Headlines and Updates for December 7, 2019: New QAnon & It’s Already “Biblical” [videos] ~ December 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh, YESS, the LIGHT has WON this War between Light and Dark! Now it’s just time for the cleanup, so grab that popcorn and stay glued to Alt Media as all the slimy truth begins to be revealed, know humanity IS safe, and BE…



SMassachusettCheck this out: Q is the topic of discussion on Fox tonight with Jesse Watters. Do it Jesse!

You’ve heard about QAnon. But what is really going on with this conspiracy theory? A Political Science Professor explains, tonight. #FoxNews 8PM ET. pic.twitter.com/wBi4YoOhWT

— Watters’ World (@WattersWorld) December 7, 2019

QAnon was busy yesterday, and brought us this reminder from February about the circus in Washington and [D][1-6], or, six false flag shootings in December—and we’re not even a week into it. Future proves past, in other words. ThanQ.

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BREAKING NEWS: A number of Saudi nationals enrolled in pilot training at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., that was attacked Friday by a Saudi jihadist enrollee remain unaccounted for and may be AWOL, sources familiar with the federal investigation tell me…developing…

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Memorial aerial view

On this day in 1941 Humanity sufferred the “surprise” bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i; another “false flag” event in a long line of them designed by the globalists to launch the world into a massive war of sacrificed souls and horrific bloodshed and suffering. They thought it appropriate to bring a reminder of that anniversary on Wednesday, December 4th using the typical mind-controlled “bots”.

The psychopaths, who until the past year or two have been freely running the world, now see their imminent demise made manifest on a daily basis. They are desperate to retain their power but it dwindles by the moment. They can no longer hide since President Trump and the Patriots have thrust them into the limelight.

The People are now onto them. We don’t need to relive the terror or re-grieve the grief of the past over and over. Our focus is on the here and now; exposing the crimes, the criminals, and seeing justice done. We are exposing the “fake news”. It’s so far from truth it doesn’t qualify as “news”. It’s pure propaganda and lies, and that blatant exposure is in part due to the ranks of the alternative media who stepped up to awaken their brothers and sisters.


Awakened people worldwide are using their camera phones to record what is unfolding where they are and sharing what real people want to know on social media and websites. The demonstrations, the atrocities, the politicians lying through their teeth…it can no longer be hidden. The patriots are now on the offense.

The “ruling elite” or “nobility” said they will never give up or give in. There’s nothing noble about these greedy, sadistic, cannibals. And we say the same. No surrender. No quarter. They are going DOWN. We will never allow the barbarous grip of the satan-worshipping pedophiles to control our planet again.

Humanity has the support and blessing of nearly every nation, and from below and above. Unseen forces are multiplying our efforts to eradicate the dark. They cannot win. The storm is here NOW.


NEW VIDEO: “The Storm will be BIBLICAL” #WWG1WGA pic.twitter.com/fbwHeJmzvg


— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) December 6, 2019

Every time they tell another lie it kindles the flame of knowing in more souls who recognize the deception for what it is. They can see that this is a war between good and evil.

Good people the world over can see the altruistic, constitutional movement Donald Trump identified during his campaign for President. They can see he and his family are fighting for us; and themselves. They are not “them”. They are part of “us”, and the “we” Trump spoke of when he identified the corrupt establishment we are fighting that was destroying the Republic to enrich themselves at our expense.

If you’ve not watched the video below that revealed what had already happened, and also would not be allowed to happen, or you find it as thrilling as I do every time I watch, take a few minutes to crystalize in your mind precisely what is unfolding now. Candidate Trump said it all, and couldn’t have elucidated any better. His plea was moving and inspiring and it DID get him elected.

Now he fills arenas and stadiums like a rock star when his opponents can barely fill a room. People know truth and authenticity when they hear it, and as crazy as it sounds, patriots the world over want Donald Trump for their President and some actually consider him just that.

Trump proved he is not a politician. He delivered on campaign promises—and how! He rebuked the globalists and banksters and delivered far and away more than he promised. Humanity is saved, and had it not been for this man and his astonishing family, we might not be here today to speak of it. POTUS and the Q Team didn’t stop with America. They went to work freeing the entire world.

There was a sinister plan in place by the evil slave masters and Humanity was about to be extinguished. He came along in the nick of time and inspired others to step up and join the fray. The “good guys” are bringing the Light back to mankind.

We are now an army saving ourselves alongside a courageous, selfless commander-in-chief.

One aspect of this war continues to repeat; attacks on innocent civilians. The globalists are up against an inimitable foe in America because there are so many guns per capita. They attempt to enact gun control legislation and permit illegally executed gun grabs using their “private army” but on anything more than a one-off local scale it failed miserably. Americans are armed and dangerous—to a tyrannical government. The single-minded Nazis continue to orchestrate their staged events to convince the mindless few that “guns kill people”.

We had a warning that this week there were going to be drills in Texas and to be on the lookout for crisis actors and “training exercises” but it doesn’t necessarily mean the action will be in Texas. The control freaks want everyone to live in fear and we simply aren’t—but they are.

Yesterday we had this story from The Hill.

New Jersey high school in a ‘shelter in place’ after threat: report

BOOM! Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew was a top employee in Hillary Clinton’s State Department working on the Middle East! I have the records.

Check out his father’s Satanic art displayhttps://t.co/isHq3egAQG

— Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter) December 7, 2019

We also have news of another earthquake December 3 near a nuclear power plant. Coincidence? How many times has this happened? We don’t want another Fukushima. It could also be a White Hat operation in tunnels in that area, if there are any.

Rare Shallow Earthquake Hit Near Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station In Massachusetts

The house of cards is falling, and soon it will be common knowledge that 80 per cent of Congress is compromised/corrupt. The gravy train has been derailed and these greedy bastards won’t be stealing from the People any longer. You probably noticed it’s often both husband and wife on the take. Doubly despicable. Lock them up!

This time, it’s Republicans from the California cesspool feeling the PAIN, so you see voting Republican does not guarantee safe passage. The system is rigged.

Rep. Duncan Hunter announces plan to resign

Embattled California Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) announced on Friday he plans to resign from his seat.

The announcement comes in the wake of the lawmaker’s decision to reverse course and plead guilty to charges of campaign finance violations. The move came months after Hunter’s wife and former campaign treasurer, Margaret Hunter, opted to change her plea to guilty earlier this year.

The obscene deal in Turkeyland is done. Closed. CIA asset Barack Obama and his husband, Michael are now land barons!

Turkeyland. That says it all, doesn’t it? Gobble-gobble. We know what happens to turkeys that aren’t pardoned by the benevolent President.

Dunan Hunter

Barack Obama buys $11.7 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard

Did we mention that was taxpayer money? Q’s forecast for those kind of people…


Those Responsible for Stealing Billions of US Taxpayer Dollars Will Be Punished

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 6 Dec 2019 – 1:52:47 PM

People actually believe those responsible for stealing billions of US taxpayer dollars will actually go unpunished?
“This is not simply another four-year election.” – POTUS

This next video tells an age-old story of how Earth was visited by various races who played a hand in the evolution of Humanity. A turning point a few years ago enabled us to arrive at this juncture where we find ourselves today. Evil has run its course, and we are now sweeping up the last vestiges of it; fumigating the planet and cleaning up the mess, restoring order and lawfulness.

The language may sound fantastical to some, but when you have done the research you can see that it is reasonably accurate. The messengers bring us their understanding of the story as it developed based on their sources.

A few details may be left to modify as we get more information but I believe it’s an excellent account of what happened and why. The removal of this evil one has been confirmed by Thomas Williams, and possibly others. I’d forgotten about Arn Allingham/Zingdad/Adamu so thanks for the link, K.

While listening I suggest we remain open-minded, let go of terminology, and focus on the concepts and wisdom shared because many who bring us information use different words to tell the tale. You will recognize, for example, the “red shield” family, referring to the Rothschilds.

Also important to note is the statement that the families who constantly wrestled for power are still here, and still trying to take control. Who are they? The CIA that QAnon speaks about so often? Some of them aren’t pleased that Kim-possible Goguen is the sole trustee of the World Trust/Collateral Accounts—such as Anna von Reitz ( “von” being a term for a “nobility” or bloodline family, and Reitz being a shortened version of “Reitzinger”—like the previous pedophile pope Joseph Ratzinger.)

Don’t be too sure that people passing themselves off as one of us in the awakened community are working for us. Everyone has an agenda; is it service-to-self or service-to-others?

Those claiming to be generous benefactors and philanthropists and sit on boards and committees wearing robes are probably not on our side—particularly if they’re asking for donations.

The minions have infiltrated nearly every positive group and the fact that they provide information and have been nominated for awards does not make them one of us. Since they’re liars and imposters they can be difficult to spot, and can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time—particularly if they’re threatening to sue Lightworkers.

One day we will hear the whole story and learn who left us here to be fed upon by these evil creatures for millennia, preventing us from developing and evolving as other species have done, treated as less than cattle, enslaved, used as entertainment and a food source, and kept in ignorance about science and who we truly are.

There’s a brief summary below the video but it isn’t a substitute for the video itself which is very good and published August 2018.

Adamu Speaks – The Ancient Red Vampire is Dead

The ancient gods of our myths and legends were extra-terrestrials. Some of these ETs were good and benevolent. Some were quite evil.

When it came time for the ETs to depart the earth, the evil ones taught certain chosen humans a variety of dark magicks and secrets so that their human minions would, in their absence, gain control of the whole world so that they could own the world when the quarantine was declared over.

One of these magicks was a path to avoid death via vampirism. One such vampire, thousands of years old and very powerful, became the hidden master of much of the world. In collaboration with certain demonic entities, called “Marsons”, he planned to launch world war 3 to gain control of the rest of the planet.

Watch the video and find out how the vampire’s plans were upended, how he played his hand too early, how he was actually (and very surprisingly) killed!

Find out why there is, despite his death, a huge uptick in anger, extremism and rage in the world. Find out what you can do about this. Find out how to be a part of the solution, how to be a part of returning this world to its path of Highest Good.

And for a few laughs…

These people are stupid.  ~ BP

It never gets old, but often gets deleted by Twitter, so enjoy it while it lasts.



— Trump’s Karma (@KarmaTrumps) December 6, 2019

Technology and Science Are FAR More Advanced Than They Let On ~ March 23, 2019

Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk stealth bomber

The aircraft above looks fairly advanced, but the Nighthawk was retired in 2008. Does that give you an idea of where the technology might be now? We’re told that they’re at least 60 years ahead of anything we see in our skies or know about and that is probably a very conservative statement.

We know about this one, the triangular TR-3B Astra. It’s old technology still in use. No jets. No propellers. Nuclear rocket engines supposedly power this baby. I’ve never seen one at an airshow but images of it have been captured digitally in our skies, which begs the question, “What don’t we see?”

These are valid questions considering we, the tax payers, fund the black budget programs the military uses for R&D in the black projects, but whose military is it, exactly—and is their technology new—or old?  ~ BP

artifact unearthed in Mayan pyramid in Mexico

From Fred Burkes at Peers/Want To Know (former White House interpreter and whistleblower)…

Hyperdimensional Science

Top Secret Projects Bend Concepts of Reality

“Just skimming through these papers gives an idea of how incredibly sophisticated the science in these areas has become.”

Many are aware of top secret government programs which have developed technologies far in advance of anything that is publicly known. The development of the F-117 Stealth Bomber, for example, was kept secret for years before it’s existence was finally revealed. The question is: How far advanced are these programs?

In my research into this topic, I’ve learned about above top secret programs which for many years have been researching what many would consider science fiction, including invisibility cloaking, extracting energy from the quantum vacuum, and warp drive, i.e. faster than light travel, including using wormholes to travel to other planets and even other dimensions.

Amazingly, there is now strong, verifiable evidence to show active scientific research in all of these areas. Ample evidence suggests that these projects are far more advanced than most would imagine. One group in particular has shined a powerful light into these shadowy programs.

The Federation of American Scientists [FAS] is a nonprofit organization founded in 1945 by scientists who built the first atomic bombs during the Manhattan Project. As stated on their website, “[FAS] provides science-based analysis of and solutions to protect against catastrophic threats to national and international security. Specifically, FAS works to reduce the spread and number of nuclear weapons, prevent nuclear and radiological terrorism, [and] illuminate government secrecy practices.” Through this respected organization, the scientists who brought us into the nuclear age have done their best to keep us from destroying ourselves with their discoveries.

Steven Aftergood, director of the Government Secrecy Project at FAS, has long been working to pull back unhealthy veils of secrecy through many hundreds of FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests. His invaluable work has revealed how claims of “national security” at times are used to drape a cloak of secrecy around activities which actually endanger citizens not only of the US, but of the world. What has been revealed through the documents he has obtained is breathtaking.

On August 15, 2018, Aftergood submitted an FOIA request to the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] “for information concerning a copy of the list that was recently transmitted to Congress of all DIA products produced under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program contract.” The list mentioned was sent to many key members of Congress, but received no press coverage. The response he received, dated Jan. 16, 2019, is mind boggling.

If you’re not asking what the hell this is, you’re beyond help. It’s the “Norway spiral” or wormhole.

The DIA released a list of titles for scientific papers on 38 government projects of a highly advanced nature. You can find the list on this webpage. Number 7 on the list is “Invisibility Cloaking.” Number 8 is titled “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy.” Number 11 is “Antigravity for Aerospace Applications.” Number 14 is “Concepts for Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum.” Number 19 is “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions.”

The full papers for three of these are available at the links below:

Invisibility Cloaking by Ulf Leonhardt, Chair in Theoretical Physics, University of St. Andrews
Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy by Eric W. Davis, Earthtech International
Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions by Richard Obousy, Eric Davis

Just skimming through these papers gives an idea of how incredibly sophisticated the science in these areas has become. For a fascinating 2005 interview with Eric Davis, author of two of the above papers, see this webpage. A separate paper by Davis titled “Teleportation Physics Study” is available on this page of a U.S. Department of Defense website.

The paper on wormholes and stargates is particularly fascinating, as it describes a feasible method for traversing interstellar distances using our current understanding of quantum processes. Using the procedures described, he states, “explorers could spend all day investigating the remote spacetime location and then return home through the stargate in time to have dinner with their families.”

Why is all of this not being reported in the mainstream media? Why has this astounding list of hyperdimensional science studies been given to members of Congress, but not made widely available to the public? Why did it take Steven Aftergood’s FOIA request to get this information released at all? Could it be that powerful people and organizations don’t want us to know how far they have gone towards interstellar travel and much more?

For answers to these questions, explore our collection of accounts of award-winning journalists who describe how major, breaking stories they tried to report were shut down by their media bosses. And then take a look at the witness testimony of numerous high-ranking officials about their personal involvement with a major cover-up around UFOs and ETs. For those who want to know, the information is out there. Please help spread the word, so that we can all make more educated choices in our lives and prepare ourselves for mind-boggling explorations into the unknown.

To learn more about the reality of our world and our command of it, visit this page and the corresponding links.  ~ BP

UFOs Invade NYC | EBEs Light Up Night Sky | Media Deny Bright Blue ET Lights | Blame “Transformer” | Lionel Nation [video] ~ December 28, 2018


Editor’s Note: Yes, you would be wise to keep your eyes on the skies, my friends. There is no need to be in fear as this has all been foretold. As the moment of our shift of upliftment draws near, more and more “sightings” of strange sky events will be seen. The purpose is to acclimate Earth’s population to the fact that we are not “alone” out there in the Universe and our introduction to off-world BEings is about to occur.

So exciting! Please watch the video’s below, trust the story you prefer, and be…



Here’s Lionel’s version of the “transformer” story we got. The “flashing” was very suspicious, as was the “blue-green” colour. You decide.

Things certainly are getting interesting—and entertaining.  ~ BP

UFOs Invade NYC | EBEs Light Up Night Sky | Media Deny Bright Blue ET Lights | Blame “Transformer”

“Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge. People in high level government have very little, if any, valid information about this. It has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth doesn’t come out. ” ― Edgar D. Mitchell, The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds

The “Drip” of Disclosure: A Gusher Coming? [videos] ~ December 11, 2018

Those of us who are aware of the reality on our planet are growing impatient with those who fight it and subscribe to “conspiracy theories”—particularly those who do no research and expect the truth to be delivered with dinner on the 6:00 News.

The “drip” of Disclosure supposedly ongoing has been more like an atomizer. It’s pathetic.

Lionel expounds on this in his video below, and it certainly does seem as though there is a new push for “Disclosure” just recently.

Many of us have already disclosed to ourselves via books, magazines, videos, the Citizen Disclosure Hearings in Washington at the Press Club, ET Conferences, clubs—AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES—but we are left to suffer the naïve beliefs of the rest of the world until either they are ready to wake up, or someone in a position of authority on the planet steps up to deliver the news about the decades-long coverup; yet another inconvenient truth.

Note the terminology… EBEs = extraterrestrial biological entities. If they don’t exist, then they wouldn’t have a nomenclature for them.

UFOs and EBEs Are Here, Real, Verifiable and You’re Being Conditioned for the Official Announcement

Lionel Nation
Published on Dec 3, 2018
“I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.” — Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

This was the basis of my rage this evening. This stupid article. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/7885699…

“Skinny Bob” nickname for a grey alien known to authorities

Americans are particularly challenged to keep up with reality due to the lying, treasonous turds who own and run the corporate media. Russia is far more open about the extraterrestrial issue and regularly air information about extraterrestrials on television.

crashed saucer in Antarctica

It’s time people learned that the globalist psychopaths are not exactly Human themselves, and therefore have a vested interest in keeping the existence and presence of the galactic “others” from the general population. They have an advantage right off the top, don’t they? Gotcha. Fooled again. One more secret to keep Humanity small, controlled—and alone.

President Trump didn’t announce a new “Space Force” because he’s planning to create one—it already exists! THERE’S YOUR DISCLOSURE. There are groups who DO want to tell us about their space program and our galactic brothers and sisters, but many want the secrecy protected and Trump just stuck it to them. Is it any wonder he and Putin are attacked so relentlessly?

There are so many crashed ships on our planet it would make your head spin.  This one is said to be filmed at White Sands, New Mexico, USA.

It’s time to get with the program, people. There is no room for argument here. ETs exist, they’re here, they’ve always been here, they live among us as well as on other planets. It’s complicated, but it’s a done deal, and some Humans have a lot of catching up to do.

crashed saucer in Russia

We can do it the easy way, or the hard way. Either you wake up willingly now, or you’ll have the bucket of ice water dumped on your head when you least expect it. It’s your choice.

CIA Document Shows What Happened After The KGB Shot Down A UFO

November 26, 2018

Global governments and intelligence agencies around the world have released hundreds of thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon over the past few years. These files indicate that objects are commonly tracked on radar and pursued by our own military craft, which are then sent out to take a closer look. The files also reveal there have been sightings of strange objects travelling at tremendous speeds and performing maneuvers that no known aircraft is capable of performing.

These types of UFOs might now be officially verified within the mainstream, but they’ve been seen, photographed, and recorded by credible witnesses for decades. For example, here’s a document (straight from the CIA’s FOIA Electronic Reading Room) pertaining to “a group of red, green, and yellow flying saucers” that were seen “hovering” over multiple military bases in Antarctica. Here’s another detailing how, when intercepters approached the object, pilots lost “all instrumentation and communications.” Here’s a great interview (and there’s no shortage of them) with navy commander pilot Graham Bethune, who describes another extraordinary in-flight encounter.

These objects are thought to be extraterrestrial in origin, not only because of their technological superiority, but also because many high-ranking political and military insiders, along with prestigious academics, have shared information they’ve been privy to regarding actual intelligent extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet. There could be several different groups doing so at the present moment. It may sound far-fetched, but as we move through 2017 and beyond, bits of truth will continue to leak out, and the “official campaign of secrecy and ridicule” that Roscoe Hillenkoetter described to the New York Times in 1960 may come to an end.

That being said, once this box is opened, everything will change. It will have tremendous implications for humanity — philosophically, scientifically, and technologically. Our world would change forever.

Read the rest of the article…

Anyone who has done ANY research on UFOs, Area 51, ETs, etc. has heard the name Bob Lazar, and perhaps some of the controversy behind the information he made available to us as someone who worked at the infamous and “nothing to see here, folks” Area 51 in Nevada. Secureteam brought us this interview recently expanding on that, right from Bob himself, and investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell.

EXCLUSIVE: The Bob Lazar Interview

We had a Retired Marine this week tell us a contact of his said his son was in Afghanistan and saw “the Kandahar giant” we heard was shot and killed by US soldiers in 2002 and which we covered on Starship Earth awhile back. If you’re unaware of this story, check it out in this video. It’s not a nice story—and most likely true.

We’ve also covered the many giant skeletons littering the planet. Some have two rows of teeth. They may have had a great smile—but we’ll probably never know because most have been disposed of, permanently, by the powers-that-were. Other countries may still have the odd skeleton in their museums, but it’s forbidden in North America.

Unfortunately, the control freaks have destroyed and confiscated much of the proof of past and alien civilizations. It’s criminal, really, to destroy our planetary history like that—Human or otherwise.

Regardless, they’re not in control any longer and a lot of surprising information will be coming around the bend in our not too distant future.

Myths and legends are not all myth. We’re sick of the pussy-footing around, and “it may be this” and “it could be extraterrestrial”, and “it seemed to be under intelligent control”—and we know not all “UFOs” are extraterrestrial. Earthlings/Terrans/the people of Midgard or whatever you want to call us, deserve the Truth.

We’re goin’ for broke here. As always, the truth is out there. Believe it… or not.  ~ BP

Living and Breathing Fallen Angels Imprisoned in Antarctica? REALLY?

Spiritual Update from Unknown Lightwarrior: Looming October Surprise (pending Kavanaugh’s confirmation) ~ September 26, 2018


Editor’s Note: Starship Earth is so correct in urging us to, at this time, refocus our hearts on eliminating negative thoughts from ourselves, from our BEing! Political events ARE playing out allowing negative and evil factions to be removed from power on our Earth which will set the stage for…?

Read more below, use your free will to make coherent decisions about  and for yourself, and…



It seems to me that what Humanity needs to be focused on at this point is showing our worthiness to ascend. We are NOT being told to sit tight, meditate and sing Kumbaya because it is time for the separation of both evil from the good, but also for those who are ready to ascend and move on to the higher dimensions to do that, while those who are not ready, to go their separate ways—at least, that is what many have suggested. I don’t see how we can all go to the same level when we are so different in vibration or frequency.

We have to show how ready we are. If we care about what happens on this planet and to this planet, and to those who reside here, we are inspired to work toward fixing it in whatever ways we can. Sometimes it’s a matter of supporting those who are actively helping. Those who aren’t assisting are making their own choices. We all have choices.

At some point, however, it seems the choice will be made for us to make the break and we will be free. It will be out of our hands.

This process is where our galactic families have come in. The Star Nations are facilitating this “inorganic” or orchestrated ascension because it doesn’t only affect Earth, but far beyond. It was impossible for us to ascend the way other free Beings of the Universe normally do because of our circumstances, so they are helping us. We were unable to help ourselves due to the despicable treatment at the hands of the marauding races, and most of Humanity is still sound asleep.

On the surface of the planet we have to do what we can to remove the evil, castrate the devils, restore honesty, love, transparency, and clean up the mess as best we can within the confines of what we are capable of doing.

We don’t know how long that will take, or when The Event will unfold, but we can’t just sit on our hands. We have to be the best we can be, and do the most we can do. Many of us are doing what we feel called to do.

There are multiple groups here helping in ways as they see fit. Some of those efforts are to atone for the negligence or intentional damage done to Humanity and our planet over the years. They present history in their own ways, provide disclosure to those who are open to it as they see fit, put their own spin on things, and in so doing they are hoping to escape retribution, or to at least lessen the punishment.

Even though our escape is imminent, since Humanity is here to advance spiritually we don’t get to pass Go and move directly to Heaven. We have to play the game, move around the board, take our lumps, do what we can to correct the problems, and see how many spiritual points we can amass before Ascension. This is my take on it.

President Trump is facilitating the cleanup to a great degree. First you expose the dirt; then you can sweep it up. Everything is unfolding as it must to get this job done, both on, above and beneath us.

The activities of the Resistance are evident in Cobra’s posts at the 2012 Portal of late. Cobra has been tight-lipped as many critical operations are unfolding, and Jim makes mention of this in his update below.

Despite how little we know, it’s clear the future will be fascinating.  ~ BP

Looming October Surprise (pending Kavanaugh’s confirmation), 144k Mass Meditation Report, ET Contact Protocols Training This Saturday with Kosta Makreas + News

September 25, 2018

The Unknown Lightwarrior

We’ve now reached a point in the planetary liberation process where it’s now getting SAFER for ET Contact of various forms. More on the exciting – how & why – in the news portion of this week’s show.

As for the Mass Arrests … It appears the Cabal is pulling every dirty trick in the book, to delay or prevent the confirmation of SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh … which needs to precede the Mass Arrests.

It is said that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will trigger the military tribunals.

So clearly … the Cabal is simply trying to prevent their arrest by creating a smoke & mirror circus around Kavanagh’s senate hearing.

And the 144k said NO.

The 144k also said NO to the darkness that was pouring through opened portals via Luciferian rituals on the equinox that just occurred … throughout mostly the western hemisphere.

The 144k Cleaned House

After the clearing of the Luciferian mess … the 144k went on the transmutational offensive, tracking back the realms, sources & layers of darkness these charming non-physical characters were invoked from.

So the 144k knew what they had to do once they were brought forth into our realm & exposed for us.

:- )

After which, healing work was done on Gaia. Here’s just one 144k member’s feedback from last Saturday’s / Sunday’s 144k Mass Meditation.

“ … It was fascinating after such a strong lead-up of at least 3 days of physical rituals and obviously more that occurred in my inner Being. I found myself diving into the Centre of the planetary heart, supported and surrounded by immense columns of white light from the 4 directions, and then we moved outwards from there into the dark arts being undertaken. I figured the other side didn’t expect that such Light would appear from underneath their altars and I’m hoping it has had the desired results. I look forward to knowing the results …”

with kind regards and much love,


” … I really felt Gaia ‘come alive’ at that moment when we completed a process. It brought me to tears …”


We made a HUGE contribution to Planetary Liberation, beloved army of light, and that helped shut down a lot of nasty things, which int turn greatly reduced the risk of further delays!

So stay tuned for the next 144k Mass Meditation notification -towards the end of Oct mostly likely – barring any major geopolitical events.

ET Contact Protocols Training This Saturday by ETLetsTalk’s Kosta Makreas & he’s on this week’s show!

There are strong signs that it will be quite safe soon to make regular telepathic, sleep-state and even physical contact with our galactic family soon. I explain why & how in this week’s broadcast.

And all this ‘coincides’ with ETLetsTalk’s online training this Saturday on the protocols of how to properly make contact with your off-world brethren.

It will be hosted by ETLetsTalk’s Kosta Makreas, a former partner / associate of Dr Steven Greer, and now head of ETLetsTalk.com.

Kosta and “ET Let’s Talk” have been establishing regular contact for years now…learn how you can get involved and establish contact on your own.

So, if you’re so guided …

Click below at 11AM Saturday to join the PFC Leadership forum on CE-5 Protocols with Kosta Makreas:

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