The Mindblowing Reality Humanity Has Forgotten | Yellow Rose for Texas [videos] ~ October 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Be sure to watch the latest update from YRFT as it is extremely fascinating. Which leads to another question…who’s got he “truth” about what’s going on?

For me, it seems many sources are alluding to the same thing…human trafficking, pedovorism (new word?), control by an “elite” above us which is now ending thanks to Trump.

Who’s belief system do I go by? Well, I really adhere to vibrational theory which is Universal Law (like attracts like) which seems to play into all the various “theories” I seen, including Rose’s below. The bottom line to all belief systems? Love yourself which allows you to love Life!

My recommendation is to view everything, believe what is relevant to you, know your own heart, and be…



The Collapsing Babylon Company Store update 10 3 19

Watch “Birth of New Races” on Vimeo at this link.

Rose finally has some new videos for us and they are worth waiting for. Wow. She reveals a few things that over the years I had not heard before and it dropped several more pieces of the puzzle into my ‘big picture’ for so much more clarity. Thank you, Rose.

The major quandary I had was the disparity in size between Humanity and other entities we have been shown on the NASA cams. Now I understand.

When Q says, “Expand your thinking”, you’ll know it shouldn’t be hard, as WE are expanding… morphing… into higher, more intelligent Humans. A new race of larger Beings.

The question remains, “When will we ‘stand up’ and be ‘pulled’”?  According to Rose, it will be after Trump prepares this old planet of ours for those who are staying and wars cease. We must have peace, and they must have a fighting chance to evolve at their own speed.

The movie excerpt from The Giver with Jeff Bridges is excellent but the whole movie gives a better idea of the limited reality we are experiencing and how much more there is that we’re not told. We are so misinformed about who we are, why we’re here, the purpose of life,spirituality, and our future destination.

Another message Rose brings is that we mustn’t fear the changes we see in our skies.

What have we seen? Well, plenty, but below are a few videos documenting things that are not status quo.

There’s nothing to fear, and fear might glue us inside this old carcass we need to leave to move on up the evolutionary scale to the higher realms.

Rose’s second video that she recommends on Vimeo (banned on ThemTube) has a little overlap with the video above, but it’s mostly different material.

I believe the reason she includes the Pastor’s dream in both videos is because it so closely resembles her understanding of what lies ahead for us. It’s very exciting, yes? I can’t wait for them to try to make up to us for what we have been through. I’ll be asking, “what took so long?” She says, “One” is worth waiting for.

You will see from the movie excerpt Rose includes in the Vimeo that some people did some things; there are indictments pending, and they might want to escape to another planet so they don’t have to deal with prosecution on Earth for their crimes.

We have been assured that the evil cabal does not get to pass “GO”, and there’s no “get out of jail free” cards for them. They will not be permitted to hop on one of their fancy ships they financed through stolen funds from the People for their black projects, and hide on another planet. They are trapped here, just as we are, and they will face the music. And they know it.

Does it seem likely that a “fireball” or “meteorite” caused this? Quite a ride.

We understand that some of the “fireballs” we have seen are cabal ships the positive alliance shot down because the psychopaths were warned if they attempted to leave they would be destroyed. They have free will, too, and it’s their choice. Is that why the uptick in “fireballs” recently? Perhaps.

I am going to have to watch the YouTube video a few times because Rose crams in a tonne of information. She has audio, scrolling text, and images all going at the same time to fit it all in and I can only focus on one of them at a time if I don’t want to miss anything. Pausing is mandatory.

Her videos are perfect timing because they support and expand on my post from yesterday.

Thanks to the crew for the heads up. I was out all afternoon and it was a treat to come home and have YRFT vids waiting to be explored.

If you’re relatively new and haven’t yet seen Rose’s videos The Lie NASA Told and The Lie the Vatican Told on YouTube, I would do that ASAP for an understanding of what has transpired on this planet as a result of the off-world interference, manipulation, and predation over the millennia.

There’s one more must-watch video from Rose I will share in a separate post.  ~ BP

Mysterious Purple Lights In The Sky Over Wisconsin

Massive “Wheel in the Sky” | Mysterious HUGE “Ship” above Yosemite – Men stop car to record enigma!

How Much of this is Projected? MIND BLOWER from Dave B.

Do We Live in a Matrix? [video] ~ July 24, 2018

Editor’s Note: The whole concept of living in a Matrix here on Earth is utterly believable for my mind. The question I have is how does spiritual thought play into this agenda of belief? We know that all religious cults, while based on what many call “the truth” of one prophet or another, have been further modified to “control the masses” by the cabal, i.e. the Christian fanatic and the Islamic jihad!

Are”uncorrupted” spiritual beliefs based on a “true” non-Matrix reality where spiritual beliefs are guideposts for humanity to escape the matrix? Interesting thought. So…please read this article, think about where you are and what you believe, and…



Well, do we? We certainly don’t live where they tell us we do. Round Earth, flat Earth, it matters not, because we don’t live “out there” like the rest of Creation. Hence, “Through the Looking Glass”.

My understanding is, we live in a fabricated construct. Many of us have accepted that things just don’t add up; that reality is not what we’ve been told, and that there are a lot of weird, unnatural things in our environment. Ultimately, we just couldn’t explain why or how.

The following video explores some of these quandaries and contains some very powerful images as illustrations. They’re used multiple times throughout the video, so if you wanted a closer look, keep going and they’ll come up again.

If you have watched videos from Yellow Rose for Texas and listened to Thomas Williams last Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on July 19, you heard we are trapped in a construct. We are literally incarcerated in a false reality and have been for eons.

Both Yellow Rose and Thomas have been attacked in various severe ways so I think that’s a pretty good indicator the prison guards don’t want them delivering those messages. Adam1414 channel has mirrored Rose’s videos to ensure they get out there.

Below is the illustration Thomas provided. It’s meant to show us in a simplistic way that thanks to a predatory, advanced race of creatures, we were mind-wiped and funneled into a false world.

In a recent discussion with Dane Arr on the Return to Your Truth blog and hosted by the Unknown Lightwarrior on Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk, we learned there are vortices which, when you enter them, you become very small. I am wondering if that’s what happened when we were dumped into the funnel into this reality.

As Thomas explained, we are living our pathetic lives in the central vertical corridor, and over time we work our way upwards. Just as we are about to gain our freedom, the whole mechanism is turned upside down like an hour glass and we are left to work our way up the corridor again. Quite the game, isn’t it?

If the physics is true to form in this closed system, like all closed systems it must break down. Entropy is destined to take over and destroy it.

As the sands of time, (which is also a construct) tick away, we live lifetime after lifetime stuck in a world we don’t even know is unreal. Dying and discarding this body so we can reincarnate in another and repeat the process. It’s cruel.

As explained by Rose in some of her videos, and confirmed by Thomas, we will be escaping through the East Gate, or the one on the left. The evil ones will be going to the right, and transferred to The Pit. You don’t want to know what that’s like.

Regardless of terminology or the way events actually unfold in the near future, we Humans will be leaving this matrix.

You may or may not believe you live in a simulated world. Since it’s the only one you can recall, it’s understandable if you doubt or deny. In many ways it’s hell, and we were not created to suffer or live in a hell.

Soon we are to make our prison break, however, and will learn what reality is. Our “new Earth” will resemble this fake one in some respects, but will be almost unrecognizable. So much has been kept from us. Reality is basically the reverse of the world we understand.

Why haven’t we been told? For one thing, the jailers don’t want us to know there is a beautiful world out there where we would be free and enjoy the true expression of who we really are. We can’t yearn for what we have never known. That’s why they have tried to keep the truth from us about the extraterrestrials engaging Humanity. They want us to feel isolated, alone, and helpless.

Disclosure of the ETs is the least of their worries, however.

If we all understood there is life out there besides our tightly-controlled environment, we would revolt—which is what is beginning to happen now, globally.

They have been telling us we’re free, and some believe it. Others don’t believe they are free at all, and that we’re simply being manipulated. Where are those freedoms? They are evaporating at warp speed.

Those who have been paying attention see that, and they’re going off the reservation. We refuse to be manipulated and exploited by inhuman predators who use us as food, and to secure everything else they desire.

They have no empathy; no compassion. They consider us their chattel; nothing more than domesticated animals to be used as they please. The controllers are now terrified of being found out and sent where they belong; back to the Galactic Central Sun for RECYCLING.

Secondly, we are being managed. For a dumbed-down, controlled “planet” of people to be suddenly told they are captive in a bizarre world like Alice in Wonderland and unable to get out would probably lead to mass hysteria. They have to release the information gradually. Drip. Drip. Drip.

That’s why we have been given movies, television shows and books about various aspects of “futuristic” worlds and various truths we think are fiction. The controllers are giving us hints, because for their program to work, they have to tell us what they plan to do. It’s irrelevant that we don’t understand their hints, and if we don’t object, they are free to go ahead and do what they like.

The flip side is, the hints will sometimes resonate and trigger our memories. What did you think, “The Matrix” was about? Why was it so popular? Was it pure fiction?

Why was “Avatar” one of the most popular movies ever? In many respects, these stories are about “us”. We are the Na’vi, victimized by marauding, greedy, off-world creatures, our planet decimated for a mineral they called, “unobtanium”. We seem primitive in comparison to the Americans—the “company”, but in other ways, we are far advanced with respect to our affiliation with the soul and consciousness of the planet, Pandora, and everything on it, living in harmony. We are a peaceful, loving people in denial who didn’t fight back until we were threatened with extinction. This is probably why the movie resonated so strongly. It’s our story.

In the article below you can learn more about what happened to Humanity so long ago, when we had previous lives we can’t remember and were tossed into the Matrix to be ignorant, recycled slaves.

Our true history is far more colorful than the establishment has let us know, and they continue to destroy any remnants of our past. When we emerge from this prison system, we will experience a grand expansion and return to our original, Source-given glory.

Thanks for the heads up, L.

The Final Wave of Souls is Here and Will Change Everything ~ Jan. 3, 2017


This is a very good video that explains a lot of we have, and will, go through on our way to a peaceful and abundant future! Listen up and listen to a view of how/why/when/where/who will bring us into the life we have all been working to bring about.

So…listen up to the words of Rene Descartes, take the words into your heart, and…

InJoy!ogle images


The 90-Day Remembering ~ May 30, 2016


Very, very nice. This is a message from Tom Kenyon who usually channels the Hathors, a spiritual group of Egyptians. In this message, he simply gives us news…the news that forl 3 months (May, June, and July) humanity is being given the gift of our “veils” thinned to the point where we can actually begin sensing (remembering) who and what  we actually are…spirits have a 3D experience!

There is much, much more to this message, so please read, understand the game of life on 3D Earth is almost over, and…


Steve Rother – Greetings from Home to all of you.

Your energy has set into motion an entirely new world. One that you are just starting to expand into and explore in a whole new way. Welcome to the new planet earth. We tell you this because we watch from afar; we watch from a distance and we can see a larger picture than most of you can see and it is absolutely beautiful. We tell you that as we have mentioned before, there will be many leaving during these times. It is a natural process for there are many that have completed their jobs. They are done with what they came to do and are needed elsewhere.

They can stay around if they wish but sometimes they are not able to ground in the same ways and many of them return Home. Now what you should re-member is that humans celebrate birth and mourn death. We do the opposite. Yes, you have all your friends at Home; that is something very few people re-member while they are on the planet. When you return Home the memories will return.  Until then let us say that it is as if you are walking down the street focused on where you are going or what you are doing when suddenly somebody comes up to you and makes eye contact.

Your brain can find no record of this person as it searches through the memory banks, but yet your souls know each other well and for just that instance you see yourself through their loving eyes.  In that moment, you re-member.

As this person speaks, your heart fills with incredible memories of your lives together and how you have worked with them over many lifetimes. You may have skipped a reunion this last incarnation but this is actually a very dear friend that you did not know you missed so much until just now. You have so many of these relationships at Home.

Your veil keeps that memory from you. You cannot interact with all of the beings you know in every incarnation so you select just a few just to make your contracts with and the connections and then you come in and you start to awaken from the dream.

Absolutely amazing for us to watch. The connections that you have made, dear ones, reach far beyond your understanding and all of this and now you will start to see it. That is the beautiful part. There is an opening coming for every human to make a deeper connection to the other side of the veil and it is coming in the next 3 months. The three month time window is not determined by clocks or calendars but rather by each individual as they are ready to step into it.

3 Months of opportunities to see the reality of your spirit

Over the next 3 months of your lives, all of you will have the opportunities to have the veil pulled aside just long enough to have this experience. The three month period is not calculated by clocks or calendars, but rather by each of you when you signal that you are ready.  These are memories for you will start to re-member Home the same way that person walking down the street knew you and allowed you to re-member them.

You have so many deep connections that you have made over many lifetimes that are not connected to you in this incarnation so many of you will actually find that you reset your physical and your spiritual energy. This is going to be magical. Watch for these opportunities, dear ones. They do not have to be in a traumatic sense at all. They do not have to be during a car accident or during illness or things of this nature. If you set it so and you set your intent, over these next 3 months the veil can be pulled aside several times and this is our gift to you in many ways because it helps you re-member which helps top clarify your path in a higher harmony.  you would have all these attributes and you would never be sad again because you have collected so much information from so many lifetimes

and yet by pretending to be the human, by stepping into the energy, by taking off your wings, separating the veil and having an incarnation in a finite form—very difficult and yet you are doing so well with this. You are able to spread light in many facets because of who you are.

Interactions with Friends from Home

The next 3 months will offer you these opportunities. Now what will this look like exactly? It is hard to say because for every person it might be slightly different but we can also tell you that you will know when it happens. For suddenly, you may see someone or re-member somebody very clearly, knowing the inflections of their voice, the depth and tone of their voice, their demeanor, their hugs and everything about them—but you may not find them on Earth.

That is happening now. Why would they wish to do that? Why would the beings that you left at Home wish to come in and have an interaction with you while you are in a physical form? Because they know they can help you re-member just by a little touch of their memories from their lifetimes that they have had with you, they can change your energy ever so slightly to where the memories can come flooding back into your own being of who you are and the interactions you have carried so many times. Breathe, dear ones, and allow this to integrate fully into your lives.

The joy ahead of you is much deeper than you can imagine and all of you as humans will step into this firmly and freely. Enjoy every part of it. Now some of these will be momentary flashes. Something may happen; you may have a memory or a flash of a face that you do not know and then go about your daily lives as you typically do. We tell you with just a little introspection, just a little bit of connection and waking up, you can find a whole new aspect and re-member friends that you left at Home. It is time for this reunion process to take place and we tell you, there will be a 3 month, 90-day period in which to experience these beautiful openings of the veil.

We Know How to Party

You have always asked for this; you have asked to pull aside the veil so you could re-member Home and that is not completely possible on Earth for if we were to pull aside the veil, you would all go Home. No one would be here on planet Earth. You would all realize this was a game you were playing and you would step out of the game into the reality of your spirit.

Now, you can play the game and have these little moments and have these memories. Some of you will be able to delve into it and hold the moment for a bit longer as you re-member. But we ask you dear ones, when this does take place with you and you have these memories, flashbacks, we ask you to ground them. Try to bring up the essence of the person who is behind it because they are a friend of yours.

You have so many dear friends on the other side of the veil that you have forgotten. It was necessary for you to forget. In fact, they all told you, “Please do not re-member me in this next lifetime. We will catch you on the next round. We will be there when you come Home. We will celebrate you Home in such a way that you never forget it again—until you go back in.” We tell you that is happening more than you can imagine for on Earth, you celebrate birth and you mourn death.

Bringing back all of your attributes

Once a person leaves their body and returns Home, there is an acclimation; we used to call it an acclimation period but the reality is, there is no time on the other side of the veil so it is very difficult to put that into a category or a word that would hold it. Once that acclimation is done, and most of the time it is simply a waking up, seeing the beauty and trying to capture it and to put it into what used to be your mental process. Pretty soon after trying and trying and trying to put things together and make sense of it.  drop into the heart and it all comes to you.

Well, we ask you to do that.  You will have these brief moments where you can see something, have a memory or a download of information from Home. It will happen to every single one of you over the next 3 months, once you set it in motion, and to some of you, it will happen many times. There is a thinning of the veil during this next rotation and it gives you the opportunity to bring through and to re-member…not only re-member as in bringing back your memory but also to re-member, to bring back the individual members and put them back together as one. That is who you are.

Now how can we help you re-member and help you bring all of your attributes back? By helping you to re-member those you left behind on the other side of the veil. They are working; they are waiting, looking for these momentary pauses in the energetic field where they can get their love through to you. Three months, 90 days, walk in full expectation of miracles right in front of you and watch them as they start to unfold right in front of you in every way.

3 Months to reset your physical energy

Dear ones, you have so much energy here that you are playing this game of pretending to be the human but you also must realize that you are a very dear spirit. Your energy has been missed. Home has not been the same since you left so that is why we celebrate so much—not only celebrate your path and your choices on Earth, try to help you dare to make those steps even though you cannot see where your foot is going to land. You do not know the outcome and sometimes you are very worried about that but yet, keep moving. That is the one important piece that we ask you to do because several things are taking place during these next 3 months.

You not only have the opportunity to have the veil thinned and for you to peer through it, but you also have the opportunity to reset your physical energy during this time. That will be up to each and every one of you. If you wish it to be so, speak it aloud 3 times. There is a magic of 3; in truth, you will find out that everything is built on threes. Everything is divisible by threes once you see all the dimensions of time and space. So, with that in order, know that you can speak this 3 times very loudly and that sets it into emotion where it can permeate the different vibrational levels and the different dimensions of time and space. In doing so, you are basically giving permission to those you left behind to fill you full of light. You are expressing your intent.

Now, we warn you, dear ones, do not take this lightly or pretend that it is a game because once you do this, you will feel a change and there will be no going back. It is a very magical opportunity to see yourself from a perspective of Home while still in body.  Enjoy this and once it happens, try to give thanks. Above all, bring in the gratitude. Once you re-member some of these energies from Home that you have known before, the love that you have shared with these beings to help you re-member your true essence, give thanks. Give thanks directly to them and watch what happens.

3 Months of miracles

The next 3 months are a thinning of the veil in several areas. Also, you will see your own creative abilities enhanced during these 3 months. Now some of you are very interested in this as we watch you from Home. You must understand, we do not have egos that we must deal with, we do not have some of the attributes and some of the typical games that you play on planet Earth so it is difficult for us to always understand what your needs completely are. They are defined specifically by you in every moment so speak them aloud.

Allow them to be fulfilled in a new way; allow the miracles to start coming back because over the next 3 months, there is a long line of miracles that have been waiting for you that are ready to start into motion. Once you start one, once you accept one into your life, give thanks and ground it, it opens the door for all the others. Have you ever lived a synchronistic lifestyle where no matter what you needed, it showed up the moment you needed it?

Are you ready to start working with that? Are you ready to give up the struggle because that is one of the things it is going to take? You have been taught by your loving parents, a truth that worked very well for them in the lower vibrations of the new planet Earth. The paradigm was called work hard. It does not work. It did not actually work back then, but the interesting part is when a creator believes something will work, it tends to work.

Now, are you ready for the next step? Are you ready to sit back and let it come to you and to let it fill you from the inside out rather than reaching from the outside in? These 3 months are an opportunity for all of you to experience that. Now some of you are asking, “Well, during these 3 months can I change the difficulties that are in my life that I have been carrying so much? I am so tired and frustrated of carrying all this energy.

Do I have to balance the planet the way I have been doing? Do I have to do this? Do I have to do…?” None of it, but you will choose what you wish to do with your light.

That is a choice, dear ones.

There is no right or wrong about it. You do not need to go out and save the world—just simply open your heart and allow it to be touched by those that have touched you before and they will help you to re-member your true nature and who you truly are. These times are very magical, dear ones. You are being watched by all the creatures in the universe that can watch. All eyes are on planet Earth at this moment. There are so many transitions taking place, so take this opportunity to see beyond the veil.

Now we also wish to address one item for you have so much going on in the United States especially with all your elections, all of the fun, crazy things that are taking place and we will ask you to simply let go and to know it is on a path of least resistance. You have many things coming; you will have attributes and you will have opportunities to actually work with those in a new way. Do not take any of it too seriously.

Take a breath, dear ones, and release the fear. Know that no matter what happens, you are going to be well taken care of. The Lightworkers on planet Earth have struggled to be there ahead of the game, holding a vibration that is very difficult on a low vibration planet. Many of you have paid a very dear price for doing exactly that. Well done, dear ones. You will now find yourself in a new space, a new opportunity, a new place for you to ground the light in a whole new way. Enjoy this journey. Know that there are no wrong turns.

Know that there is nothing you have to do. Just experience it and love every part of it. That is the beauty and as you see people leaving your planet in greater numbers, celebrate them and know that sometimes the noise from our celebration parties get so loud that it might wake you out of a dear sleep and we said that intentionally. Hear the celebrations and know the love that we have on this side of the veil and we promise when we greet you Home, you will have magic in every aspect. Keep up the great work. You have placed yourself in the exact moment of time and space where you can make the highest difference. Now as these openings take place, allow yourself to be charged—full of light, full of love for the road ahead and enjoy the ride.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Know that you are all playing a game of pretending to be a human and play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”



Dreams of our Imminent Future from the Yellow Rose Crew ~ Jan. 24, 2015

forget pain

Hey Ya’ll…still really busy unpacking all of our “stuff” from our recent move. After unpacking a few boxes…I AM beginning to believe we are the victims of extortion. You know, the moving company gives what ends up being a “low-ball” estimate, and then wants double the original price to move your stuff. They definitely have you over a barrel!

I give you this picture because it plays into this article. This is from Startship Earth: The Big Picture written by Molly who puts out a fair number of good articles. Have you heard of the Yellow Rose for Texas? She has her own Facebook page and has written about some interesting ideas of what’s going on by way of her video The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO (
I’ve written about this video before, and quite frankly…I don’t know what to believe! Is the Earth really flat?

But, you know…the “details” of our circumstances are not really important to me. I know all will work out just fine because as love takes over every aspect of our lives…nothing else will matter! This is not a simplistic view of life, and is the result of intensive study of spirituality and thinking about spirituality that leads me to believe that love is the answer, love is the only answer!

So…please do your research for Yellow Rose for Texas, think about what aspect of you would like to enjoy, and…



New post on Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Dreams of our Imminent Future from the Yellow Rose Crew

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I’m super busy today (and again tomorrow) and if I only have time for one post, make it this one.

Now is the time to create our future and get lost in the reverie where anything is possible.

If we forget the cabal, forget everything negative and focus on what’s right in the world and what raises our vibration, we can do a world of good.

It’s been a surprisingly great day here, despite having only a couple of hours sleep and having to rise at 4 a.m. Things are evening out, smoothing over, the waters are calming and souls are mellowing as January wraps up.  I’m ready for Tranquility Base, I can tell you.

I SO hope we will have our memories wiped when we leave this prison planet, and Cee Lo Green’s spunky hit, “Forget You” keeps surfacing in my mind. I’d much rather think about our intoxicating future than our painful past in Server ‘D’. It’s been more like “Company D” with this endless war we’ve been fighting.

If you listened to the interview or read the transcript for Cobra’s latest discussion on Recreating Balance, you may recall the possibilities in our future are beyond even the imaginations of most of us inmates, and it drives home just how controlled and enslaved we really have been. Star Trek has nuthin’ on what we’ll be doing when we get busted outta here.

Have a beautiful weekend and remember to dream in Technicolor®.  ~ BP

from Christine at the YRFT Facebook page…

I think it is possible that some souls have gotten out and confirmed our plight to AF’s [allied forces], but I have heard that the white light trap has been dismantled and that trapped souls released. Women that are pregnant will have special consideration given that the soul of the child is not implanted at conception, but ALL human souls will be released from these hybrid vehicles so there are no worries and NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.

If our loved ones that have recently passed have been forced to incarnate into a hybrid vehicle via white light, they will get the call and stand up and go at the same time we do. This is why we can confidently say ALL GOOD GOES UP and ALL HUMANS (any exceptions are judged by EVE & ONE to be absolutely corrupted, but I think will be rehabilitated separately from us). What happened here in EVE’s hijack construct will be obliterated and all memories of what happened here erased from our minds and from the construct. EVE will re-create her eden earth construct again (after the gathering and we touch noses with our loved ones) and we could choose to live in her eden or one of many other laurel worlds. Word is that ONE has something special in mind for our next life adventure and we will not have to be born again to enter it.

If we choose, we can go to a lateral physical realm or a higher energy realm that may or may not be a physical experience. It will be our choice of where we want to spend a significantly LONG and abundant life (I am not talking about money) and it will depend where our soul energy resonates. We were hijacked as POW’s and it has been repeated slave lifetimes (don’t know how many for sure) that we have been trapped and our vehicles screwed with/dumbed down. The memories of this prison, the money slave system, religions, hatred, evil, pain, sorrow, everything negative and harmful to humans will NEVER be allowed ever again in any reality / world / realm / server and no entity will ever enslave another race or entity again. No sentient being should ever have had to suffer what we have and they won’t, so I am good with waiting a nano-second more…