Your Sunday Digest for December 8, 2019: New Q and It’s Time to FIGHT! [videos] ~ December 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: Wow…just wow, the chaos continues as destruction of the Dark control systems dribbles on. My personal thought is the times of chaos are about to be kicked up a notch or two this week with the impending release of the FISA report which will change everything.

Please read on, so much thanks to Staship Earth for her timely and truthful reporting, stay aware, and practice the coming times of Being…



Lots of new Q here from December 7th…

Jesse Watters’ interview about QAnon last night is below. It’s better than nothing. Hopefully it will be available for awhile.

The professor says a lot of different people have been aQused of being Q—including himself.

Watters’ World – Investigates Qanon.. Dec 7 2019


Thunderstruck POTUS vs Fake News Video

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 7 Dec 2019 – 11:28:22 AM


Fight, Fight!

We’ve heard that 80+ per cent of the alternative news community is fake, full of shills, traitors, and imposters spreading disinformation, lies, and asking for money from the patriots. Are you taken in?

6. Great catch by @WWG1WGA_Every1! It was painfully obvious @DRUDGE had turned on President Trump a while ago. Now his @DRUDGE_REPORT Twitter bio appears to reflect that past tense status. How many more fake MAGAs will out themselves?

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) December 7, 2019

Speaking of fakes, below is a must-read thread on Twitter about Sacha Stone aka Simon Adams Rockefeller, heading up the ITNJ along with “RD Spook”. The creep factor on these two for me personally, is off the charts, folks. They repel me. Violently. Click on the box below and have a look at this thread from Louder Than Love (AKA Total Disclosure). Thanks for the link, E. It says it all.

The formation of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) was to get ahead of the exposure of the Epstein/Royals pedophilia/pedovoria. They enlisted the assistance of some good people who wanted to give trafficked and traumatized victims a platform to tell their stories as therapy—but actually as a cover for the ITNJ and Stone and Steele. What a couple. Some have left the organization because they don’t like what’s going on and no longer want to be associated with it.

Where’s the “justice” in the ITNJ? What is “natural justice”, exactly? For the psychopaths it’s no justice at all. They are unaccountable. They are above the law. They lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, and torture with impunity and they aim to keep it that way.

Now these people know who some of the victims are that are willing to come forward and speak of their experiences, and that could be dangerous for the victims.

As for the claim that RDS is a hero for bringing up the topic of “adrenochrome”… well again, getting ahead of the story—and he would know, wouldn’t he? It was for purely selfish reasons, just as the nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. The fact he doesn’t have one seems irrelevant. Others told us about adrenochrome, as well. It’s about creating a fake persona that gullible people will believe. The fake white hat persona.

Some recent buzz about Stone is that he is a victim; his rock band is banned/blackballed so he can no longer perform. Poor thing.

The language these people use to panegyrize themselves is something else. RDS a “CIA mastermind”? Anyone who associates with these people had better think carefully about it because the implications could be catastrophic, right Mr. Sather? BTW are you still sliding in the Illuminati hand signals in your videos?

Sacha Stone (Simon Adams Rockefeller) acts as the head of the ITNJ commission “against human trafficking”, but in reality he is an MI6 asset who pretends to be a new age guru who entraps victims & volunteers alike for intel & further his counterintelligence psyop. A traitor.

— Louder Than Love (AKA Total Disclosure) (@LouderThanLove1) August 29, 2019

Canadian Media Is BANNED From Reporting on an Islamic Terrorist!

22-year-old, Ikar Mao, is facing Jihad Terrorist offenses after returning from Turkey & trying to join ISIS with his wife.

Trudeau gov’t placed a BAN on ALL Mao’s prior AND current court proceedings & evidence.

— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) December 7, 2019

I recall a post we featured some time ago entitled, “Oh Canada—What Have You Done?” They did, and continue to do, the bidding of the New World Order.

Remember this? Anyone who doesn’t believe world leaders are controlled assets should have a listen. It’s not only the media talking heads that read scripts. Thanks to these sellouts, Canada is complicit in the worst imaginable foreign policies and barbarous actions against innocents.

THIS is your “defining moment.” Stop listening to their flowery language and glorifying rhetoric. There is no justifying what they have done.

The media will never represent the situation accurately. When the Canadian people realize what has been done by their government for decades they will no longer be proud to be Canadian.

A little gift from Agent Margaritaville… in case Canadians are unaware of the atrocities committed in their name by their corrupt, treasonous government. Who will pay for the Crimes Against Humanity, and when? How long will the Canadian people remain misinformed and silent?

ThemTube is playing their typical games and makes you sign in to view this although there is nothing in it other than typical news coverage.

Stephen and Peter’s War Crimes – CanIraq 2.0

The biggest immediate threat in America is the border, which is hemorrhaging illegal aliens, human traffickers, and drug cartel barbarians.

Douglas Ducote and his team have interviewed law enforcement, border patrol, and land owners at and near the border and they have a very strong message for us.

The detail in this video is far beyond what I’ve heard elsewhere. Illegal aliens are streaming into America with $10 – 50K in their pocket from the globalists who have paid them to invade the United States. Most of the border is still unprotected, and cartels take advantage of it.

The government doesn’t have an easement all the way across the country and private landowners are involved which presents problems for constructing a wall.

The cartels know how to control the opposition. They either intimidate the land owners by murdering and mutilating their dogs, threatening their families, or they simply buy them off—just as they’ve bought off most of Congress, the team tells us. Millions in blood money for their silence.

It’s so bad that dead bodies, butchered and/or ravaged by wild animals litter the border state of Texas in plain view of the ranchers and their families.

Ducote and team have a solution, however. They voted for President Trump and believe he wants to secure the border but has backed off somewhat from what was promised. There is so much opposition from so many.

They want to bend the President’s ear for a few hours and present their plan to him to fix the problem quickly and efficiently to staunch the flow. It’s mission critical they say, to save America and protect the People—lawfully.

The producer, Dustin, has done a tremendous amount of research and is filling in for Douglas here and doing an admirable job. He is well worth listening to and I think every American should hear this… sort of a rant he does near the end.

There is much to chew on here, folks; much food for thought—but don’t think too long. ACTION is what is required. Now you know what the situation truly is.

A Sheriff Fighting The Border War

Judge Jeanine doesn’t hold back anything in this tirade. I don’t know how much further she can push it. Bill Still reports.

Judge Jeanine Blasts the Coupsters, 2853

Another media distraction… possibly because they believe Trump is going to DECLAS FISA tomorrow; the dreaded December 9th.

Chicago rapper Juice WRLD dead after ‘medical emergency’ at Midway Airport

The reality of any protest by the People is that it will probably be infiltrated by agents provocateurs hired by the deep state/NWO to escalate violence. The control freaks have their fingers in everything, everywhere, to manipulate outcomes.

China’s state-controlled media uses the same bullshit tactics as our MSM to paint movements they don’t like as bad.


— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) December 8, 2019

PG&E announces $13.5B settlement with individual Northern California wildfire victims

What—really? Li’l ol’ stiff Ruthie did this? Why do I find that hard to believe?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg temporarily blocks release of Trump’s financial records

You have no doubt by now watched at least a brief clip of that disgusting video of Joe Biden talking about loving kids crawling up into his lap; the one where he mentioned “roaches”. Subhuman creatures like Biden want to lead the country. Is that what America wants?

Opinion: Biden Refuses to Explain What He Meant by ‘Roaches’ But an Online Search Shows It’s a Racist Slur Against Black People

There’s a new article on Corey’s Digs. I have not yet read it, but it’s full of facts and details about the Clintons, the Poop, Nader, Human trafficking, and more.

Nader, Khawaja, Clintons, Pope Francis, and Elite Converge in UAE & Africa

The idea of this may bring a smile to your face. Christmas dreams? Do they come true?

Here is ‘The Great One’. No, not Wayne Gretzky, silly… Mark LeVin—and he is incensed. Flack jackets required.

Best Christmas Present Ever: Retroactively Impeaching Obama—LIVE

You need to see this extraordinary footage which may explain why they have been spraying around the sun so much. This is probably the best evidence I’ve ever seen, and I think we can also see what Yellow Rose for Texas refers to the “gears” sticking out of the sun. We understand that one sun is in front of another sun so we can’t see it with telescopes.

One must ask, after seeing this, why it’s a secret. What is the establishment hiding, and why?

Planet X Evidence Disclosed by NY Times Reporter That Broke Everything Wide Open

Best Christmas Present Ever: Retroactively Impeaching Obama—LIVE

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Greg Gutfeld provides the usual lighthearted look at the horror show in Washington. All we can do it laugh at this slapstick theatre.

And I was correct; Trump got the last laugh with the Crime Minister. Those job loss figures in Canada—if Trump was your boss you’d be fired, Turdeau. Perhaps The People will step up and do the honourable thing.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  ~ BP

Greg Gutfeld: Impeachment is One Big, Fat Prank Being Played On You and Me! Great Video!

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We Were Half Right: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was Appointed—Not Elected [video] ~ March 5, 2019

Some of us were so taken aback by the sheer lack of knowledge, experience, and common sense—not to mention the unabashed radical platform of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez—that we thought she must be a plant by the good guys. Comedic sensationalism to make a point in the theatre of the absurd.

It’s looking like we misjudged the script. She was a plant all right—by the left, if this video can be believed. How predictable.

She answered a “casting call”. We also saw an ad on Craig’s List for Ruth Bader Ginsburg look-alikes followed by published footage of a marvelous stand-in walking around in her clothes but with head held high—which we know Ruth could physically no longer do.

(BTW, Google has buried that story so it doesn’t come up in the searches—like every other relevant piece of information we might want to know. Only propaganda and approved content get top billing now.)

The deep state operatives don’t even try to hide their machinations any longer because they have nothing left to lose. They’re going to use their trusty old formulaic script yet again, no matter how outrageous.

Despite the motives, education or background of a candidate, we know what can be accomplished with deep state backing. They soundly back every major player and false flag perpetrator all the way with funding, coaching, and a personalized script. Props are plentiful and weapons, drugs, or friendly voting machines supplied where required.

Did you think QAnon was being flippant when he suggested we are watching a movie? Ha! No truer words were ever written.

It’s what they’ve always done but now we’re onto them. In the past it’s all been scripted, planned, carefully orchestrated, but the actors aren’t the stars they believe they are. They will be famous, however. INfamous.

There weren’t any sane writers left when this AOC screenplay came out so they settled for the “B” route. “Green New Deal”? Eliminating air travel? Trains to Hawai’i? Even Hollywood special effects can’t make these pipe dreams real. These people live in a dream world. They’re lunatics.

The control freaks have truly lost it and the absurdity can’t help but wake people up to the deception.

Yes, the democrat party is going down. Get your popcorn and keep watching. AOC will be a box office flop—no sequels, please.  ~ BP

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was appointed – not elected

AOC’s arrogance implies an invisible hand

This creature came from nowhere and speaks arrogantly of being the new boss in the Democrat Party, telling even Joe Lieberman that his time is past. Where does her cockiness come from? The following video will start to unmask AOC and her invisible backers.

Don’t look at her stupidity and take her as being inconsequential. That is the mistake America made with another blank slate named Obama.

The Marxism this creature is forcing into the American system is as deadly as a rattlesnake. We need to unmask her and her backers at every opportunity. We need to put a spotlight on her. Evil hates light because light reveals the truth.

Let the unmasking begin!


Here’s Josh Bernstein’s view:

FRAUDS EXPOSED: AOC found thru Casting Call! 5 Dems recruited-Political equivalent of Spice Girls!!!

Headlines and Updates for September 4, 2018: The Illusion is Crumbling [videos] ~ September 4, 2018

Edirot’s Note: This is another good “real” news compilation by StarshipEarth. Spot on…, and…



I’ve no desire to preach to the choir, but we need to put information out there for the right people to find, so read or not, but share if you see value.

Fake News is Alive and Well in America—Or Is It?

A sample of the Mind Kontrol Media programming; official, nationally-delivered script included. They say all the things people want to hear and the masses believe them. Everything’s okay, no worries, now go back to sleep.

And too many folks are only too eager to do that. They don’t want to have to DO anything about the horrific world they live in and happily turn over the responsibility to run everything to someone else who tells them they’re on their side.

“Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback.”

I know they wouldn’t appreciate MY feedback.

We often hear now that more and more people are realizing that the corporate media is just the propaganda arm of the shadow government, and that will continue, particularly if we continue to educate.

This is the script, which is posted below unedited and in its entirety:

“Hi, I’m(A) ____________, and I’m (B) _________________…

(B) Our greatest responsibility is to serve our _________________ communities. We are extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that _________________ News produces.

(A) But we’re concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

(B) More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories… stories that just aren’t true, without checking facts first.

(A) Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’…This is extremely dangerous to a democracy.

(B) At _________________ it’s our responsibility to pursue and report the truth. We understand Truth is neither politically ‘left nor right.’ Our commitment to factual reporting is the foundation of our credibility, now more than ever.

(A) But we are human and sometimes our reporting might fall short. If you believe our coverage is unfair please reach out to us by going to and clicking on CONTENT CONCERNS. We value your comments. We will respond back to you.

(B) We work very hard to seek the truth and strive to be fair, balanced and factual… We consider it our honor, our privilege to responsibly deliver the news every day.

(A) Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback”


These two guys make a lot of sense, and I think logically define many tactics the media uses in the massive deception most people are living in if they haven’t stopped to question anything. This is short and sweet but should be required learning for us all.

If you recall, SerialBrain2 told us that from the information coming from POTUS and QAnon, we know a strategy is underway and it’s not how it looks. The NWO aren’t the only ones who can create illusions. To win this war, the Patriots have to be masters of deception to beat the liars at their own game. The term “3-D chess” is very appropriate.

The decodes suggested that while President Trump continues to bash Jeff Sessions and suggest he is weak and doing nothing, and that Trump is the same for letting him, they are actually playing right into the tiny minds of the deep state.

The lamestream media are fixated now on convincing the masses that Jeff Sessions was legitimately tasked with heading up the Department of Justice and they so want him to stay. It’s only right!

Did the plan work? It’s looking that way. I think they took the bait. Soon I think we will learn just what Sessions has been up to all this time.


Something BIG is Coming! We can FEEL it!

(hint: it involves lots of clowns)

Dave at the X22 Report interviewed “V” of Rogue News and I believe he lends a great deal of perspective to the current geopolitical situation, the financial “event” we believe is on the way this year, and more. “V” keeps it light and it’s good stuff.

I agree that everything is pointing to a “big event” or multiple events in the near future that will rock our world. An “October surprise” could be financial, but since everything is intertwined, it will probably involve multiple aspects of life and liberty. It could mean the rest of this year is a roller coaster. I think it’s safe to say a whole slew of Americans are about to be shoved unceremoniously out of bed. The awakened ones have run out of patience.

If what is coming is largely confined to the USA, the reverberations will still resonate across the planet because we’re all connected and thanks to the Internet and social media/alt media, no matter where we live we have brothers and sisters everywhere. They are all watching America with great interest to see what will happen next.

The current situation, particularly the financial arena, is an illusion, and that is necessary because most Americans have no idea what has happened to their country, or how. The illusion must be maintained to a certain point until the grand plan can be revealed. The good guys understand Human psychology and that they will have to deliver the bad news with some really good news to take the sting out of the shocking stuff.

The best tack is to be a Boy Scout and “be prepared”—for ANYTHING.

Shattering the Illusion for Bullies

Remember the bully who ripped off a MAGA hat along with some hair from a sixteen-year-old boy at a burger joint and then threw the boy’s drink in his face? Well, a grand jury sent the message that bullying and brutality will not be tolerated. Anyone lacking the self-control required to live among free-thinking people will mean they find themselves in hot water. Looks good on ‘im.

Satanism is Finding a Foothold in American School Programs

Most of us have no illusions about Satanism, but the Satanists are going out of their way to bring their devil-worshipping beliefs into schools to indoctrinate children. They thought that by presenting this “alternative” openly as a extra-interest school program, it would seem benign. They deny “satanism” is a “religion—like that makes it okay.

What is happening is that stupid people who believe the crap spoon fed to the masses that we need to be open-minded and non-judgmental about others and their beliefs if we want to be fair, are even turning on people who reveal the truth of Satanism. In effect, the sheep are doing the policing; trying to “shame” the rest of us into relenting and accepting anything and everything without research or critical thinking.

There is no reasoning with these brainwashed sheep. Satanism is the opposite of Christianity—and I’m not religious at all. It’s paying homage to Satan—who was the enemy of Christ, if you believe the bible.

Satanism is not an “alternative belief system” any more than pedophilia is an “alternative lifestyle”.

The message that we should not complain about Muslim immigrants who rape women, start hundreds of car fires in Sweden, teach children to shoot guns and carry out future school shootings, or people who want to worship Satan or we are racists or_________, is actually taken seriously by some people. There is a serious lack of critical thinking.

The New World Order are doing whatever they can to divide people and we do need to realize that the terrorists they import to damage our society and create hatred is a very real plot. That is not to say all Muslims are terrorists. We have to be sensible about it and realize the agenda. A terrorist is a terrorist; a rapist is a rapist; a murderer is a murderer no matter their religion, race or creed.

We do not have to allow terrorists to attack us and destroy our property, and we don’t have to allow Satanists to corrupt our children. It doesn’t make us intolerant or bad people.

The unfortunate thing about the New World Order is, they tip-toe around until someone opens the door a crack, and then when they have their foot in the door, they gut the house. Pay attention, people. They’ve already gutted your White House, and Trump, fortunately, is draining the swamp and evicting them. Don’t make his job harder or more dangerous than it already is.

The psychopaths are skilled at dressing something up to look and sound really good. Next the Trojan horse spills its guts and it’s then too late. Be proactive and stop the enemy—don’t let them in!

Psychopathic Bunny Art In Our Faces

After Q pointed to the Podesta “bunny art” I visited the website Alex Podesta freely exposes online. It’s a “dot org”. Unbelievable. Want to donate? Volunteer?

Disturbing, is putting it mildly. When you see the image of a child’s face on the floor like a mask as portrayed in one image I saw—after hearing that Hitlary Clinton and Huma Abedin filleted the face off a young girl and wore it over their own to terrorize her and induce the adrenaline and other fight-or-flight hormones to flood her body, it’s evident these people are beyond sick.

However, a notable thing I picked up from Linda’s video is the fact that our search habits on the Internet have been drastically improved! This is fantastic news, my friends. People who are waking up and trying to research some of the almost unbelievable things they are seeing and hearing referenced on social media and alternative news sites might be able to actually find some truth.

Those truths will counteract the information the media lies about and help to shatter the illusion. Better yet, when we tell them not to take our word for it and to do their own research, they can more readily do that.

Linda has some great memes in the opening montage of her video, gets into some personal stuff, and then picks up again on the Q drops and bunny art sicko stuff around the 12 minute mark.

Would it be safe to say someone doesn’t want WikiLeaks sharing more truth and shattering a carefully crafted illusion?

How many people over the decades have been suicided, disappeared, Arkancided, erased… to keep the secrets of the psychopaths? I wonder about that sometimes.

Those who find gematria interesting may find the following prediction verified. A couple of guys on the Internet who do a lot of gematria work tell us they believe George HW Bush Sr. will die today. A number of their past predictions have been accurate, but we shall see what unfolds today, September 4, 2018.

In keeping with the “death and illusion” theme, here’s some intel on the No-Name McNasty death from our friend Daniel John in Juneau, Alaska. He has insiders who feed him information and he passes it on to us. It resonates, so I’m sharing.

I think it’s clear that a lot of thought and strategy has gone into how the White Hats would clean up Washington and we need to trust them to deliver us from evil in the ways they feel is most fitting—and safe—for everyone involved, whether we agree or not.

Basically, they tell us, “You can’t handle the truth!” (Not us, the awakened patriots, but people in general. You know the ones.)

Personally, I believe the whole truth about absolutely everything will be told eventually because we need to know to fully heal and prevent anything like this ever happening in our civilization again.

No more deals? I sure hope not. I don’t like negotiating with terrorists.  ~ BP

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tells us they refuse to tell us if Hitlary Clinton still has her security clearance. That pretty much gives us our answer, doesn’t it? Or would the revelation jeopardize the strategy of the White Hats?