Headlines and Updates for July 21, 2020: Remain in the Eye of the Storm [videos] ~ July 21, 2020

As a warrior said, at this point in the battle we are either a patriot supporting President Trump and fighting for our nation, or we are the enemy. I have said on numerous occasions, my friends, as have others… we now have to choose sides. It’s us—and them. You choose.

There’s no half way, no second-guessing the strategies employed to get us safely this far. The Plan is working very well, and in a spiritual war of good versus evil we must have a great deal of faith.

If you’re questioning, it suggests fear. There is no place for fear. When we say Where We Go One We Go All, it means at this point we must be either all in, or all out. There’s no half way. We don’t have the luxury of questioning the decisions of the generals and the higher guidance involved to pull this planet out of certain oblivion. So we would all benefit if we make our choice, and stop wasting time and energy beaking about petty bones of contention. We need unity.

We also need to use discernment.  That doesn’t mean we don’t believe anything that doesn’t have hard, visual or audio proof. It means running information through our highly informed, finely tuned intuition based on past experience and evidence and how it feels to us. That helps us determine what the facts are.

Logic will not be sufficient as a single filter. That’s not the way this world or this war works. Much is shifting and unfolding in the unseen. Battles rage in the realms most of us can’t touch, see or feel. Warriors are fighting on that front as well.

We need to learn to skillfully navigate the storm, and remain in the eye as much as possible. That comes up in the channeled message below from Bashar/Darryl Anka.

There are many ways to contribute to the war effort. Some of them require very little time or effort on our part.

Have you signed the petition to ask POTUS to declare mask mandates unlawful? Some had trouble with the petition, but I and others I know were able to sign successfully. It took a few minutes to get the verification email to confirm my identity, however.

If you would like to contribute to the cause as a patriot, sign the petition at this link.


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They’re so casual about dropping the detail the vaccine may need a booster shot every four months. What do they take us for? One jab is either objectionable or to be refused outright; further jabs are simply not going to happen.

We have immune systems, thank you very much, and we don’t trust your fake studies and clinical trials. You lied about COVID being a pandemic and a million other things so you don’t get our vote of confidence.

Oxford University’s vaccine looks great in early trials

The controllers’ war on Humanity has been in progress for a very long time and they were able to succeed in nearly destroying our civilization through constant deception. Now we know the truth, and we fight every day to destroy their web of control and alert the unaware to the plot.

These people ARE sick. If you’re new to what is unfolding on our planet, this video will be a one-eye-opening education for you. The demonic subhumans running the world communicate with each other constantly using symbolism of shapes, colours, gestures, motifs, sigils, etc. Since they own 90 per cent of the print and digital media, there is no shortage of venues for them to advertise their brand of sewage and their satanic lifestyle.

They are grooming Humans to aid and abet them; terraforming our society to support their predatory lifestyle. Until you know what to look for, it’s almost meaningless.

Prior to the 25 minute mark Rick goes over the drops from the CuteTeam. Following that Gene does the decode to explain the messaging the psychopaths use to advertise their perversions in plain sight. These creatures are so embroiled in their gruesome rituals and blood sacrifices that they fail to notice that we now understand their “code”. They leave incriminating evidence everywhere, and the media is rife with it.

Symbolism. Gene Deep Drive into Lou’s Decode. Bible Study Rom 6. B2T Show Jul 19, 2020 (IS)

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are the worms on the hook. Wait until we see what swims around the bait. The BIG fish are down there. Sharks. Whales. Sea monsters. They are desperate to get that hook out of the water and stop us drawing attention to their hidden realm in the darkest depths of our reality.

We don’t need to wonder long why the reporter on the Italian news slipped up and said there were “80 arrests” and corrected it to COVID “cases”. Thousands of pedophiles and pedovores and their procurers have been rounded up; assets seized, and the perps removed from society. I can’t imagine all the law suits.

What a logistical nightmare to process thousands of sickos, and can you imagine the court costs? Why not dispense with that and just put them out of their misery? Put them on an inhospitable island somewhere… let them consume each other… feed them to the fishes… beam them up and put them in energetic containment… something.

Sex Cult Led by 77 Year Old Man Known as “The Doctor” Uncovered in Italy

Those who don’t understand the role of the media will benefit from watching this exposé from a Hollywood producer who figured it out and discovered his mission to inform others.


Arrests continue in America, but I doubt you’ll hear about it on CNN. They don’t often speak about their own being taken down.

Prominent Dem Arrested, Charged With 6 Felonies

In a BardsFM podcast from Scott Kesterson last August, he addressed the now re-current drop from Q and some thoughts about coding, and layering within code, which is meant to be vague and elusive. He also provides some important insight about China that is now in the news. Is China [C]? Is Clintons [C]? Is [democrats [D] or DECLASS? So many possibilities. And does the “before” = B 4? This video is relevant all over again.

EP20- [C] before [D]

Betsy and Thomas at American Intelligence Media tell us the Patriots are winning on many fronts. And they discuss the “new” Kamala Harris. We knew it was not the real one as discussed yesterday, but it’s not just a joke about the poor quality “double” but the reason for it, and questioning whether she is an American citizen and eligible to be Biden’s running mate.

Listen to the AIM enlightening video at this link where they discuss the army the globalists sent to tear down America. These are some of the most informed patriots we have so it’s well worth the listen if you want to understand what happened over time with Obama, for example, to bring us to today, and what their strategy is  now.

In an effort to shed light on our reality, our journey and our plight, we are open-minded about the messages from a wide variety of souls. This channelling and subsequent “decode” comes recommended. I believe there is a great deal of wisdom here, but take it for what you will. I found some intriguing aspects here in the discussion with Darryl and Alexis Brooks after the fact about some of the information he brought forth from Bashar.

Taking the path of least resistance, as he puts it, may be more effective at shifting the reality and the future than forcing the issue. Energetically massaging the reality can yield the results we want—and they do discuss the coronavirus.

Some have said that this is the new normal and that it will never go back to the way it was. In some ways that is true, because our civilization is shifting. We need to change to move forward. Humans resist change because many find change disruptive and they are fearful of the unknown.

The new “normal” doesn’t mean we will have to social distance, isolate our seniors and wear masks forever. There are aspects of the current reality that will evolve and stay with us through this current storm, but we get to choose what the future will look like.

Bashar: “2020 is Going to be CRAZY!” A Message & Advice from 2019! Darryl Anka Explains – EXCLUSIVE!

Senator Ted Cruz has a message for us about the presidential race. The ones who refuse to acknowledge the war in America will be very tough nuts to crack because there is no shortage of information to explain the reality. It’s spelled out in simple terms for all to grasp.

Dave’s X22 Report from last night was excellent.

August Is A Hot Month, 11.4 Marker, Events Planned, [DS] Already Knows They Lost – Episode 2228b

Let’s talk about the face masks—because I personally feel it’s very important. You may not.

This is from a subscriber at AIM 4 Truth. As always, there’s a lot of great reading/listening there.

FL_GUY posts:

I strongly advise people to NOT get this virus test. It is being misused with false reporting, used to take away people’s civil rights and it wouldn’t surprise me if there is something even more sinister going on with it.

All the crap with the SCAMdemic is like CCP tactics. And “face coverings”? Seriously? It’s insane!. Never has mass testing been demanded of people who are not sick. If you are not sick, why get the test? Never has EVERYONE been ordered to put a bag over their head until now.

Based on what happened to the couple in KY, where the woman tested “positive”, whatever the hell that really means and now, she AND her husband have ankle monitors like convicted criminals and cannot get 200 feet outside their house.

They committed no crime and the woman is NOT sick. This is NOT America; this is what the left have planned for America. This is why it is important to fight against the “masks of submission.” The left needs to lose the mask battle now before it escalates into something much worse later.

Just stop it, folks. Stop it in its tracks… or else. We know from the research of patriots and the testimony of seasoned, respected physicians and researchers that the masks do not protect anyone from a virus—not the wearer, and not anyone in their vicinity. It is about submission, control, and making us SICK[ER].

These People Are Nuts: Broward County Officials Now Require Citizens Wear Masks WITHIN THEIR OWN HOMES

The CuteTeam, President Trump, and most planetary warriors use the warfare techniques of the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu. It’s not a long read or listen, if it’s in audio form. If you’d like to listen to this wisdom it will help you understand what we see unfolding today. Thanks again to AIM4Truth for sharing.

Sun Tzu – The Art of War Explained In 5 Minutes

If you would like to listen to The Art of War as an audio book: The Art of War – Sun Tzu Unabridged Full Audiobook HQ

Does this sound like “unity” to you?

Winding the post down…

“This is Already Getting Very Ugly – We Are Very, Very Few Steps Away from Violence” – Former US Attorney Joe diGenova on Today’s Democrats

Drip… drip… drip…

BREAKING: US Attorney John Durham Is “In Negotiations with Some People on Guilty Pleas” in Russia Collusion Scandal

Done for now. Stay informed, fight the demons, pick your battles.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for April 13, 2020: Seeing Through the Illusions [videos] ~ April 13, 2020

Let’s set the tone with this video and shake off one of the illusions. For those with any doubt about what is happening…

Imagine being a father of a young family and going into those tunnels and pulling children out—and in the condition they’re in.

I shared this on our satellite ship, The Captain’s Blog, as well. I need to post there more often.

STORM UPDATE | Comfort and Mercy for the Children | IF YOU ONLY KNOW

When President Trump says we’re “stuffing the ships”, what does he mean? Is it only the Comfort and Mercy? I’m hoping some of the ships we have seen above us are here for Humanitarian causes and will help the severely damaged children. So many children. Some cannot be saved, they tell us, but many can.

I’m sure most of you are aware of the magnitude of what is unfolding; the glorious truths that are presenting themselves, and the liberation of Human Spirit that is occurring at this time.

It’s extraordinary; it’s unprecedented; it’s difficult to grasp, and it’s sometimes so repulsive we cannot look—but we must. We are the keyboard warriors; the digital soldiers, and the awakened. Our state of consciousness at this moment matters.

There is no room for fear. A little trepidation is understandable at times but if you think the dark won’t try to hijack your trust and dedication and cause you to doubt, you’re mistaken. Don’t listen. Shut it off. We know what the mission is and nothing else matters. It’s happening.

Don’t defect. This is the end game and the stakes are life and death. Nothing is what it seems. We can’t impress that enough upon everyone.

This is war and strategy is everything. Strategy and secrecy. It’s 5D chess—or more. Gene suggests everyone read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. He says both sides are using those ancient tactics. We don’t need to figure it out; we just need to do what we’re asked; to stand strong, together. To support those with an active role in war to end all wars.

To the victor go the spoils; the freedom and ascension of Mankind and the consciousness of our planet, as well. She is ascending, and we are ascending. As President Trump has said, We’re all in this together.

In some respects being one of the awakened can be a disadvantage. They dark is waging information warfare against us that the sleeping masses don’t see. We’re only told what we can understand. We just have to go with it. We are in good hands, and it will be glorious—but not without casualties—and certainly not without sacrifice.

They will do ANYTHING to win, my friends. Anything. Don’t underestimate them.

This just came at the perfect time.

As the Coronavirus Sweeps around the World, Our Planet is on the Verge of Evolution

When you look at China in the context of other nations it’s absurd

The country where the pandemic began, with 1.4 billion people, has fewer cases than Spain? LOL!

I hope the Chinese government pays dearly for what it’s done to its citizens and what its unleashed on the world pic.twitter.com/o5BBzZmaeN

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) April 12, 2020

And what of this? Are they culling the military of deep state traitors? Are the ones “infected” with demons dying? No one wants to think the military have been infiltrated but they certainly have over the years.

Roosevelt Sailor with Coronavirus Dies

What you may not have heard, is that an arsonist set a fire in Ukraine in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. That’s the official story. My other half’s guide from his Siberian tour is sending daily photos. Many of the locations where my husband took historic shots in the areas evacuated when the nuclear “accident” took place in 1986 are now burned and the fire is approaching Pripyat and the nuclear facility. Coincidence? Or an act of war?

‘Bad news’: radiation 16 times above normal after forest fire near Chernobyl

A second wave of locusts is destroying food supplies, tornadoes rage, and Humanity is reeling, fighting an invisible enemy.

We hear the natives are restless and balking at the quarantines. Some places are going full on police state. It seems it will only be a matter of a couple of weeks and the lockdowns in America will subside. Hopefully the lockdowns that began earlier in Europe will be winding down very soon. It must be difficult when it’s so strict.

I am not seeing a lot of difference from the norm where I am. I think a lot of the snowbirds left as traffic was much lighter at the grocery store yesterday and many of the shelves had a lot more stock and things I couldn’t get are back.

It seems Gov. Cuomo is trying to “look good” to the American People. Strategy? Presidential material?

He speaks of the situation in America—or at least New York—being a “preparation drill”. For what, one might ask? Was that a slip about the NWO’s true plan? See that short Bitchute video at the link.

Remember, one of the strategies is to allow the enemy to destroy themselves. Let them think they are playing out their end game successfully. It won’t happen, folks, but it’s important for the public to understand the nature of the beast, and how close they came to annihilation. Before this is over, that is what they must process.

QAnon also made mention of a “scare event” to get the attention of the masses.

Trump says he will revisit the reopening of the nation after conferencing with the governors. It will be interesting to see if the Americans under absurd lockdown conditions will revolt, such as in Ohio and Michigan. Los Angeles is extreme now too, demanding no one in Beverly Hills go out in public without a mask.

New Info Contradicts Official Outbreak Timeline As People Begin To Resist Lockdowns

Here is part 3 of Gene’s Underground War update. These sessions are quite the reality check.

Underground War Details! Gene Decode: Part 3 (California-Denver, CO). B2T Show Apr 12 (IS)

This is from Simon Parkes’ blog. Interesting, yes? And who is the keeper of the key? Those treasures belong to the People. I certainly hope Queen Lizzie has been replaced as we heard she had been.

The Church of England is worried that all its “treasures” as it calls them, could be stolen and has got permission from the Queen to put them all in the high security Tower of London where the Royal Vaults are placed.

And this one as well, well, well. The Brits got out just in time, didn’t they? I certainly hope this Orwellian tactic is just that—a tactic that will not be allowed to come to fruition. Beware of anyone with a “von” in their name, eh, Anna von Reitz(inger)?

The Evil European Union through its President Ursula Von der Leyen (the title Von is a German elite title) has called on all older people living in the European Union to stay indoors until September and don’t come out until you have been vaccinated!

Thank God Britain is leaving this den of snakes!

They want us silent. They want us compliant.

If you hadn’t heard, diagnosing people with coronavirus is big business for hospitals and some doctors. Investigative journalist Jon Rappaport explains after his interview with whistleblower Dr. Jensen.

My conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients

by Jon Rappoport

As you’ll see by end of this article, the specific decisions about money mentioned here affect life and death outcomes for patients.

The New World Order’s “medical industrial complex” involves hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, Big Pharma, federal agencies, and naive people. It’s time we all learned how the world works.  Read the rest here.

You may also be interested in Jon’s newest article about the Google/Apple information control.

It’s a con as old as the hills.

If you believe citizen privacy is an utmost concern in the minds of Google and Apple, I have condos for sale on the far side of the moon.

The tracing tools appear to involve a very rapid expansion of Snitch Culture. What else are “opt-in users” going to communicate about? The weather? Lunch?

Here is another great content creator, LK from Dark to Light. Need some inspiration? This goes toward understanding the spiritual war, as explained by SerialBrain2.

SerialBrain2: Our Journey Back to Eden

Farewell for now possums.  My Internet is practically non-existent. I almost couldn’t stream the CV Briefing. So frustrating.  ~ BP

The Early Edition for April 10, 2020: New QAnon & DJT Day 4.10.20 [videos] ~ April 10, 2020

Witches, warlocks, sorcerers and wizards. Masons and Templars. Angels and demons. The battlefield is impressive as the wicked are being exposed and expunged.

Is it getting “biblical” yet?

The Invisible Enemy will soon be in full retreat!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 10, 2020

What a way to start the day! Thanks, Dad.3928

Together We Will Win

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 10 Apr 2020 – 9:20:04 AM https://twitter.com/AbdullahJanfawi/status/1248645249364303873
Together we will win.

Read other QAnon drops here.

Will today be a big day? Will there be hunting going on? Perhaps for Easter eggs… perhaps for children… perhaps for evil people… perhaps for demons. Perhaps the hunters are now the hunted.

Don’t worry. It’s all above board… all legal-like. Lawfully. The paperwork’s been done, the 160,705 sealed indictments are prepared and some are being opened and arrests executed according to the Rule of Law.

Unlike those who felt they were of regal lineage, above the law, and elevated to a role born to rule the planet, who hunted children in the woods and cut off their genitalia as trophies, the current hunting parties are humane and Human… but perhaps “other”, as well.

We understand some of the deaths reported from the toilet paper virus are actually deaths of the “elite” and their minions; possibly cowardly suicides… possibly from lack of their prized, Human-derived fountain of youth, adrenochrome, or even a few executions as the authorities see fit.

We’re watching the free-fall of the lying, treasonous legacy media every day.

The trolls and shills have been screaming, like it makes them feel better to visit a blog and vent—like their vicious attacks are meaningful or worthy of eyes.

If trolls aren’t really trolls but sound like they might be and their comments are deleted, then apologies. I’ve no patience or time for it. When in doubt, I hit “delete”. It’s all done on impulse but of course readers are in all stages of awakening and interpreting the “news”.

On the other hand, trolling the enemy is fun.

4.10.20: We are UNITED in this FIGHT. pic.twitter.com/YLtjABW2Px

— And We Know (8:28) 🇺🇸 (@andweknow) April 10, 2020

You know when Trump is at the point he’s calling out “the beast” in his updates that we’re getting to the meat of the matter. The momentum is ever-increasing and we are on the ride of our lives. Wheeeee!!!!!!!

It’s Easter, and whether you’re religious or not, it is a time of resurrection; of re-birth. In the northern hemisphere gardens are erupting in new life, the sun is on its journey north, trees are budding out, baby animals and birds are born, and a new world is emerging from the ashes of the old paradigms we hear shattering every day. It’s deafening. Easter is also about “mission accomplished”, according to some accounts.

The hoax is almost over. The world is about to don the goggles that render a reality they never saw—and never wanted to see. If the psychopaths had been successful, we would not have been around to see anything. An extinction-level event would have meant the end of Humanity. It came down to the wire, but we’re still here to fight another day. They failed—and we’re winning!

We are living an epic reality that is about to change dramatically. It will be almost unrecognizable. How can things NOT change when so much has happened in the past three years that has never happened before? It’s impossible. We’re all different now. Miracles have been churning away out of sight, working their magic on us all.

It’s “The Great Awakening”. Twenty thousand people for a Trump political rally? Are you kidding me? How can anyone doubt it?

Can we conceive of an ideal world? What would that look like? I hope we know, because we’re going to build it—with materials we didn’t know existed. The light of truth will purify the all-pervasive evil like the sun purges darkness. Dark to Light.

President Trump mentioned a burst of light in a recent briefing, and in the video update below with Gene and Rick, we hear and see a similar reference in the book, Three Days of Darkness. “The catastrophe shall come upon the earth like flash of lightning”. I find that interesting as well. The tables have been turned, and what the dark wanted for us, they brought on themselves. Karma’s a bitch.

Below is another fascinating “Gene decode” with a great deal of hard evidence of what is unfolding. We’re given just enough to figure it out without giving away the game. “Backchannels”. Like Twitter. Like Facebook. Like Instagram.

We don’t need to “prove” anything. This is not the time for “proof”. If you have a brain, a decent amount of knowledge for context, an ounce of intuition, and understand the playbook you can form a fairly accurate picture of what is underway from the evidence presented. It’s never as presented and there are no coincidences.

The proof will come when it is safe to do so; when it will not endanger the mission or Humanity. We hope the soldiers of all kinds—the warriors—will remain safe. There have been too many casualties to date.

4.10.20. Start of 3 Days? The World will Soon Understand! B2T Show Apr 8 (IS)

LT at And We Know has another brilliant and inspiring update this morning. Enough of us are now aware of the reality and we are united; in Love, in Light, in Truth.

AWK News 4.10.20: We are UNITED in this FIGHT.

We Want Names! President Trump Says “Two Very Smart People” Came into His Office and Urged Him to Lock Down Economy or 2.2 Million Americans Would Die (VIDEO)

I think we know who those people were. President Trump says we will be reopening the nation “sooner than people think”.

This endless war is still ongoing, but overshadowed by other news.

Rockets Hit Major US Air Base in Afghanistan

We WILL be watching the news, won’t we?

Happy Easter everyone. Be the love you are.  ~ BP

Witch Hunt: The Storm is Upon Us ~ March 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to Kp for this one!) Please view this video explaining the state of war on Planet Earth at this time. War? Who is fighting? Well, spoiler alert…the Cabal (Deep State) vrs. Humanity. Want details? Please see this video, understand the stakes of this (war) game, learn to Love, and hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!r,

Your Sunday Digest for January 5, 2020: The World is About to Change [videos] ~ January 5, 2019

We change the way we look at things when we have new information. It’s time to revise our opinions about many things. The truth does that.

This morning’s breaking news… live now.

The People of New York are speaking out against the increasing attacks on the Jewish contingent.

LIVE: Thousands expected to march across Brooklyn Bridge to protest anti-Semitic attacks

There’s much more to this chess match than meets the eye, and I believe the Patriots know what they’re doing.

Trump warns Iran: US has targeted ’52 Iranian sites’ and will ‘hit very fast and very hard’ if needed

What many don’t understand is that the evil parties on our planet have chosen their stance. Leadership (on planet and off) have appealed to them for years to step down, walk away, and allow Humanity to progress as we were meant to do. They refused. They said they would never surrender and they would take out as many of us as possible along the way.

That is where we are just now, but there are powerful, positive forces in play in the background. This is war, and those on the front lines aren’t going to tell us everything; that would be foolish. I am confident that this take-down is going as fast as it can, in as safe a manner as possible. It is being done with cunning, with skill, with knowledge, with psychology, and it is lawful—not only according to basic Human laws, but Universal Laws—and karma bites.

Bottom line, we are not victims. We, Humanity, are empowered and on the offensive now. We are going after the enemy and we are winning the information war.

President Trump, the US Military, and allies in most other countries are working together to eliminate the predators. We have to trust them, no matter how it looks. Perception is important and the psyops will run their course to trick the enemy. They will not risk lives. If they cannot win, they will not make a move.

We will be told what is important for us to know. If you can make sense of what QAnon tells us then you will be further ahead than the rest of the world; those who are still sleeping.

This bit of intel is interesting, and Simon Parkes said he concurred with most of the intel John Here to Help shared in an audio Simon listened to recently. Thanks, R.


In the upcoming battles with Iran, everyone will see weapons and tech not seen before. Seemingly unexplainable results. We can and will win, but it will change public perception.

— John (@Johnheretohelp) January 4, 2020

In the game of “kill or be killed”, we take each day as it comes. It’s not a matter of blaming President Trump. This satanic problem should have been dealt with decades ago but the sheer ruthlessness and evil of the enemy was underestimated and it was left until there was no choice left but to rescue Humanity from certain destruction with a clever plan we are now seeing unfold.

No matter what happens, we should be glad of it because everything is leading to the elimination of the evil on our planet.

Officials in virtually every country are well aware of what the game plan is and the positive ones are cooperating to take down those who seek dominion over sentient beings and even to eliminate us. I would say stay out of judgment and take a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

Simon Parkes reports…

Britain & the Iraq Operation

It’s being reported that President Trump did not tell the British Prime Minister in advance about the special forces operation.

I can tell you that the British Prime Minister did know….However it was decided that to reduce terrorist attacks in Britain it would be announced that Britain was out of the loop.

Also on the Paris stabbings

People stabbed in Paris – this is a result of the action in Iraq.

Attacker may have had an explosive vest – be ready for more attacks – uncoordinated – in other cities – all security services throughout Western Europe are on full alert…


Even headlines like this can have a back story… because it’s high time we left oil, gas, and coal and began using better energy sources. Alternatives exist. Is it time? When QAnon said, “The world is about to change” it meant in every way. Our civilization will be transformed when we are no longer under the thumb of the greedy globalists, and slaves to their systems. It will mean their utter demise. And they know it.

Graham Tells Trump To ‘Crush Iranian Economy’ By Targeting Oil Refineries After Assassination

Some perspective on the Iran drone strike situation… and as they point out, POTUS wouldn’t notify Congress in advance of his decision to attack the Iranian leaders because he can’t trust them! Many of them are deep state back-stabbers, liars, and leakers who can be readily bribed. They’re already deeply compromised and it’s a breach of national security to let them in on strategic planning.

The White Hats know how to handle this and no amount of bitching and complaining will change their tactics. Loose lips sink ships and the element of surprise is key.

Lou Dobbs 1/4/20 | Breaking Fox News January 4, 2020

The deep state’s propaganda machine has learned over the years that they can create a reality by simply stating things as though fact, when it’s pure rubbish.

Do you believe this stunt was done by Iran? Many clowns have access and Iran has no need to hack.

‘Iran cyber hacks American government website’ and gives chilling warning

There is also news of this attack in Kenya early this morning. The details were sketchy to begin with, including “a source”, and details that didn’t make sense from Reuters’ reporting. There will be a major thrust to make it look like the US attack on Iran’s general was a massive tactical error. It wasn’t.

They also want us to believe this is directly linked to the strike against Iran.

Islamist militant group al Shabaab attacks Kenya base used by Kenyan, U.S. forces

The corporate media is a deep state tool to deceive and shape perception. It’s pure manipulation. People need to shut it off and the perps need to be locked up. When will people understand that it’s exactly what President Trump stated: FAKE NEWS.

What do you think now?

FWIW When i deployed as a contractor to Afghanistan in 2017, my company was sending lots of folks to Kenya. smth was def up with that https://t.co/PGAlAP8Myv


— Bacon Commander of the Winged Hussar Cavalry (@therealbaconcdr) January 5, 2020

There are always plenty of distractions when important information is released.

Does all the chaos have anything to do with these latest revelations by Wikileaks? The facts torpedo the media’s claims about pretty much anything, but in this case, the results of their lies were many fatalities.

Media’s Deafening Silence on Latest WikiLeaks Drops is its Own Scandal

I just finished listening to this next video and it is a must-listen, in my opinion. It’s from another military vet patriot who can’t sleep due to what he knows. I believe this is “Gene” who has been doing interviews with CirstenW for some time now. It includes a lot of photos.

I think anyone can see why the deep state attacks Trump. They can’t very well attack the military, now can they? Trump is the face man. He takes all the “slings and arrows gladly for us” and everyone else. They do attack QAnon increasingly, however.

Gene said he was red-pilled in 1990 and has done a tremendous amount of research and vetting on his own. The discussion centres on the long-range plan (yes, mentions Q and White Hats) to eradicate evil from the four physical realms; space, our skies, the surface, and beneath the surface of Earth.

They speak of a massive military operation at Twenty-Nine Palms which is the desert of California between the eastern border and roughly Palm Springs as it relates to the China Lake operation we heard about earlier this year. The military rescued 35,927 children in that operation from cages where they were shocked and traumatized in the MK Ultra mind control and programming the evil ones use to create their sex slaves for the El-ites.

We see the map of tunnels in the US stretching into Canada, which he confirms “is a massive nest of total satanic mess”, and are used for child trafficking. There has been flooding of some of the tunnels but they have to be careful about this because it could drop the oceans on the planet to dangerous levels if they did all of them.

Some of them they burn out to destroy/purify and we’ve seen the evidence of this on the Internet, as well.

There are many videos showing us the dramatic vanishing of water in some areas. He says all the tunnels beneath the oceans have been flooded and there are no longer any MAGLEV trains going between the continents.

We see the list of DUMBS (deep underground military bases) and which ones have been breached/destroyed and are under White Hat control. The list includes the “detainment camps” of FEMA camps built to house us, the deplorables, following Hillary Clinton’s planned installment in the White House in 2016.

Some are cloning facilities and have various purposes. He also speaks of a bio-hazard planned in Denver, Colorado involving Kuru which was thwarted by two scientists who gave their lives back in 2012 to prevent mass contamination. The DIA (Denver Intn’l Airport) “end times” facility is complete with a free energy Earth Tesla grid system.

He goes into the “red list” and “blue list” markings on mailboxes denoting those who would simply be eliminated (red) and those who could be used as slaves. (blue)

We can see why Hillary Clinton had to be stopped. It will take a few years to complete this plan of attack on the dark as these operations are only partially complete, but when Q says the US military is the saviour of mankind, it’s literal. Now the digital soldiers are included because our contribution is significant.

The Underground War, Happening Now…

If the above is new to you and you have been critical of President Trump and his administration and/or his military spending, perhaps you see things differently now.

The lies about who we are and what has happened on this planet are so thick we have no idea of the layers.

Michael Tsarion is a brilliant researcher who shares with us the evidence that not all is what we were told. I’d forgotten how good his material is, so thanks for the refresher, J. It was a 4-hour lecture and I didn’t want it to end.

Enjoy researching today, folks.  ~ BP

Michael Tsarion – Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation Pt. 1 of 3