Odds and Sods for Boxing Day, December 26th, 2019: Pandemonium for the Pedo Elite & Ari Didn’t Kill Himself [videos] ~ December 26, 2019

Editor’s Note: If my posts look “off” to you, I recommend checking these out just a little later. What’s happening is “They” take great delight in not allowing me to post from my normal posting page and making me open a different posting page in order to get anything out there.

Lot’s of ending throes out there for the Dark right NOW, and I look to see how the uprising field of Christ Consciousness within ourselves (!) will affect these holding “Low Vibrations”. So…thanks to Starship Earth for providing a dose of truth, popcorn ready as the show progresses, let’s watch some great things develop, while BEing…



Happy Boxing Day to the Brits, Canadians and “commonwealth” countries that celebrate it. Now that the anticipation of gift-giving is mostly over, the pupperoni chews are long gone and the biggest meals are under our belts, many of us are at least partially back to business.

We did manage to sneak in the Grinch, and will probably watch Home Alone tonight.

Since @CBC wanted to edit out @realDonaldTrump from Home Alone 2…

Here’s the clip for our Canadian frens… pic.twitter.com/ALVi4P4YaB

— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 26, 2019

It’s pandemonium in the world of the satanic El-ites’ and the word on the street is… they’re thinking they will keep POTUS on the impeachment stringer indefinitely so it overshadows the election and makes him look bad, lol.

These people are stupid. Can they not see the support from the masses increases for President Trump every day—and that it’s due to their idiotic and unfounded attacks on him? He has accomplished so much of his mission and more. He’s outclassed any other US president in history. It’s history in the making.

Trump calls Dems ‘liars’ for pumping brakes on impeachment rush

Collins reacts to being named to represent Trump in Senate impeachment trial

Despite how it may look, President Trump, the White Hats, and the Q army are ushering in the destruction of the olde guard. The empires the dark built over centuries are in a shambles; crumbling before their very eyes, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Their day is done and the sun is setting on the satanic pedophiles who have been running the world.

The propaganda arm of the deep state has been outed and globally people are seeking the real news online. They can see that the C_A talking points are anti-constitutional and counter to the sovereign rights of Human Beings.

News flash for the dimmer than dim Dems…

The next Trump KAG rally is on January 9th in Toledo Ohio at the Huntington Center; capacity 8,000 + standing room on the floor. Register here.
The following is a very interesting and poignant article about how the psychopathic globalists are shaping Human society and their disturbing plans for us as a race. These revelations need to be taken seriously.The evil ones have been stalking Humanity for a very long time but the “totalitarian tip-toe” is like the fog that “comes on little cat feet”; subtle and silent and most people don’t see it or hear it creep in. They’re separated from reality by the mirror that hides what’s really going on. It’s a two-way mirror through which the control freaks can see everything that’s unfolding, and all we see is a reflection of our fake reality they have created for us. Through the Looking Glass is another story entirely.

The turds are still trying to cover up their crimes and eliminating those who might speak of them.

Ari Behn: Author and Norway princess’s ex-husband dies aged 47

Reports say it was suicide!

(my arse)

Ari Behn didn’t kill himself.

BREAKING: Another Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies

— Major Patriot (@Q2ndWave) December 25, 2019

Agent Margaritaville brought us another thought-provoking update on the pedophiles.

Metro Toronto Satanic Catholic Archdiocese – Slovenian Community Tax Fraud – Part 1

The following articles from Jon Rappoport examine the activities of the dark over centuries to engineer our society into something that works for them.

It’s a serious look at that social engineering that needs to be taken seriously. Most folks don’t see that fog of the totalitarian tip-toe that “comes on little cat feet” until it’s too late. The real plot has been hidden behind a shroud of illusion like a two-way mirror.

The psychopaths can see everything unfold while we only see a mirror reflection of the false reality they have created for us; ignorant of science and our true identities predating their genetic manipulation of our avatars or “meat suits”.

Everything we’ve been told is a lie, and the Universe(s) don’t work the way they stated. It’s not even pseudo science. Our education is a blatant lie.

Have a look at the grand plan for Humanity, courtesy of those who believe they comprise and represent royal bloodlines and as such have the right to sculpt the evolution of our race.

Technocracy: evolution told as a fairy tale

Today Jon expanded on this with another article; A Deeper Understanding of Technocracy.

If you think the plan is hysteria and extreme, consider this. Satan-worshipping psychopaths have been ruling the world.

Iran minister insists protesters shot in head and legs, not ‘just’ head

According to a parliamentarian, the officials who were present at the meeting were shocked by the interior minister’s indifference and coldness when he made the remarks.

floating Hallelujah Mountains of Pandora (Avatar)

Speaking of fairy tales, wasn’t it interesting to learn from John Here to Help that one of the near dimensions to us is known as “Pandora”? That same name was given to the planet where the Na’vi lived in the blockbuster movie, “Avatar”. Coincidence?

The more we know… the more we realize “fiction” is fact.

“The Cubes”

I’ve been pondering the future. Will 2020 be the year? Will we finally get to the rock bottom truth?Will we learn that washers and dryers are portalling out socks to another dimension? And will all those disenfranchised socks ever be reunited with their twin flames?If we open Pandora’s Box, will an army of lonely socks stand eager to greet their mates? And will this union generate little socks? A new generation of socks? Perhaps I have too much time on my hands for whimsical philosophy at Christmas.Regardless, I DO anticipate a time when people are more ethical and honest; when the freshly opened Kleenex box is full to the top, not 1.25″ down, posing as a larger box; when companies don’t use deceptive marketing practices to flog their wares and services, when the almighty buck doesn’t dictate people’s behaviour, and when people are simply authentic and open with one another. That will be our brave, new world.

Worth fighting for?  ~ BP

Your Sunday Digest for November 24, 2019: Nothing is What It Seems; NOTHING [videos] ~ November 24, 2019

It’s interesting what gets the attention of the public. The story, video, and image of a naked young man scaling the wall of a section of Buckingham Palace on a bed sheet got a whole lot of attention—as in over 7300 views on Saturday alone on this blog. It’s been a consistently popular post over the years but yesterday it found a LOT of new eyes.

People are learning that many “conspiracy theories” are actually based in fact, and they’re wanting to know more.

Unfortunately, last week on Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call, he told us that the young man in the image didn’t make it to safety, and that was the first update I’d heard on that sad event that the lying, treasonous media tried to cover up by saying it was a promotional shoot. The pedophiles/pedovores who have been running the world have caused so much suffering. It needs to end, and it can’t be soon enough.

President Trump has called out the media as being “fake” and “dangerous” and synonymous with the “deep state” and they most certainly are. Their days are numbered. They have been creating a false reality and protecting the criminals far too long.

It’s not always easy to know what the truth is, as the Patriots at American Intelligence Media explain.

Very sophisticated propaganda is pouring out of Reuters and Associated Press. We were punked, but now set the record straight. This is an important learning opportunity for AIM patriots everywhere. Bottom line – distrust EVERYTHING that comes from Reuters and AP.

Listen to the details at the video at the link below on Vimeo.

We were punked by fake news, but set the record straight!

President Putin has stated that the world is run by satanic pedophiles. Those in the know are telling the People of our planet the truth, but because of the media’s lies and coverups, too few believe them. They are still under the spell of a false illusion spun by evil predators and don’t recognize the truth when they hear it. It seems so far fetched they simply cannot grasp it.

The disclosure about what has happened on this planet must be handled carefully. This is where QAnon came in. Working hand-in-hand with President Trump they are shaking the masses awake. Each one of us is on our own schedule for recognizing the truth about our reality. Some have been awake for years, like yours truly, while others are just now coming around and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

We need a lot more people to understand the truth in short order. There is a schedule the Patriots dictate we must stick to, and we’re hoping there won’t be too many we’ll have to drag along with us, kicking and screaming. We want eyes open.

There are so many places to find the truth and we urge folks to get out there on the Internet and do some research about whatever topics call to you. Just dive in and while using your utmost discernment, feel your way along and try to understand that we are living in an illusion created by evil creatures who sought to control us for their benefit. We have been prey.

For too long we brushed aside the “conspiracy theories” as designed by the CIA many decades ago, and were content to allow the dark forces to run our planet and the Human race into the ground. They said one thing and did another. It’s an ugly story we chose to ignore until it was almost too late.

Like a plane in a deep dive, however, we suddenly had the assistance to pull up and level out so we could see ahead of us and make a safe landing.

We are not yet in the recovery phase. We are at war—a war like no other. It’s a civil war in some respects; an information war; a war for the minds of Humanity. Many articles expose the reality, like the following. Thanks, J.

Alarming Trump-Clinton Death Drama Masks Biggest CIA Takedown Since Cuban Missile Crisis

We are in the process of exposing the criminals, the banksters, the predators, and the liars and removing them from society. The People of Earth must step up and take responsibility for what happens now. They must get up off their knees and refuse to be slaves.

Humanity needn’t bow to anyone; any Being. Tyranny has to end. No one who believes they are part of a “high-born bloodline” has the right or permission to dictate what will happen on this planet.

Once we win this battle, the wars will end, Peace will reign, and we will soon experience the life we were created to enjoy as sovereign Beings. It won’t happen over night, and there is much work to do over the next few years, but we can and will do what it takes to eradicate evil from our lives.

It’s not only about America. It’s about our entire planet.

Please stand by, shit is about to get VERY SERIOUS in Canada from these. MASSIVE ARRESTS INCOMING. pic.twitter.com/9rPN0V1ssa

— CanadaAgentShowTime (@CanadaSpecialA1) November 24, 2019

In the not too distant future, pain and suffering are going to end. Lack will be replaced by abundance. Once the manipulation ceases and we are left alone to be who Humans really are, hatred and distrust will give way to love and tolerance. The struggle will fade and we will slip into a life of ease and grace where dis-ease is eradicated. Our Golden Age is on our doorstep. It’s time to invite it in.

Science and physics are so NOT what we’ve been taught. Nearly everything we’ve been told is a lie. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the Truth will set us free, as they say. We can learn new truths. We are survivors—or we would not still be here after all the efforts to eradicate Humanity from the face of this planet. We survived, and now we must move forward.

And that’s my sermon for today. It’s not as feisty as Judge Jeanine’s, bless her soul. Why is Fox paying Juan Williams? Is that their token “balanced” news? He’s a misfit. Get rid of him. Please. See the video at the link below. We need more commentators like Judge Jeanine who say it like it is. Video at the link.

WAR AT FOX NEWS! Judge Jeanine & Juan Williams Square Off Over Schiff’s Impeachment Circus

SerialBrain2: The Explosive Information Coded in the Ukraine Call Transcripts

Read the SerialBrain decode here.

Dahb007 shared this video below about the successful reanimation of the Human body, which left me with a question. What happened to the soul that animated that body originally? Did they just hang around indefinitely until the time came to thaw out the corpse? How does that work, exactly?

Or did they insert a fake soul? Is that person really a “Human” or are they more or less a drone with an artificial intelligence—easily programmable and basically not much more than a clone? What if a demon jumped in? How do scientists control what kind of intelligence animates a body coming out of stasis?

My second point would be, if they’re telling us they’ve just done it for the first time they’re lying. They’ve been doing it for decades. They may have just “perfected” it, but it’s not the first time they’ve done it. Look at the movie, “Avatar”. Why was it the most successful movie in years—or ever? Because it so deeply resonated with Humanity as being largely truth. The meat suit is just a costume which can be discarded at will. It’s our avatar.

Many of us are souls incarnated from other planets; other civilizations. We’re not stupid, and we are being reawakened to the reality we were forced to forget to come here at this time; mind-wiped on entry.

We’re told that reincarnation was a trap, and many Higher Beings from other planets agreed to come to this awful, evil place called Earth/Terra to help with the liberation of this prison planet. They sacrificed a lot to do it. They had to give up their memories of past lives and who they really are. They had to start fresh like other Humans and fight their way through life until they were triggered and awakened to their gifts and abilities.

One thing we have learned over the decades is that when “scientists” say they have done something for the first time, it’s not the first time. In the recent past they claimed to have successfully cloned “Dolly the sheep”. They’ve been cloning for an eternity.

A lot of the “elite” have interchangable clones and/or body doubles. They can be in two or more places at the same time. We will learn that many of the biggest criminals have already expired and been replaced by clones who resemble them but aren’t them. They’re actors, with a shorter lifespan than a Human. Bred for convenience.

And don’t be too sure the White Hats haven’t cloned a few people, as well. Hollywood isn’t restricted to Los Angeles, California. Life is a stage, as Shakespeare reportedly stated.

Life on Earth is far more exciting and interesting than the establishment lets on. You’ll see.

Doctors Have Officially Frozen And Reanimated A Human Being For The First Time

I’m glad AIM4Truth published this because when I first laid eyes on the unfortunate “woman” known as “Fiona” Hill, I knew this was one more “she” who is really a “he”—but I suggested the same of other deep state players and chose to bite my tongue this time. When we say the world is full of actors putting on a show to deceive, we mean “actors”.  Learn more about “Fionn” at the CAT Report.

What is the truth about the violence in Hong Kong? It’s obvious when you know the details. Thanks, L.

Why Four Men Set Fire to The Epoch Times Printing Office in Hong Kong

The control freaks never cease to come up with ways to poison us and our world. Now they want to compost Humans and dump us on the food supply and into the water. Will Bill 5001 pass in Washington state to allow this travesty? Better speak up, peeps, or you could wind up with Uncle Charlie and all his meds, toxins, and bacteria on your cereal. Washington apples à la Edna? Yum-yum!

These people are sick. And the justification for this? They can’t be serious. These people are delusional and without logic. Does anyone listen to them any more?

“Composting” dead humans creates bio-goo that gets flushed down sewage pipes, turned into biosludge, then deposited on crops

So, if they’ve lied about absolutely everything else… did they lie about this, too? They’ve rewritten the history books and at some point Humanity stopped believing in a domed, flat Earth and it became the blue-green marble as it appears today in movies and the tel-lie-vision.

One must wonder… when everyone consulted ridicules anyone for even suggesting it, why are they so vehement in their denial?

Trump won’t touch 9/11, and the topic won’t come up in the rotation until the Patriots are ready to red pill the world. The takedown must unfold according to “The Plan” to be successful.

I suspect that if there is a truth to be told that is bigger and badder than 9/11—it will come later. Much later.

Until then, the disinfo and coverups would continue, no matter who you ask. Even if they know, they won’t break the vow of silence because the masses couldn’t handle it—wouldn’t believe it—and then what credibility would anyone have afterward? So they continue to ridicule and deny.

We know that our world is not what we’re told. The bizarre phenomena in our skies have not been officially addressed and are being camouflaged on the QT. At some point, however, if we are indeed on Planet Earth/Terra we will be able to see it for ourselves through our own eyes, from above. No NASA artistry, no camera magic, no lies.

And if the artificial construct we’re told we occupy is a reality… we need to be told. The lies have to end.

Scientist CONFIRMS Actual Footage of FLAT EARTH from “SPACE”!! | Fe PROOF 3 pt1

Details for Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call tonight, beginning with his summary, are below.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

FINALLY, after months and months of false alarms, delays and extensions, we have an actual real date for the release of the OIG Report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz — which we are now being told is set for December 9.

The Office of Inspector General Report will merely be the start of a massive dump of the most devastating and incriminating evidence against the entire Deep State operating in the United States of America over the last 150 years, or perhaps longer. This massive dump of evidence will be THE BIGGEST DISCLOSURE OF TRUTH ever attempted in the history of the modern world. 

And the disclosures will come in wave after wave after wave from many different ongoing investigations, and will likely unfold over the next year at the very least — if not longer.

  • BREAKING NEWS TONIGHT:Expect the the Deep State to pull out numerous distraction events with all the bad news set to come out in December. The health status and/or death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a very strong possibility to be employed in order to pull attention away from the OIG report. And now tonight, November 23, we are seeing clear evidence of this possible scenario.


  • It appears, after many months of inactivity, we are finally seeing Senator Lindsey Graham springing into action as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. For months if not years, Senator Graham has promised to hold hearings in the Senate of some of the co-conspirators of the coup on President Trump, and this week he announced Michael Horowitz will be testifying in the Senate on December 11.


  • On Friday, November 22, President Trump appeared on Fox & Friends morning show and dropped numerous carpet bombs in preparation for the release of the OIG Report in December. President Trump once again firmly put the spotlight on former President Obama as the ringleader of the coup of the US Presidency!

Editor’s Note: The links following these bulleted points are not allowed by “them”.

  • Attorney General William Barr spoke out this past week in defense of President Trump, and then dropped a bombshell of his own regarding the “suicide” death of notorious pedophile and child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein at the Manhattan Correction Center in NYC.



  • The Democrats impeachment scam inquiry continued to implode during a second week of testimony in the House. All of the new so-called “whistleblowers” brought forth by Shifty Adam Schiff had no evidence of quid-pro-quo, no proof of any impeachable crimes by President Trump, and no first hand knowledge of the call with Ukraine President Zelensky. What an utter fiasco this has been!!
  • As a result, Adam Schiff’s impeachment circus has given President Trump even more ammunition against the Deep State; has emboldened Republican members of the House; and has severely damaged the credibility of House Democrats. It has been nothing less than a massive disaster and backfire on the Deep State Democrats, and a gigantic boost for President Trump and the entire Republican Party. Great job, Shifty Schiff!
  • And now, the entire Democratic Party, including its sorry lot of Presidential candidates, are absolutely reeling and in such a state of crisis, they are all but admitting their inevitable total defeat. It cannot happen soon enough!
  • “Q” has delivered a number of new and significant drops this past week including a stunning direct message on November 20 to Lindsey Graham: “Chairman Graham, it’s time. Senate was the target.”

Once again, we will have A LOT of breaking news to cover on this very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598    Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402  Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraclesInspire

As always, we love to leave you laughing. Thanks to AIM4Truth for the share.  ~ BP

The Fractal Construct Where Humanity Lives [videos] ~ April 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Have I blogged this article from Starship Earth already? I’ve been so busy moving, etc, etc. that the days are starting to blur a bit! At any rate, this article addresses much of the swirl of spiritual information that is out there right now. may be time for a bit of “woo-woo”!

Although no one system of thought seems sure right now, the single focus I Am concentrating on is…my vibrations, with the need to hold and keep these as high as possible. For me, this focus keeps me stable and sound regardless of the “details” of how all will work out.

So…please read this article, understand how many variations on a theme reveal themselves in unique ways, stay focused on the concept that “fit’s best” for you, and be…



When things don’t make sense we usually keep digging.

We’re told we live in a Matrix; a construct that traps our souls here in our corporeal bodies—wherever “here” is.

We can see the world around us isn’t what we were told and seems to be changing. The sky, for one thing, grows more anomalous as we watch it.

The images we see of the planets don’t look real, but we get video footage from NASA cameras from a few people who give us a glimpse of what the reality might be before NASA either scrubs the images or removes sections.

Yellow Rose for Texas has brought us some startling footage of “space wars”, planet ships, and some really freaky stuff, frankly. She has also told us some of our true history.

I can’t make sense of all of what she tells us and shows us and for that reason I occasionally go back and review the videos to connect more dots. Gradually, as I get more information it makes more sense.

This past weekend I reviewed three key videos from Rose and found what I needed to bring the big picture into better focus. What a relief! It is almost like being stranded on a holodeck.

This time, I heard her say, “You are in a movie.” Yup. She said that, but I didn’t pick up on it before. This time, I had the words of QAnon to clue me in.

The first quandary that really threw me for a loop a few years ago when I initially viewed Rose’s videos was a gigantic thumb next to the sun’s occulter. I couldn’t understand the scale. It suggested we were in a miniaturized world like Alice on the other side of the looking glass.

Rose has told us we are in “Server D”, or Universal “D”, and that all the planets have consciousness—a personality. We’re told everything in our world has consciousness, so that’s not a stretch.

She also shows us faces in space—and these images are all from the SOHO, SECCHI, and other NASA cameras, not some CGI special effect.

Her videos don’t have as many views as I would expect, but she has been censored and attacked, and they probably don’t make it easy to find the good stuff, like this. This sort of information would be too far beyond what many can handle.

One of our readers was angry and unsubscribed, he said, because we discussed existing in a server, as Rose suggested.

When we say the truth is “out there”—we mean it quite literally, and many can’t handle the truth, despite claiming to be truth seekers. I like to ask, “What if…?”

For what it’s worth, Thomas Williams, who has off-world contacts, has confirmed that a lot of Rose’s information is correct. She told us she had some bad info at one point (who hasn’t?) but what Rose has shared has been very valuable in my greater understanding of our reality and resonates strongly.

You can see the images of the thumbs in the video, The Destruction of the Papal Key, below, at the 2:22 mark and again around the 15 min. mark.

If the sun is 93 million miles away and huge in comparison to Earth—that thumb is completely out of context. It’s impossible—unless reality is completely different from what we’re told.

If the following videos don’t make any sense at all, you would probably benefit from watching her older ones for a more basic understanding. The Lie NASA Told; The Imminent Demise of the New World Order is fascinating, in my opinion. This one will clarify some of the terminology and concepts Rose uses.

As I said, I didn’t understand everything, and didn’t agree with it all, but it probably opened a door that had previously been invisible which I may not have knocked on otherwise.

What I got from watching these videos (multiple times) is that the dimension we occupy within the construct means we cannot see “above” into higher densities, but those in the upper densities can look down on us and observe us on a monitor. I don’t recall seeing this illustration the first time I watched the video but THIS time I clued in to the one she used of a man observing a glass dome on a table and I finally “got it”. I got the thumb. Hallelujah!

See that here at the 7:50 mark. Rose tells us that is why we can sometimes see faces in the sky.

The Gist of it is…

Avatar and The Matrix are the best examples Rose can give us to explain our “predicament”. I call it a predicament because we do seem to be trapped here, although few will admit it. Deep state operative Alex Jones gave us, “Prison Planet”, did he not?

The concept of viewing life in the “Petri dish”, as I call it, also suggests The Truman Show is another great analogy to life in our little Terra-rium.

Rose speaks of the exits that all good people will use to escape while the evil ones will wind up in the Pit.

What I still don’t grasp completely is the VAHs, or virtual artificial holograms, which are the “planet ships”, or ships disguised as planets.

And we won’t even get into the “eggs” that Eve emits, but you’ll hear, “East her egg” and Rose relates this gestation activity as responsible for the heating and cooling cycles of the Earth, if I’m reading her correctly.

You’ll have to check that out for yourself. You may have to watch more than once and will probably need to pause the videos.

This next one is an excellent, quick overview of the general concept of the matrix or construct where we find ourselves.

She indicates that war is not legal when we are preparing to leave (which we are, she says) and that is why Trump, Q, and the white hats are doing their best to remove troops from Syria; Trump says Russia must leave Venezuela; and ISIS, al Qaeda etc. must be vanquished.

We must have peace to exit the construct. That might also explain why the dark continually attempt to foment war and why no one, including Russia, respond in kind. NO WWIII—or else.

In this video from March 2018 Rose tells us we are in a movie. She says once we exit we will watch the movie. The caption at one point reads, “Earth is stationary while the movie moves.” What!?

At this point I think I’m less than half way to understanding the whole setup. I need to see the entire thing, in one big picture or schematic before I see the smaller parts because I don’t understand how they all relate to each other.

Is the “movie” the Life Review we supposedly see flash before our eyes when we transition? So many questions, but you may find a few answered here—and a very positive ending. Be sure to watch.

A Series of Shorts 3 16 18 Catching up to Speed

We understand there has been a plan in place for years for this take-down of the New World Order, but the strategy changed and it has been extended, so those who told us something big was about to happen years ago and we were to be freed weren’t wrong, it’s just that those at the helm changed their tack.

It sounds as though the “awake” ones were to exit via the high frequency East gate, leaving the ones who refuse to wake up and couldn’t accept the truth to find their way out of the lower frequency West gate in their own time. That plan seems to have changed so that we ALL go.

Or… to quote a familiar phrase… WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. Got it? Now you know why the whole world tuned in to QAnon and President Trump. They heard the call. And that is why the El-ites attack them and don’t want anyone listening to them.

QAnon isn’t a LARP or a lark. It’s our salvation. Q recently joked about missing something because they were “busy saving Humanity”. I thought that highly amusing. Most don’t understand the scale of this operation.

It’s not just about draining the swamp and cleaning up Washington. It literally will be our salvation—as a race. And for the other races in the construct, as well. The ones we never see.

And that is also why Avatar was one of the top selling movies of all time. It resonated at a fundamental level in Human consciousness. Jake Sully, the protagonist, was so enthralled with the “fake reality” in the Avatar body that the edges of his worlds began to blur and he desired to spend more and more time in his Avatar and no longer wanted to return to his Human body.

The selfish RDA corporate or “company” execs and the Colonel/military industrial complex kept dragging him back to the life of limitation that no longer resonated once he got a look at the alternative. All they cared about was resources like “unobtanium”. They were going to mine it at the expense of destroying the home and culture of the Na’vi.

It’s not so different here. Much of the time we feel like pawns in some sick game, like Jake Sully did; asking, “Is this all there is?”

QAnon said the world is about to change, and if Rose is correct, that would be an understatement. Trump will be an integral part of the operation to free the low frequency members of society, the ones hooked on TV, gadgets, drugs, and service-to-self lifestyles and mislead by religion.

In conclusion, this YRFT information doesn’t begin to tell the whole story, but it gives us a little more to go on. It doesn’t tell us specifically why we are trapped and can’t get out or when we will find our way to our new world—but she tells us the movie is ending and when the frequency or vibration of the whole rises sufficiently, The Event will happen, and we will move on to our next adventure in our incorruptible bodies.

Do we want to be immortal? Something to think about.

Thomas Williams has suggested we should remain here in this difficult and challenging environment until we can all learn to get along with the other “species” as part of our evolutionary process.

How is it fair for mind-wiped, genetically modified organisms like us to have to co-exist with species who know who they are, and have the use of gifts programmed out of us, like telepathy, teleportation, kinesiology, “magic”, etc?

Nix that idea. I believe we have all suffered far too much over the millennia and should be freed post haste. The carnage unfolding on this planet daily from lack of food, water, shelter, earth changes, weather, and the psychopathic actions of the control freaks who continue to bomb cities and civilians, which is beyond barbaric, have surely outlived their usefulness.

The painful processes of living with diseases like cancer is despicable treatment of innocent people. The preying on children is the ultimate depths of depravity. Do all off-world cultures have to deal with this to progress spiritually? I think not.

Thomas also tells us we don’t really want “full disclosure” because it’s too ugly. Indeed, many are not ready for news like that and Rose suggests those souls will not be told the whole truth.

Try telling 85 per cent of the world, “Don’t worry, be happy. It’s just a movie and soon it will be over.” The grieving alone for those we lose is torture. If you call this soul growth, you can have it. I am so done with people who don’t get it and I want out.

Transferring consciousness may be no big whoop for most evolved Beings, but Humans don’t understand they can check out at any time; we’re virtually stuck in these meat suits unless we take a bottle of pills or a revolver to our head. We are at a distinct disadvantage and have been prey for far too long.

I don’t understand how any highly evolved Being could allow this cruel existence to go on any longer than absolutely necessary. They’re not living the hell we are.

We need a planetary jail break, but it sounds as though the construct must respond to Universal Laws of Vibration. We’re currently readying the life boats on Starship Earth so those who can’t swim can be rescued, so… it’s a process.

The plan is fluid, and it’s going to happen when it’s going to happen. As Rose says, hold on to the high frequency thoughts and don’t allow the El-ites to bring you down through anger or fear. They will get what they deserve.

That’s the best way for us to help; that, and waking up the snoozers.  ~ BP

Our Counterpoint to the Mischief of the Dark Cabal ~ Nov. 15, 2015


Please consider this article, aptly presented by “Molly” over at Starship Earth: The Big Picture. For me, this article reinforces my last post, https://roserambles.org/2015/11/14/sophia-an-ewok-and-the-force-nov-14-2015/, with new resolve. Humanity is drawing closer and closer to a point where the scales trip…and the inhabitants of Planet Earth begin to enjoy our freedom!

From my knowledge, the upcoming week is sure to be interesting as the dying cabal, illuminati, dark forces play out their final tactics for keeping us under their control. Will whatever tactics they have work? Nah…as Love Wins (!) and our freedom is assured.

There are many, many observers as the Universe gathers to peer at humanity where “just enough” of us gather to raise our thoughts on Nov. 21 prompting an overwhelming flood of positive energy on our planet. What will this energy do? I’m not sure about the details of how this “energy flood” will play out, but I do know that we will ALL be affected by this tsunami of love!

So…please read Molly’s thoughts, carefully consider your thoughts on Nov. 21, and…


I think it’s a good time to share words of wisdom from Sierra Neblina’s Facebook page.

Knowing and understanding what has transpired in France and elsewhere is one thing; getting sucked into fear and negativity is quite another.

We, as conscious Beings, have a choice, and I believe Sierra is correct.

Adding to the hate and violence–even in thought—only feeds the fire. We need to retain our detached positions of observation and feed the Light, instead, with positive intentions.

We are close to the resolution of this global problem. We know our Star Families are here to support us—there’s ample proof of that—but they can only do so much at this point.

As Drake reminded us on his show last Wednesday, they don’t like being shot at—so VISUAL disclosure is a ways off.

WE have to take responsibility for our current situation until the cabal is rendered impotent and the game changes.

Let us do whatever we can to advance toward the end of the suffering and our final liberation, and resist their attempts to distract us from what we came here to do.

The talking heads are very skilled in that regard, as this cartoon reminds us. Distraction has been so easy, but as the numbers of the Awakened swell, we are equipped to counteract their efforts.

France distraction

For those who think this kind of talk is new-age woo-woo, please consider that you have been deceived in every possible way as to the nature of the world you live in, as you may just be discovering now.

The truth about everything has been hidden to render you powerless to take your destiny into your own hands. The wonders of who you are have been smothered and strangled until you’ve almost given up hope.

You HAVE the power to change what IS; and together, unified, we can bring great change. 

The power of mass meditation has long been documented, and we cannot afford to ignore its benefits.

When I ponder it—I get delightful images of the Na’vi people in the movie ‘Avatar’, linked and swaying in perfect unison as their voices rose in their healing meditation.

That is the way the Universe works. One people. One thought. Peace.  ~ BP


Sierra NeblinaBREAKING: To all my friends…
Please, now is the time during the violence happening in France, to focus our conscious Light and Intention towards this situation. Resist the urge to fall into fear around this. Resist the urge to want to fight or defend.
NOW is the time for LOVE- NOW is the time for LIGHT – NOW is the time to take your place as Conscious Creators of the New Earth.
PLEASE RISE UP IN LIGHT. Focus your clear intention that this will cease. Focus your attention towards healing the wounds of this for the people and the impact this has on the collective consciousness.
If there are any people or meditation groups who are witnessing this, this is the time to gather and send your light. We cannot afford as a nation, country or sovereign people to engage in anything other than peace.
Let us stand and send our love and support to the families that are impacted right now and lay down our urge to fight anything. This is a symptom of a much larger issue and if we do not feed the beast it will die away. Please share with your family and friends.
Much love
Sierra Neblina