Out of Darkness, Into the Light Parts 6 – 10 on the Pedophilia Problem | Jake Morphonios [videos] ~ October 30, 2018

This series from Jake Morphonios at the Blackstone Intelligence Network is an excellent overview of the global pedophilia problem. It makes it clear that this taboo issue is thoroughly ensconced in our society globally in the most revered organizations, at every level, in nearly every town.

We are taught to respect and even fear some sectors of society; that it’s sacrilege to even whisper that people under the auspices of law enforcement, education, politics, high finance, the church, or family and children’s services might be tainted by activities such as pedophilia and Human trafficking—and that is why it thrives in those precise enclaves.

Every niche of society is tainted by these evil people, and it is the ultimate betrayal. They are anything but Christian and they know what to say to mislead and pay constant and convincing lip service to throw off trusting people.

The perpetrators of these monstrous crimes protect each other at all costs and every effort has been made to hide their origins and activities throughout history, but the truth is gradually becoming better understood and leaked to the public.

It is difficult to believe, but that is why it has remained hidden in the shadows. When one examines the astounding figures for missing children, there is only one answer for it. It is a business and many are paid vast sums for trafficking babies and children for the “elite”.

The only way to end this scourge on Humanity is to expose it; to bring it out of darkness, into the Light. Hence, the title of the series. When the truth about the scope of this appalling situation in every institution on our planet is fully known, it will rock our world.

Yes—it IS a “conspiracy” of epic proportion—but not a theory. It is shocking and all too real, and at first, extremely difficult to believe because despite what they say, they don’t worship the gods the rest of Humanity does. It is this denial that has meant children continue to be sacrificed.

Hopefully we will share this information far and wide so it will be recognized and stopped, and our children will no longer be prey. Jake encourages us to coach our children to enable them to protect themselves as much as possible.

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#6 – The Vatican Infiltration

#7 – The Illuminati

#8 The Knights Templar

#9 – The Beast

#10 – No Other Gods Before Me


President Trump confronted the Queen of England on Friday the 13th, the Day that was the downfall of the Knight’s Templar, the fathers of the Free Masons, who are led by the Royal Family.

This video literally took half a day to upload due to the YT censorship algorithms. Thank you so much to every one who supports YAFTV! I appreciate all your positive comments, your prayers, your news and research shares!

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Ben Fulford ~ March 1, 2018

February 26, 2018

By Benjamin Fulford


For the first time since Friday, October 13th, 1307, the Knights Templar have been invited back into the inner sanctum of monotheism, according to Templar and P2 Freemason lodge sources. So, a 711-year-old injustice, one that gave rise to the superstition of Friday the 13th being unlucky, is finally being addressed. This is just another sign that we are experiencing events that can only be described as biblical. Remember that in February of 2016, the Roman and Russian churches ended their thousand-year schism. Will the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian schisms be next to end? Maybe we will find out soon.

Anyway, now the Templars will be merging with the Knights of Malta, and this will “provide access for the Templars to the Vatican itself,” according to Andrew Heim, of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, aka the Templars. Furthermore, the Templars will be given “access to the inner sanctum of the Abrahamic religions, seen with the access afforded to the Vatican and to the Holy Land. In addition, this inner sanctum will include access to the controversial Prieure de Sion made popular by Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code…” says Heim.

This event is just the latest sign of a fundamental change of direction for Western civilization away from war and toward peace and development, according to these sources. If all goes well, trillions of dollars will soon be made available to both pay off debt of the U.S. government and the private sector, as well as finance a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and turn the planet earth into the paradise it is meant to be, the sources say. This is now being talked about in public by Western leaders and reported on in the corporate media. Remember, you read it here first.

The earth alliance fighting to free humanity from Babylonian debt slavery is also winning on multiple fronts, with senior satanic cabalists dying, disappearing, or losing power at an accelerating pace. CIA sources are now confirming, for example, that Jacob Rothschild …

…was killed by a suicide attack on his helicopter in November of last year. If this is true, he joins David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, and many other leaders of the collapsing old regime. The top satanist still in power is now Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel, who is being indicted on multiple counts of corruption and will most likely be killed before he can testify about multiple war crimes such as the Fukushima mass murder attack on Japan.

With most top-ranked cabalists now out of the picture, lower-tier ones are being targeted. That is why casino mogul Steve Wynn (Weinberg) was forced to resign, ostensibly for reasons of sexual harassment, Pentagon sources note. Now Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has “been exposed for enabling a corrosive misogynistic culture, and may be lifetime suspended and forced by the NBA to sell his team,” the sources say. Another cabal powerbroker in trouble is Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who failed to get an endorsement from her own party to run for re-election.

The Pentagon and P2 Freemason sources, among others, say the removal of senior and junior cabal leaders is coinciding with growing evidence that some sort of secret space war is being waged to liberate this planet. Pentagon sources, for example, are saying the cabal’s “space fleet was destroyed over Nevada.” A video apparently showing part of this reported destruction can be seen here:

Also, a submarine base in Papua, New Guinea was destroyed by energy weapons and was thus “prevented from setting off the Yellowstone caldera,” the sources say. This was the base from which the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami attack on Japan was staged. A look at the epicenter of the earthquake, 6.08 S and 142.70 E on Google Earth, reveals some rather strange objects.

The UK, which is not known for earthquakes, has also experienced 21 earthquakes in the past 50 days and the seismographs bear the hallmark signs of artificial quakes. Pentagon sources say the quakes are caused by the ongoing destruction of cabal underground bases in Wales and Ireland.

Also, Canadian Secret Intelligence Service officials say the anonymous “Q” posts being looked at now by 20 million people are part of a military intelligence battle against the deep state. He says U.S. President Donald Trump is preparing for disclosure about the secret space program. The articles at these links supports this view:

In any case, back here on earth, the latest staged mass shooting event by the cabal in the U.S. is turning into a major disaster for the cabal and their propaganda media, as the story unravels despite desperate attempts by CNN and Google to censor the truth about crisis actors, etc. “The false flag attack at the predominantly Jewish Parkland High School, whose victims by the way don’t exist according to public records, was another attempt to grab the guns from the American citizens,” according to a Jewish CIA source. The source explains that they could not find any birth certificates for the so-called victims.

“The cabal anti-gun distraction backfired, as corporations like MetLife, Chubb, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Hertz that dumped the NRA after the Parkland shooting may face massive boycotts from non-NRA gun owners and military veterans, as the NRA gains even more members,” Pentagon sources add.

Furthermore, “In a smack-down to frivolous Israeli lawfare, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Rubin versus Iran, ruled 8-0 that Jewish victims of a Jerusalem 1997 suicide bombing cannot collect from Iran by seizing its museum artifacts in Chicago,” they point out.

The cabal is also losing on many fronts in the financial war. The latest move against them was the issuance of an oil-backed cryptocurrency by Venezuela which has already raised $735 million for that country on its first day of pre-sale. “It must be a smart move on Maduro’s side, as it is making the deep state very nervous,” a CIA source pointed out.

Russia and Turkey are also preparing to issue cryptocurrencies as a way to counteract U.S. sanctions, the CIA source notes. With ASEAN also moving to nationalize cabal-owned central banks and China starting gold-backed yuan oil futures trading, soon only Japan, Israel, and part of the U.S. will remain under any form of cabal financial control.

The military government in the U.S. will continue to battle against the cabal until it is fully defeated, Pentagon sources promise. When we see a jubilee announced and carried out, we will know the American people will be finally freed. Right now, though, 77 million Americans are being hounded by private debt collectors and many are being placed in privately owned prisons for debts as small as $28, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Why aren’t these debt collectors being jailed? Why aren’t the slaves in the private prison network being freed?

On a final note, we can report this week that the White Dragon Society (WDS) is now engaged in high-level negotiations with the U.S. military-industrial complex, the P2 Freemasons, Asian secret societies, the Russians, and others to prepare the planet for final liberation from the cabal.

Although there is a lot we cannot make public at this time, we can say that trillions of dollars will be made available for Western countries to clean up their act. We can also say there is not going to be any single one-world currency, and there will not be any fascist world government. However, the WDS has been told that unless humanity achieves world peace, the quarantine on planet earth will not be lifted. This is why it is important for the entire planet to achieve Korean reunification and end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

If we play our cards right, what unfolds over the coming year or so will be something that historians will be writing about for thousands of years. We have a very real chance of ending thousands of years of human slavery and starting a new age.


Headlines & Updates for Sunday, February 11, 2018 [videos] ~ Feb. 11, 2018

What a good post, just made by Starship Earth giving us both the breaking news, as well as thought into the current situation on Planet Earth! Molly, from Starship also provides videos from various sources giving credence to their views.

It’s a downright fascinating, and potentially dangerous time to BE on Planet Earth, yet we were the ones who signed up for this task that is occurring right now. For me, the epicenter of our current chaos has moved from happening in just the good ‘ole USA to encircle the entire globe. Let’s continue to think good thoughts about Olympic athletes now in PyeongChang.

So…please read this informative article, watch the videos and learn more, decide what IS important for you and your heart, and…


I wanted to begin this update with good news about our anonymous “Lady of Light” from ‘You Are Free TV’ who has been MIA for over a week. Thanks to Ella Ster, we learned she is just fine and dealing with technical issues, as I suspected. We hope to hear from her on Monday.

This post comprises just a few scraps of interest from the vast sea of information available to us. As we can all see, there is a tremendous amount of activity and reporting on the seen and unseen, both on and off-planet. The difficulty may be recognizing it for what it is. What seems positive may be negative, and what appears negative, is perhaps unfolding in our favour.

The cabal’s virtual army continues to spin webs of false reality so we have to crank up the discernment. Reality is what WE say it is, not what they wish it to be.

It does appear we are making positive inroads, however slowly, and we remain optimistic and hoping for a dramatic breakthrough, as some suggest may be imminent.

Good Guys Are Preparing America For A Major Economic Transition: Bix Weir

The predominant themes seem to be exposure and elimination of the darkness, and rebuilding and new life.

Encouraging emissaries of Light from the Gaia Portal tell us this:

Primary Light stations complete the process.

Favorites are eliminated.

Shadow violators are eliminated.

The Light Worker Alliance commences the new works.

Cobra shared the following video with some fascinating imagery. Our new world is birthing, as Thomas Williams alluded on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on Thursday.


Our trusted analyst Isaac Green on the latest Q updates…

You knew WiFi is dangerous, but did you know THIS?

Thanks, L.

Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot had an interesting discussion with Simon Parkes on February 6 that was more than a rehashing of Simon’s recent Q&A material.

One of the most interesting points for me was that Simon confirmed the various congregations of ambassadorial representatives from off-planet races in multiple locations across the pond, hosted by the United States as related by Navy Captain Mark Richards.

Richards revealed fascinating details about the secret space programs in multiple sessions with Kerry in past years where she visited him at the California State Prison in Vacaville, California where he is serving a life sentence without parole on trumped up charges.

Mark has leaked a great deal of information to Kerry which she shared in her “Total Recall” videos, and his wife Jo ann also compiles his intel for public consumption and it was there that I learned of these brazen gatherings of the Star Nations under our noses, including at least one photo, which I’ve shared before.

Mark is only allowed to release approved material, so what comes out is definitely controlled by those who believe disclosure is necessary, but protect themselves.

I also came across a fascinating short video from Daniel at ‘Logic Before Authority’ who shows us that Trump is all about the “8” according to the gematria the El-ites use. This video reveals the startling frequency of the “8” in QAnon breadcrumbs and supports our belief that Donald Trump was “chosen” by one faction to overthrow their enemy—another faction.

You may recall that Col. Potter showed us that Trump was using unspoken language to “speak” to the cabal in hand signals, the way he grasped a bottle of Fiji water marketed by the El-ites partnering cronies with two hands, for example, which is sending messages to the dark faction of the cabal as they battle for supremacy and domination on our planet.

The gematria Daniel shows us suggests that Trump is a member of the Knights Templar—who originally, back in the Middle Ages—were a benevolent secret society almost entirely eradicated from the planet by the dark wizards. They went underground and while their ranks may have been infiltrated by the dark and at times may have appeared to be working against Humanity and their reputation tarnished and called into question, we hope that the Light is prevailing and their attempt to stamp out the evil on the planet will be successful.

The Knights Templar carried much of the mystical knowledge from ancient times through the eons to the present verbally and through secret codes and symbology. If they remained purely benevolent, they would make formidable allies for Humanity and help us understand our roots and how to speed up our spiritual evolution, among other things.

Their occult knowledge of sacred geometry, alchemy, astrology, and much more, would mean giant leaps for us to make up for lost time incurred when our DNA was deactivated and we were enslaved.

Lack of this knowledge, or black magic and white magic, has put us at a distinct disadvantage in our struggle for freedom as the dark ones don’t hesitate to use it against us. What they would have us believe is superstition or entertainment is publicly ridiculed while secretly used against us on a daily basis.

If Trump is working under the auspices of the benevolent Knights Templar, he just might turn out to be the the face of the powerful resistance many believe him to be. Time will tell. He certainly has a great deal of support from many respectable sources—again, both seen and unseen.

I hope it’s clear the problems we face are about far more than a few corrupt politicians and satanic pedophiles; and with that we begin another game of “Clue”—rife with murder, espionage and intrigue on Planet Earth/Terra.

Let’s be careful out there.  ~ BP