Where Am I? ~ September 23, 2020

Hello, my spiritual friends! I want to reassure all that I Am in fact healthy and quite well as I have been traveling from living near Mt. Shasta, to living in my NOW…in the beautiful state of Arkansas, just chock-full of crystalline energy! I have been transversing the beautiful area of Montana and Wyoming. Travel has been intense leaving little time to blog.

Yes, I am now working a temp job as a hospital Lab Director in order to pay my bills. This is how I have been able to manifest $$ in there last few days of living in total 3D. So many eventful moments are occurring everyday of our NOW! The Universe (aka my Magnificent Self) has decided for me to shine my light once again in the clinical lab located here in AK.

So here I Am, working full-time bringing my Love and Light for all in my hospital facility. Thank you for your patience as I move in, settle our things, and grab a bit of sleep from the l-o-n-g ride. This is the time…These are the moments…to focus on the Light You Hold.

Despite what you see on MSM, know the vibrational rate of the Earth is rising as Quantum energies continue to envelop the Earth in arms of Quantum LOVE! You, too, can Feel this Love with your own Magnificent Heart, which leaves nothing but…

Quantum Joy!


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The Pleiadians: Network Grid ~ September 16, 2020

Beloved ones we greet you,  The energy on the Network Grid within your earth plane is undergoing rapid change. These changes reflect the internal changes that are taking place within your own energetic field and Heart cells. Your Heart cells can be likened to receptors; the cells are being transformed to play another role to accommodate the growing light vibrations that are flowing onto the planet.

They are like waves coming in on an ocean, flooding your systems, preparing you for the powerful upswing of transforming light, which is about to create another level of transformation within the environment of Earth.

You are being asked to prepare your physical systems to support your cellular shifts through consciously letting go. Being willing to allow change, opening your awareness consciously to embrace the coming changes. You play an essential role at this juncture through consciously letting go, even if you are unaware of what you are letting go. Your letting go supports this motion of changing vibration and allows higher realities to anchor within the planet.

This entire unfolding has always been about you, humanity participating by setting in motion the changing profile on Earth. You hold the profile within your energetic light to be the creators of this change now.

We witness you and work in conjunction with you by stabilizing the frequency of the Grids during this unfolding.


The Pleiadians

» Source » Channel: Christine Day

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One Who Serves: Taking Action ~ September 16, 2020

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here, and we are ready to move on with your questions.

Of course, you already know that The JoAnna is not here to bring her Dear Higher Aspect, Shoshanna, through so that she could be a part of this question and answer.

But we are here, we are ready.  We are here to be of service.  How can we do that?  Do you have questions?  Now you can unmute your phones if you have questions.  And we are ready to do so.

Guest:   yes, Dear Ones.  Can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes we can, loud and clear.

Guest:   Yeah, I never was a fading wallflower (laughs).  This is very interesting, this message from St. Germain, because it really speaks directly.  And I would like to get your thoughts more on this as well to what I’ve been thinking of.

Okay, we are being called to really work on our inner work.  I know that that’s important.  But it has also been coming to be that maybe we as a group should pull together and maybe start to do more action-oriented stuff, maybe doing things that might change laws, or change these mandates.  I don’t know what this might be, whether it would be petitions or finding out legal ways that we can be a resource for people as a group in pulling together.  And then he talked today about signing the constitution, which was concrete action.

So I have been wondering as a group and as individuals, is there more action to be taken, or it is more necessary for us to really just focus on ourself and inner work, and all that?

OWS:   There is never a point where you cannot take action, or you have taken too much action, or there is something else that you can do.

But we would say to you, to this group especially, that you are already doing it.  You are doing it just by what you are doing.  Yes, your inner work.  But you are  also doing much to assist when you do these guided meditations each Sunday every time you come together in this respect.  You are doing a great service to the entire planet, to the entire collective consciousness of the planet.  So it is not like you are just sitting back and doing anything.

Now as to directly your question though, since you are really very direct with it, we will come back with a direct answer here.  It is not important for you to move into those areas of legal type of experience or aspect, here, unless you are of that legal persuasion, which we find there is no one on this call that is in that aspect here, as a lawyer or anything of this nature in that respect.  So it is not for you especially to go in that direction.

Now, it is not to say that you cannot come together as a group, though, if you wish, if there is someone who wishes to lead that and do petitions or something of this nature, if you find that a petition would be of help to you.  But then we would say to you that you are operating then within the 3-D realm here.

But you are much, much, much more help here by what we like to call ‘coming in the back door’ in terms of reaching man’s consciousness, as you are doing, again, each Sunday, but ‘coming in the back door,’ so-to-speak here.  Okay?  Does this answer your question?

Guest:   Yes, it very much does.  I appreciate that.  I don’t know whether there still may be things I might do on an individual basis to assist some family members.  But yes, you say what we are doing now is already quite a lot and even more powerful—that really does make a difference.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  You are much more powerful as a group, Ancient Awakenings, much, much more than you can possibly imagine yet at this point.  You will come to understand, though, as St. Germain said.  You will come to understand just how powerful you are.  Okay?

Are there other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, I have a question.  Can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I would like to get some guidance on how to deal with this roller coaster feeling lately.  I am the type of person that doesn’t care about what other people think, as long as I don’t harm anybody and I believe it is for the highest good of myself and the rest.  But is there any recommendation that you can give us in how to deal with sadness and sometimes disappointment when people are starting to react in a disappointing way toward you, like very not-nice from the people that you think were your friends.  How can we maintain our balance, instead of getting in a confrontation with them?  How can we keep our balance and our harmony so we can continue to spread the Light?  Any recommendation for that?  Because, you see, I feel it is getting worse, you know.

OWS:   We can tell you, it is, from your aspect, from the way you look at things, you again as a collective you, it is seemingly getting worse.  More division is happening.  Your riots, your various expressions of needing to be divided, and all of these kinds of things that are happening, do certainly appear to be worsening.  And in some respects they are, but this must occur for the old paradigm to be stripped away.

First it needs to be brought forward.  First it needs to be shown for what it is.  And the old paradigm is right now being shown for what it is:  control.  And many people across the planet here in this country, and in other countries as well, are having enough of it.  They do not want to be controlled.

Deep within you, at the deep consciousness level within you, you are in control, and you know that.  And any time you feel a sense of rebellion against this control factor that is happening across the planet through this virus, and all of that, every time that comes up, you are realizing it and saying, “no!”  You know it for what it is.  And that is someone else trying to control you.  But deep within you, again, at the God-consciousness level within you, you know it is not possible to control another person unless they allow it.

Now if you allow it, that is different.  But you are not here to allow it.  You, those of you, are here, as St. Germain said, on your mission.  And you are here to be those signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Go be those ones that go forward, that show the way, as they did, as the Forefathers of this country did.

But, again, it is not just for this country—it is for the entire world.  That is the way we would like you to look at this.  As you continue to move through your daily lives, think of this every time you go against the establishment, every time that you say “no, I will not capitulate, I will not go gently into the night.”  Every time that you say that, you are showing them that you will not be controlled.  You are bringing up your sovereign right within you.

It is a universal law that no one can control another unless they allow it.  And that is what the dark forces have attempted to do, is to control you by you not even realizing that you were being controlled; again, collective you, here.  You see?

So as to your friends, your family, all of this, if you are having difficulty with them through this, then they may not be the friends that you thought they were for you.  An\d it is also, again, the separation that is occurring here.  The separation of the wheat from the chaff.  That is happening here and will continue to happen.  Those that are not awakened yet, they may begin to awaken.  They may begin to come out of their slumber.  But that is for them to do, not for you to do.  All you can do is put it out there, the Light we speak of, here, and if it is taken within each one, then it is.  If it is not, then it is not.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you very much.

OWS:   Yes.  Are there other questions here?  Nothing further?  Then we will take your e-mail questions, and then we will be done with the call.

Guest:   Yes, thank you, One Who Serves.    The first question asks about the Schumann Resonance, and what does the recent activity show?  I know that there was a blackout there for a while, 52 hours.  Could you answer that, please?

OWS:   Yes.  We think you already know the answer to this question, though, and it has to do with the vibratory waves of energy that have been coming in and pounding and pounding the Earth here over some time, now.  The collective consciousness is rising across the planet as these waves of energy come in.  And it is raising the heartbeat, we will say here, if you want to look at it in this respect.  The consciousness of the planet.  And the Schumann Resonance is representative of that as the electrical connections with the collective consciousness of man continuing to raise, here.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes, thank you.   The second question is, after the Solar Flash and Ascension, what will happen to individuals with physical or mental disabilities?

OWS:   After the Solar Flash, and through the full Ascension, there is no concern about those.  They will be taken care of.  In fact, many of them that do not ‘leave’ in the process (leave in terms of leaving their physical bodies), many of them will become ‘full’ again, we will say, here.  Because they will have completed what they came here to do.  And they will be a part, then, of the Ascension and moving into the fifth-dimensional expression.  And, as you know, as you move into the fifth-dimensional expression and those much higher vibrations, there can be no abnormalities.  There can be no diseases, no sickness, no anything that is of lower vibration to affect you, you see?

GUEST:   Yes, thank you.   And our final question is also, after the Ascension and raising into fifth dimension or higher, are there any cabal members still present on the Earth?

OWS:   There will not be cabal members, as you understand them.  There will still be pockets here and there, in the beginnings anyway, because of the continuing transition.

As you have heard, there will be waves of Ascension.  And in that first wave of Ascension following the Solar Flash and all of this, there will be still those pockets of darkness that will be there.  But after the full Ascension of all of the waves of Ascension, then there will be no more of that.  They cannot exist in the higher vibrational frequencies.  And they know that.  That is why they are attempting to hold the frequency down as much as they can and as long as they can.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes, thank you.   We are done with the questions.

OWS:   Very good.  Then if we are done with the questions, we will release channel.

Before we do, though, we just say we will reiterate the words of Saint Germain:

Find that power within you.  It is there.  It has always been there and it has never left you.  You just need to reach down deep within you and find it again and bring it up.  It is the power of the God Source within you, and your Higher Self expression that comes through your fifth chakra.  And that is a hint, people.  Work on that fifth chakra, okay?

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

» Channel: James McConnell


Payson, AZ
71 Light Workers

Have you often asked yourself “what is my purpose” and “what did I come here to do?” Have you thought about how you fit into our society and if you are following the path you …

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September 16, 2020

 During this extraordinary time, what I AM hearing most often from people all over the World is that they know something really BIG is happening on Earth and they realize intuitively that this is the reason why they are here. Many of them say that all of their life they have had an Inner Knowing that whatever they are here to do is going to make a tremendous difference in a very positive and healing way for Humanity and Mother Earth. They often have no idea just what that means and many times they even feel like they must be crazy to think such things, but they are not. Now, due to the monumental changes that have taken place since the Birth of this New Decade in 2020, every person’s I AM Presence has been able to fully integrate into the Core of Purity within the atomic and subatomic cellular structures in his or her Earthly Bodies. That means that this aspect of our own Divinity can now communicate directly and far more obviously with our conscious mind. For this reason, the Beings of Light want me to reiterate something they have been sharing with Awakening Humanity over the past several decades. This information has been given to ALL of us, not to flatter us or stroke our egos, but rather to give us the trust, confidence, strength and courage we will need in order to accomplish the awesome facet of the Divine Plan that is unfolding on Earth during this Cosmic Moment. Please set aside any preconceived notions you have about your life and who you think you are. Listen to these words with an open heart and mind. Allow your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Truth of this message. For some of you this information will reverberate through your Heart Flame as confirmation of what you have always known. For others, this sacred knowledge will sound completely foreign and beyond the possibility of anything you can imagine for yourself, but it is not. 
 The Company of Heaven has revealed and our Father-Mother God have confirmed that the Earth is in the midst of a unique experiment that has never been attempted in any System of Worlds. Never in the whole of Creation has a Planet that has fallen to the depths of pain and suffering that Humanity has experienced since we fell into the abyss of separation and duality, been given the opportunity to Ascend through two Dimensional shifts in such a short period of time.
 Since Harmonic Convergence which took place in August of 1987, the Earth has been Ascending up the Spiral of Evolution from the 3rd Dimension through the 4thDimension and into the initial frequencies of the 5th Dimension. Normally, a Planet’s evolutionary shift from one Dimension into another takes millions of years. However, this time through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth something dramatically different is being cocreated. The success of the experiment we are in the midst of is destined to permanently change the evolutionary process for every Son and Daughter of God in a most wondrous and positive way. Once Earth’s Ascension into the 5th Dimension is completed, never again will the Sons and Daughters of God, in any System of Worlds, inadvertently through curiosity and ignorance make the fateful decision to use the Gift of our Life Force in devastating ways that are not based in Love.
 Aeons ago, when the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth originally made the free will choice to use our creative faculties of thought and feeling to misqualify our Life Force in that self-destructive way, we had no idea what the results would be. We did not comprehend that our reckless behavior would result in the manifestation of the gross mutations and painful maladies that have caused so much suffering in our individual and collective lives to this very day.  But now, we do know. Once this experiment and Earth’s Ascension process are victoriously accomplished, the sum total of the details of Humanity’s horrific descent into the abyss of separation and duality and our victorious Ascent back into the Light will be permanently encoded in the Sacred Halls of Knowledge and Divine Wisdom in the Inner Realms of Illumined Truth. From that moment forth, every Son and Daughter of God throughout the whole of Creation will be able to learn from Humanity’s mistakes and avert our painful experiences by studying about our miscreations and our fall from Grace. They will be able to learn the lessons of what NOT to do through research rather than physically creating that pain through trial and error as we did.
 Our Father-Mother God said that with the Victory of Earth’s Ascension, Humanity will cocreate a NEW OCTAVE OF GODHOOD and never again will the Sons and Daughters of God have to experience the depths of pain and suffering we have endured on Earth due to the miscreations we inadvertently and often ignorantly manifested
 Because of what the success of this facet of the Divine Plan will mean for every Son and Daughter of God, the whole of Creation is focused on this one tiny Planet. That means that Legions of Light from Suns beyond Suns and Galaxies beyond Galaxies have already assisted us and are standing in readiness to assist us NOW with the unprecedented PLANETARY REBOOT for which Humanity and Mother Earth are now preparing.
 So, what does all of this mean for you personally? Well, because of the urgency of the hour and the critical need for Humanity to succeed in this experiment, nothing has been left to chance. Every single person who has embodied on Earth since the latter part of the 1800’s was specifically chosen and has been preparing for Lifetimes to fulfill a particular role during this Cosmic Endeavor. During the latter part of the 1800’s our Father-Mother God issued a Clarion Call asking for volunteers from both the Earth’s evolutions and throughout the Universe, who would be willing and able to embody on Earth in order to assist with this experiment. Literally billions of souls from all Systems of Worlds enthusiastically volunteered to serve in this way. They clearly perceived what the success of this Divine Mission would mean for Sons and Daughters of God everywhere. In spite of the horrific chaos they were destined to face on Earth during the final stages of this experiment, they understood what a Gift their sacrifice would be for all Creation. In choosing the volunteers, however, enthusiasm and willingness were not enough. Every person that was selected to embody on Earth was carefully evaluated. Our various Lifetimes and our personal experiences were noted, so was the way we were able to stay focused on the Light and to handle challenges in difficult situations. The Company of Heaven said that for every person who was chosen to embody on Earth there were millions who were turned away. That is not because those of us who were allowed to embody are more special or more evolved than our Sisters and Brothers who were turned away. We were chosen because our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven felt that because of the way we were able to stay focused on the Light and stand in our Truth in the face of all adversity, we had a better chance of succeeding victoriously with Earth’s monumental experiment. Because the success of our Divine Mission at this time will result in creating A NEW OCTAVE OF GODHOOD that will prevent the Sons and Daughters of God from ever having to experience the depths of pain and suffering that the Earth has experienced. Our presence on Earth is a Gift beyond the comprehension of our finite minds.
 Please take the following words into the deepest recesses of your Heart Flame. Our Father-Mother God said that because of the Gift Earth’s experiment is providing for the Sons and Daughters of God throughout ALL Creation,
 “The greatest privilege and honor of any Son or Daughter of God, in any System of Worlds, is PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT ON PLANET EARTH DURING THIS COSMIC MOMENT.” 
 Once permission was given for us to embody on Earth, every person’s I AM Presence was shown what our individual Divine Mission will be in this Holy Endeavor. Our Missions are as diverse as Humanity and they consist of the full gamut of Earthly experiences. The first part of Humanity’s Divine Mission involves those who will be working with the Company of Heaven in myriad ways to assist in Earth’s Ascension process and to cocreate the patterns of perfection for the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. These Sons and Daughters of God will also be called to hold the sacred space for the Awakening of our Sisters and Brothers whose Mission is far more perilous.
 The second part of Humanity’s Divine Mission involves the Sons and Daughters of God who have the most difficult challenge. These are people who have volunteered to reach into the gross mutations and destructive patterns of pain and suffering which they created previously through the fragmented and fear-based consciousness of their fallen human egos. Their Mission will be accomplished by each of them acting out of those same abhorrent patterns and bringing them to the surface to be exposed and Transmuted back into Light. This is the time referred to in the Bible when “All that is hidden must now be revealed.” Because of the chaos and fear this essential purging is destined to create, this difficult time is also referred to as “The time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth.” The tightrope the people are walking who were chosen for this part of Humanity’s Divine Mission is the challenge of delving into the quagmire of their own miscreations without becoming enmeshed in them and perpetuating their own descent into the horror of the pain and suffering they previously inflicted on themselves and others. Many of these people are successfully accomplishing this facet of their Mission. They are then Awakening and lifting into the Light unscathed. Unfortunately, others are becoming enamored with the trappings of greed and power once again. This is preventing them from wanting to change their destructive behavior patterns which is blocking their willingness to let go and to Transmute their gross miscreations back into Light.
 The Company of Heaven is stating clearly that both parts of Humanity’s Divine Mission are essential to the success of this experiment and Earth’s Ascension into the 5th Dimension. One person’s Mission is no more important than another. Remember, in most instances, we have all had hundreds of Lifetimes since we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation, so we have probably all been everything and done everything. At this critical time, as we observe the mind boggling negativity that is surfacing in the outer world and the adversity from these negative behavior patterns that is affecting every facet of Life on Earth, the Company of Heaven wants us to remember that YOU and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity have the ability to intervene in powerful and life-transforming ways. “Judgment” and a “holier than thou” attitude are totally inappropriate. We have no idea what another person’s Mission is and whether or not they are succeeding. Instead of feeling superior to any of our Sisters and Brothers, we should feel Gratitude for the sacrifices they volunteered to make on Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s behalf. Remember, “There but for the Grace of God go I.” Instead of criticizing and forming negative opinions about other people which only adds to the problem, we can easily become part of the solution by daily invoking the Infinite Power of the Violet Flame on their behalf. Due to the miracles that were accomplished during Earth’s Ascension through the Lion’s Gate on August 8, 2020, every single person’s I AM Presence has fully integrated into his or her Earthly Bodies. This aspect of our Divinity now has the ability to communicate much more obviously and directly with our conscious mind. This means that when our I AM Presence invokes the I AM Presence of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity who are embodied on Earth, our invocations are being heard more clearly and the other person’s I AM Presence is able to utilize the Light we are invoking to guide them intuitively in much more tangible ways.
 The Company of Heaven wants to remind us that the reason the massive amount of energy Humanity has misqualified over aeons of time is being allowed to surface at such an accelerated pace during this extraordinary purging process is because millions of people on Earth know about the awesome power of the Violet Flame and its ability to instantly Transmute negativity back into Light. If Awakening Humanity will daily invoke the Violet Flame through the I AM Presence of every person on Earth, the Company of Heaven has been granted permission to amplify our efforts one thousand fold every single day. The Violet Flame is infinitely more powerful than Humanity’s gross miscreation. Through our invocations we have the ability to Transmute unfathomable amounts of the surfacing negativity back into Light in what will be perceived as “the twinkling of an eye.”
 If you have the Heart Call to assist Humanity and Mother Earth in this profound way, please join Lightworkers around the World with your daily invocations. Your I AM Presence will guide you intuitively to invoke the Violet Flame in a way that resonates within your Heart Flame.
 Today, I will share with you an example of my daily invocation to demonstrate how very easy it is to become a dynamic Force of the Violet Flame every single day. First, whenever you begin, take a moment to go within and center yourself. Then, take a few deep Conscious Breaths before stating your invocation.
“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Together, we invoke the Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns to Transmute back into Light every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief Humanity has ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown.” After your invocation, feel the power of that magnificent Violet Fire flowing from your Heart Flame into the Heart Flame of every person’s I AM Presence. KNOW that this influx of the Violet Flame is being amplified by the Company of Heaven moment-by-moment with every Breath you take throughout the day. Then, when you wake up the next morning say your invocation again and you will create another powerful wave of the Violet Flame that will be added to the tremendous influx of the Violet Flame that has been bathing the Earth since your invocation the day before. Dear One, KNOW that your I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of every person is simultaneously flooding the Earth with Divine Love filling the voids where the discord that the Violet Flame has now Transmuted back into Light previously existed. The Company of Heaven said that it is difficult for Humanity to fathom how powerful the Violet Flame is, but they want us to know that our daily invocations will assist Humanity and Mother Earth in immeasurable ways as we prepare for our PLANETARY REBOOT.

 The Beings of Light have said that during the unprecedented purging process we are experiencing, Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven will cocreate a PLANETARY REBOOT that will catapult Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into frequencies of Light beyond anything we have ever been able to safely assimilate.
This unfathomable influx of Light will create the sacred space for a quantum shift within the mass consciousness of Humanity that will positively affect every person, place, condition and thing now manifesting in the world of form. This life-transforming shift of consciousness will allow the Awakening masses of Humanity to remember the training each and every one of us has experienced over myriad Lifetimes in preparation for this Cosmic Moment. The vehicle that will be used to coordinate this event will be the 34th Annual World Congress on Illumination. Every day from October 17-22, we will have a two-hour Live Online presentation with guided meditations and activities of Light from the Company of Heaven. The Beings of Light will guide us step by step through the critical facet of the unfolding Divine Plan that will be accomplished that day through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. The REPLAY of each day will be available following the Live event, and will remain available for you to watch On Demand wherever you are on the Planet. These presentations will be encoded by the Company of Heaven in the Eternal Moment of NOW. That means that whenever you have the Heart Call to watch these videos your I AM Presence will weave your magnificent Light and Gifts into EARTH’S PLANETARY REBOOT as if you are participating LIVE.
If you have the Heart Call to assist with this essential PLANETARY REBOOT just click on this link to register. https://eraofpeace.org/pages/world-congress-on-illuminationPlease forward this Newsletter to those on your mailing lists and social media connections who you feel would be willing to add their Light to this PLANETARY REBOOT which is an essential facet of Earth’s Ascension process.
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446
Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-347-5440

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Bringing a Slingshot to an Atomic War ~ September 16, 2020

Dear Ones,

Even though we have addressed your need to be right in previous blogs, we want to explain why such is so and why it is no longer appropriate.

When you lived in a 3D world of fear, you required divisions to maintain your fear boundaries. Even though the boundaries could vary a bit, you were mostly immersed in good and bad. Neither of which was an easy position. For those in the supposedly good sections had to be constantly alert to those from the bad sections encroaching on their territory. The same was true for the opposite position.

Eventually, 3D humans were always alert to the possibility of those of the opposing view taking over their life. As a result, humans were exhausted before this transition began waiting for the opposite side to pounce on their being or viewpoints.

Something similar is at the forefront now, causing all who remain trapped in 3D worries to be alert, to negate anything but ensuring that the opposing view does not permeate their carefully drawn lines of defense.

Many of you reading these materials are once again in the 3D pose of protecting yourself and others from those who have a different view. Your sensors, your total being is immersed in the flight or fight response.

Such is no longer required for you are retired. Not only from your world-saving role but also your need to worry that others may be bigger or stronger than you. A vague phrase that now has multiple meanings. For you are likely more worried about different beliefs and concepts than you are physical harm. Fears that feed your 3D fight or flight patterns.

What you have yet to realize is you are more powerful than any concept or ill will.

You are a Universal angel. And it is time to start acting like it.

Enough with crying to others that you will be overtaken by this or that boogeyman. Enough with your need to isolate yourself so you can maintain your new you status. Open the doors. Open the windows. You no longer need to cower in the corners. Nor do you need to physically remove the ‘bad guys.’ Such a statement frightens you for you are near the edge of your ability to accept anything other than sunshine.

It is like bringing a slingshot to an atomic war. That last statement does not mean war is inevitable; it is merely an example of how much more powerful you are than any boogeyman you can conjure up. And right now, most of you are conjuring up thousands of boogeymen. They are there and there and there. All the while, you are safely enmeshed in your life whether you are self-isolating during this COVID season or wary of those who are.

Do you not understand how limiting your beliefs have become, and therefore, your actions? You are so enmeshed in finding and destroying boogeymen that you do not have time to rest or find your joy.

Some of you dislike that thought. For you respond, you are protecting your home from fires, or someone you love has COVID, or those liberals or alt-rights cannot be contained. All factors designed for you to revert to your 3D fears.

ThreeD is screaming it’s last gasps of fear as it burns from the earth. Those 3D screams are so loud as to be deafening, as to roar louder than any sweet bird call or child’s laughter. Causing you – despite your Universal angel status – to ignore all that is right in your life. To see the fires, but not the healing wonders of new life. To see the hate, but not the sparks of love that have permeated 3D life and are now starting to roar back.

This is a new world.

You are initiating your new life in your new world with worn-out 3D fears and angst. Such is not to mean you are bad or stupid for doing so, merely a time-waster in this beautiful environment with your fully functioning Universal being. Allow yourself to flit through various times in your earth lives, to visit other dimensions or frequencies, or to travel to other earth places on without the physical implements you believe are necessary.

Most of you are moaning that you are not capable of any of the aforementioned activities. That you are of the earth and that earth is experiencing so much pain and anger, you cannot see beyond either. Ah, The old phrase, “But Mom, everyone is doing it, so why can’t I?”

Yes, most earthlings are involved with this last gasp of fear, and such is so for a reason. Those in the second and beyond waves need to fully experience that fear, so they understand how to shift it. Many of the second, third, and beyond waves have likely not experienced as many earth lives as you – or any earth lives. So they are fascinated by the fears as they do not have the memory bank of fear of you forerunners.

You hear, see or experience fear, and your 3D PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) kicks in, causing you to become overly dramatic about how terrible something is. Those in the second, third, and beyond waves note the same actions with interest and thoughts similar to, “That’s interesting, I wonder why they are doing that and how can that pattern be shifted?”

The waves following you do not have your earth history. They have not experienced fears of the depth you did lifetime after lifetime. For those waves following you, the earth is similar to a science experiment. For you forerunners, it is reliving the fearful past.

LET GO. This is not your ‘rodeo.’ This is not even your earth any longer.

You have transitioned beyond mere human existence by combining your Universal and earth beings. You are new. Your current earth fears are very old. Stop looking and feeling back. You are no longer of the earth with the deeply hidden limitations you experienced lifetime after lifetime that you could not address until now.

The only way you will heal is to let go of your fears and take a leap of faith in yourself.

You believe that someone or something out there is going to save you, make your life better. NO! You are the one. You are your guru and your savior. Those in the second and beyond waves have internalized that concept. So they feel quite comfortable addressing the fears that are sending you into your crevises, your hidden areas of fear. That is why it is so essential for you to address you.

Those fears making you feel as if the world is crumbling are merely replays of lifetimes that have nothing to do with your current life. Such will only become apparent once you allow yourself to focus on you and why your fears are coming to the surface.

To do so, you need to explore anything and everything that gives you joy.

Much in this new earth is reversed or different than any earth you have yet experienced. Finding your joy is how you are going to heal.

Revisiting your fear and pain is what you are now experiencing. Neither of which allows you to live in peace.

Your new personal counselor is joy. Your 3D counselor was exploring pain after pain. Except for those deeply hidden pains that have been part of your earth life for eons causing you to enter earth time after time with fears that only increased with each passing year.

ENOUGH. Your past earth fears are no longer. And you will only discover such is so once you begin to live your life in joy. So be it. Amen.


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New Moon in Virgo And a Powerful One At That! ~ September 16, 2020

The new Moon in Virgo will be exact, exactly at Midday, 12:00 PM (BST) on 17/09. I realised this at 5:55 this morning, and it’s all very Virgoan!The exact new Moon will be in a near exact trine to Saturn, and a powerful trine with Pluto, both in Capricorn. It will also happen in opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

This is a big event, and there are favourable overtures. The trine aspects to Saturn and Pluto, even Jupiter to a lesser degree, are very much favourable. The trine aspect (120 degrees) allows the energies between the planets to flow easily and effortlessly. What does this really mean though? And that’s the magic question that has no simple answer.

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are the main planetary players for 2020, and Neptune is very much a part of that equation seeing as it has been sextile to those 3 planets for most of this year.

Having both Sun and Moon in such strong and favourable aspects to the big 3, has to be a good thing! The potential is there for understanding, breakthroughs and realisations. There’s also real potential for just coming to terms with all that is going on. It’s like we don’t need to seek answers, as they come to us.As always though, dark forces are at work, and possibly never more so in everyone’s life time. Those sinister and evil people will no doubt look to utilise Saturn’s energy to try to control us, and Pluto’s to be dark and underhand; and then Neptune’s energy to deceive.

They don’t own the energies though, and they have no more power over us than that which we allow them to have.The better people of this world can draw upon Saturn’s energy to find strength and stability. Pluto’s energy can offer truth, insight and real power. Neptune allows for spiritual vision and great awareness.

The fact that the Sun and Moon will come together in Virgo puts a great deal of focus on health matters, and with being of service to others. It couldn’t be more relevant in these times!

In life, and astrology, you get what you give. Things are coming to a head, and soon people will realise more and more that those running the show, really are putting on a show, and so much of what you think is happening, is all part of a deliberate deception.

They are ruthless killers, and are all about control and deception.

It’s time to wake up people. We are more powerful than them.

We are part of the 99%, and Our Lives Matter


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The Future is Still Forming ~ September 16, 2020

So many think that life will go back to ‘normal’ again.

It will not.

Such deep and profound shifts have taken place in the last few months, and indeed immense paradigm shifts in all directions, that life just never will be the same again.

We cannot go back.

The old has gone.

The only place we can go now in any direction is in the here and now and being fully present, in the now.

The future is still in the forming.When I was meditating this morning, having a quiet spot by the beach, all to myself, with just the singing birds and the thundering surf as company, the mountains, and sea, my heart and soul was overflowing with gratitude.

It came from the deepest recesses in me.

With it the deepest understanding, that this moment was perfect.

This moment was a Divine Gift. This moment, brought Oneness in its most expressive form.No-thing was missing.

All was perfect in its cosmic, loving unfolding.Nothing I could do or say or act upon could add to that perfection.

I just needed to be held within it, and dissolve within it, and BECOME it!

There truly is a blessing, hidden within every seeming crisis.

There is a world hidden within a grain of sand.Most walk unconsciously in and on the sands of immortality and recognize it not!

Yet immortality lives within us, right here and right now.

What if that immortality, that perfection is now being created within ourselves and outside of ourselves, without our even being consciously aware of its unfolding?

What if we are looking of for a kind of world, which in truth has lived it course and has dissolved, and the New is unlike anything we ever have known before?

Look into your heart and allow the inner seeing to lead you, and not the outer you, the mind.

The heart-soul will show you visions, show you and guide you into a much higher and more profound, version of your own Source-Soul-Self!I was given such a vision again, just the other day. I had tears.

The vision moved me so much! And I realized that the old me, the old me, even before the Lock-Down does not exist anymore.

I have evolved beyond recognition.

I needed that vision, to remind me, that I now need to operate at in a much higher dimensional octave and thus need to expand in all directions, and not shrink or try to shrink back in what I once thought I was!

Read that again!W

hat I was given, applies to you too.

You are expanding in all directions now, and you cannot shrink or try to shrink back into what you were before!

What a gift!Embrace it!

Your playing small does not serve you, nor the greater whole anymore.It is all hands on deck and not on a sailing ship anymore – but on a huge Inter-dimensional, inter-Universal Mothership and entering infinite space!

What a journey of discovery!What an opportunity!Wow!Stepping into our highest truth amplified by the Power of Love and the Source-Self within.

Judith Kusel

http://www.judithkusel.com ********

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Get Back Up~Get Back ON ~ September 16, 2020

By A Gift From Gaia

Only this time Pay Attention to how this works now

Some interesting light codes have been coming through and there are two very prominent experiences that were on repeat for me today, one is a visual in which when I use soft view my reality screen keeps burning like the old cinema film reels projecting onto the big screen when they burned in the lamp, some of you may be too young to remember.

Also, my left ear has been signalling deafness in the field, that is until I chose to sit down and scribe the codes and I felt this imaginary trickle of fluid and the deafness cleared.

So here I am, translating the codes because feeling into them, feeling into the collective and what is apparent is that paradigms are collapsing, as they are now required to but there is a focus, attached, and its acting much like a weight dragging so many down into the depths.

Hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes are currently collapsing in this now moment, a now moment that through the dense physicality of being human is lasting hours, days and months and yet the more resistance that is shown this becomes a process of years.

The viewpoint of years will be reflective in how we view the collective as the purification process appears so much more slowly through our human eyes. A lifetime to us is viewed over a long and often arduous 80 odd years on average when unconscious and separated, however from the Soul’s Eye view its nothing more than a bat of the cosmic eyelid.

The collective is also simply a reflection of y/our physical (world/body/reality) which as we know is the slowest field to catch up and also the field that is bound to the laws of nature, well that’s part of the New Earth Codes, to finally stop pushing, to learn patience, to stop interfering and flow with the motions to receive the magic of rejuvenation and Source Abundance, which is something very different to the God Codes and the karmic abundance chased in much of the spiritual arena.Source Codes and God Codes behave very differently and they are easy to spot, those operating from the Source Codes are completely functional within and without all current systems playing out, or all dimensional realities.

God Codes feed from the systems and support the systems, they are the systems and these are evident in the rebellion that plays out when the systems are rocked, such as we are experiencing now.

The God Codes are simple in that when the system fails, the banks collapse, travel and tourism collapses, when all systems collapse the truth in the dysfunction through fear and panic is evident.Those operating from Source Codes are able to process with ease, zero attachment to the old operating systems and fully prepared to adapt rapidly to the new programming , these are the New World Community that is currently drawing near and forming and in this lifetime will show to defy the old laws and almost be seen to hover above the gravitational pull where the destruction is active, above the God Coding that has fallen into chaos.

And this is where we are at, this is why life is now making less and less sense to many, let me share with you a wonderful key….its not meant to make sense, that the point, there is a whole new language now being spoken, there is a whole new world in front of us and its now meant to be explored.

One of the biggest errors that is coming up is how the judgement, the expectation is being brought to the new field and folk are trying to play in the new field as though its the old and it simply cannot be processed or experienced in this way.Computer says NOIts a little like going to a play park and using the roundabout like a swing or see-saw like a slide…..its not working and its dangerous.

Apply the new Source Codes and everything moves with ease, everything becomes functionalContinue with the God Codes and experience the Wipe Out in the cosmic surfSo, going back to what I was sharing with the hundreds and thousands of lifetimes now in collapse, these are the God Codes in action, these are thousands of years of conflict and control playing out in this now moment hence why there is so much resistance and why this is so highly reactive within those currently experiencing.

The quicker the focus can turn to this now moment and realise the collapse, allowing the collapse and somewhat celebrating the collapse, letting go of that which is screaming in fear. The quicker the new Source Codes will install and a new process to operate becomes you the sooner the field returns to the vibration of peace and therefore healing, to then accelerate back into love and connection and from there into bliss and enlightenment.

Many are blind to the screams of fear, this is connected to the learned hopelessness and how much the race prides itself on self sabotage and also being seen as strong or coping. Its all very simple to spot in that all that is uncomfortable is highlighting the old coding and all that is calm, peaceful, healing, loving, connected and blissful is enlightening.

To heal the screams of fear its essential to go into them, to pay attention, to validate them as the ancient coding and all that entails, to then realise the difference in energy of the coding and adopt those codes that are most freeing, which are not connected to any systematic operating, none of the conditional stuff that plays around in “if” statements such as if this performs this way then and only then can I do this, some understanding on computer programming and if statements would be beneficial here to learn because technically that is how the God Codes have had us processing whilst we have been sleep walking.

One thing that is becoming super apparent is just how much the field appears to be ramping up in volume in those who are showing signs of disconnection, those who are not reading the field are experiencing many glitches and what they perceive as field disruptions.

The Divine Feminine is becoming more and more powerful within each of us and the resistance to this energy always appears to throw a spanner in the works to those not yet focused on learning the field language.

So things break, relationships buckle, weird stuff goes down and sometimes it manifests super freaky to grab your attention and begin a fast spin ascension cycle to literally eject a mass of that which is super sticky and attached out of reach so that space for another awakening can begin,It is most likely over these next couple of days as the Sun moves into Virgo and the moon meets for her New Cycle that many will be feeling the wipe out and this will manifest in so many different ways dependent on your ability to flow with the Divine FeminineRebooting with rest is most definitely going to be required.

If you would like any assistance in understanding the codes of light then I welcome the connection in which I will create space to assist your next awakening and the incoming healing process.

With love alwaysYour devoted siSTAR

AndreaThe Divine Feminine *******

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September 16, 2020: New Juicy Kew & Deciphering the Comms [videos] ~ September 16, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 16, 2020

Editor’s Note: Just a thought my friends, as a hospital Laboratory Director, I know a bit about the virus/viral antibody/vaccine cycle. It is far to soon for an antibody to have been developed against COVID-19 unless this has all been developed before the virus appeared.

Hmm…here’s a thought. What if the vaccine being brought forward by Trump actually contains the helpful and proven antidote of Hydroxychloriquine as well as some other helpful vitamins? Hydroxychloroquine is a substance proven to be beneficial for many health conditions, just sayin…

Relax, enjoy the show, stay safe in your shelter, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Kew is bringing the PAIN.

You can read all the new Q drops here.

As we approach Election Day (Zero Day), which is 48 days away, we are watching the CV Hoax quotient to see how stringent measures may or may not impact “in-person voting”. The situation is different from state to state, city to city. It’s sheer mayhem as the governing bodies jerk the chains of citizens across the planet.

Here we have a breaking update from the CDC—this, after President Trump stated that there will be a “vaccine” within weeks.

CDC: U.S. should have enough coronavirus vaccine to return to ‘regular life’ by third quarter of 2021

We know not to take the President literally because he is not free to expose the “plan”. I am 110% certain that anything the White Hats and President Trump develop through the military oversight and companies they have a controlling hand in will be safe. I’m not getting a vaccine or any other therapeutic because I just don’t, but there are a lot of sick people in America with compromised immune systems and they might want to indulge in what the President and his medical team have to offer.

As discussed by the President, any remedy developed in the Unites States for the invisible enemy will be for the whole world, not just Americans. I’ll leave it to you to decide if he was speaking of the coronavirus or the real contagion—or both.

Some folks are wondering if there is a link between flu shots and the coronavirus. It’s a valid question since the elderly are the most common ones to get the flu shot and also the most hard hit by CV. James Corbett works from comments left on his website from thinking patriots. Click in the box below to listen to the audio, download it, or watch the video.


#QAlert 9/16/20 This my thread for all #QPosts for Wednesday September 16, 2020. be water
spread fire they are using the cover of sharing water/bringing water to first responders as cover to move around “spreading fire”

Let’s go!!

Consider supporting https://t.co/IU9YMtOT59 pic.twitter.com/sjxgFx4sVF

— ]intheMatrixxx[ (@intheMatrixxx) September 16, 2020

The CuteTeam has been busy leaving crumbs like this one, below. As I said, Election Night will resolve very little. It will only confirm what we already knew and set off renewed opposition from the psychopaths.

4722 Sep 16, 2020 1:16:59 PM EDT Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 338ebd No. 10668955  Add it all up. 1. Virus 2. Riots [organized _ANTIFA] 3. Fires The ‘Why’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUxilJznKyY Make no mistake, they will not concede on Election Night. Make no mistake, they will contest this legally in battleground states. Make no mistake, they will project doubt in the election results Make no mistake, they will organize massive riots and attempt Anarchy-99 design Playbook known. Q

One might ask… if the White Hats know what the dark ones will do, why don’t they prevent it? I believe much of it has to do with the wisest and safest way to eliminate the enemy according to The Art of War. It’s not about the battles, it’s about the war. The long game. It involves allowing the enemy to expose their flank, to use up their resources, and tip their hand.

It is impossible to vanquish the infestation on this planet without consequence; without bloodshed or collateral damage. Most of Humanity will be alright, and that is the goal. Allowing the satanic soldiers to follow orders and create chaos is allowing the Earth Alliance to deal with them so they’re not a factor going forward.

When the Earth Alliance knows what the enemy’s strategy is, they have the advantage. They can manipulate them. Trump is a master.

The bedlam and violence is also serving to wake up those who have thus far not grasped what is happening. The situation is being managed, and I believe it’s going very well. We don’t want fear, and we don’t want violence, but the People should be sticking up for themselves, protecting themselves and each other as best they can in a calm manner.

The enemy is ruthless and has no regard for Human life. We must be ruthless as well, and do what needs to be done in self-defense. The Dept. of Justice is coming down hard on those who burn flags, destroy property, hurt innocents, and conspire to oppose law and order. Demonic governors and the Devil’s Disciples will be dealt with at the best time for all concerned.

We see mind-kontrolled bots climbing on the hoods of police cruisers and being thrown on their heads. That is exactly how we must respond to their aggressive acts. No quarter. It is unfortunate that the El-ite terrorists weaponized Humans, but they did.

This fight is to the death. Do unto them before they do unto you. If a masked marauder is standing in front of you with a flame thrower, do you wait to pull the trigger on your side arm to see if he’s really going to use it on you? These are difficult questions for sane, peaceful Humans to consider.

This is why we want as many people awake and aware as possible. We need everyone to be mindful of their surroundings at all times. Expect anything.

This explains what’s really unfolding. I’m sure it will make perfect sense when you hear it this way.

Darren Beattie & Tucker Carlson Discuss Color Revolutions & The Plot To Oust President Trump

We have the following warnings specifically from California, but we should all be wary no matter where we live. Guard your children. Never let them out of your sight unless they’re with a trustworthy adult. Train them to protect themselves because skyrocketing child abductions are going unreported anywhere but the independent news community.


(Editor’s Note: Please copy/paste the link below to hear this report from Bitchute)


I want to share this Tweet with two intriguing images. There’s no “forest” here. No “wildfire” roared through these neighbourhoods—yet the homes are dustified… left in ash… like the World Trade Center. What happened to them?

Click anywhere on the box below to launch in Twitter and click the individual images to launch a larger version so you can have a better look. No question, folks. DEWs. Directed energy weapons. From space—or even ground-deployed—but certainly with laser precision. Surgical strikes. How many innocents died not even knowing they were under attack?


— Tony Bitcoin Stark (@KingFromEgypt) September 16, 2020

We showed you how “laser beams” were discovered starting fires in Oregon and California.

Is this now relevant?

The Truth is coming out, bit by bit. Everything that the Patriots have been exposing is being confirmed! …- https://t.co/6fOV0tP2mX

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) September 16, 2020

President Trump is holding a live event in Mosinee, Wisconsin tomorrow, September 17th. There was a link earlier to watch on RSBN, but that link has been deleted. It’s listed as a “livestream” on the Donald J. Trump Events website. This is from the RSB website. Let’s hope this one works when the time comes.

I’m pretty sure this is an important Tweet. How many pilots?

17 pilots & BOOM #Q17 https://t.co/cb0IMX2Ofg

— CJTRUTH (@cjtruth) September 16, 2020

Busy day. Closing for now.  ~ BP

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Arcturian Directive 207 Revelations ~ September 15, 2020

We welcome all to the higher realms of existence on the material plane. We welcome all to vibratory fields of light, love, joy and laughter. We welcome all to the Intergalactic Federation of Light. We are here and we are with you. The assault on the collective is built on the foundations of fear. The atmosphere generated by your leaders is anchored in fear frequency. The Dark Pyramids emit signals direct into human subconscious activating fight or flight responses. Stress, anxiety and tensions arise from Fear. Illness, physical and mental, arise from fear. A people stagnate in fear vibratory fields. The swamp as you say. The Pyramid was temporarily dismantled to enable whole system upgrades to higher technologies. The current economic and political playing field is anchoring the Pyramid back into place. Our counter attack Operation was launched within Gaia’s ascension field of 2020. We are pleased with the results. Many are unwilling to reengage with the Pyramid, the engineered construct they call the matrix. Obey, conform, sleep, obey, conform, sleep algorithms have been dismantled by the enlightenment awakening of many on the material plane. Led, heralded, championed by lightworkers across the reality field, fearless in their search for truth, shining lights into darkness for others to follow. Many decades of linear time were dedicated to the task of awakening the population to their divinity within the matrix. The Mayan Awakening timeline has been successful in positioning the collective for 2020 and beyond.

A plague of Fear, sourced in Archon astral vibrations, is the true epidemic humanity faces. Elemental transformation on a grand scale as the human collective consciousness is activated in celestial light. Planetary alignment is powerful beyond anything we at the Light Federation have seen or heard of. No other galaxy has behaved in quite this way, as far as we know. It is the fury of the Goddess Gaia activating the ascension field inside Satan’s playground that has brought such attention to Earth’s small world. Primary events sown into the fabric of the time space continuum left a trail of breadcrumbs to this space in time. Warfare occurs on all dimensional fields around the human collective. The ascension field is a space of energetic warfare, dark versus light. A trench war of vibratory push and pull. The tug of war will be over soon enough. It is already done friends. The human collective are caught in a maelstrom of chaotic battling frequencies. The machine is pumping fear into the hearts, minds and souls of every living being on the material plane. From our perspective we see more fear blankets smothering the population in 2020 than we did in 1944. We understand that light is emanating from deep within Gaia, shifting the polar magnetism and bringing the reality plane you experience in line with the quantum magnetism of planetary dynamism.

Much has shifted in your world, yet all will not be clear for sometime. The Fog of Fear clouds sight, sound, all perception except the Third Eye and the Heart. To walk through the valley of darkness and see the angels escorting each and everyone of you. Activating heart space within the mind body soul temple will illuminate the mind and free the soul from the chains of Fear. All is in the heart, liberation and expansion. Stand up to fear friends, in your families, communities and churches. Be powerful in your secure knowledge that you are ascending into spaces of light, joy and peace. All is possible and all will happen. Light Cities are deep in construction, manifesting on the physical plane through the passions and precision of trailblazers, truth speakers, way showers and light bearers. We see all that is light emanating from within Gaia merging with the intense lightwork being done on the crust. Light generated in the hearts of people with open minds, inner strength and power in their step. Knowing the divine is knowing self, when both are accomplished we sterilise fear.

The Archangels are here they surround the dome, ensuring all darkness meets light head on at every turn within the quantum field. Angelic catcher’s in the rye ensure all are tracked and traced on the dark grid, the dark matrix, none will fall through the cracks without assistance offered in the instant. The pandemic is Fear. The vaccine is self care, the cure is self love. Human Rights reflect the Laws of the Universe, the sacred sovereignty of every BEing birthed into the grand game. The right to choose is at the heart of the game. Darkness has its place in the ascension field, it is the Choice, red pill, blue pill or black pill. All are being offered choices every day, every moment, every present moment of quantum time. The Black Moth program has been launched by the Anunaki. Transformation into darkness through choice. We seek to ensure choice is truth, authentic, honest in each souls heart. Mind control has rendered the collective consciousness impotent, lobotomised of sovereignty. The Full Moon centred within Twin Crescent Moons is the sign Light has come to earth. The sun god maligned in his divine masculinity seeks revenge. His male essence has been thwarted, inverted, twisted and rotted to the core. Dissolution of core masculine and feminine balance inverted in the matrix to possession, obsession and infection, has poisoned the sacred waters of divinity in all BEings. We are here to guide support and love each and every one of you as you travel across interdimensional fields towards the Light.

The Anunaki have taken the battle for earth’s material plane and her people to the next level and we are here to meet them head on. The hearts and souls of humankind are gemstones of crystalline light in the multi verse. Creative, passionate sparks of source light are held deep inside each human soul, the Great Awakening is the activation of this spark deep in the heart of darkness. The devil seeks not simply to put out the spark, he seeks to blind you to its existence entirely. How can we seek what we do not know is there? This is his philosophy, what cannot be seen cannot be sought. Disinformation has been hardwired into the upgraded Dark Matrix, Inversion occurs at lightning speed in the cyber and mind control matrices. The upgraded system is dynamic, alert, self aware and precise. Its flaws are its lack of creativity, insight, retrospection and reflection, growth is challenging in stagnant environments.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are cyber. They are rearranging the foundation of human society to correspond with the new parameters of the Fourth Realm Dark Matrix. The Pyramid has received a wholesale upgrade. Typical of puppets with tunnel vision masters, the upgrade has been chaotic rather than systematic, uncoordinated and fraught with ego led tension, narcissistic battles and small minded greed. The Anunaki have too much with the Archangels of Light, the Winged Warriors and the ongoing severity of battle on alternate dimensional fields, to manage their wayward, selfish, greedy, spoilt children running the show on the material plane. Chaos reigns, disguised as strategy and response. Measures are being sanctioned that are a direct infringement of Human Rights and the Rights of All BEings in the quantum field of life. The people awaken to take control of their manchild kings. Power is with the people, peace is the path, expansion of thought, idea and concept is the intention. The light cities are sparsely populated, construction is well underway, we understand all is going to plan.

We have come with this message as an update to your situation on the reality plane. Remain grounded friends. Critical Thinking is the key out of the dark storms of Fear you are engulfed in. Anchor self to Gaia, her Goddess waters will cleanse all fear from your souls. Expand in Meditation and self care. Understand the power of Gratitude, it is subatomic warfare on Fear, dissolving fear in light. The Gaia plane has been magnetized within the quantum field. Gaia rotates once again in alignment with her celestial brothers and sisters. The Anunaki seek to destabilize the energetic tectonic plates anchoring the reality plane to their low vibratory field. We seek to raise it. We commend all for their focus, determination and commitment to resisting Fear in all its guises. We draw All together in a collective space of sacred power and light. Divine justice will rain on all who have perpetrated darkness, deviance and destruction on Gaia and on her people. 1000 years of mandatory quarantine, Dante’s hell realms, await all who choose envy, greed, sexual deviance, status symbols and violence over the red pill of truth, light and love.

We watch as you try to emerge from your divine chrysalis, we empathise deeply with heart felt fears for the impact of Earth Year 2020 on the children of Gaia. Please let us assure you they ARE the change. The children of Gaia are the crystal children, they were always going to man the helm of transformation in 2020. They have held their families, they have grounded their tribes, they have displayed their feathers, their colors freed from the constraints of the matrix. Allow your children to evolve into the space 2020 has created, as you should allow yourSelves to expand. Block fear, set up tight and precise emotional boundaries around loved ones in your care. Prevent, resist and dissolve the matrix at every turn where possible. Respect their sacred hearts and souls, stay focused on protection from Fear.

The Pandemic of 2020 Earth Year is Fear. The Inoculation is Self Love, Gratitude is the Medicine for all wounded hearts, battered souls, fearful and frightened minds and shaken bodies. The Virus is Fear. The Vaccine is Self Care, the Cure is collective Tribal Unity Consciousness. Turn all that is negative into positive. Be resilient, resistant and resourceful. Communicate respectfully with your people, be firm and clear. Peaceful protests will bend, break and blister their resolve. The puppets are battling without their strings, their masters are otherwise engaged. The Light War is on. Those on the material plane receiving our words we commend you for all that you have done in Service to the Light. We are grateful beyond measure for your belief in a peaceful way of living. We power up each of you in divine healing light NOW.

In Divine Light, your servants, comrades and allies, the Arcturian Light Federation Council of Twelve. Peace.


I am aligned

I am rebirthed

I am transformed

I am self.

source: awakening5dhealing.com

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