As The Super Masculine Guys/Men Wake-Up, Your Roles Change ~ October 26, 2016


Ascending Star Seed

By Lisa Brown, 10/19/2016

I find it interesting to experience/observe. I can see their desire to expose/honor their hearts, yet their confusion at losing their masculine persona if they do. I can see their beauty, magnificence and purity of their soul and their not knowing how to BE a MAN and feel all this stuff emerging within them. I can also see them put stronger walls up trying their best to hold on to old realities not true anymore, fear of feeling, hurt, failure and losing control, letting anyone in, being let down, abandoned, judged….. which do not occur on NEW Earth.

It is no different than when we woke up (women and feminine energy men), yet it is, for they’ve lived this life of strength, of being powerful, of being strong and surviving everything. For the really really masculine energy man (or women, but we are talking about men right now), their softness brings forth fear of vulnerability….. which is so totally the opposite, for we must allow ourselves that rawness/that vulnerability in order to truly feel again, to bring the walls of protection down, to not live in the fear of being alone….

When our soul awakens, we desire connection, deeply, yet we seek it in others first. Experience after experience activates our unworthiness, feeling of not-good-enough, lack of intimate lasting connection, rejected for not being “enough” in others minds, where they are not in-tune with their own sacred soul.

WE are in the vibrations of the very masculine man awakening now…. more and more. It’s important to support them, show them that they can be masculine and honor their soul at the same time. It’s important to open up and share, to show them it’s safe to be seen. It’s important to not impose, not pressure, not push… just hold the space for them to open up on their own and not feel threatened as they do. It’s important for the women to support the men now, yet in very different ways than before.

Those who have opened their hearts KNOW that our relationships are very different here. We do not hold attachments, cords, expectations or needs anymore. All New Earth relationships are powerful, beautiful, freeing, supportive, empowering, inspiring and a co-creative experience of in-service to ourselves, each other and all on earth. They are to usher in the new era, this one now, through unity, peace, respect, support, contribution and Divine Love.

Many men have been trying to wake up, going through their distortions, shedding old human needs and exchanging them for new desires to take their place in this new world now. The more human masculine energy, the more safety, protection and survival mechanisms there were. Judgment is huge and it’s scary when your whole world starts to change for you and you don’t have a choice anymore.

Women, it’s your time to step-up, to BE the one that already understands. To BE the one who holds that space and the STABILITY in place. When the old starts to collapse, crumble, dissolve, when emotions start to surface that you didn’t know were there, when nothing makes sense and you don’t understand why you can’t keep it together anymore and be the one that everyone could depend on physically…. we all know what this is like… we’ve been there.

We’ve been through the collapse to move into creation of the new. To re-birth ourselves, our own realities and now the men do this too. There are many who were not ready before, yet those times (vibrations) are gone. You will start to see more men awaken, especially the strong ones, and the fear of “how” to deal with this… part of your job as an Ascended BEing, as a Master BEing, as a Light Tower and a Keeper of NEW Earth is to not just hold the space but show them how it’s all not only going to be okay, it’s going to be awesome.

It doesn’t matter what body we are in, female or male. Men now identify with their masculine bodies as an expectation that they are supposed to be the strong one, the providers, the one’s that don’t break…. when we know better….

When the soul awakens, the human aspect does break/dissolve, and it doesn’t matter what bodies we are in. This process is genderless… We all have human masculine, human feminine and we have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine too.

Relationships built or formed out of unconsciousness collapse, end, re-shape or transform, often all of these….. Some go their separate ways while each evolves, awakens, dies/re-births/grows up as Spirit/Soul in physical body form.

Many women’s/partner’s/friend’s roles will be to support others and super masculine man now ready to open up. Just because they struggled before, resisted before, doesn’t mean they still are/will. When you show them (WayShower) that you can handle it, you can be the support, you can even be the provider if need be, then they can honor themselves without the weight of everyone depending on them to do it all by themselves anymore.

As masculine/feminine are re-defined, according to ENERGY and that each can fill all of these roles themselves, then the balance can shift easily, and each as they honor themselves and step up into their own roles, can support others ready to do this too.

Financial support is also a part of this, which can be emasculating if viewed through human eyes. When one realizes that money is just energy to support us all, they let go of the mis-perceptions and definitions once held by who did what role. In the old paradigm, Money was associated with power, which was a masculine thing. NOW money is an expression of gratitude, love, respect, contribution and is to support those stepping into/fulfilling their SOUL’s Purposes and Roles here. When the focus is taken off of money and put on what is truly important, the SOUL, then each can flourish, each can receive, each can share, each contributes the ENERGY of what is important to create a whole new reality of UNIFIED EXISTENCE here.

Strength is through the purely open true warrior heart. Power is the knowledge and wisdom that comes through your own connection AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT within. Abundance is an existence. Divine Sacred Love is what makes the difference here. Union is when Souls come together, to work together, to be together and to bring forth realities consciously together. We all have to/had to do this ourselves so that we could create/anchor/hold the foundation of a whole new/remembered existence here.

Your SOUL can see the awakening Soul of another. You can expand the space or shut it down/close portals. What’s appropriate will be determined by how conscious, present and open each is…. As a Master, you have the capability to see, understand and do more than you did as a limited and lacking human. Your energy makes the difference…………. They are going to need to pull away, be alone, sleep and have someone to talk to without being judged. The human aspect doesn’t believe it’s safe to open up, without being attacked, judged or imposed upon. It’s up to you to show that it is. Masculine energy believes it when they see it. You prove it by BEing your higher self all of the time. Their soul will emerge as you do.

Higher Consciousness Existence. I love you.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
NEW Earth Guardian, Author, Speaker, Embodied Soul, WayShower

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Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 10-25-16

Sheldon Nidle

Selamat Jalwa! The process of clearing this land of its human vermin continues. The minions of this realm remain easy to find and arrest. They truly believe that the Light cannot obstruct their positions of power. Swiftly, they are discovering an awful truth. Their errant ways can no longer be tolerated. The rule of the dark is quickly ending and being replaced by various versions of “GESARA.” When the clearing of this unholy riff-raff is complete, those who hold the funds are to easily let this immense wealth run its course across this globe. You are to receive an abundance that is to forever end the wicked hoarding of the dark and its foolish minions. Never forget how the dark so evilly prevented you from receiving the resources that you urgently need to remake this reality. It is vital that you see this immense wealth as a way to ensure that your dreams come true. It is your confident and successful dreaming that is to allow you to let go of your unfounded fears and continuing belief that you are less than others. You are all a wondrous union of potential that needs to manifest in every way possible.

Be able to see yourself as a most valuable member of this global union and learn of your sovereign right to manifest your dreams. That is how this collective can produce creative solutions for a new reality. You have within you a profound wisdom. Do not think your dreams are unworthy. You are an important part of this collection of surface humanity. Constantly connect to one another and in so doing, realize how this continually flowing set is contributing to the changing of the whole. Adopt a position where you intuitively realize that this never-ending operation is framing your new reality. We are here, as is Heaven, to oversee this process. Feel free to contribute your own wonderfulness to this organic whole. Let the old ways and beliefs go. This is to be a new time, filled with freedom and prosperity. You need to let go of the control issues planted in you so meticulously by the dark. Welcome the playfulness of the Light and discover the magnificence of who you really are. This is just the precursor for this new age of spiritual discovery!

This new age of discovery is really about understanding how the Light creates its realities. You are quickly learning this, and getting a glimpse into its exquisite intricacies. This new life of yours is to be founded upon your dreams and the operation of the Light within. You have long been in denial of how to transform by learning to truly be yourself. Long ago, you were a picture of inner creativity. The limits taught by those around you began at first to hinder you. Later, those limits turned into the walls that now enclose you. This imposed sense of limitation needs to be cracked open and totally abandoned. Instead, you require a new prototype. One that, seeing again your primitive playfulness, lets it take over. You feel, somehow, that this process is inappropriate. You need to end this feeling. Replace it with a need to see just how you can measure where you fit into the whole. This gauge is within you. Spirit gave it to you when you were born. All that is required is to know how to recognize it. This is the task that our mentors intend to explore with you.

Begin, therefore, to explore how it feels to be limitless in your resources. Look inside and, with intent, carefully explore your priorities for each of your dreams and how they fit into a magnificent whole. Use this grand framework to determine how you wish to manifest them. This, of course, is just a start. Look around and discuss all of this with your closest friends and family. We intend to fully expand this with you. Our mentors’ first task is to allow you to let go of fears and any other deep perceptions that can limit you. Our desire is to have you discover how amazing you truly are. This process is needed to empower you to eliminate your old perceptions. Ever bear in mind that you have an immense potential that is to be expanded to whatever you are able to perceive. This potential is a major element that your mentor is to weave and then explore with you. This operation may take some time to fully understand. We therefore intend to show you how this plan can open you to comprehensively fulfill your dreams. In this lies the key to your vast potential!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to emphasize the fact that your realm is changing for the better. Those who doubt this change need only look around and see that the posturing of the dark and its many minions has yielded nothing but distraught hopes for a success that is now truly unattainable. It is essential that those who hold visions similar to our own realize that this new world is indeed at hand! Let us together request first of Heaven and then demand of our governments that a system of governance be implemented for all to see. Heaven set up a timetable with the dark. The time draws near, Dear Ones, when this miracle is to manifest. Therefore be ready to explain, when approached, that the new ways come to rejoice! In this joy we can all leave undisturbed the years of frustration. Let go of all the tragedy that surrounds you. This is a time when your many dreams are to manifest and the old ways are finally to be done with. Let this bell of freedom ring out again and again throughout this realm!

Each of you since childhood has had a series of special wishes that were modified many times as you grew older. Liberate these grand visions. Acknowledge how deeply they can bring you great joy. Heaven sincerely wishes to make all of this happen. The wealth and benefits that make it possible for this to be realized are what all in Heaven intend to accomplish. The exalted Creator of all has been decreeing this for millennia. As we have mentioned before, a divine timetable is in effect. This time has been divinely set. This sacred time is near. We Masters are doing all that is necessary to bring this glorious moment to Gaia. Developments are currently underway to achieve this sacred event. Thus, it is necessary for you to bring forth your light so that this event may unfold now. Thus, it is essential that all be diligent in manifesting the last grand event. Please persevere in this task.

Long ago, the surface of this realm seemed extremely dismal. The Anunnaki were everywhere. Their dark deeds, intensified by the insanity of ritual murders and constant war, were the rule of the day. In the past century and a half, this darkness has begun slowly to lift. Now you are at the very edge of the Age of Light. What at one time seemed impossible is to occur. Now that this growing consciousness has reached a general awareness, some mighty miracles are coming to pass. Continue to work for the Light! Know that the darkness is slipping away. We Masters notice this every day. Become ever more confident of this. The dark is being forced to relinquish its torture of you. Potential wars will not come to fruition. An aura of peace is descending upon this blessed land. A time for wondrous events to suddenly appear is indeed near. Never lose your faith! Remain positive and expect even more miracles to occur!

Today, we have reported yet again what is unfolding around this precious orb! Announcements for many things long wished for are in place! A new time for all is upon us! Be prepared to be a most joyous part of this! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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The Event & Compression Breakthrough Videos ~ October 26, 2016


I don’t know about you, but…I needed this! I needed to see these videos from Cobra about The Event to lift my mind into another, higher place to match where I know my soul is. There is so very much angst in our world right now; we do not know who to trust, or in some cases who is right about what.

One constant though is my absolute and abiding faith in one thing…love, the constant that DOES NOT FAIL! So…please watch these video’s from Cobra about The Event and bask with me in the utter JOY, and ache for fulfillment, that these video’s spark, and…


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Interwebs of Gaia energetics are strengthened ~ October 26, 2016

Here’s another post from our friends at Eireport who follow the energies. This is an interesting post, so please read, see how this feels to your heart, and…


Interwebs of Gaia energetics are strengthened.

Creation plays its final piece.

Standards of elementals are raised.

Astronomicals reunite.

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Unspun News 161027 ~ October 26, 2016


This is a GREAT article detailing a LOT of information out there from alternative media about the “goings on” these days. Want to glean some relevant information without having to continually scan the Internet. Be sure to take a peek at the video inserted in this article. This is a very nice article with a ton of information, so…sit down, take a peek at those articles that interest you, and…


Everyday Bernie gathers together a collection of recent world events and unravels them out to his readers. Here is today’s latest Unspun News.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT – “How the elite control the masses.” In under 3 minutes, this sums up EXACTLY how your world actually works. Observe for yourself – believe it. It IS REAL. The video can be found here.


And this goes with that – “For anyone to seriously challenge the American Leviathan, it must be understood that the mainstream media is a part of that despotic structure and it too must be neutered. “


YYEEESSSSS! “It’s inspiring to witness many of the earth’s people, especially in the Western world, becoming aware of the deep corruption in our social system, particularly because society is building its innate capacity to actually do something about it.“

“Clinton’s ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Syria Will Not “Save Lives” – It Will Lead to War with Russia”…t-save-lives-it-will-lead-to-war-with-russia/

“US Must ‘Come Clean’ About Civilian Carnage in Syria: Amnesty International”…-civilian-carnage-syria-amnesty-international

“NATO Preps “Biggest Military Build-Up on Russia’s Borders Since Cold War”; Playing “a dangerous game,” NATO pushes allies to send more troops and military equipment to Eastern Europe”…ggest-military-build-russias-borders-cold-war

AND – “NATO allies pledge to send artillery, troops to deter Russia in ex-Soviet states, defence ministers say“…es-troops-to-deter-russia-in-the-east/7969608

PHILIP GIRALDI – “Why the US stance is self-deceptive and why the conflict will turn into a “hopeless war of extermination’ without Assad in power.”

JAMES PETRAS – “Washington’s ‘Pivot to Asia’: A Debacle Unfolding“ … “The ‘pivot to Asia’ did not shift existing resources from the Middle East, it added military commitments to the region, while provoking more conflicts with Russia and China.”


“Donald Trump masks a sellout for Halloween; Masks of the brash presidential candidate are selling out and many costume suppliers are urgently importing fresh supplies from overseas in a bid to keep up with demand.” Hallo? And this is an election to one of the most powerful positions on the planet?? Is there anybody sane out there? Please?

“New report warns of growing biometric surveillance state”

“Russia and the US differ in their vision of the Syrian future: while Moscow insists that President Assad should stay as the only legitimate leader, the US stubbornly reiterates that he “must go.” Russian media explain why the US stance is self-deceptive and why the conflict will turn into a “hopeless war of extermination’ without Assad in power.”

ERIC MARGOLIS – “Mrs. Clinton, who seems ordained to be America’s next president, should have been rather more cautious in admitting to murder.”

“Both inside the US and around the world, political observers have been waiting a long time for an election that would promise relief from the most noxious features of the American system ……”…r-election-2016-gullible-and-shattered-i.html



“Earth is Shifting-Dire Warning Issued to NASA“ Stop sniggering – and remember all the mystery booms, strange lights, sinkholes, quakes …. And wonder….

“Clouds are a major factor in local weather and an important part of life on Earth. They’re also stunningly beautiful, and regularly grace social media feeds and calendars the world over.
There are 10 main cloud types. Take this quick quiz to test how much you know.“

M5.5 @ 9km, Central Italy.

M 5.7 @ 10km. Turkmenistan.

M6.0 @ 10km, off Tonga.

“Record ice growth in Greenland?“

NE US – “Locally heavy snow to blanket parts of northeastern US“ (And leaves are still on the trees).…arts-of-northeastern-us/ar-AAjnI7s?li=BBnb7Kz

“Seymour has become a major Category 3 hurricane in the Pacific, far from Mexico’s coast.“…ategory-3-hurricane-in-the-pacific/ar-AAjmrwN

“Heavy rainfalls, that have been affecting parts of Andalusia, Spain since October 21, 2016, have triggered severe flooding in all regions.”

“Tropical Storm “Kyant,” formerly known as “03B,”developed from a depression 99B on October 25, 2016. The system was lingering over the Bay of Bengal over the last couple of days, before intensification.”

“Sea Ice Extent Is Near Record Lows–South as Well as North”…ent-is-near-record-lowssouth-as-well-as-north


See? God doesn’t like nasty untidy carbon dust chucked around on his planet…. Besides, it’s a threat to the profits from cemeteries…

“Researchers (…) led the development of a new extensible wiring technique capable of controlling superconducting quantum bits, representing a significant step towards to the realization of a scalable quantum computer.“…_quantum_computers_closer_to_reality_999.html




“Sunspot AR2603 is quiet and stable. Solar flare activity remains very low.”

“One characteristic of the scientific method – and of any knowledge based on cognition – is that it seldom provides absolute certainty. Risk is an essential part of it.” …. “But occasionally new observations are so different and so many that a consensus arises to abandon a big theory and to develop an altogether different one.” … WELL worth reading…

“As Titan approaches its northern summer solstice, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed dramatic seasonal changes in the atmospheric temperature and composition of Saturn’s largest moon.”

“Why does the rejuvenation of sleep come from being unconscious?“

“Getting good sleep when you can’t have it at night … can it be done?“

“After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn’t cause brain deformities after all“

And just coincidentally – “Australian scientists are preparing for an international expansion of a program, already hailed as a saviour in Townsville, that stops mosquitoes passing on viruses such as dengue and zika.“…e-project-to-expand-after-qld-success/7969038

“Big Pharma Preps to Spend Hundreds of Millions to Keep Drug Prices High“ Sometimes, you can SEE the priorities at work….…spend-hundreds-millions-keep-drug-prices-high


YEAHHHH! “Main stream news on the rocks: The rise of the alternative news media“



“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

~~Carl Jung

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

Discuss on our community Forum

Bernie is a retired seafarer, living in Tasmania, Australia. He became interested in the misinformation in world events after 911, and research regarding those events morphed into Unspun as a small counter to the world of misinformation. He enjoys writing, and reads a lot; he also has interests in alternative healing methods.

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Energy Update ~ Super High Geomagnetic Solar Winds ~ October 25, 2016


Yahoo! I really like this article because it makes sense to me and I also agree about an increase in our dream state. I had a wonderful dream last night about floating out of my body up into the rafters at the rood of my house…but then, I couldn’t go any higher. I wonder why?

How are you dreaming these days? Please pay attention to this message, which includes dreaming, and…


By Lisa Brown, 10/22/2016

We’ve gone Ultra-Sonic:

Super high geomagnetic solar winds started about an hour or two ago. These knock us on our butts. We go through an intense inability to function as we upgrade huge. The body goes weak, the mind goes mush. High high high charging protons/ions and these sound like razors, which are part of diamond light lasers. These re-calibrate our magnetics, they tune us high really fast. They “sing” us to sleep, literally, sooooooooooooo high in frequency, we basically cannot do anything else.

I came home ready to rock it out. New courses, new lots of stuff to get done…. nope…. Outside was magnificent! I thought about getting my computer and getting back in the car, going to a coffee shop to work, as inside the house, the frequency is so high, it’s right to sleep in these energies. Walked through the door, it took 2 minutes to crawl to the bed (not literally this time, more for the affect of how strong these are. Years ago was crawling…)

We are going super mega high…. sleep where called. Integration is faster. I’m done for brainwork today. Spent the morning gifting, which is always super uber mega awesome!

Okay loves. Honor your upgrades, your body. You may have to get away from electronics, as when you are tuning, they drain you. After the process is complete (the next day or days later), you’ll be better than new and ready to rock and roll! Some times we slow-mo-it through our stuff… which is many days now, in these super high frequencies.

Working with the energetics is definitely an art. It’s been this way for years and continues to increase as we go. Every moment dictates, getting used to the flow, learning to navigate with it and then master it…. it’s a process for us all!

Right now the crown of my head could just shoot off. We have lift-off loves! Here we goooooooooooooo! ♥

Gravity goes, pineal, spine, chest, nasal… abdomen … hearing/sound adjustments…most noticeable right now.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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Energy Update ~ New Phase of The New Grid ~ October 25, 2016


By Anastacia

Blue Beyond – New Phase of New Grid – The Old and the New (Grid) dissolving and forming at the Same Time – 25th October 2016 ~ Part 8/2nd Series Just for October Let Go Update ~ (please refer to previous parts, which are a time-line in understanding the flow of energies leading up to this article/post)

The energies of our New Grid (Humanities) being formed has been going day and night for (roughly) around 3-4 days/nights very intensely.

With lots of ‘full on’ energies and ‘dreams’ at night…as we are doing so much ‘above’ and healing and releasing so much of the old – Double.

This is also affecting our physical bodies in many ways as well, as ALL is adjusting:

* Feeling here but not here in a bit of a ‘dream’ state or dizzy while away.

Feeling super dehydrated and headaches.

* Stomach ‘issues’.

Many are so very tired due to this ‘Double Shift’ we are feeling and transmuting in creating our new Grids…and we just had to lay down and rest and sleep as this recalibration has been going on, this phase of the New Grid.

Also many time line shifts are occurring as well…where you may see someone walking by that at first glance thought you saw someone from your past/from another time in your life…that has been very interesting. As this happened today with my son and I both as we were sitting outside and watching people walk by and we both shared who we saw and thought at first glance they were.

THESE ENERGIES JUST EASED DURING THE FORMING OF THIS POST – which is very indicative of bringing through these energies in the vibration of this article…as this JUST happened …as I had a ‘rest’ mid-way of writing this at around noon here in Australia when these energies eased, phew!!

As what I didn’t share that I saw today, earlier on, I am now able to share….that as being part of the New Grid and my Soul and Spirits placement/anchor in this (of linking our Soul to our Spirit as a Trailblazer) I could see a white line (New Grid Line-corner piece) running in front of me, behind me, to the left of me and to my right, like a white cross.

I am feeling so excited right now! To be out of these 3 day/night energies as I could barely function, yet one learns to ‘soldier on’ as remember we are feeling these in our Soul in our Human Bodies and in our Spirit as well, it was Double..hence my relief and joy😉.

So this is a new anchor point in the New Grid, a corner ‘piece’ to connect up to all other corner pieces, as this will grow and grow and spread out further and further.

Remember this is first hand as it is happening and so what this means further I will bring as it comes as it happens in REAL TIME.

Just know this is very exciting.

So hold on and hang in there as we form our new paths…as we create new past, present and future, forward and behind, like a piece being put into a very new slot with Divine White Light radiating out in four directions.

As it is a tingling and enlightening feeling and very exciting…and at any stage, we will definitely take that…enjoying the moments as we go along.

This is very real, this is really happening. I am working closely with Katie IndiCrow who is also clearing Grid lines with Gaia with these New Grid energies and she has some wonderful videos out about what she is also doing.

As the time for us to link with others to do this together (yet separately) is very much here and we will be sharing new videos about this soon.

So where ever you are at and what ever you are going through this new placement of recalibration of the New Grid IS HAPPENING.

Part 8 is now being written and will be shared very soon, as I am still adjusting to what has come after writing this.

Much Love and Divine Blessings
Ascension Guide/Teacher
Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

Anastacia takes on clients for 1:1 sessions. To book in, please contact at: or for further information please read the pinned post on the Blue Beyond.

*See recent post and offer of a 1:1 Divine Healing from the 24-10 – 7/11…as this will be of the NEW GRID energy that is coming through for humanity of the Divine from my Soul and Spirit*

Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit of 6D and 8D -through our Emotions of the Divine – sharing from experiencing energies herself and feeling the energies through her two souls (human and spirit) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source through the ‘abyss’ – in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. From the Ancient Ones, Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleadean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Arcturian, Lyran.

Please feel free to share this post and others in their entirety

All Rights Reserved – 2016 Anastacia Kompos


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