Carolyn SERVANT OF YHWH ~ October 20, 2020

You are receiving new awareness of your mission of The Rose, the Bride, the Wife. This is your ancestral bloodline’s Covenant to protect the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, Magdalene from harm and attack that has awoken within your DNA.

This is the Holy Grail Bloodline you have come to serve. This is your Covenant with Christ our Lord and Saviour.

We are here to redeem the Bride of Christ, and bring together the Bride’s and Bridegroom’s of God’s Covenant Family. The Union of the Beloveds 144000.

What has been blocking you from fully stepping into your Covenant purpose here, as the Bride, is transmutting. Your aligning with the Holy Spirit, and your purpose here to birth New Earth as the Second Coming of Christ Hallelujah.

You are here to redeem Israel. The curse is being lifted from the Bride’s and Bridegroom’s ancestry of the Holy Grail Bloodline, to Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel.

This is ” access granted ” for us to move forward today, Israelites.

APTTMH This is breaking the chains of bondage that kept us suppressed. New doors are opening to financial abundance now, with this new freedom. Chose to step over the threshold today, into your new path of financial abundance, wealth, assets, and prosperity in all ways now, and moving forward.

If you would like this now say yes! YES!!! in Jesus’s Name Amen The Divine Masculine Christ Seed Branch is having major throat chakra clearings and activations.

This is happening to each of our Masculine components of self, as well. This is due to the inner child and ancestral clearing and healing of abandonment. God is promising us today that this clearing is for the new blessings, truth, clarity, tones, light, and frequencies to enter in the upper chakras of the Starseed 144 Collective.

APTTMH Destiny movement forward is here today with fire purification, clearing the karma that is blocking the path home. Balance and equilibrium are here. We are rising from the ashes quickly, fearless Warriors of the Most High


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That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises. ~ October 20, 2020

Humanity’s awakening process is advancing rapidly now, as each day increasing numbers of the population worldwide become aware of the essential need now for major changes in the manner in which people think of each other – friend, untrustworthy other, or foe – and understand that all, without any exception are, like themselves, the beloved children of God.  Realizing that, and knowing it,they are then able to let go of judgment, dislike, and dismissal of others as different and wrong, and instead listen to them and discuss with them issues that need to be resolved.  There are many issues that humanity can most successfully resolve if they choose to listen to and hear the opinions and beliefs of others in order to engage in meaningful discussion.  Remember, you have limitless loving assistance and guidance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms if you will call on them and allow yourselves to hear them – your intuition – without believing the instant egoic disparaging thought arising: “That will never work!”

All are in Relationship with the One.  There is only relationship because all are One.  The experience of separation that you undergo as humans in form is unreal, although you experience it as very real, and that was the intent with which it was designed.  When you feel that you are a separate and tiny individual being in a vast universe filled with uncountable numbers of ‘others,’ that are not you, it causes you to feel fearful, alone, unsafe, threatened by the vastness of which you appear to be such a small and insignificant speck or particle.  And yet, in truth, you are that vastness, because you are in relationship with it.  It and you are One.

At present, as your awakening approaches and as so much is moving from the unseen – the unconscious part of the collective mind in form – into your individual conscious minds that is extremely unsettling if not, in some cases, terrifying, it is not surprising that many are feeling the extremes of uncertainty and confusion.  Over many incarnations, due to the nature of the game of separation in which humanity is engaged, much negative karma has been built up by the human collective over the eons which is now arising into each soul’s individual awareness for forgiveness and release.   It may well seem totally alien to the person experiencing it because, not being from the individual’s present life time, it is unrecognizable.

You all chose to incarnate at this moment in the awakening process to assist one another with this mighty task.  You all knew that it would be difficult and painful, but you also knew that you would be totally supported by God and by your spiritual support teams, and that your success was inevitable.  Nothing has changed!  However, because of the amnesia involved in taking on human form, that knowing, that certainty is hidden from you, and at times the lives you are leading and the suffering that you are undergoing seems unfair, unwarranted, very real, and something that a loving god would never allow to occur.  You need to keep on reminding yourselves of the unreality of the game of separation from God, in which you are engaged, and in which all are playing their parts precisely as planned to bring about your awakening, even though, when you observe the divisive and chaotic situations in so many areas of the world, it is frequently difficult for you to remain convinced that your collective awakening is imminent.

Although it is good to be aware of the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing, so that you can keep sending them love and healing – a very powerful and effective thought form – do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by the angry content and reports of intense suffering on which the mainstream and social media channels focus so much attention.  When you do, as you must have noticed, your energy fields weaken leading to depression and a sense of helplessness, even hopelessness.

You are very powerful beings!  And you are precisely where you are meant to be to assist most effectively and lovingly in humanity’s awakening process.  When you focus on what is not loving in the world you are permitting your egos to distract you from the work you incarnated to do.  That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises, letting go of judgment and condemnation of others who are behaving in unconscionableways, and sending Love to all to help them to become aware and awaken to their true nature which is identical to your own . . . It is Love!

Go within at least once daily, and preferably much more frequently – it need only be for a few moments as you set the intent to be only loving – because when you do the loving energy that is flowing through you, and out to all of humanity (you really do affect All of humanity), intensifies enormously, raising your frequency and also the frequency of countless others of whom you are unaware.  That is the ‘work’ you incarnated to do, and when you remind yourselves of this you realize that it is not really work at all, it is, instead, a most enjoyable occupation that fills you with peace and contentment, because you are doing the divine Will, and you know it.

With so very much love, Saul.


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“The UNION OF THE WHOLE” ~ October 20, 2020

I live my life for the Union of ALL Beings everywhere. To know their true state of Union beyond this Earth with all existences throughout this Universe, NOW.

There are no divisions in countries or waters, or beings on this Earth and throughout the Universe. We are all beings ~ BEING. There are no aliens in this. As all are beings.

I choose this wholeness with every breath I take. That it is simply BEING that we know our own UNION with all aspects of self.

The dimensions are joined as interlinking levels of awareness, that hold together through true love our awareness of this. It is up to us to accept this UNION as an aspect of our eternal self.

That the created appearance of separation is the very stepping stone to the truth of our own existence, eternally and everywhere. My consciousness that is cosmic, is the unifying presence that knows beyond knowing, that what is, simply is. It cannot get more simple than this.

To love oneself is the beginning of this path to wholeness.

No one can give you the love that can only come from you to you.

This is the necessary step on the way to union that many that live through outer awareness neglect.

It is simple completely accept yourself and what is NOW.

And then stay there with every breath.

This is the presence of the almighty that you imagine are in distant worlds away. Yet they are not.

It is all here NOW. And if there is any humor in the Earth experience, it is this ~ once you are in union, you realize that it was always present with you, that is; that which you searched for for aeons, was always right before your very eyes.

It cannot get any more simple than this. Love yourself so much that you just love now.

For in the presence of the DIVINE once fully here now and known, you are in paradise once believed lost. It was here all along. I

n this we do activate you, for the full union of BEING of all BEINGS everywhere, now.

This is the DIVINE self, the one you feel is far away, yet present all along, in love.

FULL POST:…/the-union-of-the-whole/

L’Aura Pleiadian

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Over a Two day Planetary Upgrade around 16/17Oct and you NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS HAS OCCURRED JUST HAPPENED!!!

I did say that the recent 2 Lives videos WE did were Planetary Healings Globally and would make a BIG CHANGE and you would See this, well it DID HAPPEN. WE HAVE REACHED CRITICAL MASS – that the energy space we have shifted into now, the VIBRATION is HIGH ENOUGH to take all other energies forward!

The pendulum HAS SWUNG the other way now! And the momentum of the over 50% of the LIGHT energies has been reached and Beyond in the Human Physical of CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING! THAT CARRIES THE REMAINDER.

As in, those who are not conscious, to those are ARE, well the WE ARE is HIGHER now! Woot Woot!

I will have more on this soon, I am putting an amazing update together right now!

We have just had a two day planetary re-boot! We reached critical mass, as in, more than 50% of souls are conscious enough now, for us to keep growing.

We are doing this. It is worth it!!

So please know you are a BIG part of this with all YOU have been through!

You are worth it!

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Celia Fenn ~ October 20, 2020

With the Sun about to move into Scorpio, we are also entering a pivotal time in the Great Awakening and Transformation, including the 11/11 on the 11th November, the 12/12 on the 12th of December and the Powerful Solstice Gateway on the 21st December. The Energies of Water and Fire are very strong at the moment.

Scorpio is a water sign, and we would do well in the coming days to remember to flow with what is and not to try to resist. There are powerful forces in motion on many dimensions : surrender and flow will bring us to where we need to be.

The Phoenix, as the Fire Bird, represents the transmutative energy of Scorpio as we arise, both individually and collectively, to a new way of Being on the Earth: as Multi-dimensional Beings of Light and Energy in Physical Form.

As we pass through the coming days it is also good to remember that we are in the midst of this process of Ascension and Transformation and that we do not need to know all the answers right now. We need to trust the process and know that All will be Well. The New Earth and the new cycle is not dependent on who wins an election or on any human government. We are Sovereign Beings and we determine our life through our choices. We should never allow anyone to make us feel like victims for in truth, we are not. We have everything that we need within us to make the choice for Peace and Love and Harmony.

Your Soul/Higher self knows what to do.

All you have to do is listen.

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10/20/2020! Where does Trump get his superhuman energy? And why does he need it, especially NOW? And will the election be postponed? ~ October 20, 2020

Editor’s Note: I agree with the election not happening a this has been an intuitive sense of mine for quite a while. I also agree that President Trump is not who we think he is…and he has even stated that in public in an off-hand comment many may not have caught.

We indeed are to be in a spiritual war…as the current proceedings are part of a game humanity finds itself in as a part of the “waking up” process. So…please sit back and watch the news without stress as you become merely an observer with a Magnificent Heart. Know your existence is based on Quantum LOVE, and then BE and remain in…

Quantum Joy!


In this video from 2016, actor Jon Voight, one of the unusual folks in Hollywood who are not rabid leftists (another is Kirstie Alley, on Hannity today), speaks of his experience through the years of  DJT’s unusual personality, as well as his extraordinary energy. As the title of this video puts it, Trump is Not An Act. He really does love people.

Given that Trump has been cheerleading two or even three enormous, rousing, marathon airport rallies each day during this now not even two-week run-up to what may be the most important election in all of human history, I wonder if the near superhuman energy he is showing at this critical turning point in history is in part inspired by what he knows that the rest of us don’t know.

I am not speaking here, of the onslaught of Red October revelations re: Biden pedophilia and torture, pay-to-play schemes, bribery, Ukraine, China, blackmail, Benghazi, Seal Team Six, corrupt HRC, Obama, Congress, alphabet agencies, and so many many more — timed to drop like flies NOW with attempted deflective fly swats from rabid anti-Trump leftist media and politicos shouting, as usual, “Russia Russia Russia!” No. I’m speaking about the coming rollout of the “digital currency” But what kind of digital currency?  According to,  if we wish to not just save the Republic, but to avoid what the central bankster cabal, utilizing and buttressed by the medical mafia, has planned for the whole world; given his unusual business experience and acumen, plus his complex understanding of how to reframe and bypass what the New World Order has in mind for us, Trump simply MUST be re-elected. This video is an eye-opener.

But: I do wonder: will there be a November surprise? Will this storied election even be held, at least on time, November 3? What if Biden has to drop out, overwhelmed by the onrushing  tsunami scandal? What happens to the millions upon millions of already mailed-in ballots, both absentee and fake? Won’t they be rendered invalid? Which makes me wonder: will the election be postponed until after Mars turns to go direct, on November 15. And then, will it be quantum, using block-chain technology, as Charlie Ward has said. Charlie also talks about the new digital currency, but what kind, I wonder, given the info from above.

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October 20, 2020: The Great Awakening is Building; Rally Day in PA [videos] ~ October 20, 2020

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bell.jpg

It’s 10.20.2020, and day 14 of the countdown to the pivotal date of November 3rd. Planet Earth is rockin’ to the tune of freedom! Justice is coming, in all its forms—for the honourable and the wicked.

Reports from individual citizens confirm that debt relief has begun rolling out in various ways in select circumstances in America and the light of knowledge and truth are illuminating our path.

The Commander-in-Chief leads the charge of the Light Brigade, calling out the media. Martha McSally and Doug Ducie can only stand in awe and watch. I’m surprised the guy even mentioned Joe Biden. Why bring it up? You’re asking for the sledge hammer, pal.

Fake News outlets are criminals! God said he would clean out the MSM! This is the start! …-

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) October 19, 2020

The aerial shots of Prescott showing all the people lined up for that “show” were amazing. I saw 100K tuned in to RSBN, and for the Tucson event I saw it hit 109K. Holy cow. On a weekday morning and afternoon that is extraordinary, don’t you think?


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 19, 2020

Tomorrow POTUS will be speaking in Gastonia, North Carolina. Register for future rallies here, or register to vote or volunteer.

Here is the link to watch the Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania today. Hit the thumbs up, please.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Erie, PA 10/20/20

Wow. Just wow.

Haitians rallying for Trump, in Haiti #EPIC

— RedCap004BU (@BuCap004) October 20, 2020

We cautioned everyone to expect the unexpected. We said anything could happen at this point. The ugliness is going to be exposed… but I hadn’t quite expected this… below. The people running the world… well, as POTUS and Kew have repeatedly said, “These people are sick.”

We mentioned this news item yesterday, and it was to be taken literally, which I questioned. “Exposed himself” meant just that. Here is that story from The Hill—not The Enquirer, as you might have expected. The world is changing.

This is a rather light-hearted segment, which is typical of how the lamestream media treats anything serious they don’t want to talk about. I fail to see the humour. You can’t fix these people, and they can’t help themselves, meaning many of them help themselves to our children.

Krystal and Saagar: New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin SUSPENDED After Masturbating On Staff Wide Zoom Call

BREAKING: We won — Ghislaine Maxwell loses fight to keep her Jeffrey Epstein testimony sealed

— julie k. brown (@jkbjournalist) October 19, 2020

I thought this was interesting on Twitter considering the “merkaba” Mr. MBB333 shared recently.

You thought it couldn’t get any weirder, right? The cabal’s army gets activated to cause distractions. They weaponize Humans to serve their agendas and don’t care who lives or dies.

How Chicago PD Asked Me To Help Man Dangling From Trump Tower

A Government official with a conscience sounded the red alert in Canada according to this report and the document it’s based upon, and is supported by other material the vlogger added. Trudy was clear from the outset where he intended to take Canada with his “new normal” and these concerned people felt compelled to speak out.

Canada might need to step up the roadblocks to tyranny unless the coming shocking developments in the USA preclude it. They do suggest that similar “roadmaps” exist for all nations. You’ll get a minute or two of the effeminate Bill Gates and his boyfriend Mel, too—just a heads up.

This is where the control freaks had intended to go before the Earth Alliance stepped in. How far they get remains to be seen.

Here’s the link to the article mentioned.

Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase of the Agenda

The links below reveal the plans of the El-ites to scam gullible People. The banksters never sleep or stop dreaming up ways to squeeze money out of the public. This is just what was sent to me which I haven’t followed up, but I heard this was coming. You can explore them if you wish. From the New World Order perspective, the plandemic is a many splendoured thing. Anyone see a problem here?


Or here: Kevin Kiley, a California legislator, tells us that the final trial briefs against Gov. Newsom are complete and the court date is tomorrow, Wed. October 21, 2020. See that information at the link below.

Santa Surfing is thinking we may lose contact with our usual news sources and may need to go directly to 8kun for Kew updates so she did a video to show how to find that information on the 8kun website.

I’m experiencing a lot of issues this morning, folks, with accessing websites, and speed, and getting hung up and in a holding pattern. YouTube seemed to be working fine, but Twitter images, etc. weren’t loading properly, I couldn’t get to or use my other blog site and I can’t DO anything at the moment. I’m concerned we may soon not be able to access the bridge at all because at one point I couldn’t even use the save, preview or publish buttons. I’m going to publish this now and we’ll see what happens this afternoon.

Someone posted a picture of the Haitians rallying for Trump IN HAITI but Twitter won’t give me the embed code. None of the videos seem to be working. Everything’s broken, including my email.

Proton mail servers were not available, either, but now everything has magically come back. I’d better get this out while I have the chance. It appears to have been a problem with Century Link, surprise, surprise.

Have a look at this video from Gina Hill.  ~ BP

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as Early as November ~ October 20, 2020

Editor’s Note: I have published this post on my blog for the detailed information it contains, however…please use your own discernment when reading this report. While true, that the current mess of the world is more significant than we realize…please recognize all that you read may not be reality!

Please read below with your Magnificent Heart, know your own Quantum LOVE will win the day over the dark details listed below, leaving you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


In a sign of how intense the conflict now raging at the highest levels of world power has become Russian FSB, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say serious moves behind the scenes are aiming to replace key world leaders in November.  The sources say in each case the replacement may take the form of a new body double reading a new script or may involve an entirely different public figure.

MI6 sources say:

 “There is a growing consensus the British Prime Minister has failed and must go.  We had a comment last night from someone we listen to very carefully.”

One reason for this planned move is the dissemination of information obtained by British and French intelligence about the ongoing coronavirus scam.  The fact these (and other) leaders are all pushing the scam is a sign they are not genuine leaders but rather employees of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

The French intelligence report says:

“The entire covidocracy is a masquerade and a simulation prepared long in advance by the World Bank, the IMF, the Rothschilds and their lemmings in cooperation with the Rockefeller family.”

(The French report will be posted on the “Letters to the Editor” page, translation to English).

As evidence, the French provided official patent registrations made in 2015 but only made public in September 2020.  “These patents alone are proof they knew in 2015 what was going to happen in 2020,” the sources say.

For example, a patent registered by “Rothschild, Richard A., in London, Great Britain” details how to calculate detailed biometric information from individuals via their mobile devices.  The mobile devices can measure the cardiac rhythm of the individual and can combine that with other information (e.g. weight, age, etc.) to calculate many things.

The devices could thus calculate such things as how many calories they burn in a day, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and sleeping habits, and blood alcohol levels among other things.  This would allow police, for example, to remotely detect if a person was drunk driving.  The data would also make it possible to identify each individual via their unique breathing and heart patterns.

To obtain this data people need to be holding their phone, be connected with a Bluetooth earbud, or wearing a health monitoring watch sending to the cloud.  Facial recognition is improved for 5G surveillance when people are kept at least 5 feet apart, which is why there is a campaign to promote “social distancing” and mask wearing as it will be easy to identify individuals who are not going along with the “new normal” population reduction vaccination program.

Thus the U.S. presidential election due November 3rd is largely a battle “to protect the FIAT currency and country debt money laundering and stealth state capture operations of the Khazarian Mafia,” MI6 sources say.

Under these circumstances, any politician calling for “compulsory mask wearing and social distancing,” “wait for the vaccine to end the pandemic,” and “more lockdowns are necessary,” etc.  has self-identified as a Khazarian Mafia Slave (KMS).

The situation in the U.S. has degenerated to the point that only 15% of Americans think U.S. democracy is functioning properly, according to an AP poll.  The rioting and looting in major cities might have something to do with those poll numbers and questions about the Constitutional Republic were not included of course.

Even U.S. government organizations like the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency report systematic threats to the integrity of the upcoming U.S. election.

However, keep in mind the upcoming presidential election is about control of the entire planet as Trump is the last man standing in the way of the satan worshipping cabal harvesting adrenochrome on a global scale from kidnapped children.

Russian FSB sources claim their country has now fallen under the control of the Rothschild family via their fake Vladimir Putin.  What this means is that the Russian banking system is not under the control of the Russian government but rather the same people who control the Federal Reserve Board, the sources say.  They are the ones creating the fake confrontations between Russia and the West, they add.

Also, in confirmation of what French intelligence had to report, the FSB says Russia’s banking giant Sberbank has taken over Africa’s banking system; subcontracting for the Khazarian mafia, Sberbank is offering all African citizens free bank cards and free mobile phones.

“The aim of this is not to make money but to collect biometric and other data on all Africans,” the source said.  The fact that Africa has not been going along with the Covid-19 scam has added urgency to the Khazarian mafia campaign to get the African people sucked into the internet, social media, digital currency, bio-metric monitoring slavery system they are establishing in the rest of the world, the sources say.

In Russia, meanwhile, the sources say this Khazarians have managed to strengthen their control by offering mayors and other local politicians local monopolies on the manufacture and sale of face masks, etc.  That is why Russian patriots in the FSB are planning to replace the corrupt leaders, possibly in November, the sources say.

The P3 Freemasons also note the similarities between what is going on now and the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917.  They say the BS Coronavirus was “developed to take over the world.”  They said it is a “mechanism being employed to facilitate Khazarian mafia ownership of everything.”

This struggle does not take place between countries. For example, there is still a faction in China that is pushing for 5G in countries like Brazil, after 5G led to a mass death in Wuhan.

Another sign that China is also a battlefield between two factions: last week, Xi Jinping was attacked with an electromagnetic weapon during a speech in Shenzen. Chinese sources say that there are “3 or 4 Xi Jinpings”, so we might see more body doublings.

In a worst-case scenario, US President Donald Trump is killed and replaced by his same-looking actor (the one with the loose cheeks and white eyes). This fake Trump will then proceed with RFID chip vaccinations, lockdowns and the issuance of digital currency in conjunction with vaccination record cards (COVID). It will also provoke the Third World War between the US and China.

In this context, we note the publication of Hunter Biden’s computer files, which contain references to evidence of torture of children. This happened shortly before the election, as did Anthony Weiner’s laptop, from which evidence of child torture leaked shortly before the 2016 election.

The fact that the border between the USA and Canada remains closed is also worrying on many different levels. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who insists on keeping the border closed, is pushing the fake pandemic and calling for mass immunizations far more than most world leaders.

We have contacted his Chief of Intelligence, David McGuinty, and top doctors and have presented evidence that the pandemic is faked but has not received a response. This is a clear sign that the Canadian government has been kidnapped by the Khazarian mafia.

At the same time, disinformation about the stationing of Chinese troops in Canada is being spread. We have checked with many sources in Canada and are sure that if there were really Chinese troops there, it would be impossible to hide. Instead, it looks as if a pretext is being created for a US military advance against Canada. There will undoubtedly be Canadians who support this scenario to drive Trudeau and his cronies out and free the country from globalist control.

The situation is so bad that MI6 says

“This public health emergency is causing serious damage and disruption at this stage. I think it is time to bring out the big guns and chalk it up as an act of war, high treason and serious crimes against humanity.

In this regard, we note the recent public criticism of Trump by the former White House Chief of Staff, retired Navy General John Francis Kelly. What Kelly needs to do is to say publicly that the designated loser Joe Biden is just as bad, if not worse.

If a military move is made, he must begin by removing the entire political class from Washington DC and eliminating corrupt and complicit leaders around the world.

The Gnostic Illuminati have also said that, in the worst case, they are prepared to destroy Washington DC with a nuclear weapon that they have placed there in an underground base.

The NSA says that the threat is real, if we can trust them to tell us the truth or possibly cause panic and delay an election, time will tell.

We also want readers to know that this author and his sources will be attacked again. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to Japanese underworld sources during his visit to Japan last week, tried to hire gangsters to assassinate me. He was turned away.

There have also been intense, repeated attempts to plant honey traps in my life. The young lady who helps me with Japanese Internet videos was also approached by several, apparently male, honey traps. The switch to honey traps was made after the person she tried to kill in the summer was “done”.

Other sources were threatened, arrested on false charges, killed, etc.

Among the persons threatened are Pope Francis (which is why many Swiss guards are being removed because of the “coronavirus”) and British royals who report “credible information about assassination conspiracies”.

We also take note of the operational silence of both the Pentagon and the Asian intelligence services. This is a sign that the hunt for Rothschild, Rockefeller and other bosses of the Khazarian crime family is becoming more intense. The best defense is a good attack.

Remember that these people are actively trying to either murder or enslave you and your loved ones. This is not the right time to sit on the fence. This is a fight between those who want humanity to be free and those who want us to be enslaved.



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Yeshua: Your Power Is Divinity ~ October 20, 2020

This is Yeshuwah.

We ask that You breathe our frequencies into your heart centers, for it is there that You will recognize them, as well as our love. It is in your heart centers that your true knowing, and your multi-dimensional intelligence, lies. We speak to You there now.

Every time You love yourSelves enough to forgive one person for a single thing, You enable a multitude to experience that same power of forgiveness.

Every time You find the courage to look for power within You, You break the bondage for multitudes who do not yet have that courage.

The power battles that rage on your planet now are among those who have forgotten that power lies only within them. They cannot get it from another, for the other does not have it!

The struggle now is great amongst those who do not know the power within them. They fight for it, as if it was a football in one of your recreational war games.

Understand, and be patient, for they try to create change, but do not yet know the ways of change.

They are learning.

Be patient with yourselves, for all outer battles are reflections of the wars You rage within You. You are learning.

Learn quickly! Your partners, your family, your bosses, your governments, none of them can give You your power, for they do not have it!

Do not burden them with those illusions! You have been told many stories about the dangers of power. You have told many yourselves.

We will tell You this: Your power is not dangerous.

Your power is your divinity!

**Source **Channel: Judith Dagley

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Thoughts from your Hostess of Light; October 2020 ~ October 20, 2020

Whew….What a couple of weeks it has been, I feel like I have spent 14 days in the belly of the beast. The energies here in the Smokey Mts have been totally liquid and demanding. An imposing liquid downloading for days, dressing the summer leaves in their autumn colors. At this time of year All the colors of change, Blur together like a Salvador Dali painting. A collage of shift is created as we and the autumn leaves hang on for dear life, praying they we the strength and courage to get thru this whirlwind of energies before the 11:11 gateway is activated (fortunately they cannot cancel that) . Drama is spelled with a capital ‘D’ as everyone goes thru the wind-tunnel of love alone, surfing the seas of self and trying to ride their karma. Didn’t we already do this karmic wash? We can blame it on blue moons, Halloween, eclipses, retrograde and every thing that pushes our buttons, but ultimately we signed up for this part of the journey. We did this knowing full well that we would be asked to go that extra 100 miles and do more than we thought possible

The secret to this place and time is to stand tall against what tries to steal your peace. The distractions come to steal your power away from what truly needs addressed. Stand your ground, stick to what you are currently involved in per life. All seem to demand our complete attention like a newborn baby. We jump up obediently, every text, every tweet, being swayed word by word, seduced away from what is important to us. With every text and email we are manipulated by another’s mood, needs, wands, demands. This very pliable side-tracked amnesia creeps into our lives every day we continually get escorted out of the building of self-exploration into the building of restriction.

Stay sharp as the summit of your spiritual awareness hones itself like deer on a tree. Do not jump from a craggy cliff like an anxious lighthouse always trying to save those drowning at sea. Stand tall in your Light. Many have lost their trust in the universe; they have lost their way in the mirage of confusion. Some have lost the landscapes of their future. Yes your wings have been clipped but they are now growing back bigger and stronger. The ‘great hope’ that you hold for earth demands flight which demands movement forward, remember birds cannot fly backwards!

When you see geese flying along in “V” formation, as each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in “V” formation, the whole flock adds at least 71 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. People who share a common heart direction can get where they are going more quickly and easily because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone — and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front. If we have as much sense as a goose, we will stay in formation with those people who are headed the same way we are. When the head goose gets tired, it rotates back in the wing and another goose flies point.

Geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. What messages do we give when we honk from behind? When a goose gets sick or is wounded and falls out of formation, two other geese fall out with that goose and follow it down to lend help and protection. They stay with the fallen goose until it is able to fly or until it dies, and only then do they launch out on their own, or with another formation to catch up with their group. Here in dear friends lives the teaching!

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