Headlines and Updates for December 7, 2019: New QAnon & It’s Already “Biblical” [videos] ~ December 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh, YESS, the LIGHT has WON this War between Light and Dark! Now it’s just time for the cleanup, so grab that popcorn and stay glued to Alt Media as all the slimy truth begins to be revealed, know humanity IS safe, and BE…



SMassachusettCheck this out: Q is the topic of discussion on Fox tonight with Jesse Watters. Do it Jesse!

You’ve heard about QAnon. But what is really going on with this conspiracy theory? A Political Science Professor explains, tonight. #FoxNews 8PM ET. pic.twitter.com/wBi4YoOhWT

— Watters’ World (@WattersWorld) December 7, 2019

QAnon was busy yesterday, and brought us this reminder from February about the circus in Washington and [D][1-6], or, six false flag shootings in December—and we’re not even a week into it. Future proves past, in other words. ThanQ.

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BREAKING NEWS: A number of Saudi nationals enrolled in pilot training at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., that was attacked Friday by a Saudi jihadist enrollee remain unaccounted for and may be AWOL, sources familiar with the federal investigation tell me…developing…

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Memorial aerial view

On this day in 1941 Humanity sufferred the “surprise” bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i; another “false flag” event in a long line of them designed by the globalists to launch the world into a massive war of sacrificed souls and horrific bloodshed and suffering. They thought it appropriate to bring a reminder of that anniversary on Wednesday, December 4th using the typical mind-controlled “bots”.

The psychopaths, who until the past year or two have been freely running the world, now see their imminent demise made manifest on a daily basis. They are desperate to retain their power but it dwindles by the moment. They can no longer hide since President Trump and the Patriots have thrust them into the limelight.

The People are now onto them. We don’t need to relive the terror or re-grieve the grief of the past over and over. Our focus is on the here and now; exposing the crimes, the criminals, and seeing justice done. We are exposing the “fake news”. It’s so far from truth it doesn’t qualify as “news”. It’s pure propaganda and lies, and that blatant exposure is in part due to the ranks of the alternative media who stepped up to awaken their brothers and sisters.


Awakened people worldwide are using their camera phones to record what is unfolding where they are and sharing what real people want to know on social media and websites. The demonstrations, the atrocities, the politicians lying through their teeth…it can no longer be hidden. The patriots are now on the offense.

The “ruling elite” or “nobility” said they will never give up or give in. There’s nothing noble about these greedy, sadistic, cannibals. And we say the same. No surrender. No quarter. They are going DOWN. We will never allow the barbarous grip of the satan-worshipping pedophiles to control our planet again.

Humanity has the support and blessing of nearly every nation, and from below and above. Unseen forces are multiplying our efforts to eradicate the dark. They cannot win. The storm is here NOW.


NEW VIDEO: “The Storm will be BIBLICAL” #WWG1WGA pic.twitter.com/fbwHeJmzvg


— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) December 6, 2019

Every time they tell another lie it kindles the flame of knowing in more souls who recognize the deception for what it is. They can see that this is a war between good and evil.

Good people the world over can see the altruistic, constitutional movement Donald Trump identified during his campaign for President. They can see he and his family are fighting for us; and themselves. They are not “them”. They are part of “us”, and the “we” Trump spoke of when he identified the corrupt establishment we are fighting that was destroying the Republic to enrich themselves at our expense.

If you’ve not watched the video below that revealed what had already happened, and also would not be allowed to happen, or you find it as thrilling as I do every time I watch, take a few minutes to crystalize in your mind precisely what is unfolding now. Candidate Trump said it all, and couldn’t have elucidated any better. His plea was moving and inspiring and it DID get him elected.

Now he fills arenas and stadiums like a rock star when his opponents can barely fill a room. People know truth and authenticity when they hear it, and as crazy as it sounds, patriots the world over want Donald Trump for their President and some actually consider him just that.

Trump proved he is not a politician. He delivered on campaign promises—and how! He rebuked the globalists and banksters and delivered far and away more than he promised. Humanity is saved, and had it not been for this man and his astonishing family, we might not be here today to speak of it. POTUS and the Q Team didn’t stop with America. They went to work freeing the entire world.

There was a sinister plan in place by the evil slave masters and Humanity was about to be extinguished. He came along in the nick of time and inspired others to step up and join the fray. The “good guys” are bringing the Light back to mankind.

We are now an army saving ourselves alongside a courageous, selfless commander-in-chief.

One aspect of this war continues to repeat; attacks on innocent civilians. The globalists are up against an inimitable foe in America because there are so many guns per capita. They attempt to enact gun control legislation and permit illegally executed gun grabs using their “private army” but on anything more than a one-off local scale it failed miserably. Americans are armed and dangerous—to a tyrannical government. The single-minded Nazis continue to orchestrate their staged events to convince the mindless few that “guns kill people”.

We had a warning that this week there were going to be drills in Texas and to be on the lookout for crisis actors and “training exercises” but it doesn’t necessarily mean the action will be in Texas. The control freaks want everyone to live in fear and we simply aren’t—but they are.

Yesterday we had this story from The Hill.

New Jersey high school in a ‘shelter in place’ after threat: report

BOOM! Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew was a top employee in Hillary Clinton’s State Department working on the Middle East! I have the records.

Check out his father’s Satanic art displayhttps://t.co/isHq3egAQG

— Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter) December 7, 2019

We also have news of another earthquake December 3 near a nuclear power plant. Coincidence? How many times has this happened? We don’t want another Fukushima. It could also be a White Hat operation in tunnels in that area, if there are any.

Rare Shallow Earthquake Hit Near Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station In Massachusetts

The house of cards is falling, and soon it will be common knowledge that 80 per cent of Congress is compromised/corrupt. The gravy train has been derailed and these greedy bastards won’t be stealing from the People any longer. You probably noticed it’s often both husband and wife on the take. Doubly despicable. Lock them up!

This time, it’s Republicans from the California cesspool feeling the PAIN, so you see voting Republican does not guarantee safe passage. The system is rigged.

Rep. Duncan Hunter announces plan to resign

Embattled California Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) announced on Friday he plans to resign from his seat.

The announcement comes in the wake of the lawmaker’s decision to reverse course and plead guilty to charges of campaign finance violations. The move came months after Hunter’s wife and former campaign treasurer, Margaret Hunter, opted to change her plea to guilty earlier this year.

The obscene deal in Turkeyland is done. Closed. CIA asset Barack Obama and his husband, Michael are now land barons!

Turkeyland. That says it all, doesn’t it? Gobble-gobble. We know what happens to turkeys that aren’t pardoned by the benevolent President.

Dunan Hunter

Barack Obama buys $11.7 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard

Did we mention that was taxpayer money? Q’s forecast for those kind of people…


Those Responsible for Stealing Billions of US Taxpayer Dollars Will Be Punished

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 6 Dec 2019 – 1:52:47 PM

People actually believe those responsible for stealing billions of US taxpayer dollars will actually go unpunished?
“This is not simply another four-year election.” – POTUS

This next video tells an age-old story of how Earth was visited by various races who played a hand in the evolution of Humanity. A turning point a few years ago enabled us to arrive at this juncture where we find ourselves today. Evil has run its course, and we are now sweeping up the last vestiges of it; fumigating the planet and cleaning up the mess, restoring order and lawfulness.

The language may sound fantastical to some, but when you have done the research you can see that it is reasonably accurate. The messengers bring us their understanding of the story as it developed based on their sources.

A few details may be left to modify as we get more information but I believe it’s an excellent account of what happened and why. The removal of this evil one has been confirmed by Thomas Williams, and possibly others. I’d forgotten about Arn Allingham/Zingdad/Adamu so thanks for the link, K.

While listening I suggest we remain open-minded, let go of terminology, and focus on the concepts and wisdom shared because many who bring us information use different words to tell the tale. You will recognize, for example, the “red shield” family, referring to the Rothschilds.

Also important to note is the statement that the families who constantly wrestled for power are still here, and still trying to take control. Who are they? The CIA that QAnon speaks about so often? Some of them aren’t pleased that Kim-possible Goguen is the sole trustee of the World Trust/Collateral Accounts—such as Anna von Reitz ( “von” being a term for a “nobility” or bloodline family, and Reitz being a shortened version of “Reitzinger”—like the previous pedophile pope Joseph Ratzinger.)

Don’t be too sure that people passing themselves off as one of us in the awakened community are working for us. Everyone has an agenda; is it service-to-self or service-to-others?

Those claiming to be generous benefactors and philanthropists and sit on boards and committees wearing robes are probably not on our side—particularly if they’re asking for donations.

The minions have infiltrated nearly every positive group and the fact that they provide information and have been nominated for awards does not make them one of us. Since they’re liars and imposters they can be difficult to spot, and can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time—particularly if they’re threatening to sue Lightworkers.

One day we will hear the whole story and learn who left us here to be fed upon by these evil creatures for millennia, preventing us from developing and evolving as other species have done, treated as less than cattle, enslaved, used as entertainment and a food source, and kept in ignorance about science and who we truly are.

There’s a brief summary below the video but it isn’t a substitute for the video itself which is very good and published August 2018.

Adamu Speaks – The Ancient Red Vampire is Dead

The ancient gods of our myths and legends were extra-terrestrials. Some of these ETs were good and benevolent. Some were quite evil.

When it came time for the ETs to depart the earth, the evil ones taught certain chosen humans a variety of dark magicks and secrets so that their human minions would, in their absence, gain control of the whole world so that they could own the world when the quarantine was declared over.

One of these magicks was a path to avoid death via vampirism. One such vampire, thousands of years old and very powerful, became the hidden master of much of the world. In collaboration with certain demonic entities, called “Marsons”, he planned to launch world war 3 to gain control of the rest of the planet.

Watch the video and find out how the vampire’s plans were upended, how he played his hand too early, how he was actually (and very surprisingly) killed!

Find out why there is, despite his death, a huge uptick in anger, extremism and rage in the world. Find out what you can do about this. Find out how to be a part of the solution, how to be a part of returning this world to its path of Highest Good.

And for a few laughs…

These people are stupid.  ~ BP

It never gets old, but often gets deleted by Twitter, so enjoy it while it lasts.



— Trump’s Karma (@KarmaTrumps) December 6, 2019

Restrictions Of Perception – AKATU – Pleiadian Collective ~ November 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a great message urging us to know that our “perception” of earth events will be changing…soon! We will perceive Earth events as our individual veils are lifted allowing us to understand the truth.

This message also tells us Q is providing knowledge and is a good information source. It’s kind of cute for the Pleiadians to refer to Q as a “dog with a bone”, please read, know that we are loved, and BE…



Restrictions Of Perception – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.


About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective

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Restrictions Of Perception - AKATU


Friends Of Earth!

These Have Been Strange And Twisted Plots Of The Dream Story!

Remember That It Has Been Designed For A Very Long Interval!

There Is Nothing To Fear And Everything To Celebrate!

Restrictions Of Perception - AKATU


Not Only Will The Puppets Fall Soon;

The Stage Will Collapse As Many Look On!

The Essential Difference Between The World As You Know It,

And The World You Would Be Challenged To Imagine Lies Only In Within Your Own Limits!

Restrictions Of Perception - AKATU


You Carry The Power And You Are Able To Perceive Truth!

These Safeguards Have Been Set Into Place So That You Would Be Able To Perform At Levels Of Perception

That Would Correspond Vibrationally To The World In Which You Came Into Form.

Restrictions Of Perception - AKATU


In Knowing This You Realize The Restrictions Of Perception Are Being Lifted In Increments,

So That You Are Able To Slowly Integrate An Awareness Of What Is Really There

With Your Understandings Of The Nature Of Your Planet!

Restrictions Of Perception - AKATU


Be At Great Peace Even As You Look At Things That Appear Upside Down!

Even Q Will Give A Little Wink If You Are Paying Attention!

Does Q Like To Play?

Like A Dog With A Bone!

Give It A Moment And More Will Come!

Restrictions Of Perception - AKATU


Never Be In Competition With Anyone And Never Assume A Name Drop Is Giving Praise.

There Is Always Another String That Will Break!

Smile And Enjoy The Show!


Restrictions Of Perception


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I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures.


POTUS: “I’M Q” ~ November 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Many have wondered…who is Q? Q who imparts information with such ease, urging Americans (and the world) to think. To open their minds allowing new thoughts and ideas about how life really should be.

Now Trump has given lightly coded information in the video below, as to who “Q” actually is, which leads me to ask…who is Trump? I remember seeing an astrological reading of Trump back in 2016 before his election (by Leo King) who flatly stated by looking at his natal chart, Trump was not of this world. Just sayin…

So…please take a peek at this video, discover who is “Q”, know we are in good hands with access to Divine event timing, and BE…



This Seals It Beyond a Doubt For Me. As Epstein is thrust back into the news, The President reveals That He is in fact Q.

Headlines and Updates for August 24, 2019: I See Dead People [videos] ~ August 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: Nope…they won’t let me post the pic Starship Earth put on top of this news blog, so I’ll try to post this below! Didn’t work, sorry ya’ll…

However, be sure to read this post and watch the news over the next few days. “Hot” August might be ending with a bang, and BE…



Queen of England dead? Sheesh. Before I could even finish my update I get that news—which is as yet unverified. They may also be talking to others, not just us. It sounds like “London Bridge” is an op.

I believe POTUS worked out a deal with Lizzie when he was there this summer. Just my opinion. She seemed overly pleased, so I suspect this was all planned and is unfolding on schedule. I’m sure Lizzie will revel in the attention she gets with her grand exit. It’s all optics, you know. As Q says, “You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard.”

The Illuminati love their dates, numbers, and anniversaries. They may wait until August 31st to announce this. Would they dare? I had already spoken of this below as the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana and the psychopaths love to remind us of the pain that news brought the world back in 1997.

Queen of England is dead & London Bridge has been activated according to many tweets I am receiving. I am trying to verify this.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 24, 2019

That Tweet the chief got:

? https://t.co/3D4YpvpihP

— Dannielle Blumenthal PhD (@DrDannielle) August 24, 2019

And the original…

the queen has passed and operation london bridge has been activated.
>the heads of state has been contacted. The news of the passing has been trickling down. do not expect the news to come immediately to the… https://t.co/NVLLBxZ7EN

— Gary Christopher (@bosaburn) August 24, 2019

Back to my original post…

I present the latest addition to my, “I see dead people” file. Thanks, L.

I’m afraid the topic of “dead people” seems to permeate this post. Sorry about that, chief.

Since it’s almost the end of the month, there will no doubt be mention of the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana Windsor, Duchess of York on the 31st. That was a case where all the cameras in the Alma tunnel in Paris were not functioning for some odd reason and Diana knew she was a target of the royals. They don’t like it when family members tell outsiders, “They’re not Human.”

Did the Princess and her lover Dodi al Fayed really die in that crash, or was it their life-saving escape from the evil lizard queen? We shall see. It’s increasingly apparent that death is a tool to enhance the lives of the living. To be continued…

I see growing evidence that Americans are getting wise. Our neighbour, almost 81 years old, a feisty, retired civil engineer, enthusiastically agrees that when Trump says something odd he is pointing to something related that needs research and attention. He also says he sees signs that the old, corrupt financial system is about to be replaced. This is very encouraging to hear.

From the scuttlebutt on the Internet, it sounds as though it just may happen this fall. Trump is putting out the caution flags signalling the new asset-backed Quantum Financial System will soon bring our reset and liberation from the debt-based Babylonian money trap.

When the Federal Reserve & the IRS closes this year, the U.S. Dollar will then be the U.S. Treasury note instead of the Federal Reserve note. It will be backed by gold for the first time in decades. WWG1WGA

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 23, 2019

Dave brings us a solid update on the financial scene.

Economic Optics Are Important, Trump Signals The Reset – Episode 1951a

This is breaking too… heads up. No telling what the psychopaths will try to pull.

BREAKING: Host city Charlotte expecting so many violent protests at GOP National Convention (Aug. 24-27, 2020) that CMPD has denied all officer vacation requests during the event. No one can take off. CMPD already training w Secret Service, drilling for mass shootings, even riots

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) August 24, 2019

Circling back to “dead people” for a moment…

We have our eye on Eye the Spy. People make mistakes. The “on ice” remark resonates.

Why the old bat doesn’t retire is beyond me—if she’s really still alive. How do we know?

We need term limits on all government jobs!

She’s on ICE.

Like I’ve been telling the public for months.

Not much time left.

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) August 23, 2019

If Ruthie is still alive, she’s probably not long for this world. The question is… Is she capable of performing her job every day? If not, give her the boot. POTUS has the right to fill the position with a strong candidate who will uphold justice for the Republic. We have a government to run and need constitutional justices on the job every day.

It sounds like she’s shutting down without this crutch and when your plumbing isn’t working, there’s no hope. Organs shut down, sepsis sets in, the mind goes, and soon… a coma.

Analysis: Justice Ginsburg’s “Bile Duct Stent” – A Treatment Typically Used in Advanced Cases to Provide End of Life Care

I came upon an open tab on my Brave browser just now where a host of disturbing images reminded me that we are red pilling the world with respect to who has been running it.

Due to their fractured psyches, victims of the child sex trafficking trade aren’t meant to remember what was done to them, but sometimes the memories do come back and children are able to show their experiences in crude but revealing drawings.

Below are a few images from the collection on that website (a WordPress blog) drawn by victims showing they outright torture children to render them suitable for their needs until they reach a certain age at which time they are either set free or used to procure more victims.

You’ll see the name “Kidman” in this first image. Yes, that Kidman, down under. Nicole’s father. John Gittinger is the other.

So you see, like many “entertainment” productions, the movie “Clockwork Orange” was telling us what they do to Humans.

The psychopaths consider us no more than cattle, and treat us worse than farm animals.

Their trainers/handlers induce a dissociative state in victims.

We also have increasing, strong evidence that these “elite” globalists are pedovores, engaging in cannibalism on a regular basis. We recently saw video from an installation in central China with a meat locker full of rows of adult Humans with empty eye sockets hanging by the ears on hooks. A child confirms in this drawing what she saw while in captivity at the Holsworthy facility.

If you wish to verify any of the above just do a search on Holsworthy. We won’t be hearing this in the lamestream media any time soon, and the White Hats will deal with these situations as they see fit, as quickly as they are safely able to do so. Now that Trump’s “crimes against Humanity” measures are in place via Executive Order, there is legal support to get these creatures and shut them down.

Unfortunately, due to the global scope of their massive network, it is taking time to follow all the threads to locate accomplices. Routing out all the filth is a long-term operation.

Eventually the truth will be told to the public. It’s up to us to educate ourselves so we can validate the bad news when it is officially released. It is being done Humanely right now, for those of us who are awake and can handle it. The gradual drip of disclosure makes assimilation of these horrors easier.

When QAnon says, “Those who know don’t sleep”, it is a stark indicator of just how appalling the truth is. Denial is futile, because you can’t un-know this, or un-see it.

You can visit the website hosting these images and more here.

Another One for the Clinton Body Bag?

This news will come as no surprise to many readers. The media wasn’t forthcoming about the COD for David Koch, so that raised a red flag, from my perspective. Sudden onset death is so common when the deep state crime associations are made, since dead men tell no tales and can’t be called upon to testify. Not unexpectedly, Koch was in Epstein’s “little black book” according to this article.


Epstein Murder Money Trail Leads To Billionaire David Koch—Who Then Quickly Dies

Q the Teacher

Sorry about those morbid bits above. It must be done.

On a brighter note… Bravo!!!  This next story took place right here in the Valley of the Sun where some students are getting a real education. Unfortunately, judging by the tone of this article, Belmore will probably not be teaching at the MCC much longer. Kudos to him for broaching all of this with the students, though.

I especially commend him for continually responding to the media queries with, “Who is Q?” This guy’s got it goin’ on. Despite the prompting, it appears this “reporter” refused to ask the Q. What does that tell you?

If any of Belmore’s students do any research and are still capable of critical thinking they may validate the information themselves.

That is the reason I have continued this blog for over seven years; so that there is one more place to find the truth for those seeking. There are far too many websites and blogs spouting lies and covering up the reality—not to mention the television.


I have seen and heard more than enough evidence from credible sources to convince me that JFK Jr. is indeed alive. How many deaths in one family who oppose the deep state does it take to show you you’re next?

I believe the military heard the chatter about the elimination of Hillary Clinton’s wildly popular political opponent JFK Jr. and did indeed assist John, his wife, and sister-in-law to escape, and I believe that will soon be public. As Q would say, “Future proves past.” We shall see.

Mesa College English Professor Showed QAnon Video in Class, Students Say

The video was this one… which is excellent. Joe Masopos featured the remastered version on his Twitter page recently. I don’t believe reality was ever more elegantly stated. Everyone needs to watch this video. The truth will resonate.

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

Joe M also shared this. Man your battle stations!

Kentucky guard unit to deploy to Guantanamo Bay

Hopefully the team at the C-Vine News Network will have more updates for us on the military tribunals at GTMO soon.

I think I’ll sign off for now. Research to do.  ~ BP

Epstein aftermath… ~ August 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah yes, what a summer of revelations! (Hey..isn’t that the final chapter in the Bible? Just sayin…) Is Epstein, the owner of Little Saint James, the pedo island, really dead? What does this mean?

Below are several videos about the “supposed” death of Jeffrey Epstein, the “collector” of famous faces who all visited his notorious island in the Caribbean. I wonder if the Sun was all they worshiped while there?

Many in the “truther” Alt News media are saying his “death” by suicide did not really occur as verified by Q reports (some from the past, which is a confirmation for me for the reality of our spiritual natures), as well as observations of past “fake news” reporting by MSM media outlets. And then there is pedo journalist Liz Crokin, who isn’t concerned about the authenticity of Epstein’s reported death because this report highlights in the whole “elite pedo” ring in a very major way.

Perhaps Epstein was “whisked away” for his protection by positive forces only to reappear as a “premium” witness during trials leaving the Dark to scramble with explanation for his absence.

So…please watch the videos below (Thanks H!) discussing the “death” of Epstein from various angles, know pedophilia/human trafficking IS the final destroyer of the Dark on Planet Earth, as this development should leave us all…