Headlines and Updates for November 6, 2019: The Pain is Coming: The Pain is Here [videos] ~ November 6, 2019

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Q is quiet. It’s like we’re holding our collective breath… waiting for the next big bombshell… our next little morsel of Q wisdom. Our mouths water at the mere mention of his letter. Q. Or number. 17.

The first thing I want to address today is the lies about Field McConnell being arrested. It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in the 7.5 years I’ve been doing this. FAKE NEWS! It’s a hoax, people.

As I said yesterday, there is no way it would be true. Field claims he has no enemies, but unfortunately, due to his outspoken way of outing the criminals, he does have enemies. He’s been fighting these ogres in black dresses for years.

The “banksters acting as judges” have been trying to steal his land. They have kept he and his wife apart. President Trump and the President’s Men made it possible for Denise to finally join Field in America and now the psychopaths have forced her to flee to the UK again for her safety. Perhaps Field has joined her there. I hope he has.

Unfortunately, some people would rather choose to believe the worst about a former Marine/Patriot/champion of children and jumped on the crazy train rather than realizing the blatant tactics are a pure, classic, textbook deep state smear campaign.

In an information war largely fought in the trenches of the Internet, we have to be savvy. And logical. I wondered why QAnon so often instructed us to use logical thinking. Apparently the reminder is required as some prefer pretzel logic.

Fortunately, many folks who revere Field McConnell and recognize his sacrifice (at 70 years of age) to found The Children’s Crusade and the McConnell Veterans Ranch, left their comments beneath some of the videos making the circuit on Themtube and stated they would never believe the BS being spouted.

Thank you! to the Patriots at American Intelligence Media/AIM4Truith for their research and their part in dissolving the absurd claims that Field was arrested, is a pedophile, etc. Un-friggin-believable.

We have the logic, and now we have the facts.

We’ve got your back, Field. (Watch your mouth.)  ;0)

Please read their page with videos here to set the record straight. See for yourself.

Field McConnell and wife Denise

The Field McConnell Lie

Our researchers were very concerned to hear that Field McConnell was arrested so we sent the miners in to see what they could find. Nope. Nothing on Field in Broward County or with the Feds. So what is this hoax really about?

Read the rest of the post…

This story will remain in the news cycle for a bit. Can you say, “damage control”?

The problem is, this isn’t only an “alt news” story. Anyone who’s anyone and delivers news broke this one. It’s all over Facebook. It’s all over Twitter. It’s everywhere.

Even the Washington compost carried it, with Amy in her slithery reptile-looking dress in black and white and big “M’s” for Masons… or monsters.

Amy Robach

So when Hillary tells us the footage we might see about high profile people and related shocking subjects is “fake news”… will the public believe her?

“The systematic destruction of the old guard.” It’s a thing of beauty. Watch them writhe in abject terror, because they know this ain’t over. It’s just beginning.

BREAKING: ABC News and Amy Robach RESPOND to Project Veritas BOMBSHELL #EpsteinCoverup Story


Karate Kid Analogy Defeating the Old Guard

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 2 May 2019 – 9:41:23 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oP2F5CM30k


You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.
May, 2019 – ‘kick-off’ ‘start’ ‘offense’
Enjoy the show!

We warned about the 5th of November.

The demons who have been running the planet are doing their best to deliver their own form of pain in retaliation for their removal.

The carnage is off the charts and this is one horrific story. The perpetrators are the ones Trump first referred to as “animals”—which caused a stir in the Dem-onic left. Oh, he’s racist… blah, blah, blah.

Most recently in Tupelo, MS the President said, “They’re not Human Beings”. He’s telling it true, but most people believe he’s speaking figuratively. He knew very well one reason the wall is required is to keep these creatures out. Now they’re forcing the issue and showing just how much we need protection.

The evil ones running the world have cultured these criminals. They gave them access to guns, money, drugs, and issued their marching orders. They need death, destruction, and suffering to pervade the planet. They profit from it. They thrive on it. “These people are sick.” “Pure evil”, says Q.

Recent events bring to mind the old Donald Fagen song, Maxine. “Mexico City… It’s like another world.” You won’t catch me going to Mexico any time soon. Build that wall!

A mom and 4 kids have been burned alive & another 10 kids and their 2 mothers have been kidnapped (with some already dead)

The Mormon men in the villages have gathered stockpiled weapons and are preparing for offensives against the Cartels & Mexican Government pic.twitter.com/DIjP7QgVrB

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 5, 2019

Is it Schiff-hit-the-fan time?

Here’s the next chapter of the Dimm’s playbook called, “Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!”

House to hold public impeachment hearings next week

Michigan residents… pay attention.

The Illuminati plan… to force migration of radical Islamic peoples into the West to destroy Christian societies. Many didn’t believe it could ever happen. What do they say now?

The “tolerant left” embraces these extremists who believe anyone who doesn’t worship their god should be ultimately beheaded and eliminated. They have no desire to integrate into our society; they plan to take it over. They will eclipse our social mores, roots, customs, and beliefs, and certain parties in America are supporting that plan.

The Muslims are having far more babies than we are in North America and their plan is to take over our countries. The writing is on the wall.

The slaughter of the Christians 2.0.

Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party candidate for Prime Minister of Canada met with the man who published a book about how to effectively beat your wife. Women are second class citizens to these extremists. They never advanced to a free and open society where we are all equal and tolerance is embraced. Violence… destruction of property…beatings… rape… beheadings… that’s their way of life and they have no intention of changing.

This is not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist. Some are kind, decent folk, but the ones imported and encouraged to facilitate the takeover are pure evil.

Will the Illuminati plan to destroy America and Canada succeed? That remains to be seen. Electing Democrats will hurt the West and Christians. It would mean our demise.

Representatives like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were planted in America to achieve the prime objective. They don’t need the People to elect them. They are “installed”. Elections are an illusion when the control freaks need to advance their agenda.

The People must insist on election integrity and keep the globalists’ land mines from blowing up in our faces.

Must See Video: The Islamic Takeover Has Begun, Watch Thousands of Shia Muslims March in Rashida Tlaib’s District

The mass exodus from Washington continues and Visclosky has left the building.

It’s not hard to guess whose names are included in the 120,000+ sealed indictments for treason, etc. They’re going to slink away out of the public eye and avoid the embarrassment. Smooth move, ex-lax—and it’s always a good idea to retire before you’re 80. Isn’t it, Nancy Pelosi and Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

Is this Democrat one of “those” old guard fugitives?

Rep. Visclosky announces retirement

In the video below Project Weeping Angel delves into the history of the Freemasons and the secret societies who have been running the world (into the ground). There is a fascinating history they don’t teach us in school. Ssssshhhhh! Mustn’t tell.

QAnon has revealed their hand in the machinations that brought us to the brink of extinction and said, “Symbolism will be their downfall.”

When we speak of it, they denounce it as “conspiracy theory”, but once you understand it, you see it everywhere. They flaunt it.

Secret handshakes. Hand signals. The “hidden hand”. The all-seeing eye. One eye covered. Crests. Sigils. Geometric shapes. Animals. Owls. Colours. Shapes. Clothing. Red shoes. Architecture.

If there’s nothing wrong with it, why do they hide it? Why do they lurk in our world and hide behind their gated mansions and estates on their fancy yachts with mini subs to private islands and travel with security details?

Their symbolism screams “secret society” and “bloodline”. They’re proud of it. They believe they are elevated elements of our culture. Royalty. Ha!

There’s nothing to be proud of. They are the scourge of Creation and they’re going down. Kicking and screaming. Including Hollywood.

ATTENTION: The More You Know . . .

Jussie Smollett is the lame actor who just won’t go away. His name is always hanging around like a bad smell and the fallout from his disgusting prank just won’t settle. But there’s good news.

Chicago’s Top Cop, Who Blasted Jussie Smollett For Hate Hoax and Snubbed Trump, Set To Resign, Report Says

Digital Soldiers fall in! Hit the keyboards. Man your battle stations and man the memes.

This is a timely update from James Corbett at The Corbett Report.

The Meme Wars Have Begun! – #PropagandaWatch

This has been a heavy collection of news and it’s time to lighten up. The future is bright.

Christmas is coming!

We will be saying, “Merry Christmas” in America this year—and you can thank President Trump for that.

None of this “Happy Holidays” crap. In Canada and the United States we say, “Merry Christmas.” (Don’t we, Canada?)

Welcoming desirable immigrants doesn’t mean abandoning our own customs and culture. They can assimilate, or leave.

The Merry Christmas greeting is not offensive.  OUR CULTURE is not offensive, and I don’t appreciate anyone disrespecting my culture and customs.

This is the way we do it, and being offended is a choice. No snowflakes needed at Christmas this year.

Check this out. Trump Christmas wrapping paper—with happy snowflakes.

I thought it amusing, but you can actually order it here.

Have a lovely hump day.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for September 21, 2019: Breaking Indictments—Lying and Cheating Never End Well [videos] ~ September 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ok…seatbelts buckled up? It’s getting ready for rock ‘n roll time here in America as indictments are being released for HRC and major Dem members from the Obama admin. This obviously has to happen (with consequences) which will open the freedom door for the rest of the world. The indictments are stemming from the sale of uranium from the US to Russia for nuclear purposes which opens a floodgate of illegal moves taken to undermine our country, it’s legal processes, and ultimately Trump as the new leader in town.

What exactly does an indictment mean? according to Siri on my iPhone (and it know everything, right? 🙂 indictment is: “a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime.” An indictment is issued followed by arrest and then a trial. Stay tuned for developments as they occur. Pardon my own “Yippee!”

So…grab the popcorn as life is about to get very interesting. You can count on Google/YouTune to heavily censor this material and let’s see how MSM handles this info. In the meantime, be aware, grab your ringside (Internet) seat pass the popcorn, and BE…



We heard BIG news was probably going to break possibly on Friday, but most certainly this weekend. The following would qualify.

BREAKING: 11-Count Indictment Handed Down in Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One. Clinton, Obama, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Holder, Lynch Facing Criminal Prosecution

Big Tech censorship is exploding across the Internet and the digital soldiers are waging a silent war against the false reality they attempt to fabricate.

The cheats may win a few battles, but Truth will win the war. It’s just a matter of time until these petulant pussies are chopped up into itty bitty pieces and the fragments scattered in the winds of change.

Sean at SGT Report documented the results of his little “test” on YouTube. The shadow-banning, censorship, blatant manipulation of the community rules, and globalist-run accounts are having a significant effect on some of the better patriot channels.

We know our Starship Earth blog has been censored for a long time. After over 7 years of publishing the truth we should have a lot more followers and views than currently showing, but 20 million hits is fairly good for a small blog. We’re getting close to that.

Thanks to the crew for liking, sharing, supporting in various ways, and keeping us humming along through thick and thin—and for the wonderful company on this phenomenal journey.


We know they mess with the subscriptions, as well. People suddenly stop getting notifications of new videos and new blog posts. We have to continually re-subscribe, hit the notification bells, and bookmark our favourite sites and channels. It’s hard work—but we have the wits and the wherewithal to master it and win this war. This is why we’re here.

QAnon told us to “learn the comms”; told us “You have more than you know”, and also…255

Learn to Read the Map

Q!ITPb.qbhqo 4 Dec 2017 – 9:14:24 PM Learn to read the map.
You have more than you realize.

Many Anons figured it out. Q tells us a year ahead what will be happening. For instance, when you go to the old Q crumb from September 17th 2018… Voilà!2202

Deep State & Fake News Attempting to Blackmail Politicians into Impeaching POTUS

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 17 Sep 2018 – 5:37:56 PM PANIC IN DC.
BLACKMAIL v Senate & House [BRIDGE: FAKE NEWS MEDIA] being used to apply leverage against POTUS and/or force immediate ‘impeachment’ hearings based on ‘mental state – potential release of state secrets – sources & methods….’

We see the dimms embroiled in a vicious and absurd attempt to impeach President Trump. (and SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh)

This usually prompts the question, “How does Q know in advance what will happen so far down the road?”

They told us. This is a “movie”. The greatest military intelligence operation of all time. It’s scripted, cast, and produced by White Hats to execute the most brilliant takedown ever—WITHOUT violence or civil unrest on a grand scale.

They are showing those in the trance what has happened, are gently shaking them awake and telling them they need to pay attention and take part in bringing criminals to justice and ending the evil infestation. They need to step up and take their power back. Sheep no more.

Humans don’t know they’re prey because the marauding creatures control the media, education, and everything that provides the basis for their view of reality. They don’t know they live in an illusion, and they’re overdue for a reality check.

The opening scene of the first movie went thusly:1929

The Russia Hoax / Fake Dossier / Spygate Movie Trilogy (Redo)

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 19 Aug 2018 – 9:02:47 PM [Movie 1]
>>BO>>CS>>BO>>NO>>CS>>NO>>BO>>[  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]
Who instructed the DOJ to release ‘select’ text messages?
When did [RR] learn of involvement [BO][NO]?
What happens if [RR] knew PRIOR TO signing CP FISA?
Why did [RR] under congressional testimony refuse to answer the question re: reading of FISA prior to execution?
Who signed pg 380?
Who signed pg 389?
Who signed pg 390?
Who signed pg 391?
Who signed pg 392?


Who is [1 of 4] FIREWALLS?
Who signed?
Who signed?
MOVIE 1 [Full]: The ‘START’
Coming SOON to a theater near you.
MOVIE 2 – Coming this FALL.
Enjoy the show.

Yes, it’s getting real and it’s hard for many of us who have seen the movies a dozen times already over the years. We’re begging for the sequel; the happy ending, but there are still many things we can learn if we pause the movie and study the scenes carefully. The rich details can be easy to miss amidst all the live-action and scintillating dialogue.

We need to pay attention because we’re the extras. We have roles to play and need to step up when the script indicates and give it everything we’ve got to make the most convincing theatrical production possible.

We get to wield a few clubs and slingshots of our own. No need to go overboard and launch into full combat. No fake movie blood required.

Just share the truth. Have conversations with people and plant seeds. Fight back on social media with memes and clever comments. Name and shame. Do what digital soldiers do.

And when the time comes… “Vote! Vote! Vote!” to ensure President Trump and his trusted allies are in place to DISplace the corrupt, blackmailed and bribed cabal minions and clowns who have been running the show—and have another four years to continue their extraordinary work.

Election rigging and voting fraud has been addressed to a great degree and the system is going to deliver the will of the People in 2020.

I share this video regularly because it’s the most sharable movie “trailer” we have, in my opinion. President Trump told us using very specific language what went wrong, what is being done to correct it, and how that happy ending will go. Every word is meaningful.

When people hear this, the truth resonates. Many get it.

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

(and it did!)

When you watch a Trump rally the magic is palpable. Look at the crowds amassing to show their support, to feel that energy of change, and hear the words of hope; of freedom. Through the promises kept, they are seeing their country resurrected. It’s rising from the ashes, and when America is free, they will be sending out their assistance to liberate the rest of Humanity the world over.

The magic is washing over the planet and changing life as we know it.

Father and son: Joe Kennedy II and III

Change is in the Wind

So, what do you think—is the Kennedy clan making a come-back? Juan O Savin mentioned a few months ago that this job (of draining the swamp) is too big and too dangerous for one family to bear the full weight.

That may have suggested that the Kennedys may be organizing again in the background and just may join forces with the Trumps to GET THIS DONE. It will be interesting to watch these next 18 months in America.

Royalty, bloodlines, and dynasties may have left a nasty taste in our collective mouth, and this roller coaster is mid-flight. All we can do at this point is trust and support those who have proven themselves wise and trustworthy; to judge by actions and consider the venomous arrows of the deep state hit men permeating the airwaves and digital files.

You may or may not recall this story. The Kennedy family has long been attacked and bridled because they attempted to correct the wrongs and oust the evil. Joseph Kennedy II made a valiant attempt.

Joseph Kennedy Ends Gubernatorial Bid

As alluded as a possibility not long ago… it’s happening. When will the Democrat Party die? Or will it? Could this be the foundation of the NEW Democrat Party? How soon can we dispense with the misleading “party system” and govern ourselves? How many years to get to that point?

Is there a fresh wind blowing new life into 2020? Joe Kennedy III is going to go big, or go home in the state of Massachusetts.

Kennedy launches primary challenge against Markey

Here’s another Kennedy (not related as far as we know), and I like his attitude.

Sen. John Neely Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case

The most intriguing question of all: Will JFK Jr. emerge from beneath the waves as a new option for dyed-in-the-wool democrats in 2020? We have very compelling evidence on many fronts to suggest that will happen as one of these movies rolls.

I can’t think of a better way to get the attention of the snoozers, can you?

We have seen a woman who looks a lot like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at several Trump rallies. One appearance in Rio Rancho, New Mexico almost had her sending Morse code with her shiny eyelids. The blonde woman in red to Trump’s right was taller than her companion, and Carolyn was 5’11” tall. Possible?

A digital artist suggested what JFK Jr. might look like now, at 59.

Most of us like happy endings, and some of us love surprise endings. You may think you do.

Try this on for size. Area17 Ground Zero consistently puts out videos with a different slant as a result of Q decodes. Maybe you can see his point.

I rather like his fresh approach, but don’t necessarily always agree. Anything is possible, though. I’m not invested in the outcome because I know it will all unfold for the best and highest good of all concerned. The energies simply don’t support anything else. Que será, será.


Dave’s financial reports have been excellent lately for bringing significance to the subtle things we see, or don’t see. Here’s the most recent one that make sense of the stories unfolding now about the failing debt-based system and where we’re going.

The Establishment Admits They Lost The Economic Narrative – Episode 1975a

President Trump has been taking California to task, as you may have heard. The swamp on the other side of the country has long needed intervention and positive things are coming out of this latest attention as Humanity rolls up their sleeves to clean up the “homeless camps” in the former Golden State.

This is just the beginning and we can already hear the gurgle as the swamp creatures circle the drain.

The wall is keeping out illegal aliens, violent offenders, bribed voters, and curbing Human trafficking. The voter roll cleanup will go a long way to ensuring a more accurate and honest election reflecting the wishes of the People.

Yes, this is a real homeless camp in Los Angeles. @realDonaldTrump #LosAngelesCleanup pic.twitter.com/vxRltzlOeD

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) September 21, 2019

Comey’s never getting out alive.

REPORT: Comey Broke Rules to set up Interview With Flynn

I find it interesting to see members of the “Q Army” organizing, unifying, comparing notes, and strengthening the Truth movement.

What a joy it would be to sit down, relax, and have intelligent conversations with like-minded individuals.

Greetings from Q-meeting in Helsinki!

In the northern hemisphere the fall equinox is upon us! We have a brief astrological/energetic update to arm ourselves for the coming days.

Equinox Stargate

And with that, I’ll close for now. Soldier on!  ~ BP

Labour Day Updates for September 2, 2019: Multiple Storms, Multiple Meanings [videos] ~ September 2, 2019

The model Fox News is using for Hurricane Dorian is saying it is a Cat 5 and is anticipated to skim the Florida coast and beyond before it tracks out into the Atlantic. Keep huffing and puffing folks! Models don’t determine what will happen; they merely predict, and “thoughts become things”.

It did a lot of damage in the Bahamas and we hope they will be getting assistance very soon.

Democrats’ real wish list for 2019: More mass shootings, catastrophic hurricanes and an economic crash… all to blame their political opponents

Lots of SerialBrain2 decodes—AND—videos from And We Know… newest links  on top.

Post # 194 – Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 2: Trump Freed France from the Cabal!

Post # 193 – Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 1: The Battlefield and the Weapons.

Post # 192 – It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

SerialBrain2: It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

Post # 191 – Trump just confirmed the Idaho Riddle decode all the way from the G7!

General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell tells us the “government” is withholding documents the defense needs. She feels from what is available the case should be outright dismissed and does not want to go the route of a “not guilty” plea.

Flynn lawyers accuse DOJ of withholding key documents

I’ve been thinking about the media. We continue to see mergers and growing monopolies and obviously the talking heads are still spewing pure propaganda and lies, but what if…

What if some benevolent sorts actually have been buying and taking control of the media companies and solely for the purposes of waking up the public they are using the currently ensconced talking heads to do their most outrageous best—only to take over the airwaves at the predetermined time to tell the world the “real truth”? Just asking. What if?

It doesn’t seem like the White Hats have left anything to chance, and we know the corporate media is a problem, but the truth is measured.  Why does Fox allow Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and others to tell the truth while others still spout the anti-Trump rhetoric? If the cabal owned the company would they allow the pro-Trump truth to come out? Did some of the media companies flip?

Are some of the movies coming out designed to reveal the truth and wake up the masses or are they just more cabal productions to show us what they’re planning to do “to us”? Not that they’ll be doing anything “to us”. They’re toast. Mind-controlled shooters, stabbers or vehicle rammers is all they’ve got left. Pathetic psychopaths.

I’m going to quote the quotable Q right now. I like this one below.

Good writing gets the message clearly across in as few words as possible. I don’t strive for that in this conversational style I use for the blog, but Q is a master.


Learn chess.

Down she goes.

Nobody escapes this.



QAnon may be back on the boards in a few days. We’ll see. It won’t be before Sept 5th, but some time after.

Here’s an interesting bit of info that may or may not be true. Fulford’s supposed update for this week… for which we may or may not get confirmation. Thanks, L. Not that I believe it’s Fulford writing this.

Former Japanese Prime Ministers Koizumi and Nakasone in Guantanamo, Japanese police say

Former Japanese Prime Ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Yasuhiro Nakasone were taken last week by U.S. military police to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Japanese police and underworld sources both say.  A person at Koizumi’s office, when asked if this is true, said, “There is nobody here.  My job is just to answer to phone.”  Even PR people were unavailable, she said.  Spokespersons for the 101-year-old Nakasone were also unavailable at the time of writing this report.  The head of intelligence for the cabinet of Japanese-slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe failed to respond to queries about these arrests.  The arrests are part of a major crackdown on people related to the Bush family, a Japanese right-wing source said.

The arrests, if they took place, are long overdue.  Koizumi is a murderer (he likes to strangle geishas) who handed over control of Japanese corporations to Zionists.  Nakasone overruled Japan’s health and welfare ministry to allow carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals to be put into common Japanese foodstuffs and other products.  Hopefully they are now squealing on their satan-worshiping bosses.

We have more evidence the cabal is hell bent on creating war and as much destruction as possible on their way out. Surrender is not in their psychopathic vocabulary.

There is more interesting reading at What Does It Mean, as well.

Shock US Navy Missile Strike Follows Court Filing Proving Clinton-FBI-DOJ-CIA-DOD Plot Against Trump

The globalists love their scare tactics, however impotent they may be. This weekend the freeway signs in the Phoenix valley said to “be afraid”, again. I just can’t take this stuff seriously. I believe the media also posts police training videos on the Internet posing as real scenarios. The one I viewed was so lame with slo-motion action it had to be a training exercise.

They say the alert message will stay on the signs indefinitely. Check out the couple we’re to fear at the link. They had one deputy in charge of this operation? I doubt it.


Yes, we live in a Petri dish. We didn’t evolve from apes; we were created, then manipulated and interfered with by multiple races, and have been watched to see how we’re progressing. Or not. More drip, drip, drip of disclosure.

Scientists say that aliens are looking at us like “animals in a zoo”

Here’s an amusing tale about a creative inspiration.

Slovenian Village Sparks Controversy With a Trump ‘Statue of Liberty’

This is a revealing look at just who has been running things in America.

Click the video. Surprised?

Not going to believe who is on the Defense Innovation Board at the Pentagon @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @2xwide_dreaming @We_Have_Risen @ProudAmericanP2 @klauswynter @BabeReflex_8 @almostjingo @TheLastRefuge2 @1foreverseeking @SeekerOTL @ECEverett1 @sibeledmonds pic.twitter.com/6030HqgStY

— Shannon (@Avery1776) September 1, 2019

This headline shouldn’t surprise you based on the increasing frequency of false flag shootings.

Gun debate to shape 2020 races

Here is the latest Patriot Intel Report followed by today’s Oracle Report from Laura Walker.

Patriot Intel Report 09 02 19

THE ORACLE REPORT | “Alpha & Omega” – September 2, 2019

Scott Mowry had an event this weekend so the Miracles Intel Call will be tonight rather than last night.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call has been rescheduled for MONDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 2, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

As we enter into the month of September, EVERYTHING is ramping up like we have never seen before — including the weather!

Hurricane Dorian, currently bearing down upon the states of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, is a metaphor for another kind of “Perfect Storm” about to inflict catastrophic damage upon the Deep State.

  • The damage will come from of a plethora of seriously damning evidence now ready to be released in series of drops by the White Hat Patriots throughout the month of September, and continuing into the Fall.
  • Strike one has come from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Michael Horowitz, who has finally released his special report into James Comey and it was extremely critical of his lack of professionalism and ethics. It has now been officially documented that James Comey is the worst Director in the history of the FBI, even worse than J. Edgar Hoover.
  • Make no mistake about it, the James Comey OIG report is merely the appetizer as far, far more devastating evidence is on the verge of coming out which will lead to an indictment of prosecution of the former FBI Director. It is only a matter of time now.
  • Meanwhile, numerous other reports are indicating former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe is about to be indicted, as well. And we are anticipating many other indictments about to become unsealed of former Obama administration officials like: James Clapper, James Brennan, Susan Rice, etc.
  • Over the past week, President Trump has been openly discussing “The Storm” in his press conferences and on Twitter. The President is clearly not only referring to the weather, as these are specially coded messages for Patriots, Anons and the American people to be ready for some major developments about to begin! Here we go!

We can tell you, this will be another very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598

Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402

Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

(Please make sure to go to the “Services” section of PayPal to make a donation and not the “Send money to Friends” section)

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry


Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraclesInspire

We need to keep it light, so here’s today’s wacky Quick Burn from IPOT.

A Quick Burn – Love Hurts – IPOT Presents – 9.2.19

That concludes our update for today. Enjoy your Labour Day—as if we don’t have enough of those. Every day is a “labour day”, it seems unless we’re away from home on vacation and out of the old daily grind scenario.

I’m looking forward to those technologies being released that will make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks for the chuckle, L.   ~ BP

New Q for a Tuesday Afternoon ~ July 23, 2019



And remember Sean at the Cordicon YouTube channel and his brilliant research? Check out his Tweets. 3469

New: Title TBD

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 23 Jul 2019 – 3:12:14 PM https://twitter.com/SeanCordicon/status/1153737540702285825


Targets (‘models’) made to fill out an extensive background report?
Targets (‘models’) asked in detail re: family?
Targets (‘models’) generally ‘green lit’ based on ‘loner’ ‘insecurity’ ‘depressed’ P_eval?
Targets (‘models’) generally ‘green lit’ based on ‘humble’ ‘poorer’ family background? [prevent possible ‘legal’ retaliation]
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Q This link isn’t translating into a graphic. See Twitter. https://twitter.com/SeanCordicon/status/1153737540702285825

This is a great Tweet, too.

Editor’s Note: Ah…yep…ths S**t is about to hit the fan. Have you got your popcorn? Please listen/learn about the Mueller congressional hearing to morrow, and be…