Labour Day Updates for September 2, 2019: Multiple Storms, Multiple Meanings [videos] ~ September 2, 2019

The model Fox News is using for Hurricane Dorian is saying it is a Cat 5 and is anticipated to skim the Florida coast and beyond before it tracks out into the Atlantic. Keep huffing and puffing folks! Models don’t determine what will happen; they merely predict, and “thoughts become things”.

It did a lot of damage in the Bahamas and we hope they will be getting assistance very soon.

Democrats’ real wish list for 2019: More mass shootings, catastrophic hurricanes and an economic crash… all to blame their political opponents

Lots of SerialBrain2 decodes—AND—videos from And We Know… newest links  on top.

Post # 194 – Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 2: Trump Freed France from the Cabal!

Post # 193 – Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 1: The Battlefield and the Weapons.

Post # 192 – It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

SerialBrain2: It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

Post # 191 – Trump just confirmed the Idaho Riddle decode all the way from the G7!

General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell tells us the “government” is withholding documents the defense needs. She feels from what is available the case should be outright dismissed and does not want to go the route of a “not guilty” plea.

Flynn lawyers accuse DOJ of withholding key documents

I’ve been thinking about the media. We continue to see mergers and growing monopolies and obviously the talking heads are still spewing pure propaganda and lies, but what if…

What if some benevolent sorts actually have been buying and taking control of the media companies and solely for the purposes of waking up the public they are using the currently ensconced talking heads to do their most outrageous best—only to take over the airwaves at the predetermined time to tell the world the “real truth”? Just asking. What if?

It doesn’t seem like the White Hats have left anything to chance, and we know the corporate media is a problem, but the truth is measured.  Why does Fox allow Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and others to tell the truth while others still spout the anti-Trump rhetoric? If the cabal owned the company would they allow the pro-Trump truth to come out? Did some of the media companies flip?

Are some of the movies coming out designed to reveal the truth and wake up the masses or are they just more cabal productions to show us what they’re planning to do “to us”? Not that they’ll be doing anything “to us”. They’re toast. Mind-controlled shooters, stabbers or vehicle rammers is all they’ve got left. Pathetic psychopaths.

I’m going to quote the quotable Q right now. I like this one below.

Good writing gets the message clearly across in as few words as possible. I don’t strive for that in this conversational style I use for the blog, but Q is a master.


Learn chess.

Down she goes.

Nobody escapes this.



QAnon may be back on the boards in a few days. We’ll see. It won’t be before Sept 5th, but some time after.

Here’s an interesting bit of info that may or may not be true. Fulford’s supposed update for this week… for which we may or may not get confirmation. Thanks, L. Not that I believe it’s Fulford writing this.

Former Japanese Prime Ministers Koizumi and Nakasone in Guantanamo, Japanese police say

Former Japanese Prime Ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Yasuhiro Nakasone were taken last week by U.S. military police to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Japanese police and underworld sources both say.  A person at Koizumi’s office, when asked if this is true, said, “There is nobody here.  My job is just to answer to phone.”  Even PR people were unavailable, she said.  Spokespersons for the 101-year-old Nakasone were also unavailable at the time of writing this report.  The head of intelligence for the cabinet of Japanese-slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe failed to respond to queries about these arrests.  The arrests are part of a major crackdown on people related to the Bush family, a Japanese right-wing source said.

The arrests, if they took place, are long overdue.  Koizumi is a murderer (he likes to strangle geishas) who handed over control of Japanese corporations to Zionists.  Nakasone overruled Japan’s health and welfare ministry to allow carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals to be put into common Japanese foodstuffs and other products.  Hopefully they are now squealing on their satan-worshiping bosses.

We have more evidence the cabal is hell bent on creating war and as much destruction as possible on their way out. Surrender is not in their psychopathic vocabulary.

There is more interesting reading at What Does It Mean, as well.

Shock US Navy Missile Strike Follows Court Filing Proving Clinton-FBI-DOJ-CIA-DOD Plot Against Trump

The globalists love their scare tactics, however impotent they may be. This weekend the freeway signs in the Phoenix valley said to “be afraid”, again. I just can’t take this stuff seriously. I believe the media also posts police training videos on the Internet posing as real scenarios. The one I viewed was so lame with slo-motion action it had to be a training exercise.

They say the alert message will stay on the signs indefinitely. Check out the couple we’re to fear at the link. They had one deputy in charge of this operation? I doubt it.

Yes, we live in a Petri dish. We didn’t evolve from apes; we were created, then manipulated and interfered with by multiple races, and have been watched to see how we’re progressing. Or not. More drip, drip, drip of disclosure.

Scientists say that aliens are looking at us like “animals in a zoo”

Here’s an amusing tale about a creative inspiration.

Slovenian Village Sparks Controversy With a Trump ‘Statue of Liberty’

This is a revealing look at just who has been running things in America.

Click the video. Surprised?

Not going to believe who is on the Defense Innovation Board at the Pentagon @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @2xwide_dreaming @We_Have_Risen @ProudAmericanP2 @klauswynter @BabeReflex_8 @almostjingo @TheLastRefuge2 @1foreverseeking @SeekerOTL @ECEverett1 @sibeledmonds

— Shannon (@Avery1776) September 1, 2019

This headline shouldn’t surprise you based on the increasing frequency of false flag shootings.

Gun debate to shape 2020 races

Here is the latest Patriot Intel Report followed by today’s Oracle Report from Laura Walker.

Patriot Intel Report 09 02 19

THE ORACLE REPORT | “Alpha & Omega” – September 2, 2019

Scott Mowry had an event this weekend so the Miracles Intel Call will be tonight rather than last night.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call has been rescheduled for MONDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 2, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

As we enter into the month of September, EVERYTHING is ramping up like we have never seen before — including the weather!

Hurricane Dorian, currently bearing down upon the states of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, is a metaphor for another kind of “Perfect Storm” about to inflict catastrophic damage upon the Deep State.

  • The damage will come from of a plethora of seriously damning evidence now ready to be released in series of drops by the White Hat Patriots throughout the month of September, and continuing into the Fall.
  • Strike one has come from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Michael Horowitz, who has finally released his special report into James Comey and it was extremely critical of his lack of professionalism and ethics. It has now been officially documented that James Comey is the worst Director in the history of the FBI, even worse than J. Edgar Hoover.
  • Make no mistake about it, the James Comey OIG report is merely the appetizer as far, far more devastating evidence is on the verge of coming out which will lead to an indictment of prosecution of the former FBI Director. It is only a matter of time now.
  • Meanwhile, numerous other reports are indicating former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe is about to be indicted, as well. And we are anticipating many other indictments about to become unsealed of former Obama administration officials like: James Clapper, James Brennan, Susan Rice, etc.
  • Over the past week, President Trump has been openly discussing “The Storm” in his press conferences and on Twitter. The President is clearly not only referring to the weather, as these are specially coded messages for Patriots, Anons and the American people to be ready for some major developments about to begin! Here we go!

We can tell you, this will be another very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598

Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402

Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

(Please make sure to go to the “Services” section of PayPal to make a donation and not the “Send money to Friends” section)

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry

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We need to keep it light, so here’s today’s wacky Quick Burn from IPOT.

A Quick Burn – Love Hurts – IPOT Presents – 9.2.19

That concludes our update for today. Enjoy your Labour Day—as if we don’t have enough of those. Every day is a “labour day”, it seems unless we’re away from home on vacation and out of the old daily grind scenario.

I’m looking forward to those technologies being released that will make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks for the chuckle, L.   ~ BP

Three Power Obelisks Fall – Ben Fulford ~ July 10, 2019

Three Power Obelisks Fall. By Ben Fulford.

Major Victory As All Three Power Obelisks Fall: Washington, London And Rome

Last week saw a major victory for humanity as the Khazarian mafia lost its grip on all three centers of Western power, Washington D.C., London, and Rome, according to Pentagon and other sources.

Each of these capitals has an obelisk, variously symbolizing military, financial, and religious power. “Trump declared America’s independence from the Deep State on July 4, as Russian President Vladimir Putin meets the Pope and Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister of the UK in a no-deal Brexit, giving White Hats control over the three obelisks of global power,” was how Pentagon sources summed up the situation.


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Three Power Obelisks Fall - The Trinity Of Globalist Control

The Trinity Of Globalist Control

Three Power Obelisks Fall

This means the undeclared civil war in the West is mostly over. Now a unified West will negotiate with the rest of the world, especially Asia, on how to improve the way we run our planet, multiple sources agree.

Of course, this will take time, so don’t expect any sudden, dramatic announcement yet, the sources warn. The battle that led to this victory in the undeclared Western civil war was seen in the news in the form of various seemingly unrelated news events.

Cintamani Jewels

These included the sinking of a Russian submarine, earthquakes at a U.S. naval base, the arrest of pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein, and more. Let’s start with the Russian submarine.

Fourteen senior Russian naval officers, including seven admirals, were killed aboard a top-secret Russian submarine last week, according to news reports and official Russian government sources.

Three Power Obelisks Fall - Lolita Island

Lolita Island

Three Power Obelisks Fall

Three Power Obelisks Fall - Bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein

Three Power Obelisks Fall

What is not being reported is that the submarine was attacked in revenge for the sinking of an Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf, according to Russian and U.S. military sources.

Early reports, since deleted, on the Mossad-linked Debka site tried to blame the sinking of the Russian sub on the Americans, in yet another obvious Israeli attempt to start World War III.

Pentagon sources say, “The special-purpose nuclear Russian submarine Losharik may have been fried by a directed energy weapon that failed to trigger WW3, but its cabal controllers may have reaped instant karma with not just one but two quakes at China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in Southern California.

Three Power Obelisks Fall - California Quakes

California Quakes

Three Power Obelisks Fall

Seismographs of the California quakes bear the distinctive signs of being the result of explosions and not natural forces. Please start at the 2:28 second mark on this video to confirm.

The Russian submarine controlled a Russian doomsday nuclear unmanned underwater drone, and the officers died preventing it from being launched, Russian sources say.

That’s why the families of the dead Russian soldiers were told their relatives averted a “planetary disaster.

The base that was attacked was part of the Nazi Paperclip base complex that includes the notorious Area 51, Pentagon sources say.

It is interesting in this context that Nazi Jeb Bush put out the following Tweet just hours before Trump announced victory of the Deep State: “It is a fact of American history that three of the five Founding Father Presidents died on the Independence Day anniversary. But was it just a coincidence?

Bush was undoubtedly angry and scared, since his parents Barbara and Herbert Walker Bush were executed and his brother George Bush Jr. arrested. One can assume Jeb has also been arrested following this treasonous Tweet.

The takedown of Israel, pedos, and Zionist blackmail operation began July 6 with Mossad agent Jeff Epstein arrested for the sex trafficking of minors, and this may lead to many more arrests,” Pentagon sources say.

A look at Epstein’s little black book reveals, among many others, the following names: Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Edgar Bronfman, Bill Clinton, Prince Pierre d’Arrenberg, Steve Forbes, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Senator Edward Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdoch, Jessica and Hannah Rothschild (English side) and Evelyn and Edward de Rothschild (French side), Prince Salman Saud, Larry Summers, and Ivanka Trump.

While being in Epstein’s black book itself is not a crime, it is a good indicator that people in the book were tempted with underage sexual partners and subsequently filmed and blackmailed if they succumbed to this temptation.

Donald Trump was also a visitor to this island, and presumably time will tell if he resisted temptation or not.

Since Trump’s Russia investigator Robert Mueller was close to Epstein, and since fired FBI director James Comey’s daughter is part of the team that arrested Epstein, we can be sure Trump’s involvement (if any) will not be glossed over.

FBI Documents Prove Dir. Robert Mueller Helped Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Avoid Prosecution

Special Counsel Robert Mueller personally intervened in the FBI’s investigation of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, striking a deal that allowed him avoid prosecution.

According to a series of bombshell FBI documents released on Thursday, known child predator Jeffrey Epstein had a professional relationship with then-FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon,” says one of the FBI documents. “Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the state of Florida.”Three Power Obelisks Fall


The fallout from the Epstein arrest is likely to continue for some time.

However, the fact that he was arrested and 2,000 pages of information related to his previous arrest and conviction have been made public means this will not be swept under the carpet.

Thus, it is a major victory against the cabal.

In any case, despite victory in the West, the battle for the planet as whole is far from over.

Three Power Obelisks Fall - Mueller Epstein

Mueller Epstein

Three Power Obelisks Fall

It now looks like the Khazarians are activating their Iranian sleeper cells to start World War III.

Remember, Marc Rich of Glencore Commodities (pardoned by Bill Clinton) was paying both Iranian and Israeli government officials from the profits of the “bomb Iran” oil futures manipulation scam for decades.

What this scandal has revealed is that there are Khazarian mafia fifth columnists at the highest level of the Iranian government.

That’s probably why certain Iranian government officials are now suddenly making nuclear threats in tandem with their Khazarian counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

Three Power Obelisks Fall – To Be Continued…


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Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Isaac Asimov

Pentagon Takes Over G20 – Ben Fulford ~ Auly 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: We can count on Benjamin Fulford to bring us details for global news. However, we must remember Ben is NOT spiritual, and thus, really is kinda clueless as to why peace is unfolding globally.

No doubt, Ben is glad world peace is evolving, but…he doesn’t have a clue as to why and has chosen the Pentagon for bringing peace on Earth. No doubt the Pentagon has been influenced by spiritual military leaders in the US, but the picture of global peace is the result of a higher mass global consciousness.

Please join me in knowing global peace happens as a result of “enough” individuals understanding their inner divinity. This global realization generates higher vibrations which allow incoming higher gamma wave frequencies to be “accepted” on Earth. As the frequency of Earth raises, the lower vibrations of fear, greed and violence have no where to exist…and must leave the planet.

We are now in the process of perhaps seeing violence “act out” due to understand their time of planetary control is ending. Join me in watching the reign of the dark end as Earth begins to understand the dawning of a new age. Heralded this event will be a positive transformation of the existing financial system. Please join me in welcoming this relief, know your own sovereignty, and be…



Pentagon Takes Over G20. By Ben Fulford.

Pentagon Takes Over G20, Will Push For Middle East Peace And World Federation

Now that a peace deal has been reached (in principle) in the Korean Peninsula, the US military, who just took over presidency of the G20, are going to push for a real Middle East peace deal, Pentagon sources say.


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Peace is also breaking out in other trouble spots like the Ukraine and the India/Pakistan border.

All this is happening as the US and China call a truce in their trade war and start negotiations to form, as the Chinese government puts it: “a new model for global cooperation.

The dialogue must be conducted on the basis of equality and mutual respect. Legitimate concerns of both sides must be addressed,” is how the official Chinese Xinhua news site described the situation

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road Initiative

Pentagon Takes Over G20

Cintamani Jewels

The negotiations will include discussions on setting up a future planning agency to work in harmony with the multi-trillion dollar Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, sources in the British royal family say.

The other big event last week was a deal reached between the British and the Russians over how a post EU Europe would be run, British and Russian sources agree.

This deal was reflected by the official return of Russia to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

This group of 47 democracies is older and bigger than the 28 nation EU and includes major players like Turkey and Russia.

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

Pentagon Takes Over G20

Also, since Russia was kicked out for annexing the Crimean Peninsula, this means a de facto recognition of the split up of the Ukraine.

The fact German Chancellor Angela Hitler was seen shaking mysteriously twice in public makes us wonder if she was not hit with some sort of electro-magnetic weapon in order to force her to give up on the German dominated EU.

What is certain is that Germany went along with the re-admission of Russia into PACE. It will also probably agree to a no deal Brexit.

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Merkel & Macron

Merkel & Macron

Pentagon Takes Over G20

Pentagon sources also say a financial black swan event is being engineered to put an end to the fiat based financial system and replace it with a quantum financial system backed by a basket of real world goods.

Trade wars, [problems with] Deutschebank, a no-deal brexit and Iran tensions are meant to cause a stock market crash and end fiat currency to launch the QFS,” the sources said.

You do not need to have a Pentagon inside source to realize the current system is mathematically doomed.

For one thing, the amount of money traded daily on financial system computers is literally thousands of times greater than the underlying real world assets they are supposed to be based on.

Right now 80% of stock trading is done by computer programs, meaning AI is already controlling most of the future decision making processes of listed companies.

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Pentagon Takes Over G20

This has real world effects.

First of all, it is creating an asset inflation bubble of the sort that led to Japanese commercial real estate prices falling by 95% in value after their bubble burst.

US pension funds, for example, assume their investments will have a year on year return of 7.15%. However, even if the stock market increases in value by more than that percentage every year, the real economy is only growing at the most by 2%

Since stock prices are not reflecting the underlying reality, this will mean all pension funds are going bankrupt in the real world and people will suffer poverty in old age if the current system continues.

Asset inflation also means that in the US, for example, 74% of people cannot afford to buy a house.

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Collateralized Loan Obligations

Collateralized Loan Obligations

Pentagon Takes Over G20

The trigger for a new Lehman style shock this time is likely to be a $3 trillion financial garbage heap called Collateralized Loan Obligations, according to the BIS, the central bank of central banks.

What is good for today need not necessarily be good for tomorrow. More fundamentally, monetary policy cannot be the engine of growth,” the BIS admits in its latest report.

In other words, even the BIS realizes that something like a reality based, meritocratically run future planning agency would do a better job of managing the economy than using AIs to distribute fiat money and create financial bubbles.

The admission of failure by the financial oligarchs is, of course, is why there is so much frantic real world horse trading going on these days.

The biggest real world commodity remains oil and here is where the United States still has its strongest cards.

This Tweet by US President Donald Trump puts it nicely: “China gets 91% of its Oil from the Straight, Japan 62%, & many other countries likewise. So why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries (many years) for zero compensation. All of these countries should be protecting their own ships…

Pentagon sources say this tweet has already caused China, Japan and India to send submarines to “to patrol the [Persian] Gulf and hunt Israeli [submarines].

Of course it was the Pentagon that was behind the tweet. “With Mark Esper as Secretary of Defence and Mark Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff it appears the army now runs the Pentagon after the marines had their turn with [Generals Jim] Mattis and [John] Kelly,” the Pentagon sources note.

This means the marines have established a secure beach head against the Khazarian Mafia and now the Army is taking over more mundane but important administrative tasks.

As we mentioned near the top of this article, the US military now has the leadership of the G20.

That is because their Saudi American colony has taken over leadership of the G20 from Japan.

This means the US military will coordinate the agenda via their script reading fake crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Bin-Salman (KSA) & Bin-Zayed (UAE)

Bin-Salman (KSA) & Bin-Zayed (UAE)

Pentagon Takes Over G20

The Pentagon, of course, is furious at having been manipulated by radical Zionists into invading Iraq and is determined not to be manipulated into fighting a war with Iran.

The Pentagon sources note that at the “G20 there was no coalition against Iran, but India cancelled a $500 million deal to buy anti-tank missiles from Israel.

“The fact that Trump was placed between MBS and Turkish President Recep Erdogan at the G20 group photo was meant to show Turkey, together with Saudi Arabia were going to work together for peace in the region over the coming year,” the Pentagon sources say.

Pentagon Takes Over G20 - Ben Fulford

Ben Fulford

Pentagon Takes Over G20

It was unlikely to be a coincidence that major explosions destroyed a military base there around the time of the announcement.

Imagine how they would react to a worldwide jubilee?

The battle against high tech oligarchs running Google, Facebook etc. will also be very tough.

To help win this one, a bounty will soon be announced on the heads of major high tech shareholders and top management, secret society sources say.

This is because legal actions by individual governments will not be enough to bring these transnational criminal enterprises to heel.

They must be stopped from distorting the truth and replacing it with a fake AI controlled reality.


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When your legs are tired, walk with your heart.

Paulo Coehlo

Reversal Of Fascist Trend – Ben Fulford ~ June 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: I remind all that while Ben Fulford generally feeds us “real” geo-polical news updates, we must be aware that Ben is not aware of, nor admitting to the influence of factors affecting our world outside of the same ‘ole political history of Earth.

Earth is not being influenced by factional wars…indeed great changes are being made politically because war is no longer an “option”. Please read this article, pick the pieces of truth Ben reveals, understand that spiritual influence seen across our world, and be…



Reversal Of Fascist Trend. By Ben Fulford.

Anglo alliance cemented by Trump UK visit will lead to reversal of post-9/11 fascist trend

The visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to the UK last week has healed rifts in the Anglo alliance and will make sure the post-9/11 fascist coup in the West will be reversed, according to Pentagon and British royal family sources.

The visit to Great Britain was very much about the entente cordiale in the Anglo-America axis and all of the ongoing issues of which you are already aware. Brexit is a very big deal. I would say that the trip was a success and the bonds between both countries are now stronger,” was how a British royal summed it up.


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Reversal Of Fascist Trend - Trump and the Queen

Trump and the Queen

Reversal Of Fascist Trend

This means there is a split between the Anglo-Americans and the European fascist Nazi aristocrats behind the Bilderberg Group.

A semi-official report from a Bilderberg participant confirms that there is a major split between the German-led EU faction and the Anglos, as well as the Italians.

Cintamani Jewels

Sources in French Intelligence, meanwhile, say they have found proof the recent EU Parliamentary elections were rigged by the German faction.

They point to articles which accurately announced the results of the elections that appeared before the elections took place.

The battle to liberate France continues, the sources say.

Dutch whistleblowers, meanwhile, have been putting out damning information on the Bilderberg founding by the Nazi Dutch royal family and their connection to the fascist American Rockefeller (Clinton), Bush, etc. faction.

Reversal Of Fascist Trend - Bilderberg


Reversal Of Fascist Trend

Among other things, they report that Boeing manufactured bombers and sent them to Germany to bomb Americans during World War II.

This is important, because we now have a 30-year Boeing veteran, Patrick Shanahan, as “Acting Defense Secretary” in the United States, even as all genuine military veterans left the Trump administration at the beginning of this year.

Reversal Of Fascist Trend - Henry Ford - Grand German Eagle Supreme Order Cross

Henry Ford – Grand German Eagle Supreme Order Cross

Reversal Of Fascist Trend

Pentagon sources are telling us “the domino-like, sudden collapse of 26 telephone poles right along the main thoroughfare servicing Boeing’s many Seattle facilities along East Marginal Way” last week was “no coincidence.”

This was a white-hat message to Boeing to cease and desist from the use of remote control override technology in its planes used in its ‘airplane accidents,’ as well as its other warmongering/war crimes/war technologies (that may use 5G), both public and secret,” the sources say.

There are also now more signs that a major financial event, likely bigger than the Lehman shock, is being prepared to finish off the Federal Reserve Board and the EU-central-bank-owning Nazi faction of the Khazarian Mafia.

This means that the fiat “trading platforms,” created by Bilderberger Henry Kissinger for the Rockefeller family after the U.S. abandoned the gold standard in 1971, have been shut down and replaced with a basket of currencies trading within a band relative to the price of gold.

This can be confirmed by looking at a chart of currency movements since 2012, when the Federal Reserve’s 100-year mandate expired. This, combined with massive pumping of money into the stock markets, has led to relative financial stability.

However, as Russian President Vladimir Putin noted last week after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, “The policy of quantitative easing and the other measures that were taken

did not solve the problems in essence, but only pushed them into the future.”

That future may have arrived. Market participants are betting on a huge, seismic shock to the financial system.

The graph below shows how global trade has now collapsed in a manner identical to what happened at the time of the Lehman shock. By the way, we encountered a systematic attempt to censor this graph from the English-language Internet and had to go to a Chinese site to relocate it.

By the way, we encountered a systematic attempt to censor this graph from the English-language Internet and had to go to a Chinese site to relocate it.

Reversal Of Fascist Trend - Global Trade Has Now Collapsed

Global Trade Has Now Collapsed

Reversal Of Fascist Trend

Reversal Of Fascist Trend - Global Trade Has Now Collapsed

Global Trade Has Now Collapsed

Reversal Of Fascist Trend

The other graph that indicates something huge is coming is one showing how long-term interest rates in the eurodollar markets are even further below short-term rates than they were immediately before Lehman.

This happens because traders feel something huge is about to happen and try to lock in long-term, stable money before it is too late.

The G20 finance ministers meeting this past weekend in Japan did not help ease market fears when they issued a statement that read in part, “risks remain tilted to the downside” and that “trade and geopolitical tensions have intensified.

As the usually bland and vague G20 official communiqués go, this is pretty radical stuff.

We asked our British royal family, Pentagon, CIA, and other sources about what this shock might be, but we have run into a very thorough news embargo. The British royal hinted that nothing would happen before September, though.

The fact that most U.S. tariffs on China and sanctions against Huawei and other Chinese firms do not go into effect until September also hints that some sort of world-changing deal is going to be negotiated between now and then.

There are some signs of what the deal might involve.

Chinese Finance Ministry sources say China has offered to help rebuild U.S. domestic infrastructure and reintegrate U.S. manufacturing into global chains.

Pentagon sources meanwhile say they are ready to cut the waste out of the military-industrial complex and pay for rebuilding the U.S. economy with some high tech they have been keeping secret.

The other big issue that is going to be worked out over the coming months concerns the high-tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple. Here, the G20 have already agreed they are going to force them to pay taxes.

Reversal Of Fascist Trend – To Be Continued…

However, the real issue that needs to be addressed is the censorship and fake information that is proliferating thanks to these high-tech oligopolies.

We noticed, for example, that all photographs we could find on the Internet of King Salman have been replaced with photographs of his new and young body double.

I remember clearly, as do my colleagues, that this article, talking about how King Salman is so senile he cannot remember what happened a minute ago, had a picture of a very aged and decrepit-looking king.

That picture has been replaced.

Reversal Of Fascist Trend - King Salman

King Salman

Reversal Of Fascist Trend

Newspapers and traditional media which actually have reporters in the real world reporting on real events are also saying these high-tech oligopolies are putting them out of business.

Even though subscription revenues are rising, high-tech theft has cut their ad revenue down to $16 billion in 2017 from around $50 billion in 2006.

This has forced them to cut newsroom employees to 39,000 from 74,000 over the same period.

For years, this newsletter too has suffered from Google pirating, Facebook censorship, etc.

Now, these oligopolies have started shutting down thousands of independent news channels in the name of “combating hate speech,” when it can often be shown this is pure censorship.

For example, this morning when we clicked on a link from to an article in The New York Post about the murder of Hillary Clinton’s brother, we got a message saying the link had been censored. Now it just says, “cannot find it.”

This intensified censorship by the Internet giants is coinciding with a new murder campaign.

Pentagon sources say Hillary Clinton had her brother Tony Rodham murdered to silence him.

Also, New York Deputy Police Chief Steven Silks and veteran detective Joe Calabrese were killed last week because they had possession of copies of the video of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin torturing and murdering a young girl, the sources say.

Also killed was former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith.

Smith was working with a Department of Homeland Security insider to expose $27 million taken from Child Protective Services by the Clinton Foundation, Vatican P2 Freemason sources say.

This writer has also recently received death threats to himself and his family by Khazarian Nazis angry at our exposure of their crimes. However, they are not going to be able to murder their way out of justice this time.

There are too many of us to kill, and we have truth and justice as well as the military and special forces on our side.

The fact that Clinton had to order the death of her own brother shows just how close investigators now are.

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind to dust. We will conclude our report this week with an update from Indonesia.

The banks and pawn shops have reopened now after being shut for 9 days, much to the relief of everybody, sources there say. However, a White Dragon Society source there says: “Something is definitely brewing here with the disputed presidential election results.

My contact on the inside told me that the constitutional court (MK) is scheduled to give its opinion around the 22nd of June.

This is not over yet.

Reversal Of Fascist Trend - Ben Fulford

Ben Fulford

Reversal Of Fascist Trend

There are a few surprises yet to be played. It seems that 17 million ‘ghost’ votes have been confirmed by independent analysis in Central and East Java. All in favor of Jokowi.

The MK has this information along with the proof, and the judges know it is authentic.

This can flip the results, and Prabowo turns out to be the winner.

I am informed by Indonesian Intel that the Constitutional Court (MK) will declare that a new vote will be held for Central and East Java.

They cannot ignore the hard facts. Change is in the wind.

This is part of the proxy war between the U.S. and China that will hopefully be settled by September.


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Walter M. Miller Jr.

Currency reset buzz as Indonesia shuts all banks, pawn shops for 9 days while Malaysia calls for international gold-backed currency ~ June 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: What an interesting article. Can you spot the truths revealed by Benjamin Fulford amongst the statements that just don’t ring true? Where is any talk of the Trump and his triumphant tour in England? Where are the stories of the dark in the US being trapped and cornered in their lies?

I like to publish all sides so all can make an informed choice. Notice this article bates us with the mention of gold-backed currency. Why is he not aware of startling developments in Japan? No mention of Trumps visit to Japan? Be sure to read Ben’s article, pick out the truth from the head-scratching statements, and be…



By Benjamin Fulford,

People with real-world intelligence contacts are all buzzing with the feeling that something big is coming down.  “My gut feeling is that we are very close to the end of the U.S. Corporation.  I can say this, as what is happening here in the region is connected.  There is change in the air.  The corrupt governments are being exposed and will either step down or be removed by ‘the people,’” was how a CIA source in Asia described the mood.  Many apparently disconnected events all point to this.

Let’s start with the situation in East Asia, where Indonesia has shut down all of its banks and pawn shops for 9 days starting this week.  This move to shut down all gold trading and international banking came immediately after Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir called for replacing the U.S. dollar with a gold-backed trading currency.

Papua, New Guinea, home to some of the world’s largest gold reserves, just selected James Marape as Prime Minister.  Marape wants to effectively nationalize his nation’s mineral and energy resources.  [Copy and paste the following URL]

King David Peii II of the Twin Kingdoms of Papaala and Me’ekamui (Bougainville), the de factocontroller of Panguna, the world’s largest gold mine, told the White Dragon Society he was close to Marape:

“Interestingly, he happens to be my own schoolmate, friend, and U-Vistract client

[referring to the gold-backed currency which King David created]

.  I just sent him my congratulatory message.  When the appointed time comes, God opens all doors.”

The shutdown of Indonesian banks and the gold-related moves follow an unprecedented ten-day shutdown of the entire Japanese banking system from April 27th to May 7th.  This unprecedented shutdown also led to speculation (including by this writer) that it would lead to some sort of financial announcement, but nothing happened in a manner that was visible to us common people.  However, we are now hearing from British royals that the shutdown was needed for IT work related to the Quantum Financial System.  It is also related to the announcement on April 9th that Japan would be issuing new currency starting in 2024, the sources say.

These moves all began to be implemented in March 2019 after Cardinal George Pell, the head of the Vatican Bank, was found guilty of molesting young boys, P2 Freemason sources confirm.

These moves will also have a major effect on the Dutch royals’ Bilderberg group and its members, since …

…it means the petrodollar system set up by Bilderberg point man Henry Kissinger is being systematically dismantled, the P2 and British sources say.

The Dutch royal family is also now facing an existential crisis, as their involvement in the Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 is facing public, official, criminal scrutiny.  Prime Minister Mahatir of Malaysia, speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan last week, publicly acknowledged that Malaysian Air Flight 370 which vanished in March of 2014, and Flight 17 which was shot down in July 2014, were the same airplane.  He said the Dutch refused to hand over the black box from the plane to Malaysia, even though the flight originated in Malaysia and had a Malaysian pilot.  Mahatir also made it clear there was a politically motivated attempt right from the beginning to blame Russia for downing the airplane.  His comments can be seen here starting at the 40:35 mark.

In fact, Dutch whistleblowers and others have already thoroughly exposed this entire murderous incident.  This link here tells the real story:

The reason this incident is being brought up now is because public statements by a sitting head of state mean this entire sordid episode can no longer be swept under the carpet.  The investigative trail will surely lead to the Nazi Dutch royal family.

A letter to the editor posted on this site by a Dutch whistleblower has a lot of interesting information on the relationship between the Dutch royals, the Nazis, the Bilderbergers, and the EU. Some highlights include:

  1. News that a Dutch submarine was deliberately sunk by the British to silence it because it had spotted the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor.
  2. Holland has remained secretly under Nazi rule since 1945.
  3. Adolf Eichmann was killed because he was planning to blow the whistle on the Nazis.
  4. The Hitler Cabinet has continued silently since 5 May 1945 under the leadership of the succeeding Dutch heads of state Wilhelmina, Juliana, and Beatrix… and now the Belgian Étienne Davignon, whereby the Nazi regime was taken over by the European Union.

There are many other signs apart from the goings-on in Asia to show that this neo-Nazi power structure really is falling apart now.  First of all, we note that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Hitler)’s government is in danger of collapse after “the surprise resignation of her coalition partner the Social Democrat leader.”

As this was going on, Merkel told visiting Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan that she was willing “to improve global governance systems jointly with China.”

The neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine is also in trouble.  Starting this week, Russia is cutting off supplies of coal, oil, and petroleum products.  They have also cut off gas transit through that country.

In this context, one wonders if outgoing Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko removed all the computers from the presidential office to hide evidence before an expected regime collapse.

Another Nazi regime, that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, is also wobbling as his attempt to form a new government collapsed last week.  British royal family sources confirm that it is only a matter of time before he is formally charged for war crimes.

Pentagon sources note that Israel got “double-teamed by the U.S. and Russia” at this past weekend’s security summit in Singapore.  Furthermore, it is “also squeezed by the UN and EU to give up its claims to 860 sq km of Lebanese waters which are now under Russian protection as France, Italy, and Russia drill for gas.”

We can also see the U.S. military is in open defiance of Zionist attempts to manipulate them, as top General Joseph Dunford said publicly that he would not be fooled by false flags, in what was clearly a reference to Israeli attempts to start a U.S. war on Iran.

The U.S. Navy also refused orders to send the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier task force to Iran, according to Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

Pentagon sources say there is a big push by the Americans and the Russians to create “a grand peace deal for the Middle East” which will force Israel to give up its nuclear weapons, in exchange for Saudi Arabia and Iran to promise not to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

It is interesting to note that a radically rejuvenated “King Salman” presided over an emergency Islamic summit last week.  It looks like the body-double filling in for his assassinated nephew Mohammed Bin Salman has been fired and replaced with a fake king instead.  This Saudi regime change is probably the reason why Softbank has suddenly run out of money.

The fact that Softbank has suddenly hired Cantor Fitzgerald (CF) to try to get investors for a $100 billion tech fund is also very interesting, because CF is a primary bond dealer with the Federal Reserve Board and not a normal securities company.

In other words, this could be a sign that Softbank is trying to use them to contact the new controllers of the Fed now, because his former Saudi (Kissinger) backers can no longer create billions of dollars out of thin air.

This of course brings us to the big kahuna—the United States of America Corporation.  Here the signs are that President Donald Trump is losing the trade war he is waging on China and just about everybody else, too.

The official Chinese Xinhua news agency notes as follows:

“The 200 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of Chinese goods on which the United States imposed additional tariffs accounts for 41.8 percent of China’s exports to the country, but only 8 percent of China’s total exports,” said Wang Zhijun, vice minister of industry and information technology.  “Moreover, about half of the affected enterprises are foreign-funded enterprises, including many American companies,” said Wang.

Trump’s predicted exodus of manufacturers from China is also not happening, says Xinhua, noting that “Official statistics showed that from January to April, actual foreign investment in China’s manufacturing sector jumped 11.4 percent year on year.”

By contrast, U.S. imports and exports in April fell by 2.7% and 4.2% year on year, showing both a shrinking economy and a growing trade deficit.

That is probably the real reason Trump suddenly dumped his much-ballyhooed revised trade deal with Mexico and Canada by imposing tariffs on Mexico.  He is also lashing out at India, the UK, Australia, Japan, and other trading partners.  It sounds like he is desperately trying to drum up money wherever he can in order to stave off bankruptcy.

In this context, it is also interesting to note that the U.S. families who own (or used to own?) the Federal Reserve Board are also trying to hit up Poland for the ridiculous sum of $300 billion.

Pentagon sources, for their part, did not seem worried about any imminent bankruptcy of the U.S. corporate government and were instead more focused on restoring the competitiveness of the real U.S. economy.  “Department of Justice and FTC antitrust actions against Google, Amazon, and Facebook will force more competition,” the sources note.  These high-tech companies are also now being forced by the G20 to pay taxes like everybody else, they add.

“The technology/trade war with China may end with the Quantum Financial System superseding fiat currency, the global currency reset, and the release of suppressed and ET technologies,” the Pentagon predicts.