Intuitive Astrology: Cancer New Moon July 2020 ~ July 19, 2020

This is our second Cancer New Moon of the year. The first fell on June 21st and was a New Moon Solar Eclipse and now we have a regular New Moon on July 20th.

This second Cancer New Moon may feel like a continuation of the energy that was happening around the June 21st Eclipse. We may begin feeling like we understand more of the bigger picture.

While this Cancer New Moon on July 20th, is definitely not as intense as the Cancer Solar Eclipse, it still brings a strong wave of energy that may feel restrictive, a little harsh, and like we are being held back in some way.

Of course, on a global level, we are feeling this to varying degrees but this is likely to manifest on a personal level too. We may start feeling restricted and held back by our own beliefs, habits, or routines.

This July New Moon is a great time to become aware of the things and beliefs you are doing that are holding you back from living your best life.

Very often, we are the ones that are in our own way. Very often, it is a little habit, a fear, or a voice of doubt that keeps us playing small and in a limited mindset and state of being.

With the New Moon falling in the feminine and watery sign of Cancer, it asks us not to make spreadsheets and set goals, but rather to focus on aligning ourselves.

When we align with our highest truth, our highest self, and our highest power, we need not worry about what unfolds next.

When we are in this state of Divine alignment, we trust that whatever is meant to find us will find us, and the next perfect step will always be revealed to us.

When we live life from this place of surrender, rather than trying to control, we can tune in and connect with our own guiding star, with our own true north, and even when we feel lost, we can hold this sense of hope in our heart that all is well and all is as it should be.

Living from this place of surrender and trust requires us to shed the ego, it requires us to let go of a lot of societal conditioning, and to recognize there is a different and better way.

Saturn is going to be very active on this New Moon. Saturn is currently retrograde and has made its way back in the sign of Capricorn.

At the time of this New Moon, Saturn will be directly opposite the Moon and this is mainly why we have this restrictive feeling looming.

While Saturn can hold us down and back, its presence can also help us to get grounded and to think about what we can do to take responsibility for our lives.

If we feel restless, we can channel this energy by grounding ourselves and feeling rooted in the present moment.

A great way to ground your energy is to connect with nature. You can walk barefoot on the grass, feel the earth with your hands, or sit with your back against a tree.

These simple acts allow you to connect with the electromagnetic field of the Earth, which brings you back into balance and into your body.

All of us have experienced great change this year, and change can always be challenging and even upsetting.

But this is our life. And we have to find a way to make it work for us. We have to take the mess, the chaos, the pain, and find a way to make it work for us.

The Cancer New Moon reminds us that this process is not about struggling or “hard work”. Instead, it is about aligning. It is about putting your hands up and surrendering to the Divine intelligence that lives inside of you.

Even though we have this incredible strength residing within, we need not go at it alone. Cancer energy is a great time to connect with those that you love and to create a sense of family around you.

Creating a sense of family is not just about your blood relatives. You can create it with your friends, roomates, pets, and even your house plants.

Under the dark Cancer New Moon, it is a good opportunity to set intentions for your home and family life and what you desire in these areas.

It is also a good time to think about creating a more peaceful and soothing environment.

All of us are spending far more time at home these days, so put some attention into filling your space with positive energy and things that make you feel good.

Overall, the Cancer New Moon helps us to start a new cycle. While we may feel a little restless and in need of grounding at first, eventually we will start feeling more at peace with our surroundings and more at home within ourselves.

Your Cancer New Moon Ritual is here

Second New Moon in Cancer, July 2020 ~ 20 20 20, Healing, Harmony, Balance ~ July 18, 2020

By Tania Gabrielle

It’s a rare event when we experience a lunation twice in the same sign!

Back on June 21st we had the Solstice Cancer New Moon Eclipse at the beginning of Cancer – 0° Cancer.

Now, on July 20th, 2020 we’ll experience the SECOND Cancer New Moon!

This code is extremely powerful.

20 is representative of our decade and 20 itself represents healing and harmony, balance, so bringing the opposites together.

Remember July is that 11 universal month, which also asks us to step into the present moment so that we’re not torn between one side or another — feeling defensive or feeling offensive.

Cancer is a highly sensitive water sign and is ruled by the Moon.

Moon represents the lunar cycles – aligned with the Divine Feminine.

Cancer is aligned with the Mother. It is the sign of nurturing, sweetness and finding inner security.

The shadow side of Cancer is timid and insecure – hiding under the shell of the crab.

In this powerful New Moon Star Codes episode you’ll discover:

  • The meaning Cancer in the overall storyline for 2020.
  • The opposition form Sun and Moon to Saturn with all three at exactly 28°.
  • How Chiron the Sacred Healer is aiding Cancer in the LOVE storyline.

Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh.

We have an especially strong activation of Cancer this year.

Discover what this New Moon means to you!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


Cancer Solar Eclipse ~ June 17, 2020

A heads up! We are at the sensitive midpoint of 2 eclipses and the collective dominos from the first one on June 5th are tumbling all around us-rather like the statues and memorials in our streets. Amping up the energy, the seismic window ahead of the Solstice Solar eclipse activates on Sunday 14th and continues until the 3rd eclipse on July 5th

In Trickster mode, Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday 18th June until July 12th travelling back between 14-5 Cancer – the fake news machine will be working overtime.

The June 21 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer falls exactly on the June Solstice and has a powerful geophysical shock window extending from the 14th – 28th June. Sandwiched into the June 4 – July 22 Mercury Max cycle, this looks like a strong storm and seismic signal. The eclipse shadow moves across Africa, Asia and culminates in China.

Every 19 years the eclipses fall on or very near the same degrees and sign placement and the last one at this exact degree was the eclipse that preceded 9/11. It’s flagging up one of those hinge points in history that in hindsight become Before and After markers in time and given that the US has now begun its first karmic Pluto Return since the Founding Fathers and this eclipse falls on the US Venus, the next 6 months will bring a series of jarring dislocations.

Cancer symbolises the homeland so the theme of Belonging/Not Belonging is very strong. As the eclipse fallout ripples through the next 6 months, expect stronger more insistent demands from the collective for meaningful equality along with losses /crashes in housing and financial markets.

This is a coronal Solar Eclipse at the 0 degrees Cancer World Axis in a potent Grand Cardinal Cross of light bridges, impacting any planets or points in your birth chart between 25 – 30 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and 0 – 5 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The South Node of Fate – what you must leave behind so you can grow – is conjunct the karmic Galactic Centre – so, ready or not, the political becomes personal arriving right at your front door.

Emotions will be running high -create a place of sanctuary as change and impermanence make themselves known and don’t attempt to control either events or other people.

Find refuge in the absolute consistency of change. Life is impermanence and therefore change is not an aberration. Life is just life-ing so don’t take it personally.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer- Past Haunts Re-Surface, Re-Nurturing Yourself, Coming Home to Your Emotional Pain + Trauma ~ June 17, 2020

On June 17/18th, Mercury, the planet of: communication, the mind and our intellect, turns retrograde at 14 degrees of Cancer. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, is all about: home, family, nurturing and safety. Retrogrades are where a planet appears to be moving backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Retrograde themes have to do with: reflection, revising, re-doing and remembrance.

Mercury retrograde in the watery sign of Cancer, will bring up all the feels, and these experiences could be quite emotional and tender. Since Cancer rules our home and emotional foundations, past haunts and hurts that we previously felt, could come back to be re-examined. Our own ability to nurture and care for ourselves will be very prevalent. We will want to communicate with more emotion and might notice that an air of moodiness and sensitivity will be more common.

This Mercury retrograde will ask us to go back in time and past: people, situations and events could re-surface. Of course with any Mercury retrograde, frustrations and delays with: projects, electronics and travel plans could also be issues at this time. We are being asked to surrender to our most vulnerable and soft places within our soul. This will be a test to get in touch with how we “mother” ourselves and each other.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer is here to have us re-examine our past with a softer and more sympathetic tone of understanding. Coming back to our roots and sense of security will be big themes during this retrograde period. Family and connection to our soul’s mission will be highlighted. We might have to have some very intimate and uncomfortable conversations with others during this time. These communications will be imperative for healing past traumas, but also with liberating past burdens connected to feeling “unloved” or “unworthy”.

This Mercury retrograde period in the tender sign of Cancer, wants us to rewrite and re-communicate what makes us feel safe and at ease. Mercury retrograde in the sign of the crab, is here to: bring past hurts to the surface to be healed, reminders to ourselves of the importance of being nurtured and supported and the re-connection to the lost parts of our tender and sensitive souls. Mercury will turn direct on July 12th at 5 degrees of Cancer, but will be in his post shadow period until July 29th.

For this Mercury Retrograde in Cancer transit, I am doing an extended sign horoscope on my Astromomma Patreon page:

These horoscopes, which are channeled from spirit, give you: practical, tangible and enlightening advice on how best to navigate this transit according to your individual sign.

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© Astromomma, 2020

Image: “The High Priestess” by UlaFish via DeviantArt

Headlines and Updates for December 9, 2019: Today Is the Day—IG Report Anti-Climactic [videos] ~ December 9, 2019

Editor’s Note: Let’s see…Horowitz’s OIG report on the Russia Probe will be released tomorrow (12/10), only it’s NOT a major news item…I wonder why? If I worked for the FBI or DOJ in any leadership capacity, I’d be scared Sh*tless right now.

Oh well, the larger picture will come out, and continue to come out, and…nothing can stop what’s coming to change our world! Thanks for staying aware, know why our world is changing, and really BE…



You’ve no doubt heard by now…

Inspector General Report Finds NO Political Bias Despite Mistakes

To add perspective and weight where it is due… some people we trust.

Russia probe origins report to be released today by Inspector General

US Attorney John Durham Doesn’t Agree With Some Of IG Report Findings

John Solomon’s summary…

SOLOMON: The Comey FBI’s 17 Biggest Failures Contained in the Russia FISA Report

Is anyone interested in President Trump’s response on the OIG Report?

DJT: “details of the report are far worse than anything I would have even imagined…This was an attempted overthrow, and a lot of people were in on it and they got caught…I look forward to the Durham Report…he’s got his own info, which is this info plus plus plus.”

— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 9, 2019

How about this?

So Trump just said “plus, plus, plus.”

Anons are pointing to Q drop 123 as a Q proof (I agree).

But I also believe it’s related to “the signifier” on the back of @Q_AnonBaby’s photo with POTUS:



— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) December 9, 2019

And this?  Corn ready for to be cut? 5:5 indeed.  I can easily believe this is going to be epic and biblical.


Devin Nunes: “Corn ready for to be cut!”

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 27 Jul 2019 – 10:51:46 AM


Farms produce ………

This is interesting. You literally cannot find Comey’s name in the OIG Report today, but you can find the misspelling “Corney” dozens of times. Why would it be intentionally misspelled through a report? And why would Q misspell it too a year ago. Is Comey an asset named Corney?


— 3Days3Nights (@3Days3Nights) December 9, 2019

The year of the boomerang living up to its reputation…

LATEST POLL: Trump Now Beating Every Democrat in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

The Hershey, Pennsylvania KAG rally is tomorrow. You can watch with RSBN here.

Further to our discussions about shills, fakes, and frauds in the alternative media, we have a very interesting and telling article I just discovered as shared by Praying Medic, about how the deep state sought to discredit and delegitimize QAnon in the early days.

You may or may not have suspected the players; Dr. Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Jordan Sather, Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, and a “high-level intelligence” guy going by the name of Zak whom I believe they said was part of the Q Team, if memory serves.

Anyone who wants to be accepted as part of the trusted alt media community won’t be dissing QAnon. It’ll all come out in the wash and we’ll see who is who.

In the past year or so I believe, Thomas Williams adamantly stated the dark ones will never have access to the Looking Glass technology again. Ever. That in itself would be a turning point in their ability to manipulate situations and probably contributes to their chaotic approach with false flag terrorism, insolent rants, and idiotic schemes to remove the President.

Now that their powerful leaders have left the planet permanently and the y have no idea what the future may hold, the globalists and their minions are a rudderless ship, navigating blind in the storm. Looks good on ’em.

The Q Team and the Patriots will allow them to destroy themselves; to hang their filthy laundry out for all to see.

They attack Q, President Trump, his family, and any patriot who dares to call them out. If you attack Q, you’re a fool.

This is a very long and detailed analysis, FYI; reading and video.

The Long and Secret Infowars Against Q

Mexico is having serious issues that few are reporting. The people in some areas of southern Mexico are having such a rough time at the hands of drug cartel thugs that they are fleeing their homes. This fellow is calling it a Humanitarian crisis and asks us to share this information.

Thousands Abandon Homes In Guerrero – Mexican Cartel Crime

This update is from the Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles.

N.Y. is 13th State to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses; Free Childcare to Sign Them Up

Sometimes the right people do get awards.

Robert F. Kennedy receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from ‘The Truth About Cancer’

That’s all for now. Ciao, possums.  ~ BP