June’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Turns up the Heat to the Max ~ June 4, 2020

Eclipse season begins on Friday, June 5, 2020 (12:12 PM Pacific) with a full moon/lunar eclipse at 15°34’ Sagittarius.

This eclipse initiates a month-long process of releasing old energy and emotions and making way for new inspiration! Ruled by expansive Jupiter, the Sag full moon highlights our need for freedom and space to broaden our own horizons and grow to our fullest potential. But with Jupiter currently retrograde and conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, forces beyond our control are restricting our range of movement.

Fortunately, Sag’s trademark optimism can help us find freedom within these imposed limitations. Jupiter’s blessings may seem scarce… if we’re looking for them “out there.” But there’s an abundance to be found “in here,” if we’re willing to seek them out.

What does the June lunar eclipse in Sagittarius mean?

This eclipse brings exciting opportunities for learning and growth. But to receive its knowledge and wisdom, we’ll have to keep our minds wide open. After all, as the sun in Gemini reminds us: No matter how much we think we know, there’s always something new to learn. And with Venus retrograde in Gemini, we’re discovering that many of our old beliefs, interests, and values no longer hold the same meaning. The full moon’s opposition to Venus asks, what inspires us now?

That’s the “fun” part of this eclipse—more challenging is a mutable T-square, with both the moon and sun squaring Mars in Pisces. This “pressure cooker” of an aspect can really turn up the heat on ideological differences and disputes. And with Mars conjunct Neptune, conflicts have an almost surreal quality to them—not only do we disagree, we feel like we’re living in totally different realities!

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Our best bet to defuse the tensions is leaning into the analytical, problem-solving energy of Virgo (the only mutable sign not caught up in all that T-square drama). We can tune in to the subtle nuances of the situation, rather than sweeping generalizations—and practice what we preach instead of acting self-righteous.

Still, there is a time and place for righteous anger. And with this eclipse trine Black Moon Lilith in Aries, it might be now! In our society and within our own psyches, repressed and marginalized voices are rising up and demanding to be heard. We may be afraid of what they have to say, but ignoring or denying them won’t make it any less true. Welcoming their wild wisdom could be our saving grace.

True, with a square between Mercury in Cancer and Chiron in Aries, buttons are being pushed and sensitivities triggered. But while our first impulse may be to react defensively, that only shuts down the potential for emotional healing. We should be gentle with each other, while also keeping communication channels open. After all, with Mercury also sextile Uranus in Taurus, we never know what unexpected insights might result!

Read on for your sun sign (and rising if you know it) to learn more about the energies of this eclipse.

Horoscopes for the June full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius


As a student of life, Sag, relationships are your greatest teachers. But at this eclipse, the lessons are just as likely to come from past relationships as current ones. Reflecting on these people and experiences brings major realizations about who you were then… and who you are now.


Someone’s got to be a realist, Capricorn, so it might as well be you. Still, as you avoid giving people false hope, it’s easy to go to the opposite extreme. This eclipse brings your inner optimist out of the shadows, just when it’s needed most.


Dust off that vision board, Aquarius! It’s time to check the status of a long-term plan, goal, or creative project. Your ideas may seem less achievable—at least with the resources currently available to you. But don’t give up; Ask for what you need to see them through.


Your upbringing sets you on a particular path. But now, Pisces, it’s time to answer a higher calling! This eclipse reveals new insights about your life purpose, and challenges you to release whatever’s held you back from pursuing it wholeheartedly until now.


Life’s a journey, Aries, not a destination. So if you’ve stayed in the same place for too long (either physically or mentally), this eclipse hits you with a serious case of wanderlust! Still, right now inner explorations may be even more exciting than outer ones.


The elephant in the room: If anyone’s going to bring it up right now, Taurus, it’s probably you. You’re not afraid to say what everyone’s thinking… even if it’s unlikely to win you any friends. Just try to keep the drama to a minimum (especially online!).


It’s like falling in love all over again, Gemini: Recently, you’ve been rediscovering what makes you, you. But what you value most in yourself and what others see in you can be wildly different things.  If they can’t handle the real you, maybe that’s their problem.


Your work means the world to you, Cancer—still, sometimes you yearn for something more. And at this eclipse, you feel that stirring in your soul. Responsibilities alone aren’t enough to give meaning to life, so make sure you’re also cultivating a rich inner landscape.


To thine own self be true, Leo! At this eclipse, there’s no holding back that larger-than-life personality of yours. Still, you’ve got to adapt your distinctive style to ever-evolving norms and trends. It’s not about selling out your values, just finding new ways of embodying them.


Back to your roots, Virgo! This eclipse reconnects you with the memories, traditions, and family ties that nourish your soul and bring meaning to your life. But you may be surprised to realize how far you’ve strayed from your sense of home—so take this time to nurture yourself.


“Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Libra, this 90s throwback jam would make a fabulous eclipse theme song for you! You’re clearing out mental clutter, rethinking old assumptions, and becoming more selective about which ideas and information receive your valuable energy and attention.


You want it bad, Scorpio… and someone wants to give it to you! The only thing standing between you and whatever “it” is, is the crazy notion that it’ll only have value if you get it for yourself. This eclipse invites you to reconsider receptivity.

FULL Moon in Scorpio, May 7th 2020 ~ Monumental SHIFTS ~ May 5, 2020

By L’Aura Pleiadian

This profound intense FULL MOON is in SCORPIO on Thursday May 7th, 2020 at 7:45 am ADT.

A Positive SHIFT is on the table for those who are ready to shift. That is; for those whose memories and hidden fears from past lives have been cleared through pure self love and transformed into the neutrality of the eternal Divine God Self.

All potentials are just that. The frequencies within and held in the BLUEPRINT are part of the readiness to master FORM. Through love.

All frequencies interact with YOUR frequencies which in turn create the perceptions you experience as your REALITY.

Greater self acceptance and love are part of this potential SHIFT. AS you move into your heart with greater acceptance of NOW in the present moment.

This translates into fully accepting WHAT IS NOW ~ with no resistance. With no thought of a future or a past, ONLY NOW.

That is all there is anyway. And as you live as ALL THERE IS NOW ~ you open the only true portal of the heart to your Ascension, your freedom, your mastery and the completion of this your Earth school.

All will be NEW and every moment is. REST in your heart and know true trust in the Divine Plan set out for you in the UNION with the you that has set this plan in motion, through your incarnation here and NOW.

Every FULL MOON brings up the emotional aspects as much as one can handle, to be loved and healed from all THOUGHTS and feelings that are not PURE LOVE.

The FULL Moon opposite Mercury ~ confusion as in the difference between your thoughts and your feelings, will be pronounced in and as much as the discrepancy exists, hidden of otherwise.

The FULL MOON trine Neptune ~ reduces potential inner anxiety will serve for many as a relief from constant analyzing and questioning anything and everything. The mind that is active if accessing these frequencies of relief ~ becomes the opportunity to enter the HEART and therefore present MOMENT with greater ease.

Mercury sextile Neptune ~  will potentially increase sensitivity. Now if someone is in fear, this potentially may help EASE the levels of fear. Also though at a higher level, if there is no anxiety or deep issues of fear to be released, these frequencies may help to open more intuitively to THE HEART, to hear the voice of the SOUL.

These energies will be felt most deeply close to this INTENSE FULL MOON; but also for 2 weeks up until the next New Moon On May 22, 2020.

So pay attention to NOW, let go of ALL resistance. Let go of a time based reality and the past and LIVE for now only.  This is the only space one enters the heart fully and masters form through BEING THE ETERNAL God Self.

In this the LOVE we activate you NOW and Now. Forever and always. In ALL That is, in love, Now.


Divine Roberts ~ March 25, 2020

We have entered a new energetic cycle. We have a New Moon in Aries today.
This will be the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year.
2020 marks the start of a new world emerging. We are in the beginning phases of some major transition.
There is a system failure that is occurring.
Schools have closed and many people have lost their jobs overnight.
This is going to effect everyone on a massive scale.
Many are feeling the call to step up and assist during this time.
The old systems based on fear and control are no longer able to function in these high frequencies. We are anchoring into a 5D crystalline grid.
This New Moon has a powerful energy.
Many waves of energy are still coming in to assist the collective.
This is a new beginning for everyone.
We have a chance to once again become a Galactic society.
We are seeing the effects of these energies and are beginning to grasp just what they are capable of. Many warriors are rising from the ashes of the old.
We also are experiencing a collective purge. There is a lot that will continue to surface.
These shadows need to be healed so we can fully step into our light.
This is an amazing time to do some spring cleaning. It’s an amazing time to be planting seeds through your intentions.
Fire is the ultimate purifier, so it’s a powerful time to be healing the collective.
We are being encouraged to meditate more. This will help not just yourself, but the entire collective…

New Moon – New Life – New You – 0223 2020 – Pleiades ~ February 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ni-ice! Incoming clarifying energies will be transmitted to use during the Full Moon on Feb. 23 (in Pisces) perhaps clarifying energies reaching us during the portal on 2/22/2020.

So, stay aware, feel your way into the flow of current life developments, and then all will BE…



 Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! I hope that you are all doing phenomenally well and I am sending you the love of universal proportions! Today I would like to talk to you about the New Moon that is coming up for us on February 23rd. I have received two very interesting channelings one from the Guardians of the Pleiades who are from the angelic realm and another from the Pleiadeans themselves explaining what has been happening since January 12th and the importance that you play in the ascension process.    🌑🌓🌑

This New Moon is going to be an interesting one, as I am sure many of you have by now heard from various astrologers but from the universal perspective the spinning of the oracles and your own vibratory systems, not only will this New Moon bring much needed peace your way, but also NEW DIRECTION for your life. And it is superbly important that you listen to your intuition. The paradox though is that you will not be able to hear your intuition clearly at all, as you will be pulled back and forth until the energies settle around the 25th of February. However, you will feel glimpses of connectedness and receive guidance in spurs, and at the same time your present human experience will keep calling you back to earth and distracting you from the guidance that you are receiving making you rather forgetful. And so, to help yourself during this time, carry a notepad with you, or record notes on your phone of thoughts, ideas, visions, anything and everything that you perceive as guidance leading you towards discovering your newfound talents and directions in life. Keep writing down everything that comes to you so that during the New Moon and afterwards you can look at your notes and in a peaceful setting examine each note carefully and feel how you resonate with this or that idea and information that you’ve received and proceed from there.  

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that during the time of your New Moon of February of your time known as February 23 much shall become evident for you now, and the illusions of the past fall away leaving a clearer understanding of that which you are. Leaving a clearer understanding of that which indeed you are here to uphold and assist you in finding your way, maneuvering through the various opportunities which shall spread before you and gradually lead you to discover not only the true essence of that which you are, but the true reasons for your incarnation into this planetary system.  

And so and thus, with the approaching of that which you call your new moon, with the positioning of the planets in the decanate particles of the creator, within the void of tremulous wave of exuberance, much shall and has and is transforming for you now. And so and thus, the extraplanetary objectives to bring unison and peace to your entire populace, has proven possible, necessary and fruitful, for indeed, due to the diligent adherence to your very own collective objectives of benevolent cocreation of peaceful coexistence you have been able to manifest a matrix systems in which each newborn citizen and by that we mean those who free themselves from the veil of forgetfulness, shall join the ranks of highest most admirable components within the living structure of your reality.  

What we are trying to say to you in not such complex words is that each moment a new person is activating within their spherical structure and DNA a new codice which allows them to break away from old paradigms and old thinking processes.  

Upon the restructuration of your society as a whole, the Morpheus apparatus of your world, as you understand it to be, becomes activated and restructured and is transferred into a completely different state of being, form which the collective consciousness can draw upon.  

And the channeler is asking us to speak in a more plain language and we cannot understand how much simpler can we explain this to you. Very well let us then try again… https://sacredascensionmerkaba.com/2020/02/20/new-moon-new-life-new-you-0223-2020-pleiades/

Rare Full Wolf Moon Eclipse: Get Ready For A Massive Energy Shift On January 10th 2020 ~ January 8, 2019

The Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020 is an event that has been anticipated for years, personally for about 5 years for me.

It is closely aligned with (conjunct) a once every 36-year heavy, purgative and nuclear yet shadowy aspect, Saturn conjunct Pluto, in Saturn’s own sign of monolithic Capricorn.

The bright side is, many will come out the other end of this moment of pure fateful tribulation cleansed, purified, open-hearted, replenished and blessed with the type of experience and purity of spirit that absolutely nothing but rough times in life can bring.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can supplement the character and purity of human spirit, obtained through struggle, and there are no exceptions: human beings do not develop as they should without hard times.