Early Report for August 8, 2019: Keeping Epstein & Friends in Focus [videos] ~ August 8, 2019

In truth, there are MANY surprises coming. Count on it.

Of great importance: Timothy Holmseth vs Jeffrey Epstein (not the actual docket) pre-trial hearing takes place today. Timothy is a journalist who uncovered the Epstein crimes and when he made authorities aware, went through 11 years of hell, including assassination attempts.

Timothy would have been permanently out of the picture had it not been for a congressional committee who took him to a safe place and protected him. He is a key witness in the evil web of pedophilia/pedovoria and President Trump and his wife Melania are fighting this battle along side him and the marines also support the initiatives to vanquish the evil on our planet.

Amidst many personal challenges, Field McConnell is taking his limousine, his hearse, and up to 26 people (even from Europe) to the hearing today in support of Tim and to send a message to the judiciary that We, the People, are not taking any more of their corrupt, Admiralty Law nonsense and want the false charges against Holmseth dropped. Please send your best intentions along with Field and perhaps justice will be done today. It would be a major victory for the Light Forces, and Humanity.

The dark ones know how to weave their spells to manifest what they want. We need to understand how they do it and use those principles to counter their evil. LK explains just what a “spell” is in this short video.

The bible speaks of the “word of God” and how in the beginning God “spoke” things into being. What if that’s the secret to manifestation? Humans are creative machines. When we use our imaginations, our hearts, minds, and speak what we want, we might be able to change the world as a unified force. The dark works hard to divide us so we do not come together.

Since the advent of QAnon, I believe we are slowly coming closer together and congealing into a single force for good and can induce the return of the Light.

I believe it’s important to remember that President Trump and the Q team have a strategy, they know to some degree what will happen in the future, and the goal is liberation. The twists and turns along the way are not for us to worry about. We have to trust them, and the process. Stay grounded and centered, and positive. There are surprises in store, but this is a war.

SerialBrain2: Q Occult Series – Part 10: WHAT IS A SPELL?

The Patriot Intel Report for Patriots on the go. I’m not overly chuffed about going to California and will be uber-vigilant wherever I go.

Patriot Intel Report 08 08 19

Those darned flies! Not only do they land on Hillary and Hussein, they hang around Biden, too, in this brief excerpt. Coincidence? Things are not going well for the demonrats. Biden is a non-candidate. He may as well fold. Michael Obama again stated he would not run for president. The idea alone is laughable. “First tranny president of the United States”. We’d be in stitches.

Joe Biden audio problems, fly buzzes face, stumbles through attacks

It appears the lunatic left may have gone too far. The pendulum is still swinging and is about to self-destruct. Perhaps Hussein sees that. They’ve lost control and the fear has them scattered and ineffective. Nothing can save them now.

Obama Becoming Frustrated With Democrat’s Move Left

Sir Patrick Mack goes into detail on a couple of important issues, including the very interesting ties of the Dayton, Ohio shootings to pedophilia. What? Is everything connected to pedophilia? YES! The people who have been running the world are nearly all satanic pedophiles and the control structure they created reflects that if you do any amount of research. The amount of mind-effery on the part of the media is astonishing, but the insane antics are backfiring because it’s waking up a lot more people who can see it for what it is.

He also goes into some of the 8Chan drama which continues to mount. And why is that? Because there is a big threat. QAnon and awakened patriots are becoming a greater thorn in the side of the old regime every day.

Times Are 8Chan-ging – IPOT Presents – 8.8.19

In this video with respect to Jeffrey Epstein and the web of evil, they use the terminology “tentacles of the octopus” to convey the idealogy that so much is connected beneath the surface that isn’t visible.

It’s an interesting conversation here, discussing the implications of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities at his sprawling New Mexico ranch near Santa Fe, and his relationship to Governor Bill Richardson, as well as transhumanism and beyond. They connect some very interesting dots in 20 minutes and confirm there are countless deep rabbit holes when you investigate Jeffrey Epstein.

EPSTEIN/RICHARDSON: How connected were they?

Assistant Secretary of State Resigns Amid Immigration Differences

Today is a travel day so until I get back to WiFi… I’m out.  ~ BP

Child Snuff Factory Survivor Tells Her Story & HRC/Abedin Snuff Still [video] ~ August 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: Dreadful disgusting, horrible…can you think of more terms to describe the pure EVIL that has been so perveyant on our world in positions of power?

I cannot, so please read/view this article with trepedation realizing that we must know the truth in order to clean house, be aware that darkness exposed to the Light of Truth erodes, and BE…



A brave survivor of child torture for the purposes of perverted psycho-sexual entertainment in the snuff film industry tells us what she has witnessed in grim detail.

What is a snuff film? It’s a video/film showing the rape, torture, and/or murder of a Human being for entertainment purposes which is then often sold to regular customers online throughout the world for massive profits.

The images this victim conjures are beyond repulsive and, as she says, incomprehensible to most people. The fact that the experiences she relates are inhuman practices does not give us permission to look away and hope it never touches us or anyone we know.

As Human beings, it is our responsibility to face this horror and do whatever we can to stop it. These “aristocratic” monsters who believe they are of royal bloodlines do not have the right to prey on Humans, and especially not our children.

We have to stop the global child sex trafficking rings and Human trafficking in general.

Below the video is an image said to have been leaked on 8Chan which is a still from the Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton snuff film known as “Frazzledrip”.

If this is indeed from the video stated, we understand someone leaked the film to the dark web, and it was so bad that seasoned police detectives wept, wretched, and required psychological counseling after viewing it. Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

The fact that the truth is being leaked now means that Humanity is deemed ready to face the horrors long hidden from us. The courage it takes to learn of this and see some of the visual proof is nothing compared to what it took to live through the gruesome, cruel experiences many children survived. We don’t even know if we can salvage the souls of those victims. Some say they suffered irreparable damage.

If you watched the SerialBrain2 Occult video from LK Dark to Light channel I shared earlier today you have a better idea of why these creatures torture and sacrifice humans, and have been doing it for centuries. If you have not yet watched that short video, you should do that now.

Is it any wonder the globalists want to shut down QAnon, the Chan boards, and social media? We are now at the point that we are breaching the sensibilities of most Human Beings and sharing the most horrendous truth about our place on this planet and in society.

The average “patriot” is now learning that Humans are prey to the sadistic whims of demonic, satanic creatures who have been running the world for a very long time.

Field McConnell mentioned on his Abel Danger livestream today the fact that a 5 year-old girl was missing her face because of these sub-human monsters. It’s not fiction, and it’s time we dealt with it.

Where do all the missing people go? Now we know, don’t we?  ~ BP

From Newsploy.com via Before It’s News

Alert: Hillary Snuff Video Leaked

Monday, August 5, 2019 2:09

Posted Sunday August 4th, 2019

It has been reported that the first photo frame from the Hillary Clinton snuff video has been leaked on the 8Chan board.

Explains the effort to connect the El Paso Shooter to the 8Chan board claiming the shooter was radicalized by material posted on 8Chan; they desperately want the anonymous board along with Q-Anon shut down.  It has also been reported that Net access to the boards has been on and off this evening.

The photo is disturbing, featuring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin torturing a victim including use of a drill.  Much of it has been blacked out, but it seems the leak is only getting started.

To be more specific, the claim is the victim’s hair is removed, pulled off using a drill, the victim’s face is removed and it has been reported Hillary and Huma wore the victims face, who was reportedly a teenage girl, taking place on Epstein’s island.

We have seen evidence of Epstein’s island having incinerators to burn up all the evidence of what was going on in the Epstein tunnels; we wonder why the authorities are not crawling all over the island right now gathering evidence?  Cover-up?

The video was found by NY Police Department on Anthony Weiner’s laptop (Huma’s Husband) in a folder marked “Insurance policy.”  Many NYPD policeman have lost their lives and we hope that they see justice in addition to the victims of human sexual sacrifice, which is often linked to Sun Worship, Druidism, Satanism, and The Royal Family.  Epstein island had a sun dial with thirteen benches positioned around the giant sun dial.

Yes this photo could be a fake, NASA only released still photos of the moon landing,  but it is much harder to fake moving video and should the entire moving video of Hillary and Huma get posted, these Satanists won’t be safe to walk the streets; as Q has often pointed out.

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Headlines and Updates for August 5, 2019: Crazy Headlines the Order of the Day [videos] ~ August 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes…the truth will be known, my friends, in every aspect of the word! It might be time to just sit back, watch the fireworks as truth is revealed is so very many ways, and be…



We are getting word that Fox 14 News revealed in error that a third mass shooting event was set to unfold on Saturday but by outing it in advance it preempted the operation. Was it an error, or was it intentional?

Very interesting. Thanks, L. There was to be another Walmart shooting in a different city, whether Texas or another state we’re not sure.

Perhaps there are techies/researchers out there who can find that file which was deleted from journalist Jim Stone’s website where he was hosting it.

RMN READERS and AGENTS: HELP ME LOCATE this incriminating FOX NEWS VIDEO that got DELETED from JIM STONE’s site

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Monday, 5-Aug-2019 12:38:09

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist


The above is the most important 15 seconds of video you will ever see in your life. This proves the deep state is doing the shootings. In the video a FOX news announcer for a local station in the city another shooting was supposed to happen in on Saturday (at another Wal Mart) announces the next shooting by accident, BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and she checks her twitter and re-checks, looks a little confused, and then says “that hasn’t happened yet”.

Folks, this proves Twitter is in on the shootings, Fox News is in on the shootings, they HAVE TO be a huge open joke among those who are “privileged”, there’s no way Twitter missed the fact that these people were using their platform to announce and plan the next shooting. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED.

Ok, so this one is so important I am serving it from here. I have enough bandwidth to serve this a million times. Right click it to save it, and DO NOT LOSE THIS FILE:


Jim posted this on his website:


This is the most important 15 seconds of video you will ever see in your life. This proves the deep state is doing the shootings. In the video a FOX news announcer for a local station in the city a third shooting was supposed to happen in on Saturday (at another Wal Mart) announces the next shooting by accident, BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and she checks her twitter and re-checks, looks a little confused, and then says “that hasent happened yet”.

I am serving this from here for obvious reasons and have enough bandwidth to send it out a million times. LEFT CLICK TO PLAY, RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE AND NEVER LOSE THIS FILE, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED!

Folks, this proves Twitter is in on the shootings, Fox News is in on the shootings, Wal Mart is in on the shootings – they HAVE TO be a huge open joke among those who are “privileged”, there’s no way Twitter missed the fact that these people were using their platform to announce and plan the next shooting and there’s no way Wal Mart had this happen at two of their stores by accident, and there’s NO WAY FOX HAD THE REPORT AHEAD OF TIME WITHOUT BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED.


It seems the shooter in Ohio sounded more like an AOC fan than a QAnon patriot.

Cernovich Report: Dayton Shooter Echoed AOC’s Language on “Concentration Camps” and ICE, Was Member of Democrat-Socialist Party, Idolized Leftwing Politicians

It seems the Dow took a deep dive. We will need to stay in observer mode and not react to events that may seem to be out of control.

Field McConnell said no worries, this was something that had to happen to facilitate our global financial reset.

Dow plummets on devaluation of China’s currency

Trump is always under fire. It must be exhausting.

CNN Claims Wrongfully That Trump Eliminated Obama-era Gun Policy

Kevin Annett has an update Canadians need to read as the federal election is rapidly approaching and it is time for great change. It’s time to fix Canada, and for patriots to step up and do what needs to be done.

Now is Our Time: An Appeal from Kevin Annett and the rising Republic of Kanata

This is the crop circle Scott Mowry spoke of with 45 little portions inside the larger triangle. Indeed, it does. Coincidence?

Forty-five is a good number, and 17 is a notable number as well, as explained by LK in this SerialBrain2 occult revelation.

SerialBrain2: Q Occult Series – Part 9: THE POWER OF 17

THE ORACLE REPORT | August 5, 2019 “Listen Like…”

I will leave you with that for now.  ~ BP

X22 Report & American Intelligence Media on the SOTU Occult Messages [videos] ~ February 6, 2019

The State of the Union address was not your typical SOTU—at least not what we ever heard from previous Presidents.

We all know Trump broke the mold and he provides a great deal of extra information in his Tweets and speeches if you’re paying attention.

And man, do the patriots pay attention! Patriots with video tech go through Trump’s appearances and they zoom in and analyze everything and everyONE with a magnifying glass. Nothing gets past them and they don’t miss a trick; like newbie Kyrsten Sinema standing and clapping for Trump’s declarations and getting a slap upside the head from her adjacent counterpart.

Another example… Dave mentions in his X22 Report the suit that the (newish) CIA Director Gina Haspel wore with “white hats” on it. Truly! We didn’t know how to read Haspel when she was confirmed but perhaps she is on the side of the People. Dave goes on to point out specific messages the President sends to the deep state telling them in no uncertain terms their plan has failed.

Then Betsy and Thomas of American Intelligence Media zoom in on Nancy Pelosi Caesar’s lapel pin. You have to hear their analysis on the SOTU, but be sure to watch, too, because they’re streaming memes and they are priceless.

It’s good for a few laughs—not that the President’s address was a joke—it was excellent—but there was a lot more going on than it would appear to the casual viewer and I don’t have to tell you what a joke the dimms are.

Dave brings us two new reports tonight which are top notch, and the AIM analysis is below those. Outstanding coverage here and I’m so glad I took the time to watch these three. Bravo!!!!

[CB] Controlled, [WB] Controlled, Globalist System Ripped Apart, Next Boom Coming- Episode 1785a

Message Sent To [DS] & Anons During The SOTU, Patriots In Control – Episode 1785b

Nancy Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

You may want to watch this tear-jerker set to music.

Thanks, L.  Too funny.  ~ BP

WATCH: Democrat Reactions to the State of the Union Hilariously Set to Music

Headlines & Updates for Sunday, February 11, 2018 [videos] ~ Feb. 11, 2018

What a good post, just made by Starship Earth giving us both the breaking news, as well as thought into the current situation on Planet Earth! Molly, from Starship also provides videos from various sources giving credence to their views.

It’s a downright fascinating, and potentially dangerous time to BE on Planet Earth, yet we were the ones who signed up for this task that is occurring right now. For me, the epicenter of our current chaos has moved from happening in just the good ‘ole USA to encircle the entire globe. Let’s continue to think good thoughts about Olympic athletes now in PyeongChang.

So…please read this informative article, watch the videos and learn more, decide what IS important for you and your heart, and…


I wanted to begin this update with good news about our anonymous “Lady of Light” from ‘You Are Free TV’ who has been MIA for over a week. Thanks to Ella Ster, we learned she is just fine and dealing with technical issues, as I suspected. We hope to hear from her on Monday.

This post comprises just a few scraps of interest from the vast sea of information available to us. As we can all see, there is a tremendous amount of activity and reporting on the seen and unseen, both on and off-planet. The difficulty may be recognizing it for what it is. What seems positive may be negative, and what appears negative, is perhaps unfolding in our favour.

The cabal’s virtual army continues to spin webs of false reality so we have to crank up the discernment. Reality is what WE say it is, not what they wish it to be.

It does appear we are making positive inroads, however slowly, and we remain optimistic and hoping for a dramatic breakthrough, as some suggest may be imminent.

Good Guys Are Preparing America For A Major Economic Transition: Bix Weir

The predominant themes seem to be exposure and elimination of the darkness, and rebuilding and new life.

Encouraging emissaries of Light from the Gaia Portal tell us this:

Primary Light stations complete the process.

Favorites are eliminated.

Shadow violators are eliminated.

The Light Worker Alliance commences the new works.

Cobra shared the following video with some fascinating imagery. Our new world is birthing, as Thomas Williams alluded on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on Thursday.


Our trusted analyst Isaac Green on the latest Q updates…

You knew WiFi is dangerous, but did you know THIS?

Thanks, L.

Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot had an interesting discussion with Simon Parkes on February 6 that was more than a rehashing of Simon’s recent Q&A material.

One of the most interesting points for me was that Simon confirmed the various congregations of ambassadorial representatives from off-planet races in multiple locations across the pond, hosted by the United States as related by Navy Captain Mark Richards.

Richards revealed fascinating details about the secret space programs in multiple sessions with Kerry in past years where she visited him at the California State Prison in Vacaville, California where he is serving a life sentence without parole on trumped up charges.

Mark has leaked a great deal of information to Kerry which she shared in her “Total Recall” videos, and his wife Jo ann also compiles his intel for public consumption and it was there that I learned of these brazen gatherings of the Star Nations under our noses, including at least one photo, which I’ve shared before.

Mark is only allowed to release approved material, so what comes out is definitely controlled by those who believe disclosure is necessary, but protect themselves.

I also came across a fascinating short video from Daniel at ‘Logic Before Authority’ who shows us that Trump is all about the “8” according to the gematria the El-ites use. This video reveals the startling frequency of the “8” in QAnon breadcrumbs and supports our belief that Donald Trump was “chosen” by one faction to overthrow their enemy—another faction.

You may recall that Col. Potter showed us that Trump was using unspoken language to “speak” to the cabal in hand signals, the way he grasped a bottle of Fiji water marketed by the El-ites partnering cronies with two hands, for example, which is sending messages to the dark faction of the cabal as they battle for supremacy and domination on our planet.

The gematria Daniel shows us suggests that Trump is a member of the Knights Templar—who originally, back in the Middle Ages—were a benevolent secret society almost entirely eradicated from the planet by the dark wizards. They went underground and while their ranks may have been infiltrated by the dark and at times may have appeared to be working against Humanity and their reputation tarnished and called into question, we hope that the Light is prevailing and their attempt to stamp out the evil on the planet will be successful.

The Knights Templar carried much of the mystical knowledge from ancient times through the eons to the present verbally and through secret codes and symbology. If they remained purely benevolent, they would make formidable allies for Humanity and help us understand our roots and how to speed up our spiritual evolution, among other things.

Their occult knowledge of sacred geometry, alchemy, astrology, and much more, would mean giant leaps for us to make up for lost time incurred when our DNA was deactivated and we were enslaved.

Lack of this knowledge, or black magic and white magic, has put us at a distinct disadvantage in our struggle for freedom as the dark ones don’t hesitate to use it against us. What they would have us believe is superstition or entertainment is publicly ridiculed while secretly used against us on a daily basis.

If Trump is working under the auspices of the benevolent Knights Templar, he just might turn out to be the the face of the powerful resistance many believe him to be. Time will tell. He certainly has a great deal of support from many respectable sources—again, both seen and unseen.

I hope it’s clear the problems we face are about far more than a few corrupt politicians and satanic pedophiles; and with that we begin another game of “Clue”—rife with murder, espionage and intrigue on Planet Earth/Terra.

Let’s be careful out there.  ~ BP