Headlines and Updates for September 12, 2019: Hindsight is 20/20 [videos] ~ September 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: Once again Starship Earth does a masterful job of bring us the unvarnished news of our world. Between these and the “News Burst” published daily on my blog, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what is really happening on our planet!

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As the patriots inhale the future and exhale the past, Phoenix assures us massive work is under way and the dam on information is about to burst. That full moon this weekend will be shining the Light of Truth on our world so watch what is revealed.

Some of these corrupticats are going to see the hammer, and it will probably be less painful than the business end of a pitchfork which is what they deserve from some angry patriots for what they have done.

Patriot Intel Report 09 12 19

What did they do, exactly? Is the following true? If so, a very disturbing thread.

1) Do you remember those poor people who jumped from the Towers, on Sept 11 2001?

Have you ever asked yourself WHY they jumped?
going to certain, painful death?

it did not make any sense…

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) September 11, 2019

Does it make it easier to accept they did similar in California, but to many more innocent people? The psychopaths hate us. It’s not some radicals in the Middle East who hate Westerners. It’s the satanic globalists. THEY hate us. They hate Humanity. They want us gone.

Remains of residential neighbourhood after California “wildfires”. Why didn’t the trees burn yet the homes are white ash?

UPDATE: U.S. Attorney moving forward with charges against McCabe Based On IG Report Findings

Trump the troll… I love it. Here are your campaign donations at work, folks—strategically placed with perfect timing.

Trump Campaign to Troll Democrat-Socialist Debate in Houston By Flying GIANT BANNER Blasting Socialism

Trump Campaign to fly this banner over Houston from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. local time — an hour before Democrats take the stage. #Trump2020 #DemDebate https://t.co/DtFGxA99hZ pic.twitter.com/7kmNgOFm8H

— TrumpSoldier (@DaveNYviii) September 12, 2019

Who is John Bolton, anyway? GoodDog has some input on that. We believe he’s just another bad actor whose time it was to exit, stage left. He played his role.

John Robert Bolton
Skull & Bonesman?

Boneheaded? Working with whom? Look at who was paying him to advance their Globalist Agenda:https://t.co/9VlQjUwPL1

Yale University? Knights of Malta? Where have we seen this before?

Relation to John Kerry? John Kerry [Heinz]? https://t.co/0fhRAcI6ac pic.twitter.com/zSQQgl7meS

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) September 11, 2019

For the general public, we have Mike Pompeo commenting on the canning of warhawk Bolton to smooth the ruffled feathers.

There won’t be any question as to what happened here when all is said and done involving James Comey and the Brady violations.

Flynn’s Attorneys Sound Alarm Over Missing DOJ Memo That Cleared Flynn

#BREAKING FLYNN Development @SidneyPowell1 Flynn’s Motion To Compel Brady Material Unsealed: Flynn Took Polygraph In 2016 And Passed https://t.co/CjUHe2cWyl via @SaraCarterDC

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) September 11, 2019

Here we go again… disgusting behaviour on the part of those who are able to do this.

DAHB0077 shares his personal view on it, and we neither validate nor dispute it. Just sharing. He’s probably correct to a large degree.

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations and Killings Alarm Ranchers In Oregon

Further to our watchful efforts with regard to plane crashes, we extracted this information pertaining to weather warfare and geoengineering. It’s not imagination, wild conjecture, or conspiracy theory, it’s fact:

…the same weapon placed an enormous electromagnetic burst (explosion) deep underwater, 100 miles north of Puerto Rico. From the surface of the ocean there arose a giant cone of water, rising a half mile into the air, turning into a mushroom, and falling back into the sea.

This was the second test of the new Russian strategic LWIs, under KGB control. By this test and the fact that the West did not even recognize what killed the Thresher, Khrushchev managed to stay in power another two years or so, after his Cuban Crisis fiasco where he lost face in front of the entire world.

World-wide weather engineering started in earnest by the Russians on July 4, 1976 – as a quirky sense of humor and “bicentennial gift” to the United States. The weapons have been used to shoot down aircraft, etc. worldwide also, mostly as tests, and have also destroyed ICBMs shortly after launch.  Source

Research it for yourself. It’s not about Russia. Many nations are capable, and the dark cabal’s minions/slaves do what their puppet masters tell them.

Don’t underestimate the technology and capabilities of the globalists and rogue military. That’s just a taste. We are mere playthings for their amusement and experimentation.

Since we are sentient Beings, they have no right to do this against our will. They have broken the universal peace treaty and are in the process of being removed from this planet, this galaxy, and beyond. It can’t happen soon enough.

Another mayor has been arrested. This one in Texas, plus three others. How many to go?

Former Mayor ARRESTED, Liberal Media PANICS

Utsava fans might be interested in her latest psychic update.

About Epstein’s wherabouts, Prince William’s future, the Royals, Reset, Bitcoin, World Terrorism, Trump.

Sean brings us a super video on his SGT Report revealing the corrupt antics of YouTube and Google with a smidgen of comic relief. We will resolve this problem with the Big Tech swamp monsters.

I don’t use Chrome, do you? Nor Gmail. I’ve been using Brave for awhile and I like it. See below for tips from Robert Epstein on how to circumnavigate the Silicon Valley vipers.

Monkeys, Morality & Google


I see a striking resemblance in this picture. https://t.co/muK0RqEKgt

— The “Dirty” Truth (@AKA_RealDirty) September 12, 2019

France orders Google to pay $1.1B to settle tax fraud case

That’s the update for today. You can almost hear the People waking up, can’t you?  ~ BP

The Battle for the Minds of America [videos] ~ May 31, 2019

It’s clear the current, most important battle is for the minds of Americans.

You’ve no doubt seen the treasonous media’s interpretation of the leading, wide open summary Robert Mueller delivered yesterday in his press conference. He did it on purpose. Was he threatened? Was his family threatened? Possibly.

Even if he wanted to do the right thing, he is in so deep and clearly in fear of repercussions, in my opinion, and just wants to end this now and bow out. He wants it to be over and doesn’t want to have to answer for his activities again.

Was he indeed so rattled over the imminent demise of his alleged lover, Jim Comey, that he can’t think straight? The deep state never fails to surprise us.

Mueller could have gone either way. He screwed up, he screwed the American people, and he is on the skewer approaching the flames. He and the rest are about to be Barr-B-Q’d.

Newt Gingrich points out below that that the way Mueller handled this is the direct opposite of the way justice is designed to work in America. What the deep state players want the American people to forget is that all are innocent until proven guilty.

Justice is not open to interpretation. The rule of law is either enforced or it isn’t.

No guilt on the part of Donald Trump exits in the report conducted for TWO YEARS. They claim there was Russian interference. That interference, according to the cold, hard evidence, was due to collusion on the part of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and that administration.

There is no evidence of collusion on the part of Donald Trump or his party/administration. Never was, and currently isn’t.

It’s not rocket science, but the criminals believe if they crow it from the rooftops long enough and loud enough that they can convince the freakazoid leftists in America that Trump stands to be impeached. That there are grounds. It’s ludicrous.

For every corrupt deep state operative/agent seeking to corrupt the minds of America with their poisonous rhetoric, the Patriots have to come back with far more accurate commentary and evidence to educate those who do not understand what is transpiring.

Gingrich: Mueller ‘didn’t have the right’ to say what he said

The reality is much different than the lunatic left portray.

Following is an outstanding video from the Patriot Hour. Mike tells us what is coming, and the relevance of what we are witnessing now.

We must get through to the bulk of Americans who are swayed by the lying treasonous turds in the media. They must come to the realization that the President is vilified because he is exposing and dismantling the deep state; the bad actors who have betrayed America.

We won’t even try to explain that the citizens of what many consider the greatest nation were slated to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. Most of them don’t even believe vaccines are dangerous. The gap of understanding is a gaping chasm we have to do our best to bridge.

Mass arrests cannot take place until we have a greater majority of America on the side of the Patriots who understand the reality.

FISA SPYGATE=Treason Charges For Many [MUST SEE] SHARE

Americans must ask themselves if they wish their judicial laws to change. Would they like to be presumed guilty until they’ve proven themselves innocent? There are no special laws. THE LAWS apply to everyone. They’re not selective.

Either we uphold THE LAW or we don’t. The criminal deep state is calling upon America to accept that the laws can be selectively applied in the case of Donald Trump.

They’re also inferring that the law be bent to accommodate James Comey, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, and many others who committed treasonous acts against their country. The bulk of the evidence for all of that has not yet been publicized much. We, the citizen journalists—the real news—know much of what has transpired and why. We have more than enough proof of what has transpired and what the plan was for America.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Mueller Upends Rule of Law, In Final Appearance—Sidney Powell

Mark Levin: Mueller is a complete fraud and Pelosi is out of her mind

Keep fighting, Patriots. General Flynn put out the order. Don’t let him down.

No Deals Just Pain [Strings Connected To Hell] Fight Fight Fight

Here is the latest SerialBrain2 video version of the decode from the And We Know channel.

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SerialBrain2: Japan has joined the Alliance. Welcome aboard Prime Minister Abe!

We have our marching orders, my friends.   ~ BP