Headlines and Updates for December 27, 2019: “The Plan” is Working and Delivering, As Promised [videos] ~ December 27, 2019

Editor’s Note: Uh…yeah. I’ve only made it through this daily news report to Agent Margaritaville’s video uploaded below… OMGosh, ya’ll need to see this for a YUGE wake-up call! After watching this, meander on to the rest of this report with a more acute awareness of this hosrrific driver for change, but also know humanity has this, which allows the 99% to BE…



I’ll stick this at the top as it just came out.

BREAKING: Epstein Met With Scientists at Military Bases in Israel; Are Co-Conspirators Finally Under Investigation? – Patriots’ Soapbox 24/7 News Network https://t.co/uqx4gHjwm3

— Octothorp #LPEEP (@selvestekjetil) December 27, 2019

Not sure if this is related to the arrests in Italy we learned of this past week or in addition to. Leo Zagami is a self-professed member of the Illuminati, but we are to understand that one faction of the Gnostic Illuminati is a positive element and working for Humanity. Perhaps he is one. Thanks, J.

300 arrest for irregular Masonic Activities and the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia

J. McStain exposed again. Traitor. No longer a problem.

IG Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI Dropped Him

The Poop has to go, too.

“He’s the administrator of the church, and he’s also a politician,” said Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump. “This is the problem. … He’s constantly putting all the faults in the world on the populist nationalist movement.” https://t.co/4ED0V4kBqm

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) December 27, 2019

Here we have the next chapter in the continuing saga of Field McConnell’s unlawful incarceration from Pentagon Pedophile Task Force correspondent, Timothy Holmseth. Unbelievable. (Tim’s website is behaving a little oddly for me. No images loading.)

Pierce County Sheriff intercepts documents from Poster Master General that will FREE kidnapped U.S. Marine Field McConnell

Here’s a powerful flashback. Check out the actors in the background.

A historical look back…..



The 2009 story of a Globalist/American
laundering scheme that ripped off you and me
@realDonaldTrump #KAG #PANIC pic.twitter.com/cecuyuF41q


— Miguelifornia Supports CODE OF VETS (@michaelbeatty3) December 27, 2019

Someone else is on the same line of thinking as I have followed recently. Is it a coincidence that so many “earthquakes” have happened near nuclear power sites recently? Hey, Fukushima worked so well, why not try it again? It’s not working, though.

WOW ~ Earthquake ~ 5.1 magnitide hits Iran near their Nuclear Power Plant.

What are the odds of that?https://t.co/QsvBBYTvwU pic.twitter.com/sUsfybdUlC

— Ann Vandersteel SteelTruth™️ (@annvandersteel) December 27, 2019

We learned that CNN paid a tonne of money for airports to blast their propaganda non-stop. Here’s a follow-up report. It’s quite a statement. Money talks.

Airport Revenues Soar After Allowing Travelers To Pay To Turn Off CNN #BestofTheBee2019 https://t.co/D48Gnja0Ea

— The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) December 27, 2019

Yeah, they’re not going to reveal everything. It will take time, lots of time, for the average person to be able to assimilate the truth about what has happened on this planet at the hands of things that appear Human. The more intrepid ones may do some research.

We never suspected such grossly barbaric activities in Canada, of all places. And that’s how they got away with it.


Bigger than BIG.

— CanadaAgentShowTime (@CanadaSpecialA1) December 27, 2019

Here is Agent Margaritaville’s upload from yesterday. If you’re red pilling yourself, his material is usually historical to current, and his team “has it all”. Monsters Inc is #Canadrenochrome . Gov – With it’s Monsters Inc / 9.11 Connection.

I thought these two Tweets interesting. Just sayin’. D for DEFCON or a D5 avalanche, it matters not. It’s coming.

Its a go.

— Vincent Kennedy (@VincentCrypt46) December 27, 2019

Laura Walker’s latest update follows. At her website, click the audio on the right hand side and download or listen online when it opens.

She speaks of bones and joint issues at this time.

Capricorn 2019 New Moon – “Capricorn Overkill”

Another dirty politician outed.

Mayor Tonita Gurule-Giron of Las Vegas, New Mexico

Las Vegas, New Mexico mayor faces criminal charges

There was another plane crash yesterday—right next to the runway in Kazakhstan. Is that Planet X theory far out?

There was also a US army helicopter crash recently, as we mentioned. It’s not only commercial jets, it’s small planes, all kinds of aircraft, usually shortly after takeoff. Boeing is not always involved so it’s not the BUAP that’s the problem.

A Plane Crashed Into a House in Kazakhstan Seconds After Takeoff and Killed At Least 12 People

This is a riveting discussion with another of Canada’s best exports; Brad Johnson/Adronis, with Laura Eisenhower. They speak frankly about so many different topics and it feels very accurate. Much of it I have never heard anyone address. It’s a little different from our understanding in some cases; the reverse, in fact, in others. Thanks for the share, J.

It’s also great to hear that Brad’s healing sessions have been so successful.

Brad Johnson channels Adronis ~ New Earth Teachings

Further to Brad’s statements: Issues that need to be addressed will continue to break into our consciousness in more and more overt ways until we pay adequate attention and deal with them, because that’s the way the Universe works.

The things that come out of the mouths of the lunatic left should be shocking to the average American. Until they are, they will become more and more obscene.

It’s hard for most reading this to believe that the outrageous behaviour exhibited below might only begin to be noticed by some people at this point because it’s painful for us to watch, but like they said, we’re all waking up at our own speed.

Trump and the Q Team have accelerated the process. When we compress many years of gradual awareness into a shorter time span it screams at a deafening level at those who felt the prodding long ago. No more “totalitarian tip-toe”. It’s a full-on barrage of unHuman, absurd tactics we’re seeing now.

Whose language are these politicians/actors speaking? Wakey-wakey, world!

DEEP THINKERS of the Democrat Party Leadership #FactsMatter pic.twitter.com/p4tvj7lodf


— Ken Jones (@sxdoc) December 26, 2019

This is to be expected in the context explained above as it gets the attention of many Americans.

Virginia Governor Increasing Corrections Budget To Jail Gun Owners

This is just plain bizarre on so many levels. He’s everywhere.

Here’s an episode Donald Trump appeared in during the 1997 season of “Night Man” (superhero television series). In this episode, an escaped convict who can alter his face to look like anyone, morphs into Trump before walking into a bank:pic.twitter.com/bEV0Ih07Mg


— Wojciech Pawelczyk (@PolishPatriotTM) December 27, 2019

“The Plan” is working.

Dems Pissed Off Pennsylvania Voters With Impeachment – They’re Support for Trump Just SKYROCKETED

Gotta run, folks. Hope you’re having a great week. Here, it’s raining again… still. So it’s a good day.  ~ BP

The Fractal Construct Where Humanity Lives [videos] ~ April 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Have I blogged this article from Starship Earth already? I’ve been so busy moving, etc, etc. that the days are starting to blur a bit! At any rate, this article addresses much of the swirl of spiritual information that is out there right now. may be time for a bit of “woo-woo”!

Although no one system of thought seems sure right now, the single focus I Am concentrating on is…my vibrations, with the need to hold and keep these as high as possible. For me, this focus keeps me stable and sound regardless of the “details” of how all will work out.

So…please read this article, understand how many variations on a theme reveal themselves in unique ways, stay focused on the concept that “fit’s best” for you, and be…



When things don’t make sense we usually keep digging.

We’re told we live in a Matrix; a construct that traps our souls here in our corporeal bodies—wherever “here” is.

We can see the world around us isn’t what we were told and seems to be changing. The sky, for one thing, grows more anomalous as we watch it.

The images we see of the planets don’t look real, but we get video footage from NASA cameras from a few people who give us a glimpse of what the reality might be before NASA either scrubs the images or removes sections.

Yellow Rose for Texas has brought us some startling footage of “space wars”, planet ships, and some really freaky stuff, frankly. She has also told us some of our true history.

I can’t make sense of all of what she tells us and shows us and for that reason I occasionally go back and review the videos to connect more dots. Gradually, as I get more information it makes more sense.

This past weekend I reviewed three key videos from Rose and found what I needed to bring the big picture into better focus. What a relief! It is almost like being stranded on a holodeck.

This time, I heard her say, “You are in a movie.” Yup. She said that, but I didn’t pick up on it before. This time, I had the words of QAnon to clue me in.

The first quandary that really threw me for a loop a few years ago when I initially viewed Rose’s videos was a gigantic thumb next to the sun’s occulter. I couldn’t understand the scale. It suggested we were in a miniaturized world like Alice on the other side of the looking glass.

Rose has told us we are in “Server D”, or Universal “D”, and that all the planets have consciousness—a personality. We’re told everything in our world has consciousness, so that’s not a stretch.

She also shows us faces in space—and these images are all from the SOHO, SECCHI, and other NASA cameras, not some CGI special effect.

Her videos don’t have as many views as I would expect, but she has been censored and attacked, and they probably don’t make it easy to find the good stuff, like this. This sort of information would be too far beyond what many can handle.

One of our readers was angry and unsubscribed, he said, because we discussed existing in a server, as Rose suggested.

When we say the truth is “out there”—we mean it quite literally, and many can’t handle the truth, despite claiming to be truth seekers. I like to ask, “What if…?”

For what it’s worth, Thomas Williams, who has off-world contacts, has confirmed that a lot of Rose’s information is correct. She told us she had some bad info at one point (who hasn’t?) but what Rose has shared has been very valuable in my greater understanding of our reality and resonates strongly.

You can see the images of the thumbs in the video, The Destruction of the Papal Key, below, at the 2:22 mark and again around the 15 min. mark.

If the sun is 93 million miles away and huge in comparison to Earth—that thumb is completely out of context. It’s impossible—unless reality is completely different from what we’re told.

If the following videos don’t make any sense at all, you would probably benefit from watching her older ones for a more basic understanding. The Lie NASA Told; The Imminent Demise of the New World Order is fascinating, in my opinion. This one will clarify some of the terminology and concepts Rose uses.

As I said, I didn’t understand everything, and didn’t agree with it all, but it probably opened a door that had previously been invisible which I may not have knocked on otherwise.

What I got from watching these videos (multiple times) is that the dimension we occupy within the construct means we cannot see “above” into higher densities, but those in the upper densities can look down on us and observe us on a monitor. I don’t recall seeing this illustration the first time I watched the video but THIS time I clued in to the one she used of a man observing a glass dome on a table and I finally “got it”. I got the thumb. Hallelujah!

See that here at the 7:50 mark. Rose tells us that is why we can sometimes see faces in the sky.

The Gist of it is…

Avatar and The Matrix are the best examples Rose can give us to explain our “predicament”. I call it a predicament because we do seem to be trapped here, although few will admit it. Deep state operative Alex Jones gave us, “Prison Planet”, did he not?

The concept of viewing life in the “Petri dish”, as I call it, also suggests The Truman Show is another great analogy to life in our little Terra-rium.

Rose speaks of the exits that all good people will use to escape while the evil ones will wind up in the Pit.

What I still don’t grasp completely is the VAHs, or virtual artificial holograms, which are the “planet ships”, or ships disguised as planets.

And we won’t even get into the “eggs” that Eve emits, but you’ll hear, “East her egg” and Rose relates this gestation activity as responsible for the heating and cooling cycles of the Earth, if I’m reading her correctly.

You’ll have to check that out for yourself. You may have to watch more than once and will probably need to pause the videos.

This next one is an excellent, quick overview of the general concept of the matrix or construct where we find ourselves.

She indicates that war is not legal when we are preparing to leave (which we are, she says) and that is why Trump, Q, and the white hats are doing their best to remove troops from Syria; Trump says Russia must leave Venezuela; and ISIS, al Qaeda etc. must be vanquished.

We must have peace to exit the construct. That might also explain why the dark continually attempt to foment war and why no one, including Russia, respond in kind. NO WWIII—or else.

In this video from March 2018 Rose tells us we are in a movie. She says once we exit we will watch the movie. The caption at one point reads, “Earth is stationary while the movie moves.” What!?

At this point I think I’m less than half way to understanding the whole setup. I need to see the entire thing, in one big picture or schematic before I see the smaller parts because I don’t understand how they all relate to each other.

Is the “movie” the Life Review we supposedly see flash before our eyes when we transition? So many questions, but you may find a few answered here—and a very positive ending. Be sure to watch.

A Series of Shorts 3 16 18 Catching up to Speed

We understand there has been a plan in place for years for this take-down of the New World Order, but the strategy changed and it has been extended, so those who told us something big was about to happen years ago and we were to be freed weren’t wrong, it’s just that those at the helm changed their tack.

It sounds as though the “awake” ones were to exit via the high frequency East gate, leaving the ones who refuse to wake up and couldn’t accept the truth to find their way out of the lower frequency West gate in their own time. That plan seems to have changed so that we ALL go.

Or… to quote a familiar phrase… WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. Got it? Now you know why the whole world tuned in to QAnon and President Trump. They heard the call. And that is why the El-ites attack them and don’t want anyone listening to them.

QAnon isn’t a LARP or a lark. It’s our salvation. Q recently joked about missing something because they were “busy saving Humanity”. I thought that highly amusing. Most don’t understand the scale of this operation.

It’s not just about draining the swamp and cleaning up Washington. It literally will be our salvation—as a race. And for the other races in the construct, as well. The ones we never see.

And that is also why Avatar was one of the top selling movies of all time. It resonated at a fundamental level in Human consciousness. Jake Sully, the protagonist, was so enthralled with the “fake reality” in the Avatar body that the edges of his worlds began to blur and he desired to spend more and more time in his Avatar and no longer wanted to return to his Human body.

The selfish RDA corporate or “company” execs and the Colonel/military industrial complex kept dragging him back to the life of limitation that no longer resonated once he got a look at the alternative. All they cared about was resources like “unobtanium”. They were going to mine it at the expense of destroying the home and culture of the Na’vi.

It’s not so different here. Much of the time we feel like pawns in some sick game, like Jake Sully did; asking, “Is this all there is?”

QAnon said the world is about to change, and if Rose is correct, that would be an understatement. Trump will be an integral part of the operation to free the low frequency members of society, the ones hooked on TV, gadgets, drugs, and service-to-self lifestyles and mislead by religion.

In conclusion, this YRFT information doesn’t begin to tell the whole story, but it gives us a little more to go on. It doesn’t tell us specifically why we are trapped and can’t get out or when we will find our way to our new world—but she tells us the movie is ending and when the frequency or vibration of the whole rises sufficiently, The Event will happen, and we will move on to our next adventure in our incorruptible bodies.

Do we want to be immortal? Something to think about.

Thomas Williams has suggested we should remain here in this difficult and challenging environment until we can all learn to get along with the other “species” as part of our evolutionary process.

How is it fair for mind-wiped, genetically modified organisms like us to have to co-exist with species who know who they are, and have the use of gifts programmed out of us, like telepathy, teleportation, kinesiology, “magic”, etc?

Nix that idea. I believe we have all suffered far too much over the millennia and should be freed post haste. The carnage unfolding on this planet daily from lack of food, water, shelter, earth changes, weather, and the psychopathic actions of the control freaks who continue to bomb cities and civilians, which is beyond barbaric, have surely outlived their usefulness.

The painful processes of living with diseases like cancer is despicable treatment of innocent people. The preying on children is the ultimate depths of depravity. Do all off-world cultures have to deal with this to progress spiritually? I think not.

Thomas also tells us we don’t really want “full disclosure” because it’s too ugly. Indeed, many are not ready for news like that and Rose suggests those souls will not be told the whole truth.

Try telling 85 per cent of the world, “Don’t worry, be happy. It’s just a movie and soon it will be over.” The grieving alone for those we lose is torture. If you call this soul growth, you can have it. I am so done with people who don’t get it and I want out.

Transferring consciousness may be no big whoop for most evolved Beings, but Humans don’t understand they can check out at any time; we’re virtually stuck in these meat suits unless we take a bottle of pills or a revolver to our head. We are at a distinct disadvantage and have been prey for far too long.

I don’t understand how any highly evolved Being could allow this cruel existence to go on any longer than absolutely necessary. They’re not living the hell we are.

We need a planetary jail break, but it sounds as though the construct must respond to Universal Laws of Vibration. We’re currently readying the life boats on Starship Earth so those who can’t swim can be rescued, so… it’s a process.

The plan is fluid, and it’s going to happen when it’s going to happen. As Rose says, hold on to the high frequency thoughts and don’t allow the El-ites to bring you down through anger or fear. They will get what they deserve.

That’s the best way for us to help; that, and waking up the snoozers.  ~ BP

Watch 9/11: The Only Footage from Inside the Twin Towers [video] ~ September 11, 2018

The footage above is unrelated to the subject matter below except for the date, but important. The video is said to be a CCTV loop from a building near the Pentagon. That doesn’t appear to be a plane ramming into the side of the building. Looks like a missile, doesn’t it?

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth brings us more information to help us understand the true nature of evil that this world endures. Please read this article, know that the truth will set us free…once we each decide to take our individual stand for truth!



Pamela Geller published the piece below on her website today and it bears sharing. This is the closest footage we will see of the towers immediately following the attack 17 years ago today. If you have two hours, you can watch the whole documentary. Don’t worry— “they did not show the full horrors of the carnage around them.”

I remember where I was when the media plastered the news all over the televisions and terrorized the world with their lies and images. Everyone in our department at the office in Toronto was watching in abject horror and disbelief. I had been to the World Trade Center as a tourist not long before this and my other half stayed at the Millennium Hilton across the street when he went to New York on business.

Many of us in many countries have links and memories to that complex even if we didn’t live or work there. It was the WORLD Trade Center, after all, and people from Canada and other countries also perished; not only Americans.

What is unfolding in America now is the result of sufficient people waking up to the agenda of the people who orchestrated the 9/11 attack and finding the courage and the resources to bring justice to those who committed that crime, and far too many others.

Donald Trump is one of their resources. He’s the MOAB; the mother of all bombs. He is going to decimate the cabal and they will pay for what they have done.

When he releases the classified FISA documents and they are no longer redacted, welcomed or not—America will see exactly who did what. They will see the sedition and treason on the part of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their cohorts; the Bush cabal. They will learn of their hatred of America and her people. They will learn the penalty for treason is death.

The Resistance has already shown they mean business and the execution of John “Songbird” McCain is proof and sets the tone.

Once the reality is part of the collective consciousness, the world can be briefed on the multitude of crimes against Humanity; the wars, the slaughter, the lies, the theft, the slavery, the sexual predation—and more.

Perhaps then Humanity will stand up to the corruption and route it out ruthlessly and completely without further encouragement.  ~ BP

WATCH: 9/11

by Pamela Geller, The Geller Report

September 11, 2018

17 years ago at 8:45 am, the first plane hit the World Center Tower. The 19 Muslim terrorists left behind “martyrdom” letters hailing Allah over 90 times. But if YOU mention Allah when discussing 9/11 (or any Islamic terror attack), you will be publicly shamed, smeared, defamed and ultimately targeted for death.

2997 souls perished in the cause of jihad, and yet in all the coverage you read today, that will never be mentioned.

9/11 is a 2002 French-American documentary film about the September 11 attacks in New York City.

Filmmakers James Hanlon and the Naudet brothers were originally filming Tony Benetatos, a probationary firefighter of the New York City Fire Department assigned to the Engine 7/Ladder 1/Battalion 1 Firehouse on Duane Street in Lower Manhattan with the intention of making a film about the “probie’s” first experience as a firefighter. On the morning of September 11, the firehouse, under the direction of Battalion Chief Joseph Pfeifer, was called out on a reported “odor of gas” at Church and Lispenard Streets. Jules rode with Pfeifer to investigate, while Gedeon stayed behind at the firehouse with the “probie.”

As the Battalion 1 firefighters examine the supposed gas leak, American Airlines Flight 11 flew overhead. Turning the camera to follow the plane, Jules taped one of only three known recordings of the first plane hitting the North Tower (Tower 1) of the World Trade Center, the others being a video shot by Pavel Hlava and a sequence of still frames taken by Wolfgang Staehle.

The firefighters, under the direction of Chief Pfeifer, were the first responders on the scene, and Jules was allowed to follow the chief during the attempted rescue operation. Jules, Chief Pfeifer and several other FDNY Chiefs were inside the lobby of Tower 1 when Tower 2 was hit by the second aircraft and when Tower 2 eventually collapsed (Gédéon, meanwhile, is back at the firehouse, filming the reactions of Tony Benetatos and the rest of the firefighters from the next shift as they try to deal with the disaster).

They refused to film the dying:

The French documentary makers behind last night’s harrowing “inside hell” film about the collapse of the twin towers admit they did not show the full horrors of the carnage around them.

Jules Naudet, who was with fire fighters in the lobby of tower one when tower two collapsed, said he saw two people engulfed in flames and dying before his eyes almost as soon as he entered the building.

They had caught fire after fuel from the American Airlines jet had gushed down the elevator shaft.

But Naudet said a kind of “auto-censorship” kicked in and he refused to film them dying out of respect.

Newspaper TV critics today applauded the documentary as a “magnificent” and powerful documentation of the cataclysmic events of September 11 2001. But several also criticised its descent in “schmaltz” towards the end of the film.

In a interview screened by BBC Interactive and available only to viewers with digital TV, the film makers, Jules and his brother Gedeon, explained how and why they shot the film.

“There was a very big controversy, in fact, before the first airing on CBS on March 10 because there were rumours going round the country that the footage that Jules and I had shot was absolutely horrible and that we had filmed carnage and body parts and people dying in front of the camera, but it is absolutely not what we did and refused to do that from the very beginning,” said Gedeon.

He added: “So everyone was very much afraid of what they were expecting to see and when people had seen the documentary and most of the families called us to thank us.”

The brothers’ film of the first plane going into the twin towers was seen all over the world in the days after the attack – but the film makers said they didn’t know for sure if they had captured the image because they too had felt momentarily paralysed by the shock of what had happened.

They were out with New York’s fire fighters on a routine call following a suspected gas leak in downtown New York when the first plane hit.

“I remember filming fire fighters and then when we heard the plane and I had time to see the plane going between the buildings and could make out the American Airlines on it, it was that close and then I swung the camera round… I discovered much later on that I had filmed it,” said Jules.

He was out with battalion chief Joseph Pfeifer getting some camera practice when the first plane hit. He explained how Chief Pfeifer – who lost his brother in the attacks – knew immediately it wasn’t an accident as there was no smoke from the plane and it wasn’t wobbling in the sky. “He made the deduction very quickly.”

Although Jules and Gedeon were shooed away in the immediate aftermath by a New York police officer who screamed “This isn’t fucking Disneyland”, Chief Pfeifer instinctively knew the documentary was right. His decision to allow Jules follow him into tower one produced what one TV critic said today was “the closest we may ever come to experience it at first hand”.

One of Jules’ first traumas was the sound of bodies falling to the ground as they stood in the foyer filming fire fighters setting up a command centre and shepherding up to 25,000 people out of the towers.

“At first, like anyone I heard this huge sound. It was almost like a car that had been dropped from very high up and it could be a piece of the building falling down. and then the second one, the third one, and then I heard the firefighter behind me saying ‘OK, we’ve got jumpers’ then I realised this is actually a person we are hearing and dying as we hear the sound and it was constant because it was every 40 to 50 seconds,” he said.

Jules also explained how the trauma sent him into auto-censorship mode

“I remember that day because we were confronted by these horrible images of death. As I entered this building I hear a scream on my right and I just turned and seeing that horrible image of two people who are still alive and moving but who are in flames and dying in front of my own eyes. The image was so horrible and so traumatising in a way and I didn’t film it… it was so bad… there is some kind of respect that should be shown in death. That kind of auto-censorship, we did it for the rest of the day and the weeks to come… we always shied away from showing that.

“Nor did they film the bodies raining down from the floors above. It meant there was nothing too dreadful to discard when the painstaking process of editing 180 hours of footage down to two hours arrived.

“There wasn’t anything that we really couldn’t put on TV. We never filmed anybody dying or dead in front of us, we always refused.”


If you really want to know what happened on that day in 2001, without the media’s drivel, propaganda, and coverups, listen to Abel Danger; Field McConnell and David Hawkins. They’ve been telling the truth about this disgusting event since it happened, because it did not happen the way we were told, nor was it committed by the ones we were told. Not even close. The whole plot was a fabrication, and it is so full of holes it’s almost invisible.

Are you aware one of the planes was slated to impact the Capitol Building in Washington?

There were many Americans who not only knew the 9/11 attack was going to happen, but warned others, and they were ignored.

When they spoke of it, they were either assassinated or put in prison to shut them up. Listen to Milton William (Bill) Cooper and Susan Lindauer. Their material is widely available on the internet.

It’s time the world woke up to what is really happening on this planet, stop being victims, support President Trump, and help put a stop to it.  ~ BP


No-Name McNasty’s Parting Shot to POTUS from Beyond the Grave via Conspiracy Film [video] ~ August 30, 2018

McCain and Clinton; two peas in a pod. Both committed treason and both ran for President and lost. “We came, we saw, he died.”

Perhaps those who doubted the “chosen” time of departure for “Songbird” McCain will reconsider. Perhaps those who believed he actually had brain cancer will reconsider.

Or perhaps this might be considered leaving “on his own terms”, if you’re Cindy McCain. 

Check it out. The irony won’t escape you. He really didn’t deserve a secret sending-off party by his peers; he deserved a dishonourable execution in the eyes of the public. We are sick of the deception. 

Treason is treason, and we were told there would be no deals and no special treatment. The lies and lame adoration by fake politicians in the fake media is repulsive. His leaving this way is a real slap in the face to the Patriots. We deserve better.

And now? More lies in a film. Clinton and McCain; two peas in a pod.  ~ BP

Both had matching orthopedic boots, possibly to camouflage a GPS bracelet…

Nasty John McCain Is Set to Star in Anti-Trump Conspiracy Film One Week After His Death (Trailer)

August 30, 2018

Senator John McCain is being treated like an American hero in the week after his death.

But his work is not yet finished.

John McCain hated President Trump and denigrated his supporters.
McCain held onto this until his death…. and beyond.

Some interesting details here you may have missed.


Headlines and Updates for August 23, 2018: Surprises Galore [videos] ~ August 23, 2018

JAMES O’KEEFE TAUNTS: Project Veritas to Drop ‘October Surprise’

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has been taunting fake news media about his next undercover video sting coming this fall.

Fake News outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have been fawning over Omarosa and her selectively edited secret recordings of Trump and his inner circle.

Stormy Daniels is yesterday’s news.

O’Keefe taunted CNN’s Chris Cillizza for praising Omarosa’s secret recordings, “In the end, it’s all about the tapes.”

“Screenshot this. Screenshot this for when you will be dragged kicking and screaming covering our October surprise(s).” O’Keefe warned.

“Media has set a new precedent for reporting on undercover tapes. We’ll see if they play by the same rules when we release our October surprise(s). If so, they will be incredibly busy covering the midterms,” O’Keefe tweeted.

Media has set a new precedent for reporting on undercover tapes. We’ll see if they play by the same rules when we release our October surprise(s). If so, they will be incredibly busy covering the midterms. https://t.co/9ev6FEFYAB

“Media has gone completely drunk over this tape. We’ll provide the chaser this Fall,” O’Keefe said in response to the media playing selectively edited recordings Omarosa provided to the outlets.

On Sunday afternoon, James O’Keefe posted a photo of a very humid, swampy Potomac river with a caption that read, “Walked along the Potomac on a particularly swampy day after a long film shoot and thought how satisfying it will be for Project Veritas to drain it a little more come September/October.

“I am willing to go to jail to protect our sources’ identities” says Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe last week.

Channeling Julian Assange and Wikileaks, O’Keefe launched his own whistleblower assistance operation: Veritas Leaks.


Perhaps it wasn’t so outlandish to say that the Obama/Clinton cabal sold America out from under the People. Some have said China actually owns America. Perhaps that was a slight exaggeration, but it doesn’t appear to be strictly about Uranium One.


BREAKING: Seth Rich GAME CHANGING EVIDENCE UNCOVERED After Police Drop the Hammer on DNC Chief

Donna Brazile denies being at the hospital shortly after Seth Rich was admitted by EMTs after he was shot? No kidding. It must have been her clone.

The coverup continues to protect whom???

This means our independent journalism is working. Surprised?

Kevin Spacey movie earns $126 on opening day

I don’t know about you, but I am highly suspicious of the extraordinary, record-breaking amount of lightning we’ve witnessed on our planet recently. The view of the bright area at the collapsed bridge in Genoa, Italy (with the German commentary I shared recently) was suspicious, as well.

And how is it that the camera on this boat was pointed right at the target when the “lightning” hit? Was there more than one strike in the same place, or…???


This plane crash occurred New Years Eve 2017—a satanic ritual day—but the news concerns the funds Mr. Cousins willed to OXFAM and its relationship to Haiti… and it’s no surprise where THAT leads.

As always, Dave provides a much saner perspective on the so-called “Trump crimes” the media is peddling with respect to Manafort and Cohen. They’re not even close when they decode the news.

More outrageous, illegal antics by the control freaks. I’m glad I’m not an American citizen, and not in the medical industrial system—not in recent history, anyway. They’re not only going to PUT you in the medical system, they’re going to keep you there, and monitor you all along the way until you die—unless this nonsense is stopped.

Google, Amazon and IBM all trying to acquire your hospital records; issue statement demanding end of patient privacy

(Natural News) Doesn’t it feel like a net is closing in around us from every direction lately? Big Tech companies like Google and YouTube have the independent media in a stranglehold of censorship and control, more and more states are enforcing mandatory vaccines, and now a group consisting of Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and other tech giants has issued a statement pushing for unfettered access to the medical records of every American citizen.

While mainstream media sources like CNBC have expressed approval for this type of access, they also acknowledge that tech companies might not have strictly altruistic reasons for wanting these records to become accessible to all. As CNBC noted, “The lack of open standards around health data is a huge barrier for them to get into the $3 trillion health system.”

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