Headlines and Updates for December 27, 2019: “The Plan” is Working and Delivering, As Promised [videos] ~ December 27, 2019

Editor’s Note: Uh…yeah. I’ve only made it through this daily news report to Agent Margaritaville’s video uploaded below… OMGosh, ya’ll need to see this for a YUGE wake-up call! After watching this, meander on to the rest of this report with a more acute awareness of this hosrrific driver for change, but also know humanity has this, which allows the 99% to BE…



I’ll stick this at the top as it just came out.

BREAKING: Epstein Met With Scientists at Military Bases in Israel; Are Co-Conspirators Finally Under Investigation? – Patriots’ Soapbox 24/7 News Network https://t.co/uqx4gHjwm3

— Octothorp #LPEEP (@selvestekjetil) December 27, 2019

Not sure if this is related to the arrests in Italy we learned of this past week or in addition to. Leo Zagami is a self-professed member of the Illuminati, but we are to understand that one faction of the Gnostic Illuminati is a positive element and working for Humanity. Perhaps he is one. Thanks, J.

300 arrest for irregular Masonic Activities and the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia

J. McStain exposed again. Traitor. No longer a problem.

IG Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI Dropped Him

The Poop has to go, too.

“He’s the administrator of the church, and he’s also a politician,” said Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump. “This is the problem. … He’s constantly putting all the faults in the world on the populist nationalist movement.” https://t.co/4ED0V4kBqm

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) December 27, 2019

Here we have the next chapter in the continuing saga of Field McConnell’s unlawful incarceration from Pentagon Pedophile Task Force correspondent, Timothy Holmseth. Unbelievable. (Tim’s website is behaving a little oddly for me. No images loading.)

Pierce County Sheriff intercepts documents from Poster Master General that will FREE kidnapped U.S. Marine Field McConnell

Here’s a powerful flashback. Check out the actors in the background.

A historical look back…..



The 2009 story of a Globalist/American
laundering scheme that ripped off you and me
@realDonaldTrump #KAG #PANIC pic.twitter.com/cecuyuF41q


— Miguelifornia Supports CODE OF VETS (@michaelbeatty3) December 27, 2019

Someone else is on the same line of thinking as I have followed recently. Is it a coincidence that so many “earthquakes” have happened near nuclear power sites recently? Hey, Fukushima worked so well, why not try it again? It’s not working, though.

WOW ~ Earthquake ~ 5.1 magnitide hits Iran near their Nuclear Power Plant.

What are the odds of that?https://t.co/QsvBBYTvwU pic.twitter.com/sUsfybdUlC

— Ann Vandersteel SteelTruth™️ (@annvandersteel) December 27, 2019

We learned that CNN paid a tonne of money for airports to blast their propaganda non-stop. Here’s a follow-up report. It’s quite a statement. Money talks.

Airport Revenues Soar After Allowing Travelers To Pay To Turn Off CNN #BestofTheBee2019 https://t.co/D48Gnja0Ea

— The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) December 27, 2019

Yeah, they’re not going to reveal everything. It will take time, lots of time, for the average person to be able to assimilate the truth about what has happened on this planet at the hands of things that appear Human. The more intrepid ones may do some research.

We never suspected such grossly barbaric activities in Canada, of all places. And that’s how they got away with it.


Bigger than BIG.

— CanadaAgentShowTime (@CanadaSpecialA1) December 27, 2019

Here is Agent Margaritaville’s upload from yesterday. If you’re red pilling yourself, his material is usually historical to current, and his team “has it all”. Monsters Inc is #Canadrenochrome . Gov – With it’s Monsters Inc / 9.11 Connection.

I thought these two Tweets interesting. Just sayin’. D for DEFCON or a D5 avalanche, it matters not. It’s coming.

Its a go.

— Vincent Kennedy (@VincentCrypt46) December 27, 2019

Laura Walker’s latest update follows. At her website, click the audio on the right hand side and download or listen online when it opens.

She speaks of bones and joint issues at this time.

Capricorn 2019 New Moon – “Capricorn Overkill”

Another dirty politician outed.

Mayor Tonita Gurule-Giron of Las Vegas, New Mexico

Las Vegas, New Mexico mayor faces criminal charges

There was another plane crash yesterday—right next to the runway in Kazakhstan. Is that Planet X theory far out?

There was also a US army helicopter crash recently, as we mentioned. It’s not only commercial jets, it’s small planes, all kinds of aircraft, usually shortly after takeoff. Boeing is not always involved so it’s not the BUAP that’s the problem.

A Plane Crashed Into a House in Kazakhstan Seconds After Takeoff and Killed At Least 12 People

This is a riveting discussion with another of Canada’s best exports; Brad Johnson/Adronis, with Laura Eisenhower. They speak frankly about so many different topics and it feels very accurate. Much of it I have never heard anyone address. It’s a little different from our understanding in some cases; the reverse, in fact, in others. Thanks for the share, J.

It’s also great to hear that Brad’s healing sessions have been so successful.

Brad Johnson channels Adronis ~ New Earth Teachings

Further to Brad’s statements: Issues that need to be addressed will continue to break into our consciousness in more and more overt ways until we pay adequate attention and deal with them, because that’s the way the Universe works.

The things that come out of the mouths of the lunatic left should be shocking to the average American. Until they are, they will become more and more obscene.

It’s hard for most reading this to believe that the outrageous behaviour exhibited below might only begin to be noticed by some people at this point because it’s painful for us to watch, but like they said, we’re all waking up at our own speed.

Trump and the Q Team have accelerated the process. When we compress many years of gradual awareness into a shorter time span it screams at a deafening level at those who felt the prodding long ago. No more “totalitarian tip-toe”. It’s a full-on barrage of unHuman, absurd tactics we’re seeing now.

Whose language are these politicians/actors speaking? Wakey-wakey, world!

DEEP THINKERS of the Democrat Party Leadership #FactsMatter pic.twitter.com/p4tvj7lodf


— Ken Jones (@sxdoc) December 26, 2019

This is to be expected in the context explained above as it gets the attention of many Americans.

Virginia Governor Increasing Corrections Budget To Jail Gun Owners

This is just plain bizarre on so many levels. He’s everywhere.

Here’s an episode Donald Trump appeared in during the 1997 season of “Night Man” (superhero television series). In this episode, an escaped convict who can alter his face to look like anyone, morphs into Trump before walking into a bank:pic.twitter.com/bEV0Ih07Mg


— Wojciech Pawelczyk (@PolishPatriotTM) December 27, 2019

“The Plan” is working.

Dems Pissed Off Pennsylvania Voters With Impeachment – They’re Support for Trump Just SKYROCKETED

Gotta run, folks. Hope you’re having a great week. Here, it’s raining again… still. So it’s a good day.  ~ BP

President Trump and An Army of Experts Told the Truth About 9/11 Long Ago: Who Is Listening? [videos] ~ Sept. 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: Kudos to Starship Earth from bringing the Truth of what happened on 9/11 to the front of our eyes/ears! Due to the Great Awakening and repeated exposure to the lies of MSM, perhaps more are ready to listen and consider what is really going on on our world.

Please read this article, learn and know the truth of 9/11, understand our struggle to know our individual, sovereign truth is close, and BE…



Oye, Oye! Donald Trump, an experienced, successful developer stated in an interview long ago that bombs were used in the destruction of the Twin Towers.

He also made a prophetic statement. He said, “This country is different today, and it’s going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.”

He knew. But how? Trump understood far more than he ever let on over the years, but in his now-famous speech, he said he knew the day was coming when he would run for President of the United States, would vanquish the evil players and hand the power back to the People. In that inspiring address he told us what happened, what IS happening, and what WILL happen. We can see that now.

It’s not difficult to understand what unfolded on that fateful day eighteen years ago if you simply listen to the testimony of witnesses and professional experts and researchers. They prove that the tragic attack on America could not possibly have happened as the media said it did. It was another theatrical event planned to advance an evil agenda.

The problem was, back then most people believed the media told the truth. Now much of America knows differently. It’s a different era. The dark are exposed and the Light of Truth is shining in every murky crevice where they have been hiding.

Below the following 4-minute interview with Donald Trump is a 5-hour hearing in Toronto, Canada on the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 Disaster. Dan Dicks at Press for Truth shared this video and while I’m not finished yet, I can’t wait to get back to it because it is so impressive.

Richard Gage of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” and a host of other people bring their own expertise and (com)passion to this multi-day hearing. Some are Canadian, but most are American.

Some speak, some show slides, charts, and photographs. Each presentation is unique and powerful in its truth-telling, and it’s one of the most cogent videos I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Dan. This will go a long way toward bringing the masses the inconvenient reality of our world, but also the hope that we are making it better because we now see the battlefield for what it is, and we know who the enemy is.

I agree with Laura Walker that the dark forces on this planet want us to relive the horror of that and other events over and over because as Humans we reconstitute the energy of it and make it real again. That serves them.

It’s time we took what we have learned and used it to fight; not as victims, but on behalf of the heroes who gave their lives to show us who the enemy is all those years ago. They are cheering from the bleachers now as they witness the liberation of our planet.

From Rumor Mill News… thanks, L, and thanks Jim.  I saved this MP4 so it’s not going anywhere.  ~ BP



Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist


I did not know a complete record of this interview with Trump existed, I thought all of it got expunged. Low and behold it surfaced today and Youtube has censored it entirely. They did not delete it as far as I know, but it’s a fat chance you’ll ever find it and they refused to serve it to an Android device. Maybe by the time I tried it on a phone they wiped it out? TOO LATE, I already saved it and will serve it from here. RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE, and I only have enough bandwidth to serve this one about 60,000 times so make sure you SAVE IT.

HERE GOES: the most damning case against 911 ever stated was stated by our own president.

Since 911, we have been lied to about how the World Trade center was built, and Donald Trump, one of the greatest architectual people of our time stated the exact opposite of what the MSM said.

MSM: The steel beams on the outside of the building were merely ornamental and a plane could go right through them.

Donald Trump: I was taken through the WTC personally by an engineer that built it. The steel beams on the outside of the building were incredibly strong, and were the strongest part of the building. It seems impossible a plane would ever go through them. Bombs must have been used in addition to the planes.

Press For Truth Presents: 9/11 The Toronto Hearings (FULL DVD 2019)

If the patriots of the world learned anything from the QAnon team, it is probably that there are no coincidences. A “coincidence” is a red flag that perhaps our attention needs to be directed somewhere; that there is a message there that will reveal something important.

With new eyes, traumatized Americans and patriots worldwide can see what they never saw before, or heard before. That is The Great Awakening.

The world over, people are realizing the truth of our existence and shedding tears for the innocence lost. We are embroiled in a war for our survival. It’s time to wipe away the tears, banish the fears, and get up off our knees and fight the evil slavemaster; the New World Order.

Luminaries like President Trump are stepping up across the planet to lead their people to safety and freedom. It’s happening, but we have to unify and stand shoulder to shoulder to fight the beast, and cast petty differences aside.

There most certainly was a conspiracy revealed on September 11, 2001, and there was nothing theoretical about it. It was a brazen declaration of war that a stunned nation was too overcome to hear. Today, the numbness has somewhat worn off and the blinders dropped as confused Americans struggle to understand what happened to their beloved republic.

It wasn’t actually a “republic”, and has just been snatched from the brink of extinction, as they will soon learn. Nothing about 9/11 happened the way “they” said. None of it. Not the Twin Towers, not Building 7, and not the Pentagon.  ~ BP

The Official 9/11 Explanation is The Greatest “Coincidence Theory” Ever

By Madhava Setty, MD

  • The Facts: The evidence around what happened on 9/11 suggests that either we are being lied to when it comes to the official story or 9/11 contained events creating the greatest coincidence of all time.
  • Reflect On: Are you aware of the actual facts surrounding 9/11? Not unfounded conspiracy theories, the actual facts that do exist…

Read the article…

David Icke, though much maligned as a raving lunatic conspiracy theorist for decades, never stopped telling the truth. He told it true about 9/11 too, and red-pilled thousands of people about the psychopaths ruling the world as “elite” and “royal bloodlines”.

Our 9/11 feature post wouldn’t be complete without his testimony about the biggest psychological operation of all time.

David Icke: 9/11 — The Trigger: The Lie That Changed The World

Weird News Week Pushes the Boundaries [videos] ~ August 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: Phew! Starship Earth is finally seeing the Light! How about you? While many have been told the Light is winning against the Dark, who truly understands the depth of this issue here on Earth?

Just imagine, my friends, what forces are in play on Planet Earth right now! Who is Trump? He is not an ordinary man of ordinary means, vision, or ability. He is a “God-given” asset here on Planet Earth right NOW to stem the flooding tide of Dark on our world.

Do I know how this is all going to play out? Why yes…the Light “wins” and a New Earth is in place where life is, well… heavenly with no war and abundance for all. Do I know the details of how we will all go? Well, no…but I do not need to know because I have faith and trust in living “right”! (Which may oppose common societal standards!)

In the meantime what do I do, who do I believe? Well, my friends…life goes on and we must live that life in the best way possible for our hearts…not our pocketbooks! The purpose of this blog is to educate and present many, many thought about how and why Love Wins here on Planet Earth.

Right NOW, it is more important than ever to use your talents and abilities in the best way possible for your life. Live your responsibilities the best way you can with humor and grace. Feel good about yourself and your “issues” will resolve gracefully without stress. Above all, stay away from the Fear the Dark likes to evoke.

The most important component of our lives today? Live your life, and BE…



In the show below, GoodDog speaks of weird news and talks about 8Chan going down, the difficult material we have been sharing in the alternative news community, and says even worse evidence has come out but they will not be sharing that video in this show. The video is two years old, not new, but he will speak of it and share the link to the video as available later.

Yesterday we shared a still from that snuff video allegedly involving Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. We learn more about the background in this discussion with GoodDog.

He also makes mention of the previous video we shared of the “meat locker” in Central China, aka a “reeducation center”. He also discusses more about biological weapons being tested and the Chinese general’s statement about the necessity of eliminating Americans; white first, but also black and hispanic—all in the name of real estate conquest.

I must say I have enjoyed the dramatic readings of the Psalms GoodDog features at the beginning of the videos. They’re really well done.

QBits – TIME MACHINE – Something BIG Is Coming – Death of Freedom

More on 8Chan from the board owner.

Statement From the Owner of 8 Chan

And my own weird thoughts that came at 3 am and kept me awake the rest of the night…

History Repeats… With a Twist

I’m not religious in the least, and have resisted taking much in any bible seriously—or else with a healthy pinch of salt. I didn’t even put much stock in several of the end times prophecies that seem to have been largely fulfilled thus far, but have to admit it is intriguing.

I didn’t even believe that history repeats, but it is seeming more like it may do just that.

Q Anon has been giving us quirky messages in code for some time now, and there are words and phrases that keep coming back to me because it feels like Donald Trump is not “just a guy”. There’s something else going on. Something much bigger.

It must be if the left is scheming to shut down 8Chan and the corporate media is telling the world that Q followers are extremist nut jobs.

How did the QAnon movement get to be so big, so fast? Why did it go viral, worldwide?

Quite some time ago QAnon told us to, “Trust POTUS. He loves you.” Who else loves us?

Trump took measures early on to “save the children” in his war on Human trafficking. Who said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”?

Q said the US Military are the “saviors of Mankind”, and lightheartedly said the team was, “busy saving Humanity”.

QAnon has also repeatedly said, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.” “Coming”? As in “second coming”?

And now Q is saying what will happen is BIBLICAL. “BIBLICAL” in all caps.

We have to ask how Q knows even two years in advance what is going to happen, and when. Is there a Quantum computer… or is it something else?

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? Are these the ravings of a lunatic? They may very well be.

Q has quoted the Lord’s prayer more than once too, if I’m not mistaken. “Deliver us from evil.” Isn’t that what is unfolding now?

And as far back as 2017 Q was saying “Godfather III” and repeated it; and multiple times has said, “Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.”918

POTUS Made Deal with Kim in Nov, 2017

Q!UW.yye1fxo 10 Mar 2018 – 12:05:58 PM Anonymous 10 Mar 2018 – 11:40:33 AM

476b0bd67308e94678f3ddeb069ebdc32fd88be18147261624c965b2eedc52dc.png I swear Trump is killing me here. HAHA He keeps putting out clues he has already talked to Kim >>613796
You are learning.
How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?
Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.

We know QAnon’s words can have many connotations. How do we know we take it the right way? What if we took it a different way? 3063

Adam Schiff’s Lies Will Be Exposed


So, who do you think has been talking to us? Some think JFK Jr., and I thought that was possible.

Could Q and Q+ be others? Or Beings beyond what it appears?

Yellow Rose for Texas told us that “One” (the Father of Man) is going to do something different this time. Something special. She also said he is a flesh and blood man and that we will meet him.

This is some wild conjecture, but we understand Yeshua traveled the land to speak to the people and tell them the truth about life and impart what wisdom he could to a simple civilization about reality.

What does Trump do? He holds rallies. People come from out of state to attend those spectacles when they could watch it on the Internet. Why do they go and rub shoulders with Trump and his fans?

Why do they camp out for 24 hours or even longer to be able to get a seat in the venue? Why do they stand in line all day in extreme heat and pouring rain? Why do they buy MAGA hats, Q tees, gold and silver coins, and other paraphernalia?

Trump has garnered more campaign funds in a day than most candidates do in six months. He defies the “money changers” and donates his presidential salary to charity. This is unprecedented.

Why did Donald Trump say, “I knew this day would arrive; it was only a question of when.”? This video gives me chills every time I watch. His bold message made him the prime enemy of the demonic left. He came out swinging. He named names. He described the political climate exactly as it was, and as it would be two years later.

He said only the American People could win the battle and take their country back. Who else said that the People could do anything he could do, and more?

Why did several seers many years in advance tell us that Donald Trump would be elected POTUS?

People seem to either love Donald Trump or want to kill him. Who else polarized people so completely there was no middle ground?

Why is Donald Trump a genius? How can he Tweet the complicated messages he does using Gematria, numerology, symbolism, etc. and get anything else accomplished? He hardly sleeps, barely uses a teleprompter, is a brilliant military strategist… he’s not “just a guy”. He’s a phenomenon and appears to have pulled off the impossible in less than three years. He has the magic wand.

He has moved into the White House, had it energetically cleansed before Melania would enter, and then proceeded to clear out the banksters,  politicians, attorneys, the deep state cronies in Washington, and to protect Americans from 5G, chemtrails, illegal immigrants, and demons portaling in via human sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse. He is the most hated man on the planet—probably the most misunderstood, and possibly the most loved.

When an Anon asked the Q team to protect POTUS and asked if he was safe, the reply was thank you for the prayers and that they would give their lives to protect him.

Whose disciples decided to stay up all night to protect him? ( I don’t believe any member of the Q team or the President’s inner circle will fall asleep on the job. “This is not a game.”)

We’ve even seen space craft escorting Air Force One and have heard several assassination attempts were thwarted. The Trump family displays uncommon brilliance, commitment, grace, and bravery, to my way of thinking.

You might wonder if there is a “Judas” in this movie. If so, is it the VP?

So where’s the “twist”, you ask? We have learned that JFK Jr. was nick-named “King” by a girlfriend. When we hear about “the return of the king”, that could be construed as a twist if we can entertain even a shred of possibility in the above line of thinking about Donald Trump and QAnon. Junior and DJT were good friends.

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?  ~ Q

We are reasonably certain that JFK Jr. is alive, well, and waiting in the wings with his script.

Scott Mowry suggested on his Intel Call that this is a seven year process, and that we are currently in the third year. Perhaps that comes from his military contacts who know The Plan.

I don’t know about you, but I’m on pins and needles to see how all of this plays out. If this is living on the lunatic fringe, so be it. It’s the best BIBLICAL movie ever, with plenty of twists and surprises and the ending will be unbelievable.

As unbelievable as what I seem to be suggesting above? You’re right. Preposterous. My brain goes to weird places at night. Forget I mentioned it.  ~ BP

Fox News Outs Geoengineering & Pence and Priebus Allegedly Plotted Coup Against Donald Trump | TRUreporting [video] ~ June 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Okay, my friends…here is more of the”shit” stemming from our “bullish” friends at MSM. (Parson my language!…point made.) Now we have admission of those chemtrails being actual tools of geo-engineering made by Fox News! Now you know why skies anywhere in our nation look like aerial checkboards!

Also, reports are re-surfacing (with more effect this time around) about VP Mike Pence being put into place “just in case” President Trump is assassinated? Is MP about to be removed from office just in time for July 4?

We all know by now that July 4 may be prime time for the remarkable return of JFK, Jr. perhaps at the Mount Rushmore celebration. Let’s ALL stay tuned for more truths to eb revealed, imagine your life without the Fed, IRS, and CIA, and be…



Re: Geoengineering—it’s about time!!!!!  And as usual, since they are revealing it as a “potential” scenario and threat—the globalists have been doing this for decades already. The public’s education continues.

As far as the “coup” by Pence and Priebus goes, the article is dated December 5, 2017, published by Business Insider. No surprise here. Pence was their “Plan B” when Hitlary lost.

They planned very early on how to prevent Donald Trump from becoming a bigger problem later. They failed, Trump is here to stay, and his presence means their demise.

We’ve talked about this for some time now, such as an early post here entitled, “Coups, Counter-Coups, and Coup-Coups”.

Thomas Williams revealed in one of his weekly intel updates that Pence was implicated in a coup plot more recently involving a planned and failed assassination attempt that was to take place when Nancy Pelosi’s delegation was flying to Europe on the taxpayers’ dime via military jet and Trump foiled her plan.

The article does open the door for Trump to eject Mike Pence from the VP ticket for 2020, however, and I did share that Twitter page belonging to Greg Rubini yesterday about the “Pence crime family”. There appears to be plenty of evidence to prosecute Mike Pence yet many won’t accept it.

We have been wondering how the Pence fall from grace would be engineered. Clearly, President Trump is under no false pretenses as to the loyalty of the Vice President. Enjoy the show, indeed.

If it’s all for show, Pence has been playing his role to the hilt, including his speech at Trump’s Orlando rally last night. He or his family may have been granted leniency of some kind if he lived up to his end of the bargain to support Trump in the 2020 campaign and help the Patriots keep the public “managed” and “manageable” until they decide to make their move.

I’m willing to bet the Patriots have a plan to calmly, rationally, and LEGALLY get Pence out and JFK Jr. into the running, assuming Junior’s return is not a rumour.

We’ll see how that unfolds. NOTHING in DC “just happens”.  ~ BP

Fox News Admits To Geoengineering!

Headlines and Updates for June 12, 2019: No More Biz As Usual [videos] ~ June 12, 2019

Environment Birth Earth Globe Arise New

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth brings us a powerful daily report today which confirms what I have said, thought, and written for quite a while. (I Am not “special”…just awake and aware!)

Although more and more are waking up to the fact, and publicly admitting, “something’s not right” in/on our world, far too many are just not acknowledging the truth of the matter…there is indeed a spiritual war going on!

Why aren’t more aware? While it’s matter of economic survival for many who are not going to embrace ideas that affect their ability to eat, while many more are unduly influenced by MSM and various forms of entertainment which does NOT report the truth for.about much of any matter!

Globally, how spiritual influence affects physical matters will not be recognized until the heart is influenced. What action will that require? Generally speaking…no pain, no gain. My desire is for earth’s population to become spiritually aware without suffering. Many geo-political events are now in motion, most of these we cannot see…let us see how this all plays out.

Please read this article, realize your self-worth, open your eyes, open your heart, and be…



It’s not business as usual on Planet Earth any more. There is no more usual, and nothing pedestrian about what is unfolding.

The Watchers continues to feature the extraordinary developments with respect to extreme weather and Earth changes.

The skies are unfamiliar as well. No normalcy there.

Here’s your zinger for today. I will preface this video with a recent statement by Thomas Williams that Earth has already been moved a few times, and I’ll leave it at that.

Another Shot of ??? in Alaska

We have been given plenty to speculate about and encouraged to dig and use logic. This is another opinion piece about President Trump, his origins and background. One person’s musings.

TRUMP: The Greatest Actor Of All Time – A Hypothesis

In the past we have acknowledged that there is no black and white, that what we are witnessing is the infighting between factions of those who have been running the planet like a business for their own gratification. We also recognize that no one is perfect or without varying degrees of misdeeds.

We have all done things we are not proud of, and what matters is what we are doing TODAY. We have the opportunity to give Humanity a new start, and anyone contributing to that effort is, in my opinion, either a White Hat, or at the very least, a Grey Hat.

Yes, as suggested in the video above, to some extent Trump is acting because that is what the job requires for the benefit of all. He can’t come out and tell the American People the truth about everything yet. They have no context for understanding it. He spelled it out in the speech featured in “the video that will get Donald Trump elected”, but most people didn’t really hear it all or understand it all. They’re not ready for the whole truth—yet.

That is what this “movie” we’ve been watching is about. It’s getting America (and the world) up to speed. When teaching new material, it’s always better to follow the advice “show, don’t tell”. They can see with their own eyes what is unfolding in Washington and elsewhere as long as they’re not in denial or brainwashed by the lamestream media.

Bottom line, Donald Trump has the background and the chutzpah to make him the perfect man for the job. He knows this is a spiritual battle even more than a physical one. He gets it, and to win a war, you have to know your enemy. Most of the planet does not understand what is happening and he is fighting this battle on behalf of the whole of Humanity.

If you were privy to knowledge that could make or break a civilization and could see that evil was thriving because this knowledge was withheld from the populace, what would you do?

If you understood the physics that a tyrannized species considers magic, would you spill the beans, because much of the reality of life has been hidden from them? Anything we don’t understand is for all intents and purposes considered “magic”. Or a joke. We are clearly at a disadvantage.

QAnon has urged us to “trust POTUS”, and says, “He loves you.” This isn’t about politics. It’s far grander than that. It’s epic. It’s historic, and it’s monumental. It involves unEarthly planes most don’t understand exist.



Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 19 Feb 2019 – 4:43:38 PM The DECLASSIFICATION of all requested documents (+ more) will occur.
This is not a game.
Do not let personal (emotional) desires (“do it now””now””what is taking so long””NOW!”) take over.
Logical thinking and strategy should always be applied.
NEW THREATS (investigations by [SDNY], [AS], [MW] in an effort to delay/prevent release (‘insurance extension’) WILL FAIL.
TRANSPARENCY is the only way forward.
Define the following:
Conspiracy to commit…
Do you understand and fully appreciate the GRAVITY of the situation?
Do you understand and fully appreciate what POTUS endures each and every singly day?
He loves this County.
He loves you.
There is EVIL in this world.
There is DARKNESS in this world.
There are those in POWER who wish to CONTROL (enslave) you.
To keep you sedated.
To keep you unaware.
To keep you blind.
This will be on our timetable.
(Transparency and Prosecution)
There is simply no other way.
[Except 1]
Q While Humanity may not consciously understand, they are responding to “something”; a silent call to action to make big noise to demand corrective action. The planet is in an uproar. People are protesting all over the world. This has never happened in recent history we’re aware of. It’s like Humanity has realized that they are worthy, and demand to be treated like the valuable Beings they are. Thanks for the link, L. https://youtu.be/ntYUbIKcrCc

Even in America, a few people are starting to make noise about the lack of justice and double standard for the untouchable El-ites. A group of people peaceably assembled in Chappaqua, New York to express their discontent, with unexpected results. Congratulations.

VIDEO: Large Group of Patriots Rain on Hillary’s Parade & Her House

Hillary and Bill Clinton worked for us. We were not their slaves. As long as government officials are able to treat us as their subjects we will continue to lose our liberties. If we ever hope to secure our liberties we must once again gain control of those who are elected to SERVE US. WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and speak up.

The war is not over by any means, and everything has not yet been fixed, but there is a Plan, I’m confident, and it is rolling out as scheduled. You cannot fix an entire planet overnight—or even in 3 years. BUT, no matter what these creatures do, they cannot stop what is coming. I believe QAnon was accurate in this statement.

There is far more going on than the little we see; far more—and for the safety of all concerned, and the success of the mission to free Humanity, we will just have to trust, based on the positive changes we see, that it is so, whether we are officially apprised or not.

What is key is informing the public as much as possible to counter the lies, disinformation and propaganda of the legacy media; the enemy.

Tom Fitton: There is NO RussiaGate WITHOUT the Clinton Email Scandal!

The tyranny at the ‘Tube… via Josh Bernstein.


It appears the dark ones aren’t yet finished with California. On top of the suggestions that the Oroville Dam may be at a dangerous point as the snowpack continues to melt in the suddenly hot temperatures, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is at it again, threatening to turn off the power to people in Paradise, Oroville, etc.

This past weekend, they did just that on Saturday night from 9 – 11 am the following morning “to prevent forest fires.”

That is what alarmed Daniel Cannon, who made the warning video below. He sees 9/11 signalling here.

Because of wind and dry conditions, they claim it’s a safety feature to turn off the power.

We’ve had winds “or something” take down power poles here in the desert near Phoenix, AZ but they don’t turn off the power every time the wind blows—which is much of the time—and we may not have rain for months. It’s 100+ and dry with dead grasses and tinder shrubs everywhere that would go up like a match. We had thick smoke here on Sunday night from a fire east of us. No preemptive power outages.

Fires are raging in many places and they don’t turn off the power to my knowledge to prevent further fires.

We know what caused the fires in Paradise and it wasn’t electricity, sparks, Human error or arson.

“To help reduce the risk of wildfire and keep our customers, their families and their homes and businesses safe, the company may be turning off power in areas of the North Bay and the Sierra foothills where extreme fire risks exist,” PG&E said in a news release.

Read the articles;

As its leaders tour Paradise, PG&E warns it may cut power amid extreme CA fire risk

Paradise and Oroville in the dark as PG&E shuts off power in some Sierra foothill areas

This ABC affiliate told people to take emergency precautions.

PG&E to cut power to 26,900 customers in Butte, Yuba, Nevada and additional counties

Daniel Cannon is concerned that this denial of service is a hint that they have further attacks planned in that area. Let it not be so. Sometimes when we put out a warning it preempts the plans of the evil ones somehow.

If they turn off your electricity are you going to get a rebate from PG&E for the 11 hours or so you have no power? What about people who need help breathing, etc. via electric machines? They have to go to a shelter every time they cut off the power? They say power could be off for days—and they wait until June when the heat and winds set in to do the maintenance and testing they claim is necessary.

This cabal company declared bankruptcy due to law suits related to last year’s fires. What’s really going on? They say they are doing inspections. Are they really trying to get people to move away and leave them the land?

WARNING: PG&E Signals 9/11 Event Coming. Must See!

‘Everything has a consequence’ | PG&E power shutoffs come with dangers

Be sure to tune in to the next intel dump from Thomas Williams tomorrow night on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show, 7:30 pm EDT/4:30 Pacific.

Listen live on Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website.

The “Beast Train”

About that wall…

ISIS Fighter Affirms What Judicial Watch Exposed Years Ago—Terrorists Enter U.S. Via Mexico

Following are a couple more things to note from American Intelligence Media. If you use Mail Chimp or other list server, pay attention.

This note from an AIM  reader:

Two days ago I talked with an activist who set up a Mailchimp account just to have it shut right back down again within hours for “violating” their policies. Mailchimp was not specific.

Yesterday Jennifer S  posted a screenshot of Mailchimp stating they do not allow anti-vaccine content on their platform and disabled her account of 4 years.

Today I received a message from a vaccine educated group that everyone on Basecamp knows and their account is also suspended and they cannot access their email list.

THEREFORE, if you are using Mailchimp I recommend you drop everything you are doing and EXPORT YOUR LIST ASAP. Once Mailchimp disables the account, you cannot access your emails.

It will not be long before the pro-vaxxers catch on and start sending complaints to Mailchimp on all of our accounts. They could take out 1/2 of us in just one day very easily. EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN and make back up plans right now, starting with getting that export onto your computer.

I suspect it is only a matter of time before Constant Contact and others follow suit.

Our response: MailChimp was started by Sheryl Sandberg’s husband who died in Mexico on a vacation from a treadmill “accident” in a hotel he wasn’t staying in.

In case you missed any… I did.

Have you been paying attention to this month’s kill list:

submitted by luvmyhub75

NYPD Detective Joseph Calabrese : “””suicide”””

NYPD Deputy Chief Steven Silks : “””suicide”””

(in 24 hours time, both senior officials who probably knew what was on the Weiner laptop)

Former Arkansas state senator Linda Collins-Smith: found dead with a gunshot wound.

Former Oklahoma state senator Jonathan Nichols: also found dead with a gunshot wound.

Deputy Dante Austin, ‘big-hearted’ LGBT leader, found dead in Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office.

Chris Reed, police chief in Texas and an Army vet : fell off his fishing boat and disappeared yesterday.

U.S. Commerce Department official Lola Gulomova killed in murder-suicide.

Todd Tongen, Florida news anchor and reporter: cause of death is “not immediately known”

Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother, cause of death is “not immediately known”.

I’m sleeping with one eye open tonight…

https://twitter.com/CaptainCaleb2 (thanks anon)

And the son of Warren Jeffs committed suicide (looking at you Romney)