Headlines and Updates for November 6, 2019: The Pain is Coming: The Pain is Here [videos] ~ November 6, 2019

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Q is quiet. It’s like we’re holding our collective breath… waiting for the next big bombshell… our next little morsel of Q wisdom. Our mouths water at the mere mention of his letter. Q. Or number. 17.

The first thing I want to address today is the lies about Field McConnell being arrested. It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in the 7.5 years I’ve been doing this. FAKE NEWS! It’s a hoax, people.

As I said yesterday, there is no way it would be true. Field claims he has no enemies, but unfortunately, due to his outspoken way of outing the criminals, he does have enemies. He’s been fighting these ogres in black dresses for years.

The “banksters acting as judges” have been trying to steal his land. They have kept he and his wife apart. President Trump and the President’s Men made it possible for Denise to finally join Field in America and now the psychopaths have forced her to flee to the UK again for her safety. Perhaps Field has joined her there. I hope he has.

Unfortunately, some people would rather choose to believe the worst about a former Marine/Patriot/champion of children and jumped on the crazy train rather than realizing the blatant tactics are a pure, classic, textbook deep state smear campaign.

In an information war largely fought in the trenches of the Internet, we have to be savvy. And logical. I wondered why QAnon so often instructed us to use logical thinking. Apparently the reminder is required as some prefer pretzel logic.

Fortunately, many folks who revere Field McConnell and recognize his sacrifice (at 70 years of age) to found The Children’s Crusade and the McConnell Veterans Ranch, left their comments beneath some of the videos making the circuit on Themtube and stated they would never believe the BS being spouted.

Thank you! to the Patriots at American Intelligence Media/AIM4Truith for their research and their part in dissolving the absurd claims that Field was arrested, is a pedophile, etc. Un-friggin-believable.

We have the logic, and now we have the facts.

We’ve got your back, Field. (Watch your mouth.)  ;0)

Please read their page with videos here to set the record straight. See for yourself.

Field McConnell and wife Denise

The Field McConnell Lie

Our researchers were very concerned to hear that Field McConnell was arrested so we sent the miners in to see what they could find. Nope. Nothing on Field in Broward County or with the Feds. So what is this hoax really about?

Read the rest of the post…

This story will remain in the news cycle for a bit. Can you say, “damage control”?

The problem is, this isn’t only an “alt news” story. Anyone who’s anyone and delivers news broke this one. It’s all over Facebook. It’s all over Twitter. It’s everywhere.

Even the Washington compost carried it, with Amy in her slithery reptile-looking dress in black and white and big “M’s” for Masons… or monsters.

Amy Robach

So when Hillary tells us the footage we might see about high profile people and related shocking subjects is “fake news”… will the public believe her?

“The systematic destruction of the old guard.” It’s a thing of beauty. Watch them writhe in abject terror, because they know this ain’t over. It’s just beginning.

BREAKING: ABC News and Amy Robach RESPOND to Project Veritas BOMBSHELL #EpsteinCoverup Story


Karate Kid Analogy Defeating the Old Guard

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 2 May 2019 – 9:41:23 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oP2F5CM30k


You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.
May, 2019 – ‘kick-off’ ‘start’ ‘offense’
Enjoy the show!

We warned about the 5th of November.

The demons who have been running the planet are doing their best to deliver their own form of pain in retaliation for their removal.

The carnage is off the charts and this is one horrific story. The perpetrators are the ones Trump first referred to as “animals”—which caused a stir in the Dem-onic left. Oh, he’s racist… blah, blah, blah.

Most recently in Tupelo, MS the President said, “They’re not Human Beings”. He’s telling it true, but most people believe he’s speaking figuratively. He knew very well one reason the wall is required is to keep these creatures out. Now they’re forcing the issue and showing just how much we need protection.

The evil ones running the world have cultured these criminals. They gave them access to guns, money, drugs, and issued their marching orders. They need death, destruction, and suffering to pervade the planet. They profit from it. They thrive on it. “These people are sick.” “Pure evil”, says Q.

Recent events bring to mind the old Donald Fagen song, Maxine. “Mexico City… It’s like another world.” You won’t catch me going to Mexico any time soon. Build that wall!

A mom and 4 kids have been burned alive & another 10 kids and their 2 mothers have been kidnapped (with some already dead)

The Mormon men in the villages have gathered stockpiled weapons and are preparing for offensives against the Cartels & Mexican Government pic.twitter.com/DIjP7QgVrB

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 5, 2019

Is it Schiff-hit-the-fan time?

Here’s the next chapter of the Dimm’s playbook called, “Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!”

House to hold public impeachment hearings next week

Michigan residents… pay attention.

The Illuminati plan… to force migration of radical Islamic peoples into the West to destroy Christian societies. Many didn’t believe it could ever happen. What do they say now?

The “tolerant left” embraces these extremists who believe anyone who doesn’t worship their god should be ultimately beheaded and eliminated. They have no desire to integrate into our society; they plan to take it over. They will eclipse our social mores, roots, customs, and beliefs, and certain parties in America are supporting that plan.

The Muslims are having far more babies than we are in North America and their plan is to take over our countries. The writing is on the wall.

The slaughter of the Christians 2.0.

Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party candidate for Prime Minister of Canada met with the man who published a book about how to effectively beat your wife. Women are second class citizens to these extremists. They never advanced to a free and open society where we are all equal and tolerance is embraced. Violence… destruction of property…beatings… rape… beheadings… that’s their way of life and they have no intention of changing.

This is not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist. Some are kind, decent folk, but the ones imported and encouraged to facilitate the takeover are pure evil.

Will the Illuminati plan to destroy America and Canada succeed? That remains to be seen. Electing Democrats will hurt the West and Christians. It would mean our demise.

Representatives like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were planted in America to achieve the prime objective. They don’t need the People to elect them. They are “installed”. Elections are an illusion when the control freaks need to advance their agenda.

The People must insist on election integrity and keep the globalists’ land mines from blowing up in our faces.

Must See Video: The Islamic Takeover Has Begun, Watch Thousands of Shia Muslims March in Rashida Tlaib’s District

The mass exodus from Washington continues and Visclosky has left the building.

It’s not hard to guess whose names are included in the 120,000+ sealed indictments for treason, etc. They’re going to slink away out of the public eye and avoid the embarrassment. Smooth move, ex-lax—and it’s always a good idea to retire before you’re 80. Isn’t it, Nancy Pelosi and Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

Is this Democrat one of “those” old guard fugitives?

Rep. Visclosky announces retirement

In the video below Project Weeping Angel delves into the history of the Freemasons and the secret societies who have been running the world (into the ground). There is a fascinating history they don’t teach us in school. Ssssshhhhh! Mustn’t tell.

QAnon has revealed their hand in the machinations that brought us to the brink of extinction and said, “Symbolism will be their downfall.”

When we speak of it, they denounce it as “conspiracy theory”, but once you understand it, you see it everywhere. They flaunt it.

Secret handshakes. Hand signals. The “hidden hand”. The all-seeing eye. One eye covered. Crests. Sigils. Geometric shapes. Animals. Owls. Colours. Shapes. Clothing. Red shoes. Architecture.

If there’s nothing wrong with it, why do they hide it? Why do they lurk in our world and hide behind their gated mansions and estates on their fancy yachts with mini subs to private islands and travel with security details?

Their symbolism screams “secret society” and “bloodline”. They’re proud of it. They believe they are elevated elements of our culture. Royalty. Ha!

There’s nothing to be proud of. They are the scourge of Creation and they’re going down. Kicking and screaming. Including Hollywood.

ATTENTION: The More You Know . . .

Jussie Smollett is the lame actor who just won’t go away. His name is always hanging around like a bad smell and the fallout from his disgusting prank just won’t settle. But there’s good news.

Chicago’s Top Cop, Who Blasted Jussie Smollett For Hate Hoax and Snubbed Trump, Set To Resign, Report Says

Digital Soldiers fall in! Hit the keyboards. Man your battle stations and man the memes.

This is a timely update from James Corbett at The Corbett Report.

The Meme Wars Have Begun! – #PropagandaWatch

This has been a heavy collection of news and it’s time to lighten up. The future is bright.

Christmas is coming!

We will be saying, “Merry Christmas” in America this year—and you can thank President Trump for that.

None of this “Happy Holidays” crap. In Canada and the United States we say, “Merry Christmas.” (Don’t we, Canada?)

Welcoming desirable immigrants doesn’t mean abandoning our own customs and culture. They can assimilate, or leave.

The Merry Christmas greeting is not offensive.  OUR CULTURE is not offensive, and I don’t appreciate anyone disrespecting my culture and customs.

This is the way we do it, and being offended is a choice. No snowflakes needed at Christmas this year.

Check this out. Trump Christmas wrapping paper—with happy snowflakes.

I thought it amusing, but you can actually order it here.

Have a lovely hump day.  ~ BP

Out of Darkness, Into the Light Parts 6 – 10 on the Pedophilia Problem | Jake Morphonios [videos] ~ October 30, 2018

This series from Jake Morphonios at the Blackstone Intelligence Network is an excellent overview of the global pedophilia problem. It makes it clear that this taboo issue is thoroughly ensconced in our society globally in the most revered organizations, at every level, in nearly every town.

We are taught to respect and even fear some sectors of society; that it’s sacrilege to even whisper that people under the auspices of law enforcement, education, politics, high finance, the church, or family and children’s services might be tainted by activities such as pedophilia and Human trafficking—and that is why it thrives in those precise enclaves.

Every niche of society is tainted by these evil people, and it is the ultimate betrayal. They are anything but Christian and they know what to say to mislead and pay constant and convincing lip service to throw off trusting people.

The perpetrators of these monstrous crimes protect each other at all costs and every effort has been made to hide their origins and activities throughout history, but the truth is gradually becoming better understood and leaked to the public.

It is difficult to believe, but that is why it has remained hidden in the shadows. When one examines the astounding figures for missing children, there is only one answer for it. It is a business and many are paid vast sums for trafficking babies and children for the “elite”.

The only way to end this scourge on Humanity is to expose it; to bring it out of darkness, into the Light. Hence, the title of the series. When the truth about the scope of this appalling situation in every institution on our planet is fully known, it will rock our world.

Yes—it IS a “conspiracy” of epic proportion—but not a theory. It is shocking and all too real, and at first, extremely difficult to believe because despite what they say, they don’t worship the gods the rest of Humanity does. It is this denial that has meant children continue to be sacrificed.

Hopefully we will share this information far and wide so it will be recognized and stopped, and our children will no longer be prey. Jake encourages us to coach our children to enable them to protect themselves as much as possible.

Remember to give Jake’s videos a thumbs up on YouTube if you appreciate his work. Click the YouTube logo at the bottom right of these videos to watch on his channel and provide your feedback.  ~ BP

#6 – The Vatican Infiltration

#7 – The Illuminati

#8 The Knights Templar

#9 – The Beast

#10 – No Other Gods Before Me

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones | reallygraceful ~ July 25, 2018

In this mini-documentary about the Georgia Guidestones, I travel to the eerie monument to uncover the story behind America’s Stonehenge, the true identity of R.C. Christian, and find out the true mystery behind the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia—the granite capitol of the world.

Exposing the Commercial False Flag Operation Industry in America | Ole Dammegard [video] ~ June 15, 2018

In case you’re unaware, the NWO has made it legal for the US shadow government to mislead and deceive the public with false flag terrorism and propaganda. 

Great work, Ole. You are the respected expert in your field, obviously guided and doing what you’re meant to do.  ~ BP

TrueTube: PART I – Ole Dammegard: “The Soul-Less Signs of Death” – Breakthrough on exposing the commercial false flag operation industry

June 14, 2018

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

WATCH ON TrueTube Exclusive: PART I – Ole Dammegard: “The Soul-Less Signs of Death” – Breakthrough on exposing the commercial false flag operation industry

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – In a 2-Part breakthrough, deeply-documented presentation Premiere on TrueTube “The Soul-Less Signs of Death”, award-winning Swedish investigator and author Ole Dammegard exposes the global commercial false flag operation “dual reality” industry, in a wide-ranging expose of false flag operations world-wide, including in Part II a Special focus the False Flag industry in the United States.

Ole Dammegard’s analysis isolates the role of Free Masonic ceremonies and Free Masonic symbols symbols such as “Shoes” and brand identification product placement names such as “Nike Shoes” & “Toyota” motor vehicles that are central product placement to False Flags, illustrating the Free Masonic and New World Order orientation and mission of the designers, funders, and prime movers behind the False Flag operation “dual reality”.  You will never see 9/11; Sandy Hook; the 3/22 UK Westminster Parliament and Las Vegas False Flag operations again in the same light after viewing this TrueTube presentation.


QAnon Update May 18 – We Are Everywhere ~ May 18, 2018

QAnon Update May 18 – We Are Everywhere. By Interstellar. Source 8ChanUpdated 08:40 UTC

Q !4pRcUA0lBE No.85 May 17 2018 12:54:06 (EST)


TRUST – April 9

Q reposted 9 Apr drop telling us to trust Sessions, Wray, Kansas (Pompeo), Horowitz & Huber. Word is out that the OIG report should be released in the coming days, possibly even TODAY! Looking forward to watching all the naysayers eat crow.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE No.86 May 17 2018 12:54:21 (EST)

Think Logically

Think Logically

Huber appointed Utah US Attorney by BHO. Resigned in Mar 2017. Sessions app him interim US Attorney & @POTUS nom’d him for Utah US Attorney in Jun 2017. He’s been conducting criminal investigation into everything GOP wanted 2nd SC for since last Nov.

Lisa Mey Crowley

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Anonymous ID: 90810f No.1444632 May 17 2018 12:57:48 (EST)

Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo

This has probably already been posted.
Thought it was funny

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1444682 May 17 2018 13:04:39 (EST)

The hard part for us is having to wait for the ‘public’ to ‘know’ what we’ve known for a very long time.
There is no bigger threat to ‘them’ than the public being awake and thinking for themselves.
Why are we here?

Anon shared tweet fm Pompeo parody account. Q tells us the wait has been hard for them too. So many have been demanding arrests but the stage had to be set. Q drops made us DIG & find OPEN SOURCE info MSM refused to report. We helped awaken fellow Americans.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1444808 May 17 2018 13:13:19 (EST)

What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)?
Stay vigilant.

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1444934 May 17 2018 13:18:48 (EST)

God Bless the United States of America.

Horowitz found ‘reasonable grounds’ for believing there was violation of fed criminal law in FBI/DOJ HRC investigation(s), & “referred findings to Huber for poss criminal prosecution.” DS knows they’re toast. Heads up for FF attack(s). D5 = avalanche!

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1445147 May 17 2018 13:30:25 (EST)

What had to happen first?
Think logically.
Think DOJ & FBI.
Think cleaning.
Puzzle coming together?
We have reached our cruising altitude of 40,000 ft. long ago.
As we prepare to land, please fasten your seatbelt and make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.

Anonymous ID: ff6327 No.1445248 May 17 2018 13:34:34 (EST)

Trust The Plan

Trust The Plan


Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1445345 May 17 2018 13:39:47 (EST)


Releasing of the OIG report & DOJ/FBI investigation docs & unsealing of indictments could not occur until FBI & DOJ DS operatives were removed to ensure perps can’t evade justice. Buckle your seatbelts in case of turbulence on the way down.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE No.87 May 17 2018 16:57:40 (EST)


Q posted what looks like some kind of encryption code/key on the /patriotsfight/ read-only board but it has since been deleted. Reminds me of some of @JulianAssange’s tweets with similar numbers/letters. Vault 7 related?

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 598069 No.1448140 May 17 2018 17:41:56 (EST)



QAnon Update May 18



Q posted pics w/file names “Fsurv_londonps1” and “Fsurv_london.png”. Guessing these are some kind of surveillance (surv) photos taken in London and “ps” could be Peter Strzok? Just guessing based on what we now know about Crossfire Hurricane. Coats indicate colder weather.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 598069 No.1448152 May 17 2018 17:42:45 (EST)






Couple more pics w/file names “Fsurv_london_ps2.png” and “Fsurv_london_ps.png”. Still going with surveillance (surv) pics of Peter Strzok (ps) in London during Crossfire Hurricane. I could be way off but without any other contextual clues, that’s my best guess.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 598069 No.1448221 May 17 2018 17:47:09 (EST)

Note the jackets.
Time of year.

I noticed jackets in the pics (see last 2 tweets this thread) & figured it was cold there. Crossfire Hurricane started in Aug 2016 & went on up to Nov election. Anons speculating it could be around Christmas last year when some believe JA was secretly freed fm Equador Embassy.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Anonymous ID: 96ba5f No.1448466 May 17 2018 18:02:12 (EST)

A theory ?
Those pallets were full of smart phones to be distributed members, i.e. Hillary, bill, Hussein, bremmer,etc.. These were special phone which the cabal thought could not be tracked or monitored. The cabal needed a new way to communicate after Q exposed their gmail draft and game forum methods.
Hillary was in NZ (FIVEEYES), not only to raise funds (if that is the true story) but to test out the phones. . Under directions of Trump, NZ told Hillary that the phones were good.
The cabal worked with China’s ZTE for these special PHONES. That is why ZTE was in the news lately. Trump drew attention to them to send the cabal a message that he was on to them.

The pics in London show the cabal meeting up after communicating with their secret phones.
Just a theory.

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: cfcc74 No.1448537 May 17 2018 18:08:47 (EST)/h3>

We are everywhere Anon.

An anon speculated re: 3 May pics of pallets in a truck & AT&T in Hong Kong if related to smart phones for Cabal mbrs to communicate w/each other. Q replied “We are everywhere Anon.” w/pic of Air China at airport w/several pallets. Are they ZTE phones? Recently banned by DoD.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: cfcc74 No.1448537 May 17 2018 18:08:47 (EST)

From China


We are everywhere Anon.

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: cfcc74 No.1448660 May 17 2018 18:16:15 (EST)



iPhone City



More pics fm China. File names “Foxconn_ZZ.png” & “X10”. Believe this is Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou where they produce 500,000 iPhones a day. Locals refer to Zhengzhou as “iPhone City.” Apple X10 phones ready to ship out?

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: cfcc74 No.1448841 May 17 2018 18:24:48 (EST)



QAnon Update May 18




Pics of boxes on pallets w/file name “Class_1” for boxes not shrink-wrapped & “Class_2” for shrink-wrapped boxes. My guess is Class 1 for local shipments & Class 2 for export. No idea why these pics being shared w/o any context other than recent talks btwn @POTUS & Tim Cook.

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 610b24 No.1449191 May 17 2018 18:44:26 (EST)



Aerial photo of Las Vegas strip w/file name “LV_remove_.png”. Looks like pic taken fm window seat (row 6 or 7 based on location of engine) of poss secret Janet Airlines flight? VIP extraction (remove) before Vegas FF shooting? Will we finally learn what really happened?

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 610b24 No.1449636 May 17 2018 19:09:02 (EST)



Looks like one of NASA’s Space Shuttle’s in a hangar. File name “x2.png”. Not sure on significance of posting this unless it has to do w/@POTUS again mentioning establishing a Space Force as our 6th military branch. Perhaps announcement coming soon?

Lisa Mey Crowley

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 610b24 No.1449784 May 17 2018 19:15:27 (EST)



Guardian of the Pope.

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 610b24 No.1449911 May 17 2018 19:20:30 (EST)

Messages sent.

Owl pic w/file name “Guardian_P.png”. Owls are used by Free Masons as official symbol. Is the Pope controlled by Free Masons? Some anons speculate all these photos Q shared were from Cabal personal phones. Q sharing them as msg to Cabal. Next drop says “Messages sent. END.”

Lisa Mey Crowley

QAnon Achive

Pills Disclosure News Italia


People rarely do what they believe. They do what is suitable, and then they regret.

Bob Dylan