You Are All Perfect Manifestations of The Divine One ~ September 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: This article is one of Truth. Everything is Love within which exists false FEAR making us believe we are lost. Please read this article, know the truth, and BE…



Channeled By: John Smallman


The most important subject with which humans have to deal is Love – which is their true and only state of being – or the apparent lack of Love they experience while they are in form as humans.  But, of course, there is no lack of Love, because there is only Love, which is the infinite field of divine energy in which all sentient life is lovingly and eternally held and embraced.  Love is found within!  There is nowhere else that it can be, because there is no without, there is no outside, outside is unreal, is nowhere, is the unreal dream-world of form which lasts only as long as the sentient collective that is experiencing form chooses to maintain it.

Initially, when form was first established, the flow of sentience that vivified it was so tenuous that it had practically no presence at all.  As form evolved, sentience became slowly more clearly manifest, allowing form to become ostensibly real.  Senses then developed that felt, saw, tasted, smelt, and heard its environment through those forms, and as a result of those sensations sentience began to identify with the form in which it found itself.  In form it seemed tobe separate from other forms and experienced a sense of alienation, abandonment, a sense of being lost or not belonging, and from this unsettling feeling fear arose.  There had never been fear because in Reality, in the field of Love there is nothing to fear, because all is One, living in perfect peace and harmony with Itself in a state of eternal joy!

Fear is the main limitation that is experienced through form, and from that all other limitations arise; you could say that the words limitation and fear are synonyms for each other.  When people rise above their fears, or move through them and beyond them, limitations just fall away.  You have a saying “Feel the fear but do it anyway,” and those that do appear to others to be fearless.  They are not, of course, they are simply not allowing their fears to rule or control them.  In the gospel of St. John there is the statement “PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR,” and when you engage with Love and operate from Love you find that you have the strength to overcome your fear, to cast it out!

Judgment, blame, bitterness, hatred, and resentment are limiting attitudes that tie people into beliefs about right and wrong – beliefs that are frequently invalid – that makes it almost impossible for them to have meaningful discussions in order to resolve issues that are dividing them.  Love is unconditionally accepting of all, and will listen to anyone without judgment.  When love is intended and demonstrated all issues can be satisfactorily resolved without blaming, shaming, or punishing, and all will feel honored and respected when that resolution is achieved.

It is the ego that constantly demands a person’s attention, and demands that its opinion be honored as the truth.  But the ego’s perspective or perception is always fear driven.  Whenever you feel emotionally or psychologically unsettled or uncomfortable your ego is in the driving seat – especially noticeable when actually driving as irritation arises seemingly as a result of other drivers’ unreasonable or dangerous behaviors.  When you accept and deal with what arises in your lives, without making any judgment and without feeling any need to judge, those feelings dissolve.

Love always honors and respects all with whom It interacts – all sentient life.  It has no need to judge or separate beings due to color, race, culture, social standing, or creed, because those seeming differences are only differences of form, an aspect of the dream or illusory world which is the only state in which it is possible to experience form and all its limitations.

You are all perfect manifestations of the Divine One, Mother/Father/God, Source, experiencing Itself in the only way that It can – in myriad reflections of Itself that allow It to know Itself in every aspect of Its infinite and multifarious creative possibilities.  You are One with Source, and you have been since the moment of your creation, enjoying with the One the infinite variety of magnificent, beautiful, and amazing creative expressions that It chooses – in every moment – to be.

At the same time, or in the same eternal moment, as a human in form, you are experiencing the unreal, a state of limitation and fearfulness in which conflict is ever present, seemingly threatening your physical existence, your life, at all times.  And, until you remember that you are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary and unreal experience of life in form, fear, and the conflicts that arise from it, will seemingly guide and rule your behaviors, your lives, because your behavior is your life, is who you are . . . until you remember.

It does seem to you that life is a one time event, and that when it ends you cease to be.  A terrifying thought.  Many attempt to collect or gather an abundance of material possessions that experience has shown long outlast a human lifetime, in order that they be ever remembered through these artifacts by the tribe or culture to which they belonged.  And your cemeteries overflow with memorial stones and ornaments to those long since returned to the non physical realms.  People are terrified of being unseen or forgotten.  However, as eternal divine beings you are always seen, you are permanently in the sight of God, and you can never be forgotten.

As Love fills your hearts, as you begin to remember that you are indeed spiritual beings having a temporary experience in form, fear falls away, and with it the need to collect stuff!  Many of you know loving souls who have very little in the way of material possessions and who are supremely content and happy.  And, in this the age of your awakening, more and more of you are choosing to move away from materialistic wants as the dawning realization or awareness of your true nature becomes more firmly felt.  Love flows through you, just as you and Source have always intended.

This awareness starts to dissolve the egotistical fears and needs that have for eons encouraged and led to conflict.  Instead, seeing that all are One, and that what an individual says, thinks, or does affects all, the individual now knows itself to be either lovingly acknowledging Oneness, or finds itself blindly and egotistically attempting to maintain the unreal state of separation.  With this awareness becoming ever more consciously present, service to others increasingly becomes the motivation for action, and personal peace and satisfaction replace the previous and almost constant sense of need that had been motivating and guiding its path through life.

Life is the field of divine energy in which all exists interdepently, it is Love, from which no one is separate, even for a moment, and when this is recognized it is impossible not to behave in a manner that is intended to be for the benefit of all, and doing this is intensely satisfying.  Oneness is realized, known, and lived, bringing lasting happiness that deals appropriately, in the moment, with all that arises and needs to be addressed by beings in form.  This is what your awakening process is all about, and it is proceeding apace.


Headlines and Updates for June 21, 2019: Expect the Unexpected [videos] ~ June 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: this is another incredible report from Starship Earth! The dark IS falling away from utter control of you and me and the way we live our lives. All I can say is…read this article, watch the video’s, and be…



This sensationalized research update is making the rounds in social media.

“Horns Are Growing on Young People’s Skulls”

No, not horns like Baphomet. Of course the WaPo article suggests the bone spurs result from cell phone use, but researcher Dr. Katherine Horton of Joint Investigation implies another possible cause…

(4632) @CIA‘s @washingtonpost reports about “horns” (note Satanic term) growing on the back of young people’s skulls…


…in EXACTLY the location where Body Area Network chips are implanted in every American at birth since 1980s!! #ChipCalcifications

— Joint Investigation (@JITupdate) June 20, 2019

And we wonder why hospital staff whisk a newborn out of a mother’s arms at birth. We know what we’re told; it’s what we’re not told that is the crime.

We also understand that every baby in America is vaccinated at birth. True? Humans have been one big experiment for many reasons.

Skeptical? They put them in pets… and the satanic globalists consider us cattle, so…

Read about it at the link below. Or do a search for ‘Body Area Network implants’. Every American can be a “targeted individual” with a birthday gift of a free “kill switch”. Charming.

How can they do that? Obama’s Executive Order related to—our favourite offshoot of 9/11—the PATRIOT ACT!

And we won’t even get into the “energetic implants” that Simon Parkes spoke about in his last video.


If you think implants are a myth or fear mongering, you’ve no idea where they have gone behind our backs with tracking Humans. This is what paranoid psychopaths do to control more and more of society BECAUSE THEY FEAR US.

The invaders have always controlled everything on this planet and the degree of that control and manipulation is still being defined for the average person. When we say we live in a Petri dish, we’re not kidding. They monitor, record, and manipulate everything—all of us. Is this the world you thought you lived in? The majority would have to say, “no”.

Homeland Security Fuses All Biometric Data On An Amazon Server – What Could Go Wrong?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Expect the unexpected…

Magic Cards Are Highly Radioactive

Murdered by the Mob

The natives are restless. When the government won’t protect them and do what’s right, sometimes citizens reach their tolerance threshold and take matters into their own hands. Someone has to protect the children.

This happened in South Africa—and no guns required.

Angry Mob Cut Off Pedophile’s Genitals After Catching Him Raping Girl – Nwo Report

You know, I hear a lot of negative stuff about Mike Pompeo, but I get a good reading from him. His energy and light are great and I have trouble with the suggestion he’s not on our side. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy to me at all, but we’ll see. He’s certainly in a difficult position as Secretary of State, trying to do Trump’s will and dodging globalist traitors and deep state operatives, AND working within the confines of The Plan.

Here he explains the initiative to encourage governments to take Human Trafficking seriously and put an end to it.

Pompeo, Ivanka Trump unveil 2019 human trafficking tip report

The “forced migration” issue, thanks to the globalists trying to destroy our societies, is something many of us want resolved–and fast.  This guy is rather outspoken about it and it’s refreshing.

Former Romanian President and MEP: “EU Tends to Tell Us We Must Live with Muslim Invasion”

The EU has to do that to fight not the “poor migrants,” but the criminal organizations that charge them some €5,000 to €10,000 to place them in Italy, Spain and Greece.

These “things are so well known that it seems very wrong to me that the EU does not put its resources together and stop” this, Băsescu said.

Thomas Williams delivered another terrific show last night. He always leaves us with a few zingers, doesn’t he? Clearly some extraordinary things lie in wait for us, possums, and as Thomas has said, it may not unfold as we expect.

If you prefer the full show with the pertinent musical selections you can listen here on

The Bill Gates admission that vaccines are for population control was particularly apropos, wasn’t it? Not a conspiracy theory—just a conspiracy.


This video is quite the departure for Sir Patrick Mack, and a serious documentary revealing a profusion of facts most of us are probably unaware of. No dancing doggies or spring-loaded cats in this one, and it’s not about weather.

It may take a few minutes to hear a familiar name but hang in there. It’s worth the wait.

That name: Sidley Austin. Ring a bell? The helicopter that crash landed on the roof of a building in Manhattan last week involved a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP.

That mention soon leads to other familiar names like Barack Obama and John McCain and from there this story is all over the place, going in surprising directions.

Sir Patrick found threads intriguing enough to research for several days, at least. This is the result. So many dots… so little time. Nice work, Sir.

The WeatherMen – IPOT Presents – 6.21.19

We have further exploration of the Gloria Vanderbilt legacy in this TRUreporting video.

And holy cow—does Kathy Griffin look like Anderson Cooper’s sibling or what?! Gender perturbation? Could she be the brother, Carter, that “committed suicide”? You know half the time when these people die they don’t really die.

This world we live in is a fantasy concoction of theatre and manipulation where everyone is an actor to deceive us and to entertain the El-ites. Hollywood is not what it appears. Television is about programming.

Sickos. Is it any wonder our society is broken, folks? Reality is anything but. Lies upon lies upon lies. We’re just their playthings to be used, tortured, butchered, implanted, drugged, deceived, drained of life-force energy and discarded en masse at their discretion. Slaves to their system.

Gloria Vanderbilt: The More You Know :Coded:

More un-real news… from the Boogie Man, Andrew. Fascinating. We’re all trying to figure out just what we are seeing out there. Thanks, L.

Simon Parkes discussed Earth’s “moon” on his show last week, as well. It’s so not what we’re told. It’s fake, like everything else.

Holographic Universe: New 3D Moon Hologram Technology & The Holographic Moon Track System

The terror cells are slowly being dismantled, thank goodness. We never know when a shooting, a bombing, or a ramming will take place.

Syrian Refugee in Pittsburgh Arrested for Plotting to Attack Church on Behalf of ISIS

I watched a terrific Lou Dobbs show last night with several informed guests but all I can find now are bootlegged versions.

This news, however, is worth noting.

Texas is pledging nearly $1B for border security: Abbott

And in light of this news today… wow.

Huge: ICE To Start Pre-Dawn Raids Sunday In 10 Major US Cities

What? Too many presidential candidates? No kidding! Have a contest and eliminate 90 per cent of them. It’s absurd. If they can’t get 10K people to a rally—off with their head!

Size of 2020 field too big even for Democratic enthusiasts, poll finds

Rush Limbaugh points out that…

President Trump Is a Bigger Draw Than Disney World

and says…

So you just don’t know. And I’d be very wary and suspicious of any polling data now, especially if it tends to make you mad. Don’t give it that much attention. Don’t give it that much power. I mean, just laugh at them and use them for entertainment value.

Did we expect this? Of course we did. Relax. It’s all theatre.

Trump holds off on approved strikes on Iran

The QAnon Question: Curiosity Killed the Cat ~ February 27, 2019

Once again, the identity of QAnon has come up and because I feel the role of QAnon is so important, I am sharing some dialogue around it. I really wish the identity thing hadn’t been revisited because I would hate to see the safety of anyone on the Q team compromised. Since they are tasked with protecting the President, it could also affect their mission to do so.

I am not going to share links—not that anything has been confirmed. I feel comfortable saying it is NOT John Kennedy Jr., but whoever Q is, they are very familiar with the US Constitution, law, statutes, legalese, the military, the NSA, surveillance, and much more—OR—they have access to experts who do.

As far as who Q is, at least the one speaking to us, I think many have in our minds a romantic, respectful, honourable character, perhaps a military dude behind the crumbs we nibble on every day new posts are added to the boards.

Some intel circulating suggests that QAnon is a team of people with a kick-ass Quantum D-wave computer. Can’t say if that’s true or not—however it certainly appears that Q has given us accurate predictions of specific events one year in advance.

Some say Q has been pointing to their own identity for some time by dropping hints, but I’m not convinced they necessarily want it known. I suspect the way Q’s popularity took off globally was somewhat of a surprise. Even if there were some way to predict this awakening and Q’s role in it, to actually walk the walk, talk the talk, and watch it all manifest would be heady stuff.

Human consciousness is a wondrous thing.

Here are two key points we made previously when discussing QAnon—and I stand by these:

  1. It doesn’t matter who Q is; what matters greatly is what Q is, and what they accomplish.
  2. QAnon is, in some respects, a psyop—and I explained why everything we see unfolding is a psyop.

I think it’s also important to point out that it’s almost impossible for Q to be just one person, although that is who we identify with. I think we’ve had overwhelming evidence that whoever the Q spokesman is, they are definitely part of President Trump’s inner circle—and play a pivotal role on a crack team.

QAnon was designed as an interface between the President and the public because the media is the enemy of the People. They knew that apart from live rallies and Twitter, there would be no other way to communicate with awakened patriots; to get them to understand the situation. A country full of people with a shit load of guns could be a powder keg of danger if handled improperly. If large portions of the populace are triggered, it could be mayhem in America.

Q extended the reach of the President exponentially and went viral, connecting patriots to POTUS on Twitter and generating record crowds at rallies where Trump could weave his magic wand and meld his energy and purpose with the People; his fans. He really is rather a rock star, isn’t he? He’s one of us, not one of them. He is anti-establishment, and bucking the system at every turn. He is not a popular guy in Washington and it shows.

Q also brought to light a lot of information and researchable topics that would help patriots realize what is happening in America and globally so they would realize they have to DO something, and not to be afraid when some historic things go down.

As I stated before, we “conspiracy theorists” have been sharing for years some of the same information QAnon did and few paid much attention to us. QAnon eloquently advanced the education of patriots worldwide by light years in a very short time. We have all evolved thanks to Q, and now we are “the news”, Q tells us.

One of the key reasons for Q is to show the patriots that despite how it looks thanks to the lying, treasonous lamestream media turds— there is a path and a PLAN to take down the deep state legally, systematically, and safely. They have our backs.

The message is also that “faith” is required. Not blind faith, but faith in whatever power we attribute to the fact that we are still here to fight this battle, and faith in a group of powerful patriots who love life and America and are sacrificing everything to make positive and lasting change for Humanity in this evolutionary period.

No violent uprising is required and the safety of the American people is top of the priority list. This is not an new plan; it’s an old one. Every nuance has been hammered out and run by the filters and algorithms and they are prepared for everything.

Through QAnon, we, the People have peace of mind. Without the education from Q, a headline like this might put some of us in a tailspin.

House votes to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration

The psychopaths want us to believe the sky is falling; to live in fear like a victim every day. Thanks to Q, we know the Republicans control the Senate. We hope they will be honourable and uphold the President’s emergency declaration, but if the deep state players are dangling blackmail, etc. in front of their faces, we don’t know what they may do.

If they don‘t support the National Emergency declaration, we also know that there is a Plan B, C, D, etc. Whatever it takes to get this done, will be done; somehow, without violence or chaos.

Because of QAnon and the dialogue we have going with them, the President (Q+) and the anons, we know this war is being fought with military intelligence, and that the positive aspects of the NSA are keeping a very close watch on the globalist traitors. We know they have every speck of dirt on these creatures that will ever be needed to lock them up for life, or longer.

Evidence is not the problem. I believe the reason for drawing out this process involves the education of the American public. They must get up to speed on what has transpired, who is who, and must be educated with the truth to the point they can’t miss it, and must clamour for arrests and justice. It can’t be foisted upon them. They have to know it’s the right thing and only thing that can fix what is broken. They have to understand justice for all.

Another role of the Q team: protecting the President, and that is music to our ears. The fact that Donald Trump and his family are still with us is testament to the brilliant and selfless work of the team.

Inscription on Bell of JFK’s boat: Where We Go One We Go All

It’s clear to me that the team involves members of military intelligence, but as a writer, I know the Q spokesman has an admirable command of the English language and psychology and provides memorable words and phrases that when repeated, lodge themselves in the psyche of patriots for retrieval when appropriate.

One important segment of this operation was that QAnon told us to be prepared for the Presidential Alert on our call phones in October. They didn’t tell us why until long after the fact, and the alt media shills had a lot of people wound up about it, but it turned out to be another key military operation which we have discussed before and for our benefit.

Yes, in a way QAnon is a psyop—but the military has pulled psyops forever. The strategy is not new. The deep state has been engaging in psyops forever—for their selfish ends. The treasonous media strains at the bit every day to deliver record numbers of lies and psyops to manipulate the public’s version of reality.

When there are massive operations underway in a nation to oust an evil parasitic but invisible enemy, if you don’t want panic and bloodshed, you MUST have covert operations or “psychological operations” to maintain control and get uneducated people to go along with the plan. It’s not a sin; it’s a blessing, in my opinion, at least in this instance.

The public don’t have to know what The Plan is if they can be manipulated—in a good way—to go along or even help. This is just rudimentary psychology, so don’t feel insulted. We’ve all been conned from birth. Can the end ever justify the means? I believe it can—and will.

If you were President Trump, and had a nation of mostly brainwashed people to manage and had to rout out an evil entity infecting every aspect of Human society—how do you think it would go over if you went on television for the State of the Union and delivered that news?

How do you think it would be received if you told the world what you now know to be the true state of the union in America just now; that the government representatives they trusted and voted for betrayed them many times—whether Democrat or Republican… high up or low down on the totem pole…?

The bulk of the public (Thomas Williams suggested 85% of the global population) does not understand what has transpired. They don’t know they’re slaves, they don’t know they’re prey—and they certainly don’t know off-world creatures and hybrids have been running the world through mind control and want nothing but war and suffering.

In this case the QAnon psyop is for a positive purpose and outcome. It is not to benefit one group; it serves all of Humanity; you and I.

This psyop educates, soothes, excites, generates action, avoids danger and violence, buys the time needed to execute The Plan per the timetable established, and shifts the consciousness of not only Americans but patriots all over the world who were either already awake or needed a nudge.

It shows us all that there is a far bigger cause here than an American election and the two-party system. Humanity is rising up and demanding their sovereignty and the QAnon team renders the global situation manageable so that can happen. They give us the courage to demand what we deserve because we know a powerful group has our back.

It provides perspective so we can better understand world news and events.

We are all better off for the presence of and interaction with Q. My only caution would be to take Q’s advice, when they said, “Don’t glorify us.” We are all Team Humanity and fighting this battle for ourselves and every life form on this planet. and we are all equal.

Not everyone understands the stark reality of it, the element of danger or the finality of the outcome of this war, but we are all on the same side nonetheless, standing shoulder to shoulder, brandishing our words as weapons and sacrificing to awaken the masses to our plight.

We’re doing so well just as we are. Let’s not get obsessed with who QAnon and their spokesman is. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the strategy was wildly successful and made so many more of us “digital soldiers”, as Lt. Gen. Flynn stated.

Anyone can be a digital soldier. You don’t have to have a blog or write a single word. You can share memes, videos or hyperlinks and retweet any number of people who publish great information on Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, Gab, anything you choose. A click of the mouse is all it takes. That makes you a digital soldier; in the trenches. A hero, really.

One day soon, when the enemy is neutralized and the imminent danger is over, we will learn who the Q Team is. All our questions will be answered and we will be wowed by the prowess, the cunning, the strategy and tactics of all those who sacrificed to protect the one man who volunteered to be the target of global psychopaths; Donald Trump, and to do whatever was necessary to liberate Humanity from the clutches of psychopaths who promised certain doom for us and our planet. There’s no other way to say it and no point in sugar-coating the message.

QAnon has delivered truth and previously unrevealed intelligence and inspired a global romance with a faceless entity. It’s historic. There are untold projects underway to secure our freedom and end the tyranny. Let’s not make the job any harder by discussing details that are best left unsaid for the time being. Let sleeping dogs lie. Mica thinks that an excellent strategy.

There is a glorious future for Humanity on the horizon. QAnon has given us so much hope and promise of a better world. Some of us are products of the immediate gratification generation. Let’s do everything in our power to support the people and the process and avoid letting curiosity create any more risk than there already is. You know what they say… “Curiosity killed the cat.”

For greater understanding of what is unfolding presently, you may wish to read SerialBrain2’s latest “decode”. It helps us view it all as a well-scripted “movie”, and I need my popcorn fix.  ~ BP

Post # 142 – The Deep State’s New Playbook against Trump.

Reports & Warnings Concerning Cobra [video] ~ May 13, 2018

Ah, yes…indeed the war for planet Earth is indeed heating up! When information appeared calling Cobra into question by several sources, I knew many questions would arrive because, hey…I have questions in my own mind! No one is exempt from attack in this war it seems…and the attacks made by the dark are not just in the physical realm!

This blog by Starship Earth speaks well to the crux of the problem. The knowledge I have learned from the geo-political scene indicates that the cabal/Illuminati/dark forces are indeed in dire straits as plan after plan after plan for complete world domination has failed.

Their latest ploy? Attack messages that stem from well-known leaders of spirituality to led the spiritual masses into confusion and disorientation which falls into their “divide and conquer” strategy. This is a pretty clever plan, designed to win through introducing spiritual confusion, and…this plan will fail as well.

What is a well-meaning spiritual BEing to do? My advise is to learn all you can from multiple sources, and then…ask for guidance from your inner Higher Self and let LOVE guide your mind to the right thought for you. No one can, or should, tell you what or how to believe. This is the time for your own conviction to guide you.

Let’s not forget that all is NOT woe as this may be one of the last tricks up the sleeve of the nasty dark who are in fact currently losing this war for Planet Earth. Perhaps attacking the spiritual base for Planet Earth with a “false flag” spiritual assault is all they are left to try, just sayin’…

That being said, please read this article from Starship Earth, learn all you can, know that truth wins, and…



I wrote the post below yesterday when I came upon the warning. I chose not to publish it. This morning I got up to the attached video from Tom Price and decided it needs to get out there. Readers are free to decide how to take it.

I have always been a Cobra supporter and share Benjamin Fulford posts and also from Tom Price. There is a war—not a game— going on and a lot of people depend on the information in the Lightworker community. There are many newly-awakened souls who need guidance and  I now feel it would be irresponsible NOT to put this out. With regret, I share the following.  ~ BP

True identities and intent seem to be at the forefront of Internet life at present. It’s easy to hide and deceive.

This isn’t posted with malice of any kind, only a desire to ensure we place our trust in the right places and keep Lightworkers safe.

Particularly in light of the recent update from Cobra’s website about Lightworkers being summoned by the Resistance Movement and disappearing with them into Inner Earth, it’s prudent to take note of this news from May 11 about the status of Cobra and his identity.

There is a great deal of trickery and disinformation circulating on the Internet, and I’ve no way to validate this information other than my own intuitive guidance so readers are on their own to process this and determine its veracity.

There are those who have felt that it is not truly Cobra running the 2012 Portal blog any longer and despite claims to the contrary from “Cobra”, we are left on the fence. I have noticed a difference of late but no need for red flags—until now.

Those attending Cobra’s conferences would know his identity. Cobra has not seemed to put out any dangerous information and people love his conferences and what he teaches. “Isis”, his wife (alias) attended with him and no one is sounding any alarm bells after attending the conferences.

We recently learned of the death of “Isis” and it sounded like a sincere request for commiseration and honouring of a precious soul.

If Cobra isn’t who he claims, why has he been attacked to mercilessly over the years? The video below may answer some of these questions.

There is an audio link below from a Blogtalk Radio show in 2012 you can listen to. Since “Ishtar Antares” is Slovenian, and I believe Cobra is also, there is a resemblance in the accent but it doesn’t sound exactly like the Cobra interviews I’ve heard, so I don’t know what to say. The material does sound like the same information Cobra has shared on his blog and in interviews, however, including with respect to the Tachyon chambers.

For what it’s worth, I seem to recall Cobra vowing several years ago that he is not that person, “Ishtar Antares”.

The following blog post tells us the Pleiadians are not going to interfere in this situation unless harm is done. They just did interfere when they said not to go back to Cobra’s website.

I hesitate to put this out there in the blogosphere because it’s bound to stir up some drama, but we need to know who we’re dealing with and who to trust—particularly when we have various other “trusted sources” possibly being exposed. It seems there are very few we can trust, and we are owed the truth. 

The last thing we need is another distraction, but there you have it. Listen to what Tom Price has to say. My job is done. If I get more information about this I will share it.  ~ BP

Reblogged from Great Awakening


1. Beloved Friends!

We Are Honored To At Last Give You Promising News Concerning The Event.

We Would Never Mislead You And Until We Had Stronger Intel. We Refused To Speak About This Matter.

2. Presently All Is Running Smoothly. This Might Be Meaningless To You.

But This Is The Moment To Trust Your Family of Light!

Our Family Of Light!

The Details Would Be Beyond Your Knowledge And Comprehension.

The Seamless Shifting Of Your Present Reality Will Be Instant And Amazing.

3. The Shift is Perceived When One’s Awareness, As A Materialized Presence, Has Bridged The Gap, Between Major Categories Of Vibration, Known As Dimensions.

4. The Shift Can Be Perceived By Some And Not Others. This Is Caused By The Frequency Of Each Being According To Their Present Experience At The Moment.

We Can Assure You That All Will Be Met With Great Joy And Celebration.

5. One Other Word To Share Is The Ongoing Reports Concerning Cobra.

Cobra Did Well And Was Faithful. He Did However Age In The Human Form And Left The Planet In A Previous Time. He Did Travel With Us For As Long As Possible.

6. We Must Warn You Of The Site That Was Taken Over By Those That Wish To Deceive You.

Do Not Go Back To The Cobra Site. It Is Fake And Is Being Run By Those Wanting To Confuse The Masses.

7. We Could Go On With Details But It Is Not Relevant To Your Well Being To Know All.

We Are Honored To Give You Updates.

We Rise Together In Light!


People only know Tomaz Raman as Cobra – not Sulla. The source of the material was not doing interviews.

Tomaz Raman (Cobra) was a business partner of Alojzia Sulla – the real Pleiadian contactee. He died in January.


Updates on Cobra’s site are a mix of recycled content from Sulla, taken from other sources, or just made up.

People should ask Cobra which Pleiadians he speaks with.

Leja Raman passed away, but she was not ‘targeted’ by energy weapons as Cobra claims.

Cobra’s wife Leja Raman (Isis) died.

A couple months later Sulla was killed in an assisted living facility by another patient there. His wife is still alive in the same facility.

Neither of them are really named Isis. I am referring to Tomaz’ wife as Isis now as reference bc that’s what people know. Tomaz and Leja took on the roles.


I was told Pleiadians have decided to not directly intervene in that situation, unless there is harm done.

Timing of the Event is dependent on internal + external factors. It’s always in flux. We missed targets bc of ops happening in deep space, as well as pushback on the surface – FF’s, divide + conquer tactics. Collective consciousness has to be ready too – this has improved lately.

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Ishtar Antares on Blogtalk Radio fall of 2012

Ishtar Antares lives and works in Slovenia as a Cosmic Astrology consultant. He developed a tachyonization chamber and his company “New Energy Tachyon” distibutes tachyonized products worldwide. He travels a lot, activating sacred spots throughout the planet and spreading his knowledge to those whom wish to receive it. Teachings from his book are incorporated into Aurora Transformation, a transformative weekend event that changed lives of many throughout the planet. If you would like to organize Aurora Transformation in your part of the world, you can contact the author at

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The Positive Side of 2012
Published on May 11, 2018

BEWARE: The Alternative Media is now INVADED by the Bad-guys. COBRA, Benjamin FULFORD, etc., are all affected by the Programmed Humanoids and A.I. Get the DETAILS here. This post was requested by the GALACTIC FEDERATION. Title: May 9, 2018 Entry Protocols

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