The Other Side of the “Shut Down”: Covert Operations Ongoing to Eviscerate the Deep State [videos] ~ January 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: now we can ALL see the genius behind Trump’s gov’t “shutdown” plan… as a brilliant move to rid the US government of all that treasonous, traitorous “deadwood” that could not be fired. Eliminate their paychecks and eliminate the problem! Please read this article, know that right is onour side, and be…



Pssssst!!!! Can you keep a secret?

One of my sources sent the following collection of short videos and articles this morning and I haven’t yet had a chance to view them all but they are suggesting the “shutdown” of the agencies and SES (senior executive service) in Washington has a distinct purpose; an ulterior motive. Looks like the 5D chess game is approaching “mate”.

As Dave pointed out in his X22 report last night, THIS shutdown, unlike Obama’s, was not about penalizing the public. Obama’s administration made his brief shutdown as much of an inconvenience as possible, while President Trump’s shutdown was minimally invasive, only involved key portions of dead wood, and most of America is not directly affected or penalized.

I’m not in a position to vet this information, but I suspected Trump was up to something. Did you? We knew it wasn’t about the wall funding. It’s been funded many times over. I maintained that the shutdown was a GOOD thing. We have been screaming for the removal of the treasonous and financially-draining SES for a long time.

They like their vacation so much, so let ’em have it. Permanently.

While we’re at it, I’ll share an excerpt stating the typical deep state trickery Pelosi was up to as revealed by Thomas Williams last Thursday, and excerpted by Lucid Dreamer to this short video format. They just keep adding more nails to their collective coffin.

The wall shutdown is the public and dramatic cover story so as not to upset the natives. (dozing public)  They needed to get the traitors out of their offices and this was a brilliant scheme to do so without causing undo concern to the snowflakes.

It’s really about rounding up the criminals, “reduction in force” (RIF) and restructuring, apparently. I had hoped!

I love it when a plan comes together. Enjoy the show!

P.S. It’s not a secret. Share!  ~ BP

This first one isn’t coming up on YouTube for some reason. Maybe you can find it.

Video:Permanently Rid of S.E.S. Ne’er-do-wells —– S = Senior ~ E = Executive ~ S = Services = Elite Unelected Criminals

It’s Not a Shut-Down


Deep-State Heart Revealed:


SES File Dump Ongoing:


Crickets vs. SES Members:


The Big Picture:


Inspector General Report: What’s Not Included


25 SES Members Relieved of Duty


Reduction in Force – Article

Trump’s shutdown trap?  – Article


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