Galactic Energies Entering ~ November 8, 2019

By: A Gift From Gaia


Sagittarius season is always a game changer as our planets pass the Galactic Centre and we become ridiculously charged as we receive the high frequency light codes sent from the open portal of our Ancient Future Self.

Those open to reci3ve do so on all levels, because to receive is to receive All, knowing deep within that whatever presents has done so for the opportunity to expand All connected, nothing is ever rejected once we realise how this all works, what is its purpose, how it relates, all Gifts are received with grace and pure trust and acceptance and by releasing the old judgement that created our defense to love/light removes all restrictions of fear to then truly receive.

The process of learning to receive in the beginning is incredibly chaotic, it’s perceived as painful and many bounce around in loops until the pressurisation of your carbon to crystal transformation gets too much, each takes their own equal match in energy and for some, it will take a lot of pressure, some transform and some will break under the pressure, crack and be discarded and as cold as that may sound, we all know, this is energy and those will regrow again as everything within the cyclic pattern will return, the process of reincarnation.

Saying this, that too shall change for those taking the path of light, how this looks no one can predict, all we know is we are evolving, we are leaving the cyclic patterning and entering a spiral of expansion, this has become the purpose, hence why we are breaking down the old structures, beliefs, healing the separation which if you take back to the furthest history you can find you will see that separation has been a theme, it appears since the firsts landed and we became GMH (genetically modified humans) there has always been a war, there has always been conflict, where was the history of peace and unconditional love, that frequency is the baseline frequency of Earth, therefore we too can hold that baseline frequency within and can live in perfect harmony.

This world offers the entire spectrum of frequencies, from the lowest of primal vibrations to the highest of Galactic frequencies that we are of course a part of if we choose to integrate them and return to the loving arms of the Celestial All, that’s the point, choice, we have choice here, and that is a key most have forgotten. Something so simple as the word choice shows up during the early light integration phases as something almost impossible.

We can choose which space, which frequency we want to come from, we can choose to accept, honour and take responsibility for the lack of light within, to notice the rumblings within, to respect the field, withdraw, own it, and trace it down to a program with bugs and begin the new code integration and install the new version that comes back to unity or…….not….that’s the choice, thats how this works and to receive these Galactic codes means to stop closing down and to open up to All, however you perceive it now is not going to be the same very soon….all mirrors are super shining and we simply cannot escape like we used to….but then, why on our Earth would anyone want to, because whilst the beginning is chaotic, the more that clears, creates more space for peace, which means the new codes integrate and The Alignment to light circulates smoothly and more rapidly which in turn creates abundant fields of amazingness, we can, and are, creating the new physical fields ready, stable and prepared as the old collapses.

When we are open we are fully relaxed, mind clear and no if’s or but’s, physical relaxed, muscles relaxed, energy clear, no requirement to push, and this is achieved by doing the inner work, the mental clearing stages, the deprogramming which is ultimately when the healing begins, the rejuvenation and the physical coming fully back online because the physical can then vibrate at the frequency of love, at this phase we pay so much more attention, all feeds become priority, everything begins to shift and become magical and it’s at this point you simply don’t want it to stop, it all gets real and the expansion just grows and grows and you feel the power of healing

Things in the reality get simple and move with ease, and those stubborn things, well you soon see why everything was chaotic, the more dense something is the more heavier it is, the older the ancestral program and separation within the lineage the more tough it is to break the code….but when it does break, these are like love bombs going off in the collective grid and whilst many aren’t aware, those pockets of exploding dense debris raises the frequency of our grid immensely, super charged, and we feel the fields warble and shift.

Some crucial information to be aware of as we move through these next few months is that we are dumping a ridiculous amount of separation, old beliefs about how this works, as we can see from our history, it’s been a declining wave, because everything became external from Self, the healing out there, the fixing, the creating of idols and humanising energy, the spiritual arena is full of phases and spaces that are now fast collapsing, many realising the archangels was just a way to describe aspects of self, in a separated view, and now we have the codes and keys to bring the light back into alignment and exist in pure Source light, One White Unified Light, we regained our power, we remembered our truth and we continue to Align and get brighter each moment. We remembered that we cannot heal the physical of another, because it is the healing of the mind that begins the process of receiving Source Self and then the healing of the physical vessel so that the expansion, the integration can continue, it’s a personal experience, no amount of hocus pocus will ever be at a souls request because the soul knows contact, healing, connection, unification can only be done by themselves.

Everything created from lack is no longer supported so the old physical structure can now begin to deconstruct, there have been enough focused and committed keys holders, gridkeepers and walkers of light who have taken their deprogramming to their core, which has ultimately been creating a light speed energy and as our planets reveal the journey ahead we know all has been working in Divine Time, there was never a need to DO anything external from Self, because the higher purpose, the grand design is so much more vast than the details we play in and what this Galactic influx of codes will highlight most is where you are choosing to view this shift from because the pressurised light from the Galactic Codes will now be of the highest order due to the super conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and the gang. Jupiter is readying now to pass according to tropical astrology, with Venus, over the Galactic Centre and where your focused now is the rabbit hole you are to enter, and it’s going to be an expander, and it’s going to be focused on our relationships….which is only ever a reflection of the relationship you have with self, which equates to the view you are perceiving, if the focus is the physical, attachments external from self then the ability to See the grand design is impossible, it may be “known” but it’s not being experienced. If the focus is purely on the relationship with self and doing the maintenance work on the temple, the physical, ensuring the walls are strong and it’s filled with Earth’s treasures and celestial sounds then we have purpose, then we receive these codes as a Rebuild as opposed to a demolition experience.

How this manifests in the physical, on the world stage, is huge shake ups, which again is why it’s essential to be continuing the focus of within, shifting the vibration within, keep looking inside and make the adjustments from that space, being responsible for your field, others requiring to experience the fear frequency will plug into the realities for their pressurisation to begin, some will crystallise, some will crack and be discarded as I mentioned and this will be Seen in the form of decay and the dis-eased, just like Earth would show if it was starved of light, everything just shrivels and withers, for it to rot back and renew again.

We are the pioneers, this has never been seen or done on this planet as far as our history tells us, we are all rewriting history now, and because of this there are no reference points, perhaps another Divine Gift to keep us all in the now.

But there is one thing we do know, this is about Unity Consciousness and living in harmony with our planet for that is the ONLY way our race can survive, it is all about us returning to our truth, which is Unconditional Love, and it’s time to show our host, our planet how we can truly love and care, how we can cooperate with the Cosmic Laws and finally become at One with the All and these Galactic energies coming in now will show us the way.

There are two main focus areas, there are two truths that we exist in healthfully, and that is, the love in our hearts and the Earth that holds us.

Anything else is pointless now


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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