Headlines and Updates for June 11, 2019: Pulling the G’s… Buckle Your Harness [videos] ~ June 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: We see things heading to some sort of crescendo on July 4 which promises to be a never-to-be-forgotten day. Why is this? It’s because things seem to be finally coming to a head in the war between the Dark and the Light.

Read Starship Earth’s daily report below, and there are already too many small victories of the good guys to keep up with! Sadly though, most of these are not reported by MSM who still want to go down the wrong road of reporting. This is to be expected since MSM is controlled by the Dark.

Until the Light overwhelms the Dark (and it’s not far off, my friends), my belief is that control of MSM will be one of the last Dark cards to fall. Why am I capitalizing the work Dark? Because as painful as it is, if we did not experience Dark…we would never see (or notice) the Light.

Remember, humans are prized for our ability to feel, to be driven by our emotional makeup which is balanced by our ability to think and consider. Every human development…even that of the dark…has been driven by emotion and the really good news is that NOW, the Light is winning!

So…please read the good news below, be aware of what good things are coming down the road yet prepared for the last gasps of negative action by the Dark, and be…



Wow, the revelations coming out daily now are staggering. When they say buckle up, we’d better have a full body harness. A seatbelt just won’t cut it for the G’s we’re pulling on this ride.

I’m still chewing the cud on that that intel call I listened to last night. Trump a reincarnated Templar Knight? Works for me. I felt he was far more than just an American business tycoon. He has a solid grasp of Illuminati coding, symbolism, numerology and gematria, we know he’s a genius, he’s fearless, and he said he “knew this day would arrive” when he would lead the charge of good against evil. Dark to Light. Truth. The Charge of the Light Brigade 2.0.

When we consider the foreknowledge displayed by QAnon of what will happen even a year ahead—to the day—the brilliant strategies against the dark, the confidence in trolling, his often regal bearing and treatment of the less fortunate and reluctance to suffer fools… what is happening is just “supernatural”; the best word I could come up with, and Donald Trump is someone chosen to do this.

I’ll go with Templar Knight for now. What is unfolding is bigger than any group of new Human military intelligence ops could come up with; it had to be influenced by old souls with a deeper understanding of the opponent, the history, the insidious evil, and the many previous battles lost millennia before. He excelled at military strategy at the New York Military Academy. The “secret societies” are duking it out, and Donald Trump is the People’s champion.

It would also explain his magnetism and the fact that so many Americans (and patriots worldwide) embraced and supported him as their leader; one that is different and could be trusted. Those of the lower frequency are polarized. (or programmed) What a ride this is turning out to be.

“Fire at will, Commander.” I love it. How many times has Trump said, “You’re fired.”? The second trip to the UK cements in my mind the fact that he is in charge, and it had already crossed my mind that his visage might join the other legends on Mount Rushmore. We just might see that one come to fruition.

Do you see Nancy Pelosi as a possible White Hat? It seems that the most “out there”, fantastical, unbelievable ideas are turning out to be the reality and to now be hearing about the “return of the king” with respect to the un-dead JFK Jr…? You can’t make this up. We might even get our ET disclosure sooner than anyone has suspected. It’s time to get real.

BTW, Melania has the best hats, doesn’t she? That one above was fashioned by the “royal family’s” favourite milliner, I read.

Those who listened to the intel conference call will understand the suggested significance of these photos. Scott is a skilled dot connector and the intel shared resonated very strongly, including the opinion about Ben Fulford’s updates being CIA rubbish.

And no, Scott, I’m not tired of winning, and there’s plenty more winning where that came from, but it’s not over till it’s over. Strap yourselves in.  ~ BP

Here is SerialBrain2’s latest decode on the Trump UK visit. The education program continues… and what an awesome video he shares. The public needs to understand this. The original constitution forbade those of title or nobility—being lawyers, attorneys, barristers, esquires, etc.—from being part of the government.

The NWO pulled some fast ones and lo and behold, we have governments full of lawyers writing all manner of gibberish only they understand, massive tomes of bills thousands of pages long that no one reads yet they pass them into law—-banksters stealing the public’s money… and on it goes.

Incidentally, Thomas Williams mentioned recently that President Trump in a meeting in the UK referenced the Manna World Holding Trust being instrumental in the upcoming changes.

Listen to the video as the narrator says, “You must over-stand” or “inner-stand” not “understand”, for if you do so, you are agreeing that you stand under another’s power and influence, or something to that effect.

Even our language has been changed to manipulate the People and keep them ignorant. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

They have ensured that we use the services of attorneys because only they know the law and can interpret it. We are simply ignorant farm animals to them that generate value they can use for their own enrichment. President Trump explained this in general terms in the speech that would get him elected. If you have not yet seen that video, it’s a must. It’s an empowering message for the People, spoken in truth and transparency.

There are going to be a lot of changes in the future, to return America to a sovereign republic. Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, all countries, all People. Free, and not subject to a corporation. After watching the video SB2 provides, you will innerstand why Trump is touted as America’s “last president”.

Post # 174 – Trump’s Historic State Visit to the UK: Winning, Winning and Winning.

I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the death of HRC’s brother was literally another Arkancide. They eat their own, you know, and dead men tell no tales. Hillary’s lament the next morning just rang hollow, didn’t it? Scripted rhetoric, devoid of emotion or authenticity.  Thanks, L.

He knew too much, and they have been executing people who could testify against them.

Some believe, however, that some of these “deceased” people are in protective custody until they DO testify. Anything’s possible.

Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s Youngest Brother, Dies – Arkancided?

This is all quite the show. I suspect it’s a distraction from other more important things unfolding behind the scenes. There is no way in hell POTUS will be impeached. It’s ludicrous.

Pelosi: House Democrats ‘not even close’ to backing impeachment

Thomas Williams told us last week that more prominent names would be coming out related to pedophilia. There will be many more.

Prominent Liberal Journalist Charged With Attempting to Molest Minors

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This loop must be severed.

Democrats are out to get @realDonaldTrump.

-They keep pushing the phony collusion narrative
-They use secret MOUs to coordinate attacks against the President, his advisors, and his cabinet
-They’ve brought in two criminals to testify against POTUS

Enough is enough. pic.twitter.com/Vo4DA7wWij

— Oversight Committee Republicans (@GOPoversight) June 11, 2019

Jordan: John Dean is part of a ploy for House Dems to go after Trump

Dr. Janda has a new video. I haven’t yet listened but they’re always good so I’m not going out on a limb.


We are not letting the Vegas shooting go until we learn exactly what happened. Here’s the latest for your consideration.

Huge Bombshell Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses Five Middle Eastern Men AR-15 Assault Rifles

Interesting developments with respect to earthquakes and tar oozing out of the ground. We have all kinds of earth-shaking activity.   ~ BP

Swarm of 700 Earthquakes Strikes Southern California As Tar Hits Streets, New Madrid Quake Uptick

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