The Plan Remains Fluid re: JFK Jr. and Everything Else | Possible Intelligence Update ~ October 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Pretty good message below. Since JFK, Jr. was not able to be announced at the Trump rally last Thursday night, my indication is this announcement will come soon in a fast and furious way. All I can say, is…get ready, be prepared, and most importantly, BE…



Some news came out about the possible reason the JFK Jr. plan for Dallas did not go off as we heard it would.

We know The Plan is fluid, because it has to take into consideration the free will of the deep state players who will do anything to tip the scales in their favour.

It’s do or die time, and if they can’t remove Trump in any way, shape or form, the next way to stop the patriots from exposing Mike Pence and bringing back JFK Jr. to run in 2020 is to eliminate JFK Jr.

Some believe the Democrats have a candidate up their sleeve for President in 2020 and it’s probable that the team of Trump and JFK Jr. will beat anyone they put forward without breaking a sweat.

There is no way to vet this story below at this point, but we thought folks would want to take it under advisement in case it is valid intelligence.

These are dangerous times and we hope all the patriots will be safe.  ~ CB

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ShadowSuper Intel Report

October 18, 2019

Operation Disclosure | By ShadowSuper














It’s Hitting the Fan; We Were Warned [videos] ~ February 26, 2019

Are you seeing it? The factions are in full battle garb and moving in for a last ditch assault to prevent their demise. It’s “kill or be killed” time and the dark is on the attack.

There is no room for subtlety now. The rats are exposing themselves, and in a few cases I’m not surprised. Their agents are speaking out, and so must WE.

Folks were up in arms yesterday when they read Ben Fulford’s geopolitical update suggesting Trump was being blackmailed and has backed off on exposing and prosecuting the criminals. Pure BS. These people lie for a living and put out all manner of digital excrement knowing someone will pass it on.

They are unadulterated, comsumate, pathological liars. They will do and say anything to achieve their objective and protect their lifestyles.

I have included the full version of Ben’s update at the end of this post for the purpose of discussion in a timely manner, when normally I would wait until Thursday to publish the full report.

I had the feeling that update sounded like Gordon Duff rather than Ben Fulford, but that’s just me. I am well aware these psychopaths will take out anyone they can use to steal a platform and influence people. If Benjamin Fulford is on our side and still alive, he had best stay away from these ruthless players.

Even David Wilcock spoke out the Fulford update. Here’s the comment to the article a friend sent to me (thank you) and I agree: keeping on top of the Q posts and analyses is critical now. That is why they were provided for us and that is why I share them. More on QAnon in a separate post…

From Benjamin Fulford’s blog: David Wilcock posted this response in the comment section: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dwilcock #417540 Wow. I will have to sharply disagree with Ben and his alleged insiders on this one.  Remember, folks, Ben passes along information from sources who give it to him, and lets us decide. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to give Ben something that wasn’t true, and sadly we have seen this many times in the past with things that did not happen. This new data very much looks like a deliberate, coordinated hit job against the president by people who may have earned Ben’s trust by passing along real information, only to abuse it by disinforming the public at a critical moment through this avenue. Never have my sources heard any intel suggesting that Trump bashed in the head of a child. If the loyal opposition had anything like that, they would have used it a long time ago, and particularly in the election itself with all the leaked emails. Believe me, if this was true or if I had heard anything like this suggesting it was, I would fearlessly pass it along. In this case the whole thing absolutely smacks of another case of insiders getting to Ben and weaponizing his platform against the Alliance. The president DID admit to having gone to Epstein’s island through various venues in the past, before the election. He also very clearly indicated that once he found out what was going on there, he STOPPED GOING. This was clearly and repeatedly presented by Alex Jones while he still had a platform. If there was data like this available, it would have been weaponized against the Alliance a LONG TIME AGO. Sorry Ben. If these accusations are not true then it is massive slander and betrayal of the Alliance agenda. And guess what? Your most recent post was an apology to ‘Cobra’ for publishing things that were not true and thereby committing slander. Here is what this individual just had you publish: “This article has come to my attention: It contains a false statement that I am wanted by the law in my home country. That statement is NOT true and is actually slander. I am NOT wanted by the law, neither in my country nor anywhere else. Please add a correction to that article ASAP.” It is up to this audience to discern and compare what Ben is saying with what else is available. The content and timing of this “New Intel” is extremely suspect, as is the complete lack of any mention of Q Anon as the authoritative source of Alliance briefings. The reason I say it is suspect is that the Alliance is finally getting the job done and moving into a phase where we could be right on the verge of major public disclosures. Anyone who joins this administration is going to have to be Alliance. There is no other way. The cards are completely stacked against you. It would be deadly not to play along or to otherwise attempt to bribe or blackmail. Plus, there is such secrecy around these operations that we cannot assume to know anything. Real leaks are very, very hard to come by since we are in a final phase. We have very good intel that the tribunals began as of January 2nd, so the idea that they have not yet begun or are trying to be delayed is incorrect. Analysis and deciphering of the latest Q posts is of critical importance right now in gaining understanding as to what the Alliance is doing. I have recently become active with live video streaming on, as you may know. There is a much bigger story going on. In particular, two new whistleblowers came forward just as of Wednesday, February 20th (well, one of the two) with Linda Moulton Howe regarding the Antarctic Atlantis and the secret space program. The other, Spartan 1, appeared in a video from January. This is incredible stuff, giving full confirmation of what we have been reporting now over many years… with stunning new details as well.  I rushed to get out a video about this the very day after I heard about it and watched Linda’s videos. This is where things are going from the briefings I am getting. It is the length of a full movie, but do please watch, as THIS is the hot insider story of the moment: We are at high risk of another 9/11 false flag event to try to throw off the tribunals from continuing. You are advised to stock up on two weeks’ worth of food, water and basic survival supplies.

This very likely fake briefing Ben just got is completely in keeping with the idea that the Deep State is going for as many all-or-nothing kill-shots as they can at this moment. Additionally, just since this video went live, we have gotten additional briefings that the Deep State folks are apparently indeed moving forward with the plan to do the Antarctic Atlantis and undersea ruins disclosure in the near future.

We heard for some time that they might do this when they are really in trouble, and that time is now. If they can’t get the false flags to work, they need to do something to try to distract the public enough that the information about the tribunals gets overwhelmed by other, much more compelling material. A release of the Antarctic Atlantis material could keep us completely riveted to mainstream news for months. It dwarfs the excitement of the Apollo missions or anything else you can think of by orders of magnitude. Again, if there was any information that the president did these sorts of things, it would have come to my attention a long time ago. The Alliance would not have used someone who was that blackmailable. I call BS. Trust the Plan. David Wilcock

In the big picture, if you connect the dots you may see what I saw early on.

Recently we have witnessed Gordon Duff of Veterans Today teaming up with “ex-CIA” Robert David Steele, going so far as to endorse him as a candidate for Secretary of State.

Steele has been “blowing the whistle” on the deep state and supporting Trump, while soliciting funds, saying his blog, Phi Beta Iota, has been attacked and coming up with miraculous solutions to all of America’s problems.

Connecting the dots… I noted that Jordan Sather’s first video interview guest was Robert David Steele. So… some unknown, 27 year-old kid arrives on the Internet out of nowhere, gets a YouTube channel, and while still wet behind the ears lands an interview with rough-around-the-edges CIA spy Robert David Steele? Really?

Steele was not nearly so forthcoming with his information or warm, fuzzy demeanor when interviewed by the Unknown Light Warrior on Ground Crew Command Radio on Blogtalk and refused to comment on a number of Jim’s questions.

If a plum interview while still in rookie status wasn’t enough, Sather was flashing secret society hand signs in at least one of his videos like it was the most natural thing in the world. Duly noted. Clearly a member of a faction.

I also just happened to see a video from someone who researched Steele and the evidence suggested he lived in a very high end estate home in the Northeast—shown courtesy of Google Earth—while soliciting financial support from his readers. I can’t confirm that and didn’t try, but found it in line with what I suspected.

More recently we saw Robert David Steele travel to Japan to hook up with Benjamin Fulford. Fulford also hooked up with Cobra. I must admit to giving Cobra some latitude for awhile now since the loss of his partner, but recently I got an uneasy feeling.

I am a loyal sort, but not totally naive. I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt to a point, and understand that alliances are sometimes made to serve the cause.

I form quick decisions about people but watch quietly from the wings to see what they will do and say long term. If they garner no further infractions, I’ll go along—warily; if they set off my red alert antennae, I decide what to do at that point.

I definitely have my “gut feelings” about people, and certain “personalities” or energies of personalities strongly repel me—even from comments they leave on the blog. Words most definitely have energy.

Gordon Duff is one who repels me; RDS is another; Corey Goode and Jordan Sather likewise. Interesting that they’re all connected. Contact in the Desert has been infiltrated just like anything else. The deep state has its tentacles in everything to maintain a modicum of control.

This week was a turning point in the information war simmering merrily away on the back burner, it seems, and the sizzling attacks on Trump and Q erupted like “spontaneous” fires from directed energy weapons. I already mentioned the Q attack from Jesse at (BP)Earthwatch.

Robert David Steele on his website began attacking President Trump’s initiatives, intentions, activities, loyalties, son-in-law—and more importantly, the ability for Trump to get the job done—via the articles posted there.

He was outspoken in 2018 when the President was sending troops to the southern border to fend off the first “caravan” and said he could have done it a lot better, cheaper, and faster.

Before I forget, all the money Steele claims to have had to spend to fortify his website Phi Beta Iota, was called into question for me when I consulted Number One, whose professional opinion was, there is no reason to have to spend anywhere near what Steele claimed to secure his website he claimed was attacked. I wasn’t buying it.

It’s also interesting to note that Thomas Williams called out Steele long ago as well, and said he is not “ex” CIA. He’s agency all the way. It may be true that no one is ever “ex” agency. They never retire.

The warning bells were going off when Duff endorsed Steele for Secretary of Defense as I feel it would be foolish to elect anyone from the agencies to represent us, and we are aware there are a startling number of “ex” agency people running for office in various states. Coincidence?

There are plenty of honest patriots who are untainted by the alphabet and don’t have ulterior agendas and that is where the informed need to place their trust. Fresh faces and clean backgrounds. Break out the Luminol because the old guard can never wash all traces of blood from their hands.

Gordon Duff is ex-military, well connected, and privy to a lot of intel, but he treated the patriots very badly at the time of Jade Helm and I’ve never had a good feeling about him. Veterans Today then fired contributing editor James Fetzer, a true patriot, because of a sharp disagreement in what was ethical to publish—and I think that was related to Jade Helm as well.

Personally, I feel the arrogance of Duff and Steele is palpable. They aren’t one of us, as Trump is. They have a disdain for we serfs.

Getting back to Steele’s posts this week that caught my eye—one of which is an article from Veterans Today; alone, they may not evoke concern, but together, they suggest a pattern, and a possible triangulation of where he’s going with it all—in a form of Icke’s “totalitarian tip-toe”.

Zero Hedge: Has Donald Trump Lost His Mind on 5G? Or Is He Simply Surrounded by Ignorant Treasonous Assholes?

BREAKING Gordon Duff: Trump, Kushner, Bolton False Flag Scenarios for April-May War with Iran UPDATE 1: Metz Gets It Right — MASSIVE BLUNDER

Yoda: King Jared The First — The Real Power Manipulating President Trump? The Zionists Seem to Think Jared “Owns” Trump. Not Cool at All.

Steele appears to have an army of informed guest writers and the tactic seems to be—question the President, and convince the alternative media Steele is the man with all the answers who sees all the problems and has the skills and contacts to be able to fix it all. Open source everything.

I can’t vote in the US, but if I could I certainly wouldn’t be opening the door for a CIA operative and self-professed spy who calls into question the ethics of a duly-elected President or his family, begs for money from his readers, and gives me the cold-pricklies, energetically speaking.

People are judged not only by their words and deeds, but by the circles they travel in, and I don’t like this circle.

Ben Fulford, be choosy who you fraternize with, the information you share, and your alliances. The jury is still out on you. Some have already discounted your loyalty to Humanity.

Questioning Trump’s decisions is one thing. Beyond that is enemy territory and anyone suggesting Trump cannot do what he said he would or that the military is not behind him is suspect. Alluding to a despicable criminal background is bordering on TREASON. The semantics of “the military” is sensitive and we know there are two; Trump’s and the Rothschilds’.

Patriots remember: this is an information war. We were warned this would happen. You no doubt saw the long list of Twitter accounts suspended. The psychopaths aim to silence the truth and substitute their lies to influence the minds of unsuspecting people. Even us. Their operatives have infiltrated everything and are everywhere. Be vigilant.  ~ BP

Benjamin Fulford’s Geopolitical Update for February 25, 2018

Khazarian mafia play Trump blackmail card in final bid to avoid extermination

By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  3 Comments

The Khazarian mafia is in a state of deep panic as more and more people, including many Jews, wake up to their horrors.  That is why they are playing their trump card by blackmailing U.S. President Donald Trump into sabotaging the restoration of the U.S. Republic and preventing the start of military tribunals, say Pentagon and MI6 sources.

Trump is also going along with his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s Chabad plan (2,800 goyim slaves for each Jew) to start World War III with a war on Iran, the sources say.  The result is that U.S. military intelligence are coming to the conclusion that Trump must go.

“Donald Trump is a Pentagon peacetime president, so there is a significant military intelligence presence around him.  Really, we didn’t want either him or the other one, but we had to put in one so the Bush stuff could come through,” was what a high-level military intelligence source explained.  The result was that Barbara Bush and George Bush Sr. were executed for treason, the source said.

However, now that Trump has placed Bush Sr.-era Attorney General William Barr as Attorney General again, he has let out a sign for all to read that he will not be going after the perpetrators of 9/11 or any more members of the Bush/Clinton crime family.  Trump also has been blocking military tribunals and other forms of justice from moving forward, Pentagon sources say.

Many people, including this writer, hoped Trump would be the liberator of the U.S.  However, Trump’s hiring of radical neocon warmongers like Jeff Bolton and convicted criminals like Elliot Abrams have forced us to realize that Trump is damaged goods.

If you want yet another sign that something is seriously wrong with the Trump presidency, ask yourself why Trump is trying to transfer nuclear weapons technology to the rogue state of Saudi Arabia.

Pentagon sources say he is doing this on the part of his Chabad masters in order to start a nuclear world war by having Saudi Arabia nuke Iran.

The reason for these unnatural Trump actions is serious blackmail, both Pentagon and MI6 sources say.  Specifically, they say “Trump is on film …

… bashing in a child’s head.”  This is something both senior British and U.S. military intelligence sources confirm.

There is now corroborating evidence coming forward in public.  The Miami Herald, in particular, has been doing real journalistic work by exposing convicted pedophile Jeff Epstein, whose Orgy Island Trump has frequented.  Now a judge has ruled that Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta broke the law when he let Epstein off lightly on pedophilia charges.  When asked about it, Trump said, “I don’t know much about it.  He’s done a great job as Labor Secretary.  That seems like a long time ago.”

This, by the way, is what Trump had to say about Epstein:  “Terrific guy.  He’s a lot of fun to be with.  It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks—Trump has become an obstacle to justice in the U.S.  Not only that, he has publicly joined the radical Chabad fanatics who have been trying to start World War III for decades.  My question is why doesn’t the military grab Abrams, Bolton, Kushner, etc. and put them in jail where they belong?  Also, why don’t they find the video with which Trump is being blackmailed and use it to force him to resign?  You can start that search by questioning Epstein.

In any case, despite Trump’s unnatural turnaround on issues like 9/11, Pentagon sources say he has been forced by the military to take action against lower-ranking figures.  “Zionists have been targeted after Trump met with military brass in October 2017 to unleash the storm with Harvey Weinstein, then Las Vegas casino king Steve Wynn (Weinberg), then CBS titan Les Moonves, and now billionaire New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft and more.”

Also, “Mossad espionage operations to help Jewish criminals have also been neutralized with the shutdown of Psy Group, and the exposure of Black Cube as well as Pegasus spyware,” Pentagon sources say.  Furthermore, “The gay Bolton flunky and Israeli shill Richard Grenell was rejected as UN ambassador,” the sources note.

The removal of senior pedophile Catholic cardinals is another positive sign that the Khazarian mafia pedophile blackmail network is being dismantled.  The defrocking last week of sex predator ex-Cardinal of D.C. Ted McCarrick is now likely to be followed by the defrocking of convicted pedophile Cardinal George Pell, former head of the Vatican Bank, the sources say.

The Khazarian mafia is fighting back by seeking Chinese protection and sponsorship.  Trump was able to end the U.S. government shutdown and get funds to keep the Washington, D.C. apparatus running by offering the Chinese control of Japan and the Korean Peninsula, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.  As a part of this deal, U.S. forces will withdraw from Japan and Korea to Hawaii, the sources say.  This will come up for discussion when Trump meets this week with North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un, they say.

Asian secret society sources independently confirm that yes indeed, control of Japan has been promised to China.  They say the only thing the election of Trump did was delay this deal, which had already been negotiated by Hillary Clinton.

Another sign of the Khazarian mafia sucking up to the Chinese was seen last week when Saudi Clone Prince Mohammed Bin Salman visited China.  He was able to get some rent money out of China by offering to build a giant refinery there and by promising to teach Chinese to all Saudi Arabian schoolchildren.  He also showed he was a fake Muslim by endorsing China’s placing of Uighur Muslims into concentration camps.

The Saudi and American branches of the Khazarian mafia also are seeking Chinese protection because the Jews are finally figuring out that the Khazarians are their worst enemy.  If you have not seen it yet, please check out this short YouTube video by long-term, high-ranking U.S. government official Steve Pieczenik.  Pieczenik independently confirms what many sources have been telling me over the years:  Jews working for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were killing their fellow Jews during World War II.

This all was part of an effort to force Jews out of Europe and into Israel in order to create a kingdom there for the Khazarian mafia.  The fact that the Jews are waking up to this terrible crime against them in the name of Zionism has put the Khazarian mafia into a state of deep fear.  This can be seen in the move by Rothschild-slave French President Emmanuel Macron to make anti-Zionism a criminal offense.

Somebody should remind Macron about what happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania or Italy’s Benito Mussolini after they tried to ramp up repression in order to stop a popular revolt against their rule.

On a final note this week, we got a lot of feedback concerning our report of an attempt to cash high-level bonds last week in the name of “Doctor” Zvonko Berdik-Albert.  Asian secret society sources said “Dr.” Albert was a con artist and not a real doctor.  They say at one point he illegally accessed Plum Blossom (Mei Hua) funds and that “close to 50 Chinese generals” were subsequently executed as a result.  They say “Dr.” Albert was executed “because he caused suffering to many people.”

However, the sponsors of the bond countered by saying:

“He was originally on the wrong side, but then devoted the last 10 years of his life to doing only the right thing and thus was hunted by the Cabal.  He was a good and decent guy, though, and wanted to see the trust be used only for the best interests of the people.  He put his foot down against the Cabal in the last years of his life.  Since we have taken the helm, we have repositioned its direction from its past.  [Putting] Scott in place of Dr. A is purely for mankind, and he has been fighting the good fight and cause for the last 10 years.  We will only do the right, equitable thing for humanity as a whole.”

The people who tried to cash this instrument seemed sincere and well-intentioned.  However, it looks like the move on the bond was a covert attempt to buy out influential truthseekers by offering them vast sums for “humanitarian purposes.”  The problem, of course, is that it perpetuates the system of having a secret group use its abilities to create money out of thin air in order to bribe or pay to have neutralized any opposition to their rule.

The ultimate answer is still to make the creation and distribution of money a publicly-run utility, not a secret source of godlike power for a self-selected few.


Disclosure with a Capital “D” is Ongoing and Soon to Be Global Mainstream? [videos] ~ February 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: My, my… isn’t this getting exciting! New information is being revealed that is sure to “rock” everyone’s world in short order. We all know the truth of the matter, and it will be most interesting to what public reaction when the Earth learns “we are not alone”!

Please read this excellent article by Starship Earth who keeps us up to date on breaking information, watch the video’s, learn a lot, and be…



I just finished watching this update from David Wilcock and he unloads a lot of new intel that just came out this week, and didn’t get to speak about ascension much but I recommend listening.

Near the conclusion he discusses what sounds like the “Event flash” and the end of the evil draco reptilians. No one knows when that will happen, hence the activities by the Alliance to defang the cabal.

David relates new information as of this week from two Navy SEAL whistleblowers who approached Linda Moulton Howe. She did two videos about those revelations and they can be found at her web site, Earthfiles, or see Part  2 below David Wilcock’s video if you wish to hear it from her.

Since David speaks of Oumuamua, I’m including this video I was sitting on which shows that the “asteroid”, which is actually a ship, as most of us believed, has structured compartments in it. David tells us select people boarded the craft and explored this derelict, but weren’t the first.

DISCLOSURE is not far off. Smart people already know, but the sleepers are in for a treat.

We recently shared the expert opinion of a top Harvard scientist who was adamant that this “asteroid” is not an asteroid.

We are not alone, and there is a secret space program the controllers don’t want us to know about. Oooops! Too late. Recalculating!

We may want to keep in mind that we’ve heard warnings the psychopaths may be keeping a false flag disclosure-type event in their back pocket in case they need a major distraction as they writhe in the throes of death. They’re out of cards and it’s time to fold.

We get a lot of truths, and a lot of disinformation, so you will have to decide which is which.  ~ BP

UFO Disguised As Comet Slowed Down Rotation When Nearest To Earth

David Wilcock: Stunning NEW Antarctic SSP Insiders! LIVE – 2/23/2019

Linda Moulton Howe Live 02/20/2019 (Antarctica Whistleblower)

Headlines and Updates for February 22, 2019: Desperate Distractions [videos] ~ February 22, 2019

It’s been raining for two days, there’s snow all over the mountains where I’ve not seen it before, and it’s not what I expect in late February. There’s 2 feet of snow in Kingman, AZ from a freak storm, road closures all over the place, and a 100 year record has been broken in Flagstaff for snow. Abnormal is normal.

Check out David Wilcock’s update at the end of this post where he says the climate in the US is beginning to normalize, now that the Allies have seized control of the cabal satellites they used to control the weather. The pendulum is swinging the other way.

The Watchers has a summary of some key weather and Earth events unfolding globally.

We’re making progress…

One Step Closer to Defunding Planned Parenthood

2875Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 22 Feb 2019 – 11:59:22 AM


One step closer.

Just hours before David Icke was to board a plane in the UK bound for Australia, his visa was revoked. Censorship at its finest.

Conspiracy Researcher David Icke Banned From Speaking In Australia

What does one even say about an event like this? Is this a weaponized, alien-mind-controlled-demon-bot? Who does this? Not a normal Human. Is this an indication of why we must have that secure border?

Police Shoot and Kill Man Who Decapitated Woman in Domestic Dispute

Now THIS is criminal. Blaming those blatant attacks from directed energy weapons on any one person is evil. They’re just trying to make law enforcement look good for having collared someone to blame. He’s a fall guy; a patsy. They have at least one for every false flag event.

California man sentenced to prison for starting wildfire that forced over 7,000 to evacuate

NM GOVERNOR Faces IMPEACHMENT After Pulling Troops From Border

Hear that sucking sound? Swirling the bowl…  Soon, the whack-job himself will be caught in the whirlpool.

Justin Trudeau’s Top Advisor RESIGNS, Who’s Next?

The Economic Attacks Begin, Countermeasures In Place – Episode 1797a

Dave does a great job of summarizing many top news headlines and explaining the significance from his perspective.

Trump Was Brought In To Drain The Swamp & The Economic Swamp – Episode 1798a

David Wilcock shares very interesting intel, on many levels, with the guys at Edge of Wonder, Part 4.

Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown Part 4

David Wilcock: Deep State Tribunals Underway, Tree-Fall Synchronicity ~ February 4, 2019

The Deep State Tribunals have now begun in several locations, according to various insider accounts. David and Elizabeth Wilcock had a huge tree fall in their yard as they were both writing about this civilization-defining change in their own way. David gives mission-critical updates about the in-process defeat of the Deep State and the energetic process that goes along with it — regarding the Fall of Kings. Right as these articles were being prepared, two huge trees fell into their yard, destroying the fence and nearly breaking the windows. David sees this as a powerful synchronicity and affirmation that we are indeed in “the time of times!”