Your Sunday Digest for November 24, 2019: Nothing is What It Seems; NOTHING [videos] ~ November 24, 2019

It’s interesting what gets the attention of the public. The story, video, and image of a naked young man scaling the wall of a section of Buckingham Palace on a bed sheet got a whole lot of attention—as in over 7300 views on Saturday alone on this blog. It’s been a consistently popular post over the years but yesterday it found a LOT of new eyes.

People are learning that many “conspiracy theories” are actually based in fact, and they’re wanting to know more.

Unfortunately, last week on Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call, he told us that the young man in the image didn’t make it to safety, and that was the first update I’d heard on that sad event that the lying, treasonous media tried to cover up by saying it was a promotional shoot. The pedophiles/pedovores who have been running the world have caused so much suffering. It needs to end, and it can’t be soon enough.

President Trump has called out the media as being “fake” and “dangerous” and synonymous with the “deep state” and they most certainly are. Their days are numbered. They have been creating a false reality and protecting the criminals far too long.

It’s not always easy to know what the truth is, as the Patriots at American Intelligence Media explain.

Very sophisticated propaganda is pouring out of Reuters and Associated Press. We were punked, but now set the record straight. This is an important learning opportunity for AIM patriots everywhere. Bottom line – distrust EVERYTHING that comes from Reuters and AP.

Listen to the details at the video at the link below on Vimeo.

We were punked by fake news, but set the record straight!

President Putin has stated that the world is run by satanic pedophiles. Those in the know are telling the People of our planet the truth, but because of the media’s lies and coverups, too few believe them. They are still under the spell of a false illusion spun by evil predators and don’t recognize the truth when they hear it. It seems so far fetched they simply cannot grasp it.

The disclosure about what has happened on this planet must be handled carefully. This is where QAnon came in. Working hand-in-hand with President Trump they are shaking the masses awake. Each one of us is on our own schedule for recognizing the truth about our reality. Some have been awake for years, like yours truly, while others are just now coming around and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

We need a lot more people to understand the truth in short order. There is a schedule the Patriots dictate we must stick to, and we’re hoping there won’t be too many we’ll have to drag along with us, kicking and screaming. We want eyes open.

There are so many places to find the truth and we urge folks to get out there on the Internet and do some research about whatever topics call to you. Just dive in and while using your utmost discernment, feel your way along and try to understand that we are living in an illusion created by evil creatures who sought to control us for their benefit. We have been prey.

For too long we brushed aside the “conspiracy theories” as designed by the CIA many decades ago, and were content to allow the dark forces to run our planet and the Human race into the ground. They said one thing and did another. It’s an ugly story we chose to ignore until it was almost too late.

Like a plane in a deep dive, however, we suddenly had the assistance to pull up and level out so we could see ahead of us and make a safe landing.

We are not yet in the recovery phase. We are at war—a war like no other. It’s a civil war in some respects; an information war; a war for the minds of Humanity. Many articles expose the reality, like the following. Thanks, J.

Alarming Trump-Clinton Death Drama Masks Biggest CIA Takedown Since Cuban Missile Crisis

We are in the process of exposing the criminals, the banksters, the predators, and the liars and removing them from society. The People of Earth must step up and take responsibility for what happens now. They must get up off their knees and refuse to be slaves.

Humanity needn’t bow to anyone; any Being. Tyranny has to end. No one who believes they are part of a “high-born bloodline” has the right or permission to dictate what will happen on this planet.

Once we win this battle, the wars will end, Peace will reign, and we will soon experience the life we were created to enjoy as sovereign Beings. It won’t happen over night, and there is much work to do over the next few years, but we can and will do what it takes to eradicate evil from our lives.

It’s not only about America. It’s about our entire planet.

Please stand by, shit is about to get VERY SERIOUS in Canada from these. MASSIVE ARRESTS INCOMING.

— CanadaAgentShowTime (@CanadaSpecialA1) November 24, 2019

In the not too distant future, pain and suffering are going to end. Lack will be replaced by abundance. Once the manipulation ceases and we are left alone to be who Humans really are, hatred and distrust will give way to love and tolerance. The struggle will fade and we will slip into a life of ease and grace where dis-ease is eradicated. Our Golden Age is on our doorstep. It’s time to invite it in.

Science and physics are so NOT what we’ve been taught. Nearly everything we’ve been told is a lie. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the Truth will set us free, as they say. We can learn new truths. We are survivors—or we would not still be here after all the efforts to eradicate Humanity from the face of this planet. We survived, and now we must move forward.

And that’s my sermon for today. It’s not as feisty as Judge Jeanine’s, bless her soul. Why is Fox paying Juan Williams? Is that their token “balanced” news? He’s a misfit. Get rid of him. Please. See the video at the link below. We need more commentators like Judge Jeanine who say it like it is. Video at the link.

WAR AT FOX NEWS! Judge Jeanine & Juan Williams Square Off Over Schiff’s Impeachment Circus

SerialBrain2: The Explosive Information Coded in the Ukraine Call Transcripts

Read the SerialBrain decode here.

Dahb007 shared this video below about the successful reanimation of the Human body, which left me with a question. What happened to the soul that animated that body originally? Did they just hang around indefinitely until the time came to thaw out the corpse? How does that work, exactly?

Or did they insert a fake soul? Is that person really a “Human” or are they more or less a drone with an artificial intelligence—easily programmable and basically not much more than a clone? What if a demon jumped in? How do scientists control what kind of intelligence animates a body coming out of stasis?

My second point would be, if they’re telling us they’ve just done it for the first time they’re lying. They’ve been doing it for decades. They may have just “perfected” it, but it’s not the first time they’ve done it. Look at the movie, “Avatar”. Why was it the most successful movie in years—or ever? Because it so deeply resonated with Humanity as being largely truth. The meat suit is just a costume which can be discarded at will. It’s our avatar.

Many of us are souls incarnated from other planets; other civilizations. We’re not stupid, and we are being reawakened to the reality we were forced to forget to come here at this time; mind-wiped on entry.

We’re told that reincarnation was a trap, and many Higher Beings from other planets agreed to come to this awful, evil place called Earth/Terra to help with the liberation of this prison planet. They sacrificed a lot to do it. They had to give up their memories of past lives and who they really are. They had to start fresh like other Humans and fight their way through life until they were triggered and awakened to their gifts and abilities.

One thing we have learned over the decades is that when “scientists” say they have done something for the first time, it’s not the first time. In the recent past they claimed to have successfully cloned “Dolly the sheep”. They’ve been cloning for an eternity.

A lot of the “elite” have interchangable clones and/or body doubles. They can be in two or more places at the same time. We will learn that many of the biggest criminals have already expired and been replaced by clones who resemble them but aren’t them. They’re actors, with a shorter lifespan than a Human. Bred for convenience.

And don’t be too sure the White Hats haven’t cloned a few people, as well. Hollywood isn’t restricted to Los Angeles, California. Life is a stage, as Shakespeare reportedly stated.

Life on Earth is far more exciting and interesting than the establishment lets on. You’ll see.

Doctors Have Officially Frozen And Reanimated A Human Being For The First Time

I’m glad AIM4Truth published this because when I first laid eyes on the unfortunate “woman” known as “Fiona” Hill, I knew this was one more “she” who is really a “he”—but I suggested the same of other deep state players and chose to bite my tongue this time. When we say the world is full of actors putting on a show to deceive, we mean “actors”.  Learn more about “Fionn” at the CAT Report.

What is the truth about the violence in Hong Kong? It’s obvious when you know the details. Thanks, L.

Why Four Men Set Fire to The Epoch Times Printing Office in Hong Kong

The control freaks never cease to come up with ways to poison us and our world. Now they want to compost Humans and dump us on the food supply and into the water. Will Bill 5001 pass in Washington state to allow this travesty? Better speak up, peeps, or you could wind up with Uncle Charlie and all his meds, toxins, and bacteria on your cereal. Washington apples à la Edna? Yum-yum!

These people are sick. And the justification for this? They can’t be serious. These people are delusional and without logic. Does anyone listen to them any more?

“Composting” dead humans creates bio-goo that gets flushed down sewage pipes, turned into biosludge, then deposited on crops

So, if they’ve lied about absolutely everything else… did they lie about this, too? They’ve rewritten the history books and at some point Humanity stopped believing in a domed, flat Earth and it became the blue-green marble as it appears today in movies and the tel-lie-vision.

One must wonder… when everyone consulted ridicules anyone for even suggesting it, why are they so vehement in their denial?

Trump won’t touch 9/11, and the topic won’t come up in the rotation until the Patriots are ready to red pill the world. The takedown must unfold according to “The Plan” to be successful.

I suspect that if there is a truth to be told that is bigger and badder than 9/11—it will come later. Much later.

Until then, the disinfo and coverups would continue, no matter who you ask. Even if they know, they won’t break the vow of silence because the masses couldn’t handle it—wouldn’t believe it—and then what credibility would anyone have afterward? So they continue to ridicule and deny.

We know that our world is not what we’re told. The bizarre phenomena in our skies have not been officially addressed and are being camouflaged on the QT. At some point, however, if we are indeed on Planet Earth/Terra we will be able to see it for ourselves through our own eyes, from above. No NASA artistry, no camera magic, no lies.

And if the artificial construct we’re told we occupy is a reality… we need to be told. The lies have to end.

Scientist CONFIRMS Actual Footage of FLAT EARTH from “SPACE”!! | Fe PROOF 3 pt1

Details for Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call tonight, beginning with his summary, are below.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

FINALLY, after months and months of false alarms, delays and extensions, we have an actual real date for the release of the OIG Report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz — which we are now being told is set for December 9.

The Office of Inspector General Report will merely be the start of a massive dump of the most devastating and incriminating evidence against the entire Deep State operating in the United States of America over the last 150 years, or perhaps longer. This massive dump of evidence will be THE BIGGEST DISCLOSURE OF TRUTH ever attempted in the history of the modern world. 

And the disclosures will come in wave after wave after wave from many different ongoing investigations, and will likely unfold over the next year at the very least — if not longer.

  • BREAKING NEWS TONIGHT:Expect the the Deep State to pull out numerous distraction events with all the bad news set to come out in December. The health status and/or death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a very strong possibility to be employed in order to pull attention away from the OIG report. And now tonight, November 23, we are seeing clear evidence of this possible scenario.

  • It appears, after many months of inactivity, we are finally seeing Senator Lindsey Graham springing into action as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. For months if not years, Senator Graham has promised to hold hearings in the Senate of some of the co-conspirators of the coup on President Trump, and this week he announced Michael Horowitz will be testifying in the Senate on December 11.

  • On Friday, November 22, President Trump appeared on Fox & Friends morning show and dropped numerous carpet bombs in preparation for the release of the OIG Report in December. President Trump once again firmly put the spotlight on former President Obama as the ringleader of the coup of the US Presidency!

Editor’s Note: The links following these bulleted points are not allowed by “them”.

  • Attorney General William Barr spoke out this past week in defense of President Trump, and then dropped a bombshell of his own regarding the “suicide” death of notorious pedophile and child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein at the Manhattan Correction Center in NYC.

  • The Democrats impeachment scam inquiry continued to implode during a second week of testimony in the House. All of the new so-called “whistleblowers” brought forth by Shifty Adam Schiff had no evidence of quid-pro-quo, no proof of any impeachable crimes by President Trump, and no first hand knowledge of the call with Ukraine President Zelensky. What an utter fiasco this has been!!
  • As a result, Adam Schiff’s impeachment circus has given President Trump even more ammunition against the Deep State; has emboldened Republican members of the House; and has severely damaged the credibility of House Democrats. It has been nothing less than a massive disaster and backfire on the Deep State Democrats, and a gigantic boost for President Trump and the entire Republican Party. Great job, Shifty Schiff!
  • And now, the entire Democratic Party, including its sorry lot of Presidential candidates, are absolutely reeling and in such a state of crisis, they are all but admitting their inevitable total defeat. It cannot happen soon enough!
  • “Q” has delivered a number of new and significant drops this past week including a stunning direct message on November 20 to Lindsey Graham: “Chairman Graham, it’s time. Senate was the target.”

Once again, we will have A LOT of breaking news to cover on this very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598    Access Code: 767664#

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Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry
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As always, we love to leave you laughing. Thanks to AIM4Truth for the share.  ~ BP

Galactic Energies Entering ~ November 8, 2019

By: A Gift From Gaia


Sagittarius season is always a game changer as our planets pass the Galactic Centre and we become ridiculously charged as we receive the high frequency light codes sent from the open portal of our Ancient Future Self.

Those open to reci3ve do so on all levels, because to receive is to receive All, knowing deep within that whatever presents has done so for the opportunity to expand All connected, nothing is ever rejected once we realise how this all works, what is its purpose, how it relates, all Gifts are received with grace and pure trust and acceptance and by releasing the old judgement that created our defense to love/light removes all restrictions of fear to then truly receive.

The process of learning to receive in the beginning is incredibly chaotic, it’s perceived as painful and many bounce around in loops until the pressurisation of your carbon to crystal transformation gets too much, each takes their own equal match in energy and for some, it will take a lot of pressure, some transform and some will break under the pressure, crack and be discarded and as cold as that may sound, we all know, this is energy and those will regrow again as everything within the cyclic pattern will return, the process of reincarnation.

Saying this, that too shall change for those taking the path of light, how this looks no one can predict, all we know is we are evolving, we are leaving the cyclic patterning and entering a spiral of expansion, this has become the purpose, hence why we are breaking down the old structures, beliefs, healing the separation which if you take back to the furthest history you can find you will see that separation has been a theme, it appears since the firsts landed and we became GMH (genetically modified humans) there has always been a war, there has always been conflict, where was the history of peace and unconditional love, that frequency is the baseline frequency of Earth, therefore we too can hold that baseline frequency within and can live in perfect harmony.

This world offers the entire spectrum of frequencies, from the lowest of primal vibrations to the highest of Galactic frequencies that we are of course a part of if we choose to integrate them and return to the loving arms of the Celestial All, that’s the point, choice, we have choice here, and that is a key most have forgotten. Something so simple as the word choice shows up during the early light integration phases as something almost impossible.

We can choose which space, which frequency we want to come from, we can choose to accept, honour and take responsibility for the lack of light within, to notice the rumblings within, to respect the field, withdraw, own it, and trace it down to a program with bugs and begin the new code integration and install the new version that comes back to unity or…….not….that’s the choice, thats how this works and to receive these Galactic codes means to stop closing down and to open up to All, however you perceive it now is not going to be the same very soon….all mirrors are super shining and we simply cannot escape like we used to….but then, why on our Earth would anyone want to, because whilst the beginning is chaotic, the more that clears, creates more space for peace, which means the new codes integrate and The Alignment to light circulates smoothly and more rapidly which in turn creates abundant fields of amazingness, we can, and are, creating the new physical fields ready, stable and prepared as the old collapses.

When we are open we are fully relaxed, mind clear and no if’s or but’s, physical relaxed, muscles relaxed, energy clear, no requirement to push, and this is achieved by doing the inner work, the mental clearing stages, the deprogramming which is ultimately when the healing begins, the rejuvenation and the physical coming fully back online because the physical can then vibrate at the frequency of love, at this phase we pay so much more attention, all feeds become priority, everything begins to shift and become magical and it’s at this point you simply don’t want it to stop, it all gets real and the expansion just grows and grows and you feel the power of healing

Things in the reality get simple and move with ease, and those stubborn things, well you soon see why everything was chaotic, the more dense something is the more heavier it is, the older the ancestral program and separation within the lineage the more tough it is to break the code….but when it does break, these are like love bombs going off in the collective grid and whilst many aren’t aware, those pockets of exploding dense debris raises the frequency of our grid immensely, super charged, and we feel the fields warble and shift.

Some crucial information to be aware of as we move through these next few months is that we are dumping a ridiculous amount of separation, old beliefs about how this works, as we can see from our history, it’s been a declining wave, because everything became external from Self, the healing out there, the fixing, the creating of idols and humanising energy, the spiritual arena is full of phases and spaces that are now fast collapsing, many realising the archangels was just a way to describe aspects of self, in a separated view, and now we have the codes and keys to bring the light back into alignment and exist in pure Source light, One White Unified Light, we regained our power, we remembered our truth and we continue to Align and get brighter each moment. We remembered that we cannot heal the physical of another, because it is the healing of the mind that begins the process of receiving Source Self and then the healing of the physical vessel so that the expansion, the integration can continue, it’s a personal experience, no amount of hocus pocus will ever be at a souls request because the soul knows contact, healing, connection, unification can only be done by themselves.

Everything created from lack is no longer supported so the old physical structure can now begin to deconstruct, there have been enough focused and committed keys holders, gridkeepers and walkers of light who have taken their deprogramming to their core, which has ultimately been creating a light speed energy and as our planets reveal the journey ahead we know all has been working in Divine Time, there was never a need to DO anything external from Self, because the higher purpose, the grand design is so much more vast than the details we play in and what this Galactic influx of codes will highlight most is where you are choosing to view this shift from because the pressurised light from the Galactic Codes will now be of the highest order due to the super conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and the gang. Jupiter is readying now to pass according to tropical astrology, with Venus, over the Galactic Centre and where your focused now is the rabbit hole you are to enter, and it’s going to be an expander, and it’s going to be focused on our relationships….which is only ever a reflection of the relationship you have with self, which equates to the view you are perceiving, if the focus is the physical, attachments external from self then the ability to See the grand design is impossible, it may be “known” but it’s not being experienced. If the focus is purely on the relationship with self and doing the maintenance work on the temple, the physical, ensuring the walls are strong and it’s filled with Earth’s treasures and celestial sounds then we have purpose, then we receive these codes as a Rebuild as opposed to a demolition experience.

How this manifests in the physical, on the world stage, is huge shake ups, which again is why it’s essential to be continuing the focus of within, shifting the vibration within, keep looking inside and make the adjustments from that space, being responsible for your field, others requiring to experience the fear frequency will plug into the realities for their pressurisation to begin, some will crystallise, some will crack and be discarded as I mentioned and this will be Seen in the form of decay and the dis-eased, just like Earth would show if it was starved of light, everything just shrivels and withers, for it to rot back and renew again.

We are the pioneers, this has never been seen or done on this planet as far as our history tells us, we are all rewriting history now, and because of this there are no reference points, perhaps another Divine Gift to keep us all in the now.

But there is one thing we do know, this is about Unity Consciousness and living in harmony with our planet for that is the ONLY way our race can survive, it is all about us returning to our truth, which is Unconditional Love, and it’s time to show our host, our planet how we can truly love and care, how we can cooperate with the Cosmic Laws and finally become at One with the All and these Galactic energies coming in now will show us the way.

There are two main focus areas, there are two truths that we exist in healthfully, and that is, the love in our hearts and the Earth that holds us.

Anything else is pointless now


Conditional Love Versus Unconditional Love ~ October 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Lovely article highlighting the true nature of unconditional love in that, in reality, true love stems from loving ourselves! Far from being egoistic, true self love understand begins with loving the inner union of your own divine masculine side and your divine feminine side.

Once these two aspects of yourself join…it’s delicious, and joyful, and happiness personified all the time! There may be occasional moments of personal doubt…after all we are still in very human bodies with minds that may go astray, but heart recognition of your own personal divinity constantly rises allowing one (me!) to stay in a very cool place of humility and gratitude, due to just feeling so darn good. It’s the vibrations that matter here…

This is following your bliss, which I encourage you to find. How? Start with loving all of you, dwell on things making you feel good inside (true or imaginary, doesn’t matter!), and BE…



By L’Aura Pleiadian

So many say they love someone unconditionally, but do they?

If we have conditions on our own self love, then we have conditions on loving someone else.

So, many say they have met their twin flame, yet they are not yet filled with true unconditional love for themselves, so how can that be?

We attract our current state of consciousness.

If we are in the process of preparation and clearing past life memories in the blueprint, which all stems from fear and separation (the opposite of love) then we attract to our benefit, what most will help us to SEE and know what this lack attracts.

The purpose of reincarnation is to evolve.

To become what we originally ARE.

What we originally are is a union state of consciousness, that knows not separation or fear.

If we have not forgiven ourselves, no one else will forgive us.

If we do not unconditionally love ourselves how can we expect someone else will?

This seems to be the average experience involving denial and escapism.

I NEED love therefore I will get it from someone else. This is a state of conditional love and reveals itself as the conditions we have placed on our own level of self love. NO exceptions.

We are attracting what we ARE.

Control and attempting to control the other also reveals insecurities and doubts within ourselves. Then this control becomes the doubt in the other.

It is a MIRROR ~ what are you expecting?

I am not saying every single action of others is our cause. Quite the opposite. They are living in their own limited version of love and looking for exactly what they are insecure about themselves.

Often families incarnate with similar “memories” too clear. It could be the opposite but work to ignite each other. One has power issues misuses it, the other is developing the awareness of the correct use of power.

LIFE has never been out to get you.

It is there for your to awaken to, what it is, is the cause of your level. It is always leading you to your next level.

The next level is more self love, as there will be no perfect unions consciously, till both are immersed in this self love being ness.

I want this, I want that, or that is not love, if in itself FAR from unconditional love.

When we love ourselves we ask nothing of ourselves.

We awaken to it is our Divinity, that we only count on. That perfect stream of unconditional love, that has no attachments, and flows freely, as if a pure innocent child.

This innocence state of consciousness is your Original state of being.

It lets other be, because it lets your own being, simply be. It is the highest and purest unconditional love.

In this, we initiate you, into more and more of what you eternally ARE. In love.


Headlines and Updates for June 11, 2019: Pulling the G’s… Buckle Your Harness [videos] ~ June 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: We see things heading to some sort of crescendo on July 4 which promises to be a never-to-be-forgotten day. Why is this? It’s because things seem to be finally coming to a head in the war between the Dark and the Light.

Read Starship Earth’s daily report below, and there are already too many small victories of the good guys to keep up with! Sadly though, most of these are not reported by MSM who still want to go down the wrong road of reporting. This is to be expected since MSM is controlled by the Dark.

Until the Light overwhelms the Dark (and it’s not far off, my friends), my belief is that control of MSM will be one of the last Dark cards to fall. Why am I capitalizing the work Dark? Because as painful as it is, if we did not experience Dark…we would never see (or notice) the Light.

Remember, humans are prized for our ability to feel, to be driven by our emotional makeup which is balanced by our ability to think and consider. Every human development…even that of the dark…has been driven by emotion and the really good news is that NOW, the Light is winning!

So…please read the good news below, be aware of what good things are coming down the road yet prepared for the last gasps of negative action by the Dark, and be…



Wow, the revelations coming out daily now are staggering. When they say buckle up, we’d better have a full body harness. A seatbelt just won’t cut it for the G’s we’re pulling on this ride.

I’m still chewing the cud on that that intel call I listened to last night. Trump a reincarnated Templar Knight? Works for me. I felt he was far more than just an American business tycoon. He has a solid grasp of Illuminati coding, symbolism, numerology and gematria, we know he’s a genius, he’s fearless, and he said he “knew this day would arrive” when he would lead the charge of good against evil. Dark to Light. Truth. The Charge of the Light Brigade 2.0.

When we consider the foreknowledge displayed by QAnon of what will happen even a year ahead—to the day—the brilliant strategies against the dark, the confidence in trolling, his often regal bearing and treatment of the less fortunate and reluctance to suffer fools… what is happening is just “supernatural”; the best word I could come up with, and Donald Trump is someone chosen to do this.

I’ll go with Templar Knight for now. What is unfolding is bigger than any group of new Human military intelligence ops could come up with; it had to be influenced by old souls with a deeper understanding of the opponent, the history, the insidious evil, and the many previous battles lost millennia before. He excelled at military strategy at the New York Military Academy. The “secret societies” are duking it out, and Donald Trump is the People’s champion.

It would also explain his magnetism and the fact that so many Americans (and patriots worldwide) embraced and supported him as their leader; one that is different and could be trusted. Those of the lower frequency are polarized. (or programmed) What a ride this is turning out to be.

“Fire at will, Commander.” I love it. How many times has Trump said, “You’re fired.”? The second trip to the UK cements in my mind the fact that he is in charge, and it had already crossed my mind that his visage might join the other legends on Mount Rushmore. We just might see that one come to fruition.

Do you see Nancy Pelosi as a possible White Hat? It seems that the most “out there”, fantastical, unbelievable ideas are turning out to be the reality and to now be hearing about the “return of the king” with respect to the un-dead JFK Jr…? You can’t make this up. We might even get our ET disclosure sooner than anyone has suspected. It’s time to get real.

BTW, Melania has the best hats, doesn’t she? That one above was fashioned by the “royal family’s” favourite milliner, I read.

Those who listened to the intel conference call will understand the suggested significance of these photos. Scott is a skilled dot connector and the intel shared resonated very strongly, including the opinion about Ben Fulford’s updates being CIA rubbish.

And no, Scott, I’m not tired of winning, and there’s plenty more winning where that came from, but it’s not over till it’s over. Strap yourselves in.  ~ BP

Here is SerialBrain2’s latest decode on the Trump UK visit. The education program continues… and what an awesome video he shares. The public needs to understand this. The original constitution forbade those of title or nobility—being lawyers, attorneys, barristers, esquires, etc.—from being part of the government.

The NWO pulled some fast ones and lo and behold, we have governments full of lawyers writing all manner of gibberish only they understand, massive tomes of bills thousands of pages long that no one reads yet they pass them into law—-banksters stealing the public’s money… and on it goes.

Incidentally, Thomas Williams mentioned recently that President Trump in a meeting in the UK referenced the Manna World Holding Trust being instrumental in the upcoming changes.

Listen to the video as the narrator says, “You must over-stand” or “inner-stand” not “understand”, for if you do so, you are agreeing that you stand under another’s power and influence, or something to that effect.

Even our language has been changed to manipulate the People and keep them ignorant. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

They have ensured that we use the services of attorneys because only they know the law and can interpret it. We are simply ignorant farm animals to them that generate value they can use for their own enrichment. President Trump explained this in general terms in the speech that would get him elected. If you have not yet seen that video, it’s a must. It’s an empowering message for the People, spoken in truth and transparency.

There are going to be a lot of changes in the future, to return America to a sovereign republic. Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, all countries, all People. Free, and not subject to a corporation. After watching the video SB2 provides, you will innerstand why Trump is touted as America’s “last president”.

Post # 174 – Trump’s Historic State Visit to the UK: Winning, Winning and Winning.

I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the death of HRC’s brother was literally another Arkancide. They eat their own, you know, and dead men tell no tales. Hillary’s lament the next morning just rang hollow, didn’t it? Scripted rhetoric, devoid of emotion or authenticity.  Thanks, L.

He knew too much, and they have been executing people who could testify against them.

Some believe, however, that some of these “deceased” people are in protective custody until they DO testify. Anything’s possible.

Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s Youngest Brother, Dies – Arkancided?

This is all quite the show. I suspect it’s a distraction from other more important things unfolding behind the scenes. There is no way in hell POTUS will be impeached. It’s ludicrous.

Pelosi: House Democrats ‘not even close’ to backing impeachment

Thomas Williams told us last week that more prominent names would be coming out related to pedophilia. There will be many more.

Prominent Liberal Journalist Charged With Attempting to Molest Minors

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This loop must be severed.

Democrats are out to get @realDonaldTrump.

-They keep pushing the phony collusion narrative
-They use secret MOUs to coordinate attacks against the President, his advisors, and his cabinet
-They’ve brought in two criminals to testify against POTUS

Enough is enough.

— Oversight Committee Republicans (@GOPoversight) June 11, 2019

Jordan: John Dean is part of a ploy for House Dems to go after Trump

Dr. Janda has a new video. I haven’t yet listened but they’re always good so I’m not going out on a limb.


We are not letting the Vegas shooting go until we learn exactly what happened. Here’s the latest for your consideration.

Huge Bombshell Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses Five Middle Eastern Men AR-15 Assault Rifles

Interesting developments with respect to earthquakes and tar oozing out of the ground. We have all kinds of earth-shaking activity.   ~ BP

Swarm of 700 Earthquakes Strikes Southern California As Tar Hits Streets, New Madrid Quake Uptick

Do We Live in a Matrix? [video] ~ July 24, 2018

Editor’s Note: The whole concept of living in a Matrix here on Earth is utterly believable for my mind. The question I have is how does spiritual thought play into this agenda of belief? We know that all religious cults, while based on what many call “the truth” of one prophet or another, have been further modified to “control the masses” by the cabal, i.e. the Christian fanatic and the Islamic jihad!

Are”uncorrupted” spiritual beliefs based on a “true” non-Matrix reality where spiritual beliefs are guideposts for humanity to escape the matrix? Interesting thought. So…please read this article, think about where you are and what you believe, and…



Well, do we? We certainly don’t live where they tell us we do. Round Earth, flat Earth, it matters not, because we don’t live “out there” like the rest of Creation. Hence, “Through the Looking Glass”.

My understanding is, we live in a fabricated construct. Many of us have accepted that things just don’t add up; that reality is not what we’ve been told, and that there are a lot of weird, unnatural things in our environment. Ultimately, we just couldn’t explain why or how.

The following video explores some of these quandaries and contains some very powerful images as illustrations. They’re used multiple times throughout the video, so if you wanted a closer look, keep going and they’ll come up again.

If you have watched videos from Yellow Rose for Texas and listened to Thomas Williams last Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on July 19, you heard we are trapped in a construct. We are literally incarcerated in a false reality and have been for eons.

Both Yellow Rose and Thomas have been attacked in various severe ways so I think that’s a pretty good indicator the prison guards don’t want them delivering those messages. Adam1414 channel has mirrored Rose’s videos to ensure they get out there.

Below is the illustration Thomas provided. It’s meant to show us in a simplistic way that thanks to a predatory, advanced race of creatures, we were mind-wiped and funneled into a false world.

In a recent discussion with Dane Arr on the Return to Your Truth blog and hosted by the Unknown Lightwarrior on Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk, we learned there are vortices which, when you enter them, you become very small. I am wondering if that’s what happened when we were dumped into the funnel into this reality.

As Thomas explained, we are living our pathetic lives in the central vertical corridor, and over time we work our way upwards. Just as we are about to gain our freedom, the whole mechanism is turned upside down like an hour glass and we are left to work our way up the corridor again. Quite the game, isn’t it?

If the physics is true to form in this closed system, like all closed systems it must break down. Entropy is destined to take over and destroy it.

As the sands of time, (which is also a construct) tick away, we live lifetime after lifetime stuck in a world we don’t even know is unreal. Dying and discarding this body so we can reincarnate in another and repeat the process. It’s cruel.

As explained by Rose in some of her videos, and confirmed by Thomas, we will be escaping through the East Gate, or the one on the left. The evil ones will be going to the right, and transferred to The Pit. You don’t want to know what that’s like.

Regardless of terminology or the way events actually unfold in the near future, we Humans will be leaving this matrix.

You may or may not believe you live in a simulated world. Since it’s the only one you can recall, it’s understandable if you doubt or deny. In many ways it’s hell, and we were not created to suffer or live in a hell.

Soon we are to make our prison break, however, and will learn what reality is. Our “new Earth” will resemble this fake one in some respects, but will be almost unrecognizable. So much has been kept from us. Reality is basically the reverse of the world we understand.

Why haven’t we been told? For one thing, the jailers don’t want us to know there is a beautiful world out there where we would be free and enjoy the true expression of who we really are. We can’t yearn for what we have never known. That’s why they have tried to keep the truth from us about the extraterrestrials engaging Humanity. They want us to feel isolated, alone, and helpless.

Disclosure of the ETs is the least of their worries, however.

If we all understood there is life out there besides our tightly-controlled environment, we would revolt—which is what is beginning to happen now, globally.

They have been telling us we’re free, and some believe it. Others don’t believe they are free at all, and that we’re simply being manipulated. Where are those freedoms? They are evaporating at warp speed.

Those who have been paying attention see that, and they’re going off the reservation. We refuse to be manipulated and exploited by inhuman predators who use us as food, and to secure everything else they desire.

They have no empathy; no compassion. They consider us their chattel; nothing more than domesticated animals to be used as they please. The controllers are now terrified of being found out and sent where they belong; back to the Galactic Central Sun for RECYCLING.

Secondly, we are being managed. For a dumbed-down, controlled “planet” of people to be suddenly told they are captive in a bizarre world like Alice in Wonderland and unable to get out would probably lead to mass hysteria. They have to release the information gradually. Drip. Drip. Drip.

That’s why we have been given movies, television shows and books about various aspects of “futuristic” worlds and various truths we think are fiction. The controllers are giving us hints, because for their program to work, they have to tell us what they plan to do. It’s irrelevant that we don’t understand their hints, and if we don’t object, they are free to go ahead and do what they like.

The flip side is, the hints will sometimes resonate and trigger our memories. What did you think, “The Matrix” was about? Why was it so popular? Was it pure fiction?

Why was “Avatar” one of the most popular movies ever? In many respects, these stories are about “us”. We are the Na’vi, victimized by marauding, greedy, off-world creatures, our planet decimated for a mineral they called, “unobtanium”. We seem primitive in comparison to the Americans—the “company”, but in other ways, we are far advanced with respect to our affiliation with the soul and consciousness of the planet, Pandora, and everything on it, living in harmony. We are a peaceful, loving people in denial who didn’t fight back until we were threatened with extinction. This is probably why the movie resonated so strongly. It’s our story.

In the article below you can learn more about what happened to Humanity so long ago, when we had previous lives we can’t remember and were tossed into the Matrix to be ignorant, recycled slaves.

Our true history is far more colorful than the establishment has let us know, and they continue to destroy any remnants of our past. When we emerge from this prison system, we will experience a grand expansion and return to our original, Source-given glory.

Thanks for the heads up, L.