Hare in the Moon Astrology ~ July 9, 2020

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better” Maya Angelou

A heads up! This new frequency is changing everything all at once -changing all of us from the Inside Out and also from Outside In. It’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced before and, if you’re not seeing the big picture time-line of December 21st 2020 and well beyond, it could feel regressive, de-evolutionary and literally dispiriting.

From August 2020 to December 21 2020, we are in the eye of the storm … passing through the eye of the needle … from what was, to what is, to what is to become….

This is what liminality-the Zero Point Zone -feels like…. A sense of being on the verge of something along with a feeling of disorientation in the middle stage of a rite of passage

The Energy Cocktail Ingredients:

The triple eclipse tunnel is still active until the Cancer New Moon on July 20th……..the eclipse dust is still swirling around us and the repercussions will ripple on knocking down the dominos personally and politically until the next round of eclipses in November and December

This is an extended retrograde back to the future trip- remember that I wrote it will be like dancing backwards in high heels? For the next 10 weeks, a retrograde triple conjunction of change agents Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in late Capricorn will never be less than 8 degrees apart- all squaring Disruptor Eris. Now factor in that Neptune, Chiron, Uranus and Eris will also be retrograde right through the Autumn.

All the ghosts of the past are catching up with us and there’s nowhere to run or hide anymore. The inconvenient truths are not going anywhere. With Pluto at it very heart, this is not superficial change but truly radical -root and branch. It’s all about Matter, tangible, practical reality, building strong roots and foundations – the underpinnings of a new life that has yet to reveal itself.

In this next Wave sweeping the Event Horizon – the 2021-2043 Great Aquarian Transformation – transparency, authenticity and openness are going to be critical. This is not wishful New Age thinking but the only safe way to thrive.

Put your relationships and your health at the top of your agenda
Keep your life simple – strip away anything inessential
Eliminate and let go of anything no longer true for you
Clean up your environment
Resist the urge to hide away – Pluto can be separative and isolating
Show up + refuse to feel powerless
Find psychologically fearless friends willing to listen
Don’t try and control circumstances and people – it will backfire
Get physically active to move the energy through you and ground it
No cutting corners – superficial won’t work, it will rebound

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The Really Good Stuff ~ December 5, 2019

Environment Birth Earth Globe Arise New

Editor’s Note: This is a very interesting article from Starship Earth. I Am listening to The Event video (which is fascinating) about what happens when The Event occurs. Please know that this IS a spiritually driven world of illusion, research QHHT and other spiritual issues for enLIGHTenment, know your heart, and then BE…



I wanted to get these videos out because they’re far more interesting than the impeachment sideshow I just can’t bear to watch. It’s so repulsive that I don’t often torture myself. A brief snippet here and there from blogs and Twitter will suffice, thank you very much.

We learn below that the chaos we’re seeing is required to polarize the souls on the planet to push the two extremes of consciousness for souls to choose their future path. It’s a choice. This is why we’re watching a “movie”.

You’ll learn why we can say with great accuracy…It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.  ~ Charles Dickens

First, the insider “Gene” did another interview with Cirsten W and provided a great deal of perspective and information on a lot of topics.

#4 Interview with Gene,New Q drops,DUMBs info,Upcoming events,Lisa Page triple Spy

We also have another QHHT session which supports information we’ve had previously, including from Yellow Rose for Texas and some of the sessions described by QHHT therapist Allison Coe about “The Shift” or “The Event” and our move to New Earth.

We’re not to fret about the fate of those who choose to stay in the dark. They need more time to develop and evolve. That is how Earth works, and this is how it’s meant to be. Earth is a proving ground.

Perhaps it makes more sense now that President Trump and the White Hats are doing their best to correct the atrocities on the planet. It is for the benefit of us all; those who are staying and those who are leaving. It creates an opportunity for us to be the best we can be—and hasn’t that been Melania’s message? “Be Best”.

Unfortunately, it also means that we will see others choose to “Be Worst”.

We are being encouraged to increase our frequency; to embody love, compassion, and generosity. Like attracts like, and we will all wind up with similar souls of vibration.

Here, the session notes are read and fleshed out by QHHT practitioner Laura Whitworth because her friends Lisa and Derek asked her to share it far and wide.

This one’s a little different because it’s a session with two hypnosis practitioners, one doing a session for the other, which they sometimes do.

One of the most incredible aspects of this session is that Dolores Cannon herself, who developed QHHT, assists in the healing of the subject, Derek—from the other side; another dimension.

We’re told that in 6 – 8 months, The Event will take place. Laura’s feeling is around the time of the US election, which is early November.

In that video Laura mentions footage of ships from a “Gina”, some of which I shared recently, and she also mentioned the “suns” plural. Right on Q, this morning Gina Maria Colvin Hill uploaded spectacular footage of many more ships. See that footage below. There is no audio, no explanation of where Gina had her lens trained when she captured these shots.

Obviously this information can’t be proven—and neither can it be disproven. Our readers are progressive, open-minded, and discerning people and we offer this for your greater understanding, to connect some dots, and facilitate your journey. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Dig in and enjoy!  ~ BP

The Event – Urgent New Information – Its happening!

The 144 Healing System ~ December 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Expansion, ascension, spiritual growth…whatever your definition for your soul growth is actually…just beginning! Once the 5th dimension has been reached, the path of personal fulfillment continues on, and on, and on ad infinitum until ONENESS has been reached with SOURCE, ALL THAT IS, PRIME CREATOR (your choice).

This message gives an indication of measures for continued soul growth and how they can be achieved. Please read this with an open mind, know that information of this type will become more and more important as your soul expands allowing you to BE…



Channeled through Natalie Glasson  ~ Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Council of 144, as a collective, we represent every member of the Universe of the Creator. We exist at the cosmic level and yet are often recognized as the Council of 12 (the 12 core energies that are first expressed from the Creator, of which each of you passes through and are an expression of.) As the Council of 144, our purpose is to maintain the energy, frequency, and vibration of creation as born from the Creator. The frequency we emanate as the 144 synthesizes into many dimensions and even civilizations upon the Earth. During major ascension shifts, the 144 frequency is present to support the necessary manifestations. When the 144 frequency is present in whichever form it manifests, you can be sure a powerful shift and transformation is presenting itself for all to experience. The frequency of 144 at a cosmic level is the vibration of manifestation and creation of the purest nature. It is with this vibration we greet you, activating the same within you. As we connect with each other and through each other, so we recognize the purest vibration of the Creator.

Our purpose in coming forth to you today is to share an insight from the Universe of the Creator and our conscious awareness. We wish to share with you a vibration and frequency known as the 144 Healing System. This is the healing frequency present within our vibration, known as the 144 frequency, born from the cosmic level. Our frequency represents the wholeness, completeness, and oneness of the Creator. Therefore, our healing frequency represents and promotes the same. It is labeled the 144 Healing System because calling upon this energy and attunement begins a cycle of attuning your entire being on all levels to the wholeness, completeness, and oneness of the Creator. The result is that gradually, although, at an accelerated rate, you shift your energy vibration to exist in harmony with the 144 frequency with special focus upon healing and transforming that which separates and withdraws your energy from the Creator. Your harmonization with the 144 frequency will support a process of discovering your inner truth, dissolving inner wounds, rediscovering the Creator within you and accepting liberation throughout your entire being. Energies that seem to be stagnating will have the opportunity to blossom into the beautiful and blissful energy of the Creator. The 144 Healing System supports your own special journey of rejoicing with the Creator while allowing you to remain in your power, at the forefront of your internal healing and awakening process. The journey is different for each soul that connects with the 144 Healing System, making it difficult to describe the full presence and purpose of this powerful vibration.

The 144 Healing System holds 144 stands of healing energy, each stand or energy wave was created by the Council of 12. When each strand of healing energy is combined it creates a complete and the ultimate healing shift which impacts all levels of your being. Calling on just some of these healing stands of light could support the healing you desire in your life, reality and being now. However, when you anchor the 144 stands of healing energy you create a vow with yourself and the Creator of seeking unity with the Creator, beyond the current experiences of your existence on the Earth. A unity that sings to every aspect of your being and re-establishes your intimate relationship with the Creator. Within the 144 Healing System are codes and divine imprints that represent and emanate the purest vibration of the Creator and the Universe of the Creator. Each code and divine imprint promote oneness and harmonization with the Creator, supporting you in bringing the same into creation within your reality upon the Earth and the inner planes.

Souls throughout the Universe of the Creator, such as Star Beings and Ascended Masters, download and emanate the 144 Healing System, recognizing it as a transformational pathway to the remembrance of the Creator on all levels of their being. This is not new energy, it is a frequency at the very core of your own being and at the foundation of the entire universe of the Creator, as well as the Earth.

Within the Ascended Master Schools on the inner planes, there is an opportunity to access and reactivate the 144 Healing System at which every dimension you are vibrating. Many choose to decipher and express teachings and healing techniques from the 144 Healing System and yet at a cosmic level it is simply light that shifts your being into complete harmonization with the Creator.

We, the Council of 144 wished to make you aware of the 144 Healing System now so you may be conscious of this energy within your being, thus beginning a unique healing journey for yourself in co-creation with the Creator. It is essential now due to the Blaze of Light anchoring in 2020 from the Creator with the purpose of creating more light and the magnification of light. If the frequency and energy of the 144 Healing System is recognized within your being and activated, then it will be magnified and further distributed throughout your being by the Blaze of Light.

It is important to recognize that the 144 Healing System manifests the completeness, wholeness and oneness of the Creator for all aspects of your being, reality, creations and existence on the Earth and the inner planes. Take a moment to connect with and embody this understanding:

Imagine the presence of wholeness within your being and reality that the 144 Healing System creates.

Imagine the transformations the presence of wholeness on all levels of your being would create within you and for your reality.

Contemplate your presence and existence in the world with the vibration of wholeness.

Reactivating the 144 Healing System

‘I call forth the frequency and vibration of the Council of 144 to be present with me and ground into my being. I invite the 144 frequency to penetrate my being with the purpose of activating the energy and presence of the 144 Healing System within me. Let the frequency of the 144 Healing System blossom into my entire being, transforming all that I am and create. Support me in accessing and emanating the wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator. Let this activation begin now. Thank you.’

The activation will create whatever is needed and appropriate within your being now, thus encouraging your intimate relationship with the Creator.

Magnifying the 144 Healing System with the Light Blaze of 2020

This activation can be achieved now or at any time during 2020.

‘I call forth the frequency and vibration of the Council of 144 to be present with me and ground into my being. I invite the 144 frequency to penetrate my being with the purpose of activating the energy and presence of the 144 Healing System within me.

I open my entire being to receive the appropriate vibrations of the 2020 Light Blaze to magnify all that is the light of the Creator. I invite the 2020 Light Blaze to touch every cell of my being, my energy vibration and reality, bathing me in the most supreme light.

I invite a synthesis and reconnection to take place within my being. May the Creator’s 2020 Light Blaze ignite, amplify and reactivate the presence of the 144 Healing System within my being now. I allow the presence, sacred codes, divine influence, and guidance of the 144 Healing System to radiate from the core of my being. I am an embodiment of the 144 frequency and healing vibration; the presence of the wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator. I open my mind and heart to recognize truth and purely how the 144 frequency will serve me now in my life and journey of expressing the Creator. Thank you.’

Allow and hold the intention of a synthesis taking place within your being, rest and enjoy the presence of the energy.

Infinite love,

Council of 144


OCTOBER Energetic Navigation Report 2019 ~ September 30, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Can you believe we are actually in the final stretch of 2019, it is crazy how fast we have moved and how much we have expanded in this incredible year, the depths we have managed to reach and the vast space we have covered has been simply incredible, and we aren’t finished, in fact we never will be, because this is The Quickening phase of our evolution and its non-stop change from here on in.

In fact one thing I personally realized, such a subtle separation and yet vital in The Alignment process was the surprise I would experience when I took moments to reflect upon my journey, those I guide and the collective, I asked myself recently “why are you surprised Andrea when you see it coming, do you doubt yourSelf? And that is where I saw it, such a tiny distortion and yet once seen the wholesomeness pours in, being surprised gave an air of doubt, like a shockwave running through my physical releasing unwanted chemicals within my body such as a shot of dopamine, a hint of adrenaline or whatever took my ego fancy. Joy has now replaced the unnecessary excitement, gratitude fills the vessel and peace and calmness continues within the field aiding the continuation of flowing expansion without the peaks and troughs.

Ultimately this is our focus, albeit many cannot yet see that through the chaos, the discord and disruption that we are all heading towards a Sacred Field of peace, the birthing place of the new world, the correct conditions to birth such a place must have fertile soils and the frequency has to be just right to create these Earth aligned timelines, as a race we have chosen the arduous task of doing this clearing the hard way, the free will way, the karmic way in which we play with the duality until it fizzles out, the collective are playing with TIME, the human way and therefore this could well be a slow and deep learning curve as we await our chosen incoming realities.

Saying this, the more that awaken their minds to “there is more”, and the more we awaken our hearts to “I care more”, these impending realities we have entering can of course change our course for more, what One might say is more Aligned, conscious collective realities.

What I feel is important to say here is how important this all is, and for those within our spectrum who are falling into fear based decisions and reactions (need) I ask you to realise that the very fact you are reading this report, the very fact that you are here during these incredible evolutionary shifts, the wisdom that you hold, knowing whatever is presenting is highly karmic and that we are breaking down the karmic wheel within each and everyone of us, means that your decision to either choose the old unconscious path or choose to dive deep within yourSelf to discover your path to these attachments and old ways and bring everything up into the Divine Light for its purification MATTERS, not just for you and those you think you are connected to, no, it matters for us all, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” and Neil Armstrong wasn’t wrong there.

We are a collective grid, it is all based on frequency, and each decision, no matter how small you “think” it might be, actually makes a huge difference, the dynamics change and it spreads out across our collective field, the butterfly effect.

These last 3 months of 2019 are going to be incredible, in a preparation way, the ease to see that which is unconscious patterning becomes so very obvious, we can currently see this in the mass fear now being dredged up regarding Greta Thunberg, this is now becoming a huge wave to raise up the distrust, the conspiracists and those caught up in the fear contamination, highlighting the separation, and the addiction to spread frequencies to fill their need for rebellion. Light walkers are holding her, regardless of hers or any “others” agenda, she is a Divine game changer and the Divine Order is showing the mirror of truth (behaviour) for us all to SEE. Are you holding our game changers in light or are you caught up in the humanness of the details and the fear? Are you playing judge and jury as to what is right or wrong? Are you fixed on opinions, details, super glued to a fear perspective or do you have the ability to fly to the highest points of awareness and sit and watch it all unfold?

Peace is our path, and this is found when we realise the power of choice, which is the point we realise we make the biggest impact and shifts by simply choosing to work this out from the inside and once that is discovered it becomes a path of yes to all that is conscious and a no thank you to all that is unconscious and as we take this principle, when we realise we have a choice to plug in and play into the FEAR or to unplug, accept it for what it is, a dying frequency, choosing not to power it up and focus on being proactive of what you can do to equalise this within you, what can you create, what can you build upon, where can you really make a difference, especially when all is simply our reflection on one level or another.

So as we move closer to the end of this year we are now experiencing the Saturn and Plutonian energies increase and whilst there is much movement in October I feel the dominator to pay most attention to is Pluto who stations direct on the 3rd, whilst Mars enters Libra and Mercury enters Scorpio, this cocktail will feel like a dramatic shift in frequency and brings us the topic of TRANSFORMATION for the month pf October in a super big way.

Pluto has had our noses directed straight into the muck to see how much our “muck” really does stink and whilst many 4th frequency perspectives will talk about pluto being about death and rebirth this idea holds the energy of duality, so our first shift of the month is to release this idea of endings and beginnings and see it all as progression and rejuvenation, or transformation because as I am sure you are aware that everything that WAS has brought you to this space of IS and this is how we now move, you have been receiving the symbols, you have been experiencing dormant spaces and activating codes from your DNA, nothing ever ended or began, it just shifted.

With the dynamic duo (Saturn and Pluto) now out of retrograde we really begin to experience more light speed realise and release phases, through obvious reap what you sow energies, the veil or rather the amnesia always becomes more fluid during October, which is also going to be a crucial piece of the jigsaw as we move into December and Chiron leaving retrograde, so a gem to share here would be to be very aware of that internal guidance, your inner knowing, that inner voice is doing its utmost best to get your masculine frequencies to listen, pay attention and allow to be guided into the soul lit calm waters that expand you. The inability to listen or decide will create reckless or restrictive realities, hitting the minds like a speed train of thought rushing through……remember we are requested to head for peace, and so the moment this becomes apparent hold the awareness that this is being seen to be cleared, and therefore it is completely doable, in other words it was always meant to be cleared and if you check in with those subconscious drivers you will see you attachment that’s rooted in.

Mercury is another to watch out for this month especially as he will be staying in the depths of Scorpio until December, yes folks we have a triple triple experience as he turns retrograde which is a times three experience as it is, we go over, we go back and we go over again in a sign that has three levels of frequencies, the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix, more pure transformational energy that has us walking into November when Jupiter crosses the Galactic Centre.

Everything out of Alignment is going to feel pressurised, everything within the Alignment will feel easy, free, peaceful and progressive and this is the guide feeling for all that is light, the key lays in learning to operate from this space of awareness and shift, from within, taking the responsibility and holding the respect to be able to step continuously back into BEing conscious, also as I first mentioned with my personal realisation, to really notice the difference in frequencies within the physical as the new presents itself, surprise, over excitement, nervousness are all highlighting the tolls of karmic bridges, these can of course be diverted once you hold the ability to observe self and reflect, if you feel you are starting to see these loops and would like some assistance in relearning the behaviour of light then we would be delighted to have you join us in the SOUL-AR Alignment Group, where I share the keys that unlock you from these seemingly never ending circles you have come to accept as “life”.

We have now fully committed to the change that is incoming and now is time to fully commit to uncommitting to the pacifying or finding ways to cope, the change is coming to show our race where we are not in Alignment with the All and how much we have feared and closed down to unconditional love, we have an opportunity to rectify our frequency and harmonise.

And when we know how to surf it, when we have access to the navigational maps then the experience shifts into us being a part of the new structure as opposed to being a part of the old collapsing structure, we begin transforming our surroundings into light webs and harmonious fields and experiencing the collective transformation through a much more creative, cooperative and caring stream which once we are fully stable within opens the abundance blocks and the ability to ascend into much more higher dimensional frequencies.

Remember, Ascension cannot begin until complete unconditional love for self is experienced, so we have work to do and if you would like some assistance please email agiftfromgaia1@gmail.com and we shall see how we can best assist.

Yet again, things simply wont be the same come the end of this month……..

Sending so much love to All.

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Sharing is Caring, you never know when you may assist someone lost in their dark. 


Everyone is Talking About the Obliterated/Hijacked Civilization of Tartaria [videos] ~ February 19, 2019

The historical implications of the information below are so staggering in their proportion that I had to process it for some time before I could even speak of it. The proof is right under our noses, yet the secret persisted. Why?

We understand the controllers have long manipulated our history on this planet, messed with time and that great evil befell a high civilization. Now we are dealing with the cleanup process—and in the nick of time, if my suspicions are correct. More on that below.

What I hadn’t heard until just recently was that so much trouble had been taken to erase the knowledge of a pre-existing civilization that spanned the entire planet after a war.

The ornate buildings, towers, columns, bridges, structures and architecture we still see standing were built by an advanced people with a much better understanding of science than the marauders who stole them.

And what was stolen from us is even more catastrophic because we don’t know who we are, and we have no history to speak of. It’s all a lie.

The plundering thieves wiped the slate with cataclysms, burying power plants beneath the sea or mud floods and reducing many buildings to rubble with induced “earthquakes”.

The video discusses a web of structures that process electromagnetic energy from the air and lit multiple cities. It’s quite literally shocking to see the scale of it—and now we are largely unaware of it and make corporations rich by paying ludicrous sums of money for power supplies.

Where the infrastructure of these power plants was left intact, they continue to produce just as effectively to this very day.

The tips of just a few of the massive pyramids comprising the power structure now appear as a series of islands known as the Faroe Islands, for example.

The knowledge of frequency and vibration was used for many purposes; for healing, levitation, transportation, and to generate feelings of harmony and euphoria to keep residents healthy and happy. Ironically, now the rulers on this planet are using energy to make us sick and irascible.

astronomical clock, Prague, Czech republic

At the 1:15:23 mark in the video we see the beautiful astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world, and shows the sun and moon spinning around a flat Earth. Coincidence?

It always made sense to me that the Earth could be flat because the original data about the heavens was well understood by ancient cultures and later on the controllers altered the truth and began telling lies. Eventually, the Earth went from flat to round, and revolved around the sun, but many do not believe it any more than they believe many of the lies established as truth.

The history books and resources now available to us weave a web of deceit so grand we will have difficulty accepting the truth when we do hear it.

Wikipedia should be destroyed forever; burned at the stake for its witchery and Photoshopped images. The character assassination they present on Nikola Tesla as referenced in the video is slanderous and insulting.

We can usually tell when we are over the target with our suspicions because the media and Big Tech aim to silence us. Videos, website, articles and any mention of truth is censored or removed. Many of us have arrived at the point we know that the truth is the exact opposite of what we’re told by the current establishment.

One World Trade Center replacement tower, Manhattan, New York

When one considers the theory presented that perhaps the World Trade Center in New York grew obsolete and they wanted to update it with better tech, it takes us into the twilight zone. The evidence presented below is compelling.

The simple methods used by the previous inhabitants to collect energy and redistribute it in positive ways seems like a marvel to us only because the reality of science has been kept from us.

When the masses understand the gravity of what has transpired on this planet they will have a difficult time of it. Humanity’s consciousness is expanding and thanks to the Internet and technology, we are discovering the truths the creatures who invaded this planet never want known.

As a result, we are becoming a problem, and we understand they would like to avoid being ousted and would just as soon flood us out, burn us out, blow us up, or poison us and start over again as they have many times before whenever it suited them. They have obliterated billions of people to control the narrative.

Therefore, it is critical, it seems, that we vanquish the dark forces immediately or we will lose the opportunity to do so, forever. Success is a matter of our survival.

Is it a surprise that a mysterious group that can foresee the future arrived on the scene to help us do this? Do you feel we are equipped to win this war without “supra natural” assistance? Is it so unexpected that QAnon is attacked and ridiculed just as flat earth and the questioning of NASA space exploration is ridiculed? Everything is riding on what happens now. Our civilization hangs in the balance.

A word of caution: After seeing this evidence of the greatest deception ever conceived, we can expect a cacophany of emotion. You may come out ranting in disbelief; you may sink into quiet despair, deep regret, feel massive betrayal, intent on revenge—or ALL of the above. Some may be reduced to a quivering mass of rage. What these creatures have done to sentient Beings is unforgivable in my eyes.

Thank you, A, for sharing this video. I suspect it will be a jumping off point for much more research in this realm. We’d best get to it, before it disappears from the World Wide Web. Knowing what we now know, how can we believe ANYTHING they tell us?


Right on cue, Sean published this SGT Report video today which complements the above very nicely. If the truth matters to you, this video is also “required reading”. They discuss the cosmology of Earth and what appear to be more coverups of the reality.

They wouldn’t lie to us about THIS