Conditional Love Versus Unconditional Love ~ October 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Lovely article highlighting the true nature of unconditional love in that, in reality, true love stems from loving ourselves! Far from being egoistic, true self love understand begins with loving the inner union of your own divine masculine side and your divine feminine side.

Once these two aspects of yourself join…it’s delicious, and joyful, and happiness personified all the time! There may be occasional moments of personal doubt…after all we are still in very human bodies with minds that may go astray, but heart recognition of your own personal divinity constantly rises allowing one (me!) to stay in a very cool place of humility and gratitude, due to just feeling so darn good. It’s the vibrations that matter here…

This is following your bliss, which I encourage you to find. How? Start with loving all of you, dwell on things making you feel good inside (true or imaginary, doesn’t matter!), and BE…



By L’Aura Pleiadian

So many say they love someone unconditionally, but do they?

If we have conditions on our own self love, then we have conditions on loving someone else.

So, many say they have met their twin flame, yet they are not yet filled with true unconditional love for themselves, so how can that be?

We attract our current state of consciousness.

If we are in the process of preparation and clearing past life memories in the blueprint, which all stems from fear and separation (the opposite of love) then we attract to our benefit, what most will help us to SEE and know what this lack attracts.

The purpose of reincarnation is to evolve.

To become what we originally ARE.

What we originally are is a union state of consciousness, that knows not separation or fear.

If we have not forgiven ourselves, no one else will forgive us.

If we do not unconditionally love ourselves how can we expect someone else will?

This seems to be the average experience involving denial and escapism.

I NEED love therefore I will get it from someone else. This is a state of conditional love and reveals itself as the conditions we have placed on our own level of self love. NO exceptions.

We are attracting what we ARE.

Control and attempting to control the other also reveals insecurities and doubts within ourselves. Then this control becomes the doubt in the other.

It is a MIRROR ~ what are you expecting?

I am not saying every single action of others is our cause. Quite the opposite. They are living in their own limited version of love and looking for exactly what they are insecure about themselves.

Often families incarnate with similar “memories” too clear. It could be the opposite but work to ignite each other. One has power issues misuses it, the other is developing the awareness of the correct use of power.

LIFE has never been out to get you.

It is there for your to awaken to, what it is, is the cause of your level. It is always leading you to your next level.

The next level is more self love, as there will be no perfect unions consciously, till both are immersed in this self love being ness.

I want this, I want that, or that is not love, if in itself FAR from unconditional love.

When we love ourselves we ask nothing of ourselves.

We awaken to it is our Divinity, that we only count on. That perfect stream of unconditional love, that has no attachments, and flows freely, as if a pure innocent child.

This innocence state of consciousness is your Original state of being.

It lets other be, because it lets your own being, simply be. It is the highest and purest unconditional love.

In this, we initiate you, into more and more of what you eternally ARE. In love.


The Twisted Meaning of Miley Cyrus’ “Mother’s Daughter” ~ September 14, 2019

Editor’ Note: Poor Dark State, they truly are in their death throes…and they KNOW it! Now, their disturbing messages are being broadcast by those they “handle” in an effort to distort the minds of the young and those dependent on “pop culture”.

It’s all being done in the name of “diversity” and “freedom”. But those hypnotized by these words are not made aware of the back story of illusion propping up the seeming definition of these words when used by the Dark .

Please, read this article, know your own inner value and define these words in your heart, and then BE…



In “Mother’s Daughter”, Miley Cyrus sings that “she’s nasty, she’s evil” while claiming that she’s “feminist AF”. Here’s a look at the twisted meaning behind this bizarre video.

Miley Cyrus is what I call a “barometer artist”. That’s because her act invariably mirrors whatever agenda needs to be pushed by mass media at that particular moment.

Indeed, Miley never had her own sound, her own image or her own message. Her entire act was always dictated by her handlers ever since she was a child playing the role of Hannah Montana.

Appropriately enough, Miley recently appeared in an episode of Black Mirror where she played the role of a mind-controlled pop star who has absolutely no control over her career and her message. While her character (named Ashley O) keeps talking about “empowerment” to her fans, she’s actually a heavily medicated slave who does as she’s told by her handlers.

Only a few weeks after the release of that Black Mirror episode, Miley Cyrus unleashes upon the world Mother’s Daughter – an NSFW music video loaded with a bunch of calculated messages aimed a young people.

Indeed, the video is essentially an infomercial sponsored by powerful groups, lobbies, and think tanks to propagate specific social messages.

Shortly before the release of her video, Miley posted a photoshoot on Instagram made in collaboration with Planned Parenthood and the photographer Marc Jacobs. In this pic, Miley licks a cake that says “Abortion is Healthcare”. The fact that cakes are used to celebrate birthdays is rather disturbing.

According to media sources, Mother’s Daughter is “a statement made in support of gender equality, freedom and the fight against discrimination and sexual harassment”.Of course, the video was immediately praised by everyone in show business because that’s the agenda right now and nobody can oppose it. Abortions good. Genders bad.

However, there is more to this video than meets the eye. Let’s look at it.

Mother’s Daughter

The concept of the video is rather simple: Lots of guest appearances by activists and other people that support a specific agenda. At the center of it all: Miley Cyrus wearing a red latex suit which features a symbolic “accessory”.

Miley’s suit features a “vagina dentata” – teeth around female genitals. This ancient and archetypal symbol can be found in various cultures and is usually associated with cautionary folk tales about the dangers of copulation with the wrong women at the risk of harm and emasculation.

Beyond the folk tales, the dentata aptly represents an important aspect of today’s mass media agenda: The weaponization of feminity. It is about using “feminism” (a distorted version of it) for social engineering. It is about turning the female body (with all of its warm, receptive and nurturing qualities) against its own nature.It is about radicalizing sexes and breeding hatred between males and females. It is about turning the sad reality of abortion into some kind of feminist power move.

Throughout the video, lots of messages are flashed on screen. They all have a strange, Orwellianquality to them.

“Every woman is a riot” – the slogan of Ukrainian radical feminist activist group Femen.

A riot is “a form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority, property or people.” Is every woman truly a riot? Of course not.

Some women are warm, gentle and loving people who do not feel the need to be angry at everything. By trying to be “feminists”, these people actually reduce and generalize women to fit their own contrived vision.

This next message is worse.

“Virginity is a social construct”.

The message is followed by a shot of a young girl.
According to Miley’s Instagram, this is an 11-year-old girl named Mari from Flint, Michigan.

So, let’s unpack “virginity is a social construct”. What does that even mean? As seen in past articles such as A Teen Vogue Video Says: “This Idea That the Body Is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong”, there is a worrying trend in mass media that urges young people to deny verifiable facts to embrace a radical and extreme social agenda.

Here’s an excerpt from an article justifying this line of thinking:

“Virginity is not real. It’s a socially constructed phenomenon that functions to police our bodies and make us feel guilty about our sexual experience, (whether profuse or non-existent). It continuously puts power in the hands of heterosexual men, subjugates and takes power away from heterosexual women and denies the existence of non-het sexual bodies.” – Lauren Forster, Why Virginity is a Social Construct

The fact that the video follows “virginity doesn’t exist” with a young girl is weird. Do they believe that children are not virgins?

The video then continues with more strange imagery.

The stomach of a woman who had a c-section is compared to the zipper of a purse. That’s the kind of thing a psychopath would think about.

The next message in the video gets spiritual.

“Sin is in your eyes”. That’s the kind of thing a psychopath would say.

The lyrics of the song kind go in the same pseudo-satanic direction as the message above. The first verse goes as follows:Hallelujah, I’m a freak, I’m a freak, hallelujah
Every day of the week, I’ma do ya like I want ya
I’m a Nile crocodile, a piranha

As you might know, hallelujah means “Praise the Lord” and is theologically the highest form of praise one can give to God. Combining this word with “I’m a freak” and “I’ma do ya” is basically a form of disrespect and blasphemy.

In the second verse, we start to understand what kind of psychopath would dream up these kinds of debasing messages.

Hallelujah, I’m a witch, I’m a witch, hallelujah

As seen in my article The Sick, Twisted Messages in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, there’s a clear and evident mass media push to associate witches with feminism.

Throughout the video, this chorus is repeated ad-nauseam:

Don’t f**k with my freedom
I came up to get me some
I’m nasty, I’m evil
Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter

Miley says that she’s nasty and evil because there’s “something in the water”. That’s an interesting conspiracy theory. Her other theory is that she’s nasty and evil because she’s like her mother. Now that’s an uplifting message for the youth.

Speaking of witch (not a typo), Miley’s mother Tish Cyrus makes an appearance in the video.

Miley’s mother appears in the video on numerous occasions. Here, she wears a feline-print dress. In Monarch programming, feline prints are used to identify Beta Kitten slaves … and Miley Cyrus is a product of that system. Is this why Miley describes her mother as “vile and evil”?

Tish Cyrus draped in Chanel. Temporary material wealth for selling her daughter’s soul.

The video also features other “guests”.

Skateboarder Lacey Baker wears a shirt that says “They/Them”. In a genderless world, using he/she is considered offensive.

Casil McArthur, a trans activist who underwent surgery to remove breasts.

Aaron Phillips is described as a “black girl in a wheelchair who happens to be trans”.

Is this video celebrating “diversity” or exploiting it? As stated countless times in previous articles, everyone has the absolute right to live in whatever way that makes them happy and comfortable. But there’s a fine line between accepting people and hunting down the most “diverse” people and exploiting them in videos as if they were circus freaks for maximum virtue signaling points.Here’s what probably happened behind the scenes:

– Guys. You won’t beleive this. I snagged the ultimate minority: Black, trans and in wheelchair!
– OMG, that’s amazing! All of the diversity boxes are checked! Get her in the video right now! And all over Miley’s Instagram! Whatta catch!

While clamoring “inclusivity”, videos like this one actually reduces people to attributes such as “trans” or “disabled”.

This final image sums up the entire video.

Miley cosplaying Joan of Arc.

Does this image convey power? Or the exact opposite? Miley sits on a carousel horse that is meant to go around in circles. She wears fake studio props as an armor. Miley is not leading anyone anywhere. She’s a highly controlled pop star in a studio who is taking orders from a director (who is a white male, by the way).The chorus might say “Don’t f*ck with my freedom”. However, those who own her never gave her any of it.

In Conclusion

Mother’s Daughter is not art. It is propaganda and indoctrination. In only a few short minutes, this video manages to mix the occult elite’s obsession with abortions, gender-blurring, and satanism. Let’s not forget the fact that they believe that virginity is a “social construct”.

In the end, behind all of the virtue signaling and the buzzwords, this video actually celebrates only one thing: The corruption of everything that is pure and sacred.


Pyramid Of Death – Who REALLY Runs This World? ~ August 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: Great video that we ALL need to see sent to me by my good friend H.

We’ve all seen the “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid on the US one dollar bill but who or what is at the top of the pyramid? Please watch , learn a lot, and BE…


How The Cabal Took Over America 101: Parts 1 & 2 [videos] ~ November 18, 2018

If you recently realized things are just wrong in this world and that Humans are targets, these two videos will explain in simple terms how it all happened. When you have a solid foundation for what we see unfolding today it will make a lot more sense.

We see skyrocketing prices, people out of work, kids going to school without breakfast, parents working three jobs to make ends meet, homes repossessed by the banks, inflation, election fraud, violence, hatred, racism, militarized police, forced vaccinations, toxic food and water, kids on prescription antipsychotic drugs… it’s a nightmare come true.

The good news it that there are powerful forces in America working to remove the slavemasters and a better world is around the corner. We can all help by not falling into the traps set for us by the controllers and puppet-masters and thinking for ourselves. ~ BP

“Tentacles of the Deep State” | The Cabal’s Silent War on the American People  Part 1

How the CABAL Infiltrated Every Aspect of Your Life | War on the American People Part 2

The Media’s ‘Fake Wind’ Spot Busted by Pedestrians in the Shot & Hurricane Nursery Off Coast of Africa [video] ~ September 14, 2018

Editor’s Note: Well, Hurricane Florence has hit the US and family in Eastern NC and SC are all fine, thank you very much. Some towns like New Bern, NC were hit hard, and a LOT of rain is yet still falling.

New medias makes out like life is going to end for those in the danja zone, but…Mom has power, brother does not, and life goes on. glad it wasn’t any worse! Now let’s all get ready for the next geo-engineered hurricane, and…



Perhaps you didn’t believe me when I said the media makes every attempt to make the weather sound a lot more severe than it really is. You can see their two-bit acting for yourself in this video.

When will these bad actors give up?

Check out the very revealing video below to see where and when Hurricane Florence was born off the coast of Africa using technology in the Canary Islands. Very interesting Google Earth images.

You will also see the patent on Google “for creating hurricanes”.  ~ BP

PROOF! Hurricane FLORENCE MANMADE HAARP Chemtrails Conspiracy Illuminati Theory is REAL