Mysterious “Red Planet” Peeking Through and Causing Unexplained Phenomena on Earth: Answers [videos] ~ April 10, 2019

We seem to be getting more information adequately explaining a number of odd anomalies.

Dr. Claudia Albers, a physicist, explains issues in Venezuela have both natural and man-made causes.

This is making more sense than some other explanations.

Simon Parks told us recently that while Planet X (aka Nibiru) will be in our neighbourhood and coming closer in the not too distant future, it is NOT on a collision course with Earth and again—no extinction level event. No fear, folks.

That system will and does, however, have effects on our planet and for those who have no knowledge of the roving planet, the “unexplained” phenomena like grinding noises and loud booms will be very mysterious. She discusses that in the second video, below.

The planet has an orbit that takes it close and then farther away but it must pass by often. That might explain some of the chemtrail spraying they do in my neck of the woods pre-dawn and pre-sundown.

And why, we might ask, is it so impossible for the establishment to tell us about Planet X and be truthful about it all? That’s a damn good question.

Lies and coverups are the order of the day. They would rather make fun of all the conspiracy theorists, and folks can make a nice buck on all the doomsday prophecy videos.

As well, the presence of previously unacknowledged large planets in our solar system might also account for that “holographic sky” we see above us. They are preventing us from seeing what is really out there. Perhaps Planet X is why.

This first video may explain President Trump’s request for us all to prepare for… anything. Weather, who knows?  ~ BP

744: Planet X over Venezuela and worldwide power grid collapse

739: Loud sounds heard all over the world: Planet X gravitational effects

Odd Signs of “Something”: Are We On the Brink? [videos] ~December 28, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes!! Let us bring this American revolution, taking place without a single official weapon is sight, to it’s conclusion. Things have seemed quiet, but this is because all of the important action is taking place behind the scenes. We won’t know about the “major” arrests until after they have happened. The dark, located all over the globe, are on their way OUT of our lives…we, the 99%!

So…please read this report, do your own research about the matter as it unfolds, and be…



Folks are on a hair trigger and getting spooked due to reports of odd things unfolding… like the sky looking a little green or blue and flashing—at night in New York. That was explained, except for the root cause.

There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area. We’re currently investigating the cause of the incident. AQ

There are also some saying portions of the country are witnessing ATMs down, 911 lines are down, etc. See the first video, below, ignoring the grim aspects. ATMs have been reported out of commission many times before in isolated sections of the country.

Many believe the financial reset (not RV) will take place this weekend, meaning all banks will close, ATMs will not function, all stores will be closed because their cash registers/POS are connected to the banking system, gas pumps won’t work, etc. Despite any minor inconvenience, it’s a GOOD thing if the Reset occurs.

Anything’s possible, and I hope everyone has prepared.

Get cash out of the bank to last a couple of weeks in case you DO need anything, fill your gas tank(s), and just in case of any retaliatory acts by the cabal, make sure you have flashlights, candles, pretend you’re going camping and can cook simple meals. Then you’ve got it covered. The entire country will not be plunged into darkness due to a national power outage, we have been told.

From past experience we know that when certain parts of America have a power failure, it also can affect large swaths of Canada, so I doubt if that is on the table.

That happened around the year 2000 and when Ohio went down, parts of Ontario Canada did, too. In Toronto we were without power—some for 2 or three days—and it was party time. We got some ice for the deep freeze, the neighbours got together, we had an impromptu BBQ, and since we had no radio or television we just waited it out.

Eventually I got out my battery-powered radio and learned what had happened. Some areas were back up after 12 – 18 hours, maybe, but I felt sorry for the folks in the high-rise apartments who had no elevator for a couple of days.

If you have medications, pet supplies, and are well stocked on the daily necessities like bathroom tissue, water, etc. you should be fine. It’ll be fun. IF it happens.

And IF it happens, the entire world is connected to the new Quantum Financial System—which is already up and running, by the way, so the Reset/Reboot may rear its ugly head across the planet. We just don’t know what to expect because no one is talking—including Q.

Some military dudes have told civilians to relax. If you’ve readied your family as President Trump asked in the Preparedness Proclamation it’s no big whoop.

I’m just passing this on because there is some fear around this or whatever may happen, we hope all ARE prepared and we don’t have a lot to go on. Judging from some of the comments in the chat in the first video, some have not heard about the preparedness plan at all.

I think we have all we need at this point and a lot of people are welcoming the transition. When it does happen, it will mean a big leap forward toward making America great again.

Since this is all new and Americans have never had a national event like it and they are bracing for the unknown, many are anxious. There’s no need to panic. Ignore the fear porn.

No matter what happens, we’ll be fine. We don’t need to make it something negative, or worry. It’s not a crisis. It’s not “the apocalypse”—although if you use the word in its root sense, it could be.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.

What is going to happen, will happen, and we should be happy about it. It’s all for us, and means Freedom looms large. Keep your phone on and you may get a Presidential notification from the EAS system they tested on October 3rd in America with instructions. I assume they tested it for a reason.

As QAnon said, think logically, and you have everything you need. You can’t have a revolution without inconvenience, and some Americans need a high voltage jolt to get their attention.  ~ BP



It was 38F when I got up this morning, and some folks are concerned about keeping warm if the power goes out. This video has an idea for an emergency space heater.


Bernie has a Q clip for us that I missed along the way. Apparently this CBS ad has been making the rounds. If you missed it, I Q’d it up at the 15 minute mark. Go Q!  I assume this is to link QAnon to the military—for those who resist making that connection. Fun times!  ~ BP

Nice! Q Anon Message Hidden In CBS Sports Commercial!


Heads Up: Trump Urges Americans to Prepare + Q Drops | Dustin Nemos [video] ~ September2, 2018

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth has given us a “head’s up” about massive changes occurring in our lives quite soon. I agree with the need to prepare by storing extra food, water, meds, and pet food just in case our transition gets bumpy.

This is a long holiday weekend…the perfect time for the financial sector to temporarily close, so having some cash on hand is a good idea as is keeping a full tank of gas. Regardless of the personal circumstances we may find ourselves in, the most important asset any of us can carry is a clear head and compassionate heart. Please read, prepare, and…



In this video where Dustin goes over the latest Q drops, we see a memo from President Trump reviewing the recent weather issues and fires in California, telling us these things are not predictable and can be severe. He is urging Americans to prepare for similar events by setting aside food, water, and supplies.

You will see the President’s memo in the video. Reading between the lines, we know the cabal controls weather and uses it as a weapon, among other things. Just a thought.

Above all, we need to remain calm.

We have been over this multiple times over the past few years here at Starship Earth so this is not a new precaution to the crew, but for anyone who has not taken preparedness seriously at least on a small scale, here’s your warning.

This is not to say some horrible catastrophe is going to happen, or is even expected—but the onus is on us to ensure we can take care of ourselves IF something unexpected should happen. Obviously government agencies like FEMA would be overwhelmed if something major went down that affected large areas of the country or multiple areas simultaneously. We need to be responsible and do our best to ensure we have the basics, and two weeks worth is the minimum.

Also, have plenty of cash on hand as it’s possible cash machines, banks, store cash registers and anything related to the banking system will go down. That means gas pumps, too, so never go below half a tank in your vehicles.

If you can, it would be great if you could even put extra supplies aside as not everyone will be prepared. Some can’t afford any extra. The ninety-year old neighbour down the street will need assistance. Most of the sleepers won’t have prepared at all and you don’t want to be running to the store to find all the water and dried food is gone.

If you had to evacuate your home, have you arranged a meeting place for family members you may not be able to reach by phone? These are things you want to have arranged in advance, just in case. Do you have a bug-out bag ready? Pet food and meds?

Let’s not be a burden, but a boon to society. We are the awakened ones and this is part of our soul journey.

Whatever happens—if anything happens—it’s necessary or cannot be avoided, and it’s all on the way to a better world, a free world, with abundance and joy for all. We are on that journey—finally. The freedom train is about to leave the station. You heard the conductor’s call. All aboard!  ~ BP

New Q – Prepare with Emergency Plans & Storable Foods

A Rant, and New Hypotheses on the Odd Things Happening that Herald Something BIG—and Urgent ~ April 20, 2015


I like this article, I like this writer, and I really like the way she has taken pieces of the puzzle Earth is going through right now to offer her view of what’s going on right now. This writer, like myself, has done fairly exhaustive research that allows her to report what she sees…and that’s WAY more truthful than the CBS Evening News (or any other MSM for that matter). Did I read her article and get scared? NO WAY…rather I AM excited about changes, really big changes happening on our planet soon. If I’m reading signals right, looks like MAY should be very interesting and a good time to visit me here in Oregon…

Wonder what the heck I speak of? Good…please read this article, see how you feel about her comments made with only the best of intentions (that’s a form of Love, folks) , and…


I apologise for the length of this post, but there’s a lot to cover. I hope you find it worth your time investment.  First, the rant. Then I’ll feel better. If you don’t want to hear it, skip down to “-End-“.

Now that Gordon Duff at Veterans Today has come forward to GUARANTEE we morons that Jade Helm is a psyop, it opens the channels for other interesting possibilities.

Before I move on, however, I want to comment on the Duff/VT delivery on the Jade Helm “hoax”, as they call it. I saw RED when I glanced over them.

I’m not even going to link to the articles because they’re trash talk; arrogant lectures on how Truthers are just spreading fear-mongering. We shared the documents themselves, and were left to speculate about how it could all be interpreted in light of what we see happening all around us that NO ONE has told us the truth about.

How dare you deliver a holier-than-thou chastisement for casting aspersions on the golden boys of the US military for our belief that SOME of them would actually take unconstitutional action against their fellow Americans?

Such arrogance. Have we forgotten what those golden boys did in New Orleans after the cabal pulled off Hurricane Katrina? Have we forgotten that they went door to door executing their benevolent “wellness checks”, shoving old ladies onto the floor and confiscating guns????!!!!

Well, I haven’t, so spare me the offended airs because you military chaps are not all trustworthy, constitutional or ethical. You don’t all think for yourselves and you’re not all about “service to others”. Forgive us for NOT putting you on the pedestals you seem to think you deserve.

Let’s also remember the rampant rape and sexual assaults that are perpetrated in the American (and other military) that have been covered up for years—the perps getting off Scott free, taking their promotions and moving on to violate someone else while the victims are ridiculed, humiliated, and demoralized.

Finally, Gordon Duff et al should practice what they preach, because some VETERANS are taking the Jade Helm potential threat very seriously and moving to stop it. And many vets and retired military comprise the militias—who are on high alert and are ready to deploy to protect the citizens of America and their Republic should the need arise.

I guess they’re STOOOOPID too, for ever believing that JH15 could be anything other than what the positive/negative military say it is. We don’t even know any more who is who. Whose fault is that? We’re doing the best we can out here to protect ourselves and the sleeping ones from a tyrannical government who thinks nothing of mass murder and genocide.

Where’s YOUR respect, VT,  for those men who STILL honour their oath on the outside?

Save your snotty articles for an audience who swallows everything you print and never questions. Just because you bring us intel doesn’t mean you’re gods. You will get the respect you deserve, and while you only bring us the information you deem we are old enough to handle, YOU are complicit in manipulating the public.

You can’t tell us that JH15 is unequivocally a hoax, unless you KNOW otherwise. Therefore, you are withholding information WE, as inhabitants of this planet, have a right to know. Of COURSE your sources don’t see or hear anything untoward, because they know what’s going on!

And don’t give me that “need to know, matter of national security” shit. I think you owe a lot of people an apology. If you insult one, you insult us all.

– End-


Okay, I’m glad I got that off my chest and hold that last thought above, my friends, because it will come into play in a minute. Sorry, no time for lots of pretty pictures.

Before I leave the JH15 topic, I wanted to share more on the Canadian mirror exercises, because it looks like they will factor into future events in a POSITIVE way.

Yes, the Canadian military has already begun their TWO training exercises; Maple Resolve, which we mentioned before, and Maple Caravan. They are basically the same type of training.


My brother shares his updates with my mother, and so do I, and sometimes I get new info from north of the 49th that isn’t as viral or sensationalized as other material in the lime light.

My brother feels the Canadian contingent of these exercises is definitely part of the cabal take-down. So that is confirmation of my belief. I’m hoping to get his sources, but we’ll probably come across  similar material when we search. Once he hears what I am sharing here, he may modify his view slightly.

Let’s face it: It’s crazy to think that all the military in North America are going to slaughter civilians, throw them into FEMA camps, and take all their guns.

BUT—they ARE going to do what they took an oath to do; and that is to serve and protect the people and their country. And Canada WILL come to the aid of America if asked, but they may have their hands full…

And with that… on to the fascinating new thought processes we might want to explore around the “something BIG” that’s going on… and I’m just thinking out loud, here, so bear with me. It’s likely to be a little fragmented so I don’t forget anything.

Things are getting really good on Starship Earth, the planet. We wanted action… I think we’re going to get it.

I have to thank D for sharing links to some intriguing info, which got me thinking along other lines. Things I’ve read before twigged and things we’ve been told and I think some of you will take the ball and run with it. I have to say, it’s looking like we went down the wong wabbit hole—through no fault of our own. We’re constantly played and mislead.

Take a look at the last one about the pole shift, and the second one from April 18th. Great website.   This is a chat Q  & A update for April 18, 2015 about the earth changes and Jade Helm, Wal-Marts, drought, Nibiru, etc.    This is for a list of events in chronological order that the Zetas commented on. It’s like an “all you ever wanted to know about _______ ” but ‘they’ lied. Now we may have a more plausible explanation.

It looks like there may be at least two major requirements for boots on the ground in the USA in the next few months. The removal of the cabal, for one, and another possibility.

We have been told that Earth changes are getting more volatile, and while the Galactics have been mitigating the activity, I think you can probably recall a few of our messengers telling us that things are going to get pretty dicey—if not downright dangerous on the surface.

Sheldan Nidle and Tolec have been forthright about this. Click here to read Tolec’s info from Dec 2014. A link to some information brought to us from a woman named Nancy Lieder that the Zetas shared with her may shed light on this, too. See the Poleshift link above if you haven’t already.

A real Zeta footage - "Skinny Bob"a real Zeta “Skinny Bob”


From what I’ve seen—and I haven’t taken the time to go far with this because I wanted to share it ASAP—the areas surrounding the New Madrid Fault Line may cause significant problems for inhabitants, and I’m thinking about wildlife, too.

These souls may require emergency evacuation. Are the lights starting to come on? Does this connect some dots?

The stockpiled military vehicles… the trainloads of military vehicles heading to the West Coast…US and Canada working together… UN vehicles…the cabal relocating…NORAD relocating…Wal-Marts closing for undisclosed reasons in strategically located positions on the map…mega supplies of emergency food, water, blankets ordered by DHS…troops doing drills across the nation for covert reasons or “fake” reasons…

What do you think?


I’m sharing this as background as to where we may be at this point so we can be proactive, share information with others, and take care of our evolution with as much honour and dignity as we can muster.

Thousands of star beings have fought for us and are here to support us in every way possible. We still have free will and sleeping people to deal with, however.

ZetaTalk Warning 10/15/2001: Sensing that troubled times are soon at hand, many strongly in the Service-to-Self will attempt to line up a soft life for themselves, where they can be in control of others and dictate the daily events. This takes the form of attempts at leadership, and offering a safe haven to desperate people unable to do anything but grab a life-line. These safe havens, of course, will be anything but that, and are in essence slavery and abuse. Such offers, to the public at large or to selected groups recently made desperate by disasters in their communities, take the form of offers of assisted relocation, guaranteed work, loans with easy payment terms, and joining a community of supportive individuals.

And the Zetas have warned that governments will all to some degree have to declare Martial Law as the Earth changes progress.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/4/2014: The larger issue is the looming need to declare martial law in the near future after the announcement. The reaction in the public is an unknown. We have stated that the public will react with stunned inactivity, going through their daily routine in shock. The familiar routine comforts, and the average citizen lives paycheck to paycheck and does not have the capacity to take action. They will wait, and see what plans and policies are put into place by their governments. Martial Law will not be imposed automatically, but in stages.

Given that warning, what does operation Jade Helm taking place in late Summer 2015 and Obama’s recent Executive Order on cyber-security constituting a “national emergency” tell us? Is the US edging toward Martial Law? Per the Zetas, Obama is anticipating secession attempts among some states and disinformation via some media outlets for the benefit of some elite. The Zetas did not get specific.

Please be sure to use your own discernment with the above information. Channels do their best to bring what they get, but their own filters come into play, and  now the Sphere Alliance is here and I expect things will go much better than imagined even a few months ago.

The cabal/gov’t can’t tell us about the planet that has come so close to Earth that its magnetics shut down our power in multiple locations and has been doing that for years.  They tell us someone cut some underground cables north of Phoenix with a laser… some pretty wild stuff. WHY would they do that? Answer: they didn’t.

They throw all kinds of disinfo out there to keep us focused on what ISN’T happening.

The cabal has their underground strongholds and endless tunnels to hide in, so they don’t give a damn about the Humans. But will being underground not be a dangerous place when Gaia is shake, rattle and rollin’?  No wonder the cabal are scared. Not only can they not escape the planet without being shot down, their DUMBs and bunkers have nearly all been destroyed.

Just think, if there is only one… or maybe two bunkers left intact by the Galactics, where do the cabal HAVE to go? And what a great way to round them all up in one place, eh?  Brilliant.

Next: The power outages have been increasing, haven’t they? The earthquakes have been increasing in frequency and magnitude. The strange groaning noises in the Earth. The threat that if something happens in that New Madrid fault line that the center of the USA will drop and flood? California and the  East Coast, too. You probably saw that map below in the past 2 years or so.

And let’s not forget Canada’s huge coastlines that are not represented on this map. While Canada may stand on guard for the USA with respect to removing the cabal, they have their own shores to guard if the Earth changes flood both coasts as indicated on the map.

This is, I suspect, a map of the potential areas they believe COULD be affected when major poleshift/earth changes occur. They recently added additional states to the JH15 program. Does it fit? Yup! The Zetas say that Texas and Oklahoma are considered safe havens for refugees.


The government can’t tell us about Nibiru. Maybe they ARE spraying chemtrails so we can’t see what’s going on up there.

They can tell us what Jade Helm is NOT, but not what it really IS, because it is at least partially about having troops to keep the peace and aid in emergency situations that will no doubt arise should the Earth changes kick into high gear. I don’t imagine the Galactics can keep them in check forever.

And Cobra has told us that there will be no martial law, and that they now want to have disclosure BEFORE  The Event. But he ALSO told us that hundreds of thousands of people will die, but didn’t say how, why, or when. (BTW, I understand from a reader that Cobra’s newest interview in which he tells us JH15 is not a concern and if necessary the Event Horizon will be triggered early, will be posted today sometime, so I’ll share that as soon as I get it)

Several timetables appear to have been moved up recently, don’t they? Gaia’s needs have been put on hold for a very long time. When she’s ready to blow, she’s gonna blow, and we will have to be ready to do whatever is necessary to pull together and look after one another.

Several channelers have told us that we will need to be “pulled”, and go to the ships. There was a lot of negative feedback and people warning us that we should never agree to go on any Galactic ships, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I can’t wait! If some of us have to go, cool! Where I live is on the edge of the Valley of the Sun where I imagine the flooding potential would be focused in Arizona, so perhaps I shall be venturing skyward. Beam me up, Scottie!

Recently Corey/GoodETxSG has come forward—even though he is, by his own admission an introvert and said he would never come forward publicly, but was convinced to do so (and doing a simply marvelous job!).

WHY did Corey suddenly change his mind? He brought us fresh new info about the Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance and David Wilcock has confirmed it, Cobra confirmed it, and now Tolec is introducing us to these benevolent beings as well. Be sure to listen to Tolec’s interview with Adona. It’s fabulous.

Then there was the 10 days that Putin disappeared and I really did feel he’d been with the Galactics and Corey confirmed that, but what was SO IMPORTANT that had to be discussed for that long, and why were the press advised to stick around because there might be a press conference that weekend? Putin must have had some inkling that it was potentially HUGE, but they have chosen NOT to tell the people of Earth anything now.

We might ask why are the many citizens of Earth being called into these meetings on ships these days? (nights) And there was the very successful disclosure event in Canada in April that just concluded and the tireless work Hon. Paul Hellyer has been doing around the exposure of the ET coverup and Stephen Bassett’s Citizen Disclosure work.

It looks to me like there is a big push to draw the Galactics ever closer, to educate us about them, make us feel comfortable about their presence, to expose more  humans to them, and step up the narrative to involve the extraterrestrials in a more open and matter-of-fact way.

Could that be because soon we will have no choice, unless we want to perish, but to let them transport us to safety? Will they give us technologies to help us deal with the emergency situations—to purify water, replicators for food, etc.?

Then there were those emergency alerts recently on some TV stations that freaked out a few people and obviously didn’t work properly but seemed like they must have been tested. That was confirmed by the Zetas.

The cabal can’t tell us this because they don’t want us to know all the lies and coverups about who we are, the ETs, everything. Same old thing—but the government knows about this stuff and they’re waiting for SOMETHING before they tell us little peons. Are they waiting for the full JH15 deployment to keep the peace before they drop the bomb?

The military won’t tell us why troops and vehicles and emergency procedures are being implemented. They’re trying to do it under the guise of training exercises and they started EARLY, because they need to do it gradually, but meet the possible deadlines geologists and ET scientists may have provided.

Just imagine if the poleshift occurs and/or Gaia goes into labour, the Earth’s crust begins to tremble, shift, sink, rise, water is displaced, flooding occurs, you can use your own imagination.

An emergency alert comes over all the TVs in America and Canada—and perhaps many other areas of the planet—and Mr. Obama his self comes on and says everyone in specific areas has to evacuate their homes, leave all their “stuff” and go to _________ by ____ and to do what the soldiers and LEOs tell them.

And what if the docile masses really DON’T heed the instructions, refuse to leave their homes (that happens in a lot of disasters) and keep lollygagging so long that they perish? Then that will be their soul’s choice.

And now, perhaps the issue of the American/Mexican open borders and refugees comes into play. What do you think? Maybe they will need a place to go, too?

Top this off with all sorts of space craft in our skies…

Can you imagine if the Earth changes, the mass arrests and disclosure all happened at once—or even within a few weeks of each other—the pandemonium?

Like I said, this is all musings from my little mind which is whirring away at a million miles an hour now and I could be totally out to lunch here.  Whaddya think?

I think it’s criminal that the military and the government are going to let people imagine the worst about Jade Helm when it will actually be about helping them. That’s a dirty trick—and it IS intentional misleading of the public because they know we awakened ones are on high alert in every second of every day as to what the cabal will try to do next.

We have a right to know what’s happening on this planet, damn it. We’re sick of being treated like children and manipulated by our handlers, aren’t we? To engage in what may be IMMINENT disaster preparedness exercises and not tell the public is just plain wrong.


We’ll see what Cobra has to say in this new interview.

Happy sleuthing, everyone!  ~ BP