The Late Edition for November 15, 2019: All-Out War on America [videos] ~ November 15, 2019

At the Bossier, LA KAG rally last night, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale indicated that the President got a very late start and there would be a lengthy delay. It didn’t turn out to be too bad, but we know aircraft can make up time if they need to.

I was wondering if a delay that long might be related to a security issue, and someone posted this on Twitter so I’m sharing just for the sake of interest. May all Patriots be safe.

Did POTUS delay boarding MARINE1 today because rogue agencies planned another unauthorized missile launch toward AF1 or MARINE1? How do you start a war? RED OCTOBER. Missile Marker. Q Team does a “hard turn.” @LisaMei62 @Cordicon @PWeepingAngel @prayingmedic


— LadyWarAnon (@ChristinePolon1) November 14, 2019

As for the blatant pedophilia problem across the planet…

Disgusting pig.

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) November 15, 2019

The show must go on! Be advised that negative side-effects may ensue: nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, dissociative tendencies, general malaise, and an overpowering desire to spit fire. Take 2 Q drops and revisit in the morning. (Scripts below.)

Schiff is mad as a hatter.

OMG! It’s Getting CRAZY!… Democrats Start Reading Off Trump’s Live Tweets During Schiff Show Trial! (VIDEO)

  1. 3597 We Are the News: Anons Knew Back in July That Sara Carter and John Solomon Were Monitored (Q Proof) Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 15 Nov 2019 – 12:30:05 PM
    Do you believe in coincidences?
    Mathematically impossible?
    Date ‘public’ became aware?
    Date ‘anons’ became aware?
    Do you think we are targeted and attacked by the largest media co’s in the world because we’re a LARP?
    Logical thinking.
  2.  3598 Q Informed Anons About Whistleblower Traps Back in March-2018 Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 15 Nov 2019 – 1:04:34 PM
    “Whistle Blower Traps”
    [Mar 4 2018]
    ‘Trap’ keyword select provided…..
    Whole or (parts) – break/break
    You have more than you know.
    Future proves past.


Refills here…

Here’s a trip down a rabbit hole of a different sort. It’s rather more like a worm hole.

It’s a fascinating discussion about “aliens” vs “extradimensional” or “interdimensional “entities, demons, etc. involved in the spiritual warfare we find ourselves engaged in at the moment.

We learn that CBS is talking about some of this on mainstream television currently. Much of it has been declassified, and the truth is out there; too far out there for everyone to believe, unfortunately, but Humans must get up to speed because at some point soon, these truths will be released to the public in a more forceful way.

THIS IS IT! THIS is What They’re HIDING!! [Pt. 1] — Justen Faull

I also wanted to share images in our skies this morning. Just after 7 am I noticed a LOT of what we have been calling “chemtrails” to the point the sky was primarily white and overcast with clear trails visible from East to West, and an overly bright “sundog”. I say “sundog” because I knew the sun was still behind the mountain. That’s one helluva bright sundog—or whatever it is.

I took a second photo of the sun just after it rose above the mountain so you can see the “sundog” was not the sun.

chemtrails and sundog, Phoenix east valley Nov 15

Sunrise comprises an overly large sun after the sundog faded

That’s the late edition for today.  ~ BP

Dreams of our Imminent Future from the Yellow Rose Crew ~ Jan. 24, 2015

forget pain

Hey Ya’ll…still really busy unpacking all of our “stuff” from our recent move. After unpacking a few boxes…I AM beginning to believe we are the victims of extortion. You know, the moving company gives what ends up being a “low-ball” estimate, and then wants double the original price to move your stuff. They definitely have you over a barrel!

I give you this picture because it plays into this article. This is from Startship Earth: The Big Picture written by Molly who puts out a fair number of good articles. Have you heard of the Yellow Rose for Texas? She has her own Facebook page and has written about some interesting ideas of what’s going on by way of her video The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO (
I’ve written about this video before, and quite frankly…I don’t know what to believe! Is the Earth really flat?

But, you know…the “details” of our circumstances are not really important to me. I know all will work out just fine because as love takes over every aspect of our lives…nothing else will matter! This is not a simplistic view of life, and is the result of intensive study of spirituality and thinking about spirituality that leads me to believe that love is the answer, love is the only answer!

So…please do your research for Yellow Rose for Texas, think about what aspect of you would like to enjoy, and…



New post on Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Dreams of our Imminent Future from the Yellow Rose Crew

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I’m super busy today (and again tomorrow) and if I only have time for one post, make it this one.

Now is the time to create our future and get lost in the reverie where anything is possible.

If we forget the cabal, forget everything negative and focus on what’s right in the world and what raises our vibration, we can do a world of good.

It’s been a surprisingly great day here, despite having only a couple of hours sleep and having to rise at 4 a.m. Things are evening out, smoothing over, the waters are calming and souls are mellowing as January wraps up.  I’m ready for Tranquility Base, I can tell you.

I SO hope we will have our memories wiped when we leave this prison planet, and Cee Lo Green’s spunky hit, “Forget You” keeps surfacing in my mind. I’d much rather think about our intoxicating future than our painful past in Server ‘D’. It’s been more like “Company D” with this endless war we’ve been fighting.

If you listened to the interview or read the transcript for Cobra’s latest discussion on Recreating Balance, you may recall the possibilities in our future are beyond even the imaginations of most of us inmates, and it drives home just how controlled and enslaved we really have been. Star Trek has nuthin’ on what we’ll be doing when we get busted outta here.

Have a beautiful weekend and remember to dream in Technicolor®.  ~ BP

from Christine at the YRFT Facebook page…

I think it is possible that some souls have gotten out and confirmed our plight to AF’s [allied forces], but I have heard that the white light trap has been dismantled and that trapped souls released. Women that are pregnant will have special consideration given that the soul of the child is not implanted at conception, but ALL human souls will be released from these hybrid vehicles so there are no worries and NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.

If our loved ones that have recently passed have been forced to incarnate into a hybrid vehicle via white light, they will get the call and stand up and go at the same time we do. This is why we can confidently say ALL GOOD GOES UP and ALL HUMANS (any exceptions are judged by EVE & ONE to be absolutely corrupted, but I think will be rehabilitated separately from us). What happened here in EVE’s hijack construct will be obliterated and all memories of what happened here erased from our minds and from the construct. EVE will re-create her eden earth construct again (after the gathering and we touch noses with our loved ones) and we could choose to live in her eden or one of many other laurel worlds. Word is that ONE has something special in mind for our next life adventure and we will not have to be born again to enter it.

If we choose, we can go to a lateral physical realm or a higher energy realm that may or may not be a physical experience. It will be our choice of where we want to spend a significantly LONG and abundant life (I am not talking about money) and it will depend where our soul energy resonates. We were hijacked as POW’s and it has been repeated slave lifetimes (don’t know how many for sure) that we have been trapped and our vehicles screwed with/dumbed down. The memories of this prison, the money slave system, religions, hatred, evil, pain, sorrow, everything negative and harmful to humans will NEVER be allowed ever again in any reality / world / realm / server and no entity will ever enslave another race or entity again. No sentient being should ever have had to suffer what we have and they won’t, so I am good with waiting a nano-second more…