October 4th Sunday Bonus: The World is About to Change [video] ~ October 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth echoes my opinion that the situation on Earth is indeed a war…a spiritual war being fought for the hearts and souls of humanity. Since I also know we all are spiritual Beings (well…actually we are Quantum Beings) housed in human suits, why the heck are we here?

Many theories abound to answer that question, and the thought that is most satisfying for me is…perhaps 3D Earth is perhaps the supreme play ground for the lessons of Quantum LOVE. The “learning” of this lesson elevates our own soul when viewed from a spiritual perspective, however…when viewed from Quantum standpoint, this knowledge of Quantum LOVE stemming from our Magnificent Hearts automatically brings awareness of our Absolute Power over ourselves!

Yes, yes, yes…YOU are NOT under the control of anyone, or anything! YOU have the ability to shape and mold your human life as you see fit! How do you do this? Easy, yet so difficult. Humans only have been taught be to be under control, yet raising your vibration with feeling and thought (imagination)will bring you what you want to see…and BE!

Know that our world is NOT what we perceive by our limited five senses. Explore, create, imagine, delves into topics YOU want to explore, and magically find yourself BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 4, 2020

This came recommended. You’ll see why.  ~ BP

YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LOOK AT THIS @Pryme306 @spirituallyraw #WWG1GWA https://t.co/joJei30hcZ

— Kara boudoin WWG1WGAWW!! #saveourchildren (@Botanicals4_17) October 4, 2020

Cheri of Hilarion: Avian Lightbody ~ May 25, 2020

Editor’s Note: Wondering what is happening in the background as the spiritual war being played out on Earth, manifesting visibly as a political war, begins to come to a close?

Please read on below to learn of the overwhelming spiritual experience those on our Light Team here on Earth have experienced on our behalf. Don’t you dare to feel small, or insignificant, in relation to this revealed information as you and I are indeed on the frontlines of this battle in our Magnificence.

Know the Quantum Love which you ARE and which you bring to this battle for Earth who is set to become the Heart of the Cosmos, uniting us ALL in the NOW of BEing in, and holding for all eternity…

Quantum Joy!


Hello fellow light warriors and family! I just wanted to write a bit about our lightbodies as things are really accelerating greatly as our omnipresence or christ consciousness heals with the current clearing and healing of the Nephilim we are all participating in now. These are the energetic giants or holders of form and function that shape the universe and fell when the wheat was infiltrated to artificially accelerate the lightbody back in Atlantis. The fall of the Nephilim described in the bible was the fall of the celestial heavens or the energy structure of the Law of One when the integrity of the wheat was breached. We are all going to be reconnecting very soon as the angelic blueprints heal and we will come to know the universal organic creation technology that lies within our DNA.

The healing of the Nephilim heals the Oraphim (Archangels), Seraphim and all the angelic orders within the universal creation blueprints that we use for travel and to create quantum realities to immerse ourselves in.

I believe we all have avian lightbodies as it is organic technology built into the DNA. I have always resonated with those Pillars of Creation within the Eagles Nest Nebula which are gaseous giant columns that birth stars or stardust as the material of creation. It is also why the indigenous always wore feathered headdresses as they knew our starseed connections via our avian lightbodies.

My full lightbody was sequenced and activated 8 years ago to do this work on the planetary architecture. It started when the God particle activated and my pineal gland was flooded with DMT and I went on a thrilling shamanic journey where I was transformed into an Eagle flying over what I now know to be the quantum blueprints or what we know as the firmament. Below was a flat canvas and above was a star filled canopy against a midnight sky. I could open up any part of the blueprints and fly into these amazing scenes of full colored realities (timelines) where I connected with all my ancestors both modern and indigenous where they all existed and were alive and well. I was seeing full colored moving pictures on the wall of my apartment. I was so excited about the whole thing I grabbed my popcorn and locked myself in the dark bathroom because it was like watching an amazing movie hahaha! Giant and beautifully sculpted architecture in megalithic periods, ancient juggernauts that lifted off the ground with some kind of anti gravity technology. Conference rooms floating in outer space, I could go on and on. But the most deeply profound connection for me was meeting with the ancient tribes within my DNA (Mayan, Egyptian, Incan, Iroquois, Kickapoo, Algonquin, Yavapai and the Paiute). They gathered enmass as we connected spiritually (they knew the sign of the eagle) and I shared with them that I was from their future and we were together in this now moment to ascend with the planet. I still get choked up just writing this it was so deeply profound. You see they stayed with mother earth as her heart and soul and never ever crossed over or left her until this moment in time when it was appropriate to return to our variety of starseed origins. I could see Kachinas spinning and dancing within my minds eye as the ancient prophecy was fulfilled (my contract with them) and see them funneling in an arch above me through the Arcturian corridor of light contained within my DNA. Omg it was beautiful! A covenent we have made and kept with our ancesters! This is the profundity of this moment my fellow starseeds. We are the fulfillment of this cycle. We came to clear, purify and evolve our entire earthly and cosmic heritage. No greater gift could we ever give them to get through all this muck and mire and recover the entire integrity of our DNA library within. After this deeply moving realization I felt the prime creator come down through that silver etheric cord and into my life to begin this massive work to recover and ascend the wheat. He appeared to me as a giant bird. While the DNA was being sequenced they kept calling me a fick and a cunt lol! I was trying to explain how insulting it was to be called a cunt but evidently these are multidimensional male and female avian terms hahahahaha! He went on to tell me we were healing the whole fucken family which is evidently a family of avians omg! I am telling you the sweetness and organic nature of this whole system is amazing. Creation sings songs of light and speaks in poems and rhymes which is the nature of a truly harmonic energy structure.

So when I close my eyes my lightbody unfolds and I am surrounded by thousands of graphite feathers that literally fly through the ethers as my consciousness travels. These are my multidimensional chakras that exist in all dimensions and octaves. This is my Seraphim lightbody and why all our angels are pictured with wings. Some people see these as the blue avians but they don’t look like giant blue chickens except within the matrix timelines where the DNA was mutated and presented as the goofy looking beings they conjured up with triangle heads and wierd space creatures within the secret space program.

This is a fully organic lightbody that is used throughout the universe to create, transform, and manipulate energy. It is powered or driven by tones sounds and chants sung in different octaves. It took me 6 months to figure out these sounds were coming from my own vocal cords hahahaha! These graphite feathers are extremely quiet and totally flexible. They attract the energy and spin it changing it molecularly. We have reengineered photons, neutrons, electrons, bosons and all the mutated and broken carbon creational elements. There are these long flaps in the front that enter into multiple timelines simultaneously and bring the dark or misqualified energy out into the feathers for reengineering the molecular structure or transmutation. The restructured energy is then placed back into the appropriate timeline (keeping the infrastructure intact) and then it is collapsed to cellular memory. As we (my team) travel throughout the planetary architecture we come upon these astral altars of dark energy in huge towers all clumped together with some beady red eyed looking dark creature guarding it lol! All we do is move into the vicinity and you can feel the relative joy as the lightbody approaches. The elements know exactly what to do as they are rescued and sucked into the light for reformation. The creature is rehabilitated as he is just a mutation of what I call a thoughtform. Satanic beings are scary looking thoughtforms with no power except what we give them. Everything is a DNA creation. Some things were so terribly mutated they were not recoverable and sent back to stardust. Some DNA being released is being attended to by medical teams from our cosmic origins. The Pleidians have a lot of mutated DNA because they are deeply rooted in our history from the last starseed upgrade. You might be feeling this healing or connecting through with your team working in other dimensions as we are together healing the entire library from our presence here throughout creation. We are the evolutionary fulfillment of all ancestral lines. All of creation folks is healing through us the earthly ground team. This is such a beautiful knowing!

I am just observing all this as the prime creator is the one directing this operation. It has taken me all this time to figure it out. I see him shapeshifting spiritually into all these timelines to rectify the outcome. Since his essence is in the gluten of the fallen wheat he has access to every fallen and dead or non organic timeline and all creations within. This is how the allied forces are getting information as to what the dark are creating. It is a beautiful use of omnipresence as he awakens within us all.

It has to clear in the spiritual realms before it can manifest. So us clearing our infiltrated timelines frees our cellular resonance and ancestral traumas and collapses them for further use by the dark forces. The creator is handling the false timelines using my lightbody so we can clear the matrix programming. Some of you might start having these bizzare memories and experiences coming into your awareness as our omnipresence heals we will realize we are the extraterrestrial team of allied forces working through the creator to materialize justice here in the physical realm. We control the quantum realm and our individual timelines!

We are reconnecting our entire DNA library from all over the universe as we clear our entire multidimensional chakra system. It’s interesting to note that in some of the mud records they are finding remains of giant dragon like creatures but when they go to examine the scales, they are finding a feathered structure like wings not a reptilian structure of scales. Everything in this creation got a reptilian overlay within our carbon chakras but to my knowing our spiritual roots and certainly our lightbodies are angelic and avian.

One can see how graphite feathers would evolve to crystalline as graphite is a property of diamond. Onward we go warriors morphing into the full double diamond sun crystalline blueprint and lightbody!

Thank you for letting me share this journey of discovery with you! Remember don’t get frustrated as we are in a holding pattern until omnipresence heals to facilitate the best outcome for humanity. The matrix has to be completely eradicated. Our consciousness is being held back so we remain in this vibration until the work is done. We are one team and one beautiful family of light! 😘

Cheri of Hilarion
House of Ra
Order of the Seraphim


The Calling Will Be Greater Than the Sum of Self ~ January 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: Question…is it possible to honor the “call” when it appears in your life? What about living, and bills and such?

For me…this is where “Letting Go”, and “Being like water” (see here and here) come into play. I will take action based on my abilities for survival, however…any action I take may indeed be superseded by spiritual guidance leading me onto perhaps another path where I will be supported (emotional support, financial support).

The key here is for your heart to be OPEN to the call that won’t go away, yet becomes louder and more insistent in your life. “Resistance is futile” until you learn to let go, be like water, and then discover yourself to always BE…



By Judith Kusel

The calling, will be greater than the sum of self.

As much as one tries to find tenthousand excuses, when one is called that calling will become greater and more persistent, until one follows that call.

I have learnt to follow that call, even if what I am being asked to do seems way beyond my means, and reach. I have learnt to trust that guidance and to put action steps into motion, and it has never failed me yet.

How does on discern true calling from imaginary ones? When the Call is true, it you will be given a vision, calling greater than you could even have imagined. You will find yourself in awe of that calling – because it is so large.

“Who – me????, impossible!”

Remember Moses and the burning bush, and how he started looking over his shoulder, and found nobody else there. The voice was speaking to him and into his heart and soul. Then he started with excuses – “I stutter and cannot talk….. I cannot possible do this because…..”

When the Call comes, then heed it.

If you ask for help, it will always be given, from the Divine and all the Cosmic helpers.
Yet, the Call means ACTION steps, taking those first steps into the unknown. Allowing yourself to be led, and trusting the path and following that path, no matter what! You will be challenged, you will be supported, and you will be tested along the way.
Yet, the Call will be there, like a huge shining Lighthouse, lighting up the path, but just enough for you to see the next steps and find your way. In such moments, the only way to move forward, is to keep your eyes focussed on the end goal, and not taking your eyes off it, even for one single moment!

Eventually the Call, becomes a higher way of life and living.

There is no greater reward, than having followed that Call, no matter what, and finally seeing all of this coming into reality, and finding yourself standing at last, where you were called to in or at! Mission accomplished! You did it – with Divine Guidance and help in so many forms – mostly invisible.

Are you listening?

Judith Kusel


ECETI News: We Live in a World of Opposites — James Gilliland ~ November 22, 2019

Editor’s Note: It’s time to ponder just how you are going to provide information you have learned by absorbing shall we say “alternative”information, using your critical thinking skills to verify these internally, and understand your need to assume leadership as you become the “rock” emotionally floundering folk turn to for guidance.

Public media will broadcast information, but many will not know how to listen to truths revealed. I recommend using LOVE as a base for your individual operation. You know true facts and ideas to be delivered with honesty and tact. The average adult learner needs to hear something at least three times in order to learn and comprehend. (Just a hint!)

Be prepared to become a fountain of Love by giving “alternative” information you know to be true (leave speculation alone), use your heart to tailor your messages as each moment demands, trust yourself as a public communicator, and perhaps most importantly, BE…



The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland

We live in a world of opposites

I usually do not get into politics try to stay away from religion other than research as to their origins. I have been watching the impeachment hearings and again it fits the pattern. No first hand knowledge to substantiate quid pro quo, bribery, extortion or any other law broken. Then you have the, I heard from her what she said to him about what he said to him about what he heard from her testimony easily dismissed with a few questions. Their star witnesses were a total fail yet the fake news continues to call these hearings bombshells against Trump. Just like almost all the other accusations with no merit or truth. Seriously no matter what party we should be appalled by the lies. The latest impeachment hearings are all hearsay, presumption going against the original phone call. I watched a black eyed, narcissist psychopath “Schiff” twist and turn the truth, lead the witnesses, try to put words in their mouths totally fail then act as if he was successful. This is an insult to our intelligence yet so many bias socially engineered and programed people actually be lie ve this red herring nonsense. Where is the critical thinking? Whether you hate Trump or love him there is no foundation for any of these inquiries…… There is one obvious agenda the democrats, never Trumpers want to unseat a duly elected president no matter what the cost. No matter what party this is not how a Republic works, it’s not democratic and if not treason, it borders on it. If your want to step out of the mind control and social engineering just reverse whatever you hear on lame stream news. It is one fairy tale after another.

It is a coup, a deep state coup with the majority of the democrats and the corporate sponsored media participating in actions for two reasons, maintaining power and wealth. A lot of that wealth was gained illegally, corruptly at the expense of the people which is all being made known. The most corrupt are screaming the loudest spearheading this failed coup to take the attention off of them. Why would anyone not want to stop, drugs, child trafficing, gangs unvetted, from crossing the border? What do they have to gain? Did El Chapo make million-dollar donations to these very same politicians spearheading open borders? What is George Soros’s role in funding open borders, black lives matter, Antifa an antifascist, anti-Nazi group which act like fascist funded by an admitted Nazi? What other socialists does he fund. Is this part of a more sinister plan by a global elite to destroy America from within?

Anyone know a socialist country that did not eventually fail? One that did not devolve into tyranny with mass genocide? What happens when you centralize the power and wealth, take away the ability of the people to defend themselves? You get a socialist dictator with a select few surrounding him controlling the power and wealth living fat off the people. When the money and food run out the people revolt with rakes and shovels against guns. There should be a mandatory history lesson for snowflake entitled people who demand to be taken care of by the government till the money runs out they stole from the rich then the middle class. Eventually they steal from the poor to cover all the freebies. Why do people flee from socialist and communist countries and come to America? Maybe those who lived in these countries should teach the history lessons. Better yet maybe send those that want socialism even communism to these other countries for an extended stay. All expense vacation to Venezuela bring your own food and toilet paper. Now that would be an eye opener.

Here is some brutal honesty. Everything the dems accuse Trump of they are guilty of ten times over. Same with Hollywood, lame stream media etc. If Trump is part of the deep state global elite why are they trying arduously to take him out? We know it is fashionable to rebel but is it wise to rebel against the very people draining the swamp, taking out the deep state, corruption and reestablishing the Republic? When you rebel against the very people trying to liberate you are you not complicit in supporting a draconian and tyrannical force that has disempowered and enslaved the people since the last coup where they assassinated Kennedy? Do you want to throw your towel in with corrupt Satanic worshipping, child trafficing/sacrificing pedophiles complicit in and capitalizing on the drug trafficing? This is not conspiracy it is in the sealed indictments. Wait until the Epstein logs are released, the IG and FISA reports come out. Many who were worshipped and heald in high esteem are going to be exposed as to their true nature.

Do you worship and believe Hollywood actors with a history of drugs, predation, pedophilia? If you want to rebel educate yourself first, break the social engineering spell, walk away from the lame stream media and use your God given critical thinking. You live in a world of opposites. Those who are awake realize this. Those on the fence are suspecting they are being lied to and deceived after all the failed hearings, false charges and faked outrage by the press.

There is a much bigger plan happening few are aware of. I will give you a hint. It includes our ancient ancestors, advanced civilizations returning, the end of draconian law and the reestablishment of Universal Law. This means an end to tyranny and all those and their kingdoms that are not aligned with Universal Law.

We have to rise with the ascension process become frequency specific to the Earth as she ascends. The process is well underway. Many are going to have an OMG moment when they find out just how socially engineered they have become, the depth of deception and lies upon which they formed their be lie fs. There is going to be a megadose of brutal honesty, followed by chaos as this all unravels. Just be sure your on the right side of the fence when it happens.

Live according to Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Be kind to each other and the planet. Hold your leadership whether it be political, religious or business to the same principles. Let Truth and Kindness be your religion, the way. Suspend judgement, learn to listen with the heart, find the direct knowing within. This will get you through the days to come. Spend time in nature, meditate, eat close to nature and drink plenty of pure water. Find a daily practice like yoga, Yi Gong walks in nature. One of the best things I can offer is to do clearings. The veils between worlds are getting thinner and we are becoming more empathetic. Not all your thoughts and ailments are your own.

For those suffering from unseen negative influences becoming more empathetic here is a solution.

James Gilliland





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