GSM Update 5/23/18 – Kilauea Eruption Intensifies – Merapi Alert Raised – Cosmic Rays & Volcanoes ~ May 23, 2018

Pardon the pun (?), but “BOOM”! Here comes the pain! Lot’s of unusual weather going on ALL OVER THE GLOBE. I like this guys understanding of unusual weather and volcanic activity being caused by  the science of intensified solar radiation. Might be a good time to stay out of the sun.

So…understand that by all means be prepared, but…there is no where to hide, understand the spirituality behind cosmic streams which are hitting the Sun, and…



*Demonetized* – Once Again We have Been Flagged Consider a donation for our efforts. Danger grows as fissures spew lava bombs… Heavy hail, rain hit Fort Collins and other northern Colorado communities… Photos: Hail and flooding hits Fort Collins… What the hail! Hail comes down in North Royalton… South Lubbock residents pick up the pieces after hail storm… Columbia County car owners paying the cost of hail storm… Turkey: Hail storm damages tons of fruits in Antalya… Volcano Monitoring Data at Kīlauea… Astrophysicists link volcanic eruptions and Grand Solar Minimum… Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:… Stromboli volcano (Eolian Islands, Italy): typical moderate to strong explosions… Merapi volcano alert level raised, evacuations ordered, Indonesia… Lava flows, toxic gases and ash: Problems mount as eruptions continue…… UPDATE Hawaii Lava 22 May 2018 NEW lava fissure 3:56 AM at the pig house Leilani… Hawaii Update/500′ Lava Fountain/Approaching Geothermal Plant… New Giant Volcano Below Sea Is Largest in the World… This California volcano erupted 103 years ago today… California Volcano That Obliterated Forest and Launched Ash 280 Miles Away 103 Years Ago Offers a Warning, Experts Say… Fear… Failure… 7P’s… Boom https://steemit-production-imageproxy… COLD TIMES – Oppenheimer Ranch Project SPECIAL Just $14.95 (over 20% off the cover price of $18.95!) No shipping charge.… HEMPLUCID – EXPERIENCE LIFE AGAIN 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING Simply use the coupon code- BOOM (all caps) Oppenheimer Ranch Project Exclusive Link

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Meet the New Q – Same as the Old Q ~ May 23, 2018

Nuff said! This guy has been following “Q” since Day 1 (October 2017)Please watch, learn a lot, and…




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#SpyGate: #QAnon Presages A Cataclysmic Destruction of #DeepState via #CrossfireHurricane ~ May 23, 2018

“It has been said that if you live long enough, you will see everything. I’m experiencing that feeling as I watch The New York Times and Washington Post abandon their ultra-liberal leanings to defend government spying on innocent American citizens. “The case shows Trump Derangement Syndrome in action as it turns two of the nation’s prominent newspapers into the type of organizations they spent 50 years attacking.” Thus spake Michael Goodwin.…

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There Are No Coincidences, It Has Been Planned From The Beginning ~ May 23, 2018

The deep state is trouble, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and others are in deep trouble. The deep state has been setting up the surveillance state for a long time. UK allow Yulia to make a scripted speech, Russia would like to speak with their Russian citizen. North Korea invites journalists to watch them destroy their nuke facilities. Syria would like to have talks with Turkey. The White Helmets are not who you think they are, they are the terrorists. This has been planned from the beginning, Putin is now pivoting to help the US bring the troops home. Sweden passes out pamphlets telling their citizens to prepare for war. Q drops more bread, first Q shows that Q has always been Q. Q says to stay unified. Watch who you follow.

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Four Videos reflecting the Sacredness of this island… Video 1… “The Magnificence of Pele” ~ May 23, 2018

Thanks to Kp for his continued spiritual-based coverage of the Kilaeau volcano eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Please read,view, think about it, and…



The title is different from what I wrote, I know. But it is quite an excellent overview from a scientific perspective about the current Kilauea eruption. The collection of video images here is astoundingly beautiful (to me, at least), and this is why I connect with these events… Pele is breaking the old foundations, and building a new one… in beautiful ways.

I am posting four videos in total before I leave on a mission on this island.

This video shows some thoughts about how the volcanic activity on the Big Island should be handled in light of native Hawaiians.

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CNN Raided for Deceiving the American Public, and an Interesting Choice of Q-Related Words from the FBI ~ May 23, 2018

My, my…isn’t this interesting? CNN accused of deceiving the public? We all know that MSM spreads rumors, lies, and “fake News” on daily basis, and is a large part of the unawakened public who tend to only belief what they see on the news broadcasts.

So…please read another good article from Starship Earth, know that the history we have been taught/shown may NOT be the truth of the matter (think Moon missions), and…



“Deceiving the American public”. Well, that hardly begins to define what the “Clinton News Network” has done but we’ll take it. For now. Nothing is “classified” to these oligarchs. If it serves their agenda, they don’t hesitate.

The FCC has an informal policy that allows the agency to remove the license of individual broadcasters if the commission deems that they are “deliberately trying to mislead, misconstrue, slant or stage news.“

Revoke their license? We can only hope. Wouldn’t that development rock America?

Even more interesting is the choice of words in an Andrew McCabe communication. Could it be a coincidence that on January 8, 2017, McCabe wrote, “a flood is coming” after the original QAnon/Cicada 3301 prophesied on January 5, 2017 that, “A fludd approaches”???  See that correspondence below the following article.

Oh—and by the way, you won’t hear this news on CNN.

Thanks for the share, L.  ~ BP

CNN Raided By FCC For Deceiving American Public

CNN Raided By FCC For Deceiving American Public

May 23, 2018

The CNN head office in Atlanta, Georgia, was raided by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agents Tuesday [May 22] in an operation related to the “violation of press guidelines” including “publishing and promotion of blatantly false information designed to deceive the American public,” according to reports.

The FCC arrived unannounced and seized documents and hard drives as part of their investigation, including all of the “source data” the network has used for their stories.

MSNBC and the Associated Press are also reported to have been raided by the FCC for violating press guidelines, including the “printing of blatant lies“, the “publishing and promotion of stories which require immediate retractions while not promoting the retractions“, according to a source within one of networks.

According to the FCC, “Broadcasters may not intentionally distort the news.” It is understood that CNN, MSNBC and the AP are under investigation for breaking FCC rules. The FCC states that “rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest.“

According to reports, the FCC has received “documented evidence” from within the three organizations that prove a “conspiracy to misinform and deceive” the American public. According to the FCC:

“The FCC may act only when it has received documented evidence, such as testimony from persons who have direct personal knowledge of an intentional falsification of the news. Without such documented evidence, the FCC generally cannot intervene.”

It is understood a whistleblower has leaked information that proves high-level interplay between CNN and Deep State government officials operating along partisan political lines. Newly revealed e-mails show that former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was aware of CNN’s internal understanding of a secret briefing about the infamous Steele dossier, days before CNN published any stories on the matter.

The FCC has an informal policy that allows the agency to remove the license of individual broadcasters if the commission deems that they are “deliberately trying to mislead, misconstrue, slant or stage news.“

News of the FCC raid follows the EPA’s announcement Tuesday that CNN and the AP were no longer welcome to attend the government agency press conferences.

Guards barred an AP reporter from passing through a security checkpoint inside the building, according to NBC News. CNN said in a statement that its reporter also was turned away from covering the event “after multiple attempts to attend.”

See the rest of the article…

Sorry, I can’t make this any larger. ~ BP

RAPID FIRE = a movie by that name involving a corrupt FBI
‘Flood is coming’ = FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe sent an email with the subject line “Flood is coming” Indicating CNN is going to run a sensitive story
[CNN] = CNN is targeted but then so is McCabe for [leaking] classified information to them.

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: a4b681 No.1506866 📁
May 22 2018 13:04:35 (EST)
It’s happening.

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Who Could Make This Intricate Crop Formation With Binary Code Message Included, in the Middle of the Night? ~ May 23, 2018

Thanks to for this one! 🙂

Humans Are Free

The crop circle above appeared in 2002, in a field near Crabwood, UK. Yes, it’s real, it’s been filmed and documented in the Crop Circle archives, and you can see better pictures and video footage of it below.

So, it happened, regardless of who you believe made it. It’s ridiculously precise, like many others, and contains a humanoid face but looks like a version of the typical “grey” alien.

It also includes a hand with fingers and in the hand is a disc with a binary code, as well as 3 points in alignment over the beings right shoulder that may represent the constellation of Orion (Orion’s Belt).

Crop circles happen all over the world, and they’re made quite often. Constantly ignored by mainstream media, these intricate, complicated, precise and beautiful designs only seem to be brought up in a ridicule type piece.

Perhaps because UFOs (balls of light) are associated with some of these designs (more on that below), and because there was, as the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency once said, an “official campaign of secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.”

It’s not surprising given what we already know about the CIA’s connection to mainstream media, and why we’ve seen so many ridicule pieces on these kinds of things in the public, thus influencing the collective mind.

For anybody who has looked into the phenomenon in a serious matter, and many have, there are anomalies surrounding them that can’t really be explained, unless you accept an ‘unconventional’  explanation.

The only time they get attention are when they are sloppy and man made, like this one. The more complex and extremely precise ones have strange measurements associated with them (mentioned later) and are made in the dead of night leaving no traces, marks, or footprints.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if many circles were man made (many are and we know this), but if it was deliberate to debunk the phenomenon is another matter to be discussed.

The photograph below was taken by Lucy Pringle, as well as the one above,  but it was viewed by many.

Here’s a close up of the Binary Circle:

Not all are unexplainable, some are clearly man made, while others remain drowned in mystery.

Richard Taylor, a physicist at the University of Oregon, is one of several academics to take interest in the crop circle phenomenon within recent years, unfortunately, his is the only work that seems to be published in a serious peer reviewed scientific manner.

Taylor, despite ridiculing any ‘supernatural’ type of hypothesis, believes that “crop circle artists are not going to give up their secrets easily.”

He believes that unknown artists are venturing “into the countryside close to your homes” to “carry out their craft, safe in the knowledge that they are continuing the legacy of the most science-oriented art movement in history.”

I’ve used him as an example in multiple crop circle articles that I’ve written, and that’s because there are strange measurements taken at crop circle locations that can’t be debunked.

Taylor  has suggested that crop circle artists are using GPS devices, lasers, and microwaves to create these astonishing patterns of geometric forms due to the measurements that he obviously became aware of in his research.

Some of these designs are so mysterious and complex that they’ve even been studied in a laboratory setting, and some have indicated that the nodes of some of the stalks were blasted out on one side.

It’s not conclusively known how this was done, but the effect has been replicated by highly localized microwave heating. This type of technique causes water inside to vaporize and dislodge. As a result, the stock flops completely over to one side. (Dolan, Richard. UFOs For the 21st Century Mind: New York: Richard Dolan Press, 2014)

Here’s another angle, taken from a helicopter.

Many other scientists and academics, who are completely convinced that there should be serious attention given to these designs, would never have their work published, simply because of the implications and the fact that it defies belief.

We see the same type of thing with regards to non-material science, and parapsychology which, despite having significant statistical results that match our ‘hard’ science, is still somewhat ridiculed by many. But things are changing and progress is being made.

And another:

What Does The Code Say?

Paul Vigay, a British computer consultant, notable for work in developing and supporting RISC OS software, a longtime research in the field, having also worked with Mel Gibson on the film signs, unfortunately died a very mysteries death, he was the one who discovered that the message was encoded in ASCI binary code.

According to his interpretation, it reads:

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. (Damaged word.) There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing (bell sound).”

You can read everything on the subject by following THIS LINK.

Video Footage of the Circle

Below are pictures taken from a youtube video, they are blurry screen shorts compared to the actual footage. This is one of many fascinating corp circles, that defy belief, regardless of whether it is human or extraterrestrial.

In this one you can see people roaming around in it after it’s been discovered. The traces in and out were made after its discovery for people to come and look at it, but there was no sign of entrance or exit prior.

This one you can see a couple of people standing in the binary area.

Strange Light Phenomenon

Another interesting oddity regarding crop circles is that the electromagnetic field over the area where the crop has been laid down to create the image is often electrostatically charged.

“There is a mounting body of evidence that suggests that a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an ionised plasma vortex (generally known as ball lighting) is involved.” – Greg Jefferys, historian

This explanation was originally offered by physicist Dr. Terence Meadon, who believed that these patterns were the result of atmospheric phenomena.

He suggested that wind currents and ionized plasmas are the culprit, but how could such a thing create such a design? Can wind currents and ionized plasmas think?

Several investigators believe that some kind of light energy is key in creating these circles, they’ve even been filmed a number of times and are all over youtube, including one of the videos below.

The light phenomenon is discussed and filmed in the video below, there are many floating around on YouTube., and many pictures have been taken of this type of light which seems to go hand in hand with multiple crop circles.

Military activity into ‘strange’ phenomenon is nothing new so the video below shouldn’t surprise you, especially now that it’s been disclosed that the military have been ‘chasing’ these objects for years.

Personally, based on my research over the years, I have no doubt that some of these designs are ‘extraterrestrial’ and or spiritual in nature I still have a lot of research to do, and there are a lot of peoples work in this area that I am still looking into.

The crop circle phenomenon is very interesting. Understandably, one might be quick to instantly dismiss the idea that some of these designs could be the work of some unknown entity. Many reasons to further ponder these wonders of the world exist.

Foster Gamble, heir to Proctor Gamble Corporation, and great-great-grandson to James Gamble, illustrates in his film Thrive that the extremely complex circles are also littered with strange magnetic particles.

By Arjun Walia, Guest writer

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