Trump orders declassification of intelligence related to campaign spying ~ May 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: Here we go, folks! Looks like declass is about to happen! Please watch this quick video of President Trump releasing documentation on spying against on his Presidential campaign.

Stay tunedm be aware and let’s see what happens! Please click the link below, and be…



Trump orders declassification of intelligence related to campaign spying

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Transcending the Illusion of Light Versus Dark ~ May 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: This IS a truly great article sent to me by good friend “H”! We hear, and believe in the “good and the bad”, the Dark and the Light. But,as I have stated in previous blogs, while service to others precludes taking “dark” actions against yourself or others, we must ALL remember that we would not know what dark is…unless it wass there for us to see and experience!

This means we must actually LOVE the dark enough to shine our own personal light into dark folks and the dark situations on which they thrive. Dark and Light are all portions of polarity that we must know…and move beyond through Ascending to a higher level of human consciousness.

So…please read this article, know your Divine Self contains a fractal of Source designed to allow YOU, once you have found your true Self, to vibrate into another level of consciousness. Once we have vibrated “enough”, the variety of our human characteristics will cause us to become Master Creators in the Mutiverse in our constant quest to know (and become) Source/ONE/ All That Is,/Creator.

Please read this article (or listen to the recording above), do not become bound in the chains of polarity by despising and hating the Dark, and be…



A belief that seems to be prevalent in many spiritual circles is that the ascension of humanity involves some sort of battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness — a battle between good and evil.  Associated with this belief is the idea that we (the so-called awakened and enlightened ones) must defeat those of the darkness to successfully co-create a new earth.  If you haven’t been drawn into this us-against-them mindset congratulations, you are probably better off without it (at least that’s my contention).  For those that have been drawn into this belief, I humbly offer my perspective on this subject for your consideration.

From a superficial standpoint, there is certainly some truth to this belief — there certainly is an ongoing struggle between light and dark on our world.  But when explored more deeply, you’ll find that this idea contains a great fallacy.  And worse yet, holding this belief might actually block one from ascending and contributing to co-creating the new Earth.

When immersed in a separation reality like our own, it is so easy to fall into the trap of believing that we are in a battle between good and evil, that those of the light are here to defeat those of the darkness and save the world.  Of course, this belief can only arise within a consciousness that is still in the grip of the illusion of separation.  And ironically, holding this belief can only sustain the disharmonious and fearful conditions that we have thus far co-created in our reality.  To understand and transcend the fallacy of light versus dark, you must first understand the illusion of separation that our reality was designed to produce, and why we chose to create and experience such a reality.  But before I explore all of that, let’s briefly examine the state of our world.

The Darkness in Our World

There’s no denying that there’s more than a little darkness in our world.  Fear, conflict, and suffering have been running rampant for as long as we can remember.  It certainly appears that evil is alive and well.  At least that’s the impression one might get from watching the mainstream news — whose primary purpose seems to be to sow fear.

But certainly, there is no shortage of souls that have been playing in the dark, to varying degrees, in many of their lives within the Earth Game.  Some of the most notorious of these dark ones are those involved in the so-called Cabal/Illuminati.  But there are many others, in a wide variety of positions in our society — and this includes many (but certainly by no means all) corporate, governmental, military, and even religious leaders.  These extremely self-serving people seem to measure their self-worth by how much wealth they can accumulate and how much power over others they can have, and they are typically obsessed with their own achievement and power and have little regard for the welfare of others.

The most dedicated of these people have been ruthlessly consolidating their power and wealth via their command of the international banking and financial system, by creating trans-national corporate empires, and infiltrating our governments with their minions.  Encouraging division amongst us is one of their most potent tools that facilitates their self-serving agendas.  They keep us divided by encouraging fear, competition, and conflict amongst us.

The Great Awakening

If you are reading this article, then you’re probably aware that there is a great awakening spreading throughout Humanity. More and more people are awakening to their true spiritual nature, the greater spiritual reality, and the metaphysical nature of existence.  It is this awakening that will inevitably lead to a great transformation of ourselves and our world.

As a part of this awakening process, more and more people are becoming acutely aware that humanity has been under the thumb of some very negative and self-serving people bent on their own self-aggrandizement and world domination.  Many awakening souls are more than a little shocked when they realize the truth of this — when they realize that we’ve allowed ourselves to be unwittingly manipulated and subjugated by these dark ones.  Some are so appalled by the unsettling revelations of lies, greed, manipulation, and control that they get drawn into judgment, blame, and condemnation of those seen as responsible (some even get stuck obsessively focusing on the injustice of it, a very unproductive state of mind that I call awakening shock syndrome).

With the shock of this realization, it’s no wonder that many people buy into the belief that a part of our ascension process involves a battle between good and evil and the defeat of the dark ones.  But I didn’t write this article to complain about the state of the world or to encourage people to feel like victims or to fuel resentment, judgment, blame, and condemnation.  I wrote this article to point out that the supposedly spiritual idea of “light versus dark,” and the “us against them” mentality that it represents, is a subtle yet insidious trap.  A trap that is critical to become aware of because it can potentially stop us from ascending and co-creating a new and better Earth.

The Metaphor of Light and Dark

It’s important to understand that the terms “light” and “dark” are simply metaphors for the degree of connectivity and alignment that one has with their higher self.  When one is well-connected and aligned with the higher levels of their consciousness (their soul, over-soul, and beyond), they increasingly express a way of being that reflects the state of being of their higher self.  This way of being is characterized by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, fearlessness, positivity, and service-to-others — to name just a few.  The more you express these qualities, the more it could be said that you are “shining the light” of your higher self into this world.

In the same vein, the term “dark” or “darkness” is simply a metaphor for the lack of connection and alignment with ones higher self.  When one is poorly connected and misaligned with one’s higher self, one’s way of being will veer off in the direction of negativity, fear, self-servedness, and perhaps even a lust for power-over-others.  How far one will go in this direction just depends on one’s degree of misalignment with their higher self and their unique set of experiences.  The more one expresses this way of being, the more it could be said that one is in “darkness” or “playing in the dark” — or if we want to get over-dramatic “gone to the dark side.”

There is No Force of Darkness

It’s important to understand that there is no force of darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist on its own; it is not a thing unto itself; darkness is simply the lack of light. All that really exists is the “light” of your higher self.  If you block a light source, you create a shadow — an area where the light is much dimmer.  When you block the “light” of your higher self, you create darkness.  Metaphorically speaking that is, because remember what we are really talking about is the degree of connection and alignment with your higher self or the lack thereof, and the way of being you express in this world.

So, there is no “force” of darkness, no force of evil.  There is nothing pushing us to become negative and self-serving other than our own unconsciousness (our own disconnection from our higher-selves).  We are creating our own darkness by unwittingly blocking the love and light and wisdom of our higher self — our darkness and the darkness in our world is self-created! Ultimately there is nothing other than the “illusion of separation” that causes one to follow the negative path or turn to the dark side.  More about the illusion of separation coming shortly.

Eckhart Tolle eloquently echoes my point about the origin of darkness, in his book A New Earth, when he said There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. With this realization, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.

Our true selves, our higher-selves, are the love and light we seek — we are already that, if we allow it.  But we ourselves are blocking the love and light of our higher-selves and creating the darkness in ourselves and our world.  This idea was eloquently expressed by Rumi, the beloved 13th-century Persian poet, and Sufi mystic, when he said:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

And the two most significant barriers to expressing the love and light of our higher-selves are undoubtedly our fear and ego.  These are the significant barriers that I think Rumi might have been alluding to, but of course, there are a multitude of variations.  But let’s not demonize fear and ego, because they are just natural consequences of diving into the experience of a separation reality construct like our own.  And as I alluded to earlier, to understand the fallacy of the “light versus dark” idea one has to understand the illusion of separation our reality provides us.

The Illusion of Separation

We specifically created our reality construct to have a separation experience, and it indeed produces a very powerful illusion of separation.  And of course, this was not a mistake, we (higher aspects of ourselves — our oversouls and beyond) intentionally designed this reality as the ultimate experience of individuality, separation, and limitation.  So, we understood full well what we were getting into when we chose to dive into the separation game.

We wanted to experience something dramatically different than our native state as formless and non-physical threads of Source Consciousness — eternal limitless creator beings!  We wanted to explore the possibilities and experiences that such a separation reality would provide us.  We wanted to explore the states of consciousness, and ways of being that would emerge within it and all their ramifications.  We wanted to see what that would be like and what it could teach us.

Playing the Separation Game

We’ve all been playing the separation game for quite some time now — we have all played many many rounds in this game. Each time we enter the game (incarnate) the Veil of Forgetting and Unknowing takes effect, and we forget everything prior to starting the game — we forget choosing to play; we forget our reasons for playing; we forget our learning and growth objectives for playing the current round, and we forget everything about the wider reality and the true nature of ourselves.

With the in-your-face highly convincing experience of separation that our reality presents our consciousness, it’s not surprising that we quickly get sucked into the drama of the game.  Because we don’t remember that we are eternal consciousness (non-physical and formless), we quickly become strongly identified with our bodies as who and what we are.  And since we can’t remember anything about the wider reality, the bigger picture, we quickly come to believe that the world that we perceive with our physical senses is all that there is.  And step-by-step we get drawn ever-deeper into the drama of the game, and ever-deeper into Separation Consciousness, and we become utterly lost within the game.

The Emergence of Egoic and Victim Consciousness

And once immersed in, and mesmerized by, the drama of the game we quickly lose our connection to our higher self and our consciousness, essentially, devolves.  But not really so much devolve as to attain a state unlike anything possible in any other context of experience — a state of consciousness only possible within a separation reality like our own — an interesting and unique state that we might call Separation Consciousness.  And this state of consciousness has two major aspects; namely Egoic Consciousness and Victim Consciousness.

Egoic Consciousness is a state characterized by a very strong sense of identity and individuality — one which often expresses as self-centeredness, self-servedness, greediness, defensiveness, and so on.  Victim Consciousness is a state characterized by the belief that one is largely at the mercy of circumstances beyond their control, and often expresses as fear, hopelessness, disempowerment, etc.  And because the state of our world is simply a reflection of our collective state of consciousness, our world is characterized by plenty of fear, greed, competition, and conflict.

Note that the common denominator here is FEAR.  Of course, fear is not an unreasonable reaction to what our reality sometimes presents us.  After all, there is plenty of apparent danger and limitation to worry about if we so choose.  Because fear naturally arises within a separation reality like our own, we don’t need to demonize it, all we need to do is to understand it.

Fear is the Root of Darkness

And here’s one of the most important things to understand about fear — it’s the number one thing blocking us from expressing the love and compassion of our higher-selves.  Ultimately much of the hurtful negative self-serving things people do is driven by their fear — fear that they aren’t good enough or worthy, fear that they won’t have enough, fear that they are not safe, fear for their survival, etc.

And as the beloved Yoda character from the Star Wars stories so aptly pointed out — Fear is the path to the dark side.

Quote by Yoda: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

The root of all the darkness in our world is FEAR.  Until we deeply understand this, we will find it difficult to unconditionally forgive and love those still playing in the dark. And until we do that we will be trapped in judgment and condemnation and be unwittingly perpetuating the world as we know it — a world of conflict and pain and suffering.  Only unconditional love can heal our world.

A recent message from one of my favorite non-physical teachers, Seth (via one of my favorite channelers, Story Waters) really hammers home this point.

Darkness is an illusion. Darkness is the absence of light and that absence of light comes through unconsciousness. And that unconsciousness is experienced as FEAR. Fear is that which hides light. All are light.

The battle is not against ignorance (or evil) or those that are called ignorant (or evil); the battle is against FEAR… See those that appear ignorant clearly by seeing their fear. For when you see their fear you will not see them as other, you will not see them as separate and ignorant, you will see them as beings in fear.

And, when you understand they are in fear, and that they are not being driven by some nefarious force of darkness, then you will see that they are just loving beings in fear and you will be able to love them — then you will discover the compassion, the compassion of the awakened one, the compassion of the open heart that sees that all the ills in the world come from fear.

— Seth (via Story Waters, an excerpt from the Shards of Light Series)

When you understand that fear is at the root of every ill in our world, you are at the doorstep of transcending it and all that it leads too.  And transcending fear and shifting to love is one of the greatest challenges that the separation game has to offer.  Something that all the souls in the game right now were hoping they could achieve as a part of the great awakening and transformation game plan (more about that game plan later in this article).

Nothing to Fear

But it’s important to understand that fear is not a mistake  We wanted to experience separation and fear is a natural part of that.  So, we wanted to experience fear — something impossible in our native state as pure consciousness.  What is there to fear as a formless and non-physical focal point of consciousness?  Which is what you really are.  As pure consciousness, you have no physical needs — no need for money, no need for a job, no need for food, no need for anything!  And as pure consciousness, you cannot be physically harmed!

You are non-physical!  You are pure consciousness!  And that consciousness that is you is merely having the “experience of” having a body and being in a world.  Your consciousness is essentially dreaming this experience you call your reality!  Or perhaps a better analogy, your consciousness is playing a character (or avatar) in something very much like a multi-player virtual reality game!

Yes, this experience that you call your reality that seems so concrete and serious is a purely perceptual experience happening within your consciousness!  It’s a symbolic representation being projected onto the “screen” of your consciousness!  And this means that you don’t have to take everything that happens in the game so seriously or be in fear, none of it can truly harm what you really are.  When you complete this round of the game, you’re going to be very surprised and amused by how seriously you took all of it.  But we’ve gotten a bit off topic here, let’s keep exploring what happens to consciousness within the game.

The Positive and Negative Paths

One of the most interesting things that happens within a separation reality is that consciousness (and way-of-being) heads in two distinctly different directions — sometimes referred to as The Negative Path and The Positive Path, or the Service-to-Self Path and the Service-to-Others Path, or in keeping with the theme of this article (yet a bit over-dramatic) The Path of Darkness and The Path of Light.

The Service-to-Self/Negative Path is characterized by a way-of-being that is decidedly self-serving, and that likes to exercise power-over-others so that others can be made to serve their desires and needs.  And the Service-to-Self label seems somewhat appropriate because those exploring this way-of-being (or on this path, if you like) have a strong bias towards fulfilling their own needs at the expense of others.  Some of the attributes associated with this way-of-being include a tendency toward deceit, manipulation, and greed.

The Service-to-Others/Positive Path is characterized by a desire to help others and to engage in cooperation for the betterment of all.  Those on this path have a tendency toward honesty, cooperation, and generosity — to name a few.

So in effect, there are two types of players in the game — those biased towards helping only themselves with little regard for the greater good of all, and those biased towards helping others and working together for the greater good of all.  Of course, this is not an all or nothing thing, it is a spectrum going from neutral all the way to either very negative or very positive.

In any case, a complex dynamic emerges between these two types of players that creates a whole lot of drama and a whole lot of opportunities to learn and grow.  There are perpetrators, victims, and rescuers; there are subjugators and the subjugated, etc, etc.  And they all do a complex dance together as they play out all the ramifications of separation consciousness.

And again, this is not a mistake, this is by design.  We wanted to explore all the states of consciousness, and the ways of being that would emerge within a separation reality.  And the two directions or paths that consciousness can go is a part of that.  In fact, some of the rules of the game that we put in place allow for both paths to be explored and their ramifications to be experienced.

Having said that, you’ll probably be happy to know that the rules are biased towards the Positive Path.  You can only go so far on the Service-to-Self/Negative Path before it becomes nearly impossible to proceed and you “see the light” and switch over to the Positive Path.  Ultimately the negative, service-to-self, power-over-others path is a dead end.  The Separation Game is much like a multi-level game (or school) whereas you master one level you graduate to the next level.  After the first few levels of the game, everyone exploring the Negative Path finally realize their oneness with all and the ineffectiveness of their approach and converts.  Love, sharing, and cooperation work better, it’s that simple — this is a part of the grand lesson of our reality system.

Of course, there’s much more to the levels of this game than just exploring the negative or positive paths (or ways of being).  A soul doesn’t advance to the next level of the game untill its mastered the core lessons and understandings that each level is designed to teach.  The learning progression through the levels of the game (the school, if you like) is a fascinating subject that is beyond the scope of this article, but one that I will likely be writing about in future articles (subscribe to stay tuned) and my upcoming book.

Lost in the Game, Playing in the Dark

Every player in this game is Source — we are all Source (at least indirectly)!  And we have all been lost in this game and playing in the dark to varying degrees for a very long time.  Each of our souls has played hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds (or lives) in this game.

And even though we can’t remember all those life experiences right now (because of the Veil of Forgetting and Unknowing), I assure you that each one of us has played in the dark to varying degrees more than we know.  If you inspect the Akashic Records, the record of all human experiences, and review all of your lives, you will likely be surprised (or perhaps even shocked) at what you have done, and what you have been, and what you have experienced.

You have been the light and the dark.  You’ve been the enlightened and the unenlightened.  You have been the perpetrator and the victim.  You have been the good and the bad and the ugly.  So, before you jump to judgment and condemnation of those still playing in the dark, please contemplate that.

We are all source consciousness dancing with itself in the light and in the shadows in this separation game.  Within this dance many dramas unfold, and many amazing adventures are had, and they have all been incredibly formative to our consciousness — much knowledge and wisdom has been gleaned from our experiences within this reality construct — it is one of our most magnificent creations.

Negativity and Darkness only Exist within this Game

One thing that’s very important to understand is that negativity and darkness only manifest in our state of beingness within the experience of separation realities like our own.  They don’t exist elsewhere — they can’t because they are a product of the separation reality experience itself.  Egoic and victim consciousness and everything that that leads to is simply a result of the separation context that we imposed on ourselves and all the constraints that it involves.

It’s only when we dive into the separation game, pulling the veil of forgetting and unknowing down over our consciousness, that consciousness can go in the directions that it goes within the game.  This is just where consciousness goes and how it expresses itself when it loses connection to its higher self.  It is only within the illusion of separation, that our separation reality construct so effectively produces, that “darkness” can exist. Otherwise it is impossible, in our absolute native state as threads of source consciousness it is impossible.

Taking the Game to the Next Level

We’ve been playing the separation game for a very long time, and we have learned many things.  Much knowledge and wisdom has been gleaned from our adventures within this game.  But we had pretty much seen everything the game has to offer, and the question was Have we had enough? Is it time to end this game and move on to something else?  There would be no reason to continue unless there was something new to learn.

And that’s when we conceived of an exciting new game plan.  What if we could all awaken within the game?  What if we could all remember the true nature of ourselves and the greater reality while playing the game?  What if we could transcend separation consciousness while immersed in the experience of this separation reality!  That would be an entirely new and very exciting experience!  Brilliant!

This is the new game plan that we have collectively chosen to try to achieve.  That is what is going on right now.  We all dove into this round of the game (incarnated) with the great hope that we could all be awakened, remember who and what we really are, and transcend separation consciousness and all the unpleasantries that this state of consciousness creates.

So, the greatest challenge of this game is before us.  Can we awaken within the game?  Can we transform ourselves (our state of consciousness and state of being), and thereby transform our reality?  Because the state of our reality, our world, is simply a reflection of the collective state of our consciousness.  And we were very excited to create a new world — one where love, compassion, and kindness would flourish, one where cooperation, sharing, and caring would increase.  This would be one of the litmus tests — if we can change our state of being the state of our world will change to reflect it.

To achieve this new game plan, many adjustments and stimuluses had to be put in place.  The rules of the game had to be loosened.  The Veil of Forgetting and Unknowing had to be thinned.  Our spirit guides would nudge us at the appropriate time to help us awaken.  The goal being for each of us to remember our greater self and the greater reality.  The goal being for each of us to re-connect more fully with our higher-selves and begin expressing more of our higher consciousness within this world.

An essential part of the plan was for each awakening soul to help others awaken by expressing their newfound understanding of the greater reality and greater self openly, and by functioning as a living example of a higher way of being for others to model.  We came here to awaken and then shine the light of our higher self into the world.

Defeating Others is not a Part of the Plan

And here is one of the most important things — defeating others still playing in the dark was not a part of the plan. That idea could only be conceived of by a mind that is still in the grip of separation consciousness. And worse yet, because the world is a reflection of our collective state of consciousness, the us-against-them mentality that the light versus dark idea represents can only create more “us against them” experiences, can only perpetuate polarization and separation. You cannot transcend the experience of separation with this mindset; you can only experience more of the same. That’s why the plan does not include judging or condemning those souls still playing in the dark.

Here’s a snippet from a recent message from the 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council (as channeled by Daniel Scranton) that speaks to this point.

Condemnation and judgment will keep you stuck where you are. This is why it is so important to stay out of the us-versus-them mentality that is everywhere outside of you.

From our vantage point outside of the game, we deeply understood that each and every soul immersed in the game is doing the best they can and that getting drawn into the darkness of separation is just part of the game.  Also, we were fully aware that all of us have played in the dark to some extent in our many rounds in the game — no soul can claim to have not gotten lost in the game.  Hence, there is very little if any judgment, just lots of unconditional love.

Another thing that our souls beyond the veil deeply understand is that the others still playing in the dark within the separation game are other expressions of ourselves at different places in their journey.  They know that each and every soul playing the separation game is Source!  They know that we are all truly one.

So they know that trying to defeat the others still playing in the dark would be futile.  You cannot defeat the dark; the dark is a part of us.  We’d be trying to destroy a part of ourselves — of the collective consciousness of what we are.  Destroying a part of yourself will only hurt yourself.  You cannot defeat or destroy a part of yourself; you can only transform it with love; you can only love it back into the whole.

When you recognize that those playing in the dark are just parts of our greater self (parts of source) doing the dance of the light and the dark in this separation reality you then realize that they are not to be defeated, you then realize that they are to be loved back into the whole.  Outside of the illusion of the separation game, we know this, and we know it deeply.  This is the unity consciousness perspective, and it’s only with unity consciousness that we can co-create the better world that we all yearn for.

Transforming Ourselves and Our Reality

Our great hope, as we all planned heading back into the separation game, is that we could shine our light so brightly that every nook and cranny of darkness would be illuminated and transformed.  We did not come to defeat those still playing in the dark; we came to unconditionally love them back into the whole.  And this goes for everyone — your average everyday angry negative self-serving people all the way up to your power-hungry self-serving Illuminati/cabal kingpins.

If they choose to reject our unconditional love, and not join us in the light in this round of the game so be it, this is not the last round that they will play they still have plenty of time to see the light.  We knew that love is the only thing that will transform ourselves and our reality.  We came here to be beacons of love and light; we came to shine our light so brightly that others could find their way out of the darkness.

Quote: Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the darkness.

The only way forward out of separation is to send the ones still playing in the dark as much love and light as possible, and steadfastly focus on imagining the better world that we all yearn for.

So many great souls have incarnated into the game and walked the earth to share this timeless wisdom — only love and light can transform our reality.  Desiderius Erasmus, the great Christian scholar and humanist of the renaissance period, said it this way — Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself.  The late great Martin Luther King Jr. said this — Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.  The beloved Buddha said something very similar: Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love. This is the eternal rule.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. -- Martin Luther King Jr.

We collectively chose to continue this game and to play another round in it to take the game to the next level, to dive into the game once again and see if we could transform ourselves and transform our reality.  You cannot create a reality of love and harmony when you are still judging, condemning, and resisting the others that are still playing in the dark.  Only unconditional love can create a reality of Love and Harmony.

As more and more of us shift our consciousness into greater and greater alignment with our higher-selves and our way-of-being shifts towards being more loving, compassionate, forgiving, accepting, and allowing we will begin to witness our plan coming to fruition.  We will start to experience a great transformation of our society and our world — and the exciting achievement of our plan.

To the new us, and the new earth we will create!

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Love and light,


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Greetings dear StarONES, with LOVE we come to share this Update ~ May 23, 2019

New Assignments for New awaken StarSeeds on the way

After Galactic Conferences bring Updates to All Star Families

Elders in Venus remembered in completion

Awaiting for new mission on the New Aqualine Grid

New group Gathering requested

Energy is Speeding up and so is the time…

In Oneness

With Love and Grace


Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay I fly to the Stars to greet you on the MotherShip

“Sparklers erupt from the planetary fires.

Classifieds are presented to the masses.

Egoics are seen running.

Semmerance combines with the multitudes.

Enlightenment follows.” Gaia Portal


Gratitude of Love to the Artist

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Sophia – 2 voices! A Distant Galaxy + 1 Inbox ~ May 23, 2019

Today’s conversation has more to do with us than it does with another race. It is spoken from a broader view, and although these words are not used, it sounds like it comes from someone who has peeked at the ending of our story! 
There are a few things of interest to share before going there…

Here’s the link to the full article “Owl looks like a spaceship”.
And a few recent videos of lights and shapes in the sky…

Bright explosion in night sky dazzles Australians
Multiple people see the same MASSIVE “structure” in sky – “Dark Disc”w/red lights appears in photo!

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May 23, 2019
Is there someone who would like to connect? There is, Sophia. We feel now that our input would be most welcome. Welcome to a people on a planet that only now discovers its hidden dark corners. The dust has been swept away. All is revealed. We may be of some assistance during this time.

 This time of tribulation.

It is interesting to say here and to note for you that this time was
previously spoken of in some texts you term “sacred”. Please pay
attention. For some of these words will prove to be prophetic, yet not all.

There are interspersed among nonsense and controlled dialogue, bits of
real forecasting. Note that at the time it was not seen as forecasting but
instead an accurate portrayal of THE WHOLE PICTURE.

For indeed these words were spoken and then recorded from one who
holds a different perspective and a broader point of view.

Some in your now moment retain this larger picture of where it all is
going. These are mostly ignored or relegated to obscure formats that
remain unseen by most. Yet they remain, and will, no doubt, become the more accurate portrayal in hindsight.

Yes, well, thank you for coming forward now. It is with appreciation that I
ask you to share what you feel would be helpful. Also, to introduce
yourselves for I feel a number of you present. More like 4 of you listening as well as contributing to the conversation. You are so very welcome. It is with great joy that we introduce ourselves now.

We come from a distant galaxy.

You appear humanoid?
The faces you see are familiar to you, no doubt. Our body is quite fluid
however, more liquid than solid. There are no comparable forms to what you have encountered here now. It is the faces that you see and indeed
recognize, that come closest to similar sentience.

Are you unable to send a visual that I can perceive?
It is not that anyone is unable, it is more that the machinery used to
decipher and clarify the image/the form is only able to do so within the
parameters available to it. You might say then that what you see is what
you are able to. It does not mean that there isn’t more to see, or that one
day you won’t perceive more.

Okay, please go on.

As your planet looks into its darkest components, there are things to keep
in mind.

What do you mean? And please, tell me if your information comes from your own experience on a similar journey, or from a broader perspective of earth’s current journey?

I will tell you that no, my/our history does not include a journey such as
earth’s right now.

I am from a distant point-of-you *

*Note, I wrote this as “you” and not “view”. I am in another “zone” when I
connect telepathically, and this surprised me. I expected it to read “view”. As always, it is given to you as it was recorded and heard. I am not sure what
precisely is meant by the term. Sophia
And as your science has now confirmed, time and distance are one and the same. You reached out today for information that would be of some help
to you in these times of tribulation.

Here it is:

This is spoken to the individual, and meant to be applied personally. For in personal, individual focus is found the colors of the broader picture.
In your focus, then, take in every nuance. Take in the horror of what
happens here. Do envision and prepare the possibility of retribution,
peace, love, joy and absolute freedom. It is in both that wisdom is found.

Note – the word retribution surprised me here, I hesitated for a bit as I heard it, attempting to hear something else. Yet that is the term they stuck to,
which is defined as – “Punishment or reward distributed in a future life based on performance in this one.”

You are in the midst of massive opportunity. This is not to say that it is
easy or that it feels good to you. It is clear that this is not simply

By “massive opportunity” is meant the chance to learn, in real time, in
physicality, the true purpose of depravity and its opposite, which is
unbridled joy. Both give rise to growth. Both are necessary for comprehensive appreciation of physical life. One is not possible without the other.
It is seen that there are some who focus only on the dark, while others
shield their eyes and speak only of light. There are reasons offered for
both focusses’, yet that does not matter for this discussion.

In a world of polarity, it makes sense that individuals would choose one or the other. Yet humans are not one thing only.

It is seen that there are those who embrace the light and the dark and from them comes the deepest colors for your new world.

This life, this moment, this time of tribulation was chosen by you to happen while physically participating.

It is with enormous respect that we say to you now how very much your
choice is appreciated. Creation itself benefits here.

You are not one thing; you are all things.

Those of us watching, see you from every angle. We anticipate with
interest the end of your story here on earth.

We do not feel your pain, but witness it and see your confusion. It is for
this reason we reach out to you now.

Thank you. Is that it, then?

It is, yes.

Goodbye now.
Goodbye Sophia, goodbye.

This conversation ended there. It took a long time to get all of this telepathically.  There was a struggle to communicate precise meaning. Yet in the words you’ll hear the essence of what they meant. There is always more heard and
felt by me than is translated into the recording of this, and on that note here is a bit of explanation. It is sort of – “don’t throw out the baby with the
bathwater”. There are daily revelations in large and small circles of our lives right now. Discoveries of every sort are rising to the surface so that we deal with them. There seems to be no single way to move forward. At each moment we are offered a choice point. We are talking about people here, other bits of eternal essence. We are also looking within, perhaps primarily looking
within. All else is reflection as we witness ourselves. We came for this and I
don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been wondering “What was I

The message from these beings’ answers that question this way: We were
looking for true wisdom. That’s what drew us to earth for this time, this
moment, this event, this cycle, this life. True wisdom is discovered when all
parts are explored. It is gleaned from every particle. We’ve come from
extreme polarity and it screams at us daily to stay there and join a side.
Wisdom tells us that all sides contribute to the ultimate answer.

It tells us to take in our observations and emerge richer for the experience.
It asks us to decide, not who is right or wrong or good or bad or light or
dark, but which parts to hold onto in our self-definition. It compels us to act f
rom that self-definition.

What they are telling us here is that as we do this, we demonstrate wisdom. They are telling us that what has happened here, to you and I and everyone we know, has value. As we evolve, all of creation benefits. We are
remarkable and living unprecedented times. I’ve been communicating with One often, and would like to share some of a what was part of a private c
onversation. It helped me during a tough moment. I hope that it does the
same for you…

One. 4.4.2019 3:50 AM

You all arrived here prepared to confront evil and destructive
tendencies in a world gone mad. You find yourselves now in a state of self-awareness… This is the truth of evolution, of development, of the circle of fulfillment, and of life. It is not now that you confront your own evil, for I tell you that it is impossible. None of you harbor evil. What you confront are your own obstacles, self-installed and waiting examination. Your work now is you. Any untoward attitudes or
practices you face now will be those preventing you from your own
joy; from swimming in your own vast, pool of liquid love.
Lightworker, this time now is for you. It is not exclusive of others but with them that you’ll realize your truth. Your love is not truly felt until it is reflected.

That’s it everyone. Have a beautiful weekend! Sophia
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Are you Ready to Step into Being Limitless? ~ May 23, 2019

By L’aura Pleiadian 

Everything is playing out in the moment, for our evolution, even if we fear the future or in fear try to control and force an outcome.

Being uncomfortable is part of the evolution process.

What we “deal” with on the human level of survival, is one aspect of what is occurring on Earth. What is takes place is not random.

Situations and experiences are there for a reason, our evolution, even if the stretching of our comfort zone ~ REQUIRES us, to live a life, based on not knowing what will happen, not knowing what is possible, not knowing how we will survive.

All of the experiences I have had, of living with no money and with no way of knowing how I would survive, were the requirements needed, for me to LIVE only in the trust of The Divine. And I do not mean living with doubt, as in ~ hurry up God and make me comfortable again, something is wrong I feel uncomfortable ~ so I do not have to go through this process, because I cannot stand not knowing.

In order to ASCEND every area within our consciousness that we are not living by that trust, will feel tested, till we access those uncomfortable zones of fear within is, that FORCE us to let go of the grip of demanding needing to know, a future…so that we can survive in comfort.

That is 3D and how that world works.

To Ascend we live not by the news or the predictions given, or by our bank accounts, or our debts, but by the TRUST in the Divine ~ completely and wholeheartedly.

That is what gives us, the get out of jail card…the PASS ~ so to speak, because we HAVE evolved. WE have faced all those uncomfortable areas held closed within us. We faced them, we lived through them, we know it’s just us, GOING from LIMITATION consciousness to LIMITLESS consciousness. And unlike the game of monopoly, we earned it, as we faced our demons, our worst fears, and still held the FIRM ground of Trusting in the Divine.

Let us make our foundation BE the unshakable trust in the Divine.

Not for the future, the so-called future takes care of itself. And really does not exist, at least not in the way your mind thinks it does.

I mean, trust ~ moment to moment. That is doable for all.

If you can just let go of your future thinking consciousness, that is the source of ALL limitation, yet many cannot SEE that.

Can you do that? Can you handle the moment to moment existence? and let go of all else? And funny, what happens is nothing short of miraculous.

Will you be uncomfortable? For sure! Is that a good thing even though uncomfortable? IT is the source of your expansion of consciousness, your evolution and your complete transformation and ascension.

I am NOT saying uncomfortable is comfortable, I am saying ~ that is the PROCESS of stretching our Capacity (even if the hand feels forced) TO stay present in the moment. And as we stay present in the moment ~ even if that is because we cannot ‘do” anything else…WE Become LIMITLESS ~ We BECOME one with the Divine. That is the profound Divine STATURE of Being~ness…that knows nothing of limitation. That is Being A Divine Ascended Being.

WE Become the Heroes of Our own lives as we step out of time, through Living in the UNKNOWN of the moment to moment ~ WE ASCEND.

So now, deep breaths, look at your mind, your thoughts, your consciousness ~ have you lost track of now? Are you focused on the future and feeling uncomfortable?

Take some more breaths, come back to now. And again, come back to now. Over and over, if you catch yourself thinking about a future, come back to Now. It is here, YOU will become in all moments, LIMITLESS, Divine and FREE. And you will Ascend as a Divine Ascended Master, and you will teach this to others. You will know the freedom of being free from all limitations. From time. From not knowing.

And ALL will flow through you. You will see the Divine miracles everywhere in all moments. You will Know, this too is for ALL ~ right now. They too will join us ALL, and in no time, it is all perfect. It is done, and it is now. In love.


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2020 Will Be A Year Of Ascension & Spiritual Growth, And 2019 Is Paving The Way ~ May 23, 2019

By Conscious Reminder

2020 will be a massive time. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be forming an alignment and the massive energy burst will greet us.  Are you ready for it?

The alignment will not only set the dominating tone for the year but it will also be a major boost for our soul. The energies are aligning to bring about harmony on our blue planet, Earth.

There are many important and drastic alignments that will occur in 2020. 2019 is the transition – it is preparing us to accept this new energy. 2020 will be the time when we have a boost in our vibration levels, an increase in our conscious self.

Our energy will be combined and we will be thrown to upwards to reach spiritual heights. It called ascension – a movement towards the light.

But there cannot exist light without some bits of darkness.

2020 does not come as a fix to the darkness around or in us. Rather, it arrives as a way to rise above that darkness. It is all about not falling but staying above it. Due to this, darkness will not reach us – it will drop itself.

Unlike light, which is ‘light’ in essence, darkness is heavy. Unless we rise and let go of it, it will keep holding us back, tied down to the ground. Hence, in 2020, we are supposed to let it all go. Shed some of the darkness, feel the light, ascend.

Let’s unpack right now – let’s make a move to be truly light. 2019 comes as a way to let go.

We have already seen it happen. January to May has been a pattern of releasing – or letting go. January was marked by the Blood Moon Eclipse. Three super moons followed. We had two Full Moon happening on the same sign, and then there was the seasonal Blue Moon.

These are not coincidences. The full moons show a theme of letting go and revealing something about us. It is about shedding. It’s a good thing to let a former relationship shed away. Negative talks never do any good – let it go.

Find your ‘light’ self. Surrender yourself if you have to – surrender yourself to the present. Remember, the past holds no value and the future is yet to arrive. You will survive.

Everything can be questioned. Everything will be reviewed. Everything you knew will change. 2020 is all about transformation. It is about changing from within and watching the changes happening on the outside. The world will not be the same as before.

Of course, 2020 changes won’t happen suddenly. Everything about it is happening all around us. Within us. We don’t see it yet because the effect is minute. In the year 2020, the effect will become massive and we will spot it.

March 2019 has been the most significant month. Others are coming by. Look out for September and October and also December of 2019.

These months are all about change – about questioning who you are and how you can transform yourself. These months, you will understand what will happen to you on a personal as well as on a global level.

Globally, there will be economical and political changes happening in the world. Success and motivation will become the story of society. Pluto and Saturn bring changes in order, power, and structure. While prediction is difficult, these are somethings that could happen.

Abuse of power will be finally called out. These can be in any way, from revolutions to recessions or war. Also, abuse of power can be many things. It could also mean a change in power. Maybe, once we identify the abuse of power, we can correct it and fix the issue.

The effects will be long-lasting and will trickle into the next year, 2021. Ascension and energy level interactions will break us free from routine thinking and give us some fresh perspective too. Now we can stop drowning in the dark and truly get up and reach out for the lights.

Here is a message that you should find within you:

I’ll rise up. I’ll shine. My soul may be on earth now but ascension is coming towards me. I’ll keep rising and let go of any negativity present within. I acknowledge the good and the bad in me.

I have lived my life, and I had made mistakes. But life has no beginning or end. It is about me and how I make it my best. And now, I will do so and be grateful for it. I will honor my life.


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It Is Time For Divine Action ~ May 23, 2019

by Jenny Schiltz

The collective energy is very difficult right now. We are seeing polarization greater than we have ever experienced before and it is really stretching our ability to stay in our heart space. I was finding myself getting sucked into the collective and the pain in my body was significant. It was in disharmony with my soul at its core. Yet I also felt like, to say nothing, to do nothing is also wrong. I decided to journey and ask for deeper understanding because I knew I was missing something.

As I went into my familiar tree, the Goddess Morrigan came forward to work with me as she wanted to talk with me about Divine Action. (She is a triple Goddess, the maiden, the mother, the crone and she also represents the cycle of life. Some cultures see her as a Goddess of war and battle as well.)

She explained that Divine Action is a necessary step in our Sovereignty. That many are acting from a place of judgment and emotion. This has many caught in the trap of polarity because they are wanting to change people’s hearts or have their voice heard. She said “This is a fool’s mission. There are those in your reality that are holding very strict belief systems one way or another and this is their task as it will magnify the polarity. While polarity is uncomfortable it is a beautiful tool to awaken the sleeping masses. Keep in heart, each person has their role.”

She explained to me that it is more important now than ever that we work from a space of Divine Action.

I asked her what she meant and she explained that when we act from a state of judgment, pain or fear we are feeding our vital energy into a system or reality that we are wanting to collapse. That to create the true change we want we must first move into our heart space where we are able to access neutrality.

She went on to say that many feel that neutrality is complacency and that is far from the truth. “Neutrality is the void, the space of creation. It’s where true change is birthed.”

When one moves into neutrality, they remove the judgment, pain or fear. They begin to see that something just IS, and that it has many perspectives. It is the space where one steps back and sees all sides. From that space, one can then choose to create/act. This is the space of Divine Action. They are not fighting against something and this removes the energy given to the old, dying structures and funnels it into the new.

Many feel that they must hate something or rail against something but this only keeps one trapped in a cycle of disempowerment. See what you don’t like, remove your energy from it and create something you do.

When one extends their vital energy into fighting against something or someone, there is no space to create the new. Many feel that they must hate something or rail against something but this only keeps one trapped in a cycle of disempowerment. Instead, see what you don’t like, remove your energy from it and create something you do”

She then brought many examples to my heart, from the person that did not like harmful cleaning products and decided to create environmentally friendly ones to people creating a fundraiser to pay for school lunch for children that have no money.

She then showed me Harriet Tubman, who helped lead many through the underground railroad and out of slavery. I sat with this example and she says “You seem confused. Understand if she were to be consumed by hatred and anger, she would have had nothing left within her to do what she did.

Many of you are holding the energetic space for your new reality beautifully. That space must also be filled with the creations that you do want. These must come from a place of Divine Action which is the purest expression of your heart space.”

I thanked her for her time and knew that I had to share the message. It is time for us to bring in Divine Action, birthed from our open heart space that does not contain hatred or judgment. We are the creators of the new, we are the holders of that space, it is ours and must be filled with our highest vision.

I am sending you all so much love and grace.

» Source » By Jenny Schiltz 


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