SHOCK! The list of arrests and executions of famous deep state ~ July 10, 2020

Editor’s Note: The news for America is so filtered, that the truth is often unavailable for Americans. So…I was exceedingly glad to have this article from a Greek newspaper sent to me (Thanks Alice…!), and I will share with you.

Please read, learn our world is indeed corrupt on a global basis which is being cleaned up NOW, and then BE in …

Quantum Joy!


Sooo overy much is going on “behind the scenes” which we, the public do not see and this Greek article is presented as a sign and signal that, in our reality…all is well NOW with daily improvement for the introduction of Light (knowledge, truth, information) into our world.

Hold on, the best is yet to BE, use your Magnificent Hearts to find, hold and BE the Quantum LOVE which you ARE, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Arrests and executions of famous people.
The list of the first 81 celebrities who have been arrested or executed.

We present to you the list of the 81 names of famous, political, actors, singers who served the Deep State, but many of them have been arrested and have already been executed.

We have told you in previous articles, but also in videos, that many of those who committed horrific crimes against humanity will be arrested.

Of course, many of you thought we were writing and saying inaccuracies by spreading false news.

Because this issue of arrests is serious and we know that there is a “war” against Trump by the systemic media, which has taken a lot of money to intimidate people with issues such as covid-19, vaccines, fines and all the negatives now to keep the world in a negative, we also take care to give you the right information.

Today, Thursday, June 4, 2020, in “Slaughter”, we publish a long list of 81 names of celebrities, some of whom have been arrested and others have been executed.

This is because you need to know exactly what is going on and understand who is making fun of you.

Already many in the world have been exposed to their big lies, such as politicians, journalists, actors and others, trying to convince us of a virus that kills, about how necessary vaccines and other such nonsense are, which turned out to be a big lie.

Of course, in all this mockery of the mockery, they have mixed the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who, of course, has been fighting the deep state for 3 years and on the occasion of the corona, he started arresting all those who have committed crimes against her. of humanity.

As we told you, the Coroner was the cover for the mass arrests. The lock downs are made so that there is no unnecessary traffic on the streets and the work of the international police is facilitated.

Before you read the names, we need to explain a few things.
How the arrests are made.

The arrests are being made by special police teams in plain political clothes. We saw the arrest of Obama. The arrest was made simply and quickly, so as not to be noticed by the public.

Watch this video:

All these arrests were made in this way. If convicted of child trafficking, pedophilia, or crimes against humanity, he will be executed. If convicted, they will be executed. Before the trial, if the person has proof of someone else to help the business, or is willing to help Trump and they want to work together and do things to get Trump to leave a possible life sentence, then they are allowed to do so if they have serious evidence.

When a negotiation is completed, the defendant must present what he has to mitigate his sentence. This information is provided to the prosecution, the defense and the judge. If accepted, the plea agreement is presented, and then they must make a written statement and admit guilt for the crime with a video confession and a written statement. This is how all processes work.

All the people arrested were traitors or involved in satanic worship ceremonies, which involved torturing children and then killing them as a sacrifice. Then they drank their blood, which contained adrenoceptor chromium. These are called crimes against humanity and demand death as punishment. Trump has signed an executive order calling for the death penalty for those involved in crimes against humanity or treason to be brought to justice and sentenced to death.
How betrayal is characterized.

If the detainees took orders from the “deep state” and carried out those orders. This is called betrayal.

Obama said, “I just followed orders.” Yes, that made him a traitor. He made a deal and was released for a while to help Trump, but during that time, he violated the waiver agreement and reappeared so that he could be executed by shooting him in the back of the head.

Big Mike’s wife was executed shortly afterwards. We will find out next year when all this will be released. Obama, of course, also betrayed Big Mike to make a deal.

All those arrested made a confessional video to negotiate, even if it was a mere death by lethal injection instead of being shot by a group or hanged. Deadly injections are a preferred way to die. You just sleep and don’t wake up. It is painless and peaceful. Big Mike chose the lethal injection.

Clones and lifebuoys.

Some who have been executed have life jackets or clones.

They are placed by the “good” ones, to make people believe that they are still in worship. This means that people who are not awake will not be angry or upset to start rioting against the government to execute someone they loved. Like Madonna, Tom Hanks, or another celebrity.

Or get so upset that they have to go to the hospital. Many will not be able to accept that they have been lied to throughout their lives.

Believe it or not, there are many Democrats out there who still love Obama and Michelle. Michelle was recently at PBS reading books to children, and Obama appeared with her at a meeting. These are videos made with CGI. They are fake. Both are dead.

Even on Greek channels, we saw a card with statements by Rita Wilson, who commented on the alleged death of George Froyd.
The C.G.I.

If you watch a video of a person arrested and executed on television, this is done using the CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary) method. That is, with image production technology using a computer. If the person makes a personal appearance, it will be a lifeline or a clone. Mike Pence, who you’ve seen on TV with Trump, is a clone. He was arrested long after the coup against Paul Ryan

If they announce that a person has died of a coronavirus – covid-19, they will not have a lifeline or a clone, because people will officially know that he has died.

Harvey Weinstein was said to have died of coronavirus-19.

John McCain was executed and his daughter admitted it. Watch the relevant video.

The arrest of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton died the day she spoke at the 9/11 event and crashed into the SUV when she was told she was under arrest. She was rushed to her daughter’s house because she had a medical facility for her. A lifeguard came out and said it was okay. At this medical facility at Chelsea’s daughter’s home, she used adrenochromium to rejuvenate her, having a special medical lab there to extract it from babies and blood. Her body was transported to Greenland and put on ice, where you keep it in plant condition. He became a special court and was sentenced

Hillary Rodham Clinton died the day she spoke at the 9/11 event and crashed into the SUV when she was told she was under arrest. She was rushed to her daughter’s house because she had a medical facility for her. A lifeguard came out and said it was okay. At this medical facility at Chelsea’s daughter’s home, she used adrenochromium to rejuvenate her, having a special medical lab there to extract it from babies and blood. Her body was transported to Greenland and put on ice, where you keep it in plant condition. He was tried in a special court and sentenced to death by hanging. All this is recorded by analog video. All video confessions were made in analog video.
READ: Sorry for Boris Johnson, who couldn’t stand the corona.

By the way, Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) prisons are full. Some of those arrested are under house arrest or in GITMO, litigation is still ongoing, and a better conviction is being negotiated.

Bill Gates, for example, will not be able to negotiate a more favorable sentence because the same information he uses will not help him. It will go for execution.

There are many who have been arrested and are not on this list because they were simply not famous enough. Thousands of arrests were made.

And they continue…

We do not give you dates for arrests or executions, because we simply do not have that information. Most of these people have been charged with crimes against humanity. Some have been accused of treason. Some were charged with both.

Below is a list of the 81 names of celebrities. Editor’s Note: Those listed in red are to have already been executed, those names in white have been arrested.)

WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC – PROOF that late-term abortion is outright child murder [video] ~ February 15, 2019

Is this what abortion looks like? Is it like tearing the transmission out of a car, digging around with wrenches and screw drivers and severing the hoses and wires?

Where is our Humanity? Where is the respect for Human life? Puppies are treated better than this.

For decades they’ve shown us how babies react to the emotions and other processes of the mother and the external environment while in the womb; how they feel pain—and now we claim we’re giving a mother the right to control her body by allowing her to terminate a life?

There is a rapid and intentional decay of Human society if this is considered moral and legal by any reckoning.

There are tests and diagnostics to determine if a fetus is damaged to the point it would not be beneficial for survival. What happened to amniocentesis, ultra sound and blood tests? They always worked before.

Now a woman’s right to control her own body applies AFTER she dilates and gives birth and the baby is born; alive—if they don’t rip it apart delivering it because it’s suddenly a commodity; a bag of skin and bones worth far more dead than alive.

Who gets to play God and decide who is worthy of embarking into life?

It starts here, at the birth, but how old does a child have to be before a parent can no longer decide they are a problem and don’t want them any more? Two? Nine? How can we assume the right to end a life at any stage?

It’s murder if it’s an adult but it’s okay to take the life of an innocent, full-term baby? Who claims the right to execute a baby? Predators.

What is “civil” about killing a newborn? A woman who hires a doctor to murder her baby is a murderer. They are both murderers, aren’t they? Murder and accessory to murder. So now they approve the “Reproductive Health Act”—gotta love that benign terminology—and it’s all perfectly fine. Laws trump morals.

Is it an accident that Virginia and New Mexico were waiting in the wings with similar legislation all ready to go as soon as New York approved theirs?

Those who use Human body parts, organs, and fluids and make a lot of money on their procurement are intent on making it legal to murder Humans because it’s what they do and have done for millennia. They want to do it out in the open. They don’t want to hide any more.

How do we know they don’t program and drug women to give permission to “harvest” their babies. Or does the mother get a cut?

Why don’t they terminate the pregnancy as soon as she knows she’s pregnant? Does a birth control or family planning clinic do any education at all, or are they solely focused on harvesting body parts for profit?

We heard Planned Parenthood staff admit they gave poor contraceptive methods to young women because they knew they would fail and they then would come back to the clinic when they were pregnant. Pretty close to a baby factory, isn’t it?

To profit from the selling of Human body parts as Planned Parenthood has done and is doing is not in line with who Humanity purports to be. But perhaps we’ve forgotten.

Society is in terminal velocity free fall if this is allowed to continue.

Humans have no idea who and what they are dealing with, but they’ll soon find out. These creatures are making their moves while they still have the chance and misguided Humans are cheering them on. It is NOT about a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body.

Read the article and see the video at Wake Up To the Truth—if you dare.  ~ BP

Those Little Envelopes… Tick-Tock!!! David Zublick Reveals the Damning Evidence [video] ~ December 18, 2018

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes…it seems the moments we have all been waiting for are near at hand. What a nice Christmas present for the enduring American public. Sit back, grab that popcorn, settle in for some shocking and revealing news, and…



David Zublick confirms it was indictments delivered to key cabal members in those little envelopes at the Bush funeral, and that the military tribunals will be private, not public, with only select members of the independent media allowed to be present—David Zublick being one of those. Way to go, David. January begins the chain of procedures. The Deep State is in deep shite.

If you are not familiar with the dark, horrific side of the activities of Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin, and other members of the Washington crew, some of this may come as a shock. Just a warning for sensitive people. This really is TMI but it has to come out sooner or later.

Yes, Those Were Indictments Served At Bush Funeral

David Zublick Channel
Published on Dec 18, 2018

In a brilliant political move designed to show the Deep State they have been put on notice, President Trump hands out indictments to guests at George H.W. Bush’s funeral…and it was caught on video for all the world to see. Gitmo has been prepared. The military tribunals will soon begin. And justice will soon be served. The clock is ticking. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

There are many serious problems with satanic pedophilia in Washington, and globally.  They are tired of having to hide their perverted lifestyle, and want to legalize their desires and activities so they can’t be prosecuted. That’s not going to happen.

Randy Short: Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Representative David N. Cicilline (D-RI-1) Introduce Bill to Normalize Pedophilia

Late Updates for December 4, 2018: USPS Closed Dec 5 + X22 Financial & Geopolitical Reports ~ December 4, 2018

Another “President’s Day” for the Post Office December 5th for a day of mourning? Gag me.

When is the celebration? It’s a day of celebration! Up your bucket!

Thanks, S.

Jim Stone shared video from Paris of EMT ambulances blocking Paris streets in protest of Macron’s proposed gas tax, etc. France knows what the cabal has in mind and they want none of it—forcing Macron’s cabinet to delay their plans. Some reports tell us the Yellow Vests say they don’t care about the gas tax—they want Macron GONE!  Vive la France!

Fascinating stuff today! From one day to the next we never know what news we will get. QAnon remains relaxed, positive, in control, and takes all developments in stride. Are the patriots in control? I think we’ll see some monumental developments coming up. This plan has been in place for some time, and all possibilities were considered. There’s always a plan B, C, D, etc.—and it seems the Patriots are prepared to handle any apparent deviations from “the plan”.

If it’s true they have a quantum computer analyzing the situation from day to day, there are multiple “what if” logic statements examined and planned for any outcomes. I doubt if there are many, if any, surprises to the Q team. They know how to manipulate the Deep State actors.

Trump Did It, This Is The Icing On The Cake – Episode 1732a

The “mystery wave” that traversed the world on November 11 is the talk of the town and Dave goes into this. There are many theories about the wave and its origin and purpose. The information is related to satellites and the effects of dark programs to control Humanity. Most intriguing. The world is about to change? Bring it on!  ~ BP

Typos Are Deliberate, Is This The Team Around POTUS? Watch You Will See – Episode 1732b


Headlines and Updates for December 4, 2018: Reality Check Required [videos] ~ December 4, 2018

Did you watch David Zublick’s exclusive update from yesterday confirming Bush was “McCained” and how the military tribunals might go—including public executions? I guess it’s “who you know”.

The talk of what would happen if the dimms regained power in 2020 or 2024 made my temperature gauge red-line. If the People are told the truth about the situation in Washington and America there is no way in hell the dimms will regain power. Period. We should be dispensing with the party system entirely and removing that scenario from the table.

I’m not sure what to make of that “intel”, but it is sounding more like David may be part of one of the factions duking it out—and/or—perhaps charged with putting feelers out to check the pulse of the awakened community to see how we react to the possibilities presented.

I must say it was a surprising update on several levels; on one hand, fortifying the secrecy around the criminality of McCain and Bush… “no deals”??? Is that not considered a “deal”? How can we move forward in transparency if the crimes of these murderers are covered up even in their deaths? Their families and cronies are still free to continue their Human trafficking and everything else they do.

We are well aware the Nazi faction wants to deal. They wanted disclosure of the ETs and their own activities in concert with them to sacrifice Humans to wait 50 years so the perps would all be dead and escape punishment for their despicable, treasonous crimes.

Yet now at least one faction appears to propose public executions? As David described them, I can’t see it. It’s the polar opposite of allowing these demonic entities to go quietly into the night with lavish funerals piling on the kudos for imagined feats of honour and patriotism while we sit here fighting back the nausea—including on Hannity’s show last night that QAnon suggested we watch.

That was a rough start to my day. They even showed us the repulsive clip of the screaming banshees on The View, which is just cruel—and no mention of the fact Bush spoke numerous times of the impending “New World Order”. There was a brief segment on the Clinton Criminal Cabal, but nothing really new.

However… QAnon responded thusly last night about the show:

FOX execs pulled (3) scheduled guests.
Focus: 41

So—Fox caved on the Clinton whistleblower story. Surprise, surprise. And so it goes. Or, was that more cat-and-mouse to manipulate the deep state because they wanted them to think something big and nasty was going to come out and wanted to force them to react somehow?

Month after month. Year after year. The truth is squelched and buried while we negotiate with terrorists and co-exist with “dead people” with their heads in the sand. Q says this is not a game, but it is 5D chess.

Maybe I expected too much too soon, but it sounds to me that if certain parties have their way, there will be a lot of “dealing” going on to allow us to move forward; to arrest SOME of the criminals and remove them from circulation, only showing the public what “someone” decides to show them—which is manipulation, in my book. Threats by the Deep State will shape how we move forward, according to this update.

In my opinion, either you tell the people the truth and operate in complete transparency or you continue to lie, obfuscate, and control the actions of a nation—and the world. Are we expected to continue to live in a society of zombies who don’t know the truth, ostracize us, and can’t see the world for what it is because no one shattered their precious illusion? We cannot continue to live in two worlds.

I certainly hope there is a far better plan than the scenarios set out by David Zublick’s “intelligence sources” because it doesn’t sound like our reality is going to contain much reality at all any time soon if those possibilities unfold and the games continue. The indictment for Bush included general terminology like Human Trafficking—as did McCain’s—which doesn’t even hint at the horrors of what these people do as a cult—and continue in their circles today and WILL continue unless the truth is told.

The efforts by the NYPD to put the proof out there on the Internet about the unspeakable acts of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin have dead-ended for the time being, at least.

QAnon has advocated truth, transparency, honour, and “no deals” = justice. That’s what most of us want and expect, so we’ll see how it goes—and who’s in charge. There are those who will never wake up unless they are forced to. It’s time.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for President Trump to speak all around the truth and respectfully continue the discourse without a mention of the treasonous activities of people like McCain and Bush or his utter disdain for them. He’s a better man than I.

I certainly hope that the Patriots are in control, as Q tells us, because the ideas put forth by David Zublick from some unknown parties are not palatable in the least.  ~ BP


On a more positive note, if you listened to Thomas Williams’ show last night you may have been thrilled with the groundbreaking information he shared, seasoned with a little lively intel. He made some brilliant propositions and posed thought-provoking questions to consider on the more spiritual side of things which most do not address but are equally important to our future—if not more—including The Event.

I am going to listen again to better grasp it all. There are open-ended possibilities, of course, because some of what unfolds will depend on us. Many thanks, Thomas.

You can download the show and/or listen at the link, or listen on YouTube.