The Illusion of Loss ~ September 20, 2019

By JeJa

Loss is an illusion. Completely. You cant lose anyone.

When you realize that everyone is a spirit having a human experience, and that the one you spoke to deeply, laughed with deeply, loved deeply and hugged in deep respect, is that spirit, and that spirit is eternal, you will then realize soon enough that your sense of losing this person is not real.

When you die, aka transition, you leave your body and enter higher vibrations. As higher vibrations are natural to Creation and fear, density and lower vibration is not, you tend to remember who you are instantly upon dying. You recall your contract upon incarnating and you goal in life. You simply come back after a deep sleep of separation.

This is perfectly normal, its the human earth life of the ego that is abnormal to Creation. Your friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, husband and wife, child, grandfather, dad, mom, and sister and brother are all up on the ships with the rest of Creation. The higher self only knows what is real and embraces the pain and illusion of separation, but it is not of it. It is of eternal love.

The only real timeline of Creation has always been love, in the present moment. No matter how long or how far away you believe your relatives who have passed are, they tend to most often visit you and float just beside you literally. But you cant see them because the human body is too unstable to handle higher energies. When people say, I know and feel my “insert name here” to be alive in heaven right now, they are speaking from their soul. They innately know that they have nothing to fear and sense this feeling when faced with the pain of loss.

They might now be fully aware of it themselves but they are absolutely right, because love, higher frequencies, the etheric, the starships and all of it is just right here beside and around us. Nothing to fear, its just where we simply come from and will return to when its the highest to do so. We are eternal beings having a human experience.

This knowing alone should threaten the sense of loss as you realize that you haven’t lost anything, and can get everything you truly want from the etheric. Because of the 3d illusion of physicality, density, tiredness, restraint, compression and resistance, the most human thing to do would be to hold on to anything you hold dear in your heart. Humans do this repeatedly with no success ever. This wont lead to a good life nor will it fulfill your hearts desires.

Indeed it is truly difficult to surpass the 3d illusion for it is a painful feeling to sense expansion and the mind manipulates this into illusory though and believing that the pain is real when in actuality the pain is temporary and is just an energetic cleansing. Pain is unnatural thats why the process hurts. Loss hurts, but when you feel into the aftermath and just breathe, you WILL feel much better. You should know from this that the illusion has faded, and you DO in fact feel better. Just that tiny “feel better” part after crying, releasing and processing, grieving and so forth, is truly enough to say, okay there has to be more to life than this prisonry.


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Restoring Energetic Balance Through Sacred Source Geometrics ~ September 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Interesting…another article for which the inclusion of any picture is blocked. What does this mean? Please pay attention to this article, see the clues it gives regarding moving from an entropic system to an eternal system, ask yourself, “Why does the Dark want to de-emphasize this article?”, and BE…



By Gaia Sophia

With Planetary Ascension we are building a New Earth in this physical realm. This is a new holographic reality for all. The creation of a holographic reality at any level of Creation has to do with energy. For many years on this planet, energy has been looked at as a consumptive commodity. As in one must consume energy to live, in the form of food; one must consume energy to drive, in the form of gasoline etc. This form of consuming energy has created an imbalance on this planet. This energetic imbalance lends toward an entropic system which ends in self annihilation if allowed to continue toward that trajectory. Due to the mind control and manipulation on this planet, many believe that this entropic and consumptive use of energy is the way Creation works. This is not the case beloveds. Energy is eternal! We were never created to strictly consume. We were created to receive and give energy, to be a Source of energy that is eternal and not entropic.

Creation works in a self feedback loop system that always replenishes and regenerates itself from the Source through a phasing of energy. It does not consume energy from a finite supply as has been the case in our phased lock system. Instead it is designed to bring in energy and give back more than what was brought in by always returning to the Source and expanding out by multiplication. This is the premise for “free energy” and this is the way energy is used and created on New Earth. For the sake of explanation and understanding, let us look at the current use, misuse and imbalance of energy on this planet as well as it’s effects on our planet, individual life and the trajectory of our species.

Currently upon our planet, many individuals and the collective use energy in a purely consumptive manner. Meaning we are not regenerating energy and are merely consuming what is available or recycling existing energy from a finite supply. Basically this is what creates what we know as life and death cycles and is entropic in nature. If we look at this from a planetary standpoint, we can see that we are consuming natural resources for energy to feed ourselves, our live stock, heat or cool our homes, power our vehicles, manufacture goods etc. This has been done through plundering the planet of energy via oil, natural gas, minerals, trees, industrial agriculture etc. Because we are not regenerating a an equal or surplus of energy to counter what we are taking, this method of consumption is entropic in nature and would eventually lead to our extinction as a species. This would be a life and death cycle of a species.

If we look at this on an individual level we can see the life and death cycle of a human is based on energy consumption and depletion. Currently, most humans consume energy in the form of food in order to sustain life in a carbon based body. These bodies are densely packed forms of energy with slow sub atomic particle spins that have been “cut off” from the Source (God as many would say). Because of this the body is only a consumptive vehicle of energy and does not produce, create or regenerate energy from the Source. This too is entropic in nature and finite which causes life and death cycles for humans. These cycles are incarnation traps for souls incarnated on this planet.

The cause for the current life and death cycles or energy consumption method of this planet is complex and deeper than this writing is intended to deliver. This entropic system exists because the planet and all inhabitants were unknowingly disconnected from Source in what is called “the fall”. On the highest level, this entropic system manifested as physical realities because of the distorted light geometries used to create the holographic realities. This is no longer the case on our planet. With the planetary ascension well underway, Gaia and many humans (souls) have reconnected to Source and changed the trajectory for our planet and species. Through much energetic clearing and rebalancing, the organic light geometrics that connect us with the Universal and Galactic time matrices have been restored and a pure connection with Source as Source has been reestablished on this planet and within many HUmans. The days of entropy are coming to an end on Gaia.

We have shifted from the old dualistic, finite energy, life and death geometrics to the original design of Creation which is eternal life, energy geometrics. Through the process of ascension, one clears old distorted dense energy from the physical vessel allowing the body to reconstruct itself from a carbon based molecular structure into a silicon crystalline based structure. In simple terms, the body becomes like a crystal receiver and transmitter of light – light is energy! Through stargate ascension, one reconnects to Source to eventually become Source embodied in a physical vessel. This is a gradual process that involves massive physical and physiological changes. There is a complete breakdown of the old seven chakra system into the energetically balanced twelve chakra system of the Diamond Sun body. The merkabah gives way to the stargate system during physical body ascension as well. The stargate becomes your very own portal to Source and is the wellspring of eternal energy that frees the human body from life and death cycles.

This is the key to an eternal energy model versus an entropic consumptive model. The addition of Pure Source energy to a balanced energy system changes the dualistic or bi-wave model to the tri-wave model – the trinity! This means that we no longer consume enery in the same way. Instead, we become generators of energy – constantly adding energy to our creation from the eternal suppy of Source. There is no more aging or dying as there was before on this planet. The physical vessel becomes eternal until the time comes for a soul to relinquish the body. Disease, sickness etc. go as well.

Due to the suppression of this information we have been locked into an entropic system. Ascension changed this and now the truth shall be revealed to all. Everything in Creation is energy. A magnetic female energy and an electric male energy that must be in balance and connected to Source to create an eternal geometric light structure that allows for physical realities to manifest in certain dimensions. In order to understand this, one must be willing to discard all previously understood science, sacred geometry, physics, scripture, dogma and nearly every book ever written on this planet. Those that are ready will feel the truth in their heart. Below are some very well known and common symbols many are used to seeing. These represent a finite or entropic. energy system. There are also the symbols that represent the eternal energy structures. We will see how each contributes to a very different reality.

Flower of Life

Lotus of Life or Eternal Source SpiralRelated:  The Arcturians: The Landings Are Ready!

The first symbol above is the Flower of Life and has long been understood to be the basic building block of physical reality. This symbol illustrates no connection with Source. It is a finite energy supply creating life and death cycles, trapping consciousness in incarnation patterns until eventual self annihilation via implosion. The outer circle represents consciousness, the inner geometrics represent a finite amount of energy that is trapped and recycling itself – hence life and death cycles.

The second symbol above is the Lotus of Life or Eternal Source Spiral. It is not a well known geometric thus a common name does not yet exist. This is the true organic patterning for consciousness to manifest eternal realities. Here we see there is no outer ring or “trap” for consciousness, allowing it to create and expand eternally. The middle represents Source energy the creates organic eternal life versus inorganic finite life. With this truly Sacred Geometry, we have the connection with the eternal Source (the white hole) and the physical world of matter (the black hole) accessed via the Sacred Breath. The contraction and expansion of the breath through the heart portal to Source creates an everflowing exchange of energy. This allows for the eternal expansion of consciousness versus the trapped consciousness that undergoes life and death cycles. Looking at this geometry, one can literally feel the energy fields around expanding. Feel it!!

Vesica Pisces (Bi-wave) and Trinitized Tri-Wave

Tube Torus

The next symbol is the vesica pisces or bi-wave geometry that has been understood by many as the foundationl geometry needed to create energetic balance. This design taken from the Flower of Life geometry creates a tube torus field as illustrated in the green image above. A tube torus is a closed loop energy system. Again illustrating how there is a recycling of finite energy creating life and death cycles.

To the right of the vesica pisces is the tri-wave geometry that is taken from the Lotus of Life geometry. This geometry represents the trinity. The symbol represents the presence of Source energy in combination with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balanced energy. This trinitized structure allows for eternal energy to create physical realities and represents a true energetic balance with ALL of Creation.

Fibonnaci Sequence or Spiral

The geometric structures of the Flower of Life and Vesica Pisces are dualistic patterns that have been used to create our collective hologaphic realities for thousands of years. As a result of creating with these dualistic, finite energy light geometries, we have mathematical equations and formulas that have been derived to explain the formation of life on this planet. One is known as the Fibonacci Spiral and has been used in science and mathematics since the 12th century. This formula explains that a new pattern is replicated using the sum of the two previous patterns. This is another example of an energy consuming, finite geometry. In order to expand, the pattern must consume the previous two patterns. There is no connection back to the starting or zero point (Source). This is a closed loop energy cycle that creates life and death to continue.

Krystal Spiral

The spiral above represents an eternal spiral. This is known as the Krystal Spiral and unlike the Fibonacci, this patterning always returns to the Source before expanding out. It does not consume the previous two patterns for the energy to create the next as the Fibonacci does. The Krystal Spiral and the mathematical sequence it contains comes directly from the zero point. The Krystal Spiral is a living spiral because there is in-flow and out-flow just as the Sacred Breath. There is a gift from Source and there is a gift of back flow giving back, and then there is a gift of back flow return. It is a constant give and take (or phasing) of energy between Source and a living matrix. The Krystal architecture is self perpetuating and inner sustaining, its math is represented by including zero point or Zero in its numerical sequence: 0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc., through doubling each numerical value. Each of the numerical values is derived though returning to Zero and adding all of the numbers together to get to the next highest value in its sequence or multiplication. This is the meaning of the phrase “Out of the ONE come the many” This organic patterning is eternal and created with the energy supply from the Source – never consuming the old energy to create new patterns.

As we continue our planetary ascension it is important to deepen our understanding of energy and how it is used to create realities. Restoring energetic balance through organic light geometries is what Ascension is all about. When all is in perfect balance the trinitized light geomtries are created. These geometries are eternal and align us with the Galactic and Universal grids. This inturn allows for New Earth multidimensional realities to manifest on our planet. Restoration of the organic trinitized geometrics also frees us from the finite trapped cycles of life and death into an eternal life system. The true bonds of energetic slavery are released for humanity on and off this planet. The HUman species is able to evolve and create as true Creator Beings that we have always been. We are energy beloveds. When energy is free, we are FREE.

This writing barely scratches the surface of much that was touched on. It would take a while to discuss each in depth and is the intent. I encourage each reader to meditate and contemplate on what was delivered here. Your heart knows truth beloveds, let it guide you. Trust you have the power to free yourself. You are supported beyond measure. The energies available for ascension are for ALL. We are eternal beloveds! We are light! We are love! We are free! The collective ascension is in full acceleration. Together we rise! EnJoY the journey. I love you all so very much!

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Truth is Standing as The House of Cards is Falling ~ September 20, 2019

By: James Gilliland


Hang on it’s Friday the 13th, full moon the masks are coming down and the shift is hitting the fan. Politics now is not about serving the people it is about power and wealth. There are some who have maintained their integrity and truly have taken positions in politics to serve yet the vast majority have become self-serving. To them it is service to self, using their positions to implement power over others rather than serve and empower the people. They have also amassed great wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth. It has become so decadent and obvious only those suffering from, Terminal Cognitive Dissonance. TCD and TDS Trump derangement syndrome cannot see past the lies, social programming, the division and destruction of America. It is only fitting the fake news people add Andrew McCabe to their roster of paid liars. Wonder how he will be a news advisor from prison after lying four times to the FBI and Congress?  There is a war going on, it is interdimensional, and it is between those who truly desire heaven on Earth and those who desire to feed off the pain, suffering, continue with the manufactured lack, illness, death and destruction. You are dying far before your time and it is as if some negative hierarchical force is at war with all creation. Why is there so much inhumanity against creation? Because there are non-human forces that care nothing about creation, they cannot generate their own light they can only feed off of others. They mask themselves behind noble causes like socialism and environmental and humanitarian projects yet when the facts are laid out their true desires and goals are opposite. What they seek when you bottom line it is power, wealth, and notoriety. They are ego driven self-serving narcissist.

When has socialism worked? Name all the genocidal tyrants of the past and you will find each were socialists. When you take the power and wealth, centralize it in the hands of a few it always ends up in dictatorship. If you want to control the masses you divide them with race and gender issues, demonize those who truly want to free and empower the people, make promises you can never keep, talk them into giving you the power and wealth and by all means take away their guns by any means necessary, “False Flags”. In the past it was knives, swords, and bows that were taken. Even a butter knife would be punishable by death. How far will they go this time around?

In each case many were duped into peacefully marching into socialism with promises of a better world where everything is free yet as history has proven they had to fight their way out to regain their freedom. Many thriving countries turned to socialism only to end up in abject poverty. Latest was Venezuela, other what once were socialist countries are now moving back to capitalism. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights insure the rights and freedom of the people yet in many cases they have been compromised. You can watch the continuous erosion of the rights and freedom of the people by the very people who have sworn an oath to protect those rights. These people live under an elitist two-tiered system, they are draconian, self-serving with a lust and insatiable desire for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and nature. Everything they accuse others of they themselves are doing tenfold. Most could not handle the truth of where this insatiable lust has taken them.

At the top there are Satanic/Luciferian cults, child sacrificing, pedophiles that desire total domination including death in ritual sacrifices. Their dark lord demands it if they are going to continue to climb that ladder of success, power and wealth. These spirit, truth and integrity challenged people come in every color, gender, and be lie f. Their goal is the same.

It is centralize the power and wealth, disarm the people, create a massive dependency and maintain total control of the people. Are they empowering the people, supporting personal responsibility, maintaining your God given rights, the right to self-determination or are they going to tell you how to think and live with their social engineering programs. Do they want you to think you are a victim, powerless and only they can heal and restore you? They live in gated mansions with armed guards yet don’t believe in boarders and your right to protect yourself. There are two reasons for open boarders, one many are benefiting from the child and drug trafficing with millions donated to their campaigns. Two it increases their base of power to flood the country with immigrants then give them all the rights of citizens, the right to vote. Speaking of voting look at the history of the democratic party. They voted against freeing the slaves, women’s rights, were the party of the KKK and now there is a new plantation of ignorant societal programmed people afraid to do the research as to their past injustices and goals which have never changed.

They double speak, do as I say not as I do. They want to ban airplanes yet fly across the globe on a regular basis. They want to ban burgers and plastic straws yet you will see them eating a burger walking down the street with a plastic straw in their mouths. They have been lying to the people for decades, nothing has changed in their method and madness other than people are starting to wake up. They are waking up and walking away. The power must remain with the people. Beware of those trying to centralize the power and wealth with the guise of we know better promising free everything. A country is not a country without borders. Let’s get this country together first then help others. Let’s end the child and drug trafficing, hold accountable those benefiting from it with an equal justice for all system.

Many of your icons and heroes will fall when the masks come down. It will be an extreme disappointment for many yet it is a step in the awakening and healing process. Stop giving your power away to icons and heroes that if you did a little research with brutal honesty you will find they do not deserve it. Be your own hero, create heaven on Earth. Walk the talk and hold others accountable who are saying one thing doing another most but for one reason, power and wealth. I might add it is usually at your expense.

The millionaire politicians hypocritically demanding an end to the uneven dispersal of wealth and poverty need to disperse their own wealth as examples. The million and billionaires claiming to be environmentalists need to use their own assets to restore the Earth rather than demand it from the people. Many of them created the mess. Some actually own the humanitarian organizations designed to clean up the messes they made gaining personally under false nobility . If you want to help put the food and the money straight into the hands that need it. Below is a classic example of a warrior for the people verses the arrogant elite betraying their oaths for all to see. It is not about the law, there was no Russian collusion with Trump but a mountain of Russian collusion with the DNC and the deep state puppets. The deep state lie repeatedly to the investigative agencies and Congress yet when anyone connected to Trump forgets something they throw the book at them. They have to take down Trump, Barr, any generals or white hats that know who they are and what they have done. This is playing out for all to see. Truth stands on its own merit, the mountain of lies is eroding away, the masks are coming down and the next two months will be a whirlwind of change for the good. It is like Creator is hosing it all away with a blast of universal law, higher consciousness and energy. There is no lack to end hunger, homelessness, to provide energy for personal or transportation needs. There is only a lack of honesty, integrity and service to others. This is driven by social engineering, fake news. It is temporary. How many lies can you tell before the masses wise up and stop listening? Look at the ratings, how low can they go before they are no longer an asset? Enjoy the show.


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Planet K2-18b – Neioh – Pleiadian Collective ~ September 20, 2019

Planet K2-18b – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

Info Via NEIOH

About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective

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Planet K2-18b

Astronomers have for the first time discovered water in the atmosphere of a planet orbiting within the habitable zone of a distant star.

The finding makes the world – Planet K2-18b – a plausible candidate in the search for alien life.

Within 10 years, new space telescopes might be able to determine whether the atmosphere of Planet K2-18b contains gases that could be produced by living organisms.

The lead scientist, Prof Giovanna Tinetti of University College London (UCL), described the discovery as “mind blowing”.

“This is the first time that we have detected water on a planet in the habitable zone around a star where the temperature is potentially compatible with the presence of life,” she said.

The new Planet K2-18b is just over twice the size of Earth – in a planet category known as a “Super Earth” – and has a temperature cool enough to have liquid water, between zero and 40C.

Planet K2-18b is 111 light-years – about 650 million million miles – from Earth, too far to send a probe. So the only option is to wait for the next generation of space telescopes to be launched in the 2020s and to look for gases in the planet’s atmosphere that could only be produced by living organisms.

. Planet K2-18b

BBC News

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Planet K2-18b - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective


These articles about K2-18b are Disclosure previews.

There are people who already know that this planet is inhabited by very human-like Beings.

They are about 1 million of them living on a planet twice as big as Earth.

Planet K2-18b - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective


They are peaceful & seldom have left the planet they call ARKEE.

They grow their own food & drink water. They have animals but not the same as ours.

They have covered structures for rain & sleep out in the open most of the time.

More will come out about this planet & others.

Pianeta K2-18b - Super Terra - Artist Concept

Planet K2-18b


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Planet K2-18b - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective


There is a reason they do not care to leave their planet. They are Celestial Humans.

This means they are not part Angel and Human but brought by Angels millions of years ago, from other planets like Earth, not yet known to Earth.

These were children that were of a Higher Density than Earth.

They are able to do many things done in the Pleiades such as fly in body form. They simply lift off and fly around.

They grew up as Family and the Angels taught them everything.

Planet K2-18b - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective


They do not mate or reproduce and this desire was changed in them as children to survive and to live a Peaceful and kind life and learn of a different way.

They know of others such as Pleiadians and are visited.

They have Pure Souls and do not comprehend war.

They are highly evolved and intelligent.

Fully Awakened and able to choose, yet the Celestial Gift of the Angels has kept them alive and they do not experience death.

They sleep for long periods of days at times and they grow from small children to adult size.

Planet K2-18b - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective


They do not age as in wrinkles or bad health because of Celestial Nature.

These are unknown to most other Races but Pleiadians know Angels and Archangels well and We were welcomed here as Family to be with them and teach them.

They are only interested in sharing, Heartfelt activities and having fun in nature.

They access all Multiverses with eyes closed. They travel in Consciousness.

They speak but are also Telepathic.

They will always remain on their home planet.

Planet K2-18b - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective


These that are called #ARKEA were saved from harm. Some were to be killed or sacrificed. Others were abandoned. Even at a Higher Density, some beings chose darkness.

This is not the only Celestial Planet. There are many.

After the Shift, the New Earth will also be welcomed to visit the Celestial Planets.

These Beautiful Beings know of Earth and Meditate Continually and send Loving Energy.

They are happy to be seen now and they realize the Shift is soon so Discovery is Sacred to them.

Pleiadians brought the Crystals we know as Celestite and Celestine from ARKEE as Gifts for EARTH.

Planet K2-18b - Celestite and Celestine
Planet K2-18b - Celestite and Celestine
Planet K2-18b - Celestite and Celestine
Pianeta K2-18b - Super Terra - Artist Concept

Planet K2-18b


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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God does not play dice with the universe.

Albert Einstein

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News Burst 20 September 2019 ~ September 20, 2019

News Burst 20 September 2019

  • 8chan is slowly opening up? Watkin’s tweet the infinite clock gif.
  • NASA set a 2024 deadline for the first human flight to the Moon (since 1972!).
  • DOJ IG Horowitz reveals he referred James Comey for criminal prosecution.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell wants to argue certain files shouldn’t be unsealed.
  • 58 people charged in $66M Medicare fraud: 6 MILLION opioids illegally dispensed in Texas.
  • Netanyahu calls for ‘strong Zionist government’ in post-election speech.
  • Gantz refuses to meet Netanyahu, he will form unity govt without embattled PM.
  • Flynn’s hearing pushed back to Nov 5, the same day as Roger Stone’s.
  • U.S. wants to seize all money Edward Snowden makes from new book.
  • Fraud at a payrolls processing company in Clifton, NY drained the accounts for thousands of employee.
  • Chinese PM notes ‘huge prospects’ for cooperation with Russia after talks with Putin.
  • NASA & ESA test Earth’s planetary defenses; Didymos asteroids to be hitten by spacecraft at 24k km/h.
  • Riyadh gave no proof Tehran launched oil-plant attack.
  • Facebook admits it’s a publisher, not a platform, in court filings.
  • Belgian F-16 Crashes in Morbihan, France: Residential building hit, no injuries.
  • Riyadh asks Iraq for 20mln barrels of crude after attack on Saudi Aramco facilities.
  • NASA predicts next solar cycle will be lowest in 200 years.
  • Pompeo: “We’d like a peaceful resolution. I hope Iran sees it the same way.”
  • US Airforce General warns about ‘secrets’ in Area 51 that ‘deserve to be protected’.
  • Space wx quiet. Coronal hole streams may intensify geomag in the coming weekend, but weak.

Strongest EQ in Europe M3.0 Several
Strongest EQ in US M3.6 California
Strongest EQ on the Planet M6.2 Philippines 611 km depth News Burst 20 September 2019

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Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ September 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Wow! Please join me in being excited by the extreme release of Schumann Resonance energies starting at 12M and lasting through 9AM this morning. The intensity steadily grew until reaching peak amplitude bwtween 5:00AM and 6:00AM on 9/20.

Please know this means the Earth itself received a barrage of incoming solar/cosmic energies causing the Earth to release the Schumann Resonance energies in response. Know these energies are changing you, are changing me, and changing our world for the better as higher vibrations (Love) become the norm on or world, and BE…




Schumann Resonance Today. We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us!

The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC +7 Source

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • 9/20 17:00 UTC – L’attività di oggi è durata, nella sua massima espressione, circa 9 ore, dalle 5 alle 14 UTC. Durante questo periodi i valori sono rimasto oltre i 60 Hz per circa 6 ore, dalle 6 alle 12. Il periodo di tempo sopra i 40 Hz è stato dalle 6 alle 12:30 UTC. Attualmente i valori sono tornati nella normalità. I 99 Hz sono stati raggiunti alle 10:20 UTC.
  • 9/20 10:30 UTC – We are getting close to 100 Hz, 98 at 10 UTC.
  • 9/20 09:00 UTC – After a period of calm lasted several hours, at midnight UTC a new cycle of movements began, peaks remained moderate around 15 Hz for about 4 hours. At 5 UTC, however, started a very strong activity which in about 2 hours, at 7:20 UTC, led to a massive peak at 95 Hz.
  • 9/19 17:00 UTC – The activity reported previously was the only one today, started at 6 and returned to normal values at 11:30 UTC.
  • 9/19 10:00 UTC – Much of today has been calm, the first sign of movement was at 4:30 UTC and anticipated a strong activity that seems to be of short duration, about 2 hours; at 9 UTC we have had what up to now is the largest movement at 66 Hz.
  • 9/18 17:00 UTC – Today, practically continuous activity, even if of very moderate magnitude, the most “lively” part was from midnight to 11 UTC with a maximum peak at 20 Hz at 4:20 UTC.
  • 9/17 17:00 UTC – The peak reported previously was the first of a 40 Hz activity phase that lasted 4 hours, from 12:30 to 16:30 UTC. The peak at 40 Hz occurred at 13:20.
  • 9/17 14:30 UTC – The activity remained in a calm condition until midnight UTC when slight movements began. Suddenly at 6:30 and 7 UTC two peaks occurred, the first at 30 and the second at 38 Hz. These were followed by a further calm until a 38 Hz movement at 13:45.
  • 9/16 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • 9/16 08:30 UTC – Usual activity around the 17th of the month. Today the movements started in a rather sudden and powerful way but initially with isolated peaks, the first was just before midnight UTC at 30 Hz. This was followed by 44 Hz at 6 UTC and then what is now the strongest, 63 Hz at 8 UTC.
  • 9/15 17:00 UTC – After about 8 hours of calm, at 1 UTC, a slight activity began with no significant peaks.
  • 9/14 17:00 UTC – The activity, even if light-moderate, continues incessantly. As in the last three days it has been a constant oscillation on 10-15 Hz with sporadic more significant movements. Today the relevant part goes from 10 to 16 UTC with a series of spikes the highest of which reached 34 Hz at 14:30 UTC.
  • 9/13 17:00 UTC – The activity that started yesterday at 18 UTC lasted 5 hours, until 23 UTC, it has been a powerful movement even if the maximum peak was 38 Hz. For the rest of the day there was a continuous slight background activity.
  • 9/12 21:30 UTC – The new graph shows what appears to be the beginning of a significant activity, these movements started at 18 UTC and are in progress, the highest value so far has been 37 Hz.
  • 9/12 17:00 UTC – After the solitary spike previously reported, the activity continued but of low entity.
  • 9/12 10:00 UTC – The new graph shows a first peak last night at 6 pm UTC which reached 28 Hz, followed by a period of relative calm until 5:30 UTC when a powerful spike reached 49 Hz.
  • 9/11 17:00 UTC – Even after previous significant activity the movements continued, but with relatively low peaks, 20 Hz, and are continuing around this magnitude.
  • 9/11 10:00 UTC – There was no actual pause after yesterday’s activity, the movements continued with a peak to 29 Hz at 20 UTC while a more powerful activity occurred from 8 UTC with two peaks above 40 Hz the strongest of which to 43 Hz at 9 UTC.
  • 9/10 17:00 UTC – Calm. The movements ended at 10 UTC.
  • 9/10 10:30 UTC – Today’s chart shows an activity similar to yesterday’s, with isolated peaks, but slightly more continuous. The movements started at 23 UTC yesterday with slight variations. The most significant peaks occurred in rapid succession from 8 UTC with the maximum value 34 Hz at 8:20 UTC.
  • 9/9 17:00 UTC – After the two peaks previously reported, another one occurred at 20 Hz at 10:30 UTC after which it was calm.
  • 9/9 11:00 UTC – A pair of isolated peaks has been the activity of today until now, the first at 7:30 UTC has reached 27 Hz, the second peak 1 hour later at 8:30 UTC has been at 37 Hz.
  • 9/8 17:00 UTC – Even today, looking at the chart, one has the feeling that the activity, in the last four days, is gradually decreasing. Today the movements lasted 6 hours, from 6 to 12 UTC, the maximum peak was 23 Hz at around 7 UTC.
  • 9/7 17:00 UTC – Today’s graph shows that in the last 3 days there has been a decline in the intensity of the activity. Today the movements started at 5 and lasted until 11:30 UTC, during this period the maximum peak was 30 Hz at 8:30 UTC.
  • 9/6 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity period lasted for about 12 hours, from 23 UTC yesterday to 11 UTC today, now the situation is calm.
  • 9/6 10:30 UTC – The activity today started at midnight UTC with small variation on the 15 Hz threshold, from 4 UTC the values increased slightly reaching 20 Hz, at 8 UTC we had the strongest peak until now that reached 44 Hz.
  • 9/5 17:00 UTC – The activity after the strong movement described earlier remained calm. The black band is due to lack of data for that time period.
  • 9/5 10:00 UTC – The TSU site had some glitches until now, the surprise update shows us a strong activity. The opening was given by an isolated peak at 55 Hz followed by a period of about 2 hours of strong movements culminating with a 67 Hz spike at at 8:30 UTC.
  • 9/4 17:00 UTC – Another spike at 27 Hz occurred during a short period of activity lasted 1 hour from 11:30 UTC.
  • 9/4 10:00 UTC – The activity continued uninterrupted even today, the most significant part up to now has started at 7 UTC and has led to a peak at 40 Hz just before 8 UTC.
  • 9/3 17:00 UTC – Even in today’s chart we can see that there wasn’t a real calm. The periods of most intense activity were two: the first from 7 to 9 UTC which reached the maximum at 20 Hz; the second from 14 to 15 UTC with the maximum at 36 Hz.
  • 9/2 17:00 UTC – The situation, after the previous peaks, is in a phase of calm.
  • 9/2 11:30 UTC – The variations continued practically without interruption even if with moderate values, at 7 UTC a more significant activity began which led to a peak at 69 Hz at 8 UTC followed by another at 40 Hz about an hour later. This period of elevated activity lasted about 2 hours.
  • 9/1 17:00 UTC – There has been no pause, although without excessive values the activity has been continuous and seems to last longer. An isolated peak at 37 Hz occurred at 12:20 UTC.
  • 9/1 09:00 UTC – Movements restarted shortly after the midnight shown on the chart, corresponding to 17 UTC. Peaks were moderate with the strongest that reached 36 Hz at 20:30 UTC. After this a period of variations started with the average value being at 20 Hz for 6 continuous hours, from 23 to 5 UTC this morning.
  • Frequency means how many wave cycle happen in a second, 1 Hz. means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz. means 40 cycles per second, Amplitude is the size of the vibration, how big is the wave, the chart shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm Schumann resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paper-clipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.   The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

Dependencies Amplitudes Schumann Resonance 31-12-2018

Dependencies of Amplitudes Schumann Resonance September 20 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance September 20 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Frequency Schumann Resonance September 20 2019

Schumann Resonance Differential Peaks


Schumann Resonance PDF Archives

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Images Archive

All the SR daily images in one single pageSee the Images

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Explanation of The Chart

The Schumann Resonance Spectrogram Chart

The Schumann Resonance Chart displays data from the magnetic field detector to monitor the resonances occurring in the plasma waves constantly circling the earth in the ionosphere. These three days spectrograms show the activity occurring at the various resonant frequencies from 1 to 40 Hz. Within the spectrogram, the power, or intensity level of each frequency is displayed as a color, with white being the most intense. The Schumann Resonances appear as the horizontal lines at 0.0, 4.0, 8.0, 12.0, 16.0, 20.0, 24.0, 28.0, 32.0, 36.0 & 40.0 Hz. This chart is based on Tomsk, Russia, time UTC +7 (UTC = Universal Time Coordinated).

What is a Spectrogram?

The Spectrogram Calendar is a visual representation of the range of frequencies in the magnetic field at a given location. Similar to how an equalizer displays the frequency content of music played on your stereo, the spectrogram calendar displays the frequency content of a magnetic field. Instead of showing a brief snapshot, it shows changes over a period of time, in this case 3 days.

The local magnetic field is a dynamic field that changes constantly because of variations in the ionosphere and sun and many other influences not yet fully understood. The range of variation displayed in the spectrogram chart is from 0 to 40 cycles per second. The vertical axis is frequency and the horizontal axis is time. The amplitude of a particular frequency at a specific time is represented by the intensity of color (green, yellow, white) of each point in the image.

Ampiezza e Periodo

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Herathbeat of Planet EarthRead


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An Arcturian Message ~ September 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: This message encapsulates the entire purpose for our journey on Earth. We are here to experience, grow and learn of our Divininty. We have not been taught of our own personal power which is inextricably linked with “All-That-Is”.

Use your intuition, use your own internal guidance, use your innate ability to know “who you are” in this life, as we evolve into another, and BE…



by Marilyn Raffaele The Arcturian Group welcomes you once again to messages presented with love for the purpose of helping all who choose to attain a higher understanding of who they are and what is taking place on planet earth at this time.

The increasingly  intense frequencies of Light now pouring to earth are assisting all who are spiritually prepared to achieve a new and higher state of consciousness but many are not consciously aware of their readiness and so continue to resist change, allowing themselves only to open to if forced through painful three dimensional experiences rather than from gentle ways of non-resistance.

Never doubt that every individual is aware of what they are entering into before incarnation because they themselves chose it.  Everyone works with Guides, teachers, and members of their soul group to choose the parents and life situations that will best help them move beyond old programming and resolve karmic situations from past lifetimes in awaken into a higher level of awareness.

In three dimensional energy all this is forgotten because  plans were made in a higher dimension and the individual is no longer able to align with those frequencies.  Children often remember past lives and what life was like on the other side until they are three dimensionally taught by adults who tell them they are wrong.

Energetically sensitive young children often have a difficult time adjusting to the lower resonating energies of the third dimension.  Never force a child into a situation that may seem ordinary to adult thinking but is causing them to experience fear or resistance.  Even situations that seem ordinary like a large birthday party or loud music concert can overwhelm a young child or even an adult who is energetically sensitive.

Duality and separation beliefs that remain alive and well in individual consciousness will always express themselves in forms of good or bad because there is NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS and even the smallest bit of old energy can manifest. The un-awakened do not understand this and so continue to create and further expand their three dimensional experiences with three dimensional solutions.

You have all lived many lifetimes during which you have had experiences of good, bad, and very bad.  You have worn every  color of skin and have been male/female/and both genders.  Some of these lives were very short and some were very long.  You have have lived mentally handicapped and extremely intelligent. You have been warriors and killers as well as peacemakers, and you have both hated and loved.

When you observe these things in the world around  you, remember that there is a bigger plan than what meets the human eye, a plan in which each soul hopes to learn what he needs in order to awaken to his next level of awareness.

Once a person awakens to the deeper truths, he begins to stop thinking of himself as just a human who is subject to all the creations of duality and separation.  Fear begins to lessen and life automatically becomes healthier and longer (unless the person chooses to leave) because their cells have begun to hold more of the body’s Divine Blueprint and fewer three dimensional beliefs about body. Physical living becomes less at the mercy of “fate” and more in the hands of the individual.
  Allow  Light to flood the cells of your physical body and speak to them.  Give them permission to release all the old programming still being held  from this and  past lives and then avoid reprogramming them again through fear.

If God did not form ITself as…, then whatever it is has no law to maintain or sustain it.  If God ever expressed ITself as disease, there would be no person, no mantra, no medical procedure, and no effort that could ever remove it because the creations of God are held forever in place by Divine Law.

It is a new time dear ones, one in which many commonly accepted beliefs are quickly dissolving.  Each day more awaken in response to the intense waves of higher dimensional energy pouring to earth.   Gaia who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt to be used and abused has had enough.  She is shifting to her higher dimensional self and allowing her inhabitants to come with her if they choose.

Be prepared for more earth events, for the clash of differing levels of energy can and often does result in chaos.  The old versus the new will express in whatever way it is able.  All is  proceeding according to plan and all is exactly where it needs to be so take your focus off of appearances and put it within where the answers lie.

It is commonly stated that a problem cannot be solved on the level of the problem but this is exactly what the world continues to do.  Begin to meet the issues in your lives with truth and not with solutions wholly based in a belief system that is fast becoming  obsolete. This does not mean you cannot see a doctor if you are guided to, or see a lawyer for advice but it means that you take your higher awareness with you, letting yourself be intuitively guided as well as being advised.

Stop analyzing everything according three dimensional concepts of how things should or must be. Depending on old solutions and programs to bring about permanent and peaceful resolutions  between people or situations will never be permanent and will always be subject to change because they are formed of duality and separation.  Many know this but are afraid to rely on it.

Omnipresent Divine Consciousness is infinitely expressing ITself.  Mind interprets the One Divine Consciousness according to whatever conditioned beliefs a person has accepted in his or her personal expression of the One Consciousness.

Learn to trust your intuition, seeking answers about anything and everything from within rather than from  the level of the question.  All answers lie within you because your true essence is Omniscient Divine Consciousness. The unconditioned mind of a person who has attained a consciousness of oneness   is able to translate the events of the person’s life from a higher level and into forms of completeness and wholeness that are personal to the individual.

For example; A self realized surgeon will get new ideas about surgery if needed and a self realized mechanic will find himself knowing how to fix a complicated auto problem.  Neither will get the other’s information unless they need it.  It is unconditioned consciousness translated by an unconditioned mind into individual understandable form.

Learn to think of yourselves as spiritual beings, not so much as one with God, but actually being God and thus embodying all that constitutes Divine Consciousness–I AM wholeness, abundance, safety and security, harmony, completeness etc. etc. now.   ONE can never be in conflict with or separated from ITself.  Separation is the myth of humanhood.

You are in charge of you–always have been and always will be but you have not known this.  No priest, guru, class, crystal, rule, or mantra has the power to make you more than you already are.  A realized  consciousness of Oneness is the key that opens all doors.  When you first know, accept, begin to live from, and then allow oneness to become your state of consciousness,  you open the door to its expression in even the smallest of ways.

Let go of beliefs about what you need or must have in order to be happy for they represent nothing more than majority concepts about happiness.  To continue holding on to them only serves to block something higher, better, and  yet unknown just waiting to express.

Trust, Trust, Trust.   Your higher self knows where you belong and how to get you there. Get out of your own way dear ones, and allow your already fully present Divine Consciousness to express.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                           source:

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