Saint Germain: The Great Changeover Continues Sept. 28, 2022

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with out in this time, in these auspicious times that are upon you now, as the Great Changeover continues to move forward.

The Great Changeover that at this point can certainly not be stopped. It has gained so much momentum that those that were the powers, and are no longer the powers, they, even they, realize that they have lost control.

Do they continue to hold on? Do they continue to act as animals that have been cornered? Yes, they do. And they will likely continue to do so.

But as the vibrational frequencies continue to increase, and you, as the Lightworking Community, continue to be the catalyst for this raising of vibrational frequencies, and raising your consciousness, and bringing back the light and the love into this planet. As you continue to do that, then those that were the powers and are no longer the powers to be, they continue to recede back into the shadows that they came from.

But before they do that, as you are seeing, they have come in to the higher frequencies, and they cannot handle themselves there. That is why you are seeing the great confusion and the great experiences that are happening now that are bringing in an awakening, a great awakening to the population everywhere. Why they are seen and really doing what would be considered ridiculous things. Some even would call them stupid actions that are bringing attention to themselves, whereas before they hid from that attention.

But now they have been brought forth screaming into that attention. And those higher vibrational frequencies are making them look like they do not even know what they are doing anymore. The mistrust, the lies are being shown forth for what they are. And more and more people are awakening to those lies, awakening to that mistrust. They are now beginning to search more and more for the truth, doing the research, if you will, that all of you have been doing to help in your awakening process. They are now beginning to do so as well. More are doing this, and will continue to do this. And as the vibrational frequencies continue to increase, and the resulting consciousness increases, then those that seemingly are in power will no longer be so.

It is up to each and every one of you to continue to share your light, share your truth whenever you have the opportunity. And just in being who you are and carrying the aura that you do when you move out into the populous, you are bringing that light forward and sharing it, even to those that have no idea that you are doing so. But you are. And every time that you smile, every time that you wave your hands to another in greeting, and whatever you might do, you are helping to raise the vibrational frequency and consciousness to the collective across the planet.

As you share with one, that one goes and shares with another, and another. Where one will share with three, and those three will share with three more each, and so on in a geometric progression. That is how the Great Awakening continues to gain more and more momentum.

And yes, indeed, there are those, those Special Ones, that have taken a leadership role within the Light. They are helping to awaken a great many more. And will continue to do so. Till it comes a time when they no longer need to do that any longer.

That time, my friends, is approaching more and more. You are, as they say, on the cusp of The Great Changeover to take you forward into the new Millennium of Light that is ahead for you, and for all of you.

As you have also heard, you will have the choice to remain here, to be a part of the new expression here on the Earth, to be a part of the new higher expression of Gaia, to continue this evolution forward.

Or, at any point, you may decide to go back home, wherever that home may be. That home that is calling many of you to return, return to family that you left long ago.

Yes, you have created family here. Your soul family too. You have soul family throughout the galaxy and beyond that are waiting for you to once again acknowledge them. And when you do acknowledge them, from your position here within this evolution, they will then be able to acknowledge you and make themselves known to you.

Many have been attempting to do so, to reach you. If you allow it, they will be able to do so. It takes trust. It takes belief. Even more than that, it take the knowing. They are there for you.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now, with peace and love and oneness. And that the Violet Flame together with the white light of love continue to assist you in your progression forward through this ascension process into your full ascension.

**Channel: James McConnell



Editor’s Note: At this point the game of life on Earth, I would question every for truthfulness…non one is exactly SURE what is going to happen on which timeline! That being said, please see the report below, glean important points while glossing over other points, and as our world changes for the better, please then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The following are points, timelines and events that Juan O Savin believes MAY happen, but they are not received from any specific source.

He made that very clear, (although Juan does have friends in high places) but we all know he can’t just come right out and say everything he is privy to.

The following makes a lot of sense to me because Trump is ALWAYS ahead of the game and knows exactly what he is doing.

Juan is speculating about things that may take place and in what order.

I will try to sum it up….


Midterm Elections may not happen on November 8.

An EO was signed into place regarding the upcoming 2022 Midterms. Antifa was one of the highly leftist groups that sat in on the meetings that led up to this signing. It basically described how they would control the voting and continue to have drop boxes but most of the EO was “blacked out” even when obtained by the FOI act.

The “10 days of darkness” may start on October 29. which leads up to November 8. This will only affect communications, internet and cell phones, not electricity or power grids going down.

He believes “they” will use the 25th amendment to remove the incompetent Biden and that instead of Harris becoming President because of certain concerns which did not restrict her from becoming VP, but would affect her becoming President (Canadian birth??) that she will be bypassed and Pelosi moved in as President instead. Her nephew Newsom will then be moved in as V.P. (what a horrific scenario!)


*[The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution deals with presidential succession and disability.

It clarifies that the vice president becomes president if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office, and establishes how a vacancy in the office of the vice president can be filled. It also provides for the temporary transfer of the president’s powers and duties to the vice president, either on the initiative of the president alone or on the initiative of the vice president together with a majority of the president’s cabinet. In either case, the vice president becomes acting president until the presidential powers and duties are returned to the president.]


This may happen in October.

Internationally, Russia is formulating a million man army and has his arsenal of weapons that could be used.

President Xi has been surrounded by his own Military for protection as both countries know something is transpiring.

World War 3 brewing?

*(Perhaps they are both just playing their parts in the show!!)

Juan does not believe they plan to attack Taiwan.

In the meantime, SOC, (Strategic Operations Command) has already been authorized to use “tactical nukes” which are a very condensed version and can be used to hit precise locations as opposed to wiping out whole cities.

Because Trump has been taunting the DS, by saying he wants to be Made the President, have a new election and overturn the current administration, and statements like these mostly being made on Truth Social, Juan believes they will arrest Trump for sedition and trying to overthrow the current government.

He believes Trump is baiting the DS knowing that they are down to their last few chess moves.

If he is arrested and put in some kind of isolation and only allowed to speak to his Attorneys, he will not be allowed to hold rally’s or communicate with any supporters.

When this happens, a possible scenario is that some kind of civil unrest will occur. This may lead to a civil war in the U.S.

Forward to The Military ….

The Q clearanced Military personnel that have been locked inside Cheyenne Mountain since March of 2020 when Trump decided that we may already be at war because of the Virus which could be seen as an attack on the country from outside have been strategically put in place. Since they are in a heightened state now from the outside attack via the China virus, as well as any future attacks on our soil and are in preparedness for war, they will assume high command.

The SES and ALL 3 letter agencies would have their systems sent in to NORAD under a Military emergency as they have been on alert and would be in full charge because we are already at war and they do not receive communications from anyone such as the current “administration” or SES.


If Trump is placed under arrest and ISOLATED, he then can’t be blamed for anything which will occur after that.

The Military will have to come in to STOP a civil war and not cause one, which would have happened if Trump would have signed the Insurrection Act like Lincoln did.


Juan didn’t get to finish the interview because he went running to catch his flight but missed his plane….
BELIEVE! (Trump retruth)

***If there was ever going to be a Red October, it might just be this one.


CDC says some nursing homes and hospitals no longer need to require universal masking – Sept. 28, 2022

Outside of communities seeing “high” levels of COVID-19 transmission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ended a blanket plea for Americans in hospitals and nursing homes to wear masks indoors.

The change, one of many published Friday evening to the agency’s guidance for COVID-19 infection control for healthcare workers, marks one of the final sets of revisions in a sweeping effort launched in August to overhaul the CDC’s recommendations for the virus.

Trump Confirmed, Nothing Can Stop This, Nothing, Believe!, Truth Is A Force Of Nature – Ep. 2886 – Sept. 28, 2022

Ep 2886a – BoE Sends The Message, Currencies Are Imploding, Economic Change Is On The

The world economy is imploding, the people feel and see it. The [CB] cannot hide what people are experiencing. As the [CB] pushes its agenda the inflation will not go away. The market has no robbed the people of 9 trillion worth of wealth and now the BoE needs to debase their currency. The currency war have begun.


Ep 2886b – Trump Confirmed, Nothing Can Stop This, Nothing, Believe!, Truth Is A Force Of Nature

The [DS] walked right into the trap the patriots set. Trump has all the leverage, he is continually re-truthing anon posts. The fake news is trying to explain why this is happening. Trump confirms that nothing can stop what is coming, believe it. The truth is a force of nature and the propaganda will not be able to stand up to the truth. Trump is now moving to save the world from war, it will be peace through strength. Right on schedule.


“Donald Trump was providential. He’s a blunt force trauma armor piercing shell.” – Steve Bannon – Sept. 28, 2022

If you are the opponents of Donald Trump you must be thinking what in the heck is going on? Does this man not understand the word former?

Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama….every single one of them eventually faded publicly, some a little more than others but for the most part they checked out.

Donald Trump is anything but checked out. In fact, you get the sense he is everywhere all at the same time. He’s issuing statements left and right on every conceivable topic from raids, rigging, audits, borders, endorsements, and a host of other topics. We’re talking about a former President who has one more rally coming up in the next week after just completing his 26th since the 2020 election. This guy seems like he is everywhere still to this very day. Is this how a former President conducts himself? When I think of Donald J. Trump the last word that comes to mind is former. Regardless of your position on his actual status politically there is no arguing his presence has never been stronger.

But why is he doing this? And I am not looking for all the common answers:

  • Because the election was stolen
  • Because the real insurrection was November 3rd, 2020
  • Because Biden can’t be president
  • Because the commies are trying to take over

I get it. All those things are true and I don’t want to diminish the importance of any of them. But none of those statements answer that one simple question. Why is he doing this? He is doing this because there was, is, and has always been a plan. Just watch, look, and listen.

In my recent 6 part Substack series Flight 1745 we cover a range of happenings within the Donald Trump geo-political sphere that will either confirm your suspicions, enhance you understanding, or flat out surprise you in ways that are both encouraging and thought provoking. Often times we spend so many cycles on what ‘they’ did when we should be spending far more time on what is being done right before our eyes by what the history books will call ‘The Heroes of the Trump Era’.

And don’t kid yourself. That is precisely what we are experiencing, a ‘Trump Era’. The definition around era is open to interpretation, but for example purposes let’s say it’s 10 or more years. I believe the Trump era when all is said and done will likely have lasted from 2015-2030. From the moment he came down the escalator until at least 2 years into the term of whomever follows him after he leaves office at the end of 2028. The first two years of a new administration is often a reflection of both the incoming and outgoing administration and the current administration is a picture perfect example. I am quite sure that even many democrats are looking back at the first Trump term with ever-growing fondness.


“Another type of war, new in its intensity, ancient in its origin, that would require a whole new kind of strategy, a wholly different kind of force, forces which are too unconventional to be called conventional forces.”
                                                      – Ezra Cohen-Watnick (November 18, 2020 at Fort Bragg, NC)

When I heard those words come out of the mouth of Ezra Cohen-Watnick I knew then and there something was up. No incoming Active Secretary of Defense for Intelligence gives a ‘vision’ speech of that magnitude knowing good and well he will only serve for 2 months. Nothing about what took place between November 3rd, 2020 and January 20th, 2021 was conventional. We had the entire spectrum of events from high-level DOD personnel changes, a fake insurrection, alternate electors, and a fake inauguration. But there’s the scene on the stage and then there’s backstage.

One common mistake in trying to understand Donald Trump is misconstruing what is coming out of his mouth with what is actually taking place. There are far too many evil actors out for blood for him to even consider telegraphing his next move, even if it’s a source of frustration for folks like you and I. In constructing a good plan it is important to surround yourself with individuals that are bought into the plan, even if it means they eventually play a role that shows them in a much less than favorable light. That’s right. You have to be willing to play the role of the loyalist as well as the betrayer. Having a circle of folks to play these various roles is critically important. Because in order to win Trump would have to create the consistent illusion of mass chaos and convince most everyone that the left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing.  In this series we’ll see that was far from the case. We look into the role of 9 individuals and how they have shaped not only the narrative but the actual events that have us on the brink of generational victories. Some of the faces will be familiar but a few may make you pause and wonder why. For those familiar with my ‘Flight 1745’ Substack series you will be seeing largely new information in this 3 part series with small amounts of re-coverage for contextual purposes only. The difference being is that in this series our focus will be on understanding this idea of an OmniPresidency and it’s impact. There are others that could potentially have made the list but for this series, here are the 9 key players.

As we approach what appears to be the inevitability of a second dose of Donald Trump you’ll see a framework that was put together and the key decisions that were made along the way. These decisions consistently have the Trump fingerprints on them and in some cases even though he may not have been directly involved you still get the sense he was.

The two we’ll start with in this issue are Larry Ellison and Ezra Cohen-Watnick. I’ll give a brief profile for each.

Net Worth: $62.5 Billion

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of the Oracle Corporation, and he was also the company’s CEO until September 2014 when he stepped down but remained on as CTO and remains so today. Over nearly a 40 year span, Oracle has become an incredibly successful tech company, now employing over 136,000 people. Oracle is all about data and database that can operate at a scale that not even the federal government can rival.

Larry Ellison is 4th on this list of the richest people in America and as most everyone knows, Oracle and Larry Ellison are big supporters of President Trump.

      Ezra Cohen-Watnick is an American intelligence official who served as the acting under secretary of defense for intelligence during the Trump Administration. He previously served as the acting assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, national security adviser to the United States attorney general and as a former senior director for intelligence programs for the United States National Security Council (NSC). Currently, he is adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute, focusing on intelligence policy as well as the chair of the Public Interest Declassification Board where he was appointed by Trump and continues to serve under Biden).

So why start with these two? I believe Larry and Ezra are undeniably linked. Below are 3 facts about events that took place in sequential order by month.

So yes, it is significant that Ezra was fired from the NSC, hired by Larry Ellison and Oracle, and then the first Q post appears. But having worked in technology for over 30 years now the blaring question around the Q technology platform was this: Why is it that this Q message board was never able to be brought down? Even to this day some 2 years into a Biden presidency why do we still have a completely secure and active Q message board? Wouldn’t it be ridiculously easy with the resources of the CIA, NSA, and CISA to take down this message board tomorrow if they so chose? The answer is of course yes, it would be very easy. You and I both know that there is probably nothing the Biden administration wanted more than for that stupid Q message board to go away but they can’t make it go away no matter how hard they try. I contend the reason for that is because it sits behind enterprise level firewalls and data encryption that not even foreign state actors with sophisticated threat technology could even begin to penetrate.

But something that flew under the radar with the firing of Ezra from the NSC was the fact that this was actually a second if not a third attempt to fire him. Take a look at this excerpt from the Atlantic which was published on July 23, 2017 (9 days before his firing).