Rick Jewers ~ March 26, 2020


We require White Light to be sent to these UNDERWATER PYRAMIDS at location lat 47.336, long 164. 247.

They have ALREADY BEEN ACTIVATED, however, they require being energized and pulses of White Light being emanated outward from this 5D GRID NODULE. Connecting this area to ALL KNOWN PYRAMIDS upon Gaia.

Also, apply ANY INDIVIDUAL GUIDANCE You may receive in this Activation.

for Those just AWAKENING

Your redemption process goes much quicker by practicing the virtues to the fullest, the virtues KNOWN in Your Heart, and NOT the virtues written by man. Your every thought and act, dictates the rate of Your rise, anything of negative and fear and NOT of Unity, encumbers You, DO THE OPPOSITE. THERE IS A NEW REALITY PREPARED FOR YOU, YOU MUST DROP THE OLD AND BECOME AWARE OF THE NEW. This is Your RAPTURE, the time has come, and it is NOW…..

Love and Light
Rick ❤️

New Moon November 26th, 2019 in Sagittarius ~ Expansion of Awareness ~ November 24, 2019

By: L’Aura Pleiadian


This New Moon on November 26th, 2019 is at 11:05 am AST. This is a POWERFUL New Moon and its impact will last till the December 26th New Moon and Solar eclipse; which will begin a new cycle.

A New Beginning ~ what will it be for you?

The energies and the frequency impulses are intense in their frequency and we have potentials swinging on many levels and some apposing levels, also.

Nothing is out to get you EVER, although it may seem like that if things do not go the way you want. What is valuable to know is, the nonlocal YOU (the eternal you) is always present to help you ALIGN with the truth of your being.

In the separated belief state, there is always a sense of lack and suffering, to GET
to ~ where we want to be.

Yet where you want to BE is here now and be the one that you TRULY ARE.

This sounds easy, to move up the levels of frequency AWARENESS will become more and more engaged and a sense of sleeping through life in non awareness will begin to vanish.

Having said all that, we have some MAJOR shifts coming through, either for success or downfall. Going back to what I was saying in the beginning. IF in a state of separation through beliefs, nothing is good enough and never satisfies.

What you desire is the true you and the frequency RESULT that brings, is the mirroring of this YOU ~ Reality.

So the aspects and or triggers for you this coming month, are Mars opposite Uranus. Unexpected change, anger, resentment, hostility, violence, are what is on the table for some. This is one of the most disruptive aspects in astrology. So BE present, stay in your heart and be AWARE.

The Sun quincunx Uranus, brings the frequency of excitement and also potential pressure and disruption. Again all of this is based on your own frequency and response to these frequencies.

Ultimately all that takes place is for the benefit of ALL ~ no matter the feelings and reactive responsive outcomes. As we are all here for the evolution and expansion through the Earth program and DNA consciousness/Ascension.

All that are here have signed up and continue on till their Ascension is complete.

We are all interacting nonlocally through this computer like/program.

With this NEW MOON leading up to the winter SOLSTICE on December 22 (the celebration of greater LIGHT) and Christmas Day ~ we bless you now and your sojourn through this program. We activate you in this UNION and alchemical marriage, where you live as the ONE you eternally ARE NOW. We do this through LOVE, in this we activate YOU NOW.


The Golden Light ~ An Activation Now ~ November 6, 2019

Channeled By: L’Aura Pleiadian


Your cells are responding to this activation now.

The brilliant golden light from the Central Sun permeates your cellular memory with its cleansing light of eternity, through your heart now.

All the golden light temples unite in the knowing of the heart and the ancient activations throughout the Earth history.

All levels are co activated as well, as the communication of all consciousness is never broken.

The universal knowing of the unification process is deeply embedded within your blueprint, which is activated for your knowing now.

This golden light is beyond the light that you see with your eyes, it is known through your heart alone.

It knows itself as the beatific glory of all that experience their true self and mastery of form.

It is the heaven you desire and the heaven you already know.

To have left your heaven to come to Earth, was for this very mastery, to know yourself as the eternal Cosmic God Self that you are.

Your light is awakening even now as we are transmitting.

Feel this as the beautiful warmth in your heart that it is.

YOU are Beloved of you, of your Glory of your eternal PRESENCE.

This Light unifies all that feels separate and apart from this total awareness of being.

This is you becoming the true you and experiencing rebirth into your Ascension.

It is the heart that knows and carries all memory, to which you are awakening even now.

Feel the warmth and golden glow of this glory upon you now.

Surrounding even your head, that halo of magnificence is right at home within your energy, as you are the very Star Light Beings, here to know and be this for all.

You are the one, blessed and experiencing this glorious light. This Light breathes with you now and spreads its warmth and light to all of your cells.

Your blueprint is activated, your cells are awakened. YOU ARE adjusting to the new you. You are here and you are the GLORY of it all.

In this, the glory and love, we activate you. Feel this now and receive. in love, with The Divine Council of Overseers. Eternally and now.


We Are Activating Your DNA Memory ~ October 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a beautiful reminder of what we are all now experiencing. All of us…even the ones who are not “awake”. The energies we are now receiving (being clairaudient, I hear these energies non-stop ALL the time!) are indeed acting on our DNA causing us to shift our consciousness.

This article is a perfect companion to Laura’s article posted earlier today listed here. It might be a good time to be quiet, go within, BE with yourself, and BE…



By: L’Aura Pleiadian


Do you feel these profound shifts? Time has shifted on so many levels of being.

It is revealing itself more and more through the consciousness of those on Earth.

Do you notice the changes in yourself?

We are activating the inherent memory encoded in your DNA for this specific SHIFT you are now entering into.

It is the portal of all portals. The portal TO ALL memory encodings.

You have been put through the fire of purity and now are awakening to the TRUTH of all that you are.

Now that you have observed, there is now nothing to observe as you are consciously the observer itself.

The one watching the dream. So you just are. You have always been doing this, being.

Now you are consciously remembering more and more of that which was instilled into your very blueprint for this program of Light schooling.

You are that energy that is encoded.

You are desiring to awaken to more of yourself.

To know the glory of you.

And you are.

Awakening, remembering, activating the codes now, for full entry into the portal of all portals. Where all is revealed. And stamped with the glory of All That is.  This is what you desire.

It is unfolding before you now, more and more.

You will see, in this we activate YOU.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, awakening more of you to you, in Love.


Optimize Now for the Big Event This Weekend: The Full, Super, Blood Moon Eclipse Will Be Key [video] ~ January 16, 2019

That was some presentation Mike Adams did about the government’s role in exterminating us, wasn’t it? But we’re still here, we’re mad as hell, and we’re doing something about it.

The Light may have drastically underestimated the dark for millennia in the six or so previous attempts to break free, but finally, in their arrogance, the evil controllers underestimated Humanity and our allies and they’re going down in a big way.

There’s no resting on our laurels, however. We have to fight, fight, fight as QAnon has advised. Many are doing this, and it’s self-evident, such as in France where Les Gilets Jaunes were born. It’s catchy, though, and we now see the Yellow Vests (or Yellow Jackets, as in Canada, with a potent sting) educating the public as to the sleight-of-hand the freakazoids used to enslave us in myriad forms.

On a more subtle level we have armies of attorneys and litigation folks executing the paperwork involving sealed indictments and other documents required to make this all legal and above-board and we hear of military tribunals bringing early justice to the very worst of traitors.

Firms like Judicial Watch visibly sue many corporations and government agencies in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get the proof they need to prosecute criminals like Hillary Clinton. It does seem to be taking forever and feels like we’re “stalling” for time. But for what, we might ask?

If a greater percentage of Humanity was aware of the true situation it would be a lot easier to do and we could be told more about what is transpiring, but these covert missions to extinguish the last, flickering light of evil require stealth and secrecy.

We get glimpses of the codes, secret languages and symbolism from time to time, but The Plan is still under wraps and we often see the strategies after the fact with many a-ha moments and exclamations of, “Genius!”

The most obvious indication of this bitter war is in the media, whether televised or digital. The opposition harbours a bottomless well of whoppers that leave us reeling in disbelief.

Those of us in the alternative/truth media continually perform triage on our blogs, websites and videos as the dark lobs attack after attack on our only way to inform interested parties of the current status of the war, and for some, our only means of generating income.

We’ve been hit by multiple attacks here at Starship Earth over the years and today it seems there is an issue. Whether it’s just a temporary slow-down or lapses into a total knockout remains to be seen.

When we can’t publish here, we use our satellite site, the Captain’s Blog, on WordPress.  Just a heads up for those unaware.

Enlist in the Global Lightworker Squadron and Take Part!

The super blood moon total lunar eclipse will be long and visible to a large swath of Humanity, particularly in North America.  There are actionables we can all get involved with this week to prepare for and expedite our final objective: liberation.

We need all hands on deck for the global meditation this weekend. We understand that one of the dark’s strategies to prevent us from breaking free is to influence Lightworkers to discount the value of mass meditations and for many reasons decide not to participate. We can consciously break free of the mind control, swim against the current and engage in activities our messengers tell us are of vital importance.

For that reason, we bring you information about this major event where our input can be so powerful. Little effort will generate massive benefits in our liberation and it’s important we don’t leave all the work for others.

Many are convinced nothing will ever change because people are so apathetic and won’t take action. This is no time for apathy! We need to take part in this and help ourselves.

Learn more about how to prepare and optimize for this critical meditation at Prepare for Change. Links to a couple of articles are below. There’s a wealth of knowledge there as well as instruction.

Also visit Cobra’s portal for the Resistance for videos on how to perform the meditation, the world clock to calculate the time to join in your zone, and more.

With President Trump’s preparedness initiative, the emergency cellular alert tests in multiple countries, talk of mass arrests and the financial reset, it certainly sounds like we are being prepared for The Event.

We’ve had two space telescopes shut down recently and my mother in Canada said their television was down on January 15th and the provider told them nothing about why or when it might be restored. Perhaps some interesting synchronicities.

Bottom line, we can play a role in our liberation with very little time and effort, change the frequencies on and around our planet and usher in the Return of the Light.  ~ BP