Headlines and Updates for October 4, 2019: The Hidden Hand Exposed [videos] ~ October 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: Good grief! How dense can the mainstream America really be? This piece by Starship Earth is credible, well-documented, and full of resources to prove her point…America (the world) has been uber-controlled by elite thugs of the Dark who are now striving to remove POTUS by any means possible and (il)legal.

If they have to change the laws of the country to succeed in their coup de’tat disguised as impeachment…then that’s what they’ll do. Hopefully though, a lot more spiritually-minded patriots will envision a peaceful ending to this fiasco. Time to get to work, spiritual warriors!

In the meantime, please read this article, learn of the forays into (in)decency that are now occurring, know your/my action action ensures success against the Dark, and BE…



What open-minded, critical thinkers should be realizing after the sensationalistic revelations in America of late, is that there are powers and people who have been running the show for a long time according to their own agenda while making it appear it’s a democratic system.

They’re learning that ruthless players have been pulling the strings, assassinating those who get in their way, and rigging elections while convincing the public that they had a choice and their voices mattered.

The evil elements at the core of those controlling factions have been poking through and we’ve had ample glimpses of the corruption and lack of ethics and moral standards one would expect from those running their country and representing us in the halls of justice.

Their world began to crumble when Donald Trump was duly elected by the People in 2016. Because the power players had always ensured through covert means their own choices would win elections, it never entered their minds that Hillary Clinton would not win.

That was evident as the press and talk show hosts and guests on their corrupt, propaganda media denied that there was any chance Donald Trump could win the election. They laughed at the mere suggestion. It was absurd to entertain such a thing.

Now they’re crying. President Trump and his administration of White Hat patriots have undone much of what the globalists strove to bring about for decades. Their machinations virtually dissolved over night and their illegal charities, slush funds, offshore accounts and rat lines all but dried up.

We can taste their hatred for the man who brought their world tumbling down. It’s visceral. They still believe they can pull a rabbit out of a hat, despite the world having a bird’s eye view of their lies and corruption. They still think they can conjure up their demons to either assassinate or somehow remove their arch enemy from office. Little do they know how protected he is.

Trump was accurate when he called it a “horror show”. It’s incredibly hard to watch when you understand the reality and see it all played out for the benefit of showing those who don’t yet realize it that an evil, corrupt, global cabal of greedy entities have been stealing from, subjugating, and manipulating the people on our planet for eons.

They live in unimaginable luxury and freedom while their serfs toil day in and day out and still can’t make ends meet. They decide when the stock market will crash, the price of gold and silver, and when economic depressions will occur. They manipulate LIBOR rates, mess with derivatives, and determine when a housing bubble will occur and when the banks will seize peoples’ homes.

Nothing that happens on this planet is an accident. The world is literally run by satan-worshipping banksters and gangsters.

The streets are clogged with homeless people and suffering veterans who often die before they get treatment at a hospital designed to heal them while the hospital executives enjoy outrageous bonuses.

Children are starving, and our doctors hand out prescriptions for toxic pharmaceuticals like they’re candy, adding to the problems. People forced to enter the health care system can’t afford the astronomical costs of treatment and are often bankrupted by that very system they believed would help them—and die in abject poverty.

This is not the way our Creator intended us to live, nor is it the natural evolution or decay of a civilization. It’s the globalist plan. They have supported and destroyed civilizations in the past.

The bureaucrats are bound and determined to convince the People of America to give up their guns—their sole defense remaining against the thugs who were trained to ultimately round them up and incarcerate them. The People don’t understand the end game was to destroy America and eliminate most of Humanity—and that is no exaggeration.

Donald Trump ruined all their plans; their livelihood, and put an expiration date on their future. The whole world has positive factions within each country now who are working with Trump, his military, and administration to route out the vermin across the planet and return the power and wealth to the People.

It’s no wonder the Democrats hate him. They hate him so much they have to scheme to take him down one way or another or they will be destroyed. Their predatory habits are too disgusting to get into in this general article and they cannot afford to be exposed lest the pitchforks and torches find their way to the mansions and castles of the monsters who have preyed on Humanity for so long.

They are creating the most lurid spectacle politics has ever seen and they are so incensed they don’t seem to realize they are exposing themselves for the heinous creatures they are.

It’s like a multi-car wreck on a highway. It’s so gruesome we don’t want to look but we just can’t avoid a few furtive glances before we tear our gaze away.

It’s not “just politics”. It’s history in the making. It’s the Great Awakening, as the People of Earth have their eyes pried open and are forced to see reality for the first time.

The People have to see that they are being railroaded on every front; told what they can say and who to worship at church. The globalists have been trying to control every aspect of life on our planet for many generations.

They have to see that there is a two-tiered justice system; one for them—the ones who believe they are “elite”, and one for We, the People. They can rob, cheat, steal, lie and confiscate our property and our children, and they throw our youth in jail for having a little weed.

How far does it have to go before the People wake up and realize just how extreme and intolerable life has become?

How long can they hide their collective head under the covers and wish it away?

How bloody does this civil war for the survival of Humanity have to get before the everyday Joe can see what they have been doing all along?

How long can the American people fail to see that in addition to multiple, untold assassination attempts on Trump’s life, the psychotic deep state, globalist, New World Order is in the process of a full-blown coup d’état in the guise of “impeachment”?

As one of the White Hats pointed out, it’s not an impeachment they’re after because that connotates a legal procedure and there is nothing legal about what they’re doing. It’s treason, but the American public doesn’t realize that.

Obviously, the problem has been that the dark forces control nearly all the big media companies. They made sure of that, and anything that the big networks don’t say, never happened for most of the somnambulent public.

Fortunately, positive, patriotic members of the US military stepped up to support the eradication of the infestation of evil on our planet. They brought us QAnon, and a few guiding lights who facilitate the process in the background to help us make sense of what we’re seeing and hearing.

We, the “digital soldiers” began using the Internet to counter their lies and propaganda, but because the Silicon Valley big tech giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter controlled and police the material, even that has been compromised and it’s a lot more difficult to find the truth than it was.

We citizen journalists are the ones the snoozers refer to as “conspiracy theorists”. We don’t care, because we know the conspiracies aren’t theories—they’re facts supported by history and volumes of information as well as whistleblowers and insiders, and there are too many facets to the conspiracies to measure.

It’s one hot mess and we do our best to dispel the myths, expose the smear campaigns, and bring the Light of Truth to those ready to listen. It’s our contribution to the Information War; the invisible Second American Revolution that is actually a global war for survival.

Because the legacy media is tightly controlled by the globalists, most Americans probably don’t realize that all over the world people just like them are rising up and opposing the tyranny. There are protests and violence everywhere from the Yellow Vest movement that began in France to the peaceful farmer uprising in Holland to the riots in Iraq.

Some members of the American population who recognized problems brewing held rallies to bring awareness to specific issues like the horrendous numbers of abortions but the globalists had an antidote for that; ANTIFA. They sicced their violent, abusive thugs on unsuspecting people and made it dangerous to speak their mind on the streets. Free speech was rapidly becoming a sovereign right quashed by the control freaks.

Even people who made the most innocent display of their beliefs and choices and wore a Trump ball cap were accosted in multiple locations in America. Are the people walking the streets and attacking us because they don’t agree with us even Human? One has to wonder, because they behave like trained animals.

The globalists want to pit us all against each other due to religion, skin colour, political preferences, and any topic they can get us to disagree on, while they spawn war in any country possible under false pretenses.

We’re all sick of war and sacrificing our loved ones for concocted lies about nuclear capability and terrorist events. It’s time for peace on Earth.

As this nightmare unfolds, many aspects of life are improving behind the scenes. It will take time to demolish a world meant to destroy a race of people and rebuild; to eliminate every vestige of the evil lurking in every crevice and in places we can’t see and most don’t even know exist. It will take years. If we’re lucky, perhaps “four more years”. But probably longer.

It is fascinating to watch this history in the making. When the story is told in its entirety it will be stunning; the best movie ever, for those who stayed in their seats and resisted the urge to gag and leave the theatre.

The intensity is so palpable I’ve never had such an appreciation for “intermission” when we have a cartoon or two to break the tension and intensity of the drama; this epic drama—the battle for Planet Earth.

The war is becoming more visible each day, and we hope Humanity will rapidly wake up to the reality and participate, because they’re missing a hell of a show and we need all hands on deck to finish what John Fitzgerald Kennedy began decades ago, and died for.

Fortunately, this is a peaceful revolution. That’s not to say there is no carnage, no blood, no collateral damage; there is, but it’s minimized and under control, and because we are informed we can remain calm and see it through to completion.

That completes my monologue, but you may wish to read more at this article, from which an excerpt follows. Use your personal discretion, as always, and take it for what it is; an exposé.  Thanks, J.   ~ BP

(I would have broken it up, but it’s all one sentence.) 

Standing nearly alone against this godless socialist threat to his nation’s Christian peoples, this report concludes, is President Donald Trump—who is presently battling against a coup attempt to overthrow him masquerading as impeachment—a coup plot that now sees these socialists calling for Vice President Mike Pence to be impeached, too—which would then lead to socialist Democrat Party leader Nancy Pelosi being declared President—who in turn would appoint Hillary Clinton to be her Vice President—after which Pelosi would resign thus making Clinton the President—a fetid dream these socialist have had since 2017 when the unveiled their masterplan titled “It’s Not Too Late To Make Hillary Clinton President—Here’s How”—but in order to accomplish sees them pitted against a Trump who today is celebrating the revelation that the whistleblower sent to destroy him was secretly meeting with lying socialist House Intel Chair Adam Schiff—as well as these socialists being in fear because Trump’s approval ratings keep rising—a rise no doubt spurred by everyone knowing that a Trump impeachment hearing would be must-see TVand a ratings boon—where these socialist Democrats and their leftist mainstream media lapdogs would no longer be able to hide and distort the truth from the American people—and whose script for master showman Trump to use has already been written and titled “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump”.

From Sean Hannity of Fox News… who says,

Release Every Transcript of Joe Biden’s Phone Calls with Ukraine

…we have a poll that might indicate to some degree where the general public mindset and awareness are at this moment.

Fiasco on Capitol Hill

Was the Mueller Testimony Necessary? No, it was a waste of time  90.72%
Yes, it was necessary  9.28%

 Not bad, eh?

I thought the response Trump got at from the Hispanic community encouraging, since the left like to claim Trump is a racist and the Hispanic people should be afraid of him because they’ll be deported.

In reality, the Hispanic citizens are just like the rest of us: they don’t want illegal aliens breaking into the country, committing crimes and violent acts, taking their jobs, gun running, trafficking Humans, and bringing in illicit, lethal drugs. They want Trump to protect them and drain the swamp, and they trust him to do just that.

Dems Worst Nightmare Comes TRUE After Hearing These Hispanic Voters Hootin’ and Hollarin’

Dave’s X22 Report overview of the latest developments is excellent, as always.

The Call Has Gone Out, Military Planning Strategically Boxed In The [DS] – Episode 1987b

We have two “cartoons” for intermission. Really good ones. Exaggeration is very effective.

When we present extreme circumstances, it makes it difficult to miss the point. And that’s the point.

I see 26 people at last count gave this quick burn a thumbs down. Good grief. Maybe they’re having a bad day.

More on the AOC / climate change stunt here.  ~ BP

A Quick Burn – A Modest Proposal – IPOT Presents – 10.4.19

The QAnon Question: Curiosity Killed the Cat ~ February 27, 2019

Once again, the identity of QAnon has come up and because I feel the role of QAnon is so important, I am sharing some dialogue around it. I really wish the identity thing hadn’t been revisited because I would hate to see the safety of anyone on the Q team compromised. Since they are tasked with protecting the President, it could also affect their mission to do so.

I am not going to share links—not that anything has been confirmed. I feel comfortable saying it is NOT John Kennedy Jr., but whoever Q is, they are very familiar with the US Constitution, law, statutes, legalese, the military, the NSA, surveillance, and much more—OR—they have access to experts who do.

As far as who Q is, at least the one speaking to us, I think many have in our minds a romantic, respectful, honourable character, perhaps a military dude behind the crumbs we nibble on every day new posts are added to the boards.

Some intel circulating suggests that QAnon is a team of people with a kick-ass Quantum D-wave computer. Can’t say if that’s true or not—however it certainly appears that Q has given us accurate predictions of specific events one year in advance.

Some say Q has been pointing to their own identity for some time by dropping hints, but I’m not convinced they necessarily want it known. I suspect the way Q’s popularity took off globally was somewhat of a surprise. Even if there were some way to predict this awakening and Q’s role in it, to actually walk the walk, talk the talk, and watch it all manifest would be heady stuff.

Human consciousness is a wondrous thing.

Here are two key points we made previously when discussing QAnon—and I stand by these:

  1. It doesn’t matter who Q is; what matters greatly is what Q is, and what they accomplish.
  2. QAnon is, in some respects, a psyop—and I explained why everything we see unfolding is a psyop.

I think it’s also important to point out that it’s almost impossible for Q to be just one person, although that is who we identify with. I think we’ve had overwhelming evidence that whoever the Q spokesman is, they are definitely part of President Trump’s inner circle—and play a pivotal role on a crack team.

QAnon was designed as an interface between the President and the public because the media is the enemy of the People. They knew that apart from live rallies and Twitter, there would be no other way to communicate with awakened patriots; to get them to understand the situation. A country full of people with a shit load of guns could be a powder keg of danger if handled improperly. If large portions of the populace are triggered, it could be mayhem in America.

Q extended the reach of the President exponentially and went viral, connecting patriots to POTUS on Twitter and generating record crowds at rallies where Trump could weave his magic wand and meld his energy and purpose with the People; his fans. He really is rather a rock star, isn’t he? He’s one of us, not one of them. He is anti-establishment, and bucking the system at every turn. He is not a popular guy in Washington and it shows.

Q also brought to light a lot of information and researchable topics that would help patriots realize what is happening in America and globally so they would realize they have to DO something, and not to be afraid when some historic things go down.

As I stated before, we “conspiracy theorists” have been sharing for years some of the same information QAnon did and few paid much attention to us. QAnon eloquently advanced the education of patriots worldwide by light years in a very short time. We have all evolved thanks to Q, and now we are “the news”, Q tells us.

One of the key reasons for Q is to show the patriots that despite how it looks thanks to the lying, treasonous lamestream media turds— there is a path and a PLAN to take down the deep state legally, systematically, and safely. They have our backs.

The message is also that “faith” is required. Not blind faith, but faith in whatever power we attribute to the fact that we are still here to fight this battle, and faith in a group of powerful patriots who love life and America and are sacrificing everything to make positive and lasting change for Humanity in this evolutionary period.

No violent uprising is required and the safety of the American people is top of the priority list. This is not an new plan; it’s an old one. Every nuance has been hammered out and run by the filters and algorithms and they are prepared for everything.

Through QAnon, we, the People have peace of mind. Without the education from Q, a headline like this might put some of us in a tailspin.

House votes to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration

The psychopaths want us to believe the sky is falling; to live in fear like a victim every day. Thanks to Q, we know the Republicans control the Senate. We hope they will be honourable and uphold the President’s emergency declaration, but if the deep state players are dangling blackmail, etc. in front of their faces, we don’t know what they may do.

If they don‘t support the National Emergency declaration, we also know that there is a Plan B, C, D, etc. Whatever it takes to get this done, will be done; somehow, without violence or chaos.

Because of QAnon and the dialogue we have going with them, the President (Q+) and the anons, we know this war is being fought with military intelligence, and that the positive aspects of the NSA are keeping a very close watch on the globalist traitors. We know they have every speck of dirt on these creatures that will ever be needed to lock them up for life, or longer.

Evidence is not the problem. I believe the reason for drawing out this process involves the education of the American public. They must get up to speed on what has transpired, who is who, and must be educated with the truth to the point they can’t miss it, and must clamour for arrests and justice. It can’t be foisted upon them. They have to know it’s the right thing and only thing that can fix what is broken. They have to understand justice for all.

Another role of the Q team: protecting the President, and that is music to our ears. The fact that Donald Trump and his family are still with us is testament to the brilliant and selfless work of the team.

Inscription on Bell of JFK’s boat: Where We Go One We Go All

It’s clear to me that the team involves members of military intelligence, but as a writer, I know the Q spokesman has an admirable command of the English language and psychology and provides memorable words and phrases that when repeated, lodge themselves in the psyche of patriots for retrieval when appropriate.

One important segment of this operation was that QAnon told us to be prepared for the Presidential Alert on our call phones in October. They didn’t tell us why until long after the fact, and the alt media shills had a lot of people wound up about it, but it turned out to be another key military operation which we have discussed before and for our benefit.

Yes, in a way QAnon is a psyop—but the military has pulled psyops forever. The strategy is not new. The deep state has been engaging in psyops forever—for their selfish ends. The treasonous media strains at the bit every day to deliver record numbers of lies and psyops to manipulate the public’s version of reality.

When there are massive operations underway in a nation to oust an evil parasitic but invisible enemy, if you don’t want panic and bloodshed, you MUST have covert operations or “psychological operations” to maintain control and get uneducated people to go along with the plan. It’s not a sin; it’s a blessing, in my opinion, at least in this instance.

The public don’t have to know what The Plan is if they can be manipulated—in a good way—to go along or even help. This is just rudimentary psychology, so don’t feel insulted. We’ve all been conned from birth. Can the end ever justify the means? I believe it can—and will.

If you were President Trump, and had a nation of mostly brainwashed people to manage and had to rout out an evil entity infecting every aspect of Human society—how do you think it would go over if you went on television for the State of the Union and delivered that news?

How do you think it would be received if you told the world what you now know to be the true state of the union in America just now; that the government representatives they trusted and voted for betrayed them many times—whether Democrat or Republican… high up or low down on the totem pole…?

The bulk of the public (Thomas Williams suggested 85% of the global population) does not understand what has transpired. They don’t know they’re slaves, they don’t know they’re prey—and they certainly don’t know off-world creatures and hybrids have been running the world through mind control and want nothing but war and suffering.

In this case the QAnon psyop is for a positive purpose and outcome. It is not to benefit one group; it serves all of Humanity; you and I.

This psyop educates, soothes, excites, generates action, avoids danger and violence, buys the time needed to execute The Plan per the timetable established, and shifts the consciousness of not only Americans but patriots all over the world who were either already awake or needed a nudge.

It shows us all that there is a far bigger cause here than an American election and the two-party system. Humanity is rising up and demanding their sovereignty and the QAnon team renders the global situation manageable so that can happen. They give us the courage to demand what we deserve because we know a powerful group has our back.

It provides perspective so we can better understand world news and events.

We are all better off for the presence of and interaction with Q. My only caution would be to take Q’s advice, when they said, “Don’t glorify us.” We are all Team Humanity and fighting this battle for ourselves and every life form on this planet. and we are all equal.

Not everyone understands the stark reality of it, the element of danger or the finality of the outcome of this war, but we are all on the same side nonetheless, standing shoulder to shoulder, brandishing our words as weapons and sacrificing to awaken the masses to our plight.

We’re doing so well just as we are. Let’s not get obsessed with who QAnon and their spokesman is. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the strategy was wildly successful and made so many more of us “digital soldiers”, as Lt. Gen. Flynn stated.

Anyone can be a digital soldier. You don’t have to have a blog or write a single word. You can share memes, videos or hyperlinks and retweet any number of people who publish great information on Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, Gab, anything you choose. A click of the mouse is all it takes. That makes you a digital soldier; in the trenches. A hero, really.

One day soon, when the enemy is neutralized and the imminent danger is over, we will learn who the Q Team is. All our questions will be answered and we will be wowed by the prowess, the cunning, the strategy and tactics of all those who sacrificed to protect the one man who volunteered to be the target of global psychopaths; Donald Trump, and to do whatever was necessary to liberate Humanity from the clutches of psychopaths who promised certain doom for us and our planet. There’s no other way to say it and no point in sugar-coating the message.

QAnon has delivered truth and previously unrevealed intelligence and inspired a global romance with a faceless entity. It’s historic. There are untold projects underway to secure our freedom and end the tyranny. Let’s not make the job any harder by discussing details that are best left unsaid for the time being. Let sleeping dogs lie. Mica thinks that an excellent strategy.

There is a glorious future for Humanity on the horizon. QAnon has given us so much hope and promise of a better world. Some of us are products of the immediate gratification generation. Let’s do everything in our power to support the people and the process and avoid letting curiosity create any more risk than there already is. You know what they say… “Curiosity killed the cat.”

For greater understanding of what is unfolding presently, you may wish to read SerialBrain2’s latest “decode”. It helps us view it all as a well-scripted “movie”, and I need my popcorn fix.  ~ BP

Post # 142 – The Deep State’s New Playbook against Trump.

WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history ~ January 8, 2019

This is a terrific article you may choose to have read to you, and it is also available in German. Visit the source.  ~ CB

A time like no other in history

Having applied all of my integrity, intellect and insight to researching the matter, my belief is that we are witnessing right now one of the greatest communications events in history. Indeed, it is arguably the singularly greatest. So, what is this event, and why does it deserves this extraordinary description? The answers are to be found in how the (Western) mass media has been trapped by the most exquisitely constructed double bind.

If I am correct (and many share my view), then it portends the imminent collapse of trust in all mass media services and social media platforms. That is because they are implicated in systemic, widespread and longstanding organised crime — that also encompasses much of our political and financial system. If this is unequivocally demonstrated to be so, then the public will unite in disgust at the media’s treacherous betrayal of its journalistic duties.

On the other hand, if I/we are wrong, then the power of social media and propaganda to create and inflate bubbles of insanity — trapping intelligent people of goodwill — greatly exceeds anything we dared to imagine. The information age will be darkened by having divided society, destroying a consensus reality.

That’s one heck of a story too! For our culture shall inevitably further atomise, as our bonds of shared values and mutual understanding break apart. So too may the constitutional boundaries — and consequent rule of law — that help to keep the peace.

The stakes could not be higher

I have previously written about the #QAnon phenomenon. My assertion is that Q is a military intelligence team in the Trump administration (itself part of a global positive “Alliance”). They are opening up a backchannel with the public, bypassing the compromised mass media, to reach the “anons” and “autists” who hang out on 8chan. There are good operational reasons for choosing this exotic social media platform.

A key purpose of the #QAnon operation is to facilitate a public “Great Awakening”. One of Q’s earliest posts states that “This will be considered the biggest ‘inside’ ‘approved’ dump in American history”. Q is delivering a “soft disclosure” of the end game of a “shadow war” that has been silently raging around us for years. The “drops” expose the present and past crimes and large-scale conspiracies of a transnational negative “Deep State Cabal”.

It is a matter bigger than politics itself, since presidents and administrations of both main US parties stand accused of profound corruption and war crimes. So too does the leadership of many supposed allies, including the British establishment. Once full disclosure happens, the Western public’s trust in their governing institutions will be severely shaken. Q is preparing a small slice of the population to share the load of restoring faith in the rule of law in a post-media age.

As the American Declaration of Independence asserts, when there is such an iniquitous state of affairs, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.” We are in the midst of exactly such an event, with worldwide consequences. The present US administration — a de facto military government with a civilian veneer to prevent panic — is engaged in a complete replacement of a “failed and corrupt political establishment”. The process is a patient and judicial one, so as to minimise the risk of violent civil conflict.

As I wrote back in November, what is transpiring is a second American Revolution, if not a global “War of Independence” from a psychopathic criminal culture. No thriller or spy novel has ever come close to the tale that is unfolding. You certainly wouldn’t dare to offer this story as fiction, as it would be deemed far too implausible for public sale! I myself am beyond astounded at what is transpiring, and find myself making unexpected new allies, whilst old acquaintances seek their distance.

Read the rest… listen, or access the German translation…

Trump, the Greenpeace Paraglider & Death of SS Agent Remagen | SerialBrain2 & War Drummer [video] ~ August 11, 2018

Here is the August 10 update from the War Drummer with a lesson on decoding from SerialBrain2.

For those unaware, “gematria” is not new, and secret languages, codes and cryptography have been used by secret societies (positive and negative) throughout the ages to communicate and keep their deepest secrets.

The faction or factions trying to eliminate DJT by death or deposition are showing their hands—cryptically—if you know what to look for. ~ BP

In Case You Weren’t Sure… This is What is Really Happening: Clash of the Titans ~ Feb. 9, 2018

Excellent article here by Starship Earth! This article contains the “meat” I need to see for sustaining my small part as the Earth’s, and humanity’s, transition occurs. Yes, yes, all the various players are gathered to duke it out for the purpose of maintaining control, by which…the ultimate spiritual purpose will be, is being, achieved.

So…stay tuned, keep up with late breaking events which will help ALL of us know how to respond for our personal safety, and…


A Starship reader felt compelled to leave the following in comments, so I assume it is alright to also share it here.

For those not understanding the true situation on this planet, the explanation below pretty much sums it up.

We have recommended everyone listen to Thomas Williams’ Truth, Honor & Integrity Shows because he states the facts as they are, at least as far as I can see. His view also agrees with the one below, as does mine.

I have shared that what appears is happening, and what IS happening are not the same. The cabal/Illuminati/globalist/El-ite factions (some say 5 – 7 of them) who have controlled the planet and her people for eons are duking it out.

Sometimes their skirmishes benefit us. I shared a video where Dr. Steve Pieczenik admitted he is part of the deep state and that he and his team arranged to put Trump in office, effectively pulling off a counter coup to prevent their arch enemies from installing Hillary Clinton in one more in a long line of hijacked elections.

That explains the bitter fights to disgrace Trump, assassinate him, and turn people against him.

While those who are making positive change might like us to bow down and worship them, that’s probably not a good idea. They’re not doing it just to “save Humanity”. There has to be something in it for them.

We need to remain impartial. We can appreciate that Hitlary Clinton is not POTUS, and thank the President for the inroads he has made to restoring the Republic, but it ain’t over yet, and not everything he has done is what we would like to see.

Q gets rave reviews, but many are taking a more realistic view of who and what Q is/are and I think it’s a good idea. It seems to me that Q has indeed generated an awakening and is a great cheerleader with reminders that the future for America is glorious, but I feel that part of Q’s purpose is to engage the patriots, to draw them into the battle so they feel a part of it, feel useful, and possibly beholden to those who are fighting the dark ones who want to eliminate Humanity outright.

Patriots understandably want to be on the winning side and are happy to team up with QAnon, but we don’t want to fall in love with our captor as in the Stockholm Syndrome.

How does Q get all that intelligence if they are not who they say? They are all spying on each other ALL THE TIME. Of course they know where everyone is and can hear them breathing. That’s how they stay alive.

I have said countless times, “There is no black and white. Only shades of grey.” It’s complicated.

We are seeing plane crashes, train wrecks, murders, “suicides” in increasing numbers, and that tells me the factions are at it. They’re taking each other out.

Some of them want us to have disclosure of the extraterrestrials and become space-faring. Others will kill to prevent that.

This IS the Battle of Evermore. The Clash of the Titans. It will change our lives. But I don’t think it’s exactly what it appears to be. We still have an imposing mountain to scale once we are freed at least in part from our shackles and it ain’t over til it’s over.

We want people to wake up, but wake up to the Truth, not the Illusion. There are plenty of people online pedaling both.

There is much wisdom in the analysis below and I offer it in hopes it clarifies what we are witnessing. Thank you to Valkyrie Ice McGill for sharing their point of view in response to the opposing views of QAnon from BPEarthwatch and Montagraph in my post, “QAnon: Incentive or Sedative?”.  ~ BP


Okay, I usually don’t bother to constantly explain this, but there is one thing most people seem to utter fail to comprehend.

You and I, and all the other masses of humanity, are caught up in a war between giants.

It doesn’t matter how many of “us” resist. It doesn’t matter how strongly we believe “we matter.”


There has NEVER been a revolution “from the bottom.” Not the French, not the Bolsheviks, Not the Maoists. In EVERY case, those revolutions succeeded because a group of people in power wanted to eliminate other people in power, and provided enough support to make that revolution a “success.”

Even in the American Revolution, WITHOUT THE WEALTHY LANDOWNERS WHO LED IT, it would have never amounted to anything.

You and I cannot fight giants. We’re ants who at best can nibble at their toes.

For any “revolution” to occur, it has to be to the benefit of a faction of those who have the wealth, resources, and influence to make it happen.

In this case, you have a very small group of hidden players who have brought down the wrath of those they were using, i.e. much of the military, other governments, etc, who came to realize that rather than being “allies and equals”; that THEY WERE ON THE MENU.


These are the people who discovered they didn’t get a reserved seat in a bunker, but were expected to eat a nuclear blast.

Yes, Q is completely a psy-op. It’s being done BECAUSE WITHOUT BREAKING THE PROGRAMMING that has been done to the majority of the population, the people who are trying to save their own skins from those who view them as “disposable”, they could inadvertently CAUSE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO PREVENT.

They saw this in the French Revolution, and so many others. Rile people into mobs, and not just the guilty end up on the chopping block.

What good is it going to be to “Save the world from the Cabal” if in doing so, WE BURN IT ALL DOWN because they didn’t defuse the programming?

Q has said this over and over.

You and I can “Help” by letting the people who KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS DO THEIR JOBS, while we do what we can do, spread the truth to help minimize the chaos WE can cause which could keep them from doing those jobs.

But we can’t do those jobs for them, because we don’t have the means, access to knowledge, or physical force resources capable of doing what NEEDS to be done.

I still cannot claim that I believe what is happening is anything other than a factional war between former allies, but even if that is all it is, it is still to the benefit of people like you and me, because it is putting an end to a group of people who viewed all the rest of humanity – including the people who appear to be in the process of quietly rounding them up – as nothing more than a piece of steak to devour.

But don’t kid yourself that they are doing it FOR US. They are doing it to save their own skins.

Just be glad it looks like you and me will ALSO BENEFIT.

This has been building for a long time. There’s nothing “Biblical” about it, despite all the “apocalypse true believers”, it’s not “God saving us.” It’s that a group of parasites has started to kill the host, and for the host to survive, that particular parasite has to go.

Sure, maybe some alien group of beings might be assisting. Sure energies might be shifting. Sure, the entire planet might be undergoing some changes. But the forces behind what Q claims is going on have been at work for decades, and have been clearly visible to anyone willing to look at the actual evidence without the perceptual filters of “what’s acceptable,” or through the distorting lens of “FAITH” in one ideology or religion.

This has been a long time coming.

~ Valkyrie Ice McGill