The Coronavirus Con [videos] ~ July 11, 2020

Over the past several months—it’s been FOUR months since the United States began lockdowns, self-isolation, etc.—many researchers and medical experts have shared their findings with us about the coronavirus.

The bad news is… while they said we just needed to “flatten the curve” and it would be clear sailing from there, after taking drastic action to do just that, the globalist-run World Health Organization, CDC, NIH, etc. moved the goal posts and began implementing more draconian measures.

Varying by state and even town, lockdowns continue, bars, restaurants, gyms, parks, movie theatres and other businesses are shut down or shut down again and masks may be mandatory when in public. Social distancing… none of these measures have proven to make one iota of difference.

Almost no one dies of Coronavirus, but they would love us to believe there are millions.

While we can appreciate that most people just want to do what’s best for the rest, the information the establishment “experts” issued has no scientific basis and is strictly an Orwellian progression in tyranny.

The good news is, we have been led down the garden path, to put it politely, and the public deserves to know the truth. There is no need for fear or measures taken in any flu season.

The lying establishment media has been hand in glove with the WHO and spokespeople like Dr. Anthony Fauci to generate a fear in the public that will compel them to willingly comply with absurd restrictions and give up their rights to do so.

COVID Pied Piper of Mask Fear

We have learned of many reasons for these draconian measures, and multiples treatment regimens that work fast and very effectively. There is no need to fear and if whatever this virus or bacteria is, it’s nothing to fear.

Some doctors have even said they would prefer their families contracted coronavirus than the annual influenza.

We need to use logic and do our own research to discover the truth about the coronavirus scamdemic. We urge you to look into it further and resist being swayed by convincing newscasters who are paid by the global “elite” to manipulate the public.

Even military insiders have told us COVID is not what we were led to believe and the stringent protocols certain governing officials in the USA, Canada and elsewhere are inflicting on their people are not about the virus at all—but about control and obedience. Subservience. Compliance. Submission.

Worst of all, the measures they are mandating are harming us far more than most people know; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They are having us do the opposite of what is best for us. It could make us sick; rendering the “plandemic” a psychological one.

Suicides are rising, as are cases of domestic abuse and child abuse. The elderly in long term care facilities are virtually dying of fear and loneliness because they’re cut off from family and friends.

Please listen to the information that has come out recently in the independent news community online and share it with others. It’s not really a pandemic, nor even an epidemic. The media has pulled a fast one and created a situation that does not exist.

By believing the lies and doing as instructed, the People create the reality.

It’s all a psychological operation, folks and we must not comply. We have to fight back and refuse to obey the controllers.

C0R0NAVlRUS Cases Surging but Deaths are Not, Here’s Why

This is another reason numbers are out of control right now.

We have to be aware how we count cases!

Positive antibodies should NOT count as cases.

— Dr. David Samadi (@drdavidsamadi) July 11, 2020

If this video gives a warning, it’s just YouTube censoring the truth. I had to click a button saying I wish to proceed regardless. There is no sensitive information or anything contrary to a normal person’s ethical guidelines. It’s a top-rated video.


If you prefer to read, do see the articles investigative journalist Jon Rappaport has written nearly every day for months, exposing the numbers manipulation and the whole fake pandemic.

Visit: No More Fake News

If you are intrigued and a tireless truth seeker with intestinal fortitude, explore the material at this YouTube channel. It will shift your paradigms, but remember to enjoy the journey. It’s a rough one.  ~ CB

Global Spiritual Revolution Radio and Media Group

Crazy Days in Washington DC, Especially for Snowflakes ~ December 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: It’s starting to come out folks, articles below discuss the treasonous and illegal activities promulgated by by Dark members of the US Government (The Swamp) who worked together (colluded) to illegally spy on and work to depose (dispose) of President Donald Trump.

Why? Because Trump IS working steadfastly with a strictly legal basis to bring illegal (treasonous) activities by the Dark to public exposure (Light, truth). Stay tuned, this exposure (Light) will be ratcheted up quite a bit from now on. Expect massive change, grab that popcorn, and BE…



Sorry Snowflakes, President Donald Trump Is Not At This Moment Impeached And Will Not Be Until Articles Of Impeachment Sent To Senate For Trial

FYI, We’ve lost comms with the mothership temporarily so we’ll carry on business here at the Captain’s Blog for now. Welcome aboard!

I’m sharing these amusing blog posts from Jon’s New Place that went out today illustrating that a lot of people (thanks to misinformation spreading via social media) believe that Donald Trump is no longer the POTUS.

Good grief, folks. We, the People really need a few lessons in the Constitution and the Rule of Law—REAL law, not the fake, Admiralty Law/Law of the Sea the deep state likes to use—when they follow any semblance of law at all. Much of the time they are completely and totally lawLESS.

How “Dumbed Down” Has America Become? Here Are 30 People That Actually Believe Trump Is No Longer President

The facts… the Deep State psychopaths are not magicians and will not be pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They want Donald Trump gone but no amount of wishing (or assassination attempts) will make it so.

meme Nancy Pelosi Senate

If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. Impeachment is a process, not a vote.

There’s also this…

Senate Can ACQUIT Trump Under Constitution Even If Pelosi WITHHOLDS Articles of Impeachment

As many have pointed out, the Democrats’ gall to even suggest that President Trump did anything that a decent president would not is an insult to the American People who elected him as their Commander-in-Chief.

The New World Order puppets don’t get to decide who is President; that is the honour and duty bestowed on the citizens of the Constitutional Republic of America. The globalists can’t rewrite the Constitution to suit themselves or modify laws willy-nilly.

The People direct their representatives in Congress—not the other way around.

In fact, what the lunatic left have done already constitutes treason and sedition and we have state-of-the-art facilities prepared for their lengthy incarceration. Unfortunately for them, as a political party they are a runaway train, and you know what happens next. It only gets worse.

Do it Q

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch clarified the following:

It’s Not an Impeachment — It’s a Coup

There has been nothing in American history that compares to the coup attack against President Trump. It has been nothing but a wild abuse of the Constitution. Frankly, the word impeachment should be replaced with the word coup, because the president was illicitly targeted for removal from office for doing his job in asking questions about Ukraine corruption and its ties to Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and Burisma. To be clear, the president was also attacked for objecting to the House Democrats’ abuse of his office.

And Pelosi’s game of withholding the articles of impeachment in order to deny President Trump’s justice in the Senate is another unconstitutional violation of his God-given due process rights! Incredibly, Pelosi has expanded her coup from the presidency to include the United States Senate.

The U.S. Senate should reject these acts of tyranny by the House of Representatives. In the meantime, you can be sure that we will investigate the Biden-Ukraine scandal, as well as the Deep State scandals and the illegal spying on the President of the United States. Our republic is at stake.

Here’s a chuckle for you…



— #MerryQmas (@Qanuck4truth) December 20, 2019

meme q sent us stealth overlay

I believe Rudy Giuliani is our “stealth bomber” and he’s dropping them again.

.@RudyGiuliani dropping truth bombs again…


— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 20, 2019

There’s more…

Bad News For Coup Crew – Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With John Durham For Several Months

I’m sure there are more amusing stories to come out of this “coup” attempt. One thing I am confident of: President Trump isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got him locked and loaded and 2020 is going to be epic.  ~ CB

Life On Earth is a Freak Show [video] ~ February 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: Here it comes again…another onslaught of illegal immigrants headed our way…to the southern border that is. Starship Earth presents another video by Randy Quaid telling it like it is…absurd, almost comedic behavior by the deep state to: (1) Undermine and destroy Trump, (2) destroy this country, (3) take down the American economy, along with the world’s economy, and, (4) drain this country’s resources opening the door to complete world domination.

There you have it, but…we already know the answer to this plan, complete failure by the dark forces operating through the “deep state”. Ah…love the drama, don’t you?! Please read this brief article watch the video, pop fresh popcorn, and be…



Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the bizarre movie we are engaged in as both actors and audience. ~ CB

Headlines and Updates for January 28, 2019: Clouds of Confusion & Obfuscation [videos] ~ January 28, 2019

Monday is always a heavy news day but wow! Things are hopping with information flowing like never before and censorship and attacks flowing equally as fluidly.

“Appear strong when you are weak, and weak when you are strong.” Trump allowed “President” Pelosi to call the shots to give her the illusion she is in control, yes?

Pelosi re-invites Trump to deliver State of the Union

OMG. Say it ain’t so, Joe. They accuse Trump of doing what the cabal is doing; blocking funding for victims all over; Florida and the SE states as well as California. The Manna World Holding Trust has been trying to deliver funds to Trump’s administration for victim assistance and rebuilding in devastated areas from Hurricane Michael and the Directed Energy Weapon fires in California and the deep state monsters keep blocking the transfer of funds. They are beyond evil.

They’ve done enough damage in Puerto Rico. Kick the Clintons out! How much more evidence is needed to stop these freaks from walking the streets?

HAITI 2.0-> Clintons Travel to Puerto Rico to ‘Assist’ with Hurricane Recovery Efforts – Accuse Trump of Blocking Funds (VIDEO)

Don’t read this next one on a full stomach. These people just keep pumping up their deep state players—particularly California. That state is doomed if they don’t make big changes in 2020. Last chance, people.

Gillibrand: Kamala Harris Would Be ‘An Amazing President’

Daniel Lee had a viewer drop a bit of interesting information in the way of a photo of the tail of an airplane.

Start at the 10:15 mark for that re: N735HC

As Benjamin Fulford said today, and we have reiterated many times, diseases aren’t accidents or aberrations of evolution. They were created to cause long-term misery, suffering, and death to Humanity, all the while feeding the psychopathic globalists’ medical industry to simultaneously cause and treat disease with even more deadly and lethal drugs and procedures—not to mention vaccines. We now die needlessly from the cure, rather than the cause, in many cases.

Rockefeller Foundation faces $1 billion lawsuit for infecting hundreds with Syphilis

The creature that would get my vote for most despicable active member of the dimm party, Nancy Pelosi, is under attack from multiple angles.

Border Patrol Wives Issue Scathing Letter to Pelosi, Invite her to Tour Border

If you haven’t yet, learn about the petition to impeach “president” Pelosi. We’re over 92,000 signatures as of this writing, so… it’s in the bag.  We will have a resounding mandate to impeach the imposter president. How do you suppose the White House will respond?

Judicial Watch: Documents Detail Nancy Pelosi’s $185,000 CODEL to Italy and Ukraine in 2015

chess through the looking glass

While Trump wears his “chess face”, the rest of the world plays along and tries to figure out his moves which are obstructed by clouds of particulates generated by media disinformation and the deceptive globalist agenda. Not all is what it seems in this hall of mirrors on the other side of the looking glass.

Much of the alternative media and many patriots have been galvanized against hysteria and fear thanks to a few real Lightworkers and insiders. They assure us there is a massive Alliance systematically orchestrating the permanent dismantling of the New World Order attempting to maintain control of our planet and every soul therein.

We do our best to remain calm and faith-full that all is progressing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. The Storm is in full swing, and we will be told if our assistance is required.

At the moment, sharing information is key to combat the geysers of lies and coverups the deep state issues to keep us in the dark and disabled. We don’t play the victim role well and millions of patriots worldwide are awakening to their true purpose.

Dan Bongino discusses the top issues in his podcast.

More perspective on Venezuela follows. Thanks, J. It’s interesting to read the various opinions on what has transpired, but we don’t know who is really aware of The Plan the Alliance is executing just now. They may believe they understand, but are they privy to the real details of the attack?

President Vladimir Putin is also a master chess player and has a key role in all of this. He knows the US Military doesn’t really report to President Trump; that they are a rogue outfit under the ultimate command of the Rothschilds. Knowing this changes the big picture completely. The marines protect the President, but the other arms are wild cards.

The United States “Master Stroke” against Venezuela

Here’s another critical petition. Learn more at the link. The People need to make their voices heard—loud and clear.

Please ask New York state to overturn recent abortion expansion laws.


The worst and most in-credible news on the I-net is probably that Hillary Clinton is going to run for office in 2020. Give me oxygen. If she isn’t locked up soon (or already) then you will have utter mayhem in America if and when that intention is announced. The Patriots have been extremely patient and if that treasonous witch is a contender they will revolt.

I take it as strictly fake news. The dark is trying to make it appear like it’s business as usual and that she has done nothing wrong when the maniacal freakazoids are almost in their graves.

Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Files New Answers Under Oath about Email System – Used It for the ‘Purpose of Convenience’

Following is a fascinating video about the “forensic investigation” conducted into the Clinton Foundation that might give us hope that we will see justice done… one of these days.

Tom Fitton was involved, and he and Judicial Watch have probably done more research than most with tireless FOIA requests and law suits to hold the NWO racketeers accountable, as well as the courts.

There is an ocean of evidence all bottle-necked and when that baby blows, it will be catastrophic for the deep state. There are so many politicians involved the Alliance is probably trying to figure out how to prosecute and reveal the crimes of some without implicating all of Washington, DC and the world.

Did Trump cave? No… not as far as these folks are concerned. Why does anyone listen to the lamestream media like CNN, NBC, etc.? They will never say anything positive about the President no matter what he does.

The families at the bottom of the cesspool, who believe they have the right to rule this planet. They are delusional, as they are now learning.

Chris Simpson goes into the apparent rift in the Rothschild family including the recent deaths of Lady Rothschild and Annabelle Neilson. More smoke and mirrors, Chris suggests could be involved here, for optics and deception.

Rothschild Family is Ripping Apart

Earth in Turmoil: Cuba Tornado and Mini Ice Age in North America [videos] ~ January 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: My advice? Bundle up stay warm and get yourself some kind of heat . that doesn’t depend on electricity. Here in Wyoming in an “all-electric” apartment, I have purchased a Mr. Buddy propane heater with a 25 gallon tank and hose to connect all together. If I do not need these, back to WalMart they go!

Will I need this…hope not, but at least I will be able to stay moderately warm for a short while…it’s the best I can do right now! We can all see how dangerous weather patterns are being used against humanity. Buckle up…it’s going to be interesting for a short while. Please read this article, know the weather in your neighborhood IS being used as a weapon, prepare for much better times ahead, and most importantly DO NOT succumb into fear, and be…



There was a powerful tornado in Cuba last night that killed 3 so far and injured many, leaving residents without power in some areas. Cars were tossed like tissues, upside down and up against structures. We hope agencies that will actually help will be on the scene shortly.

A dam burst in southern Brazil and took residents of a town by surprise as sirens were not functioning to warn them that the mining sludge flowed freely after the breach.

Read more at the Watchers.

DO NOT give money to the Red Cross, people. They steal it and do NOT help victims of catastrophes.

So much for the NWO’s “global warming” hoax. We’re expecting a “flash freeze” with record-breaking low temps.

The promised “polar vortex” arrived in the American mid-west and has brought dangerously cold temperatures to much of Canada and the US with more on the way—and this will be record-breaking cold, they say.

The salted roads will not work to de-ice when it’s as cold as they are predicting.

Get your chains out, folks and bring your pets and livestock in!

And stock up on food and water and candles in case you don’t want to go out for a few days, or your car dies, or roads are closed, or the power goes out, or…

Let’s hope this is the end of the most wintry conditions we will see this year.

This is just in our neck of the woods. Across the planet freak weather is causing chaos and destruction. It’s really wild out there—almost like a sympathetic response to the unrest and volatility in politics and the interdimensional struggle for global supremacy.  ~ CB