Headlines and Updates for December 5, 2019: Seeing the World For What It Is [videos] ~ December 5, 209

Editor’s Note: Nice report, I like the ending with a video discussing how FLOTUS decorated the White House for Christmas, followed by a great shot of our brethren who are watching us. Are you enjoying the show yet? Hopefully a denouement leading towards FREEDOM will follow after the FISA report is released.

Please read this report, stay aware as this month develops, and BE…



Phoenix brings a solid update for today with a cautionary note about falling for the fake news.  That’s all the dark ones have to bring us down to their level; fear, hatred, mistrust; all the baser emotions. Soar above and don’t let them bring down your vibration.

I don’t like listening to or watching the psychopaths because I have the same reaction as I do when I pass a pile of excrement on the road or sidewalk so I appreciate the brief updates.

PIR 12 05 19

Today’s Field Report tells us that the process is underway to free Field McConnell; Kirk says they just can’t talk about it. It takes time to follow due process of law.

Timothy Holmseth published this update, and it includes a sick video (Little Piggy & The Umbrella Man (Originally Published 2010)) made by Montagraph, who still runs free, while a man who is a champion for the Children’s Crusade, Field McConnell, has been fraudulently imprisoned for over 30 days now.

This is the kind of video the people who run the world use to get off. There are channels where they can tune in and watch material like this—and worse—from the snuff film industry. Humans are entertainment for these psychopaths. You will have to sign in to watch the video at the link in the article.

Americans are requesting Wisconsin governor release U.S. Marine Field McConnell – requests made for investigation into child torture film producer

This is Timothy’s newest update, with some great background information. He tells the brutal truth about the globalist plan for Humanity. It’s an excellent overview, and he goes into a discussion about SerialBrain2, and the Montagraph video mentioned above, JonBenet Ramsey and other topics.

US Military to Take Out Blackmail Operation Against Congress and Executives…?

The psychopaths will go after anyone they see as the enemy, and Devin Nunes has raised their ire. What they have done to he and his family is despicable, but he’s not backing down.

Rep. Devin Nunes Files $435 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN over Ukraine Report

Nunes on why he’s suing CNN

We have another striking reminder that all is not well with the People of Earth/Terra, where in France they continue to express their displeasure with the aristocracy’s policies.

General strike in Paris against Macron’s plans to reduce retirement benefits

The people don’t like tyrannical governments threatening to take their guns, either.

Virginia Is Attempting Gun Confiscation – And People Are Revolting

The lunatic left don’t like it when anyone points out the truth. One man in Iowa confronted Biden on his son Hunter’s position at Burisma, and Biden’s age came into it as well. The response is not surprising; denial and abuse.

Biden gets in testy exchange in Iowa: ‘You’re a damn liar’

Nancy Pelosi is triggered by a question from the press about hating Trump. She says as a Catholic she was raised in a way that means her heart is full of love and she doesn’t hate anyone. Really? Is that why you steal from the taxpayers? An act of love? Is that why you have destroyed California? Is that why the streets are full of homeless people, including war vets, while you dine in your vineyards in your ivory tower ignoring it all?

Pelosi Snaps After Beings Asked if she Hates Trump

This is great, and mostly Matt Gaetz. We shared a brief clip yesterday from this extended version. The Republicans are not letting the leftist loonies bully them.

Gaetz explodes at impeachment witnesses: You don’t get to interrupt me

Here’s what KellyAnne Conway had to say about Karlan’s holier-than-thou attidude. Cuz she looks like a dude. Apparently she’s “bi”. Maybe a friend of Michael Obama’s.

Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: ‘Who the hell are you lady’

Good grief. Baltimore, again. A massive cleanup is needed in that town. Thanks to The CAT Report for the heads up.

Baltimore Mayor Warns of Body “Snatching” White Van Targeting Young Girls To Sell Their Organs

And We Know brings us a new video update. The people at the helm are terrific role models.

AWK Dec. 2 News: FLOTUS destroys [DS} with #Christmas @Whitehouse Patriotism exhibit.

All of a sudden we’re getting a lot of “ship shots”. This is from an email from a friend that I missed originally in late October, said to be an Andromedan ship. Thanks, J. Beautiful.

With that, I’m signing off for today.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for November 15, 2019: Q Drop & Pedos On the Run [videos] ~ November 15, 2019

QAnon dropped another crumb last evening. Thinking caps on.3595

Spygate: Who Gave the Orders and Approved the Spying on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 14 Nov 2019 – 5:39:27 PM

Read today’s new drop here.

I am having publishing issues on my PC so will send this post off from my iPad and see what happens.  ~ BP

This isn’t a good start to the post, but it is an accurate reflection of the times.

Daniel Cannon showed us a video produced by the school in California involved in the shooting on November 14; Saugus High School.

On November 1, 2018, one year ago, the principal announced in this video they were going to have an active shooter drill… just in case. That isn’t a crime, but oddly, an hour later the video was disabled, leaving only this message…

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.

That’s odd, because it was strictly the school’s video as presented by students and the Principal. Daniel said nothing, just mirrored their video. Even the title doesn’t say anything. Unbelievable.

For Your Information… High School Blues

If you didn’t listen to Linda Paris/Deplorable McAllister’s talk with Juan O Savin about the Illuminati numerology and their slavery to their numbers and rituals, Part 2 in particular is top drawer, and the longer Juan talked, the more interesting it got. Eleven is a very important number to the satanists.

JONBENET RAMSEY BREAKTHROUGH! EVIDENCE: Colorado Man That Produced Child Torture Porn CHANGED HIS NAME After Being Questioned by Law Enforcement About JonBenet Ramsey Murder

Timothy Holmseth and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force have an update on the JonBenet Ramsey murder. It’s a sick world we live in, folks, and some of the psychos have large followings on YouTube and solicit donations from unsuspecting viewers while pretending to be entertainers.

They have multiple names/identities to enable them to carry out what they do and escape the law. Add to that the tendency of Google/YT to mess with subscriber/view data, and some viewers are none the wiser.

Now we know why “Montagraph” was harassing Field McConnell while on the air during the Abel Danger/Field Report. This is war.

We don’t want anyone to forget about Jeffrey Epstein so…

#NEW: Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad claims Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, but was the target of a Western conspiracy that also took the lives of other high-profile figures he claimed too knew too much.https://t.co/FDcv897Vvu

— Chloe Salsameda (@ChloeSalsameda) November 15, 2019

Alex Jones’ buddy got some bad news.

Jury finds Stone guilty on 7 felony counts

There’s more bad news. ‘Eye the Spy’ is under attack. He has been “spying” on pedophiles and compiling information from the WWW to take them down.

The establishment will do anything to prevent the truth about pedophilia from coming out any more than it already has. They are going after those who sought to expose them. Timothy Holmseth, Field McConnell, and now Kirk Pendergrass says they threatened to come after him, as well. He said he could end up in the same boat as Field.

Legal action has been brought against the person running this account.
The state is now accusing him of being a pedophile.
Electronics were seized, and a drugged, coerced narrative was created against his protests.

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) November 15, 2019

Then the account disappeared from Twitter, so… here is the text from the thread, just so you know, as ETS has been maligned before. Warriors who take on the psychopaths are in danger, every day. We need to appreciate them, and hope they are protected. They risked everything to do this work.

EyeTheSpy @TrueEyeTheSpy IMPORTANT: Legal action has been brought against the person running this account. The state is now accusing him of being a pedophile. Electronics were seized, and a drugged, coerced narrative was created against his protests.


He was working on a Project called “Compendium”, which documented IP addresses; server locations, file hashes, and a whole host of material that would expose directly where child-pornography was hosted and then relayed through global P2P networks; a giant web of evil.

In the course of this injustice, he has been legally gagged from using electronics and cannot provide information to the public about anything. Effectively silencing this platform and attempting to destroy his life and work in the process.

This is expected to be a lengthy legal battle & the narrative being pushed is itself designed to malign his character and support. While being fought; please understand communication from this platform is now being & will be relayed second-hand in order to comply with the law.

Options are being weighed as to creating a legal defense fund for ETS or the best road forward in this developing situation. Prayers are appreciated. Please keep trusting Q. Do not let them put your light out!

EyeTheSpy @TrueEyeTheSpy
Please understand, no hack, ETS does not want your money. In the course of this battle, his anonymity would be lost & last safeguard against the DS gone. – This is a situation by design where-in we must decide whether to expose & save our friend; or let him fight alone. PRAY.

The Chief has good news, however. There’s always good news.

I understand the problems of a TI (targeted individual) who was involuntarily subjected to MK ULTRA & chips put in their bodies without their permission. We have invented a Chip Killer to destroy those chips. It will be in testing for the next two months.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) November 13, 2019

This may be in part why POTUS was late to the rally in Bossier, LA.

Duty called.

Oh, and the Trump-Pence signs were used at that rally. I’m sure there’s a strategy.

Multiple sources have reported the OIG report from Michael Horowitz is “IMMINENT”!

IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Teamhttps://t.co/9yQJZ4d6eZ

— Scott Mowry (@MiraclesInspire) November 15, 2019

I think you’ll enjoy the strategy Phoenix discusses in today’s report, and the “tip of the day”—killer.

PIR 11 15 19

From Adam Riva of Dauntless Dialogue…

What’s the plan? Arrest the pedophiles running the global network. Destroy the rat lines. Get the procurers out of society. Starve the big predators at the top. At the end… take out the BIG fish. In the mean time, they feel the PAIN. They know what’s coming; they just don’t know when.

Evidence of the Mass Arrests of Pedophiles | A Master List

TweetOne of the Top Priorities of the Trump Administration On February 9, 2017, one of President Donald Trump’s first executive orders was enacted called Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking. Its purpose is to strictly crack down on human trafficking, especially child trafficking both foreign and domestic. In an article published on Zero … Continue reading

Canadians need to stop listening to the treasonous lamestream media (owned by the globalist cabal) and start looking after Canadians. If you don’t arrest the flow of Muslim immigrants, you can kiss your way of life goodbye in fairly short order. Your children will feel it.

These particular immigrants have a plan. They openly tell us what they are going to do to preserve their culture and succeed. They will not assimilate Canadian customs. They will gladly take what you have to offer, however. Are you listening?

WATCH: Canadian Imam: ‘Only Patronize Muslim Businesses, Fire Non-Praying Employees

Canadian imam lectures that Muslims should live separate from Canadian society and deal exclusively with Muslims.

(Thanks to Religion of Peace)

Muslims are the only immigrant that comes to the West with a ready made model of society that they believe to be superior to Western law and mores and they mean to impose it.

The Truth Must be Told

I went looking for a Billy Joyce update this morning because it’s been so long and found no new uploads. Fifteen minutes later I got the notification for this one. He speaks first about the Canadian election, and his problem with the data, and his problem with the actions of Crime Minister Justin Turdeau; the cause of climate change and the fact that Greta Thunberg dared to tell Canadians what they must do to address it.

He went on to address the YT/Google control of search results. Perhaps you’ve noticed. I know I have, and I’ve mentioned it. He gets into the outrageous, conniving tactics of the legacy Canadian media to bury accurate, fact-based information about climate change, and the hit pieces on People’s Party of Canada candidates and states a number of things that Canadians need to hear and comprehend.

His predictions about “WEXIT” and the Western Provinces wanting to leave Canada as a result of the election came to pass, and he is an astute analyst so it’s well worth the time to listen to his monologues.

He then got into the Don Cherry incident and the hit job the media did on free speech in Canada. Now they’re off and running with the story. He also reveals another disappearing video from Canada’s version of “The View” and Jess Allen’s disgusting views on white boys and parents of hockey players. Enough said. Some folks on social media have been calling for the network to fire her ass.

#DonCherry ’s #Canada may be dying, but we’re not dead yet! #PPCStrong&Free !

Love it!! https://t.co/LOa9SN6ZNT

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) November 15, 2019

And here are the opening remarks from Devin Nunes for Day 2 of the fiasco to magically manifest non-existent whistleblowers who witnessed crimes on the part of President Trump. Meanwhile, ringmaster of the circus has been shamed and ridiculed all over social media for this Schiff-show.

Nunes blasts Dems’ ‘strange cult’ in fiery opening statement

In Case You Weren’t Sure… This is What is Really Happening: Clash of the Titans ~ Feb. 9, 2018

Excellent article here by Starship Earth! This article contains the “meat” I need to see for sustaining my small part as the Earth’s, and humanity’s, transition occurs. Yes, yes, all the various players are gathered to duke it out for the purpose of maintaining control, by which…the ultimate spiritual purpose will be, is being, achieved.

So…stay tuned, keep up with late breaking events which will help ALL of us know how to respond for our personal safety, and…


A Starship reader felt compelled to leave the following in comments, so I assume it is alright to also share it here.

For those not understanding the true situation on this planet, the explanation below pretty much sums it up.

We have recommended everyone listen to Thomas Williams’ Truth, Honor & Integrity Shows because he states the facts as they are, at least as far as I can see. His view also agrees with the one below, as does mine.

I have shared that what appears is happening, and what IS happening are not the same. The cabal/Illuminati/globalist/El-ite factions (some say 5 – 7 of them) who have controlled the planet and her people for eons are duking it out.

Sometimes their skirmishes benefit us. I shared a video where Dr. Steve Pieczenik admitted he is part of the deep state and that he and his team arranged to put Trump in office, effectively pulling off a counter coup to prevent their arch enemies from installing Hillary Clinton in one more in a long line of hijacked elections.

That explains the bitter fights to disgrace Trump, assassinate him, and turn people against him.

While those who are making positive change might like us to bow down and worship them, that’s probably not a good idea. They’re not doing it just to “save Humanity”. There has to be something in it for them.

We need to remain impartial. We can appreciate that Hitlary Clinton is not POTUS, and thank the President for the inroads he has made to restoring the Republic, but it ain’t over yet, and not everything he has done is what we would like to see.

Q gets rave reviews, but many are taking a more realistic view of who and what Q is/are and I think it’s a good idea. It seems to me that Q has indeed generated an awakening and is a great cheerleader with reminders that the future for America is glorious, but I feel that part of Q’s purpose is to engage the patriots, to draw them into the battle so they feel a part of it, feel useful, and possibly beholden to those who are fighting the dark ones who want to eliminate Humanity outright.

Patriots understandably want to be on the winning side and are happy to team up with QAnon, but we don’t want to fall in love with our captor as in the Stockholm Syndrome.

How does Q get all that intelligence if they are not who they say? They are all spying on each other ALL THE TIME. Of course they know where everyone is and can hear them breathing. That’s how they stay alive.

I have said countless times, “There is no black and white. Only shades of grey.” It’s complicated.

We are seeing plane crashes, train wrecks, murders, “suicides” in increasing numbers, and that tells me the factions are at it. They’re taking each other out.

Some of them want us to have disclosure of the extraterrestrials and become space-faring. Others will kill to prevent that.

This IS the Battle of Evermore. The Clash of the Titans. It will change our lives. But I don’t think it’s exactly what it appears to be. We still have an imposing mountain to scale once we are freed at least in part from our shackles and it ain’t over til it’s over.

We want people to wake up, but wake up to the Truth, not the Illusion. There are plenty of people online pedaling both.

There is much wisdom in the analysis below and I offer it in hopes it clarifies what we are witnessing. Thank you to Valkyrie Ice McGill for sharing their point of view in response to the opposing views of QAnon from BPEarthwatch and Montagraph in my post, “QAnon: Incentive or Sedative?”.  ~ BP


Okay, I usually don’t bother to constantly explain this, but there is one thing most people seem to utter fail to comprehend.

You and I, and all the other masses of humanity, are caught up in a war between giants.

It doesn’t matter how many of “us” resist. It doesn’t matter how strongly we believe “we matter.”


There has NEVER been a revolution “from the bottom.” Not the French, not the Bolsheviks, Not the Maoists. In EVERY case, those revolutions succeeded because a group of people in power wanted to eliminate other people in power, and provided enough support to make that revolution a “success.”

Even in the American Revolution, WITHOUT THE WEALTHY LANDOWNERS WHO LED IT, it would have never amounted to anything.

You and I cannot fight giants. We’re ants who at best can nibble at their toes.

For any “revolution” to occur, it has to be to the benefit of a faction of those who have the wealth, resources, and influence to make it happen.

In this case, you have a very small group of hidden players who have brought down the wrath of those they were using, i.e. much of the military, other governments, etc, who came to realize that rather than being “allies and equals”; that THEY WERE ON THE MENU.


These are the people who discovered they didn’t get a reserved seat in a bunker, but were expected to eat a nuclear blast.

Yes, Q is completely a psy-op. It’s being done BECAUSE WITHOUT BREAKING THE PROGRAMMING that has been done to the majority of the population, the people who are trying to save their own skins from those who view them as “disposable”, they could inadvertently CAUSE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO PREVENT.

They saw this in the French Revolution, and so many others. Rile people into mobs, and not just the guilty end up on the chopping block.

What good is it going to be to “Save the world from the Cabal” if in doing so, WE BURN IT ALL DOWN because they didn’t defuse the programming?

Q has said this over and over.

You and I can “Help” by letting the people who KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS DO THEIR JOBS, while we do what we can do, spread the truth to help minimize the chaos WE can cause which could keep them from doing those jobs.

But we can’t do those jobs for them, because we don’t have the means, access to knowledge, or physical force resources capable of doing what NEEDS to be done.

I still cannot claim that I believe what is happening is anything other than a factional war between former allies, but even if that is all it is, it is still to the benefit of people like you and me, because it is putting an end to a group of people who viewed all the rest of humanity – including the people who appear to be in the process of quietly rounding them up – as nothing more than a piece of steak to devour.

But don’t kid yourself that they are doing it FOR US. They are doing it to save their own skins.

Just be glad it looks like you and me will ALSO BENEFIT.

This has been building for a long time. There’s nothing “Biblical” about it, despite all the “apocalypse true believers”, it’s not “God saving us.” It’s that a group of parasites has started to kill the host, and for the host to survive, that particular parasite has to go.

Sure, maybe some alien group of beings might be assisting. Sure energies might be shifting. Sure, the entire planet might be undergoing some changes. But the forces behind what Q claims is going on have been at work for decades, and have been clearly visible to anyone willing to look at the actual evidence without the perceptual filters of “what’s acceptable,” or through the distorting lens of “FAITH” in one ideology or religion.

This has been a long time coming.

~ Valkyrie Ice McGill

QAnon: Patriot Incentive… or Sedative? [videos] ~ Feb. 8, 2018

This is a pretty good article from Starship Earth that directly asks the question many have had…is “Q” actually acting as a “delaying” agent for the clean-up of our country? Why haven’t arrests been made, and why is Hillary still walking around free (even with an ankle bracelet on)?

Well…actually, when one leaves the political arena behind and concentrates instead on the spiritual why things are, or aren’t, happening on Earth right now, it’s actually  a moot point as we know a high-enough level of humans are now vibrating on a high-enough level to…”git’ er done!” As Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf states, “All is perfect, and perfectly done.”

For me, this statement means that both Light and Dark are instrumental forces that must work together towards a final outcome in this Universe. While individual human desires are influenced by our feelings and emotions about any topic, the mass consciousness of humanity drives the evolution of humanity and that is the point we are at right now.

The really good news is that humanity has exceeded expectations for our next evolutionary step! So…that being said, I kinda calm down about articles like these that DO need to be considered, but then realize the game has already been won…YES!!

So…please read this article, watch the video’s, realize success for humnaity HAS been reached, and…


There’s no denying the love-affair in the alternative media with QAnon patriot and the intel the Q team brings.

Because I have felt there is a stalling tactic going on for some time, I listened to Montagraph’s view on it.

Are American patriots being lulled into a false sense of security by the “saviour” Q? Is it really about the roll-out of the 5G network as Monty claims?

Is the current status of the take-down of the cabal what prompted Cobra to tell us of the uptick in the activities of the Resistance Movement with the blessing and renewed intervention of the Galactic High Council? Was it necessary at this point for the “charge of the Light brigade” to increase their pace—or else?

Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves.

Below is Jesse’s interpretation of the latest Q posts from BPEarthwatch, and below, the warning from Montagraph that Q is a psyop. He could be correct about it all, incorrect, or some of each.

Are we really just a pot of boiling frogs, languishing in a tepid bath while we wait? And if so—for what? Would we know if someone turned up the heat?

Both these guys talk a good game, but we know we have Divine Intervention in many ways. That doesn’t excuse us, however, from taking destiny into our own hands.  ~ BP