Secret Societies, Secret Messages; It’s All Becoming Clear with New Decoders [videos] ~ March 18, 2019

I hardly know where to begin because we have exciting information coming out. It was a busy weekend and this is my first opportunity to share it.

If you’re an astute, long-time reader this scenario isn’t a revelation, but for those who believe what is on display in the media in America and globally is just dirty politics, it may be a gobsmacker.

Since the idea is to educate everyone and fill them in on some of what they’ve missed, we restate the following:

There have been secret societies controlling our planet for a very long time. Some positive, some benign, some extremely evil; hence the endless wars, assassinations, disease, suffering, and decline of society in general.

The dark groups became so powerful it was almost impossible to fight them. Until now, as they also fight each other.

Now, the tables have turned, the dark forces are outnumbered, and the Light forces ar making great strides in the battle over evil.

We have the parties and individuals in place to topple the tyrannical, psychopathic and satanic regime, but no one wants to alert the general public to the threat and cause fear and chaos, so the take-down is shrouded in the guise of “just politics”.

What seems like coincidence and happenstance most certainly is not, as you will see from the following broadcasts.

If you still haven’t validated QAnon this may be the turning point for you. I have suggested that Q may be “quantum”. Simon Parkes and also Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot reported their sources saying the entity known as QAnon on 4Chan/8Chan are a group of high level patriots with a quantum computer which enables them to forecast outcomes. Simon went so far as to say the language used is not always human.

You may recall the many predictions Q has made and may also have seen efforts to show us that President Trump is the one posting as Q+. Whether you accept that QAnon is a positive group or not, by this point you have to accept that some key predictions as much as a year out have come to pass exactly as stated, and that President Trump and several others in his inner circle have seemed to link to QAnon in a blatant way, as have military groups.

Then there is the JFK link. QAnon introduced us to the slogan, “Where We Go One We Go All”; inscribed on the ship’s bell on JFK’s boat and featured in the movie, White Squall.

JFK spoke of “secret societies” and secrecy vs. transparency and tried to fight the forces who strove to control the world. As a result, he was assassinated.

Now… now we have a renewed, organized and powerful effort to pick up the fight JFK started. In addition, there is talk that John Kennedy Jr. did not die in a plane crash in 1999; a rumour not yet confirmed or denied with facts, but as QAnon often asks, how many coincidences have to occur before it’s mathematically impossible? There is some compelling evidence he may indeed be alive and actively joining in the assault on the dark.

After watching the communications or “comms” from QAnon for some time and seeing these “coincidences” unfold and the chatter between Q and the Anons, I began to wonder if some of the people we rely on weren’t placed there as part of The Plan.

How is it that the Anons and Autists just happened to be there to decode and augment Q’s posts? I also wondered if the faceless entity “SerialBrain2” just happened to show up and interpret President Trump’s Tweets. The mockingbird media has a field day with his “spelling errors” while we now understand they are not errors at all.

The President’s coded communications are strategic, and like those breadcrumbs Q drops, everything has meaning. The nuances are staggering if you watch the video below from another “decoder” going by the handle TN Homesteader. (Tennessee Homesteader)

Global Q army warriors in the Netherlands

Some like to diminish the importance of Q’s photographs, images, and remarks, but when you see what the decoders see in this information, you may develop a new opinion. From my perspective there certainly appears to be a powerful computer and artificial intelligence element to the QAnon and Presidential comms.

Beyond that, even, you may find a new respect for the secret communications between the secret societies battling for supremacy on our planet; this final, spiritual fight of good vs. evil that will vanquish the dark in one last, spectacular offensive to save Humanity.

It matters not to me whether you believe QAnon is on our side or not, but if you did, it would provide much peace of mind, as it has for thousands across the planet. We feel there is something far greater going on than a military intelligence operation to influence an election and current events. Now we have the facts to back up our intuition.

I first watched this video from Deplorable McAllister / Linda Paris, who, like me, wondered if it was just a coincidence that the brilliant and dedicated 4Chan/8Chan Anons were there to facilitate the QAnon communications with the world. She also speaks of a possible date when the 3 Clintons may hear justice knocking on their door for the final time.


Linda recommended watching this next video containing the decodes from TN Homesteader, and I found myself thinking it opportune that folks with this kind of a mind arrived on the scene. Everything, and everyONE is lining up perfectly in this Divine Plan.

Were the decoders triggered or activated by the events unfolding? It’s difficult to deny that a number of grand “coincidences” have slipped into place as we watched and it seems less and less likely that any of it, including Donald Trump’s election, were accidents.

No, I think no matter who or what Q is, they are here to stay to not only facilitate, but to oversee the Great Awakening. They encourage Humanity to educate themselves with facts, to be discerning, to leave emotion out of it and think logically, and to take responsibility for what unfolds by participating in key ways as outlined by QAnon.

Q is an excellent coach, and we have done well to engage in the lesson plan. Humanity is expected to do whatever they can to execute this liberation and not leave it for others to do for them. QAnon has activated the patriots globally by showing them the truth and inspiring action.

We understand the “countdown” is ON and today is March 18.

Whether you “get” the decodes in the numerology and Gematria in this video or not, follow along anyway because they impart a lot of great information right up to the end of the 52 minutes.

ICYMI – TN Homesteader’s Latest Mind-blowing Decode from Last Night’s Broadcast

Many of us thought it would be electric to get SerialBrain2 and TN Homesteader together to make the sparks fly. Perhaps they will. SerialBrain’s latest decode found life in another powerful video from And We Know. Enjoy.  ~ BP

Link to latest Q drops.

SerialBrain2: Secret Societies: RIP JFK – we will succeed.

If you want more Tennessee Homesteader, this just came out this morning to reveal what Q suggests is coming our way and to reinforce his belief in those developments:

ICYMI – TN Homesteader Takes His Latest Q Decode a Step Further on Last Night’s Broadcast

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