Headlines and Updates for February 6, 2019: The Tough Slog to Freedom [videos] ~ February 6, 2019

There is a lot going on all over the planet and it’s hard to know where to look next to keep up with it.

True to his word and commitment to protect America, Trump sent more troops to the border where it is strengthened in advance of another large group of migrants professing to be “dreamers”.  The President said they would create a Human barrier, if necessary, where no wall has yet been built.

Why does the media call it “concertina wire” rather than what it really is: razor wire? They have the language, don’t they? A “caravan” instead of an invasion by a horde of thugs. “Things” is more like it.

If you watched the video from And We Know explaining QAnon’s references to what we call “sleeper cells”, meaning Humans who have been weaponized—then you should have a clear understanding of the dire need for that wall.

Some of the “migrants” are programmed to appear normal until triggered when they launch into horrific acts of violence—like murdering someone on a New York subway platform; tying up and raping women, then killing them; torturing, sodomizing and murdering children; killing police officers—anyone they can take by surprise.

Is that how Americans want to live; afraid to leave their homes because some sub-Human weaponized entity might attack them? The drugs are used in programming and the satanic sex trade. It’s all related and has to be stopped.

The democrats are well aware of this strategy and the overall objective is to destroy America so they do not want a wall obstructing their stream of weaponized miscreants entering and mingling with Americans.

They don’t want to lose the parade of Humans serving their predatory needs or cut their lucrative revenue streams for organs, satanic rituals and adrenochrome, drugs, or arms.

President Trump has organized a rally in El Paso, Texas on the Mexican border for February 11, 2019.

Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale says Monday’s rally will be held less than 1000 feet from the successful border fence that keeps El Paso safe!

Harvey Schlanger and Sean at the SGT Report discuss the satanic world view that is “anti-human”. It’s a good discussion. We can see how the narrative is gradually getting folks to understand that “they” are NOT Human.

Their Satanic Worldview EXPOSED — Harley Schlanger

David Wilcock did a new 5-part series with the guys at Edge of Wonder and Part 1 is below. He says his sources assure him the military tribunals are in progress.

Deep State Predictions 2019: Major Data Dump with DAVID WILCOCK [Part 1/5!]

For those grappling with an inability to trust that President Trump is working for the People, we have Black Conservative Patriot explaining the finer points of a portion of the strategy. Some folks can see it, and some can’t.

We have been cautioned not to try to decipher what is currently happening in the news because it is impossible unless you’ve been fully read in on the Plan.

Advice: You don’t take what Trump says or does literally. He’s playing a role and will say and do whatever is necessary to remove the dark forces, and it will be done without resorting to violence, chaos and revolution—which is what the deep state wants.

It seems people have no trouble trusting there is a God despite the unbelievably evil things that have been happening on our planet for eons, yet regardless of the many great strides Donald Trump and the Alliance have made in just over two years, some can’t find it in them to trust the Plan—or Donald Trump.

If the Trump administration and people like Michael Flynn, and the others we KNOW are working behind the scenes to remove the criminals, clean up the judicial system, get the troops back home and end war, stop 5G and other technology from being weaponized to harm us, to secure the global accounts and begin eliminating the worst suffering on the planet—if they don’t deliver and all of that does not come to pass, then we will still be in a far better place to remove those who stand in our way of liberation and Golden Age.

No one else stepped up to do anything for Humanity until just recently. I hear a lot of people complaining but few are doing anything about the problems in America. It’s easier just to complain and demand to know why someone else doesn’t do something. It sounds like some Americans are the ones doing the “caving”.

Thanks for the share, J.


Congress is compromised, BUT, the Republicans run the Senate, and that is KEY.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress

This just in. I wonder what it was about.

A spokesman for the De Nederlandsche Bank told NOS that the incident had nothing to do with the bank.

Dutch police shoot man next to central bank in massive firefight

Remember the pedestrian walkway in Miami, Florida that collapsed on top of traffic shortly after it was built? We have an update on that contractor.

Builder of collapsed FIU pedestrian bridge had troubling construction failure at Port Everglades

I listened to a replay of an older interview this week with Lt. General Michael Flynn on Caravan to Midnight. A few months ago I took in a chat with Flynn’s brother while Michael was embroiled in the law suit. If only everyone in America was as honourable and patriotic as this family.

Throwback Monday – Lt. General Michael T. Flynn

The less honourable among us have come up with a new phone scam, so be aware. Article and video at the link.

Beware of ‘Can you hear me’ phone scam

Headlines and Updates for August 30—August 30? What? [videos] ~ August 30, 2018

Where did the summer go? How can it be so close to Labour Day (or Labor Day) already? When they establish a “Labour-Free Day” let me know and then I’ll be excited. I’m all about working less, and until the hot weather goes away, I will continue to take my daily summer vacation pool side.

We’ve been told that this fall will be explosive on the political and geopolitical scene. Possibly the financial and economic scenes as well. I hope we’re ready—because a lot of people won’t see this coming.

It seems a lot of folks are finding humour—wild and crazy humour—in American politics these days. Even Russia Today articles are tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at America and Canada, in particular, and since we need to keep it light I’m going to share some wild and crazy humour.

We’re on a dangerous path: From fake news & fake porn to fake reality

We all feel for Sarah Sanders. How she does what she does, day in, day out in a pack of wolves is beyond me, but she’s clearly the Alpha in the room.

Someone made an empathetic parody video of a White House Press Briefing led by Sarah that is very funny. I hope she gets some comic relief from this production from, “Bad Lip Reading” channel. Thanks, R. It definitely takes a special person to work in the MSM daycare.

On the more serious side, that video is also an example of the technology currently available that can make it look like anyone on video said anything the “video artist” chooses to have them say. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The controllers COULD make the fakest news you’ve ever seen and you would never know the difference unless you were the one who DIDN’T say it.

I am unaware of the lamestream media actually using that tactic yet; they prefer their little one-act plays, but when President Trump calls out the MSM as “fake news”—maybe take him a little more seriously.

CNN is in deep doo-doo now for their blunder with an unreliable, reliable source and they still haven’t retracted their information. They just keep burying themselves deeper and deeper. I guess this is why they usually use “anonymous sources” so they can just make it all up and control it.


Just what are the implications of Google’s censorship, or YouTube’s, Twitter’s or any platform on the Internet? Lionel talks to RT about algorithms, rights, obligations, and technology with respect to the law.

He makes a good point in that “the law” always lags behind technology. Perhaps POTUS will address that.

Dave’s usual Q-inclusive update on the X22 Report for August 29…

The Deep State In Total Panic Because It’s All About To Blow – Episode 1651b

Dave provides some interesting history on the banksters’ financial system, too. Fortunately, it’s all going away, and we will have a much more favourable system and economy for the world going forward, but “it’s a process…” and from what Thomas Williams tells us, the “team” in charge of the World Trust is going to tweak systems gradually to adjust currencies, etc. so there isn’t an economic or financial shock to any one country when all is said and done and the new financial system comes forward seamlessly.

The Total Implosion Of The Central Banking Economy Accelerates – Episode 1651a


The best news for a laugh this week may have been a refreshing, “China did it”. That’s right. Russia is passé and the fake news media should dump them. The real hackers were Chinese. No BleachBit will change this. Sorry Hitlary.

There IS justice in this world. Nothing created ever goes away and your evil energy just keeps hanging around like a bad smell.


Here’s another great—and humourous—political analysis from Thomas and Betsy at Aim4Truth, American Intelligence Media. As well as interpreting POTUS tweets, they discuss McCain’s death, the Brett Kavanaugh appointment, and the numerous other criminal SES Operatives within the Senior Executive Service, and the Mueller investigation .

They confirm their predictions about Justin Trudeau coming back to kiss the feet of Donald Trump after he tries to play the big boy with respect to tariffs, and discuss the ongoing trade talk twists.

In a quick statement they mention the volatility in the Financial situation, saying they don’t go there because it’s so manipulated it’s too difficult to know what the truth is.

If you disagree with some of what they say, my advice is, “just wait”.

Stunning Canadian Trade Reversal Now Seems Increasingly Likely – Nervous Freeland/Trudeau Trying to Position for Political Face Saving

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland

Canada FM: ‘Productive’ trade talks with US continue


About that wall… it is unquestionably necessary. The illegal immigrants streaming into America over the Mexican border aren’t just helpless refugees, some are enemies who would rob, rape, and murder Americans and bring in guns and drugs. Worst of all is the Human trafficking.

We have seen the evidence of all of this far too many times and will continue to see it until the wall is complete. Kudos to the Border Patrol officers for doing their jobs to identify illegal and dangerous threats.

Border Patrol Catches Gang Member Trying Re-Enter U.S.

August 29, 2018

Border patrol has caught a member of the MS-13 gang trying to re-enter the country. The gang member was previously deported and was trying to re-enter the United States illegally in Arizona.

According to The New York Post:

A previously deported member of the dangerous MS-13 gang was arrested Saturday in Arizona when border agents caught him after he illegally crossed the border, officials said.

Reyes Guzman-Umanzor, 35, of Honduras, was taken into custody after agents patrolling in Nogales, roughly an hour south of Tucson, found he allegedly re-entered the US with a group of three other illegal immigrants.

Upon processing, it was discovered one of those apprehended was Guzman-Umanzor, Border Patrol stated in a news release. The MS-13 gang member was previously arrested for DUI and drug possession, and was later deported, according to Homeland Security.

The other three people who entered the US illegally with Guzman-Umanzor also “have previous immigration violations and removals from the U.S. and will face additional charges.”

This pattern of criminality seemed likely to continue had he been able to re-enter the country successfully. Trump’s border protection squad is keeping America safe and criminals off the streets by enforcing the laws of the United States.