Mysterious “Red Planet” Peeking Through and Causing Unexplained Phenomena on Earth: Answers [videos] ~ April 10, 2019

We seem to be getting more information adequately explaining a number of odd anomalies.

Dr. Claudia Albers, a physicist, explains issues in Venezuela have both natural and man-made causes.

This is making more sense than some other explanations.

Simon Parks told us recently that while Planet X (aka Nibiru) will be in our neighbourhood and coming closer in the not too distant future, it is NOT on a collision course with Earth and again—no extinction level event. No fear, folks.

That system will and does, however, have effects on our planet and for those who have no knowledge of the roving planet, the “unexplained” phenomena like grinding noises and loud booms will be very mysterious. She discusses that in the second video, below.

The planet has an orbit that takes it close and then farther away but it must pass by often. That might explain some of the chemtrail spraying they do in my neck of the woods pre-dawn and pre-sundown.

And why, we might ask, is it so impossible for the establishment to tell us about Planet X and be truthful about it all? That’s a damn good question.

Lies and coverups are the order of the day. They would rather make fun of all the conspiracy theorists, and folks can make a nice buck on all the doomsday prophecy videos.

As well, the presence of previously unacknowledged large planets in our solar system might also account for that “holographic sky” we see above us. They are preventing us from seeing what is really out there. Perhaps Planet X is why.

This first video may explain President Trump’s request for us all to prepare for… anything. Weather, who knows?  ~ BP

744: Planet X over Venezuela and worldwide power grid collapse

739: Loud sounds heard all over the world: Planet X gravitational effects

Optimize Now for the Big Event This Weekend: The Full, Super, Blood Moon Eclipse Will Be Key [video] ~ January 16, 2019

That was some presentation Mike Adams did about the government’s role in exterminating us, wasn’t it? But we’re still here, we’re mad as hell, and we’re doing something about it.

The Light may have drastically underestimated the dark for millennia in the six or so previous attempts to break free, but finally, in their arrogance, the evil controllers underestimated Humanity and our allies and they’re going down in a big way.

There’s no resting on our laurels, however. We have to fight, fight, fight as QAnon has advised. Many are doing this, and it’s self-evident, such as in France where Les Gilets Jaunes were born. It’s catchy, though, and we now see the Yellow Vests (or Yellow Jackets, as in Canada, with a potent sting) educating the public as to the sleight-of-hand the freakazoids used to enslave us in myriad forms.

On a more subtle level we have armies of attorneys and litigation folks executing the paperwork involving sealed indictments and other documents required to make this all legal and above-board and we hear of military tribunals bringing early justice to the very worst of traitors.

Firms like Judicial Watch visibly sue many corporations and government agencies in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get the proof they need to prosecute criminals like Hillary Clinton. It does seem to be taking forever and feels like we’re “stalling” for time. But for what, we might ask?

If a greater percentage of Humanity was aware of the true situation it would be a lot easier to do and we could be told more about what is transpiring, but these covert missions to extinguish the last, flickering light of evil require stealth and secrecy.

We get glimpses of the codes, secret languages and symbolism from time to time, but The Plan is still under wraps and we often see the strategies after the fact with many a-ha moments and exclamations of, “Genius!”

The most obvious indication of this bitter war is in the media, whether televised or digital. The opposition harbours a bottomless well of whoppers that leave us reeling in disbelief.

Those of us in the alternative/truth media continually perform triage on our blogs, websites and videos as the dark lobs attack after attack on our only way to inform interested parties of the current status of the war, and for some, our only means of generating income.

We’ve been hit by multiple attacks here at Starship Earth over the years and today it seems there is an issue. Whether it’s just a temporary slow-down or lapses into a total knockout remains to be seen.

When we can’t publish here, we use our satellite site, the Captain’s Blog, on WordPress.  Just a heads up for those unaware.

Enlist in the Global Lightworker Squadron and Take Part!

The super blood moon total lunar eclipse will be long and visible to a large swath of Humanity, particularly in North America.  There are actionables we can all get involved with this week to prepare for and expedite our final objective: liberation.

We need all hands on deck for the global meditation this weekend. We understand that one of the dark’s strategies to prevent us from breaking free is to influence Lightworkers to discount the value of mass meditations and for many reasons decide not to participate. We can consciously break free of the mind control, swim against the current and engage in activities our messengers tell us are of vital importance.

For that reason, we bring you information about this major event where our input can be so powerful. Little effort will generate massive benefits in our liberation and it’s important we don’t leave all the work for others.

Many are convinced nothing will ever change because people are so apathetic and won’t take action. This is no time for apathy! We need to take part in this and help ourselves.

Learn more about how to prepare and optimize for this critical meditation at Prepare for Change. Links to a couple of articles are below. There’s a wealth of knowledge there as well as instruction.

Also visit Cobra’s portal for the Resistance for videos on how to perform the meditation, the world clock to calculate the time to join in your zone, and more.

With President Trump’s preparedness initiative, the emergency cellular alert tests in multiple countries, talk of mass arrests and the financial reset, it certainly sounds like we are being prepared for The Event.

We’ve had two space telescopes shut down recently and my mother in Canada said their television was down on January 15th and the provider told them nothing about why or when it might be restored. Perhaps some interesting synchronicities.

Bottom line, we can play a role in our liberation with very little time and effort, change the frequencies on and around our planet and usher in the Return of the Light.  ~ BP


Headlines and Updates for January 14, 2018: Reality is Out of This World [videos] ~ January 14, 2019

Update: Police officers showed up but they haven’t forced Loomer and her caravan off of Pelosi’s property…yet.

2nd Update: At 1 PM PST, the police ordered Laura Loomer and her illegal alien caravan to leave Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley property.

Loomer and her caravan are now en route to newly-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom’s home.

It’s about the frequencies…

If you listened to the update from Cobra last night you heard a lot of very helpful insights and perhaps were inspired to join the important mass meditation scheduled for this coming weekend that will be an important step toward the return of the Light.

You can listen to this Cobra interview that delves deeper into the energetics of the Return of Light meditation:
Or read transcripts in English, German, French and Spanish here:

Learn more and see the guided meditation on video in multiple langues at Cobra’s information portal.

Having at least 144,000 participating in this meditation will make a world of difference. It’s an important event.

Learn more here…

January 20–21, 2019 — Total Lunar Eclipse

The mysterious booms continue, and a massive impact by something split a Siberian mountain open and those on site said the resulting rocks in the rubble warmed their hands.

Tyler also brings new reports of those mysterious booms unsettling residents of multiple cities recently.

And then there’s this… reminiscent of the multiple space cameras shut down a few months ago when spectacular images of space craft were seen amassed near the sun.

Russian Space Agency Loses Control of its Spektr-R Radio Telescope

A few days ago the Hubble was down.

Hubble in trouble as NASA says space telescope’s main camera has shut down

Do any of the above reports seem like they could be related?

This is no surprise…

Libs PETRIFIED As Trump Moves To REPLACE Justice Ginsburg After SECOND Absence in 25 Years

New York: Man Indicted On 17,725 Counts Of Child Porn, Including Babies & Engaged In Bestiality

The Dark Overlord releases Layer 2 + Checkpoint 8

This is an alarming development that sounds like a political tug of war, probably related to the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in December.

China Sentences Canadian to DEATH After Being Found Guilty of Drug Smuggling

Trudeau expresses ‘extreme concern’ after Canadian sentenced to death on drug charges in China

You need to remove some politicians, Canada! And fast!

Canada’s New Impaired DRIVING LAWS, You Won’t Believe What They Can NOW Do Under Bill C-46!!!

Dave raises an important aspect of the government shutdown here; draining the swamp.

The Agenda Behind The Shutdown, It’s Not What You Think – Episode 1765a

[DS] Digging Their Own Hole, Treason – Episode 1765b

The Frequency Impact 09/27 – Harvest Blood Super Full Moon & Total Eclipse Power ~ Sept. 27, 2015


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
here we are now on the day with the  most intense vibrations in over 5000 years of human life on planet earth. The complexity of the astrological events today is unbelievable and justifies the high powered frequencies we feel building up since weeks now. The major event occurring is the SUPER HARVEST BLOOD FULL MOON with a total Eclipse.
A Blood Moon is a perfect opposition of the Moon and the Sun with the Earth in the middle, which is partially blocking the Sun’s light. This is what makes the Moon appear red. This Blood Moon is exactly aligned with the first Point of Aries, the Axis of the Equinox. It is also astrologically relate to the 1965-1969 Uranus Pluto conjunction, the time of the so called “Flower Power” movement on earth. an “Awakening Aspect” as Uranus angles are throughout history. This provides the stage for a new era of time, creating an imprint of energy that comes to fruition until the next eclipse.
As if that would not be enough, Saturn makes a Trine to the Blood Moon and a sextile to the Sun on September 28th. Saturn is the planet of discipline, determination and hard work. Saturn rules how we build the structures of the our human society. What degree of authenticity and integrity we expect from our governments. What we choose that our military, police and politicians gonna be like in future. Saturn is everything that is solid, concrete and long lasting. All events together create an energy field of awakening, of collective determination for evolution, for transformation of the masses and internal as external shifts. This is why this time is refer to as the “First Wave Ascension”, the first manifestation step of the Golden Age of Aquarius.12006096_654047784732440_4527973717738465275_n

The numerology of the day 09/27/2015 creates the energy of 26/8, the vibrations of co-operation, balance, vision, acceptance, power and abundance. Please be aware, if you are a Highly Sensitive person, an Indigo Child or Empath, you will feel the effects stronger than others!!

09/27/2015 = 26/8
When you look at today’s number “8”, you see it is build in three steps the number 2, the number 6 and as result the number 8. The sum or end number shows the energy we feel driven to express. The numbers before the slash are the details, we need to take in consideration to get there. So today’s path are the numbers 2 and 6. Today’s most pressuring energy – is the vibration of the number 8.

The number two represents the energies of: CO-OPERATION & BALANCE
Yesterday I mentioned that the number 2 Numerology is easiest to understand, when we look at it as our moment of discovery that we are not alone in this world. That there are others around us, with whom we are in relationship.
When we are influences by the number 2 in relation to the vibration 8, we are talking about our healthy borders, clarity in our core values and the inner harmony between the masculine and feminine forces. This – and a commitment to use our improved communication skills, to share the truth about our authentic emotional, spiritual, mental and material needs with others.
As impact on the collective evolution of humanity it also represents the call for a Brotherhood of Men!! To create a society where every single human being feels seen, appreciated, valued and loved. So what ever might trigger your emotions on this very special day today, is an invitation for you to align yourself with this new world concepts for a co-creative, balanced community living.abundance-productThe number six represents the energies of: VISION & ACCEPTANCE
On the collective level the energy mix of the day represents the collective vision of the human race, for a life on planet earth as paradise. We know, that humanity experienced high collective consciousness level before in cultures like Lemuria or Atlantis. In this era of our existence on the planet, we lived in a higher developed and stronger connection to our sensory body. That allowed us to live in harmony, telepathic communication and co-creative work relationship with other human beings as well as other life forms.
On a day 6 in relationship with two and eight, we have the chance to clear our karmic records of the energetic imprint of this times. A hug collective release of pain, fears and frustration can be expected, combined with feelings of intense happiness and inner knowledge of a much deeper type of love jet to come!
So watch out for unbalanced feelings!!! Stabilize yourself as often as you need in your heart center and remind your mind, what kind of world you truly desire living in. Than joyfully move on to fulfill your true calling!

The number eight represents the energies of: POWER & ABUNDANCE
Where number six in today’s energy gives us the courage of the heart to go for our new world dreams, number eight gives us the authority, the personal power, the self-confidence and inner-strength to execute them.
For our collective awakening this is the energy to move the masses into a state of questioning the structures of our society. Inflamed by today’s power more and more people will find their own voice and start demanding political leader with integrity, material freedom abundance and prosperity for every born soul on the planet, a fair sharing of the resources we already have and peace between all races. As number eight also is the number for learning through experience, this is our collective chance to stop the “history repeating” and finally feel valuable enough to heal our collective karma.
The Blood Moon delivers extra support with an increased global sense of purpose, a global sense of focus, an euphorically strong passion for destiny.

I wish you strength and grace when serving the waves of this incredible collective river of transformation!! Tomorrow September 28th will be the last day with such strong frequencies!! After that we go into a phase of relaxation and integration.
So as always, keep breathing deeply! Enjoy the BLOOD MOON fire!!!!
Blessings Edith

Please feel INVITED to share this post on your website or social media, just always keep the credit and links active! THANKS!!!

Fall Equinox, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse: What It All Means For You ~ Sept. 24, 2015

full moon

By Bekah Finch Turner, 09/23/2015

Equinox: Wednesday September 23rd

Aries Full Moon/Eclipse: Sunday September 27th (full moon at 9/27 @ 11:52 pm PDT)

If I had to pick a theme for these three powerful events, it would be:

You are not alone.

It seems that way sometimes, doesn’t it? That you really are in this by yourself. Especially when things get hard and messy, as they sometimes do. Aries is the warrior of the zodiac. She is the first of the signs, triumphing light over dark, as she carries the banner of winter ending and spring beginning.

In her full moon form, always appearing close to the Autumnal equinox, she is less comfortable. The light is diminishing, and with the fourth and final of a total lunar eclipse tetrad, her fire will be completely put out.. or at least, it will appear that way.

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Aries is fierce, independent and insatiable in her desire. Ruled by Mars and cardinal fire, she is the heat in our bellies that stirs us to action, to laughter and to rage. She is the leader and she loves that role. I carry her as my moon sign and I can tell you, the moon is a hard place for the hot-tempered ram. The moon requests our softening to the mystery, our syncing with others and the cycles of life. Lunar energy is receptive, for the moon does not make her own light, she merely reflects the sun back at us, and is always half hidden herself. When Aries wears her moon cloak, she is forced to slow down, she is forced to flow, rather than burn, and she is beckoned to look deeper than her usual shallow yet intense pursuit of passion in the moment.

This full moon eclipse has a lot of people nervous. It is a final curtain of an energetic initiation and it is completing in the sign of powerful new beginnings. Our culture is so Mars dominated, anyway, our selfish obsessions with power, competition and prestige coming to a head over a planet in desperate need of healing and millions of beings trying to make a stand for a new way of living. Some might say the time of Aries is past, that we need to shift our collective consciousness and they are afraid the old way will not go out without a fight; after all, it IS Aries. But Aries is not all self-centered victory. Especially as the Moon. She is a mother who wants to protect her family. She is a seeker of truth. She is youth and youth can grow up.

Related Video: Stunning Video of the Shortest Lunar Eclipse of the Century on April 4, 2015

What better time to stand at this cross roads between immature wants and wisdom needs? Between the ego and it’s designs and the collective conscious and it’s evolution than Autumn Equinox, falling just days before the eclipse.

Equinox calls us into community, into our center. It asks for a pause to reflect, to find gratitude, rather than regret or lack and to fill ourselves and our families with light before the earth turns her other cheek towards the sun.

At this pivotal moment on one of the most intense days of the year, my intent for the Aries full moon is to challenge the mighty ram to take one more big, fiery summer breath and then go deep into the darkness as though falling into an embrace. She does not have to lead the fight. She does not have to fight back. She does not have to fight at all. We do not have to fight at all — and we are not alone.

Harness the fire of the night in celebration, ritual,  revelry. Come together to laugh and share in the gratitude of the moment. Autumn Equinox is on Wednesday, the full moon is on Sunday. Make this a week of sacred community. Call forth your loved ones, your like-minded warriors. Gather in person, in dreams, on the phone, over Skype, or in meditation.

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We do not have to wield a sword aimlessly toward the eclipse-blackened sky. We do not have to hide and shield ourselves from the unseen foes and fears that plague our hearts or minds. We can hold hands and circle closely. There is power in numbers. There is magic in celebration. Even if you feel like you are by yourself, that no one could help or understand, I challenge you to try. Big changes keep coming, time is moving so fast now. You do not have to do it by yourself. Aries only thinks she is better off alone. But I have seen her face in ritual and she lights up in a way no battle lust can touch.

Please remember, you are not alone. Not on this full moon, not ever. Warriors are stronger when they move together toward a common dream, when they are equal and protecting what they care for. Come together and dance. Come together and pray. Come together and breathe the light of love, despite the darkness.

Many blessings for an auspicious Autumn and Full moon,


About Bekah Finch Turner
Bekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit