Late Updates for September 28, 2019: Patriots Launch the Offensive [videos] ~ September 28, 2019

It sounds like this is where the Patriots go on the offensive. We’ve been allowing the criminal cabal to use up their ammunition and make fools of themselves. We’ve been sandbagging. Now they have nothing left and we gang up on them and leave them strewn across the galaxy in itty-bitty pieces.

All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men, couldn’t put Humpy together again. Joe and son… toast. Prison.

Pro-Trump PAC Releases Anti-Biden Video

HUNTER BIDEN’S Ex Claims He Spent His Money on Prostitutes and Drugs – Two Months After Navy Dumped Him for Drugs He Was Put on Board of Burisma Holdings

There is ample rational thought and discussion around the radical initiatives and accusations from the lunatic left.

If you’re not aware, Steve Scalise is the Majority Whip almost fatally shot after he delivered a PSA (public service announcement) stating that the Trump administration was going after those who committed Human Rights abuse, related to the Executive Order which specifically addressed Human trafficking and pedophilia.

Scalise: If Pelosi wanted Trump removed, why is Congress not in session?

President Donald Trump is not going anywhere. He’s here to stay. Most of us this know this, but it’s nice to hear, nonetheless, right?

What do Americans say about Schiff’s “parody” comedy show delivered in Congress? Is the running of the country a joke? Is that why the demonrats are in Washington—to entertain? Or to act as political hit men?

This is another great monologue from Sean Hannity.

Hannity: Donald Trump is not going to be removed from office

Joe diGenova: “This Whistleblower Needs to Go to Prison – Soros’s Dirty Money Is All Over This Story” (VIDEO)

Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova and his wife and attorney Victoria Toensing to discuss the latest developments in the Democrat-media attempted coup of President Trump. The two discussed the partisan CIA “whistleblower” attack on president Trump. As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, we now know the “whistleblower” was a … Continue reading Joe diGenova: “This Whistleblower Needs to Go to Prison – Soros’s Dirty Money Is All Over This Story” (VIDEO)The Gateway Pundit

The cons are over. We’re exposing it all.

Without Judicial Watch, we would not have the assault on the dark ones that we currently do. They have been instrumental in securing the necessary documentation to expose their illegal activities, as well as alerting the public to the coup attempt on President Trump.

President Tom Fitton says “impeachment” is not the language we should be using with respect to the coup attempt. What the criminal left are doing is not a lawful process suggested by the term, but an illegal, seditious effort to remove the President from power because they don’t want he or his administration in power. They want THEIR people in… like Hillary Clinton. They never thought she would lose.

PUSHBACK: Judicial Watch files federal lawsuit over Biden-led firing of Ukraine prosecutor (Video)

STOP the Coup Against Trump! NEW Lawsuit on Biden/Ukraine Scandal, NEW FBI-DOJ Coup Docs, & MORE

Ace reporter John Solomon: BOATLOADS more corruption info on Joe, Hunter Biden coming (Video)

(NationalSentinel) One of the most valuable assets Americans have in Washington, D.C., today is ace investigative reporter John Solomon of The Hill. Check out “DEEP STATE 2019: A New Generation of Scandalous Manipulation” — download for FREE in Crisis Reports The publication he works for is definitely in the tank for the Left, but the fact that The Hill continues to provide Solomon with a forum makes it less of a threat to our republic than, say, the bullshit factories at CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, et al. Through his extensive contacts, Solomon has uncovered shitloads of scandal related to “Spygate” — Barack Obama’s blatant attempt to help depose President Donald Trump, which Americans, using our system, chose to be our leader. Why nothing’s been done yet to prosecute the criminals responsible for it is an ongoing question; could be that Trump’s just waiting for the right moment when he can de-pants these fucktards in full view of the country and bounce their asses off to jail where they belong. We’ll see. Meantime, though, Solomon remains hard at work exposing these retards for all the corrupt shit they’ve been doing and that now includes former Veep Joe Biden and his … Continue reading

All this exposure makes the rabid globalist rats feel the desperation and they might sic their dogs on those who potentially pose a threat to them.

Kahn’s Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing In NYC After Mysterious ‘Electronics Glitch’


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has reportedly failed to return to his home country after the plane carrying him and his delegation malfunctioned hours into the return trip from the US, and was forced to land in New York.
The crew discovered a technical problem on board the jet, four hours after it left New York for Pakistan on Friday night, Pakistani media reported. According to Samaa TV, it was a glitch in the plane’s electronics.

The details of the malfunction are unclear but apparently it was serious, since the aircraft was forced to turn around near Toronto, Canada. It then landed in New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport.

Selling Your Soul Means Waking Up In A Cloning Center – Donald Marshall

Clones and consciousness transfer. It’s not myth. By keeping the truth buried, the control freak coven members could exploit it and use it against us. Time to wake up and fight the enemy face to face. The witches don’t have the advantage any more.

Check out this blog for a mind-expanding experience.

The problems arise when celebrities realize what has happened and want out. That’s when they appear to “self-destruct” on drugs, alcohol, get driving infractions and wreck their cars, get thrown in jail, act like they’re insane, and may have multiple personalities, as we have seen displayed in Britney Spears in an interview with Barbara Walter.

Selling Your Soul Means Waking Up In A Cloning Center – Donald Marshall

You can tell a globalist initiative when you see one because they’re quixotic, extreme, agenda-driven, play on the emotions, and involve things your grandparents never heard of. They sound like they originated in The Twilight Zone and are designed to be part of the NEW World Order.

This particular initiative is part of the synthetic world the psychopaths want to create with the goal of destroying Humanity.

No sexes any more. No family unit. No sex! No procreation. No continuing the species.

Vaccinate and sterilize. Confuse the genders. Convince kids to be “gender fluid” and introduce 48 different gender labels to choose from. Brainwash the youth and offer sex change surgeries and “therapies” PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS. It’s sheer lunacy.

They can clone Humans and insert artificial intelligence personalities to turn the body into a drone. Clone  ==> drone. Easily controlled. A slave. Cattle. Chattel. Possessions to be used as the former ruling bloodline families saw fit.

Too bad they won’t get to see this wet dream come to fruition.

Mattel Releases a “Gender-Neutral” Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

Watch the “Createable World” video at the Mattel website. It’s not about children creating the world they want; it’s about the New World Order control freaks creating the world THEY want. All they need is for Humans to embrace it and go along with their plan.

For a mere $30 your child can have a doll with 100+ different looks. Such a deal—and available at Of course.

Tell the sickos to leave our kids alone!

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

Late Headlines and Updates for February 11, 2019: News from the Aslylum as Deep State Players Lose It [videos] ~ February 11, 2019

The Sun is Setting on the Cabal: Phoenix East Valley February 9

Dead judges, trains to Hawai’i and a rain tax… Give me a break. They’re really losing it.

Breaking news …  “In principle”. Trump isn’t in Washington, so we’ll see what happens.

Lawmakers reach agreement ‘in principle’ to avert shutdown

It’s a busy news week already. This was from yesterday.

Remember Brian Kolfage, the triple amputee veteran who raised so much money for the wall? Well, he’s in the news again; a huge threat to the establishment as the turd at the TSA frisks him like no one else in Tucson. Brian is far too nice about it.

AWFUL. Purple Heart Triple-Amputee Brian Kolfage Undergoes Invasive TSA Groping at Tucson Airport (VIDEO)

With respect to the Wells Fargo and ATM issues, these videos go into some things you might want to know about Wells Fargo and their traditional activities.

Be advised that while issues may be with Wells Fargo, all the banks in the world are connected in this Central Bankster System the NWO has been using and tomorrow it could be YOUR bank that locks you out and can’t process your withdrawal.

If these outages and denials of service spook enough people, there could be bank runs and most banks have very little cash on hand—relatively speaking—and you might be SOL.

Be smart; we have been advised to take nearly all our money out of the banks and keep our cash on hand. Now, is better than two days from now. The situation is obviously very unstable and anything could happen at any time. Be prepared, and be spared.

We’re going to get rid of the corrupt Central Banking System the cabal has been running like a casino with our money and take our power back. It may get rocky until that process is complete, but it will end well for us all—not the cabal.

Rex visited several banks in Pagosa Springs in Colorado and reports on the situation there.

From February 9 – a financial guy, but not necessarily in the know with respect to what is really unfolding—or why. He shares some good info—and with respect to one of the comments, yes, the first thing I heard about the military op going on in LA was the mention of the Wells Fargo bank nearby. Duly noted.

Economic Collapse News – Possible Bank Runs At Wells Fargo After Shares Plummet

What?! Here’s one for the books. A plant? Natasha explains.

True BombShell – Alexandria O Cortez EXPOSES Congress Like No One Ever Did

Jim Stone is reporting RBG was cremated… Not surprising after we reported several days ago that a hearse was seen leaving her estate.


Take a look! Her gavel AND GLASSES are on top of the box. How could she watch the concert without her glasses? She attended that concert, CREMATED.


I told you my powers of manifestation are increasing, and that I get a charge out of the incredible memes out there.

If you like ’em as much as I do, check out this entire video of memes from American Intelligence Media. What a hoot! And what a lovely gift. Thank you, Betsy. Mwah! (She’s a wizard on the videos)

Friends, you’re not crazy. THEY are. Blind as a bat. Perhaps if we hit them over the head with one, they would wake up.

This is how it’s done. Some people just don’t question anything, as difficult as that is for those of us who question everything to understand.

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

Mike Adams at Natural News and the Truth under attack… again… Un-freaking-believable censorship, folks, from Big Tech bullies.

BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices

I just found out that Beto O’Rourke is having a rally in El Paso at the same time as President Trump. Coincidence? We know who will win that one.

Live coverage of Trump’s visit to El Paso and Beto O’Rourke rally

Wow. Incredible. I’m speechless. People get it.

Trump supporters stage a ‘human wall’ at U.S.-Mexico border

Dave’s X22 Reports for February 11, 2019

Did Trump Just Expose The [CB] System & Trap Them At The Same Time? – Episode 1788a

Have you heard about the “rain tax” in New Jersey? More news from the asylum.

Prosecution & Transparency, Rule Of Law, Power Returned To The People – Episode 1788b

More disgusting treatment of civilians—this time in Arizona. This video just came available today here on Phoenix news involving Glendale, Arizona, on the West side of Phoenix proper. A young man is tased repeatedly by a police officer in front of his children and sparked a protest.

The footage is hard to watch and went viral, thank goodness, so many more are aware and this has to stop!

Who are these sub-humans in uniforms attacking citizens? How about mind controlled zombies? Anyone treating citizens this way should be fired. Did this crap go on when Sheriff Joe was in charge in Maricopa? People have died from being tased and this is unacceptable. Fire his ass!

Police are hired as public servants. WE pay their salaries. FIRE HIS ASS.

To leave on a high note, another don’t miss video from In Pursuit of Truth. Hysterical opening montage. Congrats on your 100K subs, Patrick. You earned them.

Q Anon/News – Narrative Fight – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 2.11.19

Thank you everyone for the belly laughs today. OMG  ~ BP

News and Views for July 14 – 15, 2018; Keeping it Light [videos] ~ July 15, 2018

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are greeted by Queen Elizabeth II as they arrive at Windsor Castle, Windsor.

Personally, I cannot put this message of our impending freedom from the cabal up enough times! This is another report showing the ceremonial circumstances of our changing world. Please keep your eyes on the news this week, Alternative News that is. But something tells me that MSM is soon to follow in reporting the joyful news of humanity’s freedom!

Pull up a chair, keep your eyes open, and…



We must keep our sense of humour! For a laugh to set the tone, go to our webmaster’s blog. Thanks for the share, Number One. Priceless.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words #Strzok

The Trump “baby blimp” balloon was an epic fail. The expected crowds didn’t even show in London. So lame. Paul Joseph Watson gives us the details. The video at least, is funny.

And can you believe Trump kept Queen Lizzie waiting? She had to sit in a hot tent waiting until he showed up. Trumped, indeed.

If this doesn’t make you smile, what will?

The fourteen year-old whose hat was brutally swiped along with some of his hair by a known shit disturber in San Antonio, gets a new and better replacement, courtesy of Don Trump Jr. and a few other people who made it happen.

One day in the not too distant future, I believe we will hear stories like this a lot more often; when the majority of people climb out of their induced malaise and shift from service to self, to service to others.

In the future, we will look for opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

I commend the Trump family for being the change they want to see in the world. No matter how they are treated, they never stoop to those levels. They always rise above.

Trump Supporter Who Was Assaulted Gets Big Gift From Trump

President Trump made quite a splash in the UK—intentional or not! Cretinous protestors… baby balloons… and people thought he blocked the Queen in a protocol blunder.

Trump has a Jesuit background, knows all the secret sign language and symbols of the El-ites and doesn’t “blunder” through anything. He is crafty, wise, and knows a lot more than we realize. All this ceremonial crap is required to move forward, whether we understand its meaning or not. 

I believe he was on a mission to establish with the world the restored sovereignty of America. The Manna World Holding Trust team has been in touch with President Trump, made him aware of the Trust, and that America is now a sovereign entity again. He’s applying the wax seal.

We also hear that Queen Lizzie is agreeable to work FOR the People now. Can you imagine if she shared her wealth with her “subjects”? Soon they will be sovereign, as well, and the distribution of wealth and abundance will change this planet.

Will Trump be able to negotiate the release of Julian Assange for a trip to freedom on a Trump plane? Fingers crossed!

Like I said before, His Trumpness is not only going to Make America Great Again, he will facilitate making Earth great again. MEGA.  ~ BP

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US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are greeted by Queen Elizabeth II as they arrive at Windsor Castle, Windsor.

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are greeted by Queen Elizabeth II as they arrive at Windsor Castle, Windsor.


July 15, 2018

by Guest Contributor Charles C. Miller

Our President, Donald John Trump, executed his personal pledge issued in his inauguration address. President Trump recognized that he was the servant of the people and this was our country. In the meetings with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II he acted as our servant carrying our power and expressing it according to international law and treaty.

The true understanding at depth of this statement is lost on most Americans.

Reference to the treaty of peace 1783 at Article 1 clarifies this issue in a very clear manner. “His Britannic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and independent states, that he treats with them as such, and for himself, his heirs, and successors, relinquishes all claims to the government, propriety, and territorial rights of the same and every part thereof.”

FIRST: King George binds himself and all of his heirs to this present moment. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is bound by this statement today.

SECOND: All claims to any control over government activities, past, present and future, in the newly recognized nation are foreclosed from that point to this moment. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is bound by this statement today.

THIRD: All claims to the ownership and control of real property held by King George were given up in that moment. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is bound by the statement today. However, certain issues came up later ratifying the ownership of the crown, the future Kings or Queens, in certain properties within the exterior boundaries and under the jurisdiction of the States United.

FOURTH: The word proprietary in its meaning the day the treaty was signed means chattel property. Chattel property is property other than real that is movable. Chattel property covers people as subjects, property of the King. In other words he gave up ownership and control of the people living on the soil of the newly constructed and recognized Union States as a nation. This is the key element to understand.

At the time the treaty was signed there were only two classes of people: Subjects, i.e. chattel property, and Royals, the owners of the subjects. King George recognized us as equals, Royals. Without this recognition King George could not enter a treaty empowered in the name and by the authority of the good people who created our government structure with which he was dealing. This is because there is no legal or political mechanism for treaty to be entered nor ratified by parties that are not of the same standing and capacity.

In short King George recognized us as equals, Sovereigns. Being that King George was the direct franchisee of the Vatican and its powers as stated in the treaty, the Vatican as the franchiser of all the Royals of Europe recognized our sovereignty as well.

President Trump enforced this position of recognition upon Queen Elizabeth II.

When president Trump and his wife failed to bow and walked in front of the Queen he acted as the Sovereign People’s servant in very clear action that he was not subservient to, lesser than, nor owed any allegiance or recognition to any superior, in particular Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump walks with queen

President Trump‘s actions sent the clear message to all of those understanding protocol worldwide that the American sovereign people and our government will no longer recognize nor allow Queen Elizabeth II, her actors or agents, to operate on our soil as superiors or controllers in any manner over our government operations.

President Trump’s actions told the whole world that our Declaration of Independence is alive and well today and that the 1783 Treaty of Peace will be enforced at all times, in all places and all circumstances.

Thank you Mr. President for once again showing the American people and the whole world what personal integrity and right action look like.


Please recall how many other presidents bowed to the Queen and walked behind her.

For the first time we have a real President carrying the Peoples Sovereignty to its first source of recognition, the English Royalty, as franchise to the Vatican.

As a real American, with duly served and recognized documentation to prove it, I am humbled by the fortitude and drive to serve the principles of the great American experiment in individual self governance, exhibited by Donald John Trump, my President.


Betsy and Thomas always keep things light, even if they get a little excited at times. They present a solid analysis here, as always. ~ BP

I had to finish with this short one. Those faces… and that rep from New Jersey is a real piece of work. “You need your medication!”, she hollers at Gohmert. Unbelievable.  ~ BP

Dreams of our Imminent Future from the Yellow Rose Crew ~ Jan. 24, 2015

forget pain

Hey Ya’ll…still really busy unpacking all of our “stuff” from our recent move. After unpacking a few boxes…I AM beginning to believe we are the victims of extortion. You know, the moving company gives what ends up being a “low-ball” estimate, and then wants double the original price to move your stuff. They definitely have you over a barrel!

I give you this picture because it plays into this article. This is from Startship Earth: The Big Picture written by Molly who puts out a fair number of good articles. Have you heard of the Yellow Rose for Texas? She has her own Facebook page and has written about some interesting ideas of what’s going on by way of her video The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO (
I’ve written about this video before, and quite frankly…I don’t know what to believe! Is the Earth really flat?

But, you know…the “details” of our circumstances are not really important to me. I know all will work out just fine because as love takes over every aspect of our lives…nothing else will matter! This is not a simplistic view of life, and is the result of intensive study of spirituality and thinking about spirituality that leads me to believe that love is the answer, love is the only answer!

So…please do your research for Yellow Rose for Texas, think about what aspect of you would like to enjoy, and…



New post on Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Dreams of our Imminent Future from the Yellow Rose Crew

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I’m super busy today (and again tomorrow) and if I only have time for one post, make it this one.

Now is the time to create our future and get lost in the reverie where anything is possible.

If we forget the cabal, forget everything negative and focus on what’s right in the world and what raises our vibration, we can do a world of good.

It’s been a surprisingly great day here, despite having only a couple of hours sleep and having to rise at 4 a.m. Things are evening out, smoothing over, the waters are calming and souls are mellowing as January wraps up.  I’m ready for Tranquility Base, I can tell you.

I SO hope we will have our memories wiped when we leave this prison planet, and Cee Lo Green’s spunky hit, “Forget You” keeps surfacing in my mind. I’d much rather think about our intoxicating future than our painful past in Server ‘D’. It’s been more like “Company D” with this endless war we’ve been fighting.

If you listened to the interview or read the transcript for Cobra’s latest discussion on Recreating Balance, you may recall the possibilities in our future are beyond even the imaginations of most of us inmates, and it drives home just how controlled and enslaved we really have been. Star Trek has nuthin’ on what we’ll be doing when we get busted outta here.

Have a beautiful weekend and remember to dream in Technicolor®.  ~ BP

from Christine at the YRFT Facebook page…

I think it is possible that some souls have gotten out and confirmed our plight to AF’s [allied forces], but I have heard that the white light trap has been dismantled and that trapped souls released. Women that are pregnant will have special consideration given that the soul of the child is not implanted at conception, but ALL human souls will be released from these hybrid vehicles so there are no worries and NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.

If our loved ones that have recently passed have been forced to incarnate into a hybrid vehicle via white light, they will get the call and stand up and go at the same time we do. This is why we can confidently say ALL GOOD GOES UP and ALL HUMANS (any exceptions are judged by EVE & ONE to be absolutely corrupted, but I think will be rehabilitated separately from us). What happened here in EVE’s hijack construct will be obliterated and all memories of what happened here erased from our minds and from the construct. EVE will re-create her eden earth construct again (after the gathering and we touch noses with our loved ones) and we could choose to live in her eden or one of many other laurel worlds. Word is that ONE has something special in mind for our next life adventure and we will not have to be born again to enter it.

If we choose, we can go to a lateral physical realm or a higher energy realm that may or may not be a physical experience. It will be our choice of where we want to spend a significantly LONG and abundant life (I am not talking about money) and it will depend where our soul energy resonates. We were hijacked as POW’s and it has been repeated slave lifetimes (don’t know how many for sure) that we have been trapped and our vehicles screwed with/dumbed down. The memories of this prison, the money slave system, religions, hatred, evil, pain, sorrow, everything negative and harmful to humans will NEVER be allowed ever again in any reality / world / realm / server and no entity will ever enslave another race or entity again. No sentient being should ever have had to suffer what we have and they won’t, so I am good with waiting a nano-second more…