The Fractal Construct Where Humanity Lives [videos] ~ April 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Have I blogged this article from Starship Earth already? I’ve been so busy moving, etc, etc. that the days are starting to blur a bit! At any rate, this article addresses much of the swirl of spiritual information that is out there right now. may be time for a bit of “woo-woo”!

Although no one system of thought seems sure right now, the single focus I Am concentrating on is…my vibrations, with the need to hold and keep these as high as possible. For me, this focus keeps me stable and sound regardless of the “details” of how all will work out.

So…please read this article, understand how many variations on a theme reveal themselves in unique ways, stay focused on the concept that “fit’s best” for you, and be…



When things don’t make sense we usually keep digging.

We’re told we live in a Matrix; a construct that traps our souls here in our corporeal bodies—wherever “here” is.

We can see the world around us isn’t what we were told and seems to be changing. The sky, for one thing, grows more anomalous as we watch it.

The images we see of the planets don’t look real, but we get video footage from NASA cameras from a few people who give us a glimpse of what the reality might be before NASA either scrubs the images or removes sections.

Yellow Rose for Texas has brought us some startling footage of “space wars”, planet ships, and some really freaky stuff, frankly. She has also told us some of our true history.

I can’t make sense of all of what she tells us and shows us and for that reason I occasionally go back and review the videos to connect more dots. Gradually, as I get more information it makes more sense.

This past weekend I reviewed three key videos from Rose and found what I needed to bring the big picture into better focus. What a relief! It is almost like being stranded on a holodeck.

This time, I heard her say, “You are in a movie.” Yup. She said that, but I didn’t pick up on it before. This time, I had the words of QAnon to clue me in.

The first quandary that really threw me for a loop a few years ago when I initially viewed Rose’s videos was a gigantic thumb next to the sun’s occulter. I couldn’t understand the scale. It suggested we were in a miniaturized world like Alice on the other side of the looking glass.

Rose has told us we are in “Server D”, or Universal “D”, and that all the planets have consciousness—a personality. We’re told everything in our world has consciousness, so that’s not a stretch.

She also shows us faces in space—and these images are all from the SOHO, SECCHI, and other NASA cameras, not some CGI special effect.

Her videos don’t have as many views as I would expect, but she has been censored and attacked, and they probably don’t make it easy to find the good stuff, like this. This sort of information would be too far beyond what many can handle.

One of our readers was angry and unsubscribed, he said, because we discussed existing in a server, as Rose suggested.

When we say the truth is “out there”—we mean it quite literally, and many can’t handle the truth, despite claiming to be truth seekers. I like to ask, “What if…?”

For what it’s worth, Thomas Williams, who has off-world contacts, has confirmed that a lot of Rose’s information is correct. She told us she had some bad info at one point (who hasn’t?) but what Rose has shared has been very valuable in my greater understanding of our reality and resonates strongly.

You can see the images of the thumbs in the video, The Destruction of the Papal Key, below, at the 2:22 mark and again around the 15 min. mark.

If the sun is 93 million miles away and huge in comparison to Earth—that thumb is completely out of context. It’s impossible—unless reality is completely different from what we’re told.

If the following videos don’t make any sense at all, you would probably benefit from watching her older ones for a more basic understanding. The Lie NASA Told; The Imminent Demise of the New World Order is fascinating, in my opinion. This one will clarify some of the terminology and concepts Rose uses.

As I said, I didn’t understand everything, and didn’t agree with it all, but it probably opened a door that had previously been invisible which I may not have knocked on otherwise.

What I got from watching these videos (multiple times) is that the dimension we occupy within the construct means we cannot see “above” into higher densities, but those in the upper densities can look down on us and observe us on a monitor. I don’t recall seeing this illustration the first time I watched the video but THIS time I clued in to the one she used of a man observing a glass dome on a table and I finally “got it”. I got the thumb. Hallelujah!

See that here at the 7:50 mark. Rose tells us that is why we can sometimes see faces in the sky.

The Gist of it is…

Avatar and The Matrix are the best examples Rose can give us to explain our “predicament”. I call it a predicament because we do seem to be trapped here, although few will admit it. Deep state operative Alex Jones gave us, “Prison Planet”, did he not?

The concept of viewing life in the “Petri dish”, as I call it, also suggests The Truman Show is another great analogy to life in our little Terra-rium.

Rose speaks of the exits that all good people will use to escape while the evil ones will wind up in the Pit.

What I still don’t grasp completely is the VAHs, or virtual artificial holograms, which are the “planet ships”, or ships disguised as planets.

And we won’t even get into the “eggs” that Eve emits, but you’ll hear, “East her egg” and Rose relates this gestation activity as responsible for the heating and cooling cycles of the Earth, if I’m reading her correctly.

You’ll have to check that out for yourself. You may have to watch more than once and will probably need to pause the videos.

This next one is an excellent, quick overview of the general concept of the matrix or construct where we find ourselves.

She indicates that war is not legal when we are preparing to leave (which we are, she says) and that is why Trump, Q, and the white hats are doing their best to remove troops from Syria; Trump says Russia must leave Venezuela; and ISIS, al Qaeda etc. must be vanquished.

We must have peace to exit the construct. That might also explain why the dark continually attempt to foment war and why no one, including Russia, respond in kind. NO WWIII—or else.

In this video from March 2018 Rose tells us we are in a movie. She says once we exit we will watch the movie. The caption at one point reads, “Earth is stationary while the movie moves.” What!?

At this point I think I’m less than half way to understanding the whole setup. I need to see the entire thing, in one big picture or schematic before I see the smaller parts because I don’t understand how they all relate to each other.

Is the “movie” the Life Review we supposedly see flash before our eyes when we transition? So many questions, but you may find a few answered here—and a very positive ending. Be sure to watch.

A Series of Shorts 3 16 18 Catching up to Speed

We understand there has been a plan in place for years for this take-down of the New World Order, but the strategy changed and it has been extended, so those who told us something big was about to happen years ago and we were to be freed weren’t wrong, it’s just that those at the helm changed their tack.

It sounds as though the “awake” ones were to exit via the high frequency East gate, leaving the ones who refuse to wake up and couldn’t accept the truth to find their way out of the lower frequency West gate in their own time. That plan seems to have changed so that we ALL go.

Or… to quote a familiar phrase… WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. Got it? Now you know why the whole world tuned in to QAnon and President Trump. They heard the call. And that is why the El-ites attack them and don’t want anyone listening to them.

QAnon isn’t a LARP or a lark. It’s our salvation. Q recently joked about missing something because they were “busy saving Humanity”. I thought that highly amusing. Most don’t understand the scale of this operation.

It’s not just about draining the swamp and cleaning up Washington. It literally will be our salvation—as a race. And for the other races in the construct, as well. The ones we never see.

And that is also why Avatar was one of the top selling movies of all time. It resonated at a fundamental level in Human consciousness. Jake Sully, the protagonist, was so enthralled with the “fake reality” in the Avatar body that the edges of his worlds began to blur and he desired to spend more and more time in his Avatar and no longer wanted to return to his Human body.

The selfish RDA corporate or “company” execs and the Colonel/military industrial complex kept dragging him back to the life of limitation that no longer resonated once he got a look at the alternative. All they cared about was resources like “unobtanium”. They were going to mine it at the expense of destroying the home and culture of the Na’vi.

It’s not so different here. Much of the time we feel like pawns in some sick game, like Jake Sully did; asking, “Is this all there is?”

QAnon said the world is about to change, and if Rose is correct, that would be an understatement. Trump will be an integral part of the operation to free the low frequency members of society, the ones hooked on TV, gadgets, drugs, and service-to-self lifestyles and mislead by religion.

In conclusion, this YRFT information doesn’t begin to tell the whole story, but it gives us a little more to go on. It doesn’t tell us specifically why we are trapped and can’t get out or when we will find our way to our new world—but she tells us the movie is ending and when the frequency or vibration of the whole rises sufficiently, The Event will happen, and we will move on to our next adventure in our incorruptible bodies.

Do we want to be immortal? Something to think about.

Thomas Williams has suggested we should remain here in this difficult and challenging environment until we can all learn to get along with the other “species” as part of our evolutionary process.

How is it fair for mind-wiped, genetically modified organisms like us to have to co-exist with species who know who they are, and have the use of gifts programmed out of us, like telepathy, teleportation, kinesiology, “magic”, etc?

Nix that idea. I believe we have all suffered far too much over the millennia and should be freed post haste. The carnage unfolding on this planet daily from lack of food, water, shelter, earth changes, weather, and the psychopathic actions of the control freaks who continue to bomb cities and civilians, which is beyond barbaric, have surely outlived their usefulness.

The painful processes of living with diseases like cancer is despicable treatment of innocent people. The preying on children is the ultimate depths of depravity. Do all off-world cultures have to deal with this to progress spiritually? I think not.

Thomas also tells us we don’t really want “full disclosure” because it’s too ugly. Indeed, many are not ready for news like that and Rose suggests those souls will not be told the whole truth.

Try telling 85 per cent of the world, “Don’t worry, be happy. It’s just a movie and soon it will be over.” The grieving alone for those we lose is torture. If you call this soul growth, you can have it. I am so done with people who don’t get it and I want out.

Transferring consciousness may be no big whoop for most evolved Beings, but Humans don’t understand they can check out at any time; we’re virtually stuck in these meat suits unless we take a bottle of pills or a revolver to our head. We are at a distinct disadvantage and have been prey for far too long.

I don’t understand how any highly evolved Being could allow this cruel existence to go on any longer than absolutely necessary. They’re not living the hell we are.

We need a planetary jail break, but it sounds as though the construct must respond to Universal Laws of Vibration. We’re currently readying the life boats on Starship Earth so those who can’t swim can be rescued, so… it’s a process.

The plan is fluid, and it’s going to happen when it’s going to happen. As Rose says, hold on to the high frequency thoughts and don’t allow the El-ites to bring you down through anger or fear. They will get what they deserve.

That’s the best way for us to help; that, and waking up the snoozers.  ~ BP