Headlines and Updates for September 12, 2019: Hindsight is 20/20 [videos] ~ September 12, 2019

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As the patriots inhale the future and exhale the past, Phoenix assures us massive work is under way and the dam on information is about to burst. That full moon this weekend will be shining the Light of Truth on our world so watch what is revealed.

Some of these corrupticats are going to see the hammer, and it will probably be less painful than the business end of a pitchfork which is what they deserve from some angry patriots for what they have done.

Patriot Intel Report 09 12 19

What did they do, exactly? Is the following true? If so, a very disturbing thread.

1) Do you remember those poor people who jumped from the Towers, on Sept 11 2001?

Have you ever asked yourself WHY they jumped?
going to certain, painful death?

it did not make any sense…

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) September 11, 2019

Does it make it easier to accept they did similar in California, but to many more innocent people? The psychopaths hate us. It’s not some radicals in the Middle East who hate Westerners. It’s the satanic globalists. THEY hate us. They hate Humanity. They want us gone.

Remains of residential neighbourhood after California “wildfires”. Why didn’t the trees burn yet the homes are white ash?

UPDATE: U.S. Attorney moving forward with charges against McCabe Based On IG Report Findings

Trump the troll… I love it. Here are your campaign donations at work, folks—strategically placed with perfect timing.

Trump Campaign to Troll Democrat-Socialist Debate in Houston By Flying GIANT BANNER Blasting Socialism

Trump Campaign to fly this banner over Houston from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. local time — an hour before Democrats take the stage. #Trump2020 #DemDebate https://t.co/DtFGxA99hZ pic.twitter.com/7kmNgOFm8H

— TrumpSoldier (@DaveNYviii) September 12, 2019

Who is John Bolton, anyway? GoodDog has some input on that. We believe he’s just another bad actor whose time it was to exit, stage left. He played his role.

John Robert Bolton
Skull & Bonesman?

Boneheaded? Working with whom? Look at who was paying him to advance their Globalist Agenda:https://t.co/9VlQjUwPL1

Yale University? Knights of Malta? Where have we seen this before?

Relation to John Kerry? John Kerry [Heinz]? https://t.co/0fhRAcI6ac pic.twitter.com/zSQQgl7meS

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) September 11, 2019

For the general public, we have Mike Pompeo commenting on the canning of warhawk Bolton to smooth the ruffled feathers.

There won’t be any question as to what happened here when all is said and done involving James Comey and the Brady violations.

Flynn’s Attorneys Sound Alarm Over Missing DOJ Memo That Cleared Flynn

#BREAKING FLYNN Development @SidneyPowell1 Flynn’s Motion To Compel Brady Material Unsealed: Flynn Took Polygraph In 2016 And Passed https://t.co/CjUHe2cWyl via @SaraCarterDC

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) September 11, 2019

Here we go again… disgusting behaviour on the part of those who are able to do this.

DAHB0077 shares his personal view on it, and we neither validate nor dispute it. Just sharing. He’s probably correct to a large degree.

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations and Killings Alarm Ranchers In Oregon

Further to our watchful efforts with regard to plane crashes, we extracted this information pertaining to weather warfare and geoengineering. It’s not imagination, wild conjecture, or conspiracy theory, it’s fact:

…the same weapon placed an enormous electromagnetic burst (explosion) deep underwater, 100 miles north of Puerto Rico. From the surface of the ocean there arose a giant cone of water, rising a half mile into the air, turning into a mushroom, and falling back into the sea.

This was the second test of the new Russian strategic LWIs, under KGB control. By this test and the fact that the West did not even recognize what killed the Thresher, Khrushchev managed to stay in power another two years or so, after his Cuban Crisis fiasco where he lost face in front of the entire world.

World-wide weather engineering started in earnest by the Russians on July 4, 1976 – as a quirky sense of humor and “bicentennial gift” to the United States. The weapons have been used to shoot down aircraft, etc. worldwide also, mostly as tests, and have also destroyed ICBMs shortly after launch.  Source

Research it for yourself. It’s not about Russia. Many nations are capable, and the dark cabal’s minions/slaves do what their puppet masters tell them.

Don’t underestimate the technology and capabilities of the globalists and rogue military. That’s just a taste. We are mere playthings for their amusement and experimentation.

Since we are sentient Beings, they have no right to do this against our will. They have broken the universal peace treaty and are in the process of being removed from this planet, this galaxy, and beyond. It can’t happen soon enough.

Another mayor has been arrested. This one in Texas, plus three others. How many to go?

Former Mayor ARRESTED, Liberal Media PANICS

Utsava fans might be interested in her latest psychic update.

About Epstein’s wherabouts, Prince William’s future, the Royals, Reset, Bitcoin, World Terrorism, Trump.

Sean brings us a super video on his SGT Report revealing the corrupt antics of YouTube and Google with a smidgen of comic relief. We will resolve this problem with the Big Tech swamp monsters.

I don’t use Chrome, do you? Nor Gmail. I’ve been using Brave for awhile and I like it. See below for tips from Robert Epstein on how to circumnavigate the Silicon Valley vipers.

Monkeys, Morality & Google


I see a striking resemblance in this picture. https://t.co/muK0RqEKgt

— The “Dirty” Truth (@AKA_RealDirty) September 12, 2019

France orders Google to pay $1.1B to settle tax fraud case

That’s the update for today. You can almost hear the People waking up, can’t you?  ~ BP

We Were Half Right: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was Appointed—Not Elected [video] ~ March 5, 2019

Some of us were so taken aback by the sheer lack of knowledge, experience, and common sense—not to mention the unabashed radical platform of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez—that we thought she must be a plant by the good guys. Comedic sensationalism to make a point in the theatre of the absurd.

It’s looking like we misjudged the script. She was a plant all right—by the left, if this video can be believed. How predictable.

She answered a “casting call”. We also saw an ad on Craig’s List for Ruth Bader Ginsburg look-alikes followed by published footage of a marvelous stand-in walking around in her clothes but with head held high—which we know Ruth could physically no longer do.

(BTW, Google has buried that story so it doesn’t come up in the searches—like every other relevant piece of information we might want to know. Only propaganda and approved content get top billing now.)

The deep state operatives don’t even try to hide their machinations any longer because they have nothing left to lose. They’re going to use their trusty old formulaic script yet again, no matter how outrageous.

Despite the motives, education or background of a candidate, we know what can be accomplished with deep state backing. They soundly back every major player and false flag perpetrator all the way with funding, coaching, and a personalized script. Props are plentiful and weapons, drugs, or friendly voting machines supplied where required.

Did you think QAnon was being flippant when he suggested we are watching a movie? Ha! No truer words were ever written.

It’s what they’ve always done but now we’re onto them. In the past it’s all been scripted, planned, carefully orchestrated, but the actors aren’t the stars they believe they are. They will be famous, however. INfamous.

There weren’t any sane writers left when this AOC screenplay came out so they settled for the “B” route. “Green New Deal”? Eliminating air travel? Trains to Hawai’i? Even Hollywood special effects can’t make these pipe dreams real. These people live in a dream world. They’re lunatics.

The control freaks have truly lost it and the absurdity can’t help but wake people up to the deception.

Yes, the democrat party is going down. Get your popcorn and keep watching. AOC will be a box office flop—no sequels, please.  ~ BP

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was appointed – not elected

AOC’s arrogance implies an invisible hand

This creature came from nowhere and speaks arrogantly of being the new boss in the Democrat Party, telling even Joe Lieberman that his time is past. Where does her cockiness come from? The following video will start to unmask AOC and her invisible backers.

Don’t look at her stupidity and take her as being inconsequential. That is the mistake America made with another blank slate named Obama.

The Marxism this creature is forcing into the American system is as deadly as a rattlesnake. We need to unmask her and her backers at every opportunity. We need to put a spotlight on her. Evil hates light because light reveals the truth.

Let the unmasking begin!


Here’s Josh Bernstein’s view:

FRAUDS EXPOSED: AOC found thru Casting Call! 5 Dems recruited-Political equivalent of Spice Girls!!!

Late Headlines and Updates for February 9, 2019: [videos] ~ February 9, 2019

QAnon left a drop a couple of hours ago. My Internet went down and when the tabs refreshed, there it was.

New: Title TBD

2676Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 9 Feb 2019 – 1:48:12 PM Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller re: ‘designed to’ drops.
Probe conclusion coming?
Coincidence ‘conclusion’ occurring as new AG installed?
What is the purpose of WHITAKER?
Re_read drops re: ‘Scaramucci’ model.
Who did Scaramucci remove?
Optics important?
What occurs post installed ‘BLOCKADE’ removal?
[RR] ‘complete’ removal?
OIG release of findings?
How are they preparing to combat [narrative = vital]?
House intel launch of more ‘FAKE’ investigations in attempt to retain ‘FALSE NARRATIVE’ and claim ‘POLITICAL ATTACK(S)’ if investigated/prosecuted themselves?
Attempts to retain ‘BLOCKADE’?
Attempts to prevent public release of the TRUTH?
ZERO leaks re: HUBER?
Do not mistake ‘public’ silence for inaction.
“This is not another 4-year election.”

She said one truthful thing: “This is the fight of our lives.” They’re losing. They’re going down, and running for President will not save them. A LOT can happen in 15 months.

Warren believes her apologies to the First Nations people will atone for her lies and misappropriation of funds that should have gone to someone who actually qualified? We’ll see about that. These people know no shame.

How was President Trump able to be so sure that “Pocahontas” had no DNA worth mentioning that would qualify her as “native Indian”? He never wavered. Lucky guess?

Warren officially jumps into crowded White House race

Josh Bernstein reveals some little known facts below about the late term abortion/infanticide legislation.

While some would like to make this about giving women more rights, it’s hardly a perfect world and the Democrats are involved in some disgusting practices and lifestyles with Humans as prey.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need walls at the borders to protect ourselves from mind-controlled predators, and we wouldn’t need to protect full term babies’ lives or their right to live and not suffer.

Some day, when we rid this planet of the evil parasites that are such a threat to us, we can hopefully eliminate walls and trust that women will make the right decision to either terminate a pregnancy early or carry a baby full term because they personally want to birth and nurture that child.

We’re not yet living in that perfect world, and a lot of people feel it’s our right to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Selling Human flesh as Planned Parenthood is known to do, does not resonate with many of us and we’re tired of the murderers altering legislation to suit their preferences and satanic lifestyle.

Legislation can be modified later to suit the majority, when we’re rational, altruistic, responsible Humans with more respect for Human life.

“We must build a culture that cherishes the dignity and sanctity of innocent human life.” — President Trump at the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast

The REAL REASON why TRUMP called for a ban on Late Term Abortions

We have opinions here from Venezuelans living in America who caution us about a socialist nation. They say in the real world it does not work and leads to decay and suffering. They left their homeland because of it.

Les Gilets Jaunes continue in Paris with no sign of letting up.

LIVE: Yellow Vest protests continue for 13th straight week in Paris – Part 2

David Zublick is proceeding with news about his previous warning that martial law is coming. It’s odd, isn’t it, that this is only coming from one source? At least so far…

He is correct in stating that we have technically been under martial law since September 2001. It was not overtly acted upon, however, so most are unaware. It was another deep state sleight-of-hand after 9/11.

He says this next move is to invoke martial law to allow mass arrests and keep in check the chaos and violence expected by the leftist psychopaths. He also says the move would require Donald Trump to step aside and not fill a second term. I don’t know how well that will go over with the Patriots.

It almost sounds like a move to oust the President. QAnon says this is not a 4-year election. If martial law is imminent, I would like to hear it from multiple sources in the Truth Media.

So much theatre in our lives any more. Use discretion, as always.

David Zublick: Trump To Impose Martial Law Part One

There are many horror stories from institutions that are supposedly to provide care and keep people safe but we have seen hidden camera evidence over the years of staff abusing and even causing the death of patients, including the elderly. Who vets these people? How could society have degraded to this point?

Perhaps it’s only the way this was written but it sounds as though they didn’t notice she was with child and suddenly she went into labour and gave birth at which point the administrators realized what had happened. I think you had at least 6 months heads up. Or are you completely negligent?

Hacienda HealthCare to close facility after incapacitated patient gave birth

A nurse at Hacienda HealthCare was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting the patient.

Simon Parkes did another show with Ted Maher at Out of This World Radio yesterday.

Out Of This World hour 1 02-08-19 guest Simon Parkes

fast deployment barriers? ~ October 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: The following video’s from “TheLastOutpost” were sent by my good friend J. If the economic migrant march of Central American folks keep rollin’ on to the US border, could these “fast deployment containment” items be a temporary answer?

  • Below are notes worth considering as we see these in action:

How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:

There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state.

The first is the most important.

1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible; poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.
4) Gun control – Remove people’s ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you are able to create a police state.
5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of people’s lives (food, housing and income).
6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to; take control of what children learn in school.
7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools.
8) Class warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take from (tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Please read, know that socialism will not prevail, and…


Headlines and Updates for August 30—August 30? What? [videos] ~ August 30, 2018

Where did the summer go? How can it be so close to Labour Day (or Labor Day) already? When they establish a “Labour-Free Day” let me know and then I’ll be excited. I’m all about working less, and until the hot weather goes away, I will continue to take my daily summer vacation pool side.

We’ve been told that this fall will be explosive on the political and geopolitical scene. Possibly the financial and economic scenes as well. I hope we’re ready—because a lot of people won’t see this coming.

It seems a lot of folks are finding humour—wild and crazy humour—in American politics these days. Even Russia Today articles are tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at America and Canada, in particular, and since we need to keep it light I’m going to share some wild and crazy humour.

We’re on a dangerous path: From fake news & fake porn to fake reality

We all feel for Sarah Sanders. How she does what she does, day in, day out in a pack of wolves is beyond me, but she’s clearly the Alpha in the room.

Someone made an empathetic parody video of a White House Press Briefing led by Sarah that is very funny. I hope she gets some comic relief from this production from, “Bad Lip Reading” channel. Thanks, R. It definitely takes a special person to work in the MSM daycare.

On the more serious side, that video is also an example of the technology currently available that can make it look like anyone on video said anything the “video artist” chooses to have them say. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The controllers COULD make the fakest news you’ve ever seen and you would never know the difference unless you were the one who DIDN’T say it.

I am unaware of the lamestream media actually using that tactic yet; they prefer their little one-act plays, but when President Trump calls out the MSM as “fake news”—maybe take him a little more seriously.

CNN is in deep doo-doo now for their blunder with an unreliable, reliable source and they still haven’t retracted their information. They just keep burying themselves deeper and deeper. I guess this is why they usually use “anonymous sources” so they can just make it all up and control it.


Just what are the implications of Google’s censorship, or YouTube’s, Twitter’s or any platform on the Internet? Lionel talks to RT about algorithms, rights, obligations, and technology with respect to the law.

He makes a good point in that “the law” always lags behind technology. Perhaps POTUS will address that.

Dave’s usual Q-inclusive update on the X22 Report for August 29…

The Deep State In Total Panic Because It’s All About To Blow – Episode 1651b

Dave provides some interesting history on the banksters’ financial system, too. Fortunately, it’s all going away, and we will have a much more favourable system and economy for the world going forward, but “it’s a process…” and from what Thomas Williams tells us, the “team” in charge of the World Trust is going to tweak systems gradually to adjust currencies, etc. so there isn’t an economic or financial shock to any one country when all is said and done and the new financial system comes forward seamlessly.

The Total Implosion Of The Central Banking Economy Accelerates – Episode 1651a


The best news for a laugh this week may have been a refreshing, “China did it”. That’s right. Russia is passé and the fake news media should dump them. The real hackers were Chinese. No BleachBit will change this. Sorry Hitlary.

There IS justice in this world. Nothing created ever goes away and your evil energy just keeps hanging around like a bad smell.


Here’s another great—and humourous—political analysis from Thomas and Betsy at Aim4Truth, American Intelligence Media. As well as interpreting POTUS tweets, they discuss McCain’s death, the Brett Kavanaugh appointment, and the numerous other criminal SES Operatives within the Senior Executive Service, and the Mueller investigation .

They confirm their predictions about Justin Trudeau coming back to kiss the feet of Donald Trump after he tries to play the big boy with respect to tariffs, and discuss the ongoing trade talk twists.

In a quick statement they mention the volatility in the Financial situation, saying they don’t go there because it’s so manipulated it’s too difficult to know what the truth is.

If you disagree with some of what they say, my advice is, “just wait”.

Stunning Canadian Trade Reversal Now Seems Increasingly Likely – Nervous Freeland/Trudeau Trying to Position for Political Face Saving

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland

Canada FM: ‘Productive’ trade talks with US continue


About that wall… it is unquestionably necessary. The illegal immigrants streaming into America over the Mexican border aren’t just helpless refugees, some are enemies who would rob, rape, and murder Americans and bring in guns and drugs. Worst of all is the Human trafficking.

We have seen the evidence of all of this far too many times and will continue to see it until the wall is complete. Kudos to the Border Patrol officers for doing their jobs to identify illegal and dangerous threats.

Border Patrol Catches Gang Member Trying Re-Enter U.S.

August 29, 2018

Border patrol has caught a member of the MS-13 gang trying to re-enter the country. The gang member was previously deported and was trying to re-enter the United States illegally in Arizona.

According to The New York Post:

A previously deported member of the dangerous MS-13 gang was arrested Saturday in Arizona when border agents caught him after he illegally crossed the border, officials said.

Reyes Guzman-Umanzor, 35, of Honduras, was taken into custody after agents patrolling in Nogales, roughly an hour south of Tucson, found he allegedly re-entered the US with a group of three other illegal immigrants.

Upon processing, it was discovered one of those apprehended was Guzman-Umanzor, Border Patrol stated in a news release. The MS-13 gang member was previously arrested for DUI and drug possession, and was later deported, according to Homeland Security.

The other three people who entered the US illegally with Guzman-Umanzor also “have previous immigration violations and removals from the U.S. and will face additional charges.”

This pattern of criminality seemed likely to continue had he been able to re-enter the country successfully. Trump’s border protection squad is keeping America safe and criminals off the streets by enforcing the laws of the United States.