting in divine partnerships. New relationships or seeing relationships go to a deeper level of connection (platonic and romantic) will also be occurring for many of us.

New Leaders Are Emerging
Many of the established lightworkers and spiritual communities will be called to challenge their own perceptions of what is acceptable or correct. The old ways of doing things may no longer be relevant. The Truth is always Truth, but the way that we access it, receive it and express it will change. Dogma is dogma no matter where it comes from. We do not require approval to do the work we came here to do. The need for approval is the death of truth. Many of us are expanding into new areas of work and are intuitively creating new modalities. Seeking approval from the external world will always limit what we are creating. There is no blueprint for what we are doing, so to use the old model as a measure of success is pointless.

Collapse of Time
The only reason anything ever exists is that Source seeks expansion through experience. The death and collapse of the old is required for the emergence of the new. Destruction and Creation are two sides of the same coin. Now as we move into the phase of transformation beyond healing, we are exiting the duality cycle of death/rebirth and see that everything is always evolving and expanding. Creating and living outside of time is inevitable as linear time is also a construct of the old. As we remember how to create in the eternal now, we see that the destruction of the old and the emergence of the new is a simultaneous experience. We no longer require the sluggish, linear, experience of the death cycle followed by a lengthy rebirth cycle. We see this playing out on the world stage as those who would keep us locked in the dark are finding that their attempts to do so result in an almost spontaneous emergence of the very thing they were trying to prevent or resist. The time for shenanigans is quickly coming to an end.

Personally I am seeing huge shifts in all areas of my life. The physical symptoms of this shift have me feeling often times like I have no skin! Lower back pains, hip tightness, and major changes in sleep patterns. The currents of energy running through my body are off the charts as are the sounds in my ears! Meditation isn’t required daily as I find myself living and being in a meditative state most of the time. I’ve given up coffee and meat and almost all sugar due to my body physically rejecting them. I am moving back to NYC in April, much to my surprise. My work is shifting yet again. The energy work has taken on a much larger role in my one on one sessions. This energy work is wholly intuitive, I have no name for it. It’s a combination of sound work, intuitive insight, and breath work. It is powerful, profound, and transformative. The feedback I am getting from clients has been remarkable. I am shifting more and more towards group work and the monthly Soul Expansion calls continue to create powerful fields of energy that are bringing in tremendous shifts for all involved. I find myself yet again in deep transformation with personal relationships. No area of my life has gone untouched by this current corridor of energy.

As of March 1st, my rates are going up. If you’d like to book a session at my current rate, then please book it by March 1st. The Soul Expansion Series for February continues on each Sunday this month. Part 1 of this 4 part series was incredible. The energies and information that came through were unlike any I have experienced yet. The next 3 are going to be powerful too. When you sign up for the remaining dates you’ll also receive the MP3s of the previous sessions. Click here to register for the remaining sessions.

I know that right now things seem chaotic and topsy turvy and that is by design. Often times in order to reorient ourselves in a new direction, a period of complete disorientation is required. Stay calm, connected, and in the state of neutral curiosity whenever possible and let the flow carry you.

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Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty ~ Feb. 22, 2017


By Kara Schallock, 02/21/2017

We are in a very powerful period. What hasn’t been released or shifted will be and this all leads up to the Equinox next month. There most likely have been many old memories surfacing, along with wanting to know more about ancient history. Ancient history does not belong in the New and neither does your current life memories. Pay attention to what ancient history timelines you’ve been attracted to and you may discover some of your old lifetimes. All is to be focused on the present moment. Do your lifetimes center around the time of Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha? Atlantis or Lemuria? Ancient Egypt? The Reformation? King Arthur? Druids? Joan d’Arc? It truly is time to let them go. You are being asked to be completely immersed in the New with no old patterns or beliefs in tow. There is no old karma to work through.

We’re shifting more completely into a whole new way of being. You’re either committed or you’re not. As I have said, Ascension is not for the faint of Heart. Things may look very different and this is shown to many as Trump being elected as president of the U.S. for instance. Change is not always what one may expect, so let go of any expectations of what it all should look like, because nothing may be as you might want it to be. 

Core issues and wounds cannot be wrapped up in one neat little package. Core issues are carried from lifetime to lifetime. They may be centered around deception, rejection, abandonment and so forth. They are part of your DNA and cellular system. Yet, now you have an opportunity to release them and all the stories that have been woven from your core issues. You’re not powerless; actually you are quite powerful and therefore, you do not need to succumb to karma or the stories you continuously tell yourself. And you don’t need a new story, so release the old in the Sacred Rose and integrate the Soul Essences you choose to feel. Your New Body Grid awaits you. Your New Body Grid is made of only Soul Essences you choose to be; they create the forms in life. As you integrate the essences you choose, your DNA and cells resonate with those essences as well and the old is dissolved in Love.

Many continue to act as though they are powerless to shift anything. Why is that? Are folks afraid to let go of what they know and what they are used to? Do they enjoy talking about Ascension, but not integrating it? Are they truly authentic with all others? I certainly don’t have the answers. I just know what I choose to do. I do know that many will continue to recreate the old if they do not integrate Ascension into their everyday life. With every choice we make, it must align with who we say we are. Every choice must be aligned with Soul; our Divinity. One must be in their Integrity at all times and their Integrity shifts as their consciousness shifts. If one is not aligned with Soul, then they are aligned with the old; with 3D life. To be in the New, we must be aligned completely, no matter what is going on in our lives. To be in the New, we must be vulnerable and realize that all is created from consciousness (Soul/Source/Divinity). It means to follow our Intuition no matter what. It can mean letting go of old securities. Ascension is not an idea or a belief or a bunch of buzz words. Ascension is living one’s life as a master. It is within; it is not “out there.”

If you feel directionless, let it be. A new direction is coming. Be in absolute Trust. Keep on releasing and keep on trusting. When we can fully allow and we can fully let go, we may enter a new phase of New. See where you are still holding back and holding onto the old. See where you feel powerless; what you fear and what old stories you still believe.

There is no straddling the old and the New at the same time. You are either all the way here or you’re not. This takes great Commitment and Trust. Make sure all your choices are aligned with your Divinity. Let go of any choices that are limiting or hold you back in any away. You see, we are asked to rise higher; and not allow apathy to keep us in our old comfort zones. We are asked to stop playing small in the old matrix and fully commit to our sovereign mastery, Authenticity and be more fully in the New. Wholing requires your attention and action, for what you ignore or resist continues to grow stronger…to get your attention. Truly, there is no blaming the outer as if it is separate from you. Where within you are your buttons being pushed? We are rising higher in vibration and must be clear of the old in order to do so. Yes, there is lots to be angry about and yet the longer you complain, the more you energize the drama, so that your anger grows. When something no longer angers you, know that you have completed a great wholing within yourself. Focus on the Beauty in the world and none of its perceived ugliness.

Realize that this is a journey. It takes Faith to be on such a journey. Let go of your goals, for goals have a conclusion and Ascension does not have a conclusion. The Ascension Journey has no beginning and no end. Conclusions and goals are of the old; they are linear in nature. Be in the Moment and you will be guided forward. Let go of struggle and the old desire to figure things out. You are not in control. Control is an illusion, born of fear. Can you let go of fear and simply allow yourself to Be? Learn from your regrets; for all has something to teach and guide you forward. Everything has a gift of Awareness within it, if you go beneath the surface of any belief or situation.

We are in a powerful time of transitioning higher in Awareness and consciousness. Our DNA is shifting higher; Gaia is shifting higher and we are receiving more Light to take us ever higher. Meditate and be in Nature. This greatly helps you be open to the intense Light flowing into you and Gaia. Surrender all that is not Love; all that is not you. Be in Divine Neutrality without attaching a meaning (the intellect loves to do this; yet the intellect only knows the past) and bring forth the Light; and then shine it out like a star.

Activate your Personal Vortex and visit your Temples within your Vortex often. The Temples are located within your Personal Vortex, which includes all dimensions, including Source. When you meditate, hold crystals you are guided to. Know that water holds spiritual properties, so either bathe, swim, or play in water or have a vessel of water on your Altar. In fact, having a symbol for all elements is powerful…a candle for fire, water for Spirit, crystals for Earth and feathers for air (these are only examples; you might choose differently). This balances you.

Here is how to create and activate your Personal Vortex:

Creating & Activating Your Personal Vortex

Our personal Vortex is much like the Merkabah in that it is an expansion of Who we are and a way to integrate the high dimensional Light. While the Merkabah is our Light Body Vehicle, taking us to higher dimensions, the Vortex brings the Light to us to become a part of Who we are. This is an important distinction, as we must ground the higher dimensional Light into us if we are ascending.

The following is an example. You may be guided otherwise.

Your Personal Vortex is activated by your Divine Flame combined with the Mother Ray.

First, bring up the Mother Ray (aquamarine and silver) from the Earth Crystal Cluster, which is at the center of Earth, and have it blend with your Divine Flame in your Heart Center.

Coming from your Heart the Vortex spirals outward clockwise and will continue to expand as it moves through the New Earth Grid and Crystalline Grid (now anchored on the Earth) on the Earth. As it moves through the Grids, not only do you energize them; they also become a part of your Vortex, and therefore, become a part of you; this increases your vibration over time.

As the Vortex continues to spiral and expand, it moves through your New Body Grid that surrounds your aura, activating the Soul Essences that are important for you to focus on and integrate into your everyday life (this actually helps create your New Life). Some examples are: Discernment, Clarity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust, Patience, Joy, Love, Freedom and others. The ones important for you to integrate will light up, like stars.

Your Vortex continues to expand and spiral upward moving through dimensions 5 through 13 till it reaches Source/the Galactic Sun. Once your Vortex reaches Source, Source sends Divine Love down through your Vortex. This is empowers your Vortex and you (since you are your Vortex) with Source Light. The Vortex then begins to spiral back to you and moves through each of the Dimensions, beginning with the 13th, gathering high dimensional Light to become a part of your Vortex/you. Then continues to move through each dimension, gathering high dimensional Light. It then makes its way through your Crown, fills your chakras, grounding cord, body, and aura and comes to rest in your Heart Center.

Within your Vortex are your Sacred Temples; they are the Wholing/Healing Temple, the Temple to Access Higher consciousness, the Temple to access Ascended Masters and Archangels and the Temple of Creativity. You may visit each one when guided for your individual requirements.

Just allow your Vortex to create itself with intention, generally using the above as a guide.

Don’t over-analyze it or overthink it; just allow it to happen each time you meditate.

As you can see, you are much much bigger than your physical body. You are the center of the Universe, and by activating your Vortex, you are empowered to integrate the high dimensional energies to be the Ascending Being you truly are.


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