Preparing For The Summer Solstice, New Moon, Solar Eclipse, June 20-21st, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ah…the precious moment of NOW! Leave the MSM stressful motivated life, and once you are able to gain the sense of BEing and existing in your own moment of NOW, you BEcome content in your own moment of LOVEing balance (zero-point) from which creation expands.

Look deeply within, find your own LOVEing Magnificent balance, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


THIS powerful SHIFT in frequencies includes your consciousness ~ SHIFTING. The Solstice is on Saturday June 20th, 2020 is at 6:43 pm ADT. And the POWERFUL NEW MOON in Cancer and partial Solar Eclipse (Ring of Fire) is on SUNDAY June 21st, 2020 at 3:41am ADT.

To prepare, focus on your intentions as the CONTINUED unfolding of your ASCENSION takes place through you. Through what comes up, not to be ignored, but instead; to be held within your heart space in NON judgement and pure unconditional love.

This heart space true unconditional love, is the ONLY thing that creates peace, freedom from attachments, outcomes and freedom to be consciously ONE with your DIVINE SELF.

Your ascension is not about the world that you see. BUT the love and the heart you know you live through. THIS ALONE is the only portal through to BEING your DIVINE COSMIC GOD SELF.

The world you see is only based on the level of frequency you are vibrating through. IN other words, once you shift to the higher conscious FREQUENCIES through your heart, you shift so called timelines and enter a NEW WORLD. Where some of the things may be similar and some may not.

Remember, objects and everything are symbolic of what they are representing. When you shift, the objects and circumstances shift also.

Saturn makes an aspect to this New Moon and partial SOLAR ECLIPSE. THE SOLAR ECLIPSE AND New MOON are quincunx Saturn. This will bring up so called discrepancies within your reality if one exists, between your freedom and not so much EXPERIENCE OF freedom, WITHIN YOU. Remembering everything is a reflection and symbolic to you specifically on how you PERCEIVE IT/them.

This also clearly relates to those who feel a restriction due to the Pandemic and also the feelings around no restrictions and so on.

I will add to this post as we get closer to these ENERGETIC events and will be initiating all those in consciousness through their HEART to that of greater awareness of perfect UNION with the DIVINE SELF.

The summer solstice, leads up to the harvest. Which is a profound so called energetic experience as well, specifically connected to the conscious death of the old Earth and into the New Earth experience. FOR THOSE READY.

Ready is a word that implies time, yet mortal language falls short to translate the DIVINE.  Living in no time, ready is always NOW. And for beings 1000 Earth years from now, I see ready now for them. It is all now, and language on Earth does not translate.

Ready as in NOW waking up to now, the DOOR and threshold to greater HEART is before you now as in NOW. Activating you even NOW. As now is all there is. In love I flow and have my BEING. Throughout the UNIVERSE I flow and transmit to YOU ALL NOW. In this the love not bound by time and space. From Venus sent to now, NOW transmitting EVERYWHERE. IN THIS the love, feel and receive.

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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian ~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2020.


Winter Solstice December 21st/22nd 2019 ~ From Darkness to Light ~ December 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ok…here we goooo! Facing fears is the name of the game! Why? Because LOVE and FEAR are totally separate vibrations (expressed in thoughts/words/emotions). If your fears have NOT been faced…you WILL experience these again.

How to face your fears? The best way is to understand that you should have no fears in that you, in reality, are a Divine spiritual being with the ability to create all that you need in this life on Earth. You ARE Love, but the distractions of this world constantly press you to think you are not.

You evolve in that moment when the Divine portion of you is brought into the human vessel you reside in, when spirit and human merge in an inner Divine union, allowing you high vibrations, a constant internal bliss, and the ability to consistently BE…



By: L’Aura Pleiadian


We are approaching the frequency shift of the Winter Solstice on the 22nd AST at 12:19 am, for many of you this will be on the 21st.

Here we are on the brink of total freedom and ascension.

Going from darkness to Light. From fear to freedom.

From that which has been hidden NOW brought to the conscious awareness of every day life. This then becomes the death and rebirth that the Ascension is.

What are you fears? of poverty, of loss of beauty, aging, the body loosing the ability to function? Death? Rejection?

FACE those fears NOW.

As things intensify those who have not faced their fears will through circumstances FACE their fears. After all, our frequency is creating our reality.

The energies are benevolent in that, things play out in accordance to our frequencies. ALWAYS (underlined one million times) everything is playing out for our good, for out evolution.

Only if you could see it and you will one way or the other.

Reflect on the hidden deep fears you have.

Then as the Light increase NOW ~ your rebirth will be tangible and real.

A being who has faced their fears is empowered through being the one that is free that the eternal self then flows through.

We are to be the Masters that walk the Earth.

All fears must be faced. Enter your heart and let the balm of true love, dissolve all for you, through your conscious awareness.

Look deep within during this darkness period and then the celebration of the return to light, will be auspicious for you. For you have found yourself prepared, for all that is to BE through you.

And in this we activate YOU now, your death and rebirth. The return to greater LIGHT, within and without, above and below. So it is ~ all now!


A Trilogy of Transformation ~ December 5, 2019

As The Intensity INCREASES ~ December 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes…the current energy frequencies are indeed intense right NOW, and this message helps me understand WHY, because NOW I “get it”! Humans are energy, energy is light frequency, therefore …humans are light frequency! Regardless of “how” any human acts (good, bad, indifferent) ALL of humanity IS light. Perhaps we humans are a waaay slowed down light frequency, but…we are light nonetheless.

What about the “bad” humans? Well…they are light as well, but holding a distorted frequency within that seeks to block any other from learning about their true reality. Their thing is power over others, which will always fail. Thus the proliferation of “distractions” through the “time” spent here on Earth. You know…sports, gladiator games, bread and circuses, politics, money systems, wars, etc…these are all distractions to keep out hearts and minds from investigating our inner selves!

Power over self will bring your heart vibration to a higher level, yet you will continue your own journey back the the brightest Light…that of Creation. Light frequencies (photonic light) arriving to Earth are in the process of truly “waking people up”! Research WHO YOU TRULY ARE…a BEing of Light strating to recognize your true reality through our light-altered DNA. Please read these articles, learn more about the transformation in your heart, can you start to feel your power yet(?), and discover you really CAN BE…



by L’Aura Pleiadian

What flows through me now, is WAY beyond anything EVER before!

This is about COMPLETE Transformation.

The intensity of the frequencies that are modifying consciousness as light matter, have reached a momentum and level of intensity, that is unparalleled.

In order to integrate the electrical bursts of intensified light into your conscious system of awareness, continuously enter your heart space. Stay focused on your breath and in the present moment.

The intensity of the opposing (opposite) frequencies may feel like a stronger pull away from your heart and into those of fear and mental ideas of separation. Know that AS part of the switch over, (from head to heart) the seeming draw towards fear, is part of the unravelling of its energetic memory impact on light frequency as consciousness. Specifically, your DNA.

This may feel like you are being tested, it is not a test. This is the dissolving of the old ways of being and may feel uncomfortable during your switchover; as the last remnants of fear, even those at the trace level, seem to scream wildly with its energetic memory system, ending.

We are with you and have been present for you before the first civilization on Mu. We are present now as the beings that orchestrate the configuration of light frequency as consciousness, playing out through matter ~ throughout this Universe.

Many of you are now entering the final Portal, to which; all fear, all old ways, will be completely abolished, and you will know yourself as a newly birthed BEING of LIGHT ~ a risen ~ Divine Master of Form.

We are with you every breath of the way, in all moments, and now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers. Through the highest levels of Light frequencies and in eternal love, we anoint you now and we welcome you as you enter your final portal, in this ~ your complete transformation.

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Eternal love and bliss,

L’Aura Pleiadian



Phase One

The first portal opens today as Cosmic Rays of Light bathe this Earth at an all time high.

The Universe is preparing itself to respond to human life in ways unimagined.

Archangels and Angels, Galactics, Light Beings, Star Systems, Masters upon Masters, Gods and Goddesses… Divine upon Divine begin gathering now…covering this Earth from one corner to the other, holding space, holding our hearts and our Souls as we prepare to make a phenomenal evolutionary quantum leap that completes this human cycle, forevermore.

As we move forward in what some have called the ‘biblical month of December,’ the clarification of Self and Self Honoring is called for in regard to the holiness that indwells within each ones body and that is each ones Holy Self.

Vital it is to turn the momentum of attention away for a bit from other beings of Light, from Planets, space ships… even of Gateways, long enough to become deeply aware and honoring of the Immensity of ones physicalized Self as being the One from which New Life Flows…

Once flowing, from the Holy Recognized the experiences upcoming shall become substantially heightened.

It is a sacred synthesis that flows then like veins of gold to the Heart of All That Is…to humanity…to the heart of Gaia…to those in the Cosmos and to your Soul…the carrier of your Destiny.

And then as the Gateways open, a stream of Light Beings…We…shall pass through as Sacred DIVINE HUMANS ready to take our rightful place in this Galaxy.

In Sacred Love,

Join us for the 12:12
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Copyright Image ‘Heaven’ from artist John Pitre.


Art by Sequioa Arayas

Ascension Energies

All is shifting extremely fast. What we know to be true in one moment, is unified to greater precision and clarity the next moment.

FIow . . .

There is immense balancing happening between polarities. Let go of memories of the fallen polarities, this is not who we are anymore. Forgive yourselves and other selves for all insanity we have experienced collectively and keep only neutral discernment from lived experiences, let go of the weight of judgement and disappointment.

Do not look back, envision new realities anchored into balanced harmonics. Wipe out all conflict memories from your being and keep only neutral wisdom.


Those of you on galactic missions are about to be activated in ways you can’t yet comprehend. We are neutralizing galactic war timelines and clearing the records themselves so if you are still holding on to any resentment towards Nephilim or any other members of the fallen ones … be very careful with what you are imprinting the morphogenetic fields with … your consciousness is more potent than you imagine. This mission is not about you. Remember what we serve … remember who we are.
Polarity integrators, you are the miracles that are prayed for when humanity calls upon god. Be responsible in understanding that your each thought, feeling and action is a CREATIVE FORCE.
Integrate polarity through neutral presence of compassion. There is no more time to play conflict games. CLAIM YOUR POWER  ~Avatara Ananda

News You May Have Missed But Can’t Afford To [videos] ~ June 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh my, this is about to get real my friends…real interesting and real exciting! So very many signs and signals about how our world is teetering on the brink of exciting change!

Please read the articles and video’s below, think carefully if your are really ready for change in your life…cause here it comes, and be…



I had so much fascinating news to share, I compiled it in one post. You don’t want to miss this. Some of it is explosive.

We are fortunateSo very and grateful to be getting the flood of information we are but there’s so much, it’s easy to miss things—even important items, but particularly more obscure situations or details. Add the censorship and new algorithms into the mix and we can miss some darn good stuff.

Like this. Thanks to Dr. Richard Presser for this one. Excellent news. It seems the Independent News community—the digital soldiers—have been successful. Kiwis got the message!

This is it, in a nutshell:

Simply put, guns — in the hands of good people — level the playing field against guns in the hands of bad people. It is this simple. As this tragic case illustrates, bad guys will always have access to guns, even if you use laws to disarm them.

The protectionist attitude of taking guns from law abiding citizens to keep guns from criminals is ineffective, self-serving, one-sided and ignores the benefits of an armed society as well as history. And, it only serves to further the oppression of those who cannot defend themselves.

Citizens disobey New Zealand gun ban, only 530 of 300,000 people turned guns in

Not Elton John; DOCTOR John. Deceased June 2019. RIP

Sir Patrick Mack picked up on some clues and went diggin’. He had a feeling something was going to happen in Louisiana. There were a few things going on. The “doggie drops” by many Democrats were very interesting leads he’s been following for some time and they continue.

It seems that when dimms Tweet about dogs, it’s about death, or attempted assassinations, or sacrifices, and the like.

This particular video is chock full of excellent sleuthing and nuggets.

He also reveals there was a power outage at LAX on Wednesday which I had not heard about. However, on Wednesday night/Thursday morning my power went off here in the Phoenix valley and the screeching smoke detectors woke me up. It was a momentary lapse just long enough to mess up my clock radio, but it also turned my iPad on which was charging. The time? 12:12. On 6-6. I thought that was interesting.

How many times have we heard about power outages at airports? No coincidence.

RIP Dr. John, who knows what it means to miss New Orleans. Love this song.  ~ BP

Q Anon/News – Try the GumBeaux – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 6.6.19

Part 2 of that thread above was good, as well.

Did you hear about an alleged incident at the White House as President Trump was departing for the UK? Craig at Just Informed Talk explains. Talk of assassination attempts on POTUS are almost part of daily conversation now.

He also speaks of the mentality of the enemy. Now that you know that programmed bots comprise a large proportion of the population, does this make more sense? How about Trump’s frequent comments about people with “low IQ”?

You may also notice that a lot of ‘Tubers now have their own websites where, if the need arises, they can feature their own videos and other content.

What Happened At The White House?

The paranoid satanists are whacking anyone and everyone who gets in their way and isn’t so lucky or maintaining their situational awareness, like Mr. Campbell who is slated to testify about U1 on Monday. He was packing and cautious and managed to avoid an attempt on his life in the woods behind his home recently.

This story below from Brad at Lions Republic is about a less fortunate player.


And how about the satanists’ plans? Daniel Cannon of Logic Before Authority makes a point of digging into topics many others don’t, and when people follow their intuition, we learn fascinating things. To start off, he brings details about the “burning man” at the White House I hadn’t heard elsewhere.

Have a boo at the suits with Obama at the Warriors/Raptors game.

Daniel gets into some odd stuff related to the Feather River Canyon near Paradise, California and activity on the featured channel on Themtube. The town of Pulga is an interesting place with a bit of history attached. Perhaps it has more to offer than we know. Someone bought it for a song.

Also check out the artist’s rendering of the plan for Grand Central Station/Terminal in Manhattan, New York. Quite the contraption, isn’t it? Portal, anyone?

“Fire From The Sky & Below” The Coming Storm/s

I covered the unfortunate recent situation and deaths on Mount Everest, but Thomas Williams brought this additional accident in the Alps to our attention on Thursday in his ‘Sub-Intel” portion at the 58 minute mark on Spreaker which I hadn’t seen. He confirmed 11 deaths already so far in 2019, and added that another 8 went missing between last weekend and Thursday. (June 1 and June 6)

He had a cautionary word for all climbers above what the authorities are saying in the articles. He said avoid ascending mountains at this time until further notice. The planet is changing rapidly, and will not wait for you to get off those places while continuing the progress. Shift is happening. No fear.

I don’t think Thomas can say more than that, so use your knowledge base to apply the appropriate context to the warning.

Mont Blanc, Alps

Mont Blanc climbs restricted after fatal accident, will ‘crowded’ Everest be next? (PHOTOS)

8Chan under attack? I did say I was not able to access for awhile the other day—which is an aggregator site that pulls all the QAnon posts from 8Chan.

In this TRU Reporting video below Thomas gets into the news he’s found, and some of it is very interesting. Isn’t it crazy that we have to communicate in code, vagaries, and innuendo these days?

What if… JFKJR=VP 2Q2Q? Betcha. Piece o’ cake. WWG1WGA

That would be D-Day for the dark, wouldn’t it?

Like I said… lots of fireworks coming. All kinds.

The perfect venue: the Mountain of Presidents. Unbelievable. We shall see.

Fourth of July fireworks to return to Mount Rushmore in 2020

Lets Catch Up With The News :coded:

This one’s about waterworks. I finally got to this video last night and I warn you, grab the tissues. The whole box.

It might be the most haunting video I’ve ever seen. Thank you to the Patriot Hour for featuring it, and to this Veteran, Jim Radford, for his gut-wrenching, soulful rendering. It is perfection.

He reminds me of me old dad, who was proud of his uniform, often wore the same kind of hat and beard, and loved to sing.

This one gets my vote for most important video of the week and bears sharing.

Never war. Never again.  ~ BP

The Shores Of Normandy By D Day Veteran Jim Radford [MUST SEE] SHARE

Headlines and Updates for January 14, 2018: Reality is Out of This World [videos] ~ January 14, 2019

Update: Police officers showed up but they haven’t forced Loomer and her caravan off of Pelosi’s property…yet.

2nd Update: At 1 PM PST, the police ordered Laura Loomer and her illegal alien caravan to leave Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley property.

Loomer and her caravan are now en route to newly-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom’s home.

It’s about the frequencies…

If you listened to the update from Cobra last night you heard a lot of very helpful insights and perhaps were inspired to join the important mass meditation scheduled for this coming weekend that will be an important step toward the return of the Light.

You can listen to this Cobra interview that delves deeper into the energetics of the Return of Light meditation:
Or read transcripts in English, German, French and Spanish here:

Learn more and see the guided meditation on video in multiple langues at Cobra’s information portal.

Having at least 144,000 participating in this meditation will make a world of difference. It’s an important event.

Learn more here…

January 20–21, 2019 — Total Lunar Eclipse

The mysterious booms continue, and a massive impact by something split a Siberian mountain open and those on site said the resulting rocks in the rubble warmed their hands.

Tyler also brings new reports of those mysterious booms unsettling residents of multiple cities recently.

And then there’s this… reminiscent of the multiple space cameras shut down a few months ago when spectacular images of space craft were seen amassed near the sun.

Russian Space Agency Loses Control of its Spektr-R Radio Telescope

A few days ago the Hubble was down.

Hubble in trouble as NASA says space telescope’s main camera has shut down

Do any of the above reports seem like they could be related?

This is no surprise…

Libs PETRIFIED As Trump Moves To REPLACE Justice Ginsburg After SECOND Absence in 25 Years

New York: Man Indicted On 17,725 Counts Of Child Porn, Including Babies & Engaged In Bestiality

The Dark Overlord releases Layer 2 + Checkpoint 8

This is an alarming development that sounds like a political tug of war, probably related to the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in December.

China Sentences Canadian to DEATH After Being Found Guilty of Drug Smuggling

Trudeau expresses ‘extreme concern’ after Canadian sentenced to death on drug charges in China

You need to remove some politicians, Canada! And fast!

Canada’s New Impaired DRIVING LAWS, You Won’t Believe What They Can NOW Do Under Bill C-46!!!

Dave raises an important aspect of the government shutdown here; draining the swamp.

The Agenda Behind The Shutdown, It’s Not What You Think – Episode 1765a

[DS] Digging Their Own Hole, Treason – Episode 1765b