#SPACEWARS: Trump Grounds Pelosi, Announces DEW/Space Fence #RESET #RUBE ~ January 17, 2019

#SPACEWARS: Trump Grounds Pelosi, Announces DEW/Space Fence #RESET #RUBE

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1/17: Today, President Trump announced an immediate plan to rapidly roll out Space Fence technology to protect the USA from “bad players” and to dominate space-based technologies. While the break-away civilization cabal has been using this technology for over two decades, President Trump is putting the knowledge of it into the public domain. Why now? Is there an immediate threat or is this the lock-down of the human domain by Quantum and satellite-based technology?

News and Updates for July 16 – 17; Potentially Explosive Events Unfolding [videos] ~ july 17, 2018

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The alignment in full on Thursday, lasting for seven weeks. What will it mean to us here on Earth/Terra? I guess we’ll find out.

Sadly, even Fox News is reporting Lara Prychodko “fell” into the trash because she was drunk. So claim the police. What a cop-out—pun intended.

Woman drunk before deadly fall into compactor outside Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s old apartment, cops say

Simon Parkes published his bi-monthly intel update and Q&A this weekend and he always has something to add to or modify the other information we get.

Well, it’s easy to see why the UK is in such a mess. They don’t know what a leader for the People looks like. Brainwashed people were the ones out protesting in London—just as it’s the brainwashed ones who protest against President Trump in America. Is there any hope for these ninnies? Sean Hannity from Fox was on the streets interviewing protestors and their responses to his questions about why they were protesting about Trump were nonsensical.

Some errant lava entering the ocean exploded and portions fell on a Hawai’ian tour boat that was a little too close to the action. The “Hot Spot” lived up to its name, with the most serious injury being a broken femur. Ikaika Kalama was the captain of a boat nearby and witnessed the event.

You will find far more criticism of the Putin/Trump pow-wow than positive. Of course each of them will represent their nation to the best of their ability while endeavouring to foster amicable relations with other countries. No one is going to give America away any more, and Putin knows it. He wants peace and prosperity for his people and so does President Trump. In the end, neither will settle for anything less than world peace. They will set this example for the rest of the world.

Following are three video takes on what went down from the “positive people”. I’m not going to share the work of those who seek to attack or find fault with what unfolded in Helsinki. We (they) are making history here, and the factions and their cointelpro agents can say what they like to make it look bad, but it’s good. That is my firm belief. We are watching the dregs of our old existence wither away and the tender new shoots of an exciting world erupting into life. Is it perfect? I think it is, and I’ll take it.

Environment Birth Earth Globe Arise New

 MEGA – Make Earth Great Again

More folks seem to be finding humour in the current events nowadays, and it feels like there is a lot more levity, despite the pounding of the war drums, acrimonious rhetoric from the lamestream media and vicious physical attacks on Trump supporters wherever they gather.

The dark has taken the battle to the People. Unfortunately the depth of manipulation is at an all-time high and most are not dealing with reality. No, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns at this point, but the upward trajectory we’re on is a far cry from the flat-line we watched in vain for so many years feeling like nothing was happening. NOW it’s happening. And how. But it’s a process.

So, what happened in Helsinki, exactly? Following is a gift from Scott Anthony… and I appreciate the humour and pathetic need for translation. We’re all disgusted with the mind control and programming and its effect on our brethren but all we can do is continue to put out the truth and the facts.

Trump is like smelling salts and we need to keep waving his actions under the noses of our zombie compatriots and help them stagger to their feet and join our ranks. Some are coming around, and they’re looking for perspective and encouragement. That’s where we come in. Most people reading this can see things for what they are, and the increasingly overt moves of the deep state to regain control will make our job easier if we can keep everyone calm.

Keep in mind this one is tongue-in-cheek…

President Donald Trump Is A Traitor! This Is Unbelievable!

From You Are Free TV… highlighting some of the jaw-dropping things Putin and Trump stated at the press conference. It was exciting, to say the least. Trump even made mention of the explosive ‘futbol’ matches of the FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia.


Col. Potter always has an opinion, and cautious optimism, but he sees the big picture very clearly. I’m just now listening to this one from Roy.

Putin and Trump WILL be successful. Failure is not an option. MEGA  ~ BP

#HELSINKI: HIL-ARY FOR GULAG: Trump/Putin Summit Success! #CABALCRIMES ~ July 16, 2018


7/16: The Russia Summit in Helsinki was an amazing success! The messages coming from Putin and Trump signaled a grave warning to the Deep State. Joint Cyber security, utilizing the 1999 Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, combating International Crime family syndicates, all what the Executive Order to Combat international trafficking that destabilizes Nations was meant to take down. It’s called the end of the Deep State and draining the Swamp.

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Harvey Weinstein Arrest, CNN, MSNBC Raid by FCC, SpyGate | You Are Free TV [video] ~ May 28, 2018

Besides CNN headquarters in Atlanta, MSNBC and Associated Press were also raided by the FCC—so I hope those who slapped a “fake news” banner on that story will take note. Why would any of the corporate media share this story??? Trump is sick of “fake news” and violation of Press Guidelines is now under scrutiny. Hardrives, etc. were taken so we are seeing some much needed action toward thwarting the propaganda the lamestream media incessantly spews.

Harvey Weinstein joins the “boot club”. Congratulations, Harvey!  BUT—Why is he roaming the streets? Ladies, beware. Perhaps that bracelet should have been more strategically located.

If you didn’t sign the petition begun by ‘the Seething Frog’  via the video I shared earlier to end the Federal Reserve, the link is below in red. Central banks like the Fed have enslaved Humanity and have to go.  ~ BP

Phoenix Mayor Gives La Raza Ally $2.4 Mil Before Leaving to Run for Congress

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Published on May 25, 2018

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Please see the blog link for an update on the supposed CNN FCC “raid”. The more I look into it, the more ephemeral it becomes, however, the timing of the alleged raid is certainly in accordance with the breaking of #SPYGATE and the pressure being put on FBI Director Wray by Senator Johnson to release emails between the “Sensitive Materials Team” and CNN.

Happy Memorial Day to ALL and thank you to everyone who endured through the endless wars of the last 30 years that proved to be fought not with foreign enemies as much as globalist corporate interests. My heart goes out to each soldier and your families. May peace prevail on Earth. We ARE FREE!!

Please sign and share the petition to end the Federal Reserve as our central bank:

4/2 Trump/Nixon: #XFILES and P_RKLAND DAD #OWAS Child Trafficking ~ April 2, 2018

You Are Free TV is back with a report on the latest news worthy events. Is is any wonder that both standard TV and movies are experiencing the lowest ratings ever? Stay tuned and learn more about the HUGE pedophilia problem (which WILL take down the cabal, BTW), learn about Tesla and Trumps uncle, take all this instride, and…