The Late Edition for May 5, 2020: Fun with Q | From Coup d’état to Q d’état [videos] ~ May 5, 2020

Q is having way too much fun these days. On the afternoon of May 5th… some very funny drops arrived.


Fake News Strikes Out Again After Kim Jong-un Appears Alive and Well!

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 5 May 2020 – 1:19:02 PM

Trolling can be fun!
Q Do you believe you were lied to about COVID-19? Do you believe it was an accident? A natural mutation of a simple bat virus?


Tanzania Suspends Laboratory Head after President Questions Coronavirus Tests

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 5 May 2020 – 12:41:46 PM


See all the Q drops here.

The many facets of the Q drops reveal themselves over time, like adding facets to a diamond revealing new light refractions.

It occurred to me that the Red Cross gift might be related to the many loaded trunks of cash we saw smuggled around the world which we mentioned recently, and Thomas goes into that and the Ghidra (Gov’t hydra?) tool from the NSA.

A Gift From The [RedCross] Incoming?! :coded:

As for that astounding article about the number of anticipated deaths by June… I was hoping they meant the cabal. It sounds like Fauci math to me.

Trump Refutes Report That 3,000 Will Die per Day in June

See the discussion with Tom Fitton and Lou Dobbs.

Tom Fitton: Did W.H.O. Cover-Up for China’s Handling of #COVID19 to Mislead U.S. Officials?

If you didn’t read that article QAnon provided for us… we can see there is no excuse for a “second wave” or any deaths due to coronavirus or any similar one. None whatsoever. Game over, indeed.

This means, of course, that Dr. Fauci (pictured at right) has known for 15 years that chloroquine and it’s even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. Said Dr. Fauci’s NIH in 2005, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.” Fauci’s researchers add, “chloroquine can effectively reduce the establishment of infection and spread of SARS-CoV.”

Dr. Didier Raoult, the Anthony Fauci of France, had such spectacular success using HCQ to treat victims of SARS-CoV-2 that he said way back on February 25 that “it’s game over” for coronavirus.

Judicial Watch has a bite, and President Tom Fitton spills it for Diamond and Silk.

Tom Fitton: Ultimately, Barack Obama is Responsible for #SpyGate Targeting of Trump & Mike Flynn!

We’re all Q and we’ve got this.  ~ BP

Supplemental Intel Update for April 15, 2020: Heavy Stuff & Mandatory Viewing [videos] ~ April 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: This is not a pretty post by Starship Earth, but all stories in this saga of Earth’s liberation do need to be told. Buckle up, see the court indictment below which, for me signals FREEDOM, learn the truth, watch our world change and be FREED, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


As discussed, the sit-reps are not all glowing and positive. There have been casualties in this war—but as the Commander-in-Chief stated, not as many as if it hadn’t been addressed in this way, and at this time. You will see that in the second video. It’s a must see.

I happened to see this update from Agent Margaritaville about Field McConnell, and because it’s not good news, I want to get it over with. The evil cabal has destroyed so many lives. We hope Field will heal and be able to enjoy the coming days to some degree as the pain subsides.

I think of Field from time to time and will continue to keep him in my thoughts. Sometimes when we are open hearted, idealistic, and a little naive, we pay a price.

That is the Achilles’ heel of Humanity. Those qualities make us prey, and that is why we are here educating anyone who will listen to steel themselves against the enemy who speaks with forked tongue and presents a Human facade when they are not.

The misery and destruction these aberrations of Creation have unleashed on innocents is immeasurable.

These illicit conquests of the dark make us even more determined to remove the scourge from existence forever. The message scrolls slowly on the screen.

The Final Word on Field McConnell & Abel Danger


This is more positive in some ways—because it’s being addressed—but heavy still. A sealed indictment unsealed or a law suit? Just sent by my intel team via text. Read more beneath the video.

Do you remember an interview we featured with Cyrus Parsa on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells? Cyrus was a fountain of information and energy. Unstoppable. This is the law suit he filed. Or should I say “one of”. He may have filed more.

You may want to pause to read while you watch. There are a lot of names included. A lot. “Pinpointed—like a microchip.” It’s staggering in its scope. “Genocide”, “includes the Canadian Prime Minister”…

This revealing look at the capabilities of these parasitic creatures who have been running the world will no doubt shock you. They have kept their technology and advanced ability to control and eliminate Humans carefully hidden.

How many of us have “free will” under these conditions? What sort of team do you suppose would be required to fight this beast? Mere mortals? A few soldiers? A team of attorneys?

Is this just a conspiracy theory? Is it really?

It would be fascinating to research many of the names below if one were so inclined. “… a second digital brain inside all Human beings.” The choice to know will be yours.

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

Case No.: 19CV2407 CAB AHG

file source:

Parsa v. Google.pdf…



Case No.: ’19CV2407 CAB AHG


The Al Organization, Inc, Cyrus A. Parsa, The Worlds ) Case No.: ’19CV2407 CAB AHG

People, Victims of Persecution, Rape, Torture, Concentration Camps, Sex, Human and Organ Trafficking and Organ Harvesting in China, Hong Kong,) America and Around the World, not limited to democracy activists, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Uyghurs, Christians, Tibetans, Judges, Lawyers and

Journalists tortured and killed in China. John Does 1 Unlimited


Google L.L.C, Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Eric Schmidt, Nancy Pelosi, John 0. Brennon, James Corney, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, Facebook, Inc, DeepMind Inc, Alphabet Inc, The World Bank, Neuralink Inc, Tesla Inc, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Microsoft. Bill Gates, CISON PR NewsWire. CNN. Cable News Network. Anderson Cooper. Don Lemon. MSNBC, Rachel Maddow. James Clapper,
Washington Post. New York Times. Time Magazine. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard. Adam Schiff, Wyss

Institute, Daroer, Qualcomm. George Soros,

Soros Fund Management. Open Societv Foundations. University of Vermont. Joshua Bongard and Sam Kriegman. Rockefeller

Foundation. Huawei, Boston Dynamics. Hanson Robotics. Didi Chuxing, Megvii Face++. Alibaba,

Sensetime, !Carbon X, Festa, Chinese Communist Party, & John Doe’s 1-Unlimited

















Crazy Days in Washington DC, Especially for Snowflakes ~ December 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: It’s starting to come out folks, articles below discuss the treasonous and illegal activities promulgated by by Dark members of the US Government (The Swamp) who worked together (colluded) to illegally spy on and work to depose (dispose) of President Donald Trump.

Why? Because Trump IS working steadfastly with a strictly legal basis to bring illegal (treasonous) activities by the Dark to public exposure (Light, truth). Stay tuned, this exposure (Light) will be ratcheted up quite a bit from now on. Expect massive change, grab that popcorn, and BE…



Sorry Snowflakes, President Donald Trump Is Not At This Moment Impeached And Will Not Be Until Articles Of Impeachment Sent To Senate For Trial

FYI, We’ve lost comms with the mothership temporarily so we’ll carry on business here at the Captain’s Blog for now. Welcome aboard!

I’m sharing these amusing blog posts from Jon’s New Place that went out today illustrating that a lot of people (thanks to misinformation spreading via social media) believe that Donald Trump is no longer the POTUS.

Good grief, folks. We, the People really need a few lessons in the Constitution and the Rule of Law—REAL law, not the fake, Admiralty Law/Law of the Sea the deep state likes to use—when they follow any semblance of law at all. Much of the time they are completely and totally lawLESS.

How “Dumbed Down” Has America Become? Here Are 30 People That Actually Believe Trump Is No Longer President

The facts… the Deep State psychopaths are not magicians and will not be pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They want Donald Trump gone but no amount of wishing (or assassination attempts) will make it so.

meme Nancy Pelosi Senate

If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. Impeachment is a process, not a vote.

There’s also this…

Senate Can ACQUIT Trump Under Constitution Even If Pelosi WITHHOLDS Articles of Impeachment

As many have pointed out, the Democrats’ gall to even suggest that President Trump did anything that a decent president would not is an insult to the American People who elected him as their Commander-in-Chief.

The New World Order puppets don’t get to decide who is President; that is the honour and duty bestowed on the citizens of the Constitutional Republic of America. The globalists can’t rewrite the Constitution to suit themselves or modify laws willy-nilly.

The People direct their representatives in Congress—not the other way around.

In fact, what the lunatic left have done already constitutes treason and sedition and we have state-of-the-art facilities prepared for their lengthy incarceration. Unfortunately for them, as a political party they are a runaway train, and you know what happens next. It only gets worse.

Do it Q

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch clarified the following:

It’s Not an Impeachment — It’s a Coup

There has been nothing in American history that compares to the coup attack against President Trump. It has been nothing but a wild abuse of the Constitution. Frankly, the word impeachment should be replaced with the word coup, because the president was illicitly targeted for removal from office for doing his job in asking questions about Ukraine corruption and its ties to Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and Burisma. To be clear, the president was also attacked for objecting to the House Democrats’ abuse of his office.

And Pelosi’s game of withholding the articles of impeachment in order to deny President Trump’s justice in the Senate is another unconstitutional violation of his God-given due process rights! Incredibly, Pelosi has expanded her coup from the presidency to include the United States Senate.

The U.S. Senate should reject these acts of tyranny by the House of Representatives. In the meantime, you can be sure that we will investigate the Biden-Ukraine scandal, as well as the Deep State scandals and the illegal spying on the President of the United States. Our republic is at stake.

Here’s a chuckle for you…



— #MerryQmas (@Qanuck4truth) December 20, 2019

meme q sent us stealth overlay

I believe Rudy Giuliani is our “stealth bomber” and he’s dropping them again.

.@RudyGiuliani dropping truth bombs again…


— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 20, 2019

There’s more…

Bad News For Coup Crew – Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With John Durham For Several Months

I’m sure there are more amusing stories to come out of this “coup” attempt. One thing I am confident of: President Trump isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got him locked and loaded and 2020 is going to be epic.  ~ CB

Headlines and Updates for December 19, 2019: New Q & Pain, Pain, and More Pain [videos] ~ December 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth is back at it announcing more reveal..usually GOOD ones as the clock continues to tick for the PAIN of the Deep[ State. Much is going on behind the scenes, but I find it interesting to learn of another senior resignation at the Pentagon.

We wrapped Christmas presents today and it was mighty nice not to listen to the meaningless drone of Impeachment Hearings, you know…the one based on lies the Demonrats are afraid to send to the Senate for approval? So….I suppose it’s time to get involved in the hustle and bustle of the season, (knowing this may be the last for this type of celebration), start baking popcorn Christmas treats (!), and BE…



President Trump was in fine form last night at the Merry Christmas rally in Battle Creek. As expected, the dimms voted to impeach, but he also let us know that three of them voted with ALL the Republicans against impeachment. He seemed unfazed by it all and probably knew how it would go. He also didn’t pass up an opportunity to go after a local dimm who voted to impeach; Debbie Dingell.

To many people, the mere threat of impeachment of the People’s President is shocking; the actual process ongoing for all the world to see is unconscionable and upsetting. Watching members of the government tell blatant lies as though they are merely acting in a movie causes a lot of anger and resentment. It’s a form of pain we are feeling, as a movement. We wonder how it can be allowed to continue. Why doesn’t someone do something?

The response from the Q Team:3728


Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 18 Dec 2019 – 11:09:05 PM Anonymous 18 Dec 2019 – 11:04:53 PM >>7557024
Thanks for standing watch with us for a little while on this emotional night. We are with you and POTUS. Please pass that on to him. >>7557088
Friend/Patriot – hold your head up high.
POTUS was not harmed in any way today other than on paper (history books).
Sometimes you must sacrifice yourself for the greater good.
“I will gladly take all those slings and arrows for you.” – POTUS
But, even that, can be undone.
The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD.

Today’s update from Phoenix will put it all in perspective for you. No worries, folks. The current theatrics by the demonrats make us question how they can be so stupid! The law is on OUR side, not theirs. The dimms have sealed their fate.

PIR 12 19 19

Treason? There’s a lot of that going around. Thanks for the heads up, J.

President Macron Accused of TREASON by French Generals

President Emmanuel Macron has been accused of “treason” in a letter signed by 11 generals, an admiral and colonel.

Mitch McConnell: House Dems are ‘Afraid to…Transmit their Shoddy Work Product to the Senate’

AMERICA REACTS: Trump Campaign Raises $5 MILLION On Day of Pelosi’s Impeachment Vote

Breaking from Moscow… photos and video at the link.

FSB shooting: Man opens fire near HQ of Russian intelligence in central Moscow, one FSB staff killed

Congressman Mark Meadows is moving on. He’s retiring from Congress, but says he looks forward to working with the President to restore the nation.

Mark Meadows, former Freedom Caucus chair, to retire at end of term

Field McConnell was not picked up by Broward County, Florida yesterday, Dec. 18, and remains in custody in Wisconsin for an undetermined time while his release is being pursued by his legal counsel.

His latest update via telephone Field Report is here where he goes into what we might expect in 2020.

The current streaming Field Report with Kirk and Dr. Good vibes is here. I can’t listen long right now but Field called in and he and Kirk are discussing the lack of letter Field was not served in a timely manner regarding the continuance granted. Sixty days were granted for continuance and since the criminals are unlawful, they ignore the law and the constitution and evade justice while Field hangs in limbo at Christmas. Fingers crossed for a speedy processing and/or a Christmas miracle.

Were you aware? Dr. Janda was right on. “Obamacare” is trash. A con. A joke, which Obama repeatedly lied about. President Trump has promised top-notch healthcare to Americans and they desperately need it.

BOOM ! As predicted on Operation Freedom a year ago when the initial decision came down on the Obamacare mandate! @kksheld @janehughesmd @westall_sarahw @Lrihendry @AAPSonline @SGTreport @X22Report @EpochTimes @TheLastRefuge2 @SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate


— Dr. Dave Janda (@docdhj) December 18, 2019

John Kasich is the one who was so shaken after the execution of No-name McCain that he let slip on live television in a CNN interview that he had been executed, rather than having died of cancer as the White Hats Humanely allowed the public to believe. The penalty for treason IS death, and in a few extreme cases the military have exercised capital punishment for those who earned it. It’s the civilized and LAWFUL thing to do.

Perhaps that was the first indication for Kasich that the People really were coming after traitors and the end of their reign of terror was near. If they are investigating his team, there’s no telling what will come out of that. Many governors are/were governors because they went along with the deep state and have much to hide. Kasich made it clear he loved John McCain and hates Trump.

BREAKING: FEC investigating members of former Ohio Governor John Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign

— LIVE Breaking News (@NewsBreaking) December 18, 2019

Agent Margaritaville put out the video below to expose just one of many assassination attempts on President Trump from the Canadian perspective. If you’re not aware, Agent M has a personal vendetta against the deep state because they messed with his family; his daughter. He is part of a team engaged in exposing and taking down the pedophiles/pedovores in Canada and elsewhere.

The video goes into the details of the “Whidbey Island missile” and how they covered it up. So lame, like all their coverups. Any thinking person would know it’s a lie.

Being on TD Bank’s “Epstein’s Island” is the least of Justin Trudeau’s Worries.

At some point the following will no doubt will be true. We await confirmation. Again… treason, but worse, as well.

No coverage on CBC or CTV in Canada on Trudeau’s death? Wonder why??

— Pat Jones (@PatJone29703057) December 17, 2019

UN’s longest peacekeeping mission in Haiti results in girls as young as 11 trading sex for food!!!

Instead of peacekeeping, it appears that it was a UN sanctioned pedophile party!!!

And you wonder why the UN has such a rotten reputation these days!!!

— Leonard Roxon (@LeonardRoxon) December 18, 2019

Do you hear that? It’s the sucking sound of the swamp draining. If you thought the entire US Military was on the side of the People—you would be incorrect. The cabal infiltrated everything, including the United Nations. Evil lurked under every rock, behind every tree. The deep state’s army waged war on Humanity and they didn’t even know it.

President Trump was blamed for things that happened under his watch that were against his policies and directives because of the rogue elements within the Pentagon and elsewhere who simply carried on with their original plans or sought to thwart positive moves by the White Hats. Now they’re going after him. It’s time for the traitors to go.

“You’ll probably see another couple of – some more announcements are coming up soon,” Esper said …

Fourth Pentagon official announces resignation within week | TheHill


— St8ble Genius (@st8blegenius) December 18, 2019

Who else should go? This patriotic American who couldn’t contain her glee at the prospect of voting to impeach a duly elected president on such a solemn occasion. Rashida Tlaib; installed, not elected.

So solemn. So somber.

— The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) December 19, 2019

The control freaks take no chances. They plan everything. Nothing, and no one is an accident. We knew right away Greta Thunberg was “planned” and now she sails the world on her yacht and travels first class on trains.

I’ve no interest in anything this New World Order brat has to say. She’s an actress; a plant to promote the global warming hoax and the phantasmagorical climate crisis and to shame unsuspecting, guilt-ridden Humans into going along with the NWO agenda. Only they could concoct something so odious. Muzzle her, please.

Surprise! Greta Thunberg BIOPIC reveals cameras were rolling from day one of her ‘viral’ rise

Things are rolling along behind the scenes and each day reveals new truths. We must exercise patience, and suffer through it. In the mean time, we can do our best to enjoy the Christmas season and do what we can to make the world a better place. At least people are saying Merry Christmas again.  ~ BP

A Traitors Justice Episode 10 Conclusion (HD) ~ December 6, 2019 ~ December 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: Kp alerted me to this video by American Prophet which leads me to believe the MOAB (the FISA report) will drop before Christmas which will cause the sh*t to hit the fan in USA, followed by the world. Dark dreads this day…

Please watch this video, stay aware of your life, look into your heart for the truth of YOU, and BE…



The first treasonous act in 1963 has brought forth this harvest of Evil. They killed our Patriot President and declared war on a nation. The patriots installed and activated the Beam of Light, and by the Grace of Almighty God the time has come to finish Them! To completely destroy for all time the enemies from within…