Do We Live in a Matrix? [video] ~ July 24, 2018

Editor’s Note: The whole concept of living in a Matrix here on Earth is utterly believable for my mind. The question I have is how does spiritual thought play into this agenda of belief? We know that all religious cults, while based on what many call “the truth” of one prophet or another, have been further modified to “control the masses” by the cabal, i.e. the Christian fanatic and the Islamic jihad!

Are”uncorrupted” spiritual beliefs based on a “true” non-Matrix reality where spiritual beliefs are guideposts for humanity to escape the matrix? Interesting thought. So…please read this article, think about where you are and what you believe, and…



Well, do we? We certainly don’t live where they tell us we do. Round Earth, flat Earth, it matters not, because we don’t live “out there” like the rest of Creation. Hence, “Through the Looking Glass”.

My understanding is, we live in a fabricated construct. Many of us have accepted that things just don’t add up; that reality is not what we’ve been told, and that there are a lot of weird, unnatural things in our environment. Ultimately, we just couldn’t explain why or how.

The following video explores some of these quandaries and contains some very powerful images as illustrations. They’re used multiple times throughout the video, so if you wanted a closer look, keep going and they’ll come up again.

If you have watched videos from Yellow Rose for Texas and listened to Thomas Williams last Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on July 19, you heard we are trapped in a construct. We are literally incarcerated in a false reality and have been for eons.

Both Yellow Rose and Thomas have been attacked in various severe ways so I think that’s a pretty good indicator the prison guards don’t want them delivering those messages. Adam1414 channel has mirrored Rose’s videos to ensure they get out there.

Below is the illustration Thomas provided. It’s meant to show us in a simplistic way that thanks to a predatory, advanced race of creatures, we were mind-wiped and funneled into a false world.

In a recent discussion with Dane Arr on the Return to Your Truth blog and hosted by the Unknown Lightwarrior on Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk, we learned there are vortices which, when you enter them, you become very small. I am wondering if that’s what happened when we were dumped into the funnel into this reality.

As Thomas explained, we are living our pathetic lives in the central vertical corridor, and over time we work our way upwards. Just as we are about to gain our freedom, the whole mechanism is turned upside down like an hour glass and we are left to work our way up the corridor again. Quite the game, isn’t it?

If the physics is true to form in this closed system, like all closed systems it must break down. Entropy is destined to take over and destroy it.

As the sands of time, (which is also a construct) tick away, we live lifetime after lifetime stuck in a world we don’t even know is unreal. Dying and discarding this body so we can reincarnate in another and repeat the process. It’s cruel.

As explained by Rose in some of her videos, and confirmed by Thomas, we will be escaping through the East Gate, or the one on the left. The evil ones will be going to the right, and transferred to The Pit. You don’t want to know what that’s like.

Regardless of terminology or the way events actually unfold in the near future, we Humans will be leaving this matrix.

You may or may not believe you live in a simulated world. Since it’s the only one you can recall, it’s understandable if you doubt or deny. In many ways it’s hell, and we were not created to suffer or live in a hell.

Soon we are to make our prison break, however, and will learn what reality is. Our “new Earth” will resemble this fake one in some respects, but will be almost unrecognizable. So much has been kept from us. Reality is basically the reverse of the world we understand.

Why haven’t we been told? For one thing, the jailers don’t want us to know there is a beautiful world out there where we would be free and enjoy the true expression of who we really are. We can’t yearn for what we have never known. That’s why they have tried to keep the truth from us about the extraterrestrials engaging Humanity. They want us to feel isolated, alone, and helpless.

Disclosure of the ETs is the least of their worries, however.

If we all understood there is life out there besides our tightly-controlled environment, we would revolt—which is what is beginning to happen now, globally.

They have been telling us we’re free, and some believe it. Others don’t believe they are free at all, and that we’re simply being manipulated. Where are those freedoms? They are evaporating at warp speed.

Those who have been paying attention see that, and they’re going off the reservation. We refuse to be manipulated and exploited by inhuman predators who use us as food, and to secure everything else they desire.

They have no empathy; no compassion. They consider us their chattel; nothing more than domesticated animals to be used as they please. The controllers are now terrified of being found out and sent where they belong; back to the Galactic Central Sun for RECYCLING.

Secondly, we are being managed. For a dumbed-down, controlled “planet” of people to be suddenly told they are captive in a bizarre world like Alice in Wonderland and unable to get out would probably lead to mass hysteria. They have to release the information gradually. Drip. Drip. Drip.

That’s why we have been given movies, television shows and books about various aspects of “futuristic” worlds and various truths we think are fiction. The controllers are giving us hints, because for their program to work, they have to tell us what they plan to do. It’s irrelevant that we don’t understand their hints, and if we don’t object, they are free to go ahead and do what they like.

The flip side is, the hints will sometimes resonate and trigger our memories. What did you think, “The Matrix” was about? Why was it so popular? Was it pure fiction?

Why was “Avatar” one of the most popular movies ever? In many respects, these stories are about “us”. We are the Na’vi, victimized by marauding, greedy, off-world creatures, our planet decimated for a mineral they called, “unobtanium”. We seem primitive in comparison to the Americans—the “company”, but in other ways, we are far advanced with respect to our affiliation with the soul and consciousness of the planet, Pandora, and everything on it, living in harmony. We are a peaceful, loving people in denial who didn’t fight back until we were threatened with extinction. This is probably why the movie resonated so strongly. It’s our story.

In the article below you can learn more about what happened to Humanity so long ago, when we had previous lives we can’t remember and were tossed into the Matrix to be ignorant, recycled slaves.

Our true history is far more colorful than the establishment has let us know, and they continue to destroy any remnants of our past. When we emerge from this prison system, we will experience a grand expansion and return to our original, Source-given glory.

Thanks for the heads up, L.

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