Headlines and Updates for September 12, 2019: Hindsight is 20/20 [videos] ~ September 12, 2019

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As the patriots inhale the future and exhale the past, Phoenix assures us massive work is under way and the dam on information is about to burst. That full moon this weekend will be shining the Light of Truth on our world so watch what is revealed.

Some of these corrupticats are going to see the hammer, and it will probably be less painful than the business end of a pitchfork which is what they deserve from some angry patriots for what they have done.

Patriot Intel Report 09 12 19

What did they do, exactly? Is the following true? If so, a very disturbing thread.

1) Do you remember those poor people who jumped from the Towers, on Sept 11 2001?

Have you ever asked yourself WHY they jumped?
going to certain, painful death?

it did not make any sense…

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) September 11, 2019

Does it make it easier to accept they did similar in California, but to many more innocent people? The psychopaths hate us. It’s not some radicals in the Middle East who hate Westerners. It’s the satanic globalists. THEY hate us. They hate Humanity. They want us gone.

Remains of residential neighbourhood after California “wildfires”. Why didn’t the trees burn yet the homes are white ash?

UPDATE: U.S. Attorney moving forward with charges against McCabe Based On IG Report Findings

Trump the troll… I love it. Here are your campaign donations at work, folks—strategically placed with perfect timing.

Trump Campaign to Troll Democrat-Socialist Debate in Houston By Flying GIANT BANNER Blasting Socialism

Trump Campaign to fly this banner over Houston from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. local time — an hour before Democrats take the stage. #Trump2020 #DemDebate https://t.co/DtFGxA99hZ pic.twitter.com/7kmNgOFm8H

— TrumpSoldier (@DaveNYviii) September 12, 2019

Who is John Bolton, anyway? GoodDog has some input on that. We believe he’s just another bad actor whose time it was to exit, stage left. He played his role.

John Robert Bolton
Skull & Bonesman?

Boneheaded? Working with whom? Look at who was paying him to advance their Globalist Agenda:https://t.co/9VlQjUwPL1

Yale University? Knights of Malta? Where have we seen this before?

Relation to John Kerry? John Kerry [Heinz]? https://t.co/0fhRAcI6ac pic.twitter.com/zSQQgl7meS

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) September 11, 2019

For the general public, we have Mike Pompeo commenting on the canning of warhawk Bolton to smooth the ruffled feathers.

There won’t be any question as to what happened here when all is said and done involving James Comey and the Brady violations.

Flynn’s Attorneys Sound Alarm Over Missing DOJ Memo That Cleared Flynn

#BREAKING FLYNN Development @SidneyPowell1 Flynn’s Motion To Compel Brady Material Unsealed: Flynn Took Polygraph In 2016 And Passed https://t.co/CjUHe2cWyl via @SaraCarterDC

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) September 11, 2019

Here we go again… disgusting behaviour on the part of those who are able to do this.

DAHB0077 shares his personal view on it, and we neither validate nor dispute it. Just sharing. He’s probably correct to a large degree.

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations and Killings Alarm Ranchers In Oregon

Further to our watchful efforts with regard to plane crashes, we extracted this information pertaining to weather warfare and geoengineering. It’s not imagination, wild conjecture, or conspiracy theory, it’s fact:

…the same weapon placed an enormous electromagnetic burst (explosion) deep underwater, 100 miles north of Puerto Rico. From the surface of the ocean there arose a giant cone of water, rising a half mile into the air, turning into a mushroom, and falling back into the sea.

This was the second test of the new Russian strategic LWIs, under KGB control. By this test and the fact that the West did not even recognize what killed the Thresher, Khrushchev managed to stay in power another two years or so, after his Cuban Crisis fiasco where he lost face in front of the entire world.

World-wide weather engineering started in earnest by the Russians on July 4, 1976 – as a quirky sense of humor and “bicentennial gift” to the United States. The weapons have been used to shoot down aircraft, etc. worldwide also, mostly as tests, and have also destroyed ICBMs shortly after launch.  Source

Research it for yourself. It’s not about Russia. Many nations are capable, and the dark cabal’s minions/slaves do what their puppet masters tell them.

Don’t underestimate the technology and capabilities of the globalists and rogue military. That’s just a taste. We are mere playthings for their amusement and experimentation.

Since we are sentient Beings, they have no right to do this against our will. They have broken the universal peace treaty and are in the process of being removed from this planet, this galaxy, and beyond. It can’t happen soon enough.

Another mayor has been arrested. This one in Texas, plus three others. How many to go?

Former Mayor ARRESTED, Liberal Media PANICS

Utsava fans might be interested in her latest psychic update.

About Epstein’s wherabouts, Prince William’s future, the Royals, Reset, Bitcoin, World Terrorism, Trump.

Sean brings us a super video on his SGT Report revealing the corrupt antics of YouTube and Google with a smidgen of comic relief. We will resolve this problem with the Big Tech swamp monsters.

I don’t use Chrome, do you? Nor Gmail. I’ve been using Brave for awhile and I like it. See below for tips from Robert Epstein on how to circumnavigate the Silicon Valley vipers.

Monkeys, Morality & Google


I see a striking resemblance in this picture. https://t.co/muK0RqEKgt

— The “Dirty” Truth (@AKA_RealDirty) September 12, 2019

France orders Google to pay $1.1B to settle tax fraud case

That’s the update for today. You can almost hear the People waking up, can’t you?  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for September 6, 2019: Coverups and Coded Covert Ops [videos] ~ September 6, 2019

The “storms” are very curious—the physical ones and the ones President Trump talks about. Was the Alabama angle just fake news?

The storm scenario seems to be more than meets the eye. Is the hurricane a cover for “the storm”? Are the White Hats using the antics of the dark to their advantage the way a martial arts master uses the momentum and energy of his opponent to allow them to destroy themselves with minimal effort of his own?

I saw evidence of HAARP clouds in video footage, plenty of aerosols sprayed along the edge of the path like a fence, and reports that planes were spraying within the storm which slows down the winds, but brings more rain. That was one report, and I’ll be intrigued to hear the back story on all this storm activity.

The authorities have certainly urged the public in the potential path of the storm to prepare, and ensured everyone that all that can be done to bring relief in the wake of Dorian is in place. The S.E. states seem to have weathered Dorian very well but those poor folks in the Bahamas need a lot of help with reports the Grand Bahama island was 70 per cent submerged.

Only concrete pads remain of homes and buildings

Below is an excellent article about what they are now dealing with in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. The death toll is rising, of course, but surprisingly low. Is it accurate? We know the media have fudged numbers before.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports “flooding in Abaco is believed to have contaminated wells with saltwater.” Both Grand Bahama and the Abacos may need around 60,000 gallons of water delivered each day. In all, more than 60,000 people may need food and water assistance.

The devastation is impossible to imagine. You have to see it to believe it. Where does one even begin to pick up the pieces?

Perhaps they can use some of the resources slated for Florida to help the people of these leveled islands. I’m willing to bet that this time there won’t be pallets of water left at airports to rot in the sun as they did in Puerto Rico when Maria was amped up to a Cat 5 and used to attack the people there in September 2017; nor will there be new generators left languishing in tents and never put to use as occurred when Sandy swept through New Jersey in 2012. Was it that long ago? It seems like only a couple of years.

Isn’t it interesting how “hurricane season” bloomed on the world stage in recent years, and the cyclonic action of the winds grows increasingly stronger to the point that new measurements need to be added to the scale because the storms are “off the charts”. Coincidence?

And they dare to tell us it’s due to “climate change”; that it’s all our fault. Don’t fall for it. Geoengineering is an old technology long perfected over decades of use. It can be used to our benefit, but is too often wielded as a weapon of mass destruction.

Read the rest of the article…

The update from noon today in the Bahamas. Not good folks. Looting and shooting.

Dorian Makes Landfall In North Carolina, Looting Begins In Bahamas

Here’s a good storm. Ciao Goog monster.

Breaking news: “More than half of state attorneys general are preparing to announce an investigation into #Google next week.” The #DOJ has already begun an antitrust investigation; that will end if #Trump loses in 2020. But state AGs just keep on going. https://t.co/MoISNDt66k

— Dr. Robert Epstein (@DrREpstein) September 6, 2019

HRC actually told the truth! (Once.) She sure changed her tune though, didn’t she?

What happened? Donald Trump happened, and continues to happen. “Honest and can’t be bought.” Funny, I don’t hear folks quoting that one.

Conversely, Trump’s, “You’d be in jail” line has already gone down in history.


— IET (@Incarnated4EVA) September 6, 2019

Joe D and Victoria are part of the education process, and very credible teachers. I love it when they just say it how it is.

The globalists really do like to keep it all in the family.

BREAKING:In addition to her husband, both of HUMA ABEDIN’s closest cousins have been convicted of felonies.Her crooked kin–Clinton Foundation donor Omar Amanat and Irfan Amanat–now await sentencing for bilking investors out of million$.Also obstructed justice,falsified evidence

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) September 6, 2019

Don’t mess with Texas, as they say. In a state with so many exuberant gun lovers, I don’t think the dimms have a hope in hell.

Texas Republicans sound alarm about rapidly evolving state

Good grief. Aliens must have sucked the brain matter out the noses of a lot of people. If you can get through the music video, the rest is an indication of the head-shaking idiocy the controllers are using to manipulate using social media. What a waste of brain cells. The next ice bucket challenge, or just a big, silly party? I can only imagine what our friends upstairs think about this insanity.

There are some folks speaking out about the hidden agenda here, so they’re not all fooled and are trying to warn the unwary.

September 20th is the big day: “the Area 51 Raid”. Can’t wait.

More “storm damage”? Another case of “one year later to the day” and what have we here?

Exactly one year ago today? What are the odds? https://t.co/0YWydn0kPo

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) September 5, 2019

This is why the communist Chinese regime must be brought to heel. Isn’t it curious that the US corporate media don’t report this?

The thugs can arrest anyone they like, and once imprisoned they can do whatever they like with them.

EXPOSED: The Untold HORRORS in China

That report above is difficult for many to believe. What else might the deep state communists do?

September 11th approaches, and the anniversary of the worst disaster in American history. It forever changed the course of a nation.

It’s time the public listened to the over 2,000 experts and witnesses who have proven that 9/11 was an event planned and executed with precision and required the foreknowledge and cooperation of many parties, and multiple nations, including Canada. There are traitors hiding everywhere, but particularly on our tel-lie-visions.

The story the world was told about the attack on the World Trade Center’s three towers and the Pentagon could not possibly have been true. Overwhelming scientific and witness evidence gathered over years of research precludes those lies. Architects, engineers, police, fire fighters, pilots, military, and many first responders lost their lives because that event was so much more than they’ve ever let on.

The truth will be told. Won’t be long now.

BREAKING: Fire Did Not Bring Down Tower 7 On 9/11

So are the socialists feelin’ the Bern? How about the refreshing ideas from the Occasional Cortex? Not so much. Bernie’s getting a little too extreme even for them, and leaning a little to far into OAC territory.

I heard that a Democrat candidate has suggested eating humans,
to Save the Planet

don’t recall if it was Bernie $$$anders or Occasio Cortezz

if all Democrats eat each other, they will Save the Planet for good

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) September 5, 2019

Kamala Harris Draws Embarrassingly Small New Hampshire Crowd

Wait—what? But… she was leading the polls over several other candidates, wasn’t she? I don’t know if these 40 people can fund her campaign and get her into the next debate. See for yourself in the video at the link.

Does she have bad memories of the dressing down she got at the last debate from Tulsi Gabbard?

On the other hand…

President Trump’s next rally is Monday night in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He’s going to fill the Crown Expo Center, after a change in venue.

The Keep America Great rally on Monday, Sept. 9, has been moved to the Crown Expo Center, according to a release from the Trump campaign.

That’s 10,000 seats plus.  Tickets available here, free of charge.

Every one of Trump’s MAGA-KAG rallies has seen thousands of patriots unable to get inside and left to participate outside the venues to watch his delivery on giant screens. He’s got the touch and I’m confident the Dorian rains won’t put a damper on the spirits in Fayetteville.

This digital soldier from the DeceptionBytes channel brings us more details on the dive boat fire that sank the Conception and left 21 people dead and missing. You probably suspected something was not right about that incident. We’re getting reports that passengers were “locked below” and someone was heard saying, “Please don’t kill me.” in the Coast Guard audio.

This is not looking like an accident at all at this point, but a lot of disinformation is usually injected into the facts after incidents like this so we would do well to collect a lot of data before coming to hard conclusions.

Also mentioned in this video is the possibility that Hurricane Dorian may have provided cover for SEAL Team 6 for a special mission in the Caribbean, which is interesting to me as I felt there were ops going on so I will look up Craig’s research on this at JustInformed Talk to learn more and share below. Trump’s language was signalling something was not as it seemed, so that will be interesting.

Hopefully Q will be back on the 8Chan boards soon.


Is The STORM Giving Cover To SPECIAL OPS?

Multiple Anomalies Reported at Time of Alaska Earthquake & Mega Ritual Theory with GHW Bush | Mr. Cati [videos] ~ December 2, 2018

It seems every day is Hallowe’en with these satanic people casting spells and creating events on their superstitious dates. Some of the theories about what has transpired recently may seem a little “out there”—but that’s generally where we find the Truth.

Atmospheric anomalies and other phenomena are reported at the time of the recent 7.1 quake near Anchorage. If memory serves, there were flashes in the sky in New Zealand in the last couple of years prior to one of their quakes. Some said it was “natural” in our electric universe, while others suspected man-made.

There is another facet to the latest attacks emerging that I questioned after the Paradise, California fires, and that is volcanic activity.

Daniel at Logic Before Authority showed us a puff of smoke and something rising up from the earth and dropping back down at the time one of the fires started and was the first I heard to mention volcanic activity and he found some interesting satellite footage in this video.

Robert Otey told us in an interview with American Intelligence Media that after his narrow escape with his three dogs, officials he spoke with asked him if he saw any “lava”. It seemed like a bizarre question, but they wanted to know because I think they expected it. Why would they expect it?

Then we saw footage near Paradise from Logic Before Authority where the water in the river almost appeared to be boiling.

Now we have Dutchsince speaking of underwater volcanoes.

Thomas Williams told us that actions have been taken to prevent the psychos from weaponizing volcanoes, so perhaps some of the attacks are related to that. Sounds far-fetched? They’ve weaponized everything else; why not volcanoes?

Mike Morales expounds on the Alaska experiences and anomalous “lightning” in the first video below.

Some of the videos below are quite long, but if it interests you, have at ‘er.


Marfoogle News brings us local reports of the damage and even the CBS news staff at their own station saying, “it felt different” than previous quakes.

Dutchsinse mentioned a tsunami warning which was possible as a result of the 6.6 – 7.0 (according to USGS who typically downgrade earthquakes) and perhaps that’s what the powers that were attempted to create. Later USGS upgraded it to 7.0. It’s hard to discount all the damage when you rate it a 6.6.

An attempt to create a tsunami failed in Hawai’i when the Hilina Slump did not fall into the sea, but there have been a number of odd quakes along the Pacific Rim recently according to some watching that kind of activity that may suggest that’s what they’re ultimately after in their desperation.

They may not be able to create hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, or volcanic action from scratch, but they seem to have perfected “massaging” these natural activities to produce some devastating events.

It can be difficult for some to remain calm, cool, and collected when the planet is rocked—and rocking—with such dramatic events, but we remind everyone that that is what we need to do lest we create our own catastrophic results, however unwittingly.

11/30/2018 — Very Large M7.0 Earthquake strikes Anchorage Alaska — Tsunami warning issued

To top it all off, we have Mr. Cati and his analysis of what he refers to as a “mega ritual” involving the Alaska quake and the death notice of GHW Bush. It’s a little different perspective, but after listening to the War Drummer’s research on the Warlocks and their numerology and gematria, pentagrams and stars, we might have the perspective to see the relevance of this next angle.  ~ BP

Published on Dec 1, 2018

This report discusses the recent Anchorage AK earthquake and the death of George H.W. Bush and how these two separate events that occurred on 11-30-18, are both related to the larger 9-23 mega ritual currently underway, under new group efforts and leadership, due to the recent death of G.H.W.Bush, POTUS 41. While the death of Bush negated the 12-01-18 noted date of action for the 23 cabal, sudden changes altered the date to 12-02-18 which is associated with the discovery of an asteroid 2018-WV1, that is due to do a close pass-by on 12-02-18. A follow on report will show and discuss asteroid 2018-WV1.

Twenty-First Century Warfare: Secret and Silent Frequency Wars | Preston James

Editor’s Note: While my belief system agrees wholeheartedly about the misuse of electromagnetic frequencies AND agrees about the danger this poses to the public, I’d like to preface this story with the fact that prevention from these devices is taking form from our galactic cousins.

Yes…these is a war going on of which the public is largely unaware; yes…the weapons of this war are devices we have been trained to think we cannot live without, and; yes, human imagination is at an all-time low in part due to this weapon use.

However, the one wild card that IS playing out right now that will lead to humanity’s freedom. That wild card IS the passion of humanity that produces…faith! True, Galactics are preventing any gross action resulting in human destruction by the dark, but it IS the element of faith (the end result of human passion for whatever it is you wholeheartedly believe in) that will save the day.

By the way, for you fellow spiritualists, faith = love, so in reality…LOVE WINS and humanity evolves! Please read this article with an open mind, know the seemingly “impossible” IS true, and…



It’s time Humanity learned the reality of warfare in these times when advanced and secret technologies are used against us on a daily basis. From WiFi and cell phone frequencies to televisions and microwave ovens on up to the most exotic sonic weapons—it’s all disruptive and even lethal to the Human body and mind.

Because it’s silent and invisible, they have been able to experiment with these methods for decades but the time for secrecy and these covert attacks on the life on our planet has come to an end.

We can see the carnage if we will just look. Whales and dolphins washing up by the hundreds on beaches, bleeding from their ears, flocks of birds falling from the sky with no outward trauma, multiple forms of cancer rampant… it’s endless.

Humanity must take responsibility for researching the technologies the establishment presents as the greatest thing since sliced bread to determine if it is a safe option or a weapon dressed up as a space age gift; a Trojan horse. 

If you have not heard anything about this sort of technology before it will be shocking to learn the capabilities the super powers now wield to attack their enemies.

The psychopaths who have been running the world don’t think twice about experimenting on or killing anything or anyone. They must be stopped now, before it’s too late.  ~ BP

Secret and Silent Frequency Wars

October 8, 2018

by Preston James

Right now there are ongoing very sophisticated Frequency Wars that you are not allowed to know about.

It all started with Nikola Tesla and his miraculous discoveries and inventions. We now have AC electrical current in our homes instead of the inefficient DC because of Tesla’s genius.

Nikola Tesla

When Tesla was murdered and his papers were seized by the FBI Tesla’s discoveries on the power of frequencies and zero point energy were quickly buried. Some of his most important discoveries regarding Zero Point energy (aka Cosmic electromagnetic wind) and scalar frequency weapons were seized and kept secret.

Later on due to research on telegraph and radio as communication devices and the advent of world wars 1 & 2, major discoveries on electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emerged on several fronts. Thus there was the important development of radar during WW2.

  1. Japan deployed targeted EMF against US Aircraft in World War 2:

The Japanese developed the use of targeted EMF which was somewhat successfully deployed against several low flying American aircraft near the end of the war. This is the first known use of targeted EMF as a weapon of war that we know of.

These Japanese technologies were quickly brought to American Defense Contractors by the Pentagon after Japan’s surrender.

  1. Nazi guided bombs in WW2:

The Nazis initially had great success developing remotely guided bombs dropped on ships from their aircraft and these devices had TV cameras in their noses.

The US Navy developed electronic countermeasures to hijack the control systems of these guided bombs and were able to hack into their TV signals and watch their camera images that were transmitted.

These German guided bombs were actually the technical precursors to the guided precision bombs (e.g. JDAMS) deployed by the US Military in all their unconstitutional illegal Mideast wars for The City of London based Ruling Cabal and Israel (their main cutout and action agent used to protect Mideast oil interests).

Some fairly sophisticated radio jammers and radar countermeasures were developed during WW2. This development has continued at an advanced pace ever since.

  1. EMF deployed against the US Embassy in Moscow:

The second known deployment of EMF as a weapons of war occurred at the US Embassy in Moscow from the period 1953 to 1976. Numerous diplomats and their staffs developed blood dyscrasias and other symptoms, feeling quite ill and some developed serious and even later lethal cancers.

When the CIA became aware of this, rather than taking measures to protect these diplomats and their staffs, they allowed the EMF abuse to continue in order to study the effects and called this Operation Pandora.

Under Operation Pandora it was found was that the Soviets were transmitting high powered EMF through the embassy to power bugs built into the walls, and to experiment with remote inductive EMF mind-kontrol against US diplomats and their staffs, in order to stress their mental and physical health while studying the effects. Rather than working to stop this when the CUIA found out, they became an accomplice to these sinister and silent EMF crimes against American diplomats and their staffs in Moscow.

It is suspected that various back-channels were used with The KGB to form some kind of working agreement to run this experiment and study the effects. The CIA agreed to avoid informing the Diplomat’s during the experiment and kept collecting health data. When so many became ill that the experiment could no longer be contained, the USG shut down the embassy and built another one, this one also bugged up with numerous more advanced but safer KGB bugs.

  1. The Soviet Woodpecker system:

The next major deployment of powerful EMF as a multi-purpose military device occurred during the 1970’s in the Soviet Union. This was called the Duga Array (Woodpecker System) and included several functions such as over the horizon radar for sensing foreign attacks missile and aircraft attacks, and for experimentation with mind-control on the western masses.

The Pentagon realized that the Soviets were the world leaders in the deployment of all phases of EMF as electronic warfare and Mind-control and decided to take drastic actions to curtail their deployment.

According to some insider reports a sophisticated covert action was deployed against the Woodpecker. A well trained Mujahedeen group (seeking revenge for the Russian invasion of Afghanistan) was deployed to take out the cooling system of Chernobyl, thus depriving the Woodpecker array (located nearby) of its necessary power source.

  1. The Soviet LIDA Machine:

Ross Adey, MD, a renowned scientist and physician. Dr. Adey voiced concerns in peer reviewed journals and in scientific circles over possible EMF benefits as well the dangers, but was largely ignored.

At the end of the cold war, an American MD researcher, Ross Adey, MD acquired the Soviet developed Lida Machine, which was actually quite a sophisticated EMF mind-control device.

It is a known fact that sophisticated EMF mind-control weapons have been deployed by the CIA in the past as a part of the notorious, infamous Project Aquarius. Countermeasures were developed by another group called Committee of Twelve(Comm 12). Comm 12 is a long-term US Intel operation that has been known to be taking active measures against the Aquarius Group and has been reported by some to have worked hard to secretly elicit a powerful rearguard action in America to restore the US Constitution using the Alt Media.

  1. Voice of God deployed in the first Gulf War:

It is well established fact that the Pentagon deployed the Voice of God (e.g. Voice to Skull technology), remote induction device in the first Gulf War against the Iraqi Republican guard. The voice of Allah was remotely entrained into their brains ordering them to throw down their arms and surrender. This technology was then put on the shelf to keep it from becoming commonly known.

  1. EMF “poppers” deployed in the second Gulf War:

Later on in the second Gulf War high powered EMF poppers (small globes, actually EMF transmitters) were deployed to tranquilize and pacify the masses, but these were not effective and merely gave the GI’s headaches and made them agitated.

  1. The recent EMF attack on US Diplomats in Cuba:

Recently in late 2016 it has been reported that US Diplomats in Cuba and some of their staffs have suffered ear damage from being exposed to EMF weapons. These have been blamed on the Cuban Communist Party but a better bet would be a joint effort by the CIA and the Mossad to do so in order to keep the US and Cuba from developing a more open arrangement and the restoration of trade and mutual travel.

It is a know well verified fact that numerous efforts by the Pentagon were made to counter the aggression and expansion of the Soviet Union under Stalin and after his death. The really sad thing is that the Pentagon never addressed the real enemy, the City of London (COL) Banksters and Wall Street Banksters that set up and financed both the Soviet Union in 1917 and Nazi Germany too.

During the Vietnam war, the Pentagon developed and deployed some very sophisticated EMF based spying tools through the NSA. All of the CIA’s Air America opium shipments were easily tracked, specific locations of almost every single POW/MIA was able to be tracked. Almost every single radio emission became quite easily snatched from the airways.

  1. The HAARP array in Alaska:

HAARP in Alaska ( high frequency active auroral research program)


It is now well documented that the Pentagon constructed the HAARP array in Alaska as an experimental means to heat the ionosphere. Supposedly, HAARP is now obsolete and has been retired once the experimental data was obtained. Better results can be obtained through the use of orbitally transmitted Scalar (standing wave) and Inter-dimensional wave devices (D-wave devices).

At the same time HAARP was constructed 9 other similar arrays were constructed around the world. It is unknown for sure who ordered these or who actually controls them. I suspect that it is a some kind of Secret Space War coalition between various large governments of the world perhaps even including the USG, and the Russian Federation. Apparently large HAARP type visible arrays are obsolete and the same effects can be more effectively and efficiently obtained through ground based flat or orbital EMF systems featuring Scalar (standing waves) and inter-Dimensional Waves (D-waves).

  1. The USG’s secret Space Fence system of the electrified and ionized atmosphere:

Chemtrail spraying by DOD contractor


If insider reports are accurate and so far they are not fully corroborated, this system was the first phase of the major governments of the world to construct a space fence protective shield for Planet earth against any possible future invasion from Alien ET entities.

There have been other insider reports from the past that President Ronald Reagan negotiated secret “Earth Defense” Agreements with the major powers to construct such means to protect Planet Earth from any future Alien ET invasion force. Reagan called this effort “Star Wars” and after he left office, these programs went completely black.

Now if these rumors are true it means that most wars during modern times are all pre-planned and negotiated in secret between various world leaders who have secret allegiances. Some researchers have suggested that these secret allegiances include a strong commitment to the City of London based “Moneychangers” or perhaps secret Masonic or occult organizations.

  1. Deployment of cell phone and Wi-Fi systems worldwide:

We now live in a situation where cell phone systems and Wi-Fi systems have been deployed worldwide. And in the US and much of Canada a sophisticated Smart-Grid electrical supply system is now being set up that features Smart-Meters. Smart-Meters are believed by many to be dangerous. They are not UL approved, and are unlicensed EMF, unregulated powerful emitters of pulse beam microwave that can create insomnia and serious health effects. Some believe they are the weaponization of EMF and also can be used as spy devices as well as EMF based Mind-kontrol. These meters can easily be turned off along with the a whole section of the Grid and used to produce a fake, false-flag EMP when a highly visible powerful aerial detonation is deployed at a high altitude at the same time.

Wi-Fi transmitter

These consumer based Cell phone and Wi-Fi EMF systems are triple use: They provide for great consumer conveniences and instant communication almost anywhere; they provide Intel with instant spying; and they also provide Intel with the ability to deliver serious brain entrainment using EMF for mind-kontrol. Some have suggested that these devices have the capability to be used by Intel to make targeted individuals confused, anxious, insomniac, or chronically or terminally ill.


In any event it appears that the new EMF technologies were first developed as weapons of war against foreign enemies and then were also deployed as a collective effort to protect Planet Earth. It also appears that these EMF “silent weapons”, have become far too tempting for existing governments for use as a sophisticated measure to control their own masses, and thus they are now doing so in secret.

Much of this current deployment against We The People by the Secret Shadow Government has been rationalized by labeling these EMF weapon systems as “non lethal”.

The bottom line is that apparently the USG (and perhaps many other major governments around the world, or a secret coalition of the largest ones together collectively) have now decided to turn these EMF weapons against their own people in order to control the subconscious mass mind through mass deployment of remote EMF inductive entrainment of brain waves. It is now believed by some scientists that all the Chemtrails sprayed are part of a sophisticated “Space Fence” ionized radar system and also a state-of-the-art defensive system against ICBM, aircraft and UFOs as well as a means to deliver electronic mind-kontrol against the masses to entrain their brains and control them.

According to Robert Duncan, Ph.D. who was a scientist working for the CIA at one time, the technology necessary to “hack the human brain” has already been developed and deployed and is being misused to torture millions.

The USG has a long history of the deployment of secret EMF deployed as a mind-control agent dating back to at least 1992. The Cell phone system was planned as a sophisticated mind-control weapon of war long before it was deployed all over the USA and the world.

There are very good insider reports that many unfortunate EMF victims who are tortured by targeted EMF, some also gang-stalked and seriously harassed by the FBI too (just like the old Cointelpro days), and all this has been done to Whistle-blowers and dissidents and well as many innocent folks used as mere experimental controls. Obviously the deployment of these EMF weapons against such folks is evil beyond words and must be stopped. Before it can be stopped the public must become aware of the many dangers of misused EMF.

More and more is now being published in the alternative media on this subject, and mainstream science is beginning to examine it honestly. In the past honest scientific studies that showed the dangers and misuses were buried and the major mass media would never carry them.

The result of this decision to deploy EMF against We The People and the world as a secret weapon of war has been unknown to most and is actually now being understood for the first time to be harmful to one’s mental and physical health and mindset.

The EMF deployment as a weapons of war against We The People now included cell phone systems, Wi-Fi, remote phones and also some deeply secret EMF means such as satellite based Scalar and D-wave quantum transmissions used for the mass control of beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets as well as the weather.

It is now believed by some insiders that the purpose of this massive deployment of EMF weapons against the world’s masses is to shape and control their mass thinking (Mind-control), to generate unending weather catastrophes, in order to generate massive social and economic chaos. The over all goal of the secret Cabal responsible apparently is to generate enough world chaos to destroy all the old social systems and nation states, so that the world can be massive depopulated. This will supposedly allow this Cabal to create their own Luciferian society as their long hoped for “Phoenix” from the ashes.

And now we have the 5G systems coming soon unless stopped by dramatic community actions to fight this. These 5 G systems have remarkable capabilities to transmit large amounts of data very fast and other benefits highly desired by the consumer like most multi use EMF deployments. Because EMF based devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi offer so many consumer conveniences they were quickly accepted and used by the masses.

5G can be easily adapted to be used to “see through walls into structures”, and weaponized to cause physical and mental disorders, even cancer and other lethal medical problems if those those that will control it decide to use it that way against those identified as political or domestic enemies.


The Media’s ‘Fake Wind’ Spot Busted by Pedestrians in the Shot & Hurricane Nursery Off Coast of Africa [video] ~ September 14, 2018

Editor’s Note: Well, Hurricane Florence has hit the US and family in Eastern NC and SC are all fine, thank you very much. Some towns like New Bern, NC were hit hard, and a LOT of rain is yet still falling.

New medias makes out like life is going to end for those in the danja zone, but…Mom has power, brother does not, and life goes on. glad it wasn’t any worse! Now let’s all get ready for the next geo-engineered hurricane, and…



Perhaps you didn’t believe me when I said the media makes every attempt to make the weather sound a lot more severe than it really is. You can see their two-bit acting for yourself in this video.

When will these bad actors give up?

Check out the very revealing video below to see where and when Hurricane Florence was born off the coast of Africa using technology in the Canary Islands. Very interesting Google Earth images.

You will also see the patent on Google “for creating hurricanes”.  ~ BP

PROOF! Hurricane FLORENCE MANMADE HAARP Chemtrails Conspiracy Illuminati Theory is REAL