Headlines and Updates for November 6, 2019: The Pain is Coming: The Pain is Here [videos] ~ November 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: I Am proud to BE on Earth at this time, and intend to order the last item listed below on Starship Earth’s post. Please read, order your own, and BE…



Q is quiet. It’s like we’re holding our collective breath… waiting for the next big bombshell… our next little morsel of Q wisdom. Our mouths water at the mere mention of his letter. Q. Or number. 17.

The first thing I want to address today is the lies about Field McConnell being arrested. It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in the 7.5 years I’ve been doing this. FAKE NEWS! It’s a hoax, people.

As I said yesterday, there is no way it would be true. Field claims he has no enemies, but unfortunately, due to his outspoken way of outing the criminals, he does have enemies. He’s been fighting these ogres in black dresses for years.

The “banksters acting as judges” have been trying to steal his land. They have kept he and his wife apart. President Trump and the President’s Men made it possible for Denise to finally join Field in America and now the psychopaths have forced her to flee to the UK again for her safety. Perhaps Field has joined her there. I hope he has.

Unfortunately, some people would rather choose to believe the worst about a former Marine/Patriot/champion of children and jumped on the crazy train rather than realizing the blatant tactics are a pure, classic, textbook deep state smear campaign.

In an information war largely fought in the trenches of the Internet, we have to be savvy. And logical. I wondered why QAnon so often instructed us to use logical thinking. Apparently the reminder is required as some prefer pretzel logic.

Fortunately, many folks who revere Field McConnell and recognize his sacrifice (at 70 years of age) to found The Children’s Crusade and the McConnell Veterans Ranch, left their comments beneath some of the videos making the circuit on Themtube and stated they would never believe the BS being spouted.

Thank you! to the Patriots at American Intelligence Media/AIM4Truith for their research and their part in dissolving the absurd claims that Field was arrested, is a pedophile, etc. Un-friggin-believable.

We have the logic, and now we have the facts.

We’ve got your back, Field. (Watch your mouth.)  ;0)

Please read their page with videos here to set the record straight. See for yourself.

Field McConnell and wife Denise

The Field McConnell Lie

Our researchers were very concerned to hear that Field McConnell was arrested so we sent the miners in to see what they could find. Nope. Nothing on Field in Broward County or with the Feds. So what is this hoax really about?

Read the rest of the post…

This story will remain in the news cycle for a bit. Can you say, “damage control”?

The problem is, this isn’t only an “alt news” story. Anyone who’s anyone and delivers news broke this one. It’s all over Facebook. It’s all over Twitter. It’s everywhere.

Even the Washington compost carried it, with Amy in her slithery reptile-looking dress in black and white and big “M’s” for Masons… or monsters.

Amy Robach

So when Hillary tells us the footage we might see about high profile people and related shocking subjects is “fake news”… will the public believe her?

“The systematic destruction of the old guard.” It’s a thing of beauty. Watch them writhe in abject terror, because they know this ain’t over. It’s just beginning.

BREAKING: ABC News and Amy Robach RESPOND to Project Veritas BOMBSHELL #EpsteinCoverup Story


Karate Kid Analogy Defeating the Old Guard

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 2 May 2019 – 9:41:23 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oP2F5CM30k


You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.
May, 2019 – ‘kick-off’ ‘start’ ‘offense’
Enjoy the show!

We warned about the 5th of November.

The demons who have been running the planet are doing their best to deliver their own form of pain in retaliation for their removal.

The carnage is off the charts and this is one horrific story. The perpetrators are the ones Trump first referred to as “animals”—which caused a stir in the Dem-onic left. Oh, he’s racist… blah, blah, blah.

Most recently in Tupelo, MS the President said, “They’re not Human Beings”. He’s telling it true, but most people believe he’s speaking figuratively. He knew very well one reason the wall is required is to keep these creatures out. Now they’re forcing the issue and showing just how much we need protection.

The evil ones running the world have cultured these criminals. They gave them access to guns, money, drugs, and issued their marching orders. They need death, destruction, and suffering to pervade the planet. They profit from it. They thrive on it. “These people are sick.” “Pure evil”, says Q.

Recent events bring to mind the old Donald Fagen song, Maxine. “Mexico City… It’s like another world.” You won’t catch me going to Mexico any time soon. Build that wall!

A mom and 4 kids have been burned alive & another 10 kids and their 2 mothers have been kidnapped (with some already dead)

The Mormon men in the villages have gathered stockpiled weapons and are preparing for offensives against the Cartels & Mexican Government pic.twitter.com/DIjP7QgVrB

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 5, 2019

Is it Schiff-hit-the-fan time?

Here’s the next chapter of the Dimm’s playbook called, “Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!”

House to hold public impeachment hearings next week

Michigan residents… pay attention.

The Illuminati plan… to force migration of radical Islamic peoples into the West to destroy Christian societies. Many didn’t believe it could ever happen. What do they say now?

The “tolerant left” embraces these extremists who believe anyone who doesn’t worship their god should be ultimately beheaded and eliminated. They have no desire to integrate into our society; they plan to take it over. They will eclipse our social mores, roots, customs, and beliefs, and certain parties in America are supporting that plan.

The Muslims are having far more babies than we are in North America and their plan is to take over our countries. The writing is on the wall.

The slaughter of the Christians 2.0.

Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party candidate for Prime Minister of Canada met with the man who published a book about how to effectively beat your wife. Women are second class citizens to these extremists. They never advanced to a free and open society where we are all equal and tolerance is embraced. Violence… destruction of property…beatings… rape… beheadings… that’s their way of life and they have no intention of changing.

This is not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist. Some are kind, decent folk, but the ones imported and encouraged to facilitate the takeover are pure evil.

Will the Illuminati plan to destroy America and Canada succeed? That remains to be seen. Electing Democrats will hurt the West and Christians. It would mean our demise.

Representatives like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were planted in America to achieve the prime objective. They don’t need the People to elect them. They are “installed”. Elections are an illusion when the control freaks need to advance their agenda.

The People must insist on election integrity and keep the globalists’ land mines from blowing up in our faces.

Must See Video: The Islamic Takeover Has Begun, Watch Thousands of Shia Muslims March in Rashida Tlaib’s District

The mass exodus from Washington continues and Visclosky has left the building.

It’s not hard to guess whose names are included in the 120,000+ sealed indictments for treason, etc. They’re going to slink away out of the public eye and avoid the embarrassment. Smooth move, ex-lax—and it’s always a good idea to retire before you’re 80. Isn’t it, Nancy Pelosi and Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

Is this Democrat one of “those” old guard fugitives?

Rep. Visclosky announces retirement

In the video below Project Weeping Angel delves into the history of the Freemasons and the secret societies who have been running the world (into the ground). There is a fascinating history they don’t teach us in school. Ssssshhhhh! Mustn’t tell.

QAnon has revealed their hand in the machinations that brought us to the brink of extinction and said, “Symbolism will be their downfall.”

When we speak of it, they denounce it as “conspiracy theory”, but once you understand it, you see it everywhere. They flaunt it.

Secret handshakes. Hand signals. The “hidden hand”. The all-seeing eye. One eye covered. Crests. Sigils. Geometric shapes. Animals. Owls. Colours. Shapes. Clothing. Red shoes. Architecture.

If there’s nothing wrong with it, why do they hide it? Why do they lurk in our world and hide behind their gated mansions and estates on their fancy yachts with mini subs to private islands and travel with security details?

Their symbolism screams “secret society” and “bloodline”. They’re proud of it. They believe they are elevated elements of our culture. Royalty. Ha!

There’s nothing to be proud of. They are the scourge of Creation and they’re going down. Kicking and screaming. Including Hollywood.

ATTENTION: The More You Know . . .

Jussie Smollett is the lame actor who just won’t go away. His name is always hanging around like a bad smell and the fallout from his disgusting prank just won’t settle. But there’s good news.

Chicago’s Top Cop, Who Blasted Jussie Smollett For Hate Hoax and Snubbed Trump, Set To Resign, Report Says

Digital Soldiers fall in! Hit the keyboards. Man your battle stations and man the memes.

This is a timely update from James Corbett at The Corbett Report.

The Meme Wars Have Begun! – #PropagandaWatch

This has been a heavy collection of news and it’s time to lighten up. The future is bright.

Christmas is coming!

We will be saying, “Merry Christmas” in America this year—and you can thank President Trump for that.

None of this “Happy Holidays” crap. In Canada and the United States we say, “Merry Christmas.” (Don’t we, Canada?)

Welcoming desirable immigrants doesn’t mean abandoning our own customs and culture. They can assimilate, or leave.

The Merry Christmas greeting is not offensive.  OUR CULTURE is not offensive, and I don’t appreciate anyone disrespecting my culture and customs.

This is the way we do it, and being offended is a choice. No snowflakes needed at Christmas this year.

Check this out. Trump Christmas wrapping paper—with happy snowflakes.

I thought it amusing, but you can actually order it here.

Have a lovely hump day.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for September 14, 2019: Eyes Open [videos] ~ September 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth is soooo right! We all need to be aware of just how controlled and cruel our world has been under the auspices of the Dark who have used any means to keep us enslaved and without power,

What power am I speaking of? Our own personal power (personal sovereignty) to BE what it is that we are, and folks…we just do not realize, nor have we ever been taught of the powers within us that we truly hold! Every aspect of our lives is about to be ripped apart as incredible truths are made known.

Therefore, it IS time to buckle up, hunker down and watch the show of shows as on our Earth, Dark turns to Light and true evil control of our planet is exposed. So…please read this report, know that even more “exposure” of the lie we have been living is exposed, know that Trunp/Q/Earth Alliance is bringing an end to global evil, and BE…



This post turned out to be one big exposé. Sorry. Some folks don’t want to hear it.

Back to 9/11… Here you go. I shared another angle of this the other day. No plane. Who knew?

Actually, anyone who thought about it at all could figure it out. No plane can fly that low and the hole was round—no wings. No debris from a plane. All a lie. Inside job. Psychopaths.

The terrorists are domestic, folks. Get over it, and GET THEM!

In order to help put to rest the 9/11 conspiracy theories, @JudicialWatch sued for and obtained the Pentagon parking camera footage of AA#77 hitting the Pentagon. https://t.co/0UIHXsHeHx pic.twitter.com/QEkTewHtlJ

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) September 11, 2019

Jim Watkins says Congress didn’t ask him who Q is—and he doesn’t know.

Enough with the nonsense and blocking. Let’s get the boards up and running. We’re waiting.

The remainder of September could be busy and we understand a new storm is organizing in the Caribbean.

OAN exclusive on #QAnon and Jim Watkins. I didn’t hit record fast enough but I got enough of it. pic.twitter.com/wC5F8tz4Rn

— Daniel Vogler (@vogler79) September 14, 2019

UNICEF IS A TRICK! Don’t fall for the con any more, and stop feeding the animals. Virtually all the major charities and fund raisers in Canada and the USA pay the administration first, and handsomely. A little small change may go to the advertised destination but nowhere near what they lead us to believe.

The systems running the world are broken and need major overhaul. Corruption is the order of the day.

Don’t give to UNICEF, Feed the Children, the Red Cross, the Cancer Funds, or any of the medical fund raisers. Rarely do our contributions go directly to victims and the needy. Do you trust the World Wildlife Fund? We heard Green Peace was infiltrated, too. The control freaks made sure they have the people in place to suck all the money out of the People and do as much damage as possible.

These salaries are about pure greed, but the deep state looks after its own. Bonuses are just that—extra cherries on top; often big, juicy bribes.

Considering Donating to UNICEF To Help Poor Kids? Check their Staff Salaries First

Here’s another example of the corruption, with dire consequences. Entrusting our loved ones to a medical facility does not ensure their safety. It’s not about care—it’s about money.

Nursing home mogul Philip Esformes sentenced to 20 years for $1.3 billion Medicaid fraud

September 13, 2019

Former Illinois and Florida nursing home mogul Philip Esformes wept and pleaded for mercy Thursday before being sentenced to 20 years in prison for what the U.S. Justice Department called the largest single health care bribery and kickback scheme in American history.

A separate hearing will be held in November to determine the amount of money and property Esformes may be required to forfeit.

Esformes, who once controlled a network of more than two dozen health care facilities that stretched from Chicago to Miami, garnered $1.3 billion Medicaid revenues by bribing medical professionals who referred patients to his Florida facilities then paid off government regulators as vulnerable residents were injured by their peers, prosecutors said.

He housed elderly patients alongside younger adults who suffered from mental illness and drug addiction — sometimes with fatal results. In Esformes’ Oceanside Extended Care Center in Miami Beach, “an elderly patient was attacked and beaten to death by a younger mental health patient who never should have been at (a nursing facility) in the first place,” prosecutors wrote in a pre-sentencing memo.

Read the rest of the article…

Yes! We’re still talking about Jeffrey Epstein and Orgy Island, drone footage, the hidden underground facility, the whole shebang.

Photos and video at the link.

Does New Drone Footage Reveal Underground Lair On Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’?

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—not what it used to be.

About the RCMP arrest this week… it’s the talk of the town and centers around the “Five Eyes” agreement. Yes, the Mounties have our old Canadians rolling in their graves. Nothing is sacred to the globalists.

We’ve heard it’s actually more like “nine eyes” than five, but time will tell.

BTW, Field McConnell/Abel Danger said he believes Canada’s problem will be addressed between now and October 2, and I think he’s referring to the crime minister, but we’ll see. He also said the Army and Air National Guard in Indiana have been very busy the past couple of weeks or so. Just in case you wanted to know.

Deep State put in place this “5 eyes” international intelligence club to get around our constitutional protections against spying. It was how [they] pulled off the #FISAGate scam. This arrest is timed near the #IGReport to raise awareness about this shadowy and nefarious group. https://t.co/ryRYgyfI0H pic.twitter.com/6Kkd78WO4c

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) September 13, 2019

We had another “meteor” near Germany this week. That’s not far from the English Channel fireball reported recently. We don’t know if they’re actually meteors/fireballs, space debris, evidence of the space war and the promised Space Force—or all of the above.

Bright daylight meteor over northern Germany

As I mentioned, President Trump spoke at the North Carolina rally about the “efficient” light bulbs casting an undesirable glow. What he didn’t say was more important but I’m glad he is addressing these dangerous bulbs.

Trump Trolls Media Saying Efficient Light Bulbs Make Him Look Orange; Mainstream News and Leftists Take Bait

Why on Earth would we migrate to a light bulb that is so dangerous? They know very well the dangers but still mandated their use. Why is that?

Have you taught your children what to do if a bulb breaks? These German educators in the video below say run from the room immediately to avoid mercury poisoning. Listen to what the independent environmental scientist says about mercury—it’s insane to put this in light bulbs! He says mercury should be banned globally—period.

Mercury isn’t the only dangerous element in these bulbs. Several carcinogenic toxins are used and we can sustain dangerous electromagnetic fields from these bulbs with their own set of negative health effects on cells.

“Incandescent bulbs had to be banned to save the world.” Yup. Another con job.

President Trump isn’t making a big deal out of the light bulbs for nothing. Pay attention! And buy filament bulbs if at all possible.

Here’s the good part: the lamestream media unwittingly helped him bring the public’s awareness to the bulbs. Thank you Mr. President. (These people are stupid.)

BE SURE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! It’s fascinating and compares the facts to the claims. (lies) The undercover camera research in China where many of the CFL bulbs are made is frightening. No protective gear for production line workers. That’s criminal!

Toxic Light – The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs

Jim White at Northwest Liberty News in Montana just began another live show. The title says it all.

He says the “amber alerts” are issued when a child tries to escape from CPS—not when a child abduction from parents take place—the opposite of what they would like us to believe. Funny how that works.

Child Protective Services protects the system’s assets—not children. They are in the business of human trafficking and making money—like $800+/day on one child. The “social workers” make well over $100K/year. It’s quite the racket.

What this father tells us about his experiences with his daughter is astonishing. I think he said there would be a rally in Sacramento, CA on October 4th to bring awareness to this billion dollar business plan/criminality. Organized crime, pure and simple.

Jim will also be promoting an upcoming rally in Texas on his show.

Justin’s attorney fees are outrageous too, so assistance with Go Fund Me is appreciated. He works all week, also performs a handyman service, and has to drive 4 hours one way to see his daughter for a 1.5 hour visit. It’s unbelievable what they put parents through.

Jim warns the morons that there is all kinds of stuff going on the background right now and their time is up.

The second half of the show is more discussion with Neil who is fighting a similar battle in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland for his two boys. He has some staggering information to share, as well.

It sounds like this activity is about to go public in a big way, folks.

Learn more at MedicalKidnap.com

Justin Banta’s 12 Year Old Daughter Went Missing for Hours Yesterday. Where Was Her Amber Alert?

This is like pulling teeth and moving painfully slowly. I wish everyone would wake up and smell the coffee so we can move forward.

The IG report on potential FISA abuse is complete. Now being reviewed. Huge.

Documents we’ve seen leave little to zero doubt the FBI and DOJ violated protocol with the effect of targeting Trump. We’ll see what the IG found.

Hopefully we’re weeks away from getting the truth.

— Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows) September 14, 2019

This is another breathtaking update from Juan O Savin via interview with Linda Paris/Deplorable McAllister. Thanks for the heads up, B.

Is there anyone more knowledgeable than Juan on the planet? He is a wealth of information and connects a lot of dots. Dark to Light. Can’t wait for the next one.


That’s a full and rather dark roundup so I’m going to send it out but here’s a little levity.

I didn’t watch the stupid dimm debates but every time I hear what Joe Biden says I think of Diana Krall’s song lyrics, “If you could be so kind to help me find my mind”…   ~ BP

Nolte: Which Body Part Will Joe Biden Lose in the Next Debate?

Falling Apart: Joe Biden Delivers 9 Gaffes, Lies, and Awkward Moments in Third Primary Debate

Secret Societies, Secret Messages; It’s All Becoming Clear with New Decoders [videos] ~ March 18, 2019

I hardly know where to begin because we have exciting information coming out. It was a busy weekend and this is my first opportunity to share it.

If you’re an astute, long-time reader this scenario isn’t a revelation, but for those who believe what is on display in the media in America and globally is just dirty politics, it may be a gobsmacker.

Since the idea is to educate everyone and fill them in on some of what they’ve missed, we restate the following:

There have been secret societies controlling our planet for a very long time. Some positive, some benign, some extremely evil; hence the endless wars, assassinations, disease, suffering, and decline of society in general.

The dark groups became so powerful it was almost impossible to fight them. Until now, as they also fight each other.

Now, the tables have turned, the dark forces are outnumbered, and the Light forces ar making great strides in the battle over evil.

We have the parties and individuals in place to topple the tyrannical, psychopathic and satanic regime, but no one wants to alert the general public to the threat and cause fear and chaos, so the take-down is shrouded in the guise of “just politics”.

What seems like coincidence and happenstance most certainly is not, as you will see from the following broadcasts.

If you still haven’t validated QAnon this may be the turning point for you. I have suggested that Q may be “quantum”. Simon Parkes and also Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot reported their sources saying the entity known as QAnon on 4Chan/8Chan are a group of high level patriots with a quantum computer which enables them to forecast outcomes. Simon went so far as to say the language used is not always human.

You may recall the many predictions Q has made and may also have seen efforts to show us that President Trump is the one posting as Q+. Whether you accept that QAnon is a positive group or not, by this point you have to accept that some key predictions as much as a year out have come to pass exactly as stated, and that President Trump and several others in his inner circle have seemed to link to QAnon in a blatant way, as have military groups.

Then there is the JFK link. QAnon introduced us to the slogan, “Where We Go One We Go All”; inscribed on the ship’s bell on JFK’s boat and featured in the movie, White Squall.

JFK spoke of “secret societies” and secrecy vs. transparency and tried to fight the forces who strove to control the world. As a result, he was assassinated.

Now… now we have a renewed, organized and powerful effort to pick up the fight JFK started. In addition, there is talk that John Kennedy Jr. did not die in a plane crash in 1999; a rumour not yet confirmed or denied with facts, but as QAnon often asks, how many coincidences have to occur before it’s mathematically impossible? There is some compelling evidence he may indeed be alive and actively joining in the assault on the dark.

After watching the communications or “comms” from QAnon for some time and seeing these “coincidences” unfold and the chatter between Q and the Anons, I began to wonder if some of the people we rely on weren’t placed there as part of The Plan.

How is it that the Anons and Autists just happened to be there to decode and augment Q’s posts? I also wondered if the faceless entity “SerialBrain2” just happened to show up and interpret President Trump’s Tweets. The mockingbird media has a field day with his “spelling errors” while we now understand they are not errors at all.

The President’s coded communications are strategic, and like those breadcrumbs Q drops, everything has meaning. The nuances are staggering if you watch the video below from another “decoder” going by the handle TN Homesteader. (Tennessee Homesteader)

Global Q army warriors in the Netherlands

Some like to diminish the importance of Q’s photographs, images, and remarks, but when you see what the decoders see in this information, you may develop a new opinion. From my perspective there certainly appears to be a powerful computer and artificial intelligence element to the QAnon and Presidential comms.

Beyond that, even, you may find a new respect for the secret communications between the secret societies battling for supremacy on our planet; this final, spiritual fight of good vs. evil that will vanquish the dark in one last, spectacular offensive to save Humanity.

It matters not to me whether you believe QAnon is on our side or not, but if you did, it would provide much peace of mind, as it has for thousands across the planet. We feel there is something far greater going on than a military intelligence operation to influence an election and current events. Now we have the facts to back up our intuition.

I first watched this video from Deplorable McAllister / Linda Paris, who, like me, wondered if it was just a coincidence that the brilliant and dedicated 4Chan/8Chan Anons were there to facilitate the QAnon communications with the world. She also speaks of a possible date when the 3 Clintons may hear justice knocking on their door for the final time.


Linda recommended watching this next video containing the decodes from TN Homesteader, and I found myself thinking it opportune that folks with this kind of a mind arrived on the scene. Everything, and everyONE is lining up perfectly in this Divine Plan.

Were the decoders triggered or activated by the events unfolding? It’s difficult to deny that a number of grand “coincidences” have slipped into place as we watched and it seems less and less likely that any of it, including Donald Trump’s election, were accidents.

No, I think no matter who or what Q is, they are here to stay to not only facilitate, but to oversee the Great Awakening. They encourage Humanity to educate themselves with facts, to be discerning, to leave emotion out of it and think logically, and to take responsibility for what unfolds by participating in key ways as outlined by QAnon.

Q is an excellent coach, and we have done well to engage in the lesson plan. Humanity is expected to do whatever they can to execute this liberation and not leave it for others to do for them. QAnon has activated the patriots globally by showing them the truth and inspiring action.

We understand the “countdown” is ON and today is March 18.

Whether you “get” the decodes in the numerology and Gematria in this video or not, follow along anyway because they impart a lot of great information right up to the end of the 52 minutes.

ICYMI – TN Homesteader’s Latest Mind-blowing Decode from Last Night’s Broadcast

Many of us thought it would be electric to get SerialBrain2 and TN Homesteader together to make the sparks fly. Perhaps they will. SerialBrain’s latest decode found life in another powerful video from And We Know. Enjoy.  ~ BP

Link to latest Q drops.

SerialBrain2: Secret Societies: RIP JFK – we will succeed.

If you want more Tennessee Homesteader, this just came out this morning to reveal what Q suggests is coming our way and to reinforce his belief in those developments:

ICYMI – TN Homesteader Takes His Latest Q Decode a Step Further on Last Night’s Broadcast

The QAnon Question: Curiosity Killed the Cat ~ February 27, 2019

Once again, the identity of QAnon has come up and because I feel the role of QAnon is so important, I am sharing some dialogue around it. I really wish the identity thing hadn’t been revisited because I would hate to see the safety of anyone on the Q team compromised. Since they are tasked with protecting the President, it could also affect their mission to do so.

I am not going to share links—not that anything has been confirmed. I feel comfortable saying it is NOT John Kennedy Jr., but whoever Q is, they are very familiar with the US Constitution, law, statutes, legalese, the military, the NSA, surveillance, and much more—OR—they have access to experts who do.

As far as who Q is, at least the one speaking to us, I think many have in our minds a romantic, respectful, honourable character, perhaps a military dude behind the crumbs we nibble on every day new posts are added to the boards.

Some intel circulating suggests that QAnon is a team of people with a kick-ass Quantum D-wave computer. Can’t say if that’s true or not—however it certainly appears that Q has given us accurate predictions of specific events one year in advance.

Some say Q has been pointing to their own identity for some time by dropping hints, but I’m not convinced they necessarily want it known. I suspect the way Q’s popularity took off globally was somewhat of a surprise. Even if there were some way to predict this awakening and Q’s role in it, to actually walk the walk, talk the talk, and watch it all manifest would be heady stuff.

Human consciousness is a wondrous thing.

Here are two key points we made previously when discussing QAnon—and I stand by these:

  1. It doesn’t matter who Q is; what matters greatly is what Q is, and what they accomplish.
  2. QAnon is, in some respects, a psyop—and I explained why everything we see unfolding is a psyop.

I think it’s also important to point out that it’s almost impossible for Q to be just one person, although that is who we identify with. I think we’ve had overwhelming evidence that whoever the Q spokesman is, they are definitely part of President Trump’s inner circle—and play a pivotal role on a crack team.

QAnon was designed as an interface between the President and the public because the media is the enemy of the People. They knew that apart from live rallies and Twitter, there would be no other way to communicate with awakened patriots; to get them to understand the situation. A country full of people with a shit load of guns could be a powder keg of danger if handled improperly. If large portions of the populace are triggered, it could be mayhem in America.

Q extended the reach of the President exponentially and went viral, connecting patriots to POTUS on Twitter and generating record crowds at rallies where Trump could weave his magic wand and meld his energy and purpose with the People; his fans. He really is rather a rock star, isn’t he? He’s one of us, not one of them. He is anti-establishment, and bucking the system at every turn. He is not a popular guy in Washington and it shows.

Q also brought to light a lot of information and researchable topics that would help patriots realize what is happening in America and globally so they would realize they have to DO something, and not to be afraid when some historic things go down.

As I stated before, we “conspiracy theorists” have been sharing for years some of the same information QAnon did and few paid much attention to us. QAnon eloquently advanced the education of patriots worldwide by light years in a very short time. We have all evolved thanks to Q, and now we are “the news”, Q tells us.

One of the key reasons for Q is to show the patriots that despite how it looks thanks to the lying, treasonous lamestream media turds— there is a path and a PLAN to take down the deep state legally, systematically, and safely. They have our backs.

The message is also that “faith” is required. Not blind faith, but faith in whatever power we attribute to the fact that we are still here to fight this battle, and faith in a group of powerful patriots who love life and America and are sacrificing everything to make positive and lasting change for Humanity in this evolutionary period.

No violent uprising is required and the safety of the American people is top of the priority list. This is not an new plan; it’s an old one. Every nuance has been hammered out and run by the filters and algorithms and they are prepared for everything.

Through QAnon, we, the People have peace of mind. Without the education from Q, a headline like this might put some of us in a tailspin.

House votes to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration

The psychopaths want us to believe the sky is falling; to live in fear like a victim every day. Thanks to Q, we know the Republicans control the Senate. We hope they will be honourable and uphold the President’s emergency declaration, but if the deep state players are dangling blackmail, etc. in front of their faces, we don’t know what they may do.

If they don‘t support the National Emergency declaration, we also know that there is a Plan B, C, D, etc. Whatever it takes to get this done, will be done; somehow, without violence or chaos.

Because of QAnon and the dialogue we have going with them, the President (Q+) and the anons, we know this war is being fought with military intelligence, and that the positive aspects of the NSA are keeping a very close watch on the globalist traitors. We know they have every speck of dirt on these creatures that will ever be needed to lock them up for life, or longer.

Evidence is not the problem. I believe the reason for drawing out this process involves the education of the American public. They must get up to speed on what has transpired, who is who, and must be educated with the truth to the point they can’t miss it, and must clamour for arrests and justice. It can’t be foisted upon them. They have to know it’s the right thing and only thing that can fix what is broken. They have to understand justice for all.

Another role of the Q team: protecting the President, and that is music to our ears. The fact that Donald Trump and his family are still with us is testament to the brilliant and selfless work of the team.

Inscription on Bell of JFK’s boat: Where We Go One We Go All

It’s clear to me that the team involves members of military intelligence, but as a writer, I know the Q spokesman has an admirable command of the English language and psychology and provides memorable words and phrases that when repeated, lodge themselves in the psyche of patriots for retrieval when appropriate.

One important segment of this operation was that QAnon told us to be prepared for the Presidential Alert on our call phones in October. They didn’t tell us why until long after the fact, and the alt media shills had a lot of people wound up about it, but it turned out to be another key military operation which we have discussed before and for our benefit.

Yes, in a way QAnon is a psyop—but the military has pulled psyops forever. The strategy is not new. The deep state has been engaging in psyops forever—for their selfish ends. The treasonous media strains at the bit every day to deliver record numbers of lies and psyops to manipulate the public’s version of reality.

When there are massive operations underway in a nation to oust an evil parasitic but invisible enemy, if you don’t want panic and bloodshed, you MUST have covert operations or “psychological operations” to maintain control and get uneducated people to go along with the plan. It’s not a sin; it’s a blessing, in my opinion, at least in this instance.

The public don’t have to know what The Plan is if they can be manipulated—in a good way—to go along or even help. This is just rudimentary psychology, so don’t feel insulted. We’ve all been conned from birth. Can the end ever justify the means? I believe it can—and will.

If you were President Trump, and had a nation of mostly brainwashed people to manage and had to rout out an evil entity infecting every aspect of Human society—how do you think it would go over if you went on television for the State of the Union and delivered that news?

How do you think it would be received if you told the world what you now know to be the true state of the union in America just now; that the government representatives they trusted and voted for betrayed them many times—whether Democrat or Republican… high up or low down on the totem pole…?

The bulk of the public (Thomas Williams suggested 85% of the global population) does not understand what has transpired. They don’t know they’re slaves, they don’t know they’re prey—and they certainly don’t know off-world creatures and hybrids have been running the world through mind control and want nothing but war and suffering.

In this case the QAnon psyop is for a positive purpose and outcome. It is not to benefit one group; it serves all of Humanity; you and I.

This psyop educates, soothes, excites, generates action, avoids danger and violence, buys the time needed to execute The Plan per the timetable established, and shifts the consciousness of not only Americans but patriots all over the world who were either already awake or needed a nudge.

It shows us all that there is a far bigger cause here than an American election and the two-party system. Humanity is rising up and demanding their sovereignty and the QAnon team renders the global situation manageable so that can happen. They give us the courage to demand what we deserve because we know a powerful group has our back.

It provides perspective so we can better understand world news and events.

We are all better off for the presence of and interaction with Q. My only caution would be to take Q’s advice, when they said, “Don’t glorify us.” We are all Team Humanity and fighting this battle for ourselves and every life form on this planet. and we are all equal.

Not everyone understands the stark reality of it, the element of danger or the finality of the outcome of this war, but we are all on the same side nonetheless, standing shoulder to shoulder, brandishing our words as weapons and sacrificing to awaken the masses to our plight.

We’re doing so well just as we are. Let’s not get obsessed with who QAnon and their spokesman is. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the strategy was wildly successful and made so many more of us “digital soldiers”, as Lt. Gen. Flynn stated.

Anyone can be a digital soldier. You don’t have to have a blog or write a single word. You can share memes, videos or hyperlinks and retweet any number of people who publish great information on Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, Gab, anything you choose. A click of the mouse is all it takes. That makes you a digital soldier; in the trenches. A hero, really.

One day soon, when the enemy is neutralized and the imminent danger is over, we will learn who the Q Team is. All our questions will be answered and we will be wowed by the prowess, the cunning, the strategy and tactics of all those who sacrificed to protect the one man who volunteered to be the target of global psychopaths; Donald Trump, and to do whatever was necessary to liberate Humanity from the clutches of psychopaths who promised certain doom for us and our planet. There’s no other way to say it and no point in sugar-coating the message.

QAnon has delivered truth and previously unrevealed intelligence and inspired a global romance with a faceless entity. It’s historic. There are untold projects underway to secure our freedom and end the tyranny. Let’s not make the job any harder by discussing details that are best left unsaid for the time being. Let sleeping dogs lie. Mica thinks that an excellent strategy.

There is a glorious future for Humanity on the horizon. QAnon has given us so much hope and promise of a better world. Some of us are products of the immediate gratification generation. Let’s do everything in our power to support the people and the process and avoid letting curiosity create any more risk than there already is. You know what they say… “Curiosity killed the cat.”

For greater understanding of what is unfolding presently, you may wish to read SerialBrain2’s latest “decode”. It helps us view it all as a well-scripted “movie”, and I need my popcorn fix.  ~ BP

Post # 142 – The Deep State’s New Playbook against Trump.