Headlines and Updates for September 9, 2019: Eye of the Storm [videos] ~ September 9, 2019

Some catastrophic events have unfolded in the early days of September and we now pick up the pieces.

As a historically “ritual” day approaches, September 11, we hunker down and hope for the best. The White Hats have foiled many attempts at terrorism and assassinations against President Trump, but they can’t prevent everything.

We’re even hearing that “leprosy” could make a comeback. Lord love a duck. We don’t buy into that fear porn.

We never know what events are true accidents and what are linked to plots to save the murderous deep state/globalists, so we watch certain ones closely.

This just in prior to noon Pacific time… They can’t be too careful these days. Sara Carter reports:

Baltimore: Bomb Squad Investigating Suspicious Vehicle. Four Blocks Blocked Off Near Inner Harbor

I happened to see this older article pertaining to the death of a Disney employee and a passenger aboard the Conception dive boat also employed by Disney died on Labour Day weekend. We understand Disney is rife with pedophiles so some may be targets so they can’t testify.

Agenda-Free TV did an update last night on available details including a review of the deadly Conception fire if you need to catch up on that story. They look at the layout of the boat and go through several articles and testimonies.

skeletal remains of the Conception before sinking and smaller vessel alongside

From what I have learned, the custom-built vessel passed all Coast Guard inspections and all safety precautions were embraced wholeheartedly by Captain and crew. A crew member always slept below with passengers so should have been able to assist in exiting the quarters. That crew member died.

One issue raised by a press article was that there was no “roaming night watchman” on the Conception that would have learned of the fire right away. I would think that would be an important safety feature and could have been the deciding factor in this tragedy.

We hear fire blocked the escape routes because it was in the middle deck in the galley area, which is where the exits were from the sleeping quarters were, meaning the people below were trapped. So… did the captain say the passengers’ sleeping quarters were “locked” or “blocked”? Probably “blocked”.

But what caused the fire? A crew member said they had just checked the galley 40 minutes before to ensure the stove was cold and fuel was off and shortly thereafter heard a sound like someone had “tripped” he said, and then saw flames coming from the galley/middle deck area but the fire was already so bad they couldn’t put it out and couldn’t access the middle deck/galley where the escape hatches and exits from below were located. Poor design, I would say.

I wouldn’t relish having to evacuate 30+ people from below in the event of an emergency through that small hatch on top of a bunk, in the dark, and/or the stairway.

That was some fire and the smoke/fumes may have overcome the people sleeping below, with no smoke alarm alerting crew or passengers although there was one. How could a fire spread so quickly? What kind of fire does that?

There was mention of photography equipment on board, charging overnight, and my photographer hubby has said he cannot transport his lithium-ion batteries without attention to regulations on airlines as they are concerned about them exploding so I suppose that might be a possible cause as one person suggested.

Early reports told us the condition of the bodies recovered were consistent with drowning, and now they’re saying they probably died of smoke inhalation. Many questions need answering and at this point it’s all just conjecture as to what caused the fire in the middle deck. Since there was almost nothing left of the vessel after the inferno and the wreckage sank, it’s going to make an investigation difficult.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s website has more.

Aftermath of Dorian in Atlantic Canada

Dorian is predicted to wed Tropical Storm Gabrielle in the Atlantic soon and honeymoon in the UK as Dorian 2.0 so we wish you all the best as Atlantic Canada, the US East Coast, and the Bahamas/Caribbean mop up. We warn you, Dorian’s a party hearty kind of a guy.

Scott Mowry confirmed according to his sources on the Miracles Intel Call last night that the White Hats used Dorian as cover to destroy a malevolent Chinese base in the Bahamas that would have meant certain disaster for America. The Chinese deep state communist faction(s) are a serious threat and must be stopped.

If China and the Middle East factions are still so intent on violence and world dominance I don’t see a major leap for Mankind this year. We cannot move forward until we have peace on Earth. Perhaps Santa will deliver. We’ve asked every year for friggin’ ever.

If there is a light side to the Maritime tale, it’s a lineup of 300 cars for Tim Horton’s. Canucks gotta have their Timmy’s. It makes everything better, and coffee addicts didn’t seem to notice their vehicles were hampering recovery efforts. They cover that in The National, below.

Miracles happen every day, however, and there were no deaths in Canada despite the direct hit. Whew!

The first 13 minutes of this video involve Dorian in multiple locations from the Bahamas to Newfoundland.

What is it with fires on ships this month? I’m no mariner, but doesn’t this water look too shallow for a cargo ship with 4,200 Hyundai vehicles on it?

Someone suggested the storm surge from Dorian may have shifted the ocean bed in this waterway.

I can understand how this accident would happen if the depth changed suddenly mid-turn, which is the maneuver undertaken when it happened. With that many vehicles on board, once the vessel listed to a certain point, the cargo would shift dramatically and then take the craft all the way over.

Soon rescuers noticed smoke coming from the ship as you can well imagine with punctured gas tanks and sparks possible on cars, as one possible source.

Are there now 4,200 mangled vehicles on board? Wow. And how does one right a ship of that mass? What a mess, and still missing crew.

Cargo ship carrying 4,000 Hyundai cars capsizes off Georgia coast

Returning to the most important challenge Humanity currently faces, we have another video about the pedophilia/pedovoria problem on our planet.

Let’s not refer to the perps as “elite”. They are not. It is their “belief” that they are that enables them to use Humans as a piggy bank, a life-long labour force, entertainment, sex, food and sustenance.

Why The Elite Engage In Systemic Child Sex Abuse : awaken your normie friends :

Image source: Getty Images

This is breaking news but honestly… 64,000 arrests at the southern US border—while it may be cause for applause due to the reduction—is horrendous.

It’s mind-blowing that there can be that many people trying to break into the United States every month. Can you imagine if the President had not taken so many measures to stem the flow of illegals?

Americans need to be armed so I hope they’re not paying attention to the dimms and their relentless gun-grabbing rhetoric. Biden is now suggesting Americans have no expectation of upholding the Second Amendment and don’t have the right to keep or bear arms at all!

How do they figure a blatantly unconstitutional sort could possibly be elected to office? It’s sheer lunacy. Bye-bye Biden. You’re long past your expiration date and have lost too many brain cells.

Arrests at southern border drop to 64K in August

Why the wall? We’ll tell you, because the corrupt propaganda media won’t. The American people need protection from criminals like these…

Media Fails to Note 6 Murder Suspects are Illegal Immigrants, MS-13 Gangbangers

We have seen a great deal of proof that the White Hats are actively taking the dark cabal to task. Lower level criminals are learning they are NOT above the law.

Corrupt Democrat Councilman FURIOUS After Being INDICTED

When the coming days demand the arrest and incarceration of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, and the rest, there shouldn’t be any opposition from sane people.

I think the American people now understand that there is surveillance, and there is illegal surveillance. Illegal surveillance is called “spying”. A crime by any other name would be as foul.

IG Report Shows James Comey was SPYING on President Trump & Violated the Law! | Tom Fitton

The stage has indeed been set. You will notice that they are not going after the Clintons or the rest for pedophilia. They are only mentioning the laws they have broken, and treasonous activities. We’ll see what happens down the road when the pedophilia story blossoms in full. I suspect that to spare the world the anguish of the pedophilia.

Judicial Watch: Federal Judge Criticizes State and Justice Departments on Clinton Email Cover-Up

If you wish to take in President Trump’s rally today in North Carolina, here is the feed from the Right Side Broadcasting crew who are already on site four hours before the beginning of the rally and reporting. You’ll hear no attacks on the President or the patriots, no cutting away to censor footage, and you’ll get shots of the crowd so you know how many people actually are there and won’t be deceived by the lying, treasonous media turds at the lamestream stations. These folks do such a good job and run solely on viewer support so they aren’t obligated to pander to corporations.

LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Fayetteville, NC 9/9/19

Headlines and Updates for August 30—August 30? What? [videos] ~ August 30, 2018

Where did the summer go? How can it be so close to Labour Day (or Labor Day) already? When they establish a “Labour-Free Day” let me know and then I’ll be excited. I’m all about working less, and until the hot weather goes away, I will continue to take my daily summer vacation pool side.

We’ve been told that this fall will be explosive on the political and geopolitical scene. Possibly the financial and economic scenes as well. I hope we’re ready—because a lot of people won’t see this coming.

It seems a lot of folks are finding humour—wild and crazy humour—in American politics these days. Even Russia Today articles are tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at America and Canada, in particular, and since we need to keep it light I’m going to share some wild and crazy humour.

We’re on a dangerous path: From fake news & fake porn to fake reality

We all feel for Sarah Sanders. How she does what she does, day in, day out in a pack of wolves is beyond me, but she’s clearly the Alpha in the room.

Someone made an empathetic parody video of a White House Press Briefing led by Sarah that is very funny. I hope she gets some comic relief from this production from, “Bad Lip Reading” channel. Thanks, R. It definitely takes a special person to work in the MSM daycare.

On the more serious side, that video is also an example of the technology currently available that can make it look like anyone on video said anything the “video artist” chooses to have them say. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The controllers COULD make the fakest news you’ve ever seen and you would never know the difference unless you were the one who DIDN’T say it.

I am unaware of the lamestream media actually using that tactic yet; they prefer their little one-act plays, but when President Trump calls out the MSM as “fake news”—maybe take him a little more seriously.

CNN is in deep doo-doo now for their blunder with an unreliable, reliable source and they still haven’t retracted their information. They just keep burying themselves deeper and deeper. I guess this is why they usually use “anonymous sources” so they can just make it all up and control it.


Just what are the implications of Google’s censorship, or YouTube’s, Twitter’s or any platform on the Internet? Lionel talks to RT about algorithms, rights, obligations, and technology with respect to the law.

He makes a good point in that “the law” always lags behind technology. Perhaps POTUS will address that.

Dave’s usual Q-inclusive update on the X22 Report for August 29…

The Deep State In Total Panic Because It’s All About To Blow – Episode 1651b

Dave provides some interesting history on the banksters’ financial system, too. Fortunately, it’s all going away, and we will have a much more favourable system and economy for the world going forward, but “it’s a process…” and from what Thomas Williams tells us, the “team” in charge of the World Trust is going to tweak systems gradually to adjust currencies, etc. so there isn’t an economic or financial shock to any one country when all is said and done and the new financial system comes forward seamlessly.

The Total Implosion Of The Central Banking Economy Accelerates – Episode 1651a


The best news for a laugh this week may have been a refreshing, “China did it”. That’s right. Russia is passé and the fake news media should dump them. The real hackers were Chinese. No BleachBit will change this. Sorry Hitlary.

There IS justice in this world. Nothing created ever goes away and your evil energy just keeps hanging around like a bad smell.


Here’s another great—and humourous—political analysis from Thomas and Betsy at Aim4Truth, American Intelligence Media. As well as interpreting POTUS tweets, they discuss McCain’s death, the Brett Kavanaugh appointment, and the numerous other criminal SES Operatives within the Senior Executive Service, and the Mueller investigation .

They confirm their predictions about Justin Trudeau coming back to kiss the feet of Donald Trump after he tries to play the big boy with respect to tariffs, and discuss the ongoing trade talk twists.

In a quick statement they mention the volatility in the Financial situation, saying they don’t go there because it’s so manipulated it’s too difficult to know what the truth is.

If you disagree with some of what they say, my advice is, “just wait”.

Stunning Canadian Trade Reversal Now Seems Increasingly Likely – Nervous Freeland/Trudeau Trying to Position for Political Face Saving

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland

Canada FM: ‘Productive’ trade talks with US continue


About that wall… it is unquestionably necessary. The illegal immigrants streaming into America over the Mexican border aren’t just helpless refugees, some are enemies who would rob, rape, and murder Americans and bring in guns and drugs. Worst of all is the Human trafficking.

We have seen the evidence of all of this far too many times and will continue to see it until the wall is complete. Kudos to the Border Patrol officers for doing their jobs to identify illegal and dangerous threats.

Border Patrol Catches Gang Member Trying Re-Enter U.S.

August 29, 2018

Border patrol has caught a member of the MS-13 gang trying to re-enter the country. The gang member was previously deported and was trying to re-enter the United States illegally in Arizona.

According to The New York Post:

A previously deported member of the dangerous MS-13 gang was arrested Saturday in Arizona when border agents caught him after he illegally crossed the border, officials said.

Reyes Guzman-Umanzor, 35, of Honduras, was taken into custody after agents patrolling in Nogales, roughly an hour south of Tucson, found he allegedly re-entered the US with a group of three other illegal immigrants.

Upon processing, it was discovered one of those apprehended was Guzman-Umanzor, Border Patrol stated in a news release. The MS-13 gang member was previously arrested for DUI and drug possession, and was later deported, according to Homeland Security.

The other three people who entered the US illegally with Guzman-Umanzor also “have previous immigration violations and removals from the U.S. and will face additional charges.”

This pattern of criminality seemed likely to continue had he been able to re-enter the country successfully. Trump’s border protection squad is keeping America safe and criminals off the streets by enforcing the laws of the United States.